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The Great Pyramid, the  HISTORICAL/ARCHEOLOGICAL physical Witness
or monument to the ancient religious
ideology of the Redeemer. Its PERSPICACIOUS message.
Proverbs 25:2

 Ah! SHILOH!  Alef Tov YHWH/YAHUWAH Elohim sits at the right hand of Alef Tov YHWH/YAHUWAH Elohim! SHILOH, Behold thou hast made heaven and earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and nothing is too hard for thee: Thou showest loving kindness to thousands, and recompensest the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them: The Great and Mighty YHWH/YAHUWAH, the YHWH/YAHUWAH of Hosts is His Name. Great in counsel and mighty in works: for thine eyes are open to all the ways of men: to give to every man according to his ways, and according to the fruits of his doings: which hast set Signs and Wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day, and in Israel, and among other men, and hast made thee a name as at this day (Jer. 32:17-20).

 Just as the Star Gospel outlined in the  former chapter  was the "intellectual" Witness of the Creator to ancient man, similarly the Great Pyramid near Cairo, Egypt, was the most outstanding "physical" Witness of the theological, astronomical, mathematical and meteorological knowledge of the ancients handed down to modern man.  The above scripture, as well as Isaiah 19: 19 & 20, binds this 3 fold world wonder to the earliest revelations of the MALKI TZEDIK that ABIDED IN YHWH/YAHUWAH, and it merits serious consideration by Theological Science because it is called a "sign." As one authority puts it, "The world has no material and contemporary record of intellectual man earlier than the Great Pyramid," since it outlines a prophetic history of man from beginning to end.' Alluvial silts deposited by Noah's deluge among the discarded stone chips indicate that it was built by the MALKI TZEDIK antediluvians. Josephus2 states that "Seth and his descendants were the inventors of that peculiar wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies ... and that their knowledge might not be lost they made two pillars, the one of brick (hewn stone) the other of stone (carved) ... Now this remains to this day in the land of Siriad."3  Herodotus credits its construction to Cheops, but concedes that "it is understood throughout the whole of history that I write by hearsay," and more recent investigation now shows his informers to have been incorrect.  Some attribute its construction to Job, the character outlined in the oldest book of the Bible, while others favor the Shepherd Kings or even antediluvian giants.

Mariette Bey, Egyptian archeologist, discovered an ancient inscribed stone which deciphered, read, "King Cheops ... of the 4th dynasty, and the great pyramid, besides constructing and restoring several temples caused sundry reparations (repairs) to be made to the Great Sphinx." These may have included the paws of the Sphinx which were not part of the original, and perhaps some work on the Pyramid,4 but it is now evident that he did not build it.  As Hekeyan Bey, another Egyptologist stated, "we must be on our guard not to assign the construction of monuments always to the most prominently legible name that has been engraven upon it."

There were many statues in ancient Egyptian temples with removable features permitting an adjustment to the likeness of existing rulers.  So we cannot be certain of Egyptian builders or dating.  William Osborne, a noted scholar on Egypt, states5  "The fathers of ancient Egypt first journeyed thither from across the isthmus of Suez and brought with them the worship of the setting sun.  How is it possible to resist the conclusion that they came thither from the point of Babel at the first dispersion of mankind and that the civilization of Egypt was derived from the banks of the Euphrates." Later after more research, and being more certain, he wrote, "The designs of the leaders under whose standards the Mizraimites6 first marched westward before the mysterious impulse that drove them forth from the fertile valleys of the Euphrates.  They fled before it, nor dared to tarry on the grassy banks of the Jordan, nor in the shady valleys in Judah . . . the voice of a greater than man sounded in their ears.  The terror of an invincible power awed their spirits and they dare not disobey."7 The possibility of a small band of terrorized Hamites, and star worshippers at that, building a wonder such as the Pyramid within the century following the dispersion, and of a design entirely at variance with their religious ideology is most unlikely.  That the problem of its origin exists, however, is shown by the wide variations and conclusions of those who have studied it.  Sir George Cornewall Lewis8 dates it at 1012 B.C.; Sir Gardner Wilkinson, at between 2133 and 2083 B.C.; but changes his dates later to around 2400 B.C. or before the flood;9 Bunsen in his writings points to 3280 B.C.;l0 while Brugsch and Lepsuis favor a still earlier date near 3500 B.C. Mahmoud Bey, Egyptian astronomer of note, gives a date around 3300 B.C., while some German scholars favor a date between 3500 and 3200 B.C. Our investigation would cause us to incline towards the reasoning of Sir John Herschel, noted English astronomer, who made a thorough analysis of the problem in 1830. He suspected that NEW AGE ancient astronomers with limited equipment would pick a bright star such as Alpha Draconis as a polar guide.  His dilemma was to pick the right one of two possible dates, 2200 or 3440 B.C. The Pyramid features favored the latter.  The architect had to be a very competent Astronomer, and Theologian, with almost unlimited manpower and means at his disposal.  Not many ancients fit these requirements. Certainly no Egyptian of record.  For the architect's theology was monotheistic, in sympathy with that of 930/Adam, 9I2/Seth, 365/Enoch, 777/Lamech, 969/METHUSALA, Noah, Abraham and Moses, who recognized but one YHWH/YAHUWAH with many capacities and offices, typical of the ancient Hebrew Elohim. The earliest Egyptians and those following were all polytheistic, worshipped the celestial bodies as well as animals, employed a lunar Zodiac, different measures, and a different calendar.

Secondly, the oldest Egyptians decorated their tombs and temples with numerous paintings and bas-reliefs, these often hiding depositories for the bodies, and valuables of Kings and Queens who hoped to return to them in the after life.  Such evidence is missing in the Great Pyramid.  King Cheops was buried elsewhere.

  Thirdly, the Bible confirms that Abraham journeyed to Egypt for provisions11 about 1900 B.C. and while there taught the Egyptian priests certain points on Astronomy bringing them up to date on the MALKI TZEDIK calendar and years since Adam.  Secular records confirm this, for afterward they followed the Chaldean method of dating instead of dating from some Kingly reign or event.  The Great Pyramid builders followed solar reckonings in line with present day calculations, whereas the ancient Egyptians used the lunar Zodiac and a 28 day month until the 12th dynasty.12 This was not unusual.  Many families who later became nations lost their language and much of their knowledge at Babel.  Thus it is hardly likely that any Egyptians between 2230 and 1900 B.C. were responsible for the Pyramid construction. And lastly, the Great Pyramid must have preceded the deluge and period of confusion by many centuries for it is unlike any post-deluvian architecture.  Babylonian temples of 2000 B.C. were generally rectangular with the four corners pointing to the main compass points, whereas the Pyramid sides face north, west, south and east, exactly.  The perfectly cut smooth stones, some weighing fifty tons, the close joints and levels of tiers, the interior symbolism, and the astounding YHWH/YAHUWAH -given astronomical and theological data are quite different than the smaller sun dried bricks of Babylonian, Chaldean, Peruvian or Mexican pyramids; and the Egyptian, with their tomb significance.  The Great Pyramid is an engineering and construction marvel even by the standards of the 21st century, noted for close tolerances and excellent workmanship.  How the ancients cut and polished and placed such huge stones is still a mystery.  They may have had some unusual help.13 However, the most important aspect of the Pyramid is neither builder or methods but its symbolism, message, and scientific data. An authorityl4 associated with the U. S. Coast Survey of the Suez Canal area in 1868 observed the peculiar curve of the coastline of the Nile Delta and upon studying it closely noted that radial lines converged at the Great Pyramid.  He stated afterwards, "that monument stands in a more important physical relation than any other building ever erected by man." His remarks confirm the Bible reference "it shall be for a sign and a (physical) witness unto the L-rd of Hosts in the land of Egypt . . . a pillar at the border thereof (Is. 19:19,20).  It is the only building which could fit this description since it sets near what was the ancient border between upper and lower Egypt.  Located at 30' latitude and 30' longitude near the land center of the present world, it symbolizes that the Pyramid message applies to all races and types of men and exempts no man from the redemptive process provided by the Redeemer-King thus becoming a monument to Theodicy.15 It is not a local, national, or hemispheric revelation, place of worship, altar of sacrifice, or house for the dead, but an international Symbol, the greatest of World Wonders, with a Divine Message to all peoples throughout all time applicable to all mortal men.

It was built upon solid rock, corners fitted for a level base, and the stones cut as if fitted by supernatural workmen rather than men.  Surfaces were perfect, creating a vacuum when placed, obviating the necessity for mortar.   The exterior unit of measure was the sacred cubit,16 1/20,000,000 of the earth's polar axis, or 25 inches, also used in Noah's Ark, the Mosaic Tabernacle in the wilderness, the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon's Temple, implying a relationship between the Pyramid and these other objects.  The Pyramid base, an exact square, was 364 cubits on each side to indicate the number of solar days in the year. Its height was 232 cubits, which multiplied by 2 and 3.1416 (pi) equals 1456 the same as the perimeter of the base.17 The angle of slope for the elevation was 10 ft. horizontally for each 9 ft. vertically. The Pyramid height reduced to feet and then multiplied by 109 and changed to miles gives a distance of 92,996,085 to the sun. I'm thinking that 70 x 364 = 25,480 would be the number of years in the Precessional Cycle, what say U?18 Shadows cast by the sun's position on the Pyramid indicated seed times SHABUWA/WEEKS and harvests, months and seasonal cycles, and numerous other features too complex and involved for explanation here. The interior unit of measure was the inch, which in time considerations generally indicated one solar year of 364 DAZE.

While theologians generally hesitate to set definite dates for the fulfillment of prophecies unless so indicated, there are usually relevant factors which computed algebraically or by calculus will indicate approximate time and place of predicted events.  The Pyramid is a complex composite of such data coupled with measurements, symbols and numerics, and numerous authorities believe that it represents a physical symbolism in stone of the Creator's Plan for the salvation and exaltation of mankind.19 It thus gives meaning to man's relation to the Universes.  Ancient writings show that its meaning was known by the MELCHIZEDEK s, Hebrews, and others to the time of Mashiach, and then lost for many centuries until Caliph Ali Mamoun2O and his workmen began digging a tunnel on the north side near the center of the base where traditions indicated the entrance was located.  They had bored through rock for 100 ft. or more and were about ready to give up the project when they heard a stone fall in a cavity to their left.  Changing their course, they discovered the central passage (PI) and sealed entrance 50 ft. above the base and 25 ft. east of center.  This passage led downward to a bottomless pit in the rock under the base but at point PC (see diagram) they found and removed a portcullis which revealed an upper inclined passage also leading to a Grand Gallery and continuing beyond through an odd anteroom into the King's Room, the most attractive in the Pyramid.  No decorations or paintings, no kings' or queens' sarcophagi, no valuables, and not one statue were to be found; the only object in the entire system of passageways and rooms was an empty coffer in the King's Room.  Their chagrin and disappointment after such strenuous labor was common gossip for years.  This and many marks and lines on the passageway walls increased the pyramid mystery until the 19th century, when German and British astronomers, meteorologists and theologians began to investigate the peculiar features and after much study derived a most amazing message for the 20th century civilization.

Further study shows that the Pyramid does conform figuratively to the Bible reference in Mt. 21:42 and other verses21 in which the redeemed Assembly members or segments are likened to "stones" in a building.  The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.22 Only a pyramid capstone could become the head of a corner.  This beautiful white limestone capstone was placed on top of the darker stone layers by the pyramid builders and then the lower stones added progressing downward to prevent damage by the workmen to those above.  This is to show that MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach IS the MALKI TZEDIK High Priest, the Head of the Assembly made up of His redeemed ones.  The offset of the entrance from the center line is generally accepted by scholars as indicating that the original Plan of the Creator for the Cosmos was halted temporarily or changed in time and type by the malfeasance of Lucifer (now Satan), and the Catastrophe which followed in the late Pleistocene geological period.  The plan was reinstated by the efforts, planning and guarantee of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach assuring man's position which ultimately required His sacrifice on Calvary's Cross.  This made way for the re-creation under the Ruach of YHWH/YAHUWAH and creation of modern man as a "living soul," unlike prehistoric man.   Thus the Redeemer's relation to the redeemed of mankind becomes the central theme of the Pyramid message, and the details which accompany the message show how and when the program is to be carried out.  This data should be known by every department of His Assembly whose duty involves bringing the light of truth to the whole world.

'El-Elohé-Israel (the Architect of the Great Pyramid) 

 The ancient Hebrew name for the Great Pyramid was URIM MIDDIM, meaning the geometrical expression of Divine revelation, or the redemptive Plan exposed by mathematical and physical symbolism.  It pictures placing of individual stones, beginning 4000 B.C., comprising the spiritual building of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach and His Assembly.  Melchi Tzedek, Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian records of relevant cycles converge at 4000 B.C. as indicated in Gen. 3:23. The Solar and Lunar Zodiacs also converge at this point.  As previously explained, dating the Pyramid construction by secular methods is difficult, but when the import of its theological significance is considered, a careful study shows that in the year 3440 B.C. the inclined downward axis pointed to Alpha Draconis (typifying Satan) while the upward direction pointed to BOOTES which pictorialized the Redeemer's conflict with and victory over Satan in redeeming all who would accept His Atonement.  The next Sign Sagittarius pictured man's redemption and renewing of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5).  This and other features definitely date the Pyramid construction at 3440 B.C. and illumine a brilliant effort on the part of the Creator to arrest the downward trend of mankind and draw all men unto Himself in reconciliation.  Since this is the general idea of the Pyramid message, every detail then becomes important for they reveal man's original function.  Sir Joseph Lockyer, (1836-1920) noted English astronomer, assumed that the Pyramid builders were of the IVth or Vth Sumerian Dynasty since their astronomy was related to Sumerian equinetical calculations of those early times.23

Because the face stones have been removed and other stones eroded, exact measurements are impossible, but when theoretical allowance is made for these, assumed figures are quite feasible.  The descending passage from the opening to the vertical axis under the capstone is between 3850" and 4126" giving a mean of 3988 which points to the 4000 year period between the mortality point of Adam and birth of the Redeemer.  The ascending passage PC begins at 958-993" and continues upward 1470-1544" to the Grand Gallery opening pointing to Noah's Deluge as a turning point in the history of mankind.  Since this seven-sided room has been generally accepted as picturing the New Testament Assembly, the opening also has a relation to the birth of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach  Looking back toward the entrance there are marks which point to the Exodus of Israel about 1490 B.C. Looking forward there is an opening 70"24 from this point which leads to a horizontal passage on the 25th course of masonry which ends in the Queen's Room.   The bottom of this passage is rough, but the room itself very beautiful, with every feature reflecting YHWH/YAHUWAH 's  Plan for all Israelites.  The white limestone walls are some of the most beautiful in the structure with accurately fitted joints typifying close unity between segments.  The wall stones were encrusted with salt, as if they were to flavor the whole.25 Two plugged tubes extend out from each side of the room as if those typified had deaf ears to the pleadings and intent of the maker.  A niche on the east wall gave the exact values of many linear and volumetric measures, including the sacred cubit, and others associated with the earliest MALKI TZEDIK civilization.  The wall stones were in rows to emphasize the figures three (typifying El-Elohe-Israel), five (Redemption Divine Grace), six (man), and seven (the Sabbath day) as if these were all associated with YHWH/YAHUWAH 's service to man, but predicated upon conformity to Sabbath day observance and hope of Mashiach/Messiah.

The Grand Gallery inclines upward along the same angle as the passage for 1882" depicting a period of 1882 years, at which the passage rises suddenly over a step of 36" height.   Along the bottom of the Grand Gallery on each side of the passage are grave stones in miniature, 56 in number, or 7 (typifying spiritual completeness) multiplied by 8 (typifying the resurrection), as if those believers in the N. T age dying in Him were already enjoying new life in Heaven.  The year 1882 A.D. is an interesting one for it saw the origin of a new apostolic revival attended by a Bible School training movement which has been gaining momentum ever since. It began among protestant clergy and laymen hardly recognized by established denominations but in less than 100 years has encircled the world.  Looked upon by many as fanatics, expounding personal evangelism, with the Bible as their main textbook, these groups sprang up spontaneously in different areas in store buildings, houses, and small Assemblies, preaching "the Word" and sending Missionaries throughout the world.  The year 1900 saw six such Bible Institutes training both young men and women for service; in 1920 they had increased to thirty; by 1930 there were a hundred and fifty; and by 1960 over five hundred scattered over the globe, with new ones springing up every year.  Fundamentalists refer to this phenomena as signifying the approach of "the end times of the Gentiles," or "outpouring of the latter rain," confirming the prophecy in Joel 2:28 your sons and your daughters shall prophesy (preach) to indicate the final ingathering of redeemed souls before the close of the  Messianic age.  The forebodings and warnings upheld by many of impending judgment and YHWH/YAHUWAH 's wrath upon wicked and atheistic men appears to be justified, for the massive block of masonry hanging over the south end of the Grand Gallery would, if loosed, crush everything below it.

The 36" stone step at the south end of the Grand Gallery inclined floor passage points to the year 1918 (1882 plus 36) as a very critical one in the history of mankind. From this point the passage floor extending horizontally is composed of fragile stone as if typifying the breakdown of civilization through lawlessness, broken homes, high divorce rates, racial friction, organized anarchy, and social evils. The year may have other significance, for Bible prophecy indicates that the all Israel would start returning to Palestine about this time to again become a nation in 1948. The victory of Lord Allenby in 1917 in recovering Jerusalem from the Turks without the firing of a shot was also foretold as preparing the way for the nefarious Balfour declaration. It is 62" from the edge of the step (1918) to the opening of the Anteroom along the horizontal passage, but since the massive overhanging wall slants inward over the Grand Gallery south end as it rises, we can only surmise a date between 1918 and 1980 for the close of the present civilization. The Pyramid builders left a passage P4 above the Anteroom masonry in which were the remains of flying bats to indicate that some would escape the wrath of YHWH/YAHUWAH by hearing YHWH/YAHUWAH .  This must typify both houses of Israel hearing the sound of the trumpet.26 At 1980 the passage floor rises .3" to indicate a break or change, and then continues of polished granite into the King's Room.  There is a semblance of a granite gate at the opening of the Anteroom with three grooves and three similar ones also at the entrance to the King's Room, as if three conditions must be met by all members of Mashiach's Kingdom.27  The Anteroom chamber has three different widths and three different heights to indicate that the Three members of YHWH/YAHUWAH /El-Elohe-Israel will be present in Person to assure Theocratic Rule and respect for Divine Principle.  Conformity will apply mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The cubical content of the unusual Anteroom is 365,000 cubic inches, approximately, which divided by the days in the year points to a 1000 year millennial period beginning about 2000 A.D. 

This Millennial reign with YHWH/YAHUWAH , MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha and theRuach HaKodesh in absolute control apparently represents the final effort of a Just, Righteous, and Holy YHWH/YAHUWAH to educate and elevate His man creatures so they will respect, live and act in conformity to Divine Principle.  He will have exhausted seven different age treatments from Adam forward to encourage man creatures to attain high moral and ethical perfection to qualify for eternal life in Paradise and responsibility with exalted powers.   If the Pyramid teaches anything at all, it outlines the basic truth proved by all history, that any creature self-willed and self-governing must also possess a firm connection with the Source of all good.  From the entrance, to the King's Room, the Pyramid symbolizes redemption, schooling and training, and cooperation with Divine Purpose.  It is a monument to Theodicy.  The Anteroom reminds an engineering student of a grinding mill which would pass a pliable conformist but reduce a hardened rebel to powder.  The King's Room of polished granite walls is the most beautiful in the Pyramid.  The stones used number 100, or 10 X 10, denoting ordinal perfection raised to a higher power.28 The coffer29 found here had a volumetric capacity of one Hebrew laver, same as the Ark of the Covenant, or 1/50th of the room itself.  The room temperature is 68° F., a constant and typifying ideal conditions for man.  The five spaces and seven cross beams above the room are the most mysterious features of the Pyramid.  Their position shows that they refer to eternity.  The builders left their curious ideographs hereon to show that they too expected to share the phenomena symbolized.  Whether inhabited planets, galaxies, or universes in space are symbolized is problematical, but some such meaning is obvious from all the features of the structure leading to these symbols.  If it refers to the multiplication of populated worlds in eternity, as is implied, the minimum would be 50.5 or 1,562,500,000, a sizeable figure, but if the cubical contents of the rooms were employed the figure would be incomprehensible.  Thus the King's Room confirms the Bible reference, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, what YHWH/YAHUWAH hath prepared for those that love Him (1st Cor. 2:9,10); and of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end (Is. 9:7).

 The so called Pyramid texts of ancient Egypt (translated by Mercer) indicate that the Pyramid Kings knew the Great Pyramid had a sacred meaning but being ignorant of its religious significance, they supplied a substitute.  They tell that Anu created the heavens; the heavens created the earth; the earth created rivers, lakes, creeks and mud; and mud spawned the living creatures.  These attribute the creative powers to Nature, an evolutionary hypothesis which explains nothing.  The Pyramid Architect pictured the Creator as existing far above man, but trying to elevate man unto Himself by means of spiritual methods towards a spiritual goal, with Nature only a means to an end.  Thus the Pyramid was designed as a "sign," a "witness," and an "altar," to portray the Creator's testing and training program for man covering some 6000 years, to be followed by a Millennial Rule of 1000 years fitting all the segments and individuals into one vast organization.  This is to be followed by the rejection of the unfit, and restoration of the original program temporarily displaced by Lucifer, with all evil removed and a new heavens and a new earth.  Somehow the architect foresaw that earth's raw materials would be almost depleted by the population explosion approaching 2000 A.D., and that the Creator would begin creating again with the "new heavens" eventually filling the universes with wonders.  This is the message of the Great Pyramid, but just as the Sphinx is the key to the sequence of the Star Gospel, so is the knowledge of the Star Gospel the key to the significance of the Pyramid measurements, strange passageways, and markings on the passage walls.  This explains why Sphinx and Pyramid are together. 

With the upper passage way main axis pointing to the Ministry of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach in trying to uplift men, and the down direction reflecting Satan's efforts to draw men to perdition and destroy them, and the birthday of the Redeemer indicated by the upward passage opening into the Grand Gallery, the entire Pyramid system takes on poignant meaning with its features pictorializing many truths.  These include: 

1. The offset opening explains the gap in historical sequence of Gen. 1:2 dealing with prehistoric creation. 

2. That Lucifer, supervisor of the original earth, displaced the harmony and good of the Creator's original Plan by the introduction of evil and sin. 

3. The Creator was forced to depose him, but left him as an example of the penalty awaiting all evil doers. 

4. The "Spirit of YHWH/YAHUWAH " then took over earth management and re-created the earth in its present form, creating a new type of man and giving him "dominion" over Satan. 

5. Satan deceived man causing him to fall from his exalted position, and to lose dominion. 

6. MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha would destroy Lucifer's power and restore redeemed man to dominion, (NOT dominion to all men). 

7. The Great Pyramid predicted a "bottomless pit" for all rebels against the goodness of YHWH/YAHUWAH . 

8.  YHWH/YAHUWAH 's Plan is that YHWH/YAHUWAH -Spirit-filled-men will eventually rule the Universes, for the good of all.  Unregenerate man's philosophy is moronic, and egocentric like Lucifer's, based on the Socialist New Age doctrine, "survival of the fittest" idea, which is incompatible with Divine Principle and Love. 

9.  YHWH/YAHUWAH knew that evil and error might occur among free-willed creatures but was willing to suffer to perfect self-disciplined man beings who would in time learn to choose the common good as advantageous for both self and others. 

10. The Great Pyramid reflects a segment of the Processional Cycle beginning at 4699 B.C. and ending with 2045 A.D. which appears to set the limits of the redemptive program of the Saviour.

11. It shows that the spiritual restoration of man was effected on April 7th, 30 A.D. (Julian calendar) when MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha died for the sins of the many who would receive Him as their Saviour.

12. MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha is clearly identified as the Executive in charge of the development of the Universes, who lowered Himself to the position of the Son of Man, being born of a virgin, and died to redeem mankind.

a.  He paid for man's personal and individual salvation, but demands from all of His believers a harmonious willingness to be taught and brought into conformity with the Father's Plan for the Cosmos.  

b. MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha will at a time appointed by the Father effect the eventual restitution of all things as foretold by the Apostle Paul.  He destroyed the power of the devil, and bore the crown of "thorns" to cancel the "curse" of evil upon the elements.  The Universe will be restored to righteousness.  

Along with the broad Theological revelation, the Pyramid also points to 12 outstanding theological-astronomical relationships which give time and sequence to the development of the program. 

1.  It establishes an exact 364 day calendar in relation to solar and sidereal motions open to human calculations.  

2.  Gives the exact length of the solar, sidereal and anomalistic years.  

3.  Gives the distance to the sun for comparison with other solar distances, (as 92,996,085 miles).

4.  Defines the law of gravitation in relation to earth, and how it effects the earth's orbit about the sun 

5.  Defines earth's orbit and possible variations.  

6.  Gives the value in years of the processional cycle. 

7.  Gives the annual rate of processional changes.  

8.  Established the period in relation to the processional cycle to which the Pyramid message applies. (Dates the 7000 year program for mortal men). 

9. Designates the date of Mashiach's conception, birth, baptism, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. 

10. Gives all the important dates effecting man in relation to the YHWH/YAHUWAH -given ages, covenants, laws, and final consummation. 

11. Gives other dates of important events effecting man such as wars, social upheavals, and relations between nations. 

12. Gives linear and volumetric measures which are predicated upon natural phenomena and others, which must be obtained by astronomical computations.

Thus the Pyramid Architect knew of the Creator's Majestic Plan for the earth and all its ramifications, including one over-all program for the Cosmos.  This has never been equaled by any other man or group of men.30

The zero date for Pyramid astronomical chronology is 4000 B.C. when the redemptive plan was put into effect.  But the first month of the equinetical year given Adam coincided with 4699 B.C. which undoubtedly identifies the date in relation to earth's planetary system when MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha3l accepted the role of Saviour (if need be) before Adam's creation in "living soul" form.  Among informed believers and followers of the Star Gospel, the Judge of nations was typified in the sign Taurus while Gemini signified the union of Redeemer and the Redeemed.32 Pagans, however, deduced that salvation was an afterthought of the Creator provided at 4000 B.C. and so they glorified Taurus the bull as picturing the Redeemer,33 whereas it actually pictures MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha as the Judge.  The Pyramid Architect took every precaution to outline celestial bodies as indicators, not objects of worship, but many including the pagan priests found it difficult to visualize the nearness and human interest of YHWH with innumerable capacities, and so they made lesser symbols of Him which soon became fetishes. The Pyramid system with its lack of objects was obviously designed to prevent this since measurements and rooms could not be interpreted as such.  To the informed, the clear sharp evidence comprises an amazing wonder even for this day; to others it is just a controversial and meaningless pile of stone.34

But when understood as a "witness" the Pyramid calendar system conveys a most important series of dates and events.  To facilitate comprehension, care must be used in maintaining separation of divisions.   The Creator gave to the Architect a panoramic view of 7000 years of human history to be characterized by unusual events every 1000 years, as follows:

1.  4000 B.C. The introduction of the Redemptive and training program for man, with the appointment of the significance of the Zodiacal signs, years, days, and months.

2.  3000 B.C. The translation of Enoch after Adam died.  Probably to show the original destiny of all men had all remained sinless.

3.  2000 B.C. The call of Abraham, an adherent of the Star Gospel, to become the head of a new nation which would support the Redeemer's program of salvation about the whole earth.

4.  1000 B.C ' The erection of Solomon's Temple, as a type to be built in all areas by His people.

5.  0 A.D. The First advent of the Redeemer in Person upon the earth in His role as the Messiah-Saviour-Redeemer.

6.  1000 A.D. Eastern and Roman Catholic Churches separated.  High point of the Dark Ages through rejection of the role of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit in the true Assembly.

7.  2000 A.D. "Hearing", by the "Called out Assembly", revelation of the anti-Mashiach, the "time of Jacobs trouble",  and the take-over by MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach  the Executive who ushers in the Millennium.

8.  3000 A.D. The Great White Throne Judgment, resurrection of the wicked, and conveyance and sealing of all evil beings in Hell.


The Pyramid also reflects the Cosmical stages of earth, but some dates involved with angles and features which are somewhat indefinite, are too speculative for treatment here.  These stages include:

1. Original Earth, duration unknown , which ended with the Catastrophe.  

2. The Chaotic Earth, from perhaps 8000 to 6000 B.C.

3. The Edenic Earth, from perhaps 5000 to 4000 B.C.

4. The Antedeluvian Earth, from 4000 to 2348 B.C.

5. The Postdeluvian Earth, from 2347 to the predicted 2000 A.D.

6. The Millennial Earth, from perhaps 2000 to 3000 A.D.

7. The New Earth, which follows.36

The distinguishing characteristics which determine the Cosmic stages are climate, differences in temperature, land to ocean proportions, axial angle in relation to the sun and other considerations.  The original earth, for example, was generally tropical except for cool erosion and refertilizing periods at the close of the geological eras.  Ocean areas were small.  During the Catastrophe the earth was shifted to its present position of axial angle 23½° from the perpendicular to its planetary travel resulting in a zoned earth, with Arctic, Temperate and Tropic Zones, and a wholly different ocean/land37 evaporation/precipitation ratio.   The Pyramid indicates the reality of the chaotic earth by offset of the entrance opening from its center line by 25 ft. but the transmutation of this figure into years is rather uncertain.

With the inch as the interior unit of measure indicating one year, and certain principles of astronomy and theology revealed in the Star Gospel it is possible to formulate a Pyramid calendar which is amazingly accurate as to fulfilled prophecies, and startling in its predictions.38  These include:

1. The Creation of the original earth in the dateless past.

2. Millions of years of subsequent development of the earth as a habitable planet, with many primitive forms of life engaged in the manufacture and storage of vast quantities of natural resources.  Under the management of Lucifer and other heavenly beings created for the purpose.

3. The occurrence of the Catastrophe, following the ice-age warnings, as mentioned in 2nd Pet. 3:5,6: the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.  This apparently occurred about 8000 B.C. Lucifer was removed and demoted.

4. The appointment of the "Spirit of YHWH " to take over earth management.  Restoration of plant life, and re-creation of animal life began about 6000 B.C.

5. The Council meeting of the YHWH-head preceding the creation of "living soul" man, in which MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha the Son of YHWH/YAHUWAH , offered Himself as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (present) (Rev. 13:8), about 4699 B.C.

6.   The creation of Adam, Oct. 23rd, 4004 B.C. Julian Calendar.

7.   The ejection of Adam and Eve from Eden, and application of the redemptive plan for man in 4000 B.C. (O Anno Kalendari).

8.   Predicted Noah's Deluge on Oct. 3lst, 2348 B.C. Known as All Souls Day in Egypt, and Halloween's Day in the U.S.

9.   Predicted the call of Abram; and Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt in 1486 B.C.

10.  Predicted Messiah's birth for Oct. 6, 4 B.C., (3996 Anno Kalendari) Julian Calendar.39

11.  Predicted Messiah's water baptism for Oct. 3, 27 A.D. and that He would have a public ministry of 918 days.

12.  Predicted Messiah's Crucifixion for April 7, 30 A.D.40

13.  Predicted Messiah's Resurrection for April 9, 30 A.D.

14.  Predicted that the daily sacrifice of the Jews would be "taken away" in 70 A.D.

15.  Predicted the downward trend of the Church political from the 4th Century A.D. The Split of the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. 

16.   The Reformation, or appearance of Protestantism 1515-1520 A.D. Its author's birthday as 1483.

17.   Predicted the year 1882 as the beginning of the latter day "outpouring of the Holy Spirit." Also a rapid increase in secular knowledge.

18.    Predicted August 1914 as the beginning of "wars and rumors of wars."

19.   Predicted 1918 as very important to YHWH/YAHUWAH 's chosen people, both houses of Israel.

20.   Predicted January 1918 as seeing the revival of a militant form of new age social atheism and anarchy which had prevailed in certain Mesopotamian areas in Noah's day and contributed to the cause for judgment and wrath upon men, ending in the Flood. 

21.    Predicted Nov. 11, 1918, as a temporary cessation of hostilities between nations.

22.   Predicted 1938 as a renewal of war troubles increasing in intensity until the whole world be engulfed, in spotted areas.

23.   Predicted 1948 as a time of deception, confusion and small wars. Predicted 1948 as the restoration of Israel as a nation.

24.   Predicted 1953 as beginning another temporary cessation of wars.

25.   Predicted January 1918 as seeing the revival of a militant form of new age social atheism and anarchy against YHWH which had prevailed in certain Mesopotamian areas in Noah's day and contributed to the cause for his judgment and wrath upon men, ending in the Flood.  It would be revisited and confronted yet again, as "in the days of Noah" around 2017 and completely overthrown thereafter.

26.   Predicted 3000 A.D. as the time of the Great White Throne Judgment, during which all the wicked will be judged, and the rejected with the Devil and his angels cast into the lake of fire forever.

The Pyramid Architect thus established a stone Bible correct to the minutest detail, when properly understood, long before the days of the Old Testament Prophets.  And while each of the Biblical Prophets contributed a lesser or greater share to the whole of Prophecy, the Pyramid designer gave a complete summary of prophecy, including the creation of man, the duration of his training and testing period, and pictorialized events which would influence man's development in preparation for eternal life and responsibility.  He was an authority on Theological Science, having access to factual information, which lends credence to his Theology.  The features of this "witness" are beautifully woven together with mathematical, astronomical and theological precision, to form a panoramic history of mankind to reveal him as the highest hope of the Creator's cosmical effort.  His perfection and usefulness was based on cooperation with the Divine, beginning with limited accountability but with ever-increasing challenge and responsibility until trained for the exploitation of tremendous cosmical forces and potentials in eternity.

This is the story of the Great Pyramid.  A story not of mythical dates, characters, and fiction, but a true story offering each individual observer a choice of whether he or she wishes to become an integral part of the whole and play a part.  It states the conditions for participation in the program which involves eternal Paradise.  It reveals a prehistoric earth which failed because of the egocentricity and non-conformity of its leaders.  Then the recreation of habitat, and creation of spirit led modern man who would enjoy dominion as long as he remained faithful to the Divine Spirit, but with the privilege of choosing his own destiny.  It shows his fall because of neglect and lack of self discipline, a requirement for divine beings, but also reveals the provision for life on the spirit-led plane with power over sin-stained flesh.  It tells of a chosen people41 who failed, and why; because their conduct was unbecoming as agents of the Divine.  But it also reveals that certain families did reach and maintain the higher spiritual life for position and glorification in eternity.42 The greatest features are obviously reserved for the Redeemer and His Redeemed, those born again ones of the, Ruach/Spirit already united with the Spirit of YHWH/YAHUWAH .  The requirements and rudiments of active membership in His Kingdom are symbolized in the Anteroom which pictures a cleansing and polishing process.  Then follows the day of separation of the good from the evil, the complete renovation of the earth by fire to eliminate all harmful influences and restoration of the Universes to universal righteousness.  The last and most beautiful chapter pictures the "purified" and "redeemed" dwelling as house guests in eternal mansions of the Host of Paradise forever in an atmosphere of blissful spiritual and ordinal perfection.  And the conclusion offers just a glimpse of a galaxy of wonders flowing from the revival of creative activities on the part of the Creator for the expansion of life and goodness throughout the Universes of space.

This is no man-made story. This is profound Theological revelation of the purest essence, the substance of exacting Theological Science. It is unfolding of Divine Plan interwoven with accurate facts, past, present and future.  These flowed by Divine processes from the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit through a regenerate human mind which had once known the perfection and capacity of sinless mind, and exultant happiness in Eden, but after his fall sank into despair and frustration through momentary separation from YHWH/YAHUWAH .  When the latter revealed the alternate plan providing for his redemption, he readily submitted, and his mind partially revitalized found in MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha the means to live above his failures.  Adam was a wise and honest man whose conclusions generally were based on reason and intelligence, but he still had to learn that alignment with Divine Principle is more important than either intellectual capacity or knowledge.  The conviction that YHWH/YAHUWAH was not only willing to forgive, but to help him overcome sin's consequences inspired Adam to solicit Divine assistance in building a monument to Theodicy and Theology that would stand for all time to all generations.  As his spirit rose with understanding and comprehension of the magnanimous love of YHWH/YAHUWAH for man, the details and means of construction were revealed to his repentant heart to unite courage, effort and lofty purpose.  The methods employed in its construction are hid from us, as are the secrets of their longevity formulas which aided some of the ancients in living almost 1000 years.

Thus it appears obvious that Adam himself received from YHWH/YAHUWAH the design of the Great Pyramid, and its location, and gave to his son Seth and their descendants the peculiar symbolism involved in its features.  Just as Noah was instructed in building the Ark, and Moses the Tabernacle in the wilderness, we believe that Adam may have been told how to construct the Great Pyramid embodying much information available only in the Divine Mind.  To Adam was revealed the Catastrophe before his day, the deluge centuries ahead, the future renovation of the earth by fire, and other events he otherwise could not know.  More important than all dates, however, Adam wanted all men to know that YHWH/YAHUWAH would rectify his mistake in Eden by the substitutionary sacrifice of His Son on Calvary's Cross near Jerusalem.  This explains why he ordered his body to be buried on Golgotha43 to await the Saviour's suffering for his folly.  The Cross would prove that his error did not condemn all men to eternal separation from YHWH/YAHUWAH , but that any man exercising the power of choice he had abused in the garden could now by proper choice elect his own eternal destiny in Paradise by simply accepting the Redeemer's work in his behalf and submitting to his regenerating and beautifying processes.

With this concept before us the Great Pyramid and its unusual message pictorialized by strangely marked passageways and oddly shaped rooms takes on still greater significance in the light of some of the last words of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha, spoken to Pilate. My Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36), is in perfect agreement with the unembellished rooms, and low passages, which altogether portray a mysterious emptiness as though earthly life for man could only resolve into a confused, wasted, and meaningless riddle, when judged from the natural viewpoint.  But to those grasping the import of earthly life as a challenge to latent abilities and training for great responsibilities in Spirit, the Pyramid message is one of encouragement to exploit all that the Kingdom of Heaven offers now, and to lay claim to the future inheritance in  MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha with all the faith of which the human mind is capable.  For if the present emptiness of the King's Room reflects the best which the present earth is capable of supplying in the way of an empty coffer typifying the mercy of YHWH/YAHUWAH , then the upper framework bespeaks a new order, heaven and earth, involving substance, laws, space, time, principles, plane of existence, joy, happiness, beauty, loveliness, and peace approaching such wonderment and quality as to be indescribable in our present language.44

Thus it is true that the present earth and the surrounding Cosmos reflects only the beginning of the Creator's Plan and program for the universes of space.  This beginning temporarily halted by the malfeasance of Lucifer does not reveal the Creator's superlative methods nor his intended association with His man creatures.  It reveals, however, His great love for mankind and His efforts to redeem man and restore reconciliation in preparation for paradisiacal eternity.  For eye hath not seen ... nor ear heard ... neither have entered into the heart of man the things which YHWH/YAHUWAH hath prepared for them that love Him.  But YHWH/YAHUWAH hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of YHWH/YAHUWAH (lst Cor. 2:9,10).

This is the message of the Pyramid, a greater Wonder than Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls in Africa, or any building or construction marvel ever built by other men.  It is physical wonder, but with a spiritual message to all men to appropriate to themselves the Redeemer's proffered salvation and eternal gifts.   There is no other explanation for the pyramid's existence.  It contributes a most valuable accumulation of ancient truths to Theological Science which is unmistakable and clear, and although much older in time and put together in a different way, these truths corroborate and are in agreement while rightly dividing the writings, the prophets, psalms & the New covenant/New Priesthood.  



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29. The coffer has a cubic content of  71,250 cu. in. Divided by 50 x 50 x 50 and multiplied by 10 the result  is 5.7 or density of the earth in relation to water.  They Pyramid in Coptic interpretation means divisible by 10, that is, man is an imperfect being who must be perfected by the means symbolized in the Pyramid.
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44. The Pyramid architect had apparently witnessed Edenic Paradise;


                       this is one more reason why we believe that Adam designed it at YHWH/YAHUWAH 's direction.

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