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                         The Logos Which Was. Record, Method, System.                                                   

The LOGOS which already WAS before the original Creation. Pre-Creation Planning. The Gigantic Tool, System, and Methods used to make and uphold the Universe.


                The agreement of subject matter, similarity of purpose, and pattern of truth in the Signs, Great Pyramid, and the Bible are so striking and convincing that only one conclusion is possible. They were inspired by the same Divine Mind, to serve similar purpose through three different forms of revelation. The Pyramid symbolizes the message through sight and touch; the Signs pictorialize the story through mental association; the Bible conveys its meaning by literal and figurative truth through the Spirit. All three convey the story of man’s high calling, his fall, his redemption, and his possible glorification, through physical, mental, and spiritual impressions to the human soul, thereby making YAHUWAH's exalted purpose in Creation plain. This is why the Signs, Sphinx, and Pyramid are called “witnesses” in the Bible. They demonstrate a poignant example of YHWH’s faithfulness to His own laws, for in the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established (2nd Cor. 13:1). They all corroborate the DIVINE WORD. Man is not yet a complete and perfect self-sustaining unit. He is dependent upon the Creator’s provisions for life, sustenance, and knowledge, all three important and part of his development. 

                YAHUWAH is the author of efficiency, exactness and conformity to principle. It is unthinkable that He would command Moses, see that thou make all things according to the pattern showed to thee (Heb. 8:5), if He had founded His Universes on the uncertainties of random probabilities and chance. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach spent most of His earthly effort teaching men to obey YHWH and His principles. Any history book proves the effectiveness of strict conformity to sound economic, moral, and natural laws; any book on mechanics the validity of good structural principles; and any work on social sciences the value of exact universal standards and measures. The creative operation, therefore, followed a fore-ordained pattern by the Author of Wisdom for a certain Purpose, which involved the most precise and exacting system in all existence with one exception, the infinite complexity, precision, and perfection of YHWH Himself.  

                No supposition, assumption, or theory can ever take the place of accurate, unbiased evaluation by solemn science. And when we find three ancient and contemporary established testimonials, proved by over forty centuries of time, universally known, and in such accord, we must if rational beings, accept their evidence as feasible and factual. The Inventor, and the systems He used, should merit our utmost respect, since He predicted His Plans in advance, and then brought them to fruition, as foretold. Considering the factors involved, this itself is conclusive. It is clear that Creator and equipment are Spiritual and invisible, and that although Signs and Pyramid give a physical and mental picture of truth, we must also have the spiritual Book to understand the Spirit of YHWHand His spiritual tool used in making and upholding the Cosmos. The Book is the most important of the three, for His Word surpasses in design, quality, complexity, beauty, exactness and substance any other production of the Creator, for thou hast magnified thy WORD above all thy name (Psalms 138:2, name or authority). The Logos System which “made” the Cosmos is greater than the Cosmos. All things were made by Him including the Bible which describes both YHWH and His Word; made expressly to instruct, enlighten, and perpetuate Sacred Truth. Those who designed the Signs, engineered the Pyramid, and wrote the Bible, were bound to maintain that sacred standard, the highest we have discovered in over forty years of research. This cannot be said of pagan cosmogonies permeated by irrelevant fancies and mythical fantasies as a substitute for spiritual truth as exposed by Theological Science. The term Science has been variously defined as “systematized knowledge ... relating to the physical world.” Theology is generally known as the knowledge of YHWH.” Theological Science thus deals with YHWH’s relation to the Universe, His Universal Order, System, Methodology, Plan and Purpose, and is the grandest of all the Sciences. Whether received or not, understood or not, it deals with absolute truth, inviolate principle, and a degree of perfection which demands response by the highest part of man. Only through such association can its rewards and benefits become available. 

                True science and true religion are always in alignment for they issue from the same source, of truth. Conflict, stupidity and controversy occur when proponents deviate, misunderstand, or confuse human thinking with Divine. Real truth, if pursued, always reveals YHWH irrespective of where inquiry begins for YHWH is Truth. Truth reflects YHWH. If it does not eventually do so it is not truth. Hence Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2:3), could say correctly, I am the TRUTH. No man cometh unto the Father but by me (John 14:6). Truth is part of YHWH’s Sovereign Infinity. YHWH alone is Infinite, the only One of His kind. Two infinities are impossible for if one encompasses all things there is room for none other. All else is finite. Beyond interstellar space is outer darkness (Mt. 8:12, 22:13; 25 30, 2nd Thess. 2:9, 10) but YHWH is there. Heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee (1st Kings 8:27). Being Infinite He is also Unchanging, Omni-Present, Omni-Potent, Omniscient, and Omni-Perfect. Nothing more could possibly be added to Him. He is the highest form of Being possible. Thus the attributes of absolute Truth, absolute Knowledge, absolute Principle, and absolute Capability are His to disperse as He pleases and dictates. Theological Science research must seek to please Him, use the highest form of analysis, and look to Him to supply the means for understanding Divine Knowledge. After three years of intimate association with YHWH incarnate the disciples of Malki Tzedik Yahusha yet lacked and were given such means shortly before His Ascension.[1] Creation methodology, substance and purpose, involves things visible and invisible, detectable and undetectable, of enormous magnitude and almost infinite minitude, agencies which can handle trillions of problems simultaneously, and formulas which conservatively could approach 50 x 106 factors. They vary from things so firm that only YHWH can change them to others so delicate that the weight of one electron could crush them; forces, and complexities so vast, and things so misty and ethereal, that no normal mind can understand them. And yet Adam in his sinless state understood them. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, the Sinless One, the Son of Man, understood them.[2] The Spiritual mind can understand them for they

 are spiritually discerned.[3] Truth cannot adjust to man—man must adjust to truth.  

                Having examined the best of secular knowledge, both ancient and modern, the Star Gospel, and the Pyramid, we now approach the Bible, the most illuminating source of Creation knowledge available. A glance at the very first verse should convince even the most skeptical of its magnificent superiority over man-made Cosmogonies and Cosmologies. The quality and construction of thought far surpasses the limitations, mystical abstractions, and imaginative details of human thinking. Although only an outline, written in Hebrew, probably the closest of any to the original Adamic (Sumerian), and well chosen, the context of the Bible is universal in application, unusually free from national traditions, local color or tribal characteristics, and very direct and to the point.  

                The Bible obviously was not written as a history, scientific treatise, book of poetry or classical writings. It is the Revelation of a Divine Plan, a projection of visible and invisible Beings, and an invisible System which also controls Nature and gives life to every creature in support of YHWH’s Purpose. It is an expository blueprint of His Program for all things that make up the Creation, to men who wish to know of spiritual matters who are willing to be endowed with understanding.[4]

                The extremely complicated principles associated with the Logos, of atom structures and properties and the still greater complexity of life-energy patterns and their related creature and plant responses which govern specie characteristics, together with the dual life existence features of modern man can be understood only with Divine assistance. They can only be explained rationally by the workings of a most complex, intelligent, powerful but invisible Being of a Spiritual essence[5] operating by design. In the beginning YHWH created the heaven and the earth for a reason, demanding design.[6] The existence of free-willed beings, devils and wicked men, aligned against YHWH, does not alter the harmony and beauty of His Plan and works but rather accentuates His righteousness in inspiring a Book which outlines past, present, and future perfection. It invites challenge, examination, and analysis by all to show the general purpose of Creation, man’s personal part in it, how to cooperate with YHWH and Good, and how to avoid friction and final rejection as a nonconformist because these make the individual an unpredictable risk to the entire plan. The Bible is the operation manual for developing and training “living souls” (not bodies) into highly sensitized spiritual vessels for fellowship and association with the grandest, most Holy, and most generous of all Beings, the Creator Himself. Its thoughts inherently reflect their own spiritual essence just as the sun sends out sunlight to illumine itself. The words are alive, radiant, and will penetrate the mind of anyone with spiritual vision, who has “eyes to see” and “ears to hear.” The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life (John 6:63). This is just as true of Gen. 1:1 as of any other Scripture. YHWH is Truth and YHWH is Spirit, therefore Spirit (of YHWH) is Truth, and Truth (about YHWH) is Spirit. They that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth[7] (John 4:24), that is, acknowledge His Being as Spirit and Truth.  

                Our analysis of Divine Creation methodology begins with John 1:1-5. These five verses applying to a point in eternity past long before the Universe existed, record the relation between Creator and Creation, the order of Creation, the method employed, the nature of matter, and the primary purpose of man. In the beginning, was the WORD, and the WORD was with YHWH, and the WORD was YHWH. This “in the beginning” antedates the “beginning” of Genesis by untold eons and introduces the planning or laying out of Creation. YHWH first comprehended the dust (Isaiah 40:2), computed the weight, volume, and properties of the elements long before they were created or made. The Universe did not evolve from a simple beginning. It was definitely all planned in advance by mathematical computations so exacting that every celestial body was “weighed” and number and kind of atoms appointed, for the firmament sheweth His handiwork.[8] By implication, every form of matter, non-living and living, was fore-planned as to size, structure, properties, instincts, and species. Such scriptures as weighed the waters, weighed the mountains, and made all things, imply enormous calculations, because of the factors involved. Man errs when he tries to simplify such complex operations and fore planning. The sublime treatment of thought reflected in these five verses shows the extensive engineering design which preceded construction. The visible universe man sees is only a small part, and then only a beginning, of a Gigantic Plan whose development has hardly begun. Only eternity and the capabilities of regenerate human minds endowed with new spiritual bodies will fully appreciate the plans of Infinite Divinity glorifying Himself through vessels amenable to His love and gifts. In this “beginning” YHWH planned His works, He is now working the Plan. It will carry on long after the present earth has been replaced by a new heaven and a new earth.[9] 

             “Was the WORD.” The original Greek word for WORD is LOGOS, derived from Lego which means to lay out, to lay forth, or to design. Lego implies a thinking step before an act. This word LOGOS is used but seven times in the Bible,[10] to indicate the word of a living Person that is alive with power. Its true meaning implies a spoken rather than a written word on these seven occasions. This distinction is confirmed by the fact that LOGOS is capitalized in the best ancient manuscripts to indicate uppermost authority, a Person of renown, whose speech has an unusual capability, which is an entirely different meaning than word used as an utterance to express thought. The LOGOS means a SPEAKING THE WORD PERSON, combining both person and action, who laid out the universe, and made it alive by HIS WORD. He is the second member of the YHWHhead,  Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, the “laying out” and “speaking the word” Person. The LOGOS is in perfect unity with all members of the YHWHhead. He is the Architect of John 1:1; the Builder of Col. 1:16-17; the Redeemer outlined in the Star Gospel and Pyramid; and the Great High Priest, the Prophet of Prophets and King of Kings of the Bible. At the earliest point mentioned in Sacred Scripture, during the commencement of planning, He already existed as the Executive and Administrator of the YHWHhead. He is the image of the invisible YHWH who reflects YHWH to man, the firstborn of every creature. For by Him were all things created, that are in Heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him; and He is before all things, and by Him all things consist (Col. 1:15-17). By the word of YHWH were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth (Psalms 33:6). He is here identified, with the method used, in the Creation, which confirms His Authoritative Executive position as the LOGOS. We must know WHO He is, for all the energy systems and tools employed in Creation were made subservient to the words of His voice in a form of automation which is second only to YHWH in perfection and power. “And the WORD was WITH YHWH” implies the existence of an invisible spiritual system, automation, device or organization of powers and capabilities separate and apart from the YHWHhead and yet in perfect unity with YHWH, and amenable, responsive, controllable, and manageable by the words of the LOGOS, the SPEAKING THE WORD PERSON.[11] These six words reveal one of the greatest mysteries facing Theological Science. This system of powers is invisible, is next in power and authority to YHWH, was used to “make” all things in Creation, now “upholds” all creation, and does whatever He commands. The relationship between Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach and this System is perhaps similar to that between human brain and hand. We do not say that someone’s hand did something. We say that he did it, although he may have used his hand. The explanation here is similar. How did Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach make the worlds? He did it with His LOGOS capacities, but since the LOGOS is a part of Him, the Bible says, all things were made by Him because He so ordered it. However, to distinguish between the LOGOS which was with YHWH, and the LOGOS which is YHWH, perhaps we may be permitted to call Him the LOGOS (Capitals) and the energized automation system, the Logos (small letters). Thus the LOGOS speaks the word and the Logos carries it to completion. The Logos follows strict and very exacting principles in the application of various energy forms to uphold matter, plants, and living creatures; can carry out the 30,000 or more provisions in the Bible simultaneously, and every word of the original Scriptures is in harmony with its sensitized controls. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach employed the Logos frequently while on earth. He rebuked the winds and the waves and there was a great calm (Mt. 8:26), and the men in the boat said, what manner of man is this that even the winds and waves obey Him. He changed water into wine, fed the five thousand with a few pieces of bread and small fishes, healed the sick, raised the dead, and relieved the insane, although His words are not always recorded. But at the raising of Lazarus He said, Father I thank thee that thou hast heard me . . . and I know that thou hearest me always ... Lazarus come forth, and he that was dead came forth bound hand and foot (John 11:1-43). He proved his control over both the natural and spiritual realms by His control over the Logos which He used for all His miracles.  

                The Logos is the spiritual base which includes the framework and energy supply on which the foundations (Job 38:4; Psalms 104:5) of the universes are laid, and by which they were “made” and are “upheld.”[12] The Bible distinguishes between Logos and foundations, that is, between energy base and energy transmitting media, the Logos being singular and the foundations plural, and the comparison being similar to that between a power station and the power lines which convey the power to various receivers. Thus there is one Logos but numerous energy forms which make and uphold the various kinds of matter, plants and creatures. The scholar or investigator must differentiate between the manufacturing and upholding processes in his analyses or he may become confused for methods of “making” are different than those of “upholding.” The Bible also distinguishes between spiritual and natural phenomena, both of which are handled by the Logos, the spiritual being superior. The Logos is the connecting link between natural law and order, and the spiritual controls over Nature. The Word of YHWH is quick and powerful dividing asunder of soul and spirit (spiritual things) and of the joints and marrow (natural things) (Heb. 4:12). Thus we have natural and spiritual things “made” and “upheld” by the Logos. Cosmological research demands a knowledge of these many factors, for the Logos is the medium or intermediate through which Spirit energy and potential are transformed into lower forms of spiritual force and power, life-energy,[13] and nuclear energy,[14] which are two basic components of creatures, plants and matter. We must realize that we are dealing with things which are invisible and undetectable with present laboratory equipment, and that they are very complex, but the Bible will explain them and we can readily watch their performance.[15] The Logos itself is extremely complex, is invisible but not unknowable for we can watch it work by studying cosmic rays and many other phenomena. Cosmic rays are being constantly manufactured by the Logos, which is omnipresent, and so they strike the earth from all directions every moment of the day. The activities of the simplest cell assimilating food and reproducing itself are caused by life-energy, a product of the Logos.  

                It is obvious that the LOGOS, or speaking the Word Person, involves the Speaker as well as His Word. For the LOGOS was made flesh (John 1:14) when he became the babe of the virgin in His incarnation. His Word was with power (Luke 4:32), a capability made a part of Him probably when He was begotten in the bosom of the Father (John 1:18), and was designed for Him although available to the other members of the YHWHhead. The New Testament writers understood that the word LOGOS described actual spoken words and not just thoughts. It is clear that the breath of His mouth (Ps. 33:6) is the activator and when He speaks thus He controls the most powerful force in existence with the single exception of YHWH Himself, who is ALMIGHTY. Among the ancients the “Word” was closely allied with the creative and making operation. The old Hebrew commentators and scribes were so accustomed to the concept of the Word being the mechanism of creation that they actually substituted the words Memra-Jah, meaning the word of YHWH for YHWH  to promote a better understanding of the tool used which was also the connecting link between Creator and created.[16] While they perhaps did not understand how voice frequencies could control a gigantic system of energies, we must credit their integrity and Divine effort in perpetuating the truth.  

                This LOGOS was with YHWH in the planning, in the making, and in the work of redemption in perfect harmony and unity which reflects the perfection of the Trinity, and explains why He is before all things, and by Him all things consist . . . For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fullness dwell (Col. 1:17-19). Without the regular functioning of the Logos the universe would crumble in an instant, hut He laid the foundations of the earth, that it (the Logos) should not be removed forever (Ps. 104:5). Heaven and earth may pass away but my Word (it) shall never pass away (Mt. 24:35) for it is part of His eternal equipment and substance. This includes the Words of Jesus, the inspired Word, the Bible, the blueprint of YHWH’s Plan for man’s origin, development, training, redemption and glorification. For, if what “YHWHsaid” in Genesis[17] has become real, we should know that eventually all His Words will be realized, and come to pass.[18] That is why faith is so important where knowledge and understanding are limited, and why the Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb. 4:12). YHWH makes allowance for lack of understanding of things complex, but not for lack of belief in things obvious.[19]

                “And the Word was YHWH.” This third phrase elevates the entire yet higher into the realm of the Divine, to show that the planning and creative operations belong within the spiritual realm in which YHWH moves, (and not to nature), employing His ALMIGHTY capabilities. There are many theories extant concerning the relation between Creator and created, but these three distinct parts of John 1:1 settle the matter conclusively.[20] They show that:

1.        The LOGOS planned the universe so it could be handled by the Logos, or Word System.

2.        The manufacturing and maintaining operations involve two different departments of the same agency, the Logos, in unity.

3.        The Logos was with YHWH as a separate reality apart from the YHWHhead, which nullifies the theory that YHWH is in all His created works. YHWH is of a much higher order than anything in the universe, created or made.

4.        The Logos was empowered by YHWH with all the energies necessary to complete the plans of the YHWHhead. Nothing can prevent this. Spiritual power is as superior to natural power as the Almighty power of YHWH is stronger than the cohesive attraction between nucleus and electron shell in the atom, which is probably the highest power in the natural order.

5.        The Logos, or Word System, sensitive to His slightest command, is the go-between YHWH and matter. It is so sensitive that it can detect the displacement of one atom, and so vast that it controls the celestial bodies including all living forms.

6.        The Logos is the highest form of automation possible. It is next to the YHWHhead in complexity, power, authority, capacity, and capabilities. Only a person endowed with the Spirit of YHWH, acting in the name of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, has any authority for asking it to act, and then only if such action is in agreement with the principles already established by the LOGOS. This is the law on which John 15:7 is based.  

7.        The Logos, through the foundations (energy media), supplies the source for the administration and energization of all spiritual and natural law by control over nuclear, life, soul, and spirit nucleii in the various forms of existence.  * We use two i's in word nucleii to distinguish these infinitesimal life - energy entities from atomic nuclei.  A nucleii is an added different nucleus within a nuclei.

          The same was in the beginning with YHWH. This affirms that the Logos in the beginning during the planning stages either possessed or was given the necessary powers to manufacture and maintain the Cosmos. This also proves separation between Logos and things made, and amplifies the planning operation. Every builder knows the value of blueprints, preconstruction design, and careful advance planning. It may be difficult to comprehend that this applies to the spiritual as well as the natural realm. It is easy to comprehend fore-design in an atom, a cell, or a leaf. But the Bible says all things were made by Him, from atoms to the seat of the human spirit which is associated with man’s religious consciousness.[21] The special ministry of the Holy Spirit is to bring truth to man and man to truth. Many offend YHWH by their approach in likening Him to something in the lower order which is nothing like Him, or by attributing to Him motives which are selfish, senseless and purposeless. YHWH is the most Wonderful Person in all existence, so far above man that the latter cannot comprehend Him except by Him revealing Himself. He forbade the making of any likeness of Him,[22] for He is the Most High. Next in line is the spoken Word, then the Logos, the “living soul,” and finally the nucleii which control animals, plants, and the atoms of matter. This places YHWHf our stages above matter in existential levels. 

  All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. Here the unrevealed mysteries of past planning, aeons, space and action are connected with the material creation to show continuity in the Creator’s Plan. All things do not include YHWH Himself but all else in the Universe of man. “Were made” (Greek ginomia) means manufacture from parts previously created corresponding to the Hebrew asaph[23] meaning put together. These are different words than the Hebrew bara, translated created, which means created out of nothing. “Which He created and made identifies two different operations in kind. First He created the nuclear frames and particles; and electron shells were added later in the making operation, of all atoms. “And without Him was not anything made,” reaffirms the position of the LOGOS, not as an agency but co-equal with YHWH and chosen to express the orders for construction. Apparently this was intended because He possessed spiritual body corporeality with vocal chords.  

“That was made” signifies pattern in every atom, molecule, substance, plant, creature and living soul man in the Universe. This is certain. We look in vain for evidence of creation tempo. Man measures space vastness by light years,[24] but YHWH measures space by mention of locale as if spiritual transmission were instantaneous.[25] Most electronic phenomena occur at the speed of light. Chemical and molecular reactions cover a wide range of time values, but if as the Bible seems to indicate, spiritual transmission is instantaneous, we must discard normal standards and formulas and formulate an entirely new concept of spiritual time, space, energy and motion. Einstein’s theory, E=MV2 has no application in the area of nuclear-energy or spirit energies, but applies only to the electronic aspect of matter.[26] Spirit-energy is a step above soul-energy, which is a step above life-energy, which is a step above nuclear-energy, which is an advance over electronic energy. It is obvious, therefore, that the Logos involves phenomena far above our present day knowledge, experience, and terms. Man has had to enlarge his concepts of the Universe many times with the invention of larger telescopes and additional information, but unfortunately Theological Science has not kept pace with the natural sciences. The operation Creation is handled in the Bible as a very complex one limited to the YHWHhead alone, while the making process was delegated to the Logos, for the nuclear components were made responsive to the latter. The second verse of Genesis states and the earth was without form and void, that is, these components were floating in space (deep) like so much dust without shape, the atoms still unformed. How long this condition prevailed is unknown but a long cooling period is implied, for other scriptures indicate that a very high temperature accompanied the creative operation.[27] The minute size of the atom nucleus makes understandable how hot space filled with nonillions of atom nucleii would be without form and void to One looking down from above. At some point in this cooling the Logos took over in response to the LOGOS, and by the Word of YHWH were the heavens made, and all the host of them; and without Him was not anything made.  

                The sentence, In Him was life (John 1:4), introduces another enigma incapable of understanding except as the Holy Spirit unfolds the meaning. First YHWH ‘created” and “made” inorganic matter, and after perhaps millions of years gave it life, but the life was not in the matter when made, for the life existed in the planning stages long before atoms were created. It shows that dissemination of life energy involves a still higher order than nuclear or electronic energy, for if life-energy can exist in the Logos separate and apart from matter, then life force is not in matter at all; it is in something added to matter, by the Logos, to make it alive. Thus life in matter is not caused by chemical processes, amino or nucleic acids, or protein molecules. These are only vehicles of life force. “All things were made by Him . . . and in Him was life” implies several different operations and energy forms in the formation of creature life. Life, from the Greek Zoe, means to exist, be alive, or exhibit life literally or figuratively. It applies to matter, plants, animals, and human beings (dual creatures). The term is a broad one and apparently applies to the “all things” indicating the activation of nuclear-energy, life-energy, soul- energy, and spirit-energy.[28] These may be classified into seven general classes of existence, as follows:

1.        The Atomic

2.        The Molecular

3.        The Mineral

4.        The Vegetable, or Plant

5.        The Animal, including the human body

6.        The human Soul

7.        The human Spirit

They may be further classified as to spiritual or natural, the organic or inorganic, animate or inanimate, and so on. While the Logos is the center of life source, it also includes the capacity for producing response systems in things created to draw upon the Logos for subsistence and structural adjustment to environment which is part of the “upholding” operation. This includes:

1.        Binding energy for the atom nucleus.

2.        Nuclear cohesion for the molecule.

3.        Alignment for the mineral.

4.        Cell differentiation and organic structure for plants.

5.        Cell differentiation, organic structure, and instincts for animals.

6.        Reason and intellect for the human soul.

7.        YHWH consciousness and affinity, for the human spirit.

These are all of a higher order than chemical reactions which are predicated upon the sharing of electrons between atoms, but they effect and utilize chemical reactions through influence upon atomic nuclei.[29]  

And the life was the light of men, vs. 4, shows that man was endowed with a form of life-light not shared by other creatures or lower orders; i.e., a form of illumination. This “light” from the Greek word phos, means to shine upon, to reveal, to make known. It should not be confused with sunlight, or other electromagnetic phenomena, for it is the highest order of life emanating from the Logos, a flow of information and knowledge to the human soul. All the animals were formed of the dust of the ground, or elements, and supplied with instincts. Man’s body was also formed of the elements but YHWHlater breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul, not an instinctive but reasoning creature designed to respond to the light-life in the Logos. This gave him intellectual capacity, self-existent personality, and a center or seat for the Spirit of YHWH as the means for immortality.[30] The Gospel of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach emphasizes and reemphasizes the life-giving ability of the Word as a source of higher-life-energy The words that 1 speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life (John 6:63). This is more than intellectual knowledge, or religion. It is a very high form of invisible energy or sustenance for the human soul and spirit, which need subsistence just like the body, but of a different kind, for both bodily and spiritual health. Human life was to be more than mundane existence. Jesus’ miracles of healing and life restoration were specially chosen proofs of His life-giving power as “the LOGOS made flesh” through control over both the natural and spiritual parts of man. That is why He insisted that men accept His Atonement for sin for restored fellowship with YHWH, that this “life more abundant” might flow through their beings, freely without resistance.[31] The words the life was the light of men indicate that transmission is similar to light rays; they dispel ignorance, discouragement, mental darkness or inactivity, and supply well-being, peace, joy, happiness, mental health and material prosperity. Man was created with certain appetites to encourage his development: hunger for YHWH, quest for knowledge, self-protection, and desire for social harmony and beauty, are all YHWH-given attributes to aid man’s preparation for the higher spiritual life. So the Logos was provisioned to supply light-life for the living soul just as He supplies life-energy of a lower order for all vegetation and animals.  

                Pagan religionists directed their worship and search for knowledge and material blessing to the sun, a star, or an idol, because they thought it to be the source of light and life. This resulted in ignorance, poverty, misery, slavery and the lowest living standards on the earth. Other peoples, cooperating with YHWH, have enjoyed the highest living standards upon the earth, because He is the YHWH of the natural as well as the spiritual order. This is not narrow religious ideology; it is sound, feasible, mathematical and economic fact productive of enlightened knowledge, health, wealth, and prosperity.[32] The Logos which governs the effectiveness of natural law also governs the light-life for men but the responses to that light-life among free-willed creatures are controlled by men themselves. This explains why the world is full of sickness, disease, starvation, and death, but it is obvious from the description of the Logos system which “made” and “upholds” all things including existence, subsistence, and life-light, that the Creator did not intend it to be so. Without light-life man is a dismal failure, a liability to himself and Cosmos organization. With light-life flowing through his being he becomes a happy, peaceful and joyful being prepared for fellowship with YHWH who radiates only good, loveliness, beauty, holiness, kindness, and sufficiency of everything.  

    The last sentence, the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not is one of startling significance. Light overshadowed by sunlight might be bypassed unknowingly, but a light shining in darkness should attract attention under any circumstances. The simile applies even though this light is not sunlight. The scriptures often employ light and darkness figuratively as metaphors to indicate moral status or knowledge classification. But a deeper meaning is here involved. In this case light and darkness are present in the same areas but the light does not dispel the darkness which it normally would. A better translation of “comprehended” would be apprehended it not, that is, the darkness cannot stop it. This light, a form of Divine illumination, makes available to responsive beings all the resources of Divine Intelligence in the midst of darkness, which is dead, mysterious, lifeless, ignorant, and resistant to life and truth. It is a high form of energy transmission which permeates the deadness of space but must have suitable receptors and responses to make it effective in producing higher-life existence, consciousness of being, and citizenship within an order embodying eternal time, space, and reality. For the darkness of higher-lifelessness, ignorance, dullness, and despair is like the awful pitch blackness of the upper atmosphere unless sunlight passing through falls on an object like an airplane wing, or the earth far below, which absorbs part and reflects part, although light is present all the time. Thus in the Logos was set up a provision for higher- light-life or subsistence for man’s soul. This, in the very beginning, in preparation for future beings who would serve as absorbers and reflectors of Divine Life. This is why man was later created in the “image” of YHWH; and explains Adam’s rapid pre-fall development of intelligence in so short a time. 

                Space being dead or lifeless and void of matter, the Logos was thus provided with components which YHWH created to be controlled by the LOGOS and supply all the provisions for life and existence from the lowest to the highest forms. Genesis explains the various phyla and life-energy systems,[33] while other references explain the seven periods of elements which make up the Periodic Table, all of which involve different energy systems controlled by the Logos in harmony to form matter, plants and animals in a gigantic ecological system. These depend upon the constant maintenance of laws, principles, subsistence, replenishment of materials, and balance, for Universe and creature life belong together. It was the Creator’s intent apparently to develop the earth as a factory and training center for man-beings that would cooperate with Him, for the very character of YHWHas a Supreme Being with Infinite capabilities would merit a plan whereby He might exploit His potentialities for good upon other intelligent beings through an expression of design, energy, effort, and love. However, He did not start with a handful of matter and by a series of processes bring it up to the full status of a man being. He first created and made primitive plants and animals and manufactured tons upon tons of natural resources to support later plant and animal life and make the earth a self-sufficient paradise. And after many millions of years and the storage of innumerable quantities of natural resources, He created man in His own “image” and “likeness” to enjoy these and fellowship with His Maker, to receive training by Him for eternal responsibility. All the lower orders of life were created and made as workers in an ecosphere which would serve and supply the man being. Each phylum, each species, had its own work to do, and when it was done they became extinct. The variety of tasks and labors, of population numbers and checks, of needed materials and production schedules was carefully timed, and explains the long sequence of specie origins and extinctions throughout the geological eras. All these were planned long before the first atom was created, and the entire plan focalized for one main purpose, to produce man beings fit for association with His Majesty.  

   There is no mistaking the potentialities supplied in the Logos, including provisions for a standard of living and intelligence as yet unknown by the wisest and most prosperous men on earth who now live under the curse.[34] Adam originally knew a free-food economy and perfect health and happiness. He had only begun to exploit his possibilities when he fell through neglect and disobedience.[35]

One-half of the world’s population goes to bed hungry every night:

75% are inadequately clothed; 90% walk in darkness concerning the love of YHWH for their souls; and 100% die a physical death.


There are thousands who like Adam after his fall, have reached for restoration in Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach and opened their souls to the life-light, while other thousands like Eve reach for spurious substitutes and struggle for food, for intellectual attainment, or ego satisfaction that does not satisfy.[36] The original planning shows that the Logos was established to meet every need of man, and placed under the supreme command of One who loved his man-beings so much that He died a horrible death to redeem men and restore their potentialities. The darkness cannot “apprehend” this for He, as the LOGOS, is the source of all life, light, and intelligence, throughout all space, time and eternity. All things were made by HIM . . . in HIM was Life . . . and the life was the light of men, shows that all atoms, all matter and all lower life is useless except as it contributes to the elevation of man into unity and sonship with YHWH, the Father, for the expansion of good. It is only as men cooperate with the LOGOS, who commands the Logos, that they will be able to promote an atmosphere of wholesome living, social harmony, peace and prosperity.[37] True, the darkness now tests men to

 prove their mettle. [38] Businessmen know that success comes only by intelligent effort born of experience and training. These make the man as well as they make the business. Obedience to Divine Mind, and submission to training are in eternal matters often more important than immediate success. That is why believers in YHWW sometimes appear as failures while they are assimilating the best of training for long term fruitfulness. Man must be trained to exercise wise judgment and decisions before tremendous power is thrust upon him. Adam’s failure in self-discipline shows this to be true. It justifies the Theodicy of YHWH,[39] for YHWH is exhausting every possible means to warn men that those who reject the LOGOS, the source of light-life, relegate themselves to darkness, a state of lifelessness and death.  

                Thus the Gospel of John 1:1-5 shows the deadness and lifelessness of space, and explains the planning effort involved in changing an extensive nothing into a very complex cosmical order of tremendous magnitude by a system embodying spiritual automation which is responsive to His Word. This for the purpose of enlightening man beings with life-light. The earth was to become the center of the Creator’s effort in the expansion of His Goodness throughout the universes. Man loves to get, YHWH LOVES TO GIVE. This is the motive of Infinite Love. YHWH is still in sovereign control of His Plan. Beginning in the dateless past it is slowly but certainly grinding on to fruition. Calvary insured its success. Not all understand this. But YHWH’s rightness and right thinking will be shown as perfect righteousness when it has been proved under every conceivable unrighteousness. The Cross illuminated Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach as the perfect Son of Righteousness, and justified His demands for righteousness among His subjects for all eternity.


[1] See Luke 24:45.

[2] When sin was laid upon Him in Gethsemane it wrenched His mind and body including His understanding, but He gained the victory over it on the Cross.

[3] See 1st Cor. 2:14.

[4] This involves submission to YHWH for the reawakening of the spiritual senses.

[5] If He were visible, or of an electromagnetic  nature reflected by light, being Infinite He would overshadow all else and all other things would be undetectable.

[6] “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, (design), even His eternal power and YHWHhead; so that they (all) are without excuse,’’ Rom. 1:20.

[7] The ‘living soul’’ which cannot understand this or see this needs to have the spiritual sense reborn, or “be born again.” John 3:3.

[8] See Psalms 19:1. Handy-work from the Hebrew yawd means preparations, operations, the activities which followed Divine planning.

[9] See Rev. 21:1.

[10] Gospel of John. Ch. 1, four times; 1st John Ch. 1, once; Ch. 5, once; and Revelation 19, once. It was coined especially for the purpose and has no other application or definition.

[11] Man makes machines which are controlled by levers, pushbuttons, and electrical frequencies at a distance. YHWH’s system is so highly perfected that it responds to His voice, irrespective of type of operation or distance involved.

[12] The Logos has two departments closely related, the one manufactures, the other supports. ‘all things were made by Him,’’ John 1:2; and “He upholds all things by the Word of His power,’’ Heb. 1:3. They utilize the same “foundations.’’

[13] Life-energy will be explained in a later chapter.

[14] Nuclear energy is not the same as electronic energy.

[15] Romans 1:20 gives us this assurance.

[16] Chaldee paraphrases to the Old Testament, of which the Targum of Onkelos is an example.

[17] See Gen. Ch. I.

[18] Timing in YHWH’s Plan and formula is a difficult concept for man, since he sees the Plan as if it were already fulfilled. Man lives in the present; YHWH exists in the eternal now, or eternity.

[19] Free-willed beings are not predictable, and must of necessity be selected for Heavenly responsibilities and standards of holiness, based on self-exercised moral restraints and disciplines which result from reading and studying the Word, the Bible. The absorption of Bible truth consciously and unconsciously shapes the individual and teaches him to conform and adjust to Divine Principle. This mind training is most essential so spiritual understanding. Man doth not live by bread only, but by every word ... of YHWH doth man live,” Deut. 8:3. This is the essence of spiritual life and comprehension.

[20] There is a theory, popular in some areas, that “all things are composed of material atoms or particles and governed by the laws of physics.” It assumes that YHWH made the Universe, wound up the energy systems, and then withdrew to await the outcome. It ignores the fact that the major portion of cosmical phenomena are above nature, that matter itself is the product of two energy systems, nuclear and electronic, and that the natural order is controlled by the higher spiritual. The Logos, not mechanical or physical law, controls matter and life, but employs these. Another theory states that “YHWHis the indwelling spirit of which all nature is the expression.’’ It assumes that YHWH exists in all matter, organic and inorganic, or that YHWH and His Creation are identical. YHWH exists in all space but is of a much higher form than matter. Air and light occupy the same space but are very unlike. It is impossible to duplicate YHWH. The maker does not inhabit his product to control it.

[21] “In Him was life and the life was the light of men,’’ vs. 4. YHWH is both the

 creator of matter and the laws of physics; the human soul and the means of salvation.

[22] See Ex. 20:4.

[23] See Gen. 2:3.

[24] A light year is that distance covered by a ray of light in one year; 186,000 miles per second multiplied by the seconds in a year; approx. 6x1011 miles.

[25] Paul wrote, “to be absent from the body is to be present with YHWH,” 2nd Cor. 5:8, instantly.

[26] We already know that nuclear energy which supplies the binding force in the atom nucleus is a much higher and more powerful form of energy than electrical. V in Einstein’s formula is the velocity of light, a wave motion, applying to the electronic shell of the atom. There is no evidence to indicate that nuclear or life energy is transmitted by wave, but rather by another form of transmission which is direct, steady and instantaneous.

[27] Atoms are ionized above 10000o C. They would have to cool below this temperature to become stable atoms.

[28] Explained In Ch. Ten.

[29] Fully explained in Ch. Six.

[30] The wording is such as to show that man is to be a free-willed creature, not guided so strongly by instincts as the animals, but endowed with reason, and the power of choice, and designed to draw upon YHWH for life-light, understanding, and knowledge. This faculty has operated normally in but two humans, Adam before his fall and Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, who were both intellectual giants under its influence. That is one reason why he was called the First Adam; and Jesus, the Last Adam.

[31] See John 3:15,16,36; 5:24; 6:40; 8:12.

[32] No nation or peoples on the earth have ever enjoyed the protection, provisions, and material prosperity like that of Israel while she was faithful to YHWH. YHWH fought their battles, supplied food and water in the barren wilderness, and there was not a weak or sick person among them. Later, under Solomon, they built a Temple to YHWH unsurpassed in beauty or richness throughout all generations. If duplicated today its cost would probably exceed fifty billion dollars.

[33] Explained in Ch. Ten.

[34] See Gen. 3:17.

[35] Archeological explorations covering this earliest civilization show that they still enjoyed a high culture, many inventions, knowledge of the arts and sciences, while they worshipped the Spirit of YHWH in their Tabernacles in earliest Sumeria, but lost these as the population began to worship Nimrods' idols and images.

[36] Eve was deceived by the enemy’s promise that man could be perfected through self-effort rather than obedience to the instructions of YHWH, that man can become a creditable “image” of YHWH only by submission to His training program.

[37] No anti -YHWH people or nation has enjoyed high living standards for any appreciable period.

[38] “In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider. YHWH also hath set the one over against the other, to the end that man should find nothing after him” Ecc. 7:14; that is, to show man his need of YHWH so he will not base his entire hope on mans effort.

[39] The Apostle Paul once wrote, “All things work together for good, to them that

 love YHWH,” Rom. 8:28.


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