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                           In The Beginning, EL ELOHE ISRAEL Created

In the beginning, YHWH “Created.” The creation of nuclear components in enormous energy pools. The two energy systems upholding all atoms.

The torah explanation of atoms and matter begins in the spiritual Gospel of John to emphasize the spiritual nature of the manufacturing mechanism, and to show that spiritual purposes motivated the Divine Intent. It was a spiritual, not a natural operation, affected by a Spirit YHWH. The references[1] connect Spirit and Word unmistakably to all things that “are made,” including nuclear components, their assembly with outer electron shells, and the long cooling process involved, to show the interested scholar that through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of YHWH (Logos) so that things which are seen were not made of things that do appear.[2] Thus the nuclear particles and the manufacturing machinery are both invisible, and must be accepted by faith, and known by the results which is matter in its myriad forms. The formation of all atoms in seven periods is clearly outlined, as well as their identification by weight and number, but since we have found no references applicable to the nebular hypothesis, the planetismal theory, or any other exposition concerning the formation of the celestial bodies, we shall leave that to a time when more evidence is available.[3]

                The Bible is not a history or scientific textbook, but is both historical and scientific, and in the original languages, a most unusual metrical composition. The Divine Cosmogony offers an outline from the beginning with sufficient details and references which fitted together do make good sense illuminating the purpose of the Creator and the means and methods He employed. The Bible is also Creator gift catalog and handbook and for this purpose it is the ideal. It evaluates life itself as the greatest of gifts; explains how it may be perpetuated into a paradisiacal economy; and its self-illuminating contents favor eternal life seekers as if they alone would profit from the technical information interwoven with the facts of salvation, redemption, and spiritual training. It outlines the YHWHhead who created matter and life; the agency which assembles living forms and supports life; the helper to man who elevates human life; and the Savior who gives eternal life. All other factors and features are subordinate to this primary purpose. Hence the facts on Creation must be gleaned from many references, applying to both spiritual and natural.

                The ancient Hebrew Cosmogony embodied in the Mosaic account in Genesis lists three general creative acts representing three different created levels of existence in the gal axial Cosmos, as fo1lows:[4]

               YHWH created the heaven and the earth (Gen. 1:1), which refers to the creation of components from which matter later was made.

           YHWH created great reptiles and every living creature that moveth (Gen. 1:21), which describes the creation of life-energy nucleii, or life responses, making possible all the various species of creature life patterns.  * We use two i's in word nucleii to distinguish these infinitesimal life - energy entities from atomic nuclei.  A nucleii is an added different nucleus within a nuclei.

           YHWH created man in His own image (Gen. 1:27), which involved a “living soul,” a living self-alive, self-existent, eternal soul. It is clear that this entity is something added to animal life which the other animals do not possess.
Each of these operations was an advance over the previous type, and a different kind. The Hebrew word bara, translated “created,” used in all three cases, completely defined includes the concept of explaining something previously non-existent.[5] It means bringing forth out of nothing, which is entirely foreign to natural law. The word also implies broad choice of method but when used in connection with YHWH it obviously involves the most direct and efficient method of Infinite Capacity.[6] Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created (Ps. 104:30), designates Elohim and not subordinate agencies, as the Creator. The words Elohim and Spirit associated with creative acts show that Infinite energy, intelligence, and ability, were employed and the operations were not ordinary,[7] or normal procedure.

                Another thought involved in the word bara is the bringing forth of things which must be “upheld,” supported or controlled. That is, energy, power, or reality, according to rule, design, purpose, or plan. For example, water follows the laws of hydrology; an airplane depends upon the laws of aerodynamics, and so forth. This harmonizes with the reference upholding all things by the Word of His power (Heb. 1:3), which demonstrates not only ability to produce but also to control. Thus the building blocks of matter are controlled by a source outside of themselves, which ‘upholds.” Whether we understand or not, it means that the force which upholds the properties and utility of the atom is not in the atom itself but in the system which “upholds all things.” The atom is but a tiny nuclear complex enclosed by an electronic field. It is thus a combination of particles and waves, employing at least two different energy systems, the nuclear and the electronic, which are quite different.

Our use of the word energy might merit some clarification since it is not a Biblical term. The Bible uses “power” instead. Touching the Almighty we cannot find Him out: He is excellent (excels in) in power (Job 37:23). 1 change not (Mal. 3:6), or does not run down. He ruleth by His power forever (Ps. 66:7), and great is our YHWH and of great power (Ps. 147:5). Power is exertable or potential energy, and since the latter is more suitable to present terminology and colloquial usage, we shall use it to facilitate understanding. There is no energy in space itself, the energy potentials are embodied in the energy systems the Creator has set up, and in Himself. Nature itself has no power. It is but a set of principles, better called the natural order, which is subordinate to a spiritual order a thousand times more complex. The “word of His Power” upholds “all things,” including both, and YHWH is high above these necessitating a medium between, the Logos, which transforms spiritual energies into life-energy, nuclear-energies, and other forms to support matter and living creatures. He hath made the earth by His Power (energy) (Jer. 10:12). 1 have made the earth, the man, and the beast…by my great power (energy) (Jer. 27:5), so we see that all cosmic phenomena are largely energy applications of various kinds.

                Atoms are more than energy points and fields, however, for if these energies existed in the Logos before creation, why was it necessary to create additional something's? Power or energy is useless without response mechanisms to turn it to useful purpose, so YHWH had to create atomic-nuclei and life-energy nucleii7a which would use the Logos energies for specific purposes. We should use the words nuclear-complex rather than atomic nucleus for we shall see as our study progresses that this atom nuclear complex contains not only nuclear particles, frame, and electrical charges, but in living matter it also houses the life energy nucleii which change inorganic into organic matter. All organic substance was “formed” of the “dust” of the ground.[8] Dust usually refers to particles of earth, but the original Hebrew term aphar translated dust also includes the ingredients after pulverization or separation; i.e., includes atoms and elements. Hence man’s body was formed of the dust (atoms) of the ground (elements). Explained simply, it means that YHWH first created the elements;[9] and after sufficient preparation He later created the plants and animals; and still later, modern man. The first creative act was a planned operation leading up to the second; the second was also a preparatory operation for the third, the creation of “living soul” in the image of YHWH. The last gives purpose to the first. The book of Proverbs, Chapter eight, which encourages the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and research, in order to judge correctly, also contains a commentary on Creation. The YHWH possessed me (wisdom) in the beginning of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting. . , or ever the earth was. While as yet He had not made the earth, nor the highest part of the dust of the world (Prov. 8:26). The “highest part” in the original Hebrew means the head, showing that the atom has a head, or nuclear complex, or center, which controls that atom according to fixed laws. Since a “head” of anything implies control over the rest of the body and possessive of superior features, it follows that the nuclear complex governs the type of atom and its usefulness in substance and compounds. It actually appears that the nuclear complex possesses an inner brain or organ which determines the other components of the atom including the electron shell by attraction of some kind which classifies the atom as to kind, or element. These nuclear complexes were apparently all created at the same time, although possibly in different areas, with specific relationships so that some are capable of working together to form compounds and some are not, depending upon the electronic nature of the atom, which depends on the nuclear complex. It is called the “head” because it is responsive to Logos directives controlled by the Executive, the LOGOS. This is how He made all the host of heaven by the breath of His mouth;[10] how He formed the earth atomic proportions, the plant and creature bodies, by Word control over the nuclear complex. It explains how the worlds were “framed” by the Word of YHWH, and how inorganic matter may be changed into organic matter by the cohabitation of life-energy nucleii within the nuclear complex. Since the nuclear complex may be as small as - 1012 cm in diameter, how infinitely small these tiny components and life-energy nucleii must be. But what are they? The Bible indicates that they are invisible.

                The answer requires an investigation of many Bible references. Zachariah chapter four supplies an indirect hint. It concerns the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem by a handful of Jews who had returned from captivity in Babylon under Zerubabel.[11] Money, materials, and labor were scarce; opposition and difficulties seemed insurmountable and to encourage them, YHWH revealed Himself in a special way. This is the word of the YHWH to Zerubabel, saying, not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, saith the YHWH of hosts (Zech. 4:6). The leaders were thus to look toYHWH, not human means for the fulfillment of their hopes. Then are added these highly significant words, Who art thou great mountain; [12] thou shalt become a plain[13] for who hath despised the day of small things. This could apply to meager means, but the association with “my Spirit” precludes this, and elevates the matter into the province of YHWH. From other references we know that the day[14] of “small things” applies to a time before man’s creation but a preparatory step. This, we believe, refers to the act of creating atomic nuclei components. Hence the implication, who dare despise the hot period origin of “small things.” Zerubabel is thus reminded that YHWH, “by My Spirit,” created the atoms of matter out of nothing, and He could therefore easily underwrite the rebuilding of the Temple. And then is further added the key to the mysteries associated with the creation of matter. For they[15] shall rejoice,[16] and shall see the plummet[17] in the hands of Zerubabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the YHWH which run to and fro throughout the whole earth.

                The association of Almighty Spirit, the day of small things, and the seven eyes of the YHWH which run to and fro throughout the whole earth to supply needed material is most significant. Similar references to the seven eyes of the YHWH read in the midst of the throne . . . stood a lamb as it had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of YHWH sent forth into all the earth (Zech. 3:9; Rev. 5:6). Another verse refers to the seven spirits which are before His throne (Rev. 1:4). It is obvious that the day of small things, or atom creation, the seven eyes of the YHWH, the seven spirits of YHWH, the seven horns, a to and fro or wave motion, and the earth are all related to each other, and that the seven eyes and seven spirits have to do with very powerful energy transmission similar to light for “eyes” implies sensitivity to light. The “throne” and the “lamb” could only refer to the control headquarters of YHWH, and Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach as the Executive. The “to and fro” motion, and the word “run,” would indicate an energy transmitting system by wave motion, with rapid transmission faster and more powerful than light for they penetrate “through” the earth by means of the seven spirits. This association between the seven eyes and the seven spirits is rather difficult to explain, but is clarified by another reference, there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of YHWH(Rev. 4:5). The import of these “lamps of fire” is more likely energy transformers, whose energy waves traveling at the speed of light are transposed on the “seven spirits” to effect instantaneous transmission from heaven to earth, through anything and everything, to provide an essential part of atomic substance.

                For if we correlate all these references and lay them out like an algebraic problem we find that the “seven spirits of YHWH” employ and convey “seven eyes,” “seven horns” and “seven lamps” for a purpose relating to earth and are under the control of the “lamb” of YHWH, Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach. Thus Creator purpose has to do with the hopes and plans of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach functioning as the Lamb of YHWH, that is, the creation, salvation, redemption, and glorification of man beings trained to cooperate with YHWH. “Lamps” in scripture typify sources of light but more accurately, sources of energy. The word is translated from the Greek word lampas or lampo interpreted as sources of heat or energy, not limited to light, but could cover the entire range of electromagnetic phenomena. “Horns” from the Greek word keras are symbols of power and irresistible authority enforced by the Lamb of YHWH. The association of seven eyes, seven lamps, and seven horns, with the seven spirits shows that there are seven different branches of energy in the one system; or seven forms of energy streams flowing into the earth; that is, all matter. “Eyes” from the Greek word opthalmos implies vision, illumination, or exposing of exactness, true knowledge allied with properties, laws and regulatory principles. It is obvious that they are not used to enable YHWH to see what is transpiring, but apply laws and regulations to atom components which control the properties of matter. Combining the knowns and the unknowns like we would solve a mathematical problem, we see that spiritual power and energy is being transformed by the seven lamps as energy transformers (or secondaries) into seven different electronic wavelengths or frequencies, in one central unified system, conveyed instantly to earth by imposition upon the “seven spirits.” This is logical, for energy transmission from heaven to earth at the speed of light would require billions of years; hence the need for instantaneous spiritual transmission. Thus the effects of the “eyes,” “lamps,” and “horns” association with matter, involving energies, and principles, are transmitted from Heaven throughout cosmical space instantly by superimposition upon the seven spirits of YHWH. These govern all the laws of the natural order, physical, chemical and biological, through the orbital shells (not the nuclear complex) of the atom. Any process which combines two or more atoms by the sharing of electrons is governed by this seven period energy system which forms the outer electron shells of all the elements.

             *Perhaps we should repeat that this enormous and complex electronics system which is the base of the natural order (nature) exists in addition to the energy system in the Logos, which governs the nuclear complex of the atom, and these two systems operate together in near perfect harmony. Expressed simply, it means that the Logos System governs the type and kind of atom by its control over the nuclear complex, whereas the electronic-lamps-horns-eyes system governs its usefulness by its actions upon the orbital electron field surrounding the nucleus. The two systems work together to determine the properties and characteristics of the whole atom, in both molecular and compound substances. Both systems are controlled by the Executive, Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, the original architect and engineer who “comprehended” or arranged the properties of the various elements long before the first atom nucleus was created.

                Scientists and physicists know that the atom is composed of a nucleus, Biblically identified as a “head,” or nuclear complex of particles, frame, binding forces,[18] and electric charges, which is very hard and closely confined, and which houses nuclear energies that are much more powerful than electrical forces.[19] This nuclear complex is surrounded by a comparatively spacious electron field, light in mass, and rather flexible and amenable to combining with other atoms. The nuclear complex is more durable, permanent, tightly packed and represents the main mass of the atom. Now, even cosmic rays and atomic radiation may be stopped by lead and concrete barriers but the energy waves which supply atomic electron fields pass through any substance because they are conveyed by the seven spirits. The “to and fro” and “earth” association implies that the earth is the most advanced in variety, and complexity of matter of any of the planets.[20] This makes possible a greater number of useful compounds, natural resources, and life-supporting materials than any other planet since atom utility and creature life are related. The “seven lamps” and “seven eyes” system indicates spiritual efficiency resulting from Creator effort, for seven is His trademark, while eight is the number of new beginning.[21] Both are involved in the periodic table of elements. The number seven regulates the periods of incubation or gestation for all the animals and man. Thus the seven lamps-eyes- horns-spirits-system not only establishes a seven fold periodic table of atomic elements, but also the reproductive and other cycles found in nature, having to do with the Creator’s purposes.

                By association, we also know that there are seven general classes of nuclear complexes, and that the lighter nuclei attract a lesser number of electron shells, whereas the heavier more complex nuclei draw the larger number of seven electron shells. The Logos System governing nuclear complexes, and the Seven-Lamps System controlling the orbital shells were both set up in advance. That is, atom properties and characteristics were established and the laws of chemistry, biology, physics, all appointed and stabilized before the first nuclear frame was created. There is also an implication that nuclear complexes and their respective electron shells were brought together after creation, of the components, at some point in the cooling stage, that is, after the excessive hot period attending creation. The fact that the Seven-Lamps System is related to Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach in His office as the “Lamb of YHWH” may indicate that it is a temporal[22] arrangement which will be “changed” and superseded by a more permanent arrangement of matter after His activities as the “lamb” are completed.[23] It is obvious that matter in its present form is not eternal, although the Logos and Seven-Lamps System are constant, but the half-lives of heavier radioactive elements show that matter is “wearing out.” The Bible indicates that the natural order is subject to some form of fatigue, but the technical details are not given. Since the internal nuclear frame holds nuclear and mass particles,[24] in from one to seven general kinds of nuclear complex, housing nuclear and electrical energies, these attract the electrons[25] in the outer shells which holds the nucleus and shell together by electrical attraction. The positive internal charges and the negative external charges balance one another in stable atoms, and maintain properties and behavior characteristics according to fixed laws. These are predicated upon atom structure (referring to nuclear complex and its particles and charges, and the type of shell with its electrons.) Thus we have both nuclear and positive electric charges in the nucleus held together by minute particles which attract both; and negative electrical charges in the orbital shells; with nucleus and shells held together by the attraction of positive and negative electrical forces. The Logos acting upon the nucleus forms and governs the type and kind of atom; the Seven-Lamps System controlling the orbital shells governs its utility and chemical behavior. Like a gasoline engine, human energy made and controls the engine, but gasoline, another form of energy, makes it work. Since there is inertia and friction in every motion, the engine eventually wears out in spite of quality gasoline.     

                The Logos, and Seven-Lamps Systems, are quite different. The parts and energies they contribute are also very different. Some are very difficult to detect and define, except as they influence factors which are detectable. The Bible tells us that strictly nuclear phenomena do not affect light waves but are microcosmic and invisible. But the nuclear particles which have an affinity for electrically charged particles might cause the latter to leave tracks on a photo sensitive emulsion by indirect influence. We believe that Science is inclined to over-simplify the atom nucleus. After much study and research we should like to postulate that the creation of atomic nuclei included:

1.        The establishment of seven general patterns of nuclear complexes in the Logos.

2.        The creation of seven general classes of nuclear frames.

3.        The creation of most minute nuclear particles which are controlled by and responsive to nuclear directives. They are the nerves and brain in the head which have an affinity for the mass particles which make up the primary mass of the atom nucleus. From their minuteness, and intense energies, we would call these mitrons. They possess enormous binding energies, non-electrical, but little mass.

4.        The creation of another class of particles, chiefly mass particles, many times larger than mitrons for which they have strong reciprocal affinity. They are capable of housing positive electrical charges,[26] or remain uncharged or neutral.[27] We would call these poltrons, not because they exhibit the quality of polarity exactly, but because they act collectively within the nucleus something like a magnetic pole, in contrast to the orbital shell which is more like a field. Thus the nucleus of the atom is highly concentrated, embodies most of the atom mass, while the shell is mostly space. Actually the nucleus size compared to the shell or electron field, is about the same as that of a football to the football field, if cubed.

5.        The creation of positive and negative electric charges. These are the muscles, arms and legs of the atom, which are employed to do useful work by the sharing and activity of electrons.

The nuclear frames make up the skeletons, not the mass or weight of atoms, and they are capable of housing life-energy nucleii of plants and animals as well as nuclear components.

                Therefore through the Logos System of atom assembly, or manufacture, spiritual energy is transformed into nuclear energy according to fixed laws which permit only slight variations. This system controls the head, which controls the mitrons, which control the poltrons, which attract the electron shell. The relationships between the Spiritual Logos System, and the electron shell, three steps removed from it thus demands a very complex nuclear arrangement to provide for chemical compounds and living organisms made of atoms. Theoretically, 120 atom complexes are possible,[28] from the stable to highly radioactive, and from the short to the long lived. Science has discovered 103 elements beginning with hydrogen, #1, and with fermium at weight #100 as one of the last named. Atomic nuclei very in size, weight, and structure with each element. Nuclear attraction involving mitron binding force is so powerful that nuclear particles are very close drawn making the nucleus very hard and inflexible, whereas the outer electron shell is comparatively flexible. This explains why the nucleus governs atom type and the shell its usefulness. Matter, the chief substance of living forms, must be amenable to many changes, for it is used in different ways by different plants and creatures who subsist on each other’s products. The odd aspect of matter is its stability although the result of two very different energy systems, the one packing forces and particles very tightly together by mutual attraction, while the other furnishes an outer energy shell loosely connected and mostly space. The laws governing the nucleus and the laws governing the electron shells are entirely different and yet they cooperate together. Nuclear forces are much more powerful than electronic forces. Nuclear force acts upon the particle; electrical force acts upon the charge of the particle. They are very different. Einstein’s equation[29] may apply to the electrical part of the atom, but it would have little bearing on the nuclear part. Nuclear energies are much more powerful, especially at close ranges.

                Nuclear particles with like nuclear charges attract each other with enormous force, whereas like electrical charges repel each other and opposite charges attract. It is our firm belief that the laws of gravitation, the hydrogen bond, and mass defect come within the classification of nuclear phenomena. Radiation is more likely electrical, but there is a working relation between nuclear and electrical forces in the small mitrons which have an affinity for both. Thus while gravitation pulls two interstellar bodies together, radiation pressure pushes them apart, until these forces counterbalance each other. Theoretically, gravity pull would be fairly constant,[30] but radiation sufficiently flexible to build up enormous pressures to keep large celestial bodies from crashing into each other. Although scientists long ago discovered that matter in its many forms as atoms, molecules, stars, planets, plants and creatures obeys fairly universal principles sent forth into all the earth, the phenomena of gravitation has defied complete explanation.[31] Undoubtedly this is because it belongs within a different order, the nuclear order, which is a step above the natural order; if we accept the latter as including those phenomena which have to do with the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc., that is limited to the electromagnetic classification. Nuclear phenomena are Biblically defined as non-electrical and invisible, and detectable only through effects caused. Inorganic matter is thus the product of two energy systems, the nuclear and the electromagnetic, while organic matter is still more complex, the product of three energy systems, all different, the nuclear, the electronic, and the life-energy system.[32] The fact that the Divine Architect “comprehended” the dust (atoms), and weighed the mountains in scales (Is. 40:12), would indicate that He foresaw that they would be known by number and weight (not grams). This relegates the mass of the atom to the nucleus. Other parts may not be weightless, but the major mass is in the nucleus.[33] The nucleus consists primarily of particles and charges, the outer shell mainly of charges. 

                There are Bible references which allude to “small dust”[34] (atomic radiation) and indicate that this causes painful bodily disorders, and also that it is short lived[35] as compared to ordinary atom life. These involve dangers to living forms and imply warnings that atoms may be broken up with certain hazards attached. The terms could include both atomic fission and fusion. We believe also that the nucleus can be united with a different than electronic field, i.e., spirit field, to form an entirely different kind of matter. This would explain the translation of Enoch and Elijah whose natural bodies would hardly withstand the accelerated or oxygen-less trip to Heaven, and is in accord with the “change” Paul mentions.[36] The Bible indicates that some future day the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up (2nd Peter 3: 10); i.e., the atoms will give up the energy invested in them at creation, all disease germs and microbes injurious will be destroyed, the earth renovated and a new order of substance formed which will be permanent.

                The amazing potentialities of nuclear energy may be deduced by the expression of its Designer; if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye may say unto this mountain, remove hence . . . and it shall remove (Mt. 17:20). Some mustard seeds are very small; what He meant was a few atoms, and the power of YHWH to overcome any obstacle. This is how He performed miracles, stilled the waves, healed the sick, and raised the dead. He knew the power of spirit directive over the electronic order, in fact, He acted as though this should be common-place and widely believed. He actually marveled at the stupidity and unbelief of the people who had forgotten what YHWHhad done for Israel when they were His people. The spiritual controls of nuclear complexes were actually closer to Him than chemistry, hence miracles were the norm to Him. For that which might be impossible in the natural realm would be readily possible in the nuclear and the spiritual, which is higher and still more powerful. When we consider the miracles of the Old Testament prophets, and especially of Malki Tzedik Yahusha, in the light of nuclear and spiritual potentials they are not difficult to believe.

                For those technically minded we would postulate that all atoms are divisible into several general types of nuclear complexes, which match seven general types of orbital shells, and together they make up the seven period table of the elements. The nuclear complexes are nuclear frames filled with particles like a liquid solid that is closely packed. These fundamental nuclear particles are practically indestructible, infinitesimal in size, slight mass, but possess enormous cohesive and adhesive power (and an affinity for certain larger mass particles in the nucleus), which explains the terrific centripetal force towards the center of the nucleus. They respond to nuclear directive through the Logos only, except as they are influenced by their affinity for other mass particles. They were created in heat pools or energy furnaces, at temperatures probably exceeding trillions of degrees centigrade on Creation morn, along with the nuclear frames. While there are apparently a number of different kinds, we would prefer to Label them as mitrons, due to their infinitesimal size and the fact that they carry no electric charge.

                The next important particles in the nucleus might be called poltrons as a general term to cover several kinds which have the capacity to exist as no-charged, positively-charged, and perhaps negatively-charged particles. The affinity of mitrons for poltrons holds the latter in the nucleus. They supply most of the mass of the atom, proportionately, although the mass of innumerable mitrons within the nucleus of the heavier elements might be noticeable. These poltrons would cover various sizes of mass particles capable of housing positive charges from the positron (mass 1) to the proton (mass 1836.6), and neutron (mass 1839.0). Mitrons are fundamental particles and almost incompressible so that the density of nuclear complexes run rather uniform except in the outer shell of heavier atoms where electron attraction for protons influence the attraction of the latter for mitrons and pull them away from the core or center of the nucleus. This effect could decrease the density of mitrons in the outer edge of the nuclear complex and contribute to the instability and radioactivity of heavier atoms. There must of necessity be a connection between the Logos the controlling agency, and the atom “head” or nuclear complex, which we believe involves both nuclear frame and mitrons, but there may be other reasons for the decrease in density of the outer nuclear edge to permit greater cooperation with electron shells in compounds. We do not know. Matter, generally, is held together by the electrical attraction of unlike charged components for each other. This is not true of the nucleus which is subject to different laws than the electron shells. We believe the extreme density, and terrific cohesive force in the nucleus is due to the attraction of mitrons at close ranges for other mitrons. This cumulative effect is notable at outside ranges because of the enormous number of mitrons involved in any appreciable mass of substance. Mitron pull is concentrated at center of nuclear complex or center of substance mass and is unlike electrical attraction. This confirms the association between gravitational force and nuclear phenomena for both act from center to center of mass. Electrical fields have little effect on gravitation except as poltrons might influence mitrons. Nuclear attraction, unlike molecular attraction, is inversely proportionate to distance according to the fourth root,[37] which means that nuclear attraction is powerful at close ranges but decreases rapidly with distance. We trust that we may be forgiven for introducing “mitrons” and “poltrons,” but we do so because we believe that they are more descriptive of particles already known as well as some related which are yet to be discovered by science. It was during our studies in 1934 that the word “poltron” came to mind to cover a general class of electrified particles and more recent research only confirms the concept. The “mitron” has resulted from more recent research but also has much evidence to confirm its validity. The Bible reference to the nuclear complex as the “head” is apparently done to show that it controls the atom as to type; and the other references dealing with the seven eyes-lamps-horns system show that the electron shells control its work potentials. The concept of mitrons, poltrons, and electrons, as related to the elements is in accord with these principles. From a chemical standpoint it means that certain atoms join in compounds by the sharing of electrons, or electron shift, in the orbital shells. Others do not. The scientific classification of atoms by atomic number is based on the number of positive charges in the nucleus, or by implication the electrons in the orbital shell which are the same number in a stable atom. Scientists say that electrons revolve about the nucleus at speeds up to 6 x 1015 cm. per second. Thus one gram of mass would equal 25,000,000 KW hr.,[38] an enormous amount of energy. This energy is made up of two quantities; the first was invested in the atom at creation; the second is supplied by the Logos and seven transformer system from second to second, for He upholds all things by the word of His power (energy) (Heb. 1:3), present tense. If the relationship between these two is as we believe it to be, then the binding forces and stability of the nuclear complex were established at creation, but the energy expended for work, or chemical reaction, or otherwise is supplied by the Logos and seven transformer system. The fixed laws of uniformity and constancy governing the nucleus prevent chain reactions below critical mass, or violations of the energy systems, in an atom bomb explosion, but theoretically there is no limit other than quantity of material and a few other technical problems to the size of a nuclear or atom bomb, The enormous energy invested in the atom is reflected by the indicative name of YHWH  used in the Creative act. And we have examples in the sun, the atom bomb, and the thermo-nuclear explosion. The sun’s heat is derived from the conversion of (hydrogen) mass into energy, a by-product being helium, a heavier element, made possible only by tremendous heat. The sun’s corona is between 5000-6000° C. but its internal temperature probably approaches 10,000,000° C. But if thermo-nuclear reactions such as the hydrogen bomb generate temperatures above 100,000,000° C., what enormous energies were invested in the heavier elements at creation and now are held in their confines. The atoms actually were charged (with much higher energies than are released) by an Almighty YHWH, in energy pools involving densities and pressures beyond human comprehension. While the Logos system controls the sun and the hottest stars, the creation operation was effected by Infinite Powers, with energy states probably approaching 1012° C. for the elements # 3 to 10, and up to 1030° C. for the elements Einsteinium and Fermium (# 99 and 100). Since most normal life exists within a narrow range from 10-50° C., water boils at 100° C., molecular and chemical reactions cease below 6000° C., and all atoms are ionized below 11,000° C., we can readily understand why the creation of the nuclear components and larger frames was an operation of first magnitude by the Creator.

                This explains why unformed atom components would be without form and void as the Bible states,[39] the terms used describing a high state of agitation rendering them unserviceable, too hot to be usable. Bible references show that matter is primarily particle and energy. But billions of years passed by after the Creator’s works of old before space and the nuclear components had cooled sufficiently to enable natural forces in the seven lamps system to unite with them in forming the atom whole. One of the most convincing proofs of advance Divine planning and exacting order in the Cosmos is the impressive periodic table of the elements. These are all different but periodic recurrence of similar characteristics makes this a simple method of classifying them. Although Bible references indicating that atom properties were predicated upon atomic structure were already known at the time of Mashiach, the periodic table was not discovered until the 19th century.[40] The study of Chemistry has brought out some of the amazing properties of the various elements and their compounds but the effort generally has only made a good start. The seven periods established by the seven-transformer system vary in number of elements included from two elements in the first period, to thirty-two in the sixth. Beginning with the first, simplest and lightest, the table below lists the period, number of orbital shells, electron shell designation, element symbol, and atomic number.[41]

P            E[42]           D             El42a

One          1.             k              Hy 1; He 2.
Two         2.             l               Li 3; Be 4; B 5; C 6; N 7; O 8; F 9; Ne 10.
Three       3.             m             Na 11; Mg 12; Al 13; Si 14; P 15; S 16; Cl 17; A 18. Four         4.             n              K 19; Ca 20; Sc 21; Ti 22; V 23; Cr 24; Mn 25; Fe 26; Co 27; Ni 28; Cu 29; Zn 30; Ga 31; Ge 32; As 33; Se 34; Br 35; Kr 36.
Five         5.             o              Rb 37; Sr 38; Y 39; Zr 40; Cb 41; Mo 42; Te 43; Ru 44; Rh 45; Pd 46; Ag 47; Cd 48; In 49; Sn 50; Sb 51; Te 52; 153; Xe 54.
Six           6.             p              Cs 55; Ba 56; La 57; (rare earths 58-71) Hf 72; Ta 73; W 74; Re 75; Os 76; Jr 77; Pt 78; Au 79; Hg so; TI 81; 82; Bi 83; Po84; At 85; Rn 86.
Seven       7.             q              Fr 87; Ra 88; Ac 89; Tb 90; Pa 91; U 92; Np 93; Pu 94; Am 95; Cm 96; Bk 97; Cf 98; Es 99; Fm 100; Md
101,42b 102; Lw 103.

This sequence is based on structural arrangement; the first elements in the periods being metals, the last gases. The elements from 92 on are very radioactive. About 103 have been discovered so far; perhaps more, but all not yet proved or named. Some are very short lived. But all house violent energies in components formed at Creation.

                The elements are neither eternal nor permanent. Some day they shall melt with fervent heat (2nd Peter 3:10) or give up the energies placed in them at Creation. The word “melt” is translated from the Gr. luo meaning to break up or loosen and indirectly to liquefy as molten iron. This will be in preparation for a new order of elements for a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, permanent and eternal. The word luo includes the thought of liquefying, loosening for the purpose of refastening in a different manner, and of boiling away dross and impurities just as valuable metals are purified by melting them and removing the undesirables. It is clear that not all the components will be dissolved, or destroyed completely, which confirms the belief that mitrons and nuclear frames are indestructible and will be carried over into the new order. There is good reason to believe that some nuclear components can be combined with a spirit field to make up spiritual substance. This explains the resurrected body of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, which was different than His human body, and yet still bore the imprints of His nailing to the Cross.

                There are many Bible references which when combined show that the present Cosmos includes 12 vast energy systems, and nucleii, in two entirely different orders, as follows:
1. The Spiritual order -

            a.        The human spirit and energy system.

b.        The human soul and energy system.

c.        The life-energy systems of all plants and animals, and the human body.

d.        The nuclear energy system of the elements.

2. The natural order, we call Nature.
The nuclear subdivision is listed in the spiritual order because it is controlled by the Logos. a spiritual system, but it actually lies between the strictly spiritual and the strictly natural. Through this association the
Logos controls matter, by control over the nucleus of the atom, nuclear energy being the lowest energy in the spiritual order. Enoch and Elijah were translated to Heaven (Heb. 11:5 and 2nd Kings 2:11) by a force stronger than gravity, although their bodies were changed to enable them to stand the enormous speed of travel.

                Spiritual forces are unaffected by either nuclear or electrical fields, but both of the latter are influenced by the spiritual through the nuclear by means of the tiny mitron which has an affinity for both. That is why nuclear-complex pattern is so important to the individual elements, each element having a different type of complex or “head,” but all types responsive to Logos directives. Nuclear patterns may be like snowflake patterns but much more complex, and are probably spherical whereas snowflakes are flat.[43] Snowflakes are composed of water molecules, shaped by some unusual law, following a six pointed hexagonal system. Size depends somewhat on air moisture content and temperature, but why do some molecules follow one pattern, and a similar number another pattern, all things being equal? The answer undoubtedly has to do with the size and kind of dust particles which form the nuclei of snowflakes. Similarly, apparently atom components were assembled in groups under specific temperature and pressure conditions and shaped according to the seven classes of predesigned nuclear frames which represent the nuclei of the nucleuses. Certainly the Creator “comprehended” the kinds of elements and their properties, and the number of atoms in each element required to fulfill His Purpose. He also planned their distribution in a most exacting manner. It is not coincidence that the sun’s corona temperature which governs its radiation: the character of the transmitting media between sun and earth; and the visual nerve system of the human eye are all synchronized to operate most efficiently at a wavelength of 5500 Angstrom units. This shows intelligent planning, but what enormous forces and exacting controls are involved. Such associations between Cosmos and creature life run into the trillions, some involving almost innumerable factors, to make up the whole Ecosphere. Were the human mind capable of grasping such immensity of complexities it would understand the reasons for 100 or more elements, their capabilities and their harmonization with the laws of physics, chemistry, electricity, biology, and other departments of cosmical knowledge, which reflect the Creator’s precise management of matter and force. Should some element proportions be changed by 1/50th, the temperature of the earth’s crust altered 20°, or the freezing point of water raised or dropped 2°, the earth would soon be uninhabitable for humans. And yet this control over matter invested in the Logos is conveyed through the smallest particles in the nucleus, the tiny mitrons. HOW MARVELOUS!!!!!

                Mitrons, we believe, exist in seven general kinds, and are so small that thousands are necessary to fill the frames of the heavier nuclear complexes. We do not understand their motion and will not speculate regarding it. The enormous binding energy of the accumulated mitrons is reflected by the fact that the nucleus as a whole weighs less than the sum of its parts, the difference representing attraction towards the nucleus center, or “mass defect.” The affinity between mitrons and poltrons is difficult to explain, except that they like each other but mitrons like other mitrons better than poltrons.[44] We believe there is a limit to the number of mitrons and poltrons inhabiting even the heavier complexes, perhaps reached when the centrifugal force of the total poltrons exceeds the centripetal force of total mitrons, and thus a limit to nucleus size and stability. The mitron connects the spiritual Logos system to poltrons, and poltrons connect mitrons to electrons by affinity for both, to make up the whole atom.[45] This enables the Creator, the highest form of existence possible, to lower Himself one step to control the Logos. The Logos controls the nuclear complex, a lower order; the complex controls the electron shell, a still lower order; and the latter governs the usefulness of the atom in its relation to Nature, the natural order. This is how the Infinite and Exalted YHWHhead controls matter through four stages or levels of existence, by means of three connecting links, each link an advance over the one below.

            We believe the laws governing nuclear structure and behavior to be very rigid, whereas the orbital shells system of the atom permits much more flexibility. Thus the nuclear complex is very sensitive to directives, but not easily altered.[46] The electron shells share their electrons with other elements quite freely to form multiple element compounds. Thus the entire range of elements favors standard nuclear structure or whole number atomic weights, although others are possible. Isotopes[47] may be nuclear frames which have picked up a few extra mitrons which in turn have attracted an additional neutron and changed the mass of the atom but not its chemical properties since the electron shell remained unchanged. It is possible that some types of nuclear frame are receptive to visiting mitrons and others are not. Flexibility of mass without structural change proves the rigidity of the nuclear frame just as adding weights on a bridge without appreciable flexing proves the rigidity of the bridge. That the nuclear complex is able to influence the electron shell is unusual because they are so different, but normal in the realm in which we are dealing. There is a very enlightening reference relative to Creation which states, and Thou YHWH in the beginning hast laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of thy hands (Heb. 1:10).[48] When two hands work together they not only bring things close together but the hands help each other. From an energy standpoint the two hands are represented by the Logos, and the Seven-Lamps system. Thus we have a cooperative effort which unites all the components of the atom and maintains them under the final control of the Executive. We know that the Logos enjoys powers, capacities, harmonies, and controls impossible in the natural order alone, which helps to explain some of the phenomena related to both living and non-living matter, which is remotely controlled through the atom “head” by a Creator, who is Infinite, Unseen, Undetectable Spirit.

               The number and kind of atoms in each celestial body is appointed of YHWH,[49] for He “telleth the number of the stars,” since an orderly balanced Cosmos requires that weight, force, and properties be carefully and exactly controlled. Therefore, the Executive governs the association of atoms to form molecular substances and these atom combinations have different properties than the original elements themselves. They can usually be broken down to revert to their originals again which shows that the nuclear complexes were not changed in the process. Through external force directed against nuclear complexes, or accumulations thereof, He can also control the makeup, locale, and movement of the heavenly bodies,[50] in any direction. 

                With literally billions of forces and counter forces, and trillions of related factors which must be closely controlled to support human life on our planet, the outlook for the safety of man creatures toying with nuclear energies is not a favorable one. The Creator established a very fine balance between the spiritual and the natural order anticipating the cooperation of His creatures, whose existence was predicated upon such cooperation. Small wonder that He predicted death for the violation of one restriction,[51] because He expected obedience and conformity to knowledge, instructions, and the laws by which He operates the Universes. The byproducts of nuclear fission and fusion which are detectable may be one thing, but what about the displacement of invisible and undetectable nuclear components which could be many times more dangerous to life and upset the entire order of natural resources, food production, and genetic processes? It is conceivable that trillions of free mitrons floating in space as a result of a multitude of thermonuclear explosions might eventually attach themselves to surface elements and their nuclear balance and structure be adversely affected.[52] The Creator may once more be forced to halt man’s exploitation of destructive forces in order to preserve His universes for the expansion of Good. Divine judgment will follow the abuse of nuclear energies just as sure as Noah’s flood followed universal homicide. It is a terrible possibility to consider that in the not-too-far-distant future a form of poltron beam transmission may make possible the destruction of atom, hydrogen, and other bombs in the very storage vaults of their owners by enemies at distant points. Such a device is entirely feasible. It may also be possible to set up violent reactions within metals which are good conductors, beyond the range of present artillery, so that weapons of such materials would be worse than useless. It is prophesied that the battle of Armageddon[53] will be fought not with missiles, atomic cannon, tanks, and machine guns, but with horsemen and foot soldiers using weapons of wood and other nonconducting substances because methods will be devised in the foreseeable future to make all metal weapons hazardous and impossible. 

                The enormous task of organizing and controlling all the atoms involved in several billion galaxies within range of present day telescopes, each one probably as large or larger than earth’s galaxy of 200,000,000,000 stars, is incomprehensible to the human mind since the factors included approach infinite numerics. Small wonder that the Creator knows all the stars by their names, for they must be watched constantly. He calls them all by the name, by the greatness of His might, for that He is strong in power (energy), not one faileth (Is. 40:26). The white dwarf stars are potential atomic bombs of enormous explosive potential, yet “not one faileth” because of His close supervision.[54] The emission of Cosmic rays (or particles) as a current function of the Logos would, we believe, indicate that the partial manufacture (not creation) of matter is still going on at a reduced tempo through His “upholding all things.” Their composition is similar to the elements, they have the same nuclei as ordinary matter, and are undoubtedly produced by the same system which made matter originally. Living forms reproduce themselves according to fixed laws involving life-energy complex, species, gestation periods, cell differentiation, and environment, but matter does not reproduce itself. Regardless of purpose or function, cosmic ray formation does help to show that the Created Universe demands constant “upholding.” When industry is able to harness such energies all atomic power plants will be deserted over night for they contain energy potentials approaching 1017 electron volts. Their similarity to rays, we believe, is caused by their reactions on other atoms and energy fields, for when they loose their charges they also loose mitrons with terrific penetrating power and disturbance to other atoms.

                Thus, the nucleus of the atom is the “head” or brain receptor responsive to Logos directives which control the material Universe. While it occupies less than 1% of material volume, it houses the primary energies which make the elements what they are and give them utilitarian capabilities for substance, life, and residence for spirit. Science already knows that the living cell comprising a billion parts or more is better organized than a modern city, but it still has to learn that the nuclear complex possessing the potentials of housing not only nuclear energies and particles, but also life-energy, living soul, and spirit nucleii designed to harmonize with Infinite Spirit, is a trillion times more complex than the present (2008) concept of the atom. 

                We should, in conclusion, be reminded of the general agreement between Theological and Nuclear Science. Reconciliation of human perspectives is not dependent on definitions and ideas, but on man’s willingness to enlarge his individual viewpoint of the Creator and His capacities. If these two departments of human knowledge and learning could work together like the two departments of the atom whole, the world would soon be revolutionized for the better. But when scientific naturalism which is applicable only to minor portions of cosmic phenomena attempts to formulate theories to explain the whole, including the much more expansive and complex spiritual order which controls the natural, the results are bound to be chaotic, regressive, earthly, and animalistic, and a deterrent to human progress towards the goal established by the Creator for mankind. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and YHWHhead; so that they are without excuses: Because that when they knew YHWH, they glorified Him not as YHWH, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools . . . who changed the truth of YHWH into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen (Rom. 1:20-25). For all have sinned and come short of the glory of YHWH (Rom. 3:23). The greatest sin is the rejection and refusal of YHWH's -knowledge, YHWH's -training, and YHWH's  Redemption, which were provided to prepare and elevate man into the realm of the Divine. Every atom created in the earth was made to support man while he underwent such a program. Those who correctly interpret the visible and knowable evidence of Creator Magnificence, Wonderment, and Intent, and possess willing minds submissive to His disciplines that they might become a part of His Wonders, will ever live to enjoy their choice and resultant glorification amidst the blessings of Eternal Paradise.

[1] See John 1:1-5; and Gen. 1 1-2. Creation did not depend on the laws of physics, chemistry, biology or genetic. It was an operation above natural law.

[2] See Heb. 11:3. The word “framed” is translated from the Greek word katartin, meaning to complete wholly or entirely.

[3] Several theories might be postulated which would probably prove faulty because of oversimplification. A very complex process if indicated. This included sorting, measuring and computing definite assortment of atoms for certain planets and celestial bodies.

[4] These should not be confused since they represent three distinct and different creative acts.

[5] As in such scriptures as Ps. 51:10, “create in me a clean heart;” Is. 57:19 and 65:18.

[6] Not simplified to make understanding readily available to finite minds.

[7] Hence Creative origins cannot be explained by the investigation of natural phenomena.

7a A nucleii is an added different nucleus within a nuclei.

[8] See Gen. 2:7,19.

[9] Elements, Gr. steicheio—an arrangement of parts in order, rank, or constituents.

[10] See Ps. 33:6.

[11] About 538 B.C.

[12] Mountain typifies an obstacle.

[13] Plain typifies smooth and easy progress.

[14] Day is from the Hebrew yowm meaning an indefinite hot or activity period.

[15] The small things, or atoms.

[16] Rejoice, tr from the Hebrew samach, meaning to brighten with activity.

[17] Plummet, tr from Hebrew eben, a building or alignment tool used here figuratively to indicate their alignment with the program of YHWH and therefore meritorious of Divine assistance, even to the manufacture of materials by a miracle.

[18] The binding forces have an affinity for both nuclear and electrical realities and thus hold the two together.

[19] There are more than these involved including seven general classes of frames, different kinds of nuclear particles, nuclear energies, binding effect, electron shell, positively and negatively charged particles, neutral particles, etc. But perhaps this explanation will suffice for the layman.

[20] Over 100 elements have been discovered in the earth. Most celestial bodies have less than sixty.

[21] For a brief treatment of numerical significance, see The Companion Bible, Appendix 10; Oxford University Press, London, Eng.

[22] See 2nd Cor. 4:18

[23] The earth is many billions of years old and is wearing out slowly. The magnetic field about the earth which actuates a compass needle has decreased appreciably since the appearance of intelligent man.

[24] Neutrons, protons, etc. Protons have positive charges.

[25] Electrons with negative charges.

[26] Protons, etc.

[27] Neutrons.

[28] This is assumption on our part, not Biblical fact. It is based on the number 12 as the number of governing authority, and 10 as reflecting ordinal perfection.

[29] E=MV2, where E stands, for energy, M for mass and V for velocity.

[30] A given mass at a given distance. The pull of gravity varies somewhat about the globe, not very much, but a little, due to various factors but primarily because of total nuclear attraction.

[31] Newton and Einstein both reportedly spent considerable time and effort trying to resolve all phenomena of earth into One Universal Theory. But more recent research would indicate the problem is much more complex because several different orders are involved.

[32] Thus any effort to explain living matter from electronic phenomena only would be like trying to construct and explain a complex electric computer with kindergarten wooden building blocks, although it is conceivable that some wood might be used in such an electronic brain.

[33] The atomic weight of an element is the average mass of one atom in relation to 1/16th of an average oxygen atom which has atomic weight 16. The atomic number of an element is the number of units of positive charge in the nucleus, or number of protons, each proton being equal to charge e.

[34] Ex. 9:9, for example.

[35] See Is. 40:15.

[36] See 1st Cor. 15:44; 1st Thess. 4:16; Rev. 21:1.

[37] There may be a different ratio in the nucleus in actuality due to interaction with other forces.

[38] Based on Einstein’s formula, E=MV2 where E is in ergs, M in grams, and V is the velocity of light.



E  = 1gm X (3 x 1010 cm/sec)2   (1 joule = 1 watt x 1 see)
    = 9 X 1020 ergs                        1000 watts x 3600 sec = 1 KW hr
    = 9 X 1010 joules                     1 KW hr = 36 X 105 joules
    = 25 X 100 KW hr

[39] See Gen. 1:2.

[40] Finally confirmed by H. G. J. Mostly, Manchester, England, in 1913.

[41] This table confirms John 1:1-5; for the relationships between atom structures, properties, chemical compounds, joint reactions, and utility, could never occur by chance and only by the design of a Supreme Being, science has only begun to appreciate the potentials of the elements and their natural and synthetic Isotopes. Man should be very thankful that nuclear complexes and electron shells are under the control of the Divine. No human being could or would want to live in space where such energies were running wild. Only modern man in the 20th century has been permitted to exploit such energies and if he abuses the privilege, he will pay dearly for his sins in dire judgment.

[42] Does not include sub-shells.

42a P, period. E, electron shells. D, designation. El, element symbol

42b Not yet named.

[43] Disc shaped.

[44] This might cause poltrons to assume a larger size in the nucleus interior as compared to their size outside due to the toss of mitrons when drawn away from the nucleus.

[45] It is not quite as simple as this for the atom nucleus is a very complex grouping of frame, particles, nuclear forces and electrical charges, and an electron field or shell of electrons (one to seven concentric electron shells).

[46] This may seem contradictory. Isotopes are atoms related to an element whose nucleuses contain the same number of protons but differ in neutrons.

[47] Both artificial and real. 

[48] We have already shown that His hands are His Word and His Spirit.

[49] Ps. 147:4. Telleth from the Hebrew manah means to weigh out, allot substance, locate, in relation to all the celestial bodies as a whole. The terminology is us the present tense, as if the process were continuous.

[50] Each celestial body is an individual unit in a vast system, but they do not have to be alike, on follow similar motions. The earth’s planetary system, involving celestial bodies of different composition, with different rotations and motions is all indisputable proof of constant Executive control and management. The external forces positioning heavenly bodies ate In addition to gravity and radiation which are small at great distances.

[51] See Gen. 2:17.

[52] Very likely.

[53]See Eze. 39:9,10; Rev. 14:14-20; 19:11-21.

[54] It is amazing that He still has time to watch every sparrow fall (Mt. 10:29), keep count of the head hairs of His children, and hear every human prayer.


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