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 *Refresh Daily: Always - For further refinement in your perusals, please procure a Septuagint/LXX A,& B.

                                            Ps. xix The structure* of the Psalm as a whole.

   A/I - 4 -. The Heavens.

   B/4 - 6. "In them" the Sun.

   A/7 - I0. The scriptures.

   B/II - I4. "In them" Thy Servant.

   The Blessing of Jacob (Gen. xlix.)

   The Blessing of Moses (Deut. xxxiii.)  



Star Gospel Meaning Bible Reference
I.  Virgo The Virgin A virgin would bring forth a child without human conception.  "A  virgin shall conceive," Is. 7:14 see Rev I2
a. Coma The Infant The desired one awaited shall come.  "the desired of all nations shall come," Haggai 2:7
b. Centaurus The Centaur He will be misunderstood, pierced, despised.  "He is despised and rejected," Is. 53:5
c. Bootes, or    Arcturus The Shepherd Purpose and ministry for His own.  "The shepherd giveth his life for the sheep," John 10:11
II.  Libra The Scales Justice will triumph. "He shall save his people from their sins," Mt. 1:21
a. Crux The Cross The symbol of suffering and sacrifice for sins. "He was wounded for our transgressions," Is. 53:5
b. Lepus The Victim Slain to satisfy justice. "Malki Tzedik Yahusha died for our sins," 1st Cor. 15:3
c. Corona The Crown The victim will be crowned.  "crown of thorns they put upon his head," Mt. 27:30
III. Scorpio The Scorpion Conflict with the deadly enemy. "The Son of YHWH/YAHUWAH was manifested that  he might destroy the works of the devil," 1st John 3:8
a. Serpens The Serpent Assaulting the Redeemer's heel. "thou shalt bruise his heel," Gen. 3:15
b. Ophiuchus The Attack The Redeemer grasps the serpent. "I beheld Satan fall from heaven," Luke 10:18
c. Hercules The Victory The mighty man wins. "all power is given unto me, in heaven and in earth," Mt. 28:18
IV. Sagittarius The Bowman The Redeemer's Victory.  "he led captivity captive," Eph. 4:8
a. Lyra The Lyre Praise for the Conqueror.  "Malki Tzedik Yahusha, to whom be praise and dominion forever," 1st Pet. 4:11
b. Ora The Altar Preparing burning pyre for the serpent. "everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels," Mt. 25:41
c. Draco The Dragon The serpent cast down, his power over death cancelled forever. "I am alive forevermore, and have the keys of hell and of death," Rev. 1:16


Pictorial Star Gospel Meaning Bible Reference
V.  Capricornius The Goat Life for redeemed issues from the redeemer's death.  "who gave Himself, a ransom," 1st Tim. 2:6
a. Sagitta The Arrow YHWH's exacting piercing judgement. "the soul that sinneth, it shall die," Eze. 18:20
b. Acquilla The Eagle The pierced one falling, slain for sin "my blood which is shed for you," Luke 22:20
c. Dolphinius The Dolphin The pierced  one rising again. "He is risen," Luke 24:6
VI.  Acquarius The Waterman Blessings pouring  from the sky, through salvation for man.  "I am come  that ye might have life, more abundant," John 10:10
a. Pisces    Australis The Fish The source of blessings is Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach.  "I am the way, the truth, and the life," John 14:6
b. Pegasus The White Horse Spreading the good news. "preach the gospel," Mk. 16:15
c. Cygnus The Swan Circling on the wing bearing the sign of the Cross. "the Ruach HaKodesh..will reprove the world of sin," John 16:8
VII.  Pisces The Two Fish Two fish joined, one pointing to heaven, one to earth.   indicating the Kingdom of YHWH/YAHUWAH and Heaven, or the Old and New Testament Assemblies.
a. The Band The Ribbon which joins The uniting of Patriarchal and  Messianic  Assemblies in One. "The Old Test. and New Test. believers become one body.
b. Andromeda The Woman in Chains The Assembly is hindered by persecution, opposition, distraction.  "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the L-rd delivereth "out of all" Ps. 34:19
c. Cephus The Ring He comes to intercede for His Bride, the Assembly. "He ever liveth to make intercession for them," Heb. 7:25
VIII. Aries The Ram The exalted Assembly Head as Conqueror, compared to his humiliation as redeemer. "Worthy is the lamb that was slain, to receive power... riches... honor... glory... blessing."
Rev. 1:11
a. Cassiopeia The Woman Enthroned The Assembly seated as Queen with the King in the Heavens. "the marriage supper of the lamb is come," Rev. 10:7,8
b. Cetus The Sea Monster The sea is a typifying of all mankind. The serpent is bound to prevent his harming man. See Revelation Ch. 20
c. Perseus The Armed Man The armed Victor with sword in hand carries the head of the monster.  See Revelation Ch. 20


Pictorial Star Gospel Meaning Bible Reference
IX. Taurus The Bull A powerful authority comes to judge the earth.  See Revelation Ch. 20
a. Orion The Prince The mighty One to cursh iniquity imposes law and order with terrible severity. See Revelation Ch. 20
b. Eridanus The River The fiery river of the judge. "a fiery stream issued from before Him,"
Dan. 7:9-11
c. Auriga The Shepherd Acting as judge He yet exercises His office as the Mashiach.  See Revelation Ch. 20
X.  Gemini The Twins The final union of redeemer and redeemed is consummated.  1st Thess. 4:17
a. Lepus The Hare The Redeemer hunts and crushes the wicked on earth.  See Revelation Ch. 19 & 20
b. Canis Major
The Great Dog The Redeemer hunts those who oppose His righteous Rule. v "with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked," Is. 11:4
c. Canis Minor
The Second Dog The Redeemer's helpers and Redeemed join the battle. v "and the armys in heaven followed Him,"
Rev. 19:11-31
XI. Cancer The Crab The Redeemer holds his inheritance with strong clutch.  "nor principality nor power can separate us from the love of YHWH/YAHUWAH in Malki Tzedik Yahusha," Rom. 8:30
a. Ursa Minor The Lesser Sheepfold Locale of the Old Test. Redeemed. "Abraham's bosom"
Luke 16:22
b. Ursa Major The Greater Sheepfold Mansions prepared for the Redeemed. "In my Father's house are many mansions,"
John 14:2
c. Argo The Ship The Redeemer and His warriors returning victorious. See 1st Cor. 15:24, 25 & Rev. Ch. 21 & 22
XII. Leo The Lion The Redeemer's triumph.  He destroys the serpent's kingdom and his power forever. "The lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed," Rev. 5:5
a. Hydra The Flying Serpent Satan, his angels, and the wicked of earth are cast into the lake of eternal fire.  "the devil that deceived was cast into the lake of fire," Rev. 20:10
b. Crater The Cup of Wrath Poured Out The terrible flames of final judgment. See Revelation Ch. 20
c. Corvus The Raven Tearing the Serpent The Torment of the Damned. "whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire," Rev. 20:15

  AS it is written: "How attractive and considerable are your tents, O JACOB, and your tabernacles, O ISRAEL. As valleys are they spread forth, as gardens by the riverside as [rare spice] of lign aloes which YAHUWAH has planted, and as cedar trees besides the waters. [ci2i -  Ps.I:3.] ISRAEL shall pour
water out of his own buckets [have his own sources of rich blessing and plenty], and his offspring shall dwell by many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his KINGDOM shall be EXALTED. YAHUWAH brought [Israel] forth out of Egypt; [Israel] has strength like the wild OX; he shall eat up the nations his enemies; crushing their bones and piercing them through with his arrows. HE couched, HE lay down as a lion and as a lioness, who shall rouse him? BLESSED [of YAHUWAH] is HE who blesses you [who prays for and contributes to your welfare] and cursed [of YAHUWAH] is he who curses you [who in word, thought, or deed would bring harm upon you]." ci2i -  Matt. 25:40.

 THE ATONEMENT being made, the blessings have been procured, and NOW they can be bestowed and POURED FORTH upon those who have CROSSED OVER, the Redeemed. This is HISTORICAL EMET/TRUTH, whether we think of RIGHTEOUS Abel's lamb, or of that great sacrifice of which they all testified. They ALL with one voice tell us that ATONEMENT made is the only foundation of blessing.

 This was pictured and foreshown in the heavens from the beginning, by a man pouring forth water from an urn which seems to have an inexhaustible supply, and which flows forth DOWNWARDS into the mouth of a FISH, which receives it and drinks it all up.

 The ancient astronomy of Denderah it is the same idea, though the man holds two urns, and the fishes below seems to have come out of the urn. The man is called Hepei Tirion, which means the place of him coming down or poured forth.

 In some eastern astronomies the urn alone appears.

 This agrees with its other names - Hebrew, Deli, the water-urn, or bucket (as in Num. 24:7); the Arabic Delu is the same.

 There are I08 stars in this Sign, four of which are of the 3rd magnitude. Their names, as far as they have come down to us/redeemed Jacob, are significant.

 The star (in the right shoulder) is called Sa'ad al MELIK, which means the record of the pouring forth.

 The star (in the other shoulder) is called Saad al Sund, who goeth and returneth, or the pourer out.

 The BRIGHT star ( in the lower part of the right leg is well-known to-day by its Hebrew name Scheat, which means who goeth and returneth.

 The Bright star in the urn has an Egyptian name - Mon or Meon, which means simply an urn.

 Aquarius is the modern, go figure, Latin name by which the sign is known. It has the same meaning, the pourer forth of water.

 CAN WE in ABRAHAM/ISAAC/JACOB: ALL ISRAEL through JOSEPH - Ephraim and Manasseh/Judah Benjamin/Levi doubt what is the interpretation of this SIGN?

 Greco Roman Hellenistic thought, NOT knowing HIM of whom it testifies, were, like the woman of Samaria, DESTITUTE of that living water which HE alone can give. They, therefore invented some story about Deucalion, the son of Prometheus; and the ANOTHER, saying he is Ganymede, Jove's cup bearer, THOSE FLUNKEY MONKS. But, as an astronomer says, "We must account otherwise for the origin of this name; for it is NOT possible to reconcile the symbols of the eleventh sign (*The eleventh, because everyone begins to recon from Aries, and not as I HAVE done from VIRGO, as shown by the parable of the Sphinx.)

 SHILOH - is First. YEA, HE/SHILOH/Yahusha/US is all in all. The scriptures testify of him; and the very stars in this SIGN tell the whole world NOW of His going away and His coming again. These prophetic SIGNS have to do with Him, with the ATONEMENT He wrought, with the conflict HE ENDURED, with the blessings HE SECURED, with the VICTORY HE WON, and the triumph HE NOW SPEAKS FORTH...as it is written. (NUMBERS 24:7.) It tells US TODAY. (Isa. 32: I, 2.)

 These STAR Scriptures SPEAK, .... today if you hear my voice harden not your heart .... in that day, at that time, TODAY, when Israel shall be RESTORED. TODAY, their "eyes shall see the ALEF TOV MALKI TZEDIK  Yahusha in HIS beauty" when ABRAHAMIC COVENANT TORAH, the PEACE of ZION shall be no more disturbed, "but there the GLORIOUS MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha/SHILOH will be UNTO us a place of broad rivers and streams" (Isa. 33: I7, 20, 2I).


 "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; And the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose, For in the wilderness shall waters break out, And streams in the Desert." (Isa. 35: I, 6.)

 "I will open rivers in high places, And fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, And the dry land springs of water." (Isa. 4I:I8.)

 "Fear not , O Jacob, My Servant; AND thou, JESURUN, whom I have chosen, For I will POUR WATER upon him that is thirsty, And Floods upon dry ground; I will pour out of my Spirit upon thy seed, And My blessing upon thy offspring. Thus saith YAHUWAH the King of Israel, And his Redeemer MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha/SHILOH, the YAHUWAH of Hosts."(Isa. 44:2, 3, 6.)

 This is the meaning of the SIGN Aquarius, THE MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha Ha MOSHIACH, who was humbled in death will yet be SEEN to be the pourer forth of EVERY blessing. Physically/Forensically pouring forth out of my Spirit literal waters, removing the curse on the elements, and turning this world into a paradise: "Making her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of YHWH." And MORALLY pouring forth out of my Spirit in such abundance as to fill the whole earth with peace, and blessing, and glory "as the waters cover the sea"

 He will pour out His blessings. They will be sprinkled with clean water, and possess a new heart and a new spirit. (Ezek. 36: 24-28; Joel 2: 28-32.)    "Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit sayeth Alef Tov YHWH ELOHIM who sits at the right hand of Alef  Tov  YHWH ELOHIM"  . . . . . Ps. IIO.  4I70 B.C.



  Ezekiel 32: The VATICAN / Mormon Egyptian cosmogony combines worship of the heavenly bodies, natural phenomena, and creature forms. Ptah was their creator, Neph the spirit of creation, Ammon their king of the gods, and Osiris and ISIS .....T/Errorism represented the male and female powers of nature. Evil was personified by Typhom, (similar to the Persian Ahriman). The most celebrated animal was the bull, Apis, symbol of Osiris, EXODUS 32; fertilizing power of nature. They abided in and practiced - sacrificed and believed in reincarnation, the transmigration of the soul into animals, which after a series or sequence of such would return to the human body. The early Egyptians recognized seven masters principal gods, and many lesser deities, many of which resemble the gods of the Babylonians and Phoenicians. Today they are doing the same thing, but as progressives in the religopolitical arena WE call THE HIDDEN BOLSHEVIK DANGERS OF THEIR REV 2:9 RAINBOW: :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

          with only a few updated changes / CHARGES / PROSECUTION / BY this, THE next generation.

                                                                    ISAIAH CHAPTER 66
 Although the rainbow seems to be only a colored arc of light refracted through rain-drops, to both Christianity -[(I) Israel/Ephraim and Manasseh/Protestant Christianity/Isaac/Spirit/believers/wheat & (2) Judah/Benjamin/Levi/believers wheat] and the New Age'rs [Cain/Nimrod/Easu/Edom/Ishmael/fleshly earthly/sensual/devilish/carnal/heathen/barley/tares] it has a deep meaning. ALL ISRAEL JOSEPH/Ephraim and Manasseh, Judah/Benjamin - is to DO this in REMEMBRANCE of me. DO WHAT? Remember the proposal, the acceptance, the blood ratification, and the Covenant Confirming Meal - Abrahamic Covenant Torah, as OUR rainbow IS ROYAL COVENANT TORAH, and symbolic of YAHUWAH ELOHIM's everlasting Covenant that he would never again destroy the earth by a literal flood. Genesis I:I - Exodus 24:II.

 However, MORONI/CAIN/NIMROD/EDOM/ESAU/ISHMAEL - and the list goes on - the new world order - the New Aids Movement uses rainbows to signify their building of the Rainbow Bridge (antahkarana) between man and lucifer who, they say, is the over-soul ..... "Mormon/Brother of Jesus."

 New Aids movement place small rainbow decals on their automobiles and book stores as a signal to others in the Movement. Some people, of course, use the rainbow as a decoration, unaware of the growing popular acceptance of its occult meaning and the hidden dangers.

 "It is the contention of this writer that for the first time in history there is a viable movement the New Aids Movement that truly meets all the scriptural requirements for the antimoshiach and the global religopolitical  movement that will bring THEM on the world scene. It is further the position of the writer that this most likely is the great apostasy or 'falling away' spoken of by the Apostle Paul and that the antichrist's appearance could be a very real event in our immediate future." Constance E. Cumbey I983 - 20I7/I8.


 The Enemy said -"But you HAVE TO DO THIS. You can bring about the resurrection of the dead" Joseph John Dewey/I982.

."And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and YHWH/YAHUWAH hath remembered her iniquities" (Revelation 18:1-5, JV).
  ZECHARIAH FIVE states that thousands around the globe had arisen WITHOUT being first awakened - by a great sleep walking event/surprise on April 25, 1982. They opened their newspapers only to be greeted with full-page display ads brazenly proclaiming, "THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE."  From Rome to Jerusalem, from Kuwait to Karachi and from New York to Los Angeles — in more than 20 major cities — newspaper readers blinked in shocked disbelief as they tried to digest this particular piece of "news" along with their breakfast. The $500,000-plus ad campaign featured the following copy:

                                             Hegelian, as THEY THINK THEY'LL control all 3.





 *B.O.E. VI. I-8; VII. I-6; VIII. I-4; IX. I-II; X. I-3; X. 4 -I5; XV. 2 to XVI 4; XVIII. II eleven to XIX 3. He who has a blood tipped ear, let him hear..... FIRST OFF Acts I:8; Luke 24:49; Mark 9:I; One Corinthians 2:4." A wise man refraineth his lips" .... in order to HEAR and DISCERN/PARACLETE/OS Yochanan (John) I4:I5-I8, 26; I5: 26-27; I6:7;

                                          Look at their fruit, "You'll know them by their Fruit."

 I asked Jesus/Yahusha/the Hebrew word for salvation, to forgive me of my sins (Exodus chapter 32), and come into my heart as my savior/salvation in I967. I was awakened that day, then arose in order to walk out the gift/measure that had been given to me freely when I first became BORN AGAIN.

 That particular day, the day the haystack burnt down, the 28th of Nov, I982, I was led to discern and spy out Joshua 5th Chapter: Look for a modern ex communicated LDS man concerned with modern problems political, economic, and social. Since July, of 1977, these Christ/walk-in's have been emerging as spokespeople for groups or communities in well-known modern cities. They are not religious leaders? The 2 who I discerned sported their Moroni/Lucifer crutch/book - as educators/Life Coaches in the broadest sense of the word, pointing the way out of our present crisis. I discerned/recognized them by their sinful nature and selfish lifestyle, their soulish demonic emanations - & the carnal universality of their viewpoints. It's what comes out of a mans/womans heart/mouth that either justifies them as a TZADIK or confirms that they are a devil in sheep's clothing for all of humanity to now discern. They come not to judge but to aid and inspire? Remember now, discern their fruit, come and see .....  look BELIAL/ANATHEMA .... he's one, at least another one that is, Benjamin Creme was taken to HELL/the abyss in 20I6.

 Thank you ABBA - my Alef Tov YAHUWAH ELOHIM my savior MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha/SHILOH, our GREAT HIGH PRIEST, the HIGH PRIEST of my/our confession, our belief, our thinking, our knowledge, OUR SOURCE - who has delivered - "given my foes/enemies into my hand" .... let now the HARVEST, the revival of the fittest BEGIN.

                                                 WHO ARE THESE WALK- IN ANTICHRIST'S?

 Throughout OUR historical truth, here on OUR ROCK, THE BIBLE, THEIR fallen evolution has been guided by a group of 7 enlightened ? men, the masters? of their own inner dimensional, sinful nature, selfish lifestyle their earthly, sensual, devilish carnal wisdom? They have remained largely in the remote deserts and mountain places of earth, working mainly through their disciples? who live openly in the world. This message of the Christ's reappearance has been given primarily by such a disciple trained for his task for over 20 years. At the center of this "Spiritual Hierarchy" stands the Worldly Teacher, lord maitreya, known by Christians and Judeans as the ANTI - CHRIST, and as Christians/EPHRAIM and MANASSEH/Protestant Christianity we also await the Second Coming, so also do the Judeans/JUDAH BENJAMIN await upon YHWH ELOHIM MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha the MOSHIACH, the Buddhists the FIFTH BUDDHA, the Moslems the IMAM MAHDI, and the Hindus await KRISHNA. These are all pagan heathen baals/gods - except for ONE. This ECHAD is the reason maitreya and his leadership/disciples and co conspirers will be completely destroyed off the face of this planet unless they REPENT and RENOUNCE their god lucifer moroni baal-lipstick on a pig - and return unto the Merciful  - YAHUWAH ELOHIM MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha/SHILOH.

                                       "REPENT YE - for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN has COME".

 What is he, this - mason/jesuit/Rev 2:9/moroni/maitreya/lucifer/baal - saying? "My task will be to show you how to live together peacefully as brothers. This is simpler than you imagine, My friends, for it requires only the acceptance of sharing. How can you be content with the modes within which you now live: when millions starve and die in squalor; when the rich parade- their wealth before the poor; when each man is his neighbor's enemy; when no man trusts his brother? Allow me to show you the way forward into a simpler life where no man lacks; where no two days are alike; where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men. Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world."  OK. Here am I, send me, better a neighbor that is near than a brother that's far off .... John 3:I6.

                                                             WHEN WILL WE SEE HIM?

 He has not as yet declared His true status, DUH, that's because he just got his tokens/fig leaves and aprons ripped off and His ?location? is known to only a very few of his disciples?.... (Um, not if you have the Ruach Ha Kodesh/WISDOM/SOPHIA in your HEART) ..... One of these/Benjamin Creme  has announced that soon the Christ will acknowledge His identity and within the next two months will speak to humanity through a worldwide television and radio broadcast. His message will be heard ?inwardly, telepathically?, by all people in their own language. From that time, with His help, we will build a new hell on this world.

 Sponsored by the United Nations, they say, "WITHOUT SHARING THERE CAN BE NO JUSTICE; WITHOUT JUSTICE THERE CAN BE NO PEACE; WITHOUT PEACE THERE CAN BE NO FUTURE. The E.U. and the U.N./League of Nations, IT really pulls at the ole heart strings now doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to get involved with that? THEY, the behind this DEMONIC PLAY are the ONES who have started all the wars since I776 here in the U.S.A and ELSEWHERE where ever they exist - SIV/ Vatican Jesuit General and his Masonic Knights in Congress. THEY will ALWAYS vote the party line of their I4th Amendment American Empire. As all roads lead to HOME/ROME I0 TOES - REVISED ROME THAT IS. - HEGELIAN BOLSHEVIKS .

 The ads went on to list four information centers strategically scattered about the globe: Amsterdam, London,New York City and North Hollywood, California.

 For myself, unfortunately, these ads came as no surprise. In fact they and the vast network of organizations behind
them known collectively as the New Age Movement had been the source of a near obsession with me for all of the
previous year. They should have come as little surprise to most of the Christian community either had the all-too-
numerous clues been observed.

 The age of Aquarius was ?arriving? or had it been here the whole time and meant nothing pretty as far as the Judeo/Christian world was concerned. And that world well needed to be concerned. For sadly, apathy was the order of the day, an apathy that if not soon shaken would result in the New Aid's 6000 year long-awaited New World Order."

 Hiding behind an aura of undeserved respectability, the New Aids Movement has managed to actively recruit many
unsuspecting Jews and Christians to work for their own destruction.

 "THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE" ad campaign was preceded by an incredibly sophisticated public relations campaign including a worldwide speaking tour by one Benjamin Creme — an aging English esotericist who happened to be a
disciple of several occult pioneers including Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey. Touring the globe since 1975, Creme had managed to win the support of influentials ranging from U.N. officials through Methodist Ministers; from Belgian nuns through Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; from the hunger Project through holistic health leaders; and from mind-control trainers and trainees through astrologers. Clearly he was not out there on his own.The man's audacity was justified by his broad base of support.

 Creme's front organization was the Tara Center — based in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London. Spin-off "transmission groups" were left behind in every city where Creme lectured. Even if Tara Center had been the only
organization backing the so-called Christ, it might have been a legitimate source of concern. But Tara was' not the only such organization. Also involved were religious leaders, including many Unity and Unitarian leaders, educators,
cooperating New Age networking groups who turn their members out to submit themselves to Creme's bizarre hyp-
notic powers, occultists of every shade and description, political activists, opportunists, and those who had a sincere
and genuine concern for the world's poor and labored under the mistaken impression that they were lending their support to a remedy for the world's numerous wrongs. They were unsuspecting that they were supporting a movement that parallels Nazism in every grotesque detail, including a teaching that a "blood taint" rested on those of Jewish extraction and another being that of a planned new "super-race."

 Many did not know that this movement planned the eventual extermination and replacement of these very peoples they labored to help with a "new root race" and even the violent extermination of themselves should they persist in or-
thodox religious beliefs. And many, for certain, did not know that they were actively involved in the very same
movement that was proud to claim Jim Jones as its own prior to his Guyana murder/ suicide fiasco.

 And you may further be certain that many of these sincere but deluded people did not know that they were actively
participating in a movement which gives Lucifer the status of a divinity and plans mass planetary Luciferic "initiations" for those wishing to enter this "New Age" alive.

 Yet despite the naivetι in a movement which traffics in ignorance and despair they were involved. They are often
sucked in by good intentions and held in by sophisticated forms of mass hypnosis and mind control. Those participat-
ing in Cree's lecture audiences as well as thousands upon thousands of New Age activities designed to program par-
ticipants to unquestioningly accept this new "Christ," were unwitting and unsuspecting victims in the largest, best fi-
nanced con job this world has ever seen.

 I did not discover the New Age Movement after learning of the Tara Center and Benjamin Creme. Rather 1 discovered Creme while in the midst of an extensive researching of the intricate but huge New Age Movement — a movement that  includes many thousands of organizations networking throughout every corner of our globe with the intent of bringing about a New World Order — an order that writes God out of the picture and deifies Lucifer, I am also not talking about what I found reading between the lines — although some of that, should desirably be done, as well.I am talking about what the leaders of this movement have set forth in cold print.

 The danger to both moral Judeans and moral Christians should not be underestimated. Benjamin Creme's announcement of "Maitreya the Christ" is the culmination of over 100 years of  meticulous planning and labor by those seeking this "Age of Aquarius." They have garnered the support of some of the   most powerful and influential individuals in the world. It is a fact that they will not and cannot be successful until ALEF TOV YHWH ELOHIM is ready for prophetic fulfillment. However, if MALKI TZEDIK YHWH ELOHIM Yahusha is ready, are you?

 This book sets forth a small portion of my research findings. What will be difficult to fully convey is the sense of
mounting horror I found while piecing this multitude of data together. It appears to culminate in a scheme both fulfilling  the prophetic requirements for the antichrist as set forth in the Bible, and also matching Nazism down to use of swastikas. Frightening the material is. However, what should be kept in mind by the believer is the much more potent power generously bestowed upon us by YHWH — the latter rains which were to be even more abundant than the former. As the Ruach HaKodesh said through Isaiah, looking towards our own latter days: "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose, It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellencies of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of YHWH, and the excellencies of our Elohim. Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of a fearful heart. Be strong, fear not: behold, your Elohim will come with vengeance, even YHWH with recompenses; he will come and save you" Isaiah 35:1-4. ).

The purpose of this book is to inform the unsuspecting of the events that may lie immediately ahead and of the persons and organizations helping to manipulate them. More importantly, it is about "strengthening the weak hands and confirming the feeble knees," with the help of Malki Tzedik/MELCHIZEDEK YHWH ELOHIM Yahusha, so that we "might be counted worthy" to stand the things that must come upon the earth when all is to be fulfilled as written. THEREFORE, IS there for, OUR FATHER, who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name, thy KINGDOM COME, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, our transgressions, our iniquities, as WE forgive thoes who tresspass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from this EVIL, for THINE IS THE KINGDOM, the POWER, and THE GLORY forever and ever. RIGHT ON. Daniel Chapter 2. "I want to introduce you to THE ROCK OF OUR FAITH - YAHUWAH ELOHIM - Yahusha/Hebrew for SALVATION, the MELCHIZEDEK, OUR KING IS RIGHTEOUS, who the author of the book of Hebrews identifies as Malki-Tzedik." The ONE and ONLY that is prophesied to thoroughly destroy the principalities, the powers, the rulers of darkness, and the spiritual wickedness in high places - behind what the new aids movement calls Maitreya and his diciples. ci2i - Ezekiel Chapter 28.

                                                                       CHAPTER 1

                                                         Maitreya: Their New Age Messiah

 Who are these carnal jezebels, these masonic masons, these jesuit U.N. reincarnated pagan gods, these fallen angels, these of this lord maitreyas' - baal? moroni/lucifer, nimrod, cain, perhaps even king saul/SOUL - who David had thanked YHWH for -  after his deliverance from him? Are they an antichrist/Galatians' chapter I: vs 8.? Is he, are they already in the world today? Is he, are they an ordinary man/disciple who is spiritually demonically possessed? Only the insiders of the New A Movement hierarchy know his true identity... REALLY?

 . Maitreya is living somewhere. He eats pork. He sleeps. He paces the Floor because he knows' his fate. He studies world conditions. He knows his time is soon. Rev 2:9. What do we know about Maitreya?

The full-page newspaper ads give us some clues. According to Tara Center, sponsor of the ads:

• He is a world teacher for ?all humanity.

• He is a modern man concerned with modern problems political, economic and social.

• Since July of 1977 he has been emerging as a spokesman for a group or community in a well-known Northwest city.

• He has extraordinary spiritual power?.

• His location/Boise is known only to a very few of his disciples?.

• He will soon announce his identity?.

• He will communicate to all humanity through a worldwide radio and television broadcast.

• He plans to build a new world.

 Exactly what does the name "Maitreya" mean?

 Maitreya is supposed to be the fifth reincarnation of Buddha. The world's Buddhists are already expecting lord
Maitreya to return to earth. So, the name was a very shrewd choice.

 In order to appeal to Christians, New Agers say Maitreya is the Christ. For Moslems he is the Iman Mahdi. For Hindus is Krishna. Maitreya's followers are now in the last stage of the New Age scheme to take the world for Lucifer. Lucis Trust — formerly Lucifer Trust — ran ads in the Reader's Digest, which displayed The Great Invocation to Maitreya.

 The Great Invocation refers to The Plan/yawn..... It says, "Let Light and Love and Power restore The Plan on Earth."

 What is The Plan?

It includes the installation of a New World Order "Messiah," the implementation of a new world government and new world religion under Maitreya.

They have numerous political, social and economic goals, including the following:

• A universal credit card system.

• A world food authority which would control the world's food supply.

• A universal tax.

• A universal draft.

 But there is more to The Plan — they intend to utterly root out people who believe the Bible and worship God and
to completely stamp out Christianity.

 They/Lucifer through them, have stated that they plan to outlaw all present religious practices and symbols of orthodox Jews and Christians.The Movement is working quickly and efficiently to execute its scheme to take control of the world for Maitreya.

New Agers have threatened violence and even extermination of Jews, Christians and Moslems who fail to cooperate
with Maitreya and his new religion.

The Tara Centers are part of international networks involving tens of thousands of different organizations behind
the New Age Movement and its false Christ. Creme describes it as being worldwide.

During an interview with Jack Kisling of the Denver Post, Creme discussed Maitreya. Kisling gives this account:

"Benjamin Creme told me that not only has The Christ been back on earth since July of 1977, but that some-
time in the next eight or nine weeks he will reveal himself in a worldwide 'day of declaration,' at which time the millennium will have dawned. He explained that by The Christ he means not Jesus Christ, but the Master of Wisdom of whom Jesus and such other spiritual leaders as Mohammed, Brahma and Krishna are disciples. . . . Asked what will happen after the great galvanic day, Creme said progress will be slow but steady. World needs and world resources will be reassessed and redistributed and the groundwork for a single global religion will be started and probably flower fully within 20 years.

" 'Won't the advent of a single world religion annoy the hierarchies of all the current orthodox religions?' I asked.

" 'More than that,' he said with a smile. 'They will be shocked. I daresay they will be among the last to accept the
Christ.' "

 But, according to Kisling, Creme said confidently, "It will come, anyway, because it must. We will begin to live,' he
said 'as potential gods.' "

 The Club of Rome is another very prominent New Age organization. It has drawn up the blueprints for a new world order. Remember, if it's not centered in YAHUWAH Yahusha ABRAHAM, then it's - NIMROD/NEW WORLD ORDER/JESUIT/VATICAN/LDS.

 How could this ever happen? What conditions must emerge to pave the way for a world takeover by the anti-
christ, or Lord Maitreya or anyone else?

 Interestingly enough, in The Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson comes flat out and makes an admission
that the purpose of the LSD/LDS circulation in this country was to get people open, to get their channels open so they would  have what she called a "religious experience." But this is nothing more than possession.

 Another New Age leader is David Spangler who is right at the top of Planetary Citizens which is the Secretariat for
Planetary Initiative.

 Spangler says that in order to enter the New Age we must take a Luciferic initiation.He says we're heading into a vast
planetary initiation, a mass initiation of people.

 They intend to give us our mark or number in that Luciferic initiation ceremony.

 No wonder YAHUWAH ELOHIM told us if we take the mark, we go to hell no "ifs," "ands," or "buts" about it. It is literally a choice between YAHUWAH ELOHIM and Lucifer.

 You will have to pledge loyalty to Lucifer or Maitreya to get a permit to do business in the New Age.

 We also note another distinguishing characteristic of the New Age Movement the 666.

 Within the Movement there is extensive usage of the numerals 666. I have noticed the 666 in various books by
David Spangler. One example is a little booklet called Love Is by The New Troubadours and published by the Findhorn
Foundation. There are numerous triple six formations worked into the pictures in the book.

                                             New Agers consider the 666 a sacred number.

 Those who so freely use the numbers 666 honestly believe they are sending signals to outer space, or to what they call the superior intelligences which they believe inhabit our planet. They are asking those superior intelligences to come in and bring a new advanced civilization. They believe that the more times and the more places that the numerals 666 are used the quicker that new civilization will come.

 The Bible teaches that SANTA will try to deceive the very elect of YAHUWAH ELOHIM - if it were possible..

 When Maitreya goes public yet another imposter will come forward saying, "I am the Master Jesus."

 This Master Jesus will say: "Now all you Christians and all you church members, you come forward and worship
Lord Maitreya."

 Actually, the New Age Movement correlates many of its aims with Bible prophecy/LDS. A letter from an organization
called "Mission of Maitreya" from Albuquerque, New Mexico, contains the following statement:

 "The word Maitreya has always been associated with messiah, who will come to unify the world and synthesize all
religions under one banner. This expectation is now fulfilled. Known to Christians and Jews as the Messiah, Buddhists and Hindus as Maitreya and Moslems as Mahdi or Mohammed. Maitreya is called by all these names. The names Maitreya, Messiah and Mohammed are given to him; he did not call himself by these names, so besides other prophecies, the prophecy that 'many shall come in my name' would be fulfilled."

 They say that all the prophecies Jesus made concerning those that would come in his name are now fulfilled. Jesus
said, "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matthew 24:5).

 Although the full-page newspaper ads said Maitreya would soon appear, he has not done so yet.

 This worries me. For it could cause many Christians to develop a false sense of confidence over the fact that he has
not yet appeared.

 The average false Christ — and there have been many — is not bashful. He comes out, collects his followers, his ac-
colades, and especially the money. Then, She/He lives like a prosperity gospel Queen/king.

 The real anti christ cannot appear until YAHUWAH ELOHIM permits it. And I believe SHILOH will not let it happen until his people are fully warned. Everyone will know when MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha comes to earth again, during the Feast of Tabernacles, it will be in the blink of an EYE, as clear as 20/20 vision.

 Now concerning N.A.S.A./Project Paperclip and the Wizard of Oz in the space station:

 I believe the New Aiders will attempt to give the impression to the WORLD that the emergence of Maitreya is actually the return of Christ.

 Revelation 13:13-15 is an interesting prophecy. It says: "And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire
come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, at they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and because that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." .... "time to boot up the Blue Letter Bible - I think that's from Calvary Chapel, isn't it? Very suspect, very"....... lol.  Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

 That prophecy puzzled me until I studied the New Aids Movement in depth. I have learned that the Movement has
devoted a great deal of research and attention to the use of holographic images. These are three-dimensional images
created in space by use of laser beams. David Spangler said in a meeting in Southfield, Michigan, February 1, 1982, that laser beam projectors had been installed for use on top of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Episcopal, in New York City. I talked to lighting experts to see what laser beam projectors are capable of and I was told they can be beamed onto telecommunication satellites. The New Aidrs have several of these at their disposal. When the lasers bounce from the satellite back to earth, the light rays can be bent in such a manner as to appear that flames are coming from the sky. These satellites can also be used to project a three-dimensional holographic image viewable by up to one-third of the earth's population. There is even technology to make the image speak in the language of the areas to which it is beamed. Of course, we also know that lasers can be used as weapons.

 New Aidrs deify lucifer and that is the worship of devils. But not for the LDS Mormon Church, they believe Jesus and lucifer were brothers. What they don't know is lucifer has NOW become BELIAL/ANATHEMA their New Age God, as they Self Exalt their soul and ABIDE in towards that synchronism. They baptize for the dead -familiar spirits.

 Through transmissions to Benjamin Creme, Maitreya has claimed that Jesus is one of his disciples. This can be
documented in Creme's books. The Reappearance of Christ, and The Masters of Wisdom.

 How widespread is this New Age Movement? According to Marilyn Ferguson and other New Age sources, they are in every city and institution in the world/mormon/mason/jesuit Rev 2:9 Jew/Kazars/money/vatican.

 Their people are in the United Nations, prominent scientific, legal and medical circles and even at the congressional and cabinet levels of the United States government.

 Christians should remember that the motive behind the New Age Movement is Lucifer's desire to be worshipped as

 Maitreya, if he is indeed the antichrist, will be worshipped. As Satan possesses Maitreya, he in turn will receive
that worship he has sought since he was expelled from heaven.

                                                                  CHAPTER 2 - REV 2:9

  Awakening then UNDERSTANDING the Syncretism's, Dogmas, Ideologies of  New World Order/Age Movement.

 Although I had a strong biblical background as a child, I must confess that, like many of my peers, I paid scant at
tention to end-time prophecies in my adult years. This changed for me when I began to notice a profusion of
materials in bookstores, both religious and secular, containing similar unique vocabularies and an apparent
political platform.

 Many of the books also contained postcards enabling one to obtain additional information, an old political organizer's trick to help compile a mailing list of sympathizers. I thought the proposals — even those appearing on Christian bookstore shelves — appeared suspiciously similar to what is described in Revelation 13:16-17:

 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right
hand, or in their foreheads: "And that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

 These books, even the Christian ones, were calling for a New World Order with an accompanying global food redis-
tribution program — aided of course, by modern technology, i.e., computers. This startled me, for even during my
"wilderness years" I had retained an opinion that for a system such as that described in Revelation to come into being, it would necessarily require computer implementation.

 I also understood, even as a child, that Christians were to resist this system with every ounce of their being.
Therefore, I was particularly startled when I found one such book, by a Baptist writer, that told Christians they must
champion this New World Order even if it meant imprisonment!

 Many of these books either openly advocated Eastern religions or told Christians we had much in common with
their essentials.

 The vocabularies included such New Age "buzz" words as holistic, Spaceship Earth, Global Village, celebra-
tion/celebrative, transformation, crowded planet, paradigm, right brain/left brain/whole brain, matrix , linear thinking
dualistk, mechanistic, global thread, new vision, initiation, interdependent, new age, etc.

 Since childhood I had been familiar with Paul's Thessalonians prophecies regarding end-time events:

 "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our YAHUWAH Yahusha Ha MOSHIACH, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, that the day of MOSHIACH is at hand.

 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away
[apostasy] first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" {II Thessalonians 2:1-3, ).

 Reviewing these New Age materials, I faced a growing and troubling certainty that what I was witnessing was in-
deed apostasy in the fullest sense of the word. My belief was strengthened by the fact that I found these neo-gnostic beliefs even in Fundamentalist publications, not to mention their widespread infestation of mainline Protestant   publications.

 What is apostasy? The scriptures are clear: "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Yahusha is the
MOSHIACH? He is antichrist that denies the Father and the Son" (I John 2:22;).

 "And every spirit that confesseth not that Yahusha MOSHIACH is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world" {I John 4:3, KJV).

 So Many of these same books — particularly the mainline Protestant ones — stated that we could worship God and call him by names such as Buddha, Tao, Shiva and a variety of  other pagan monikers. Of course, this is a clear violation of Isaiah 42:8:

 "I am YAHUWAH ELOHIM: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images."

 Further, we are scripturally admonished that they who worship idols worship demons, a warning evidently conven-
iently forgotten by far too many "modern" theologians: "What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing!

 "But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not
that ye should have fellowship with devils.

 "Ye cannot drink the cup of YAHUWAH, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the YAHUWAH's table, and of the table of devils" (I Corinthians 10:19-21, KJV).

 But now I faced a situation where respected theologians were telling us we could partake of both tables. Was it a case
of "evolved theology" Or was it a case of apostasy? I strongly suspected it was the latter.

 A theologian I am not, but the Lord did see fit to bless me with a fair amount of common sense and a legal education.
From both standpoints — common sense and logic — this appeared to be apostasy in the clearest sense of the word.

 Another thing I noticed was that the New Age books containing this exotic new theology had a vocabulary very sim-
ilar to the books calling for the New World Order. I suspected a connection.

 The pieces of the puzzle were still falling together when I chanced upon The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn
Ferguson. This book contains the same unique vocabulary as that of the others.

 The author herself has great insight into this Movement and her book carries the message that radical change is
upon all of us. She said: "A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change in the United States. Its members have broken with certain key elements of Western thought, and they may even have broken con-
tinuity with history." 1

 So they had broken with certain elements of Western thought! I wondered which ones. A hint appeared in the
next paragraph: "... But whose perspective sounds so mystical that  they hesitate to discuss it."

 I turned to the section on "Spiritual Adventure." There learned what they have broken with is exactly what I
suspected based upon my collection of curios acquired from religious bookstores: Synchronistic/PAGAN orthodox religion! Mystical experiences and "experiential religion" were the new order of the day.

 She noted that there has been alarm expressed in religious circles over the new spiritual mentality:

 "Not unexpectedly, some religious groups see the emergent spiritual tradition as a fearful threat to the
Judeo-Christian tradition. The fundamental Berkeley Christian Coalition, sponsor of the Spiritual Counterfeits
Project, devoted its August 1978 journal to this threat." 

 I was relieved to see that somebody had shown some alarm. If the churches were not alarmed, they should be!
How big is this Movement? Again, clues are given: 'The Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson, p. 23.
'Ibid. , p. 369."They have coalesced into small groups in every town
and institution. They have formed what one called 'national non-organizations.' Some conspirators are keenly
aware of the national, even international, scope of the movement and are active in linking others." 

  And, the Movement has widespread, powerful influence. She says so! "There are legions of conspirators. They are in corporations, universities and hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories and doctors' offices* in state
and federal agencies, on city councils and the White House staff, in state legislatures, in volunteer organizations, in
virtually all arenas of policy-making in the country.

 "Whatever their station or sophistication, the conspirators are linked. . . .*

 "In bureaucracies, in every corner of government, human beings conspire for change. An Aquarian Conspirator at the cabinet level of the United States government helped foster departmental change by setting up staff
workshops in human development, saying, 'If you want to change bureaucracies, you have to first change bureau-

 The book liberally boasted of widespread infiltration at every level of society. I was not so sure it was the "benign
conspiracy" she represented it to be.

 Another important clue to the nature of this conspiracy was found in the chapter on "Spiritual Adventure." There she
quoted from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. I decided to locate that source document for myself and the
next day purchased a copy from a local religious bookstore.

 Reading The Aquarian Gospel, I was in for new shocks. I read on page 16: 'In the infinite One manifest we note the attributes of Force, Intelligence and Love, and a person may be in full accord with one of these attributes and not with the others. One may enter fully into the spirit of the God of Force. ..."

 A strange bell was rung for me by this particular passage. I opened my King James Bible and read Daniel 11:38:

 "But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with
gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things."

 On page 14 in the introduction of The Aquarian Gospel I read: "Jesus was not always Christ. Jesus won his Christship by a strenuous life, and in . . . chapter 55, we have record of the events of his christing, or receiving the degree Christ. . . . "We recognize the facts that Jesus was man and that Christ was God. ..."

 Again I looked at my Bible:

 "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the
Son" (I John 2:22, KJV).

 "And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that
SPIRIT of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world"
(I John 4:3, KJV).

 I could hardly believe my eyes. I had discovered two major tests of the antichrist in The Aquarian Gospel introduction alone. I read on through chapter 14 where I discovered an alleged colloquy between John the Baptist and is pagan "master." John asked why any new sacred books Would be needed.

He was told, in part:

"And so the Holy Ones have judged; when men have needed added light, a master soul has come to earth to give
that light. Before the Vedic days the world had many sacred books to light the way; and when man needed
greater light, the Vedas, the Avesta and the books of Tao Great appeared to show the way to greater heights. And in
the proper place the Hebrew Bible, with its Law, its Prophets and its Psalms, appeared for man's enlightenment. But
years have passed and men have need of greater light. And how the Day Star from on high begins to shine; and Jesus is the flesh-made messenger to show that light to men. ... But in the ages yet to come, man will attain to greater heights, and lights still more intense will come. AND THEN, AT LAST, A MIGHTY MASTER SOUL WILL COME TO EARTH TO LIGHT THE WAY UP TO THE THRONE OF PERFECT MAN."

 Now I knew for sure that I was encountering a direct satanic prophecy of his own chosen messenger to men — the
antichrist! I was sure that I needed to learn more of this so- called "Age of Aquarius" or "Aquarian Conspiracy" and I
needed to do so quickly.

 Lack of the proper reference label stymied my efforts for a short while. Then I received a major break. At a political
party for a local candidate, I heard a woman I had known for 14 years address the crowd. She told us that she had been a student of the "mind sciences" for the past 20 years.

 Marilyn Ferguson had said that the "conspirators" communicated by code words and signals; and from the little
reading I had done, I was certain that "mind science" was one of the words.

 Approaching the woman cautiously but amiably, I mentioned that I had had an interest in the "mind sciences" since
reading Psychocybemetics years before. When I suggested that we discuss the subject over dinner, she agreed.

 We adjourned to a nearby delicatessen. There she told me that the mind sciences are part of the "New Age Movement also known as the " Age of Aquarius, " "Aquarian Conspiracy/' "Human Potential Movement," " Holistic Movement/' "Humanistic Psychology" and by several other but lesser important names as well.

 She said they believe that the mind operates on principles just as the body does, and that it is necessary to know the
principles if one wants the mind to work efficiently.

 She gave several of these "principles," but only one truly caught my attention. That was the one she cited as the most
important: karma. Admitting that it has something to do with Eastern religions, she insisted that it is much larger than
the Eastern religions!

 I told her I had read The Aquarian Conspiracy. Growing cautious, she said that book was not an accurate representa-
tion of the New Age Movement. Unwilling to reveal my suspicions of the Movement as yet, I told her I had enjoyed
the book and innocently asked what was wrong with it. Much to my dismay, she told me that the New Age Move-
ment was far larger than that book portrayed it as being. That worried me, for Ms. Ferguson had described the Move-
ment as being so large that it had kept me awake worrying several nights.

 I had heard enough! It was time to share my true feelings with her. I explained that my research combined with Bible
studies had convinced me that this was the Movement of the antichrist. To my surprise she agreed. I showed her Daniel 11:38 relating to the God of Forces and the parallel passage in The Aquarian Gospel.

 Complimenting me on my perceptiveness, she told me that I should also remember that in the New Age Movement
as well as at Unity, which is a part of the Movement, they believe Jesus and the Christ are two distinct entities. I answered by showing her I John 2:22, which declares that particular teaching to be a mark of the spirit of antichrist.

 Quickly perceiving that: (a) I did not wish to join the Movement; and (b) she had already told me far too much, she said it was difficult to converse with me because she had received "a vision of light" — a phenomenon many New
Agers seem to have in common. She suggested I pray for wisdom to help me see the "hidden meaning" of those Bible

 Sharing with her a rule of construction for lawyers that I felt to be just as applicable to Bible research, I told her that
the plainest meaning fitting the facts should be the one to govern.

 She suggested that I familiarize myself with the history of how the Bible was written as well as how contradictory it
was. I replied that I found nothing contradictory or illogical about it, and asked her if she had read the Bible all the way
through. She said she had not because it might tend to confuse her. I suggested it would be logical to know its contents before offering criticism of it.

 Our food arrived and we concentrated on eating for a few minutes.

 Then to my surprise I heard her say: "It's just not right — not right. That book should not be allowed! It's too

 Unable to believe my ears, I asked what book she was referring to and she exclaimed: "The Bible!"

 I asked her why she would say something like that and she replied: "The antichrist is not the negative thing the
Bible's made him out to be!"

 That statement literally changed the course of my life, causing me to lay aside my law practice and concentrate on
researching and exposing the New Age Movement. If indeed there is a movement afoot that is larger than Eastern religions and larger than the gargantuan enterprise described in The Aquarian Conspiracy, then we need to expose it for what it is!

 The Protestant Christian world — myself included — has been bliss fully asleep for far too long. It is time that somebody sounds the alarm — awaking sleeping Christians to this Movement and warning innocent participants to come out of it. 

 The book of Daniel predicts that there will be those in the last days who will give such warnings:

 "And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their
YHWH shall be strong, and do exploits. "And they that understand among the people shall instruct many . . ." (Daniel 11:32-33, KJV).

 This book is my attempt to assist in delivering this warning — "to come out of her" before it is too late for us and our

                                                                       CHAPTER 3


                                          The Age of Aquarius? Or the Age of the Antichrist?

 "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, YHWH YAHUWAH Yahusha Ha MOSHIACH and by our gathering together unto him.

 "That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as
that the day of Christ is at hand.

 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and
that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" (II Thessalonians 2:2-3, KJV).

 For nearly two thousand years, Christians have cherished the idea of the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. In
each new generation, believers have nourished the hope within their hearts that perhaps they would be alive when
Christ returns.

 The generation of the Apostle Paul's time was no exception. Therefore, Paul found it necessary in his Second Epistle
to the Thessalonians to clarify end-time events for this congregation. He did this so that they would be encouraged to
continue to work diligently and wait patiently for the return of Jesus.

 Nineteenth-century America was also no exception. The early Adventist movement founded by William Miller ex-
perienced the "great disappointments" of 1843 and 1844. That movement was based upon the premise that the "Great Falling Away" or apostasy of Thessalonians had already occurred between the era of Constantine and the Reformation
during a 1,260-year period. This "apostasy" would reveal the "Man of Perdition," whom they believed to be the Catholic pope. Therefore, the Millerites and similar religious movements, which have influenced the Church of God and the Seventh Day Adventist Church of today, lived in confidence that the imminent return of the Lord was near.

 Many other Protestant movements similarly believed these prophecies met fulfillment in the Pope of Rome. Yet it
seemed clear that the Old Testament prophecies regarding restoration of Israel to the Holy Land remained unfulfilled.

 Interpreting this prophecy to mean a "spiritual Israel" rather than political Israel, the Adventists felt that all proph-
ecies were fulfilled except for the "Great Commission" — the command to preach the gospel to all nations. They set
themselves to the task of preaching this Adventist gospel of salvation to all, in hopes that this would bring about the im
minent return of the Lord — a not unworthy objective!

 With the physical and political restoration of Israel to the Holy Land in 1948 and her subsequent land gains in 1967 and 1973, the Adventist excitement quickly spread to other Protestant churches as well as among Roman Catholic prophecy enthusiasts.

 Eschatology differences, as well as other doctrinal differences, however, continued to divide Christian denominations, resulting in name-calling on every side. Evangelical Christians of the non-dispensational persuasion fought
Evangelicals who were dispensationally oriented. Mainline Protestants looked down on Evangelicals. Baptists took every opportunity to snipe at Charismatics, some of whom, in turn, questioned the salvation of all who failed to obtain the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. The Roman Catholics took nearly every available opportunity to proclaim eternal hell fire for Protestants, while those Protestants, in their turn, proclaimed there would be even greater heat for Catholics.

 What nearly every "Christian" name-caller overlooked were the plain and simple biblical specifications of the spirit
of antichrist and the fact that a Movement meeting these specifications was growing under their noses and even in-
fluencing their churches.

 The Apostle John told us: "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

 "By this you know the Spirit of YHWH: every spirit that confesses that Yahusha Ha MOSHIACH has come in the flesh is from YHWH; "And every spirit that does not confess Yahusha is not from YHWH and this is the spirit of the antimoshiach, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world" (I John 4:1-3.)

 From this we know that we may expect the actual antichrist to deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. We would
expect him to say, for example, that Jesus was an ordinary man who merely had the "Christ Consciousness" come upon him. This was clarified by John in a later epistle: 'For many deceivers have gone out into the world,
those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist" (II John 7,

 Furthermore, the antichrist would actually deny that Jesus was the Christ:

 "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the
Son" (I John 2:22, KJV).

 Clearly, if we are to be in a position to recognize the true "spirit of antichrist" and antichrist when he actually appears,
we must be careful to adhere strictly to scriptural specifications, or face the awesome penalties that the same John
outlined in the book of Revelation:

 "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book. If any man shall add unto these
things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book" {Revelation 22:18-19, KJV).

 In this Twentieth Century evidences of this "spirit of antichrist" are everywhere, probably even more than when the
Apostle John wrote his letters. Not only is that "spirit" diligently at work among us today, it is quite likely that so is
the antichrist himself.

 It is the contention of this writer that for the first time since John penned his words, there is a viable movement —
the New Age Movement — that truly meets the scriptural requirements for the antichrist and the political movement that will bring him on the world scene.

 It is further the position of the writer that this most likely is the great apostasy or "falling away" spoken of by the Apostle Paul and that the antichrist's appearance could be a very real event in our immediate future.

 It is further contended, contrary to past Christian thought, that this Movement has infiltrated all of Christianity, as well as Judaism, sneaking in the side door of our institutions. It has taken the form of Easternization of our
churches, successfully permeating even Evangelical denominations. It is blatant among Roman Catholics and mainline
Protestant denominations — particularly Episcopalians and united Methodists.

 While Christians have been successfully diverted by the enemy into mutual accusations of each other being the "anti-
christ" or "satanic," the Old Deceiver himself has moved in the guise of promoting "true ecumenism." He encourages the fostering of Eastern religious values in first our cultural setting, then our seminaries, by subverting 2,000-year-long
Judeo/ Christian doctrinal traditions taught there to an acceptance of "pluralism" and attacks on YHWH's Word and its

                                                           Enter the Harlots "Mixed Cup"

 Christian seminary students are now widely and commonly told that to truly worship God, we must "do theology" instead of "parroting old theology written for another age, another continent, and another culture." They are told
that such "doing of theology" could well include finding Christ in the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Vedas, the
Upanishads and a variety of other Eastern, Hindu-based scriptures. They are told they may do honor to our YHWH
by calling him "Buddha," "Shiva," "Tao," "The Great  spirit" and by other pagan monikers.

YOUR Movement J.J. has further infiltrated our society as well as our churches by using vehicles such as Holistic
Health Centers, Montessori schools, Waldorf education, Transcendental Meditation (TM), mind-control courses,
hunger projects. Whole Earth catalogs, many health food stores and vegetarian restaurants, DISARMAMENT PEACE AND GOODWILL CAMPAIGNS and nearly every other social cause, including animal liberation! Make no mistake about it! The New Aids Movement is a religion complete with its own Mormon Bible, prayers and mantras, Vatican City/Jerusalem equivalents, priests and gurus, carnal born-again experiences (they call it "rebirthing"), spiritual laws and commandments, psychics and "prophets" and nearly every other indicia of a religion..... *Exodus 32, LOOK and sound familiar?

 I mean seriously, If someone was to stand before you and present themselves to you as one thing when they ARE NOT, isn't that making a mockery of you? The fact of the matter is this, using their book of Mormon & the books of Nephi SPECIFICALLY to justify their reincarnated DEAD WORKS in order to make their books and their Religion itself true FOR THEMSELVES .....  enter Project Peace and Goodwill, a contract for all Israel in the nations to sign ....... is the deception ITSELF/ Doctrine of the NICOLAITANES REV 2:6 & 7 - talked about throughout scripture as "Those who call themselves Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of satan/lucifer/tara organization" "God gave me my Jewish name -  J.J. Dewey/Rev 2:9. I982" Their version of their Ten Commandments is fascinating to say the least. They claim there is no such thing as murder or adultery. If one is murdered it is either happening because he wanted it to happen or because his bad  "karma" was being worked out for him. While their nicolaitanes theology is obfuscated in deliberate gobbledy-gook/fallen principalities/moroni, it is not complicated. A Christian may read the  main tenets in the third chapter of the book of Genesis. Basically they involve Hegelian S/tragedies (1) an attack on the authority of YHWH's Word; (2) a denial that one will die (reincarnation); (3) a claim/Mormon Doctrine/Lucifer and Yahusha were brothers and that man can be as a god himself/SELF EXALTATION; and (4) a deification of Lucifer and other demonic entities (the Masters of Wisdom theory). What do you want to bet that Biden and Romney run in 2020? The Age of Aquarius? Or the Age of the Masonic Antichrist?  The universal proclamation of the Movement is that man is God and "Man created God in his own image." The Movement worships pagan deities from Pan to Buddha and Shiva. They even worship Lucifer himself. ......

................... therefore, TRUE freedom cannot exist unless freedom is under law. If freedom is made absolute it will absolutely result in tyranny as seen above. For truly every action has an opposite and equal .....  satisfaction/reaction walking on the LAND ..... not in it....... therefore - context, history and translation.

 "OUR KEY OF KNOWLEDGE - II CHRONI CES I9:5,6. ENTER THE LAW OF MOSES: EXODUS 22:2. - PSALM I49: 6,9. - LUKE II:2I. - LUKE 22:36.  -  enter Daniel Chapter 2 vs. 44 & 45.... selah."

 The political goals of the Movement include a mandatory New World Religion, establishment of a "universal credit
card" system, establishment of a World Food Authority,  world Health (Obama Care) Authority, World Water Authority, etc.; establishment of a universal tax and a universal draft which is truly universal — everybody is eligible, worldwide!

 The Movement is not new. Neither is it a passing fad. Sadly, most of its participants are innocently involved. Many
are under the influence of sophisticated forms of mind control.

 The Mein Kampfs of the Movement are numerous and becoming daily less subtle about its intentions. Disciples of  the Movement speak proudly of having received a "vision of  light." Many openly speak of their planned welcome for the antichrist or "New Age Christ."

 As was indicated earlier the Movement was even bold enough to run full-page newspaper ads proclaiming "THE
CHRIST IS NOW HERE." They openly deny that Jesus is the Christ and instead proclaim the deity of a "Maitreya the
Christ" and that Jesus is his disciple! They openly worship a God of Force" and "forces." Characterized by common
mystical experiences, many of their number possess a plethora of psychic powers enabling them to indeed show
"great signs and wonders" ranging from astral travel to psychic predictions. BUT "Paradigm SHIFTS HAPPEN" .... let them try as they may to mess with my VISITATION as "YHWH has delivered mine enemies into my hand."               Ps.II0: I-7; Isaiah 4: I- 5 & 6; Jer.3I:3I. ...selah / DAN 2: 44,45  ..... 9/20/20I7..... SHILOH GEN 49:I0.

 Many among their international Jesuit Military Industrial Complex, their religiopolitical Gomers/Japheth trolls, encourage the internal undermining of nations and they proudly proclaim the "subversiveness" of their Movement as if such a designation were a  badge of honor/Genesis Chapter 6. While they call for the division of large federated nation states such as Canada and the United States, at the same time they call for institution of a Planetary Guidance System or other form of world government. While  they promote simple life-styles, at the same time they call for  the interconnection of the entire world by incredibly sophisticated computers with snooping capacities that are Orwellian in scope....Amazing isn't it, how Biblical Historical Emet/Truth is prophetic. What happened to the Patriarchs/Malki Tzedik is prophetic/PROPHECY as to what will happen to those born from above, the ZERA/SEED of Abraham in these LAST DAZE .....  "our past, that's history, is our present politics" See Genesis Chapter II eleven.

 It is truly a dead works movement that meets the test of prophecy as well as the HISTORICAL test of a BOLSHEVIK ZIONIST KAZARIAN ASHKENAZI TEMPLE INSTITUTE satanic deception. It is a Movement that has seen the deception of many - WWI & WWII — including many of its own who participate for the finest of motives.

 Clearly, if we have such a movement that meets the biblical specifications of the antichrist, existing simultaneous-
ly in history with the fulfillment of other end-time prophecies such as those regarding the restoration of Israel, then Christians and indeed not just Christians, but all who seek the truth and have concerns for our future, should take a very careful look at that Movement.

 The succeeding chapters will give you considerable information about this Movement necessary to assist you and
your friends and family from being unwittingly sucked into satan's master plan. Because of the limited size of this first
edition, everything relevant about the Movement will not be included.

For example, I have had many requests to compile a
listing of organizations. There is no need for me to do so
because the New Agers have done an excellent job of this
themselves. A limited bibliography is included that lists some
of the recommended reference works for this purpose.

Above all, I commend to you the words of Jesus Christ in
Luke 21:29-36:

"Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

"When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your
own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.

"So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass,
know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

"Verily I say unto you. This generation shall not pass
away, till all be fulfilled.

The Age of Aquarius? Or the Age of the Antichrist? 43

"Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall
not pass away.

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your
hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness,
and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you

"For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on
the face of the whole earth.

"Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be
accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come
to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."


The Movement: A Short History

A vast organizational network today, the New Age Move-
ment received its modern start in 1875 with the founding of the
Theosophical Society by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. A basic
teaching of this organization was that all world religions had
"common truths" that transcended potential differences.

Strongly propounding the theory of evolution, they also
believed in the existence of "masters" who were either spirit be-
ings or fortunate men more highly "evolved" than the common
herd. This was a doctrine which was to have a substantial im-
pact on the development of Hitler's Nazism several decades

Madame Blavatsky worked in "telepathic communication/'
serving as a "fulcrum" for the masters starting in 1867 and con-
tinuing until her death in 1891. Achieving "illumination" or
enlightenment was one of the Theosophists' goals. And that
meant more than mere light bulbs to at least one of their more
famous initiates — Thomas Alva Edison, who joined the
organization and signed its pledge of secrecy in 1878!

Through the Theosophical Society, the budding Movement
demonstrated hostility to Christianity from its beginning. In
1875 Helena Blavatsky wrote in her scrapbook:

"The Christians and scientists must be made to respect
their Indian betters. The Wisdom of India, her philosophy
and achievement must be made known in Europe and
America and the English be made to respect the natives of
India and Tibet more than they do." 1

From Buddhist High Priest Mohottiwatte Gunanana to
Prince Emil of Wittgenstein, from General Abner Double-

l Golden Book of the Theosophical Society (1925), pp. 28, 29.


The Movement: A Short History 45

day (founder of baseball) to Swami Saraswati, the famous of
East and West did meet in a concerted effort to eliminate or-
thodox Christianity. In fact, many theosophists intended to
eliminate all Christianity — orthodox and otherwise. When two
theosophists attempted to institute a branch of Theosophy —
known as Esoteric Christianity — that would be a revival of
gnostic Christian teachings along the line of the Kabala — a
form of Christianity that is Christian in name only — they
quickly found opposition from the remainder of the Society, An
attempt was made to resolve the dispute by chartering a special
branch to be known as the Hermetic Lodge.

However, Theosophical hatred of Christianity was so
strong that even such a watered-down, hereticized version
could not survive within the organization. A Theosophical
Society brochure made clear the anti-Christian aims of that

". . . To oppose the materialism of science and every
form of dogmatic theology, especially the Christian, which
the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious;
to make known among Western nations the long-sup-
pressed facts about Oriental religious philosophies, their
ethics, chronology, esoterism (sic), symbolism; to
counteract, as far as possible, the efforts of missionaries to
delude the so-called 'Heathen' and 'Pagans' as to the real
origin and dogmas of Christianity and the practical effects
of the latter upon public and private character in so-called
Christian countries."

As a matter of fact, it saw "unity" between all religions,
except those monotheistic religions worshipping the Lord of

"Esoteric Philosophy reconciles all nations, strips every
one of its outward human garments, and shows the root of
each to be identical with that of every other great religion.
It proves the necessity of a Divine Absolute Principle in
Nature. It denies Deity no more than it does the sun.
Esoteric Philosophy has never rejected God in Nature, nor
Deity as the absolute and abstract Ens. IT ONLY REFUSES

46 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


This is an attitude that continues to prevail throughout
the New Age Movement. Everything is good except or-
thodox, monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and

Proudly drawing their inspiration from "spirits" or
"elementals," the leaders of the Theosophical Society be-
lieved they were under the direct supervision of "adepts"
and "initiates" belonging to a branch of "The Great White
Brotherhood." Following written orders from these spirit
beings, the New York-based leadership moved to India in

Another order from these demonic messengers told them
to keep the society and teachings secret — at least for the time
being. This was a dictum that was to prevail for 100 years —
until 1975 — the year initiates were at last permitted to make
the initiatory teachings public.

After the secrecy order came down, the Society began to
communicate by secret signs and words of recognition. This
practice continues today within the modern New Age Move-
ment. It is specifically designed to keep information from
hostile investigators.

Freely acknowledging their demonic origins, the organiza-
tion called one of its publications Lucifer for many years.

For all their zeal in stamping out Christianity for the sake
of religious "freedom," the early Movement had no such
qualms about stamping their own brand of religious in-
terference upon the unsuspecting Indian population:

"For, both H.P.B. [Blavatsky] and Colonel Olcott saw
that Theosophy could become a power to reorganize
India's UFe^on national lines once again, if only Indians ac-
cepted, as a practical code of life, Theosophy in its en-

'ibid., pp. 63, 64.

The Movement: A Short History 47

tirety. . . ." 3

Psychic phenomena and seemingly miraculous signs also
characterized the early days of the Society. These included
precipitating of letters, materializations of objects, and pro-
duction of strange sounds. Those allegedly producing the
phenomena, which opponents of the Society decried as
fraud, were said to be in Tibet, whereas the phenomena itself
appeared in India and Europe.

An important addition was made to the Society when
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky met an English clergyman named
C.W. Leadbetter. To his surprise, he received two letters
signed "Master KH CKoot Hoomi) instructing him to leave
immediately for India to assist the Theosophists there. These
letters arrived the same day that Madame Blavatsky was
leaving England for a return trip to India. Disregarding
biblical warnings about those in the last days departing from
the truth to follow the doctrines of seducing spirits and
devils, the clergyman quickly renounced the faith of his
fathers to go serve the "masters."

During these activities, Madame Blavatsky composed /sis
Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine under the direction of "the
masters." Although the books possess a scholarly ap-
pearance, they are in fact entirely the product of automatic
(demon-manipulated) writing.

After Helena Blavatsky's death, the organization con-
tinued to prosper under the direction of Annie Besant. That
is, until they made an abortive attempt to bring forth the an-
tichrist. Their candidate they meticulously prepared for the
job backed out on them. In 1929 Krishnamurti dissolved the
accompanying Order of the Star consisting of his worldwide
supporters. Perhaps some of the credit for the refusal might
be attributed to his father, who fought Annie Besant and the
Theosophical Society tooth-and-nail in an unsuccessful legal
attempt to recover the children he had lost by Theosophical

The blow to the Theosophists was enormous, for no ex-

Hbid., p. 42.

48 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

pense had been spared in grooming Krishnamurti for the job.
Sorbonne educated and genteel in appearance, he was an in-
dividual with the necessary presence to make the desired
worldwide impact.

The disgruntled masters decided to pass the torch to
another less rash than Annie Besant. It went to a former
Christian teacher and former wife of an Episcopal rector
named Alice Ann Bailey. Born to position and beauty in
England, she spent part of her childhood in Montreal, where
her father was employed as an engineer. Both parents died
while Alice and her sister were still children.

Raised by other relatives, their treatment was not unkind
and they were well provided for during their minority.

Alice evidently felt inferior to her sister, a beautiful and
brilliant physician. If her autobiography is to be believed, she
already had contact with a "master" while still in her teens —
an experience she did not understand until much later. For a
period of her life she aspired to Christian service and spent
time in India for this purpose.

She married outside her own social class; however, the
class difference had been provided for in the usual mode of
raising a prospective husband's status: he went to America to
study for the Episcopal rectorhood and Alice joined him
there. Since Episcopalians and Anglicans were considered
equal in the eyes of British social and religious society, this
technically made the marriage consistent with her own class.

It was not a happy marriage for Alice. Her husband had
only one major vice — wife beating. After several children
and several severe beatings, which Alice tried to hide to pro-
tect his ministry, the estrangement finally was permanent.

During their separation, she resided in California and sup-
ported her growing family by working in a fish cannery.
Hearing of two women in town who were English and of her
same social class, Alice attempted to make their acquain-
tance. They were Theosophists and encouraged Alice to join
their ranks. Hungry for companionship, she attended their
meetings. The exotic teachings must have added interest to

The Movement: A Short History 49

her monotonous life as a fish canner. After a monthly stipend
began coming from her husband, Walter, she was financially
free to quit the cannery and devote her time to her children
and esoteric philosophy.

The "masters" had found another chosen vehicle to
preserve their teachings and do their work. Recruiting as
usual from the confused, the lonely, and those in despair,
they found a woman, with all three symptoms, mentally
ready to do their bidding. As a result, her sister, a successful
physician and devout Christian, broke all contact with Alice
and never spoke to her for the remainder of her life.

Since the "masters" had convinced Alice of the possibility
of reincarnation, she took the break with her sister in stride,
thinking she would re-establish contact in her next life.

Later in life Alice married Foster Bailey. The Baileys did
more than anyone, except perhaps Helena Petrovna Blavat-
sky, to build the foundations for the "New Age." Alice wrote
nearly two dozen books laying out the specific instructions
for disciples of the "masters" in the latter part of the 20th cen-
tury — our present time. Like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,
from that point forward in her life, Alice showed tenacious
hatred for orthodox Christianity and fierce loyalty to the
cause of occultism and Eastern mysticism.

Although she continued to label herself a Christian, an ex-
amination of her writings shows that she attached an entirely
different meaning to the word than do orthodox believers.
She taught the divinity of man and reincarnation as well as an
attack on God's Word — the standard lies of the serpent of
Garden of Eden days!

Her work was immense. She organized the Arcane
School, the New Group of World Servers, Triangles, World
Goodwill, and assisted with a host of other foundational ac-
tivities to help build the "New Age."

Lucifer Publishing Company was established in 1922 to
help disseminate her works. The name was changed the next
year to Lucis Publishing Company for reasons unknown.
(Maybe he wanted to use his nickname!)

50 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Her work, was much more low-profile and cautious than
that of the flamboyant Annie Besant, who had helped
precipitate the Krishnamurti embarrassment for the
"masters." She concentrated on giving disciples directions for
networking and infiltration. Time frames were established by
the "masters." Work was to remain low-profile until 1975 —
when the hitherto secret teachings about the "New Age
Christ" and "Hierarchy" could be publicly disseminated by
all available media.

These teachings omitted little or nothing. They ranged
from the attitude of the Hierarchy toward Jews (negative)
through dietary advice. Step by step they plotted the coming
"New Age," with instructions for the institution of the neces-
sary New World Order through the use of identifying rain-
bows. Plans for religious war, forced redistribution of the
world's resources, Luciferic initiations, mass planetary initia-
tions, theology for the New World Religion, disarmament
campaign, and elimination or sealing away of obstinate
religious orthodoxies — all were covered extensively in the
Alice Bailey writings. Even the "sacredness" of the number of
the beast — 666 — was covered in at least two places.

She discounted the possibility that the Movement might
be embarrassed by these books falling into the wrong hands.
Alice was confident that they would be incomprehensible to
anyone but an initiate.

Had she been more familiar with the scriptures, she would
have realized the folly of this position:

"Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried;
but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked
shall understand; but the wise shall understand" (Daniel
12:10, KJV).

Comparing the Bailey teachings with the state of the
Movement and its constituent organizations, it is clear that
her instructions have been followed meticulously. Her
disciples are now on the last stages of the New Age scheme to
take the world for Lucifer.

The Movement: A Short History 51

The year 1962 was another landmark year, for that was
when the Scottish community of Findhorn — the Vatican
City of the New Age Movement — was founded. The life-
work of Peter and Eileen Caddy and their friend Dorothy
McLean, the role of Findhorn was to help anchor "The Plan"
on earth. Again, their work was performed by following
meticulously the Bailey writings and "guidance" Eileen was
receiving from spirit beings and what she calls the voice of

Findhorn received an important new member in 1970 —
David Spangler. Although many young people showed up
daily at Findhorn, none received quite the royal welcome as
did Spangler. Eileen Caddy had received "guidance" that
David had the "Christ energies."

Therefore, upon his arrival at Findhorn with his "spiritual
advisor," ex-Mormon Myrtle Glines, he was immediately in-
augurated as the co-director of the Findhorn Foundation,
where he was to remain for the next three years.

Spangler went into frequent transmission from demonic
beings, including Maitreya, Rakoczi, and many others.
Esoteric lore, from Tibetan Buddhism through UFOlogy, was
actively pursued by the Findhorn initiates and would-be in-
itiates. Clergy ranging from Episcopal priests through Meth-
odist ministers and others came to Findhorn to lend their
input and approval. Spangler made clear to those Findhorn
residents and visitors — and a few years later to the entire
listening world — that the true light of Findhorn was the light
of Lucifer.

At the same time Findhorn was blossoming, esoteric
groups around the world commenced their networking ope-
rations. Serving as a focal point for The Plan, Findhorn itself
attracted visitors and residents from a worldwide base. Its
residents meticulously studied and mastered the works of
Alice A. Bailey, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Agni Yoga and
a host of other esoteric "saints" and societies.

David Spangler wrote a book which purported to be a
transmission from unearthly sources — or "his higher self."

52 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Revelation: The Birth of a New Age quickly became man-
datory reading for Findhorn residents along with the Blavat-
sky/Bailey works. Networking efforts ranged from Amnesty
International, New Age brain trusts of Lucis Trust and the
Stanford Research Institute (SRI) of Palo Alto, California.
SRI itself proclaimed the inviolability of "spiritual forces" on
its public lobby walls.

Linkages were formed with the International Cooperation
Council. This 200-plus organizational network of networks is
dedicated to the speedy implementation of "The Plan" — a
plan which includes the bringing in of a New Age "Christ."

In 1973 David Spangler and other Findhornites left for the
USA to form the Lorian Association. This was another Plane-
tary Network designed to publicize the "spiritual" goals of the
coming "New Age." Lorian Association is presently head-
quartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Spangler also calls Find-
horn his home.

Similar to many dedicated New Agers, Spangler hails
from a family which includes devout Christians. Jesus fore-
saw this division of earthly families:

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I
came not to bring peace, but a sword.

"For I am come to set a man at variance against his
father, and the daughter against her mother, and the
daughter in law against her mother in law.

"And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

"He that loveth father or mother more than me is not
worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more
than me is not worthy of me.

"And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after
me, is not worthy of me" (Matthew 10:34-38, KJV).

The year 1975 was a banner year for the New Age Move-
ment. That was when its disciples had permission from the
deceased Alice Bailey to "come out of the closet" and spread
the New Age message to the world. With joie de vivre they

The Movement: A Short History 53

did go public. Spangler, Mark Satin, and a host of other New
Age personages and organizations launched their public

It is interesting to note that Marilyn Ferguson also began
publishing her Brain Mind Bulletin in 1975.

From 1975 through and including the present time the
propaganda networking has coincided with other planning
and organizational efforts.

One important para-military organization with ties to the
New Age Movement has come into being — the Guardian

More ominous still are developments that have taken
place under the auspices of the United States Military — the
First Earth Battalion headed by recently retired Lt. Col. James
Channon — who proudly proclaimed he was leading his
"monk-warriors with the Force."

Most important New Age organizations have coalesced
behind Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose.
Planetary Initiative itself has organized "The World Council
of Wise Persons." If their plans go according to schedule,
Planetary Initiative will hold its World Congress in Toronto,
Canada, on June 21, 1983, with a simultaneous meeting of the
World Council of Wise Persons taking place in New York
City at the United Nations headquarters.

However, we Christians must realize that God's timetable
takes precedence over the New Agers' timetable. Clearly the
times are in God's hands. Nothing can happen, the whole
New Age Movement notwithstanding, unless he is ready.
However, if God is ready, are we ready? It is time for a real
soul-searching by all God's people.


The Movement: An Overview

According to New Age sources, the New Age Movement
is a worldwide network. It consists of tens of thousands of
cooperating organizations. Their primary goal or the secret
behind their "unity-in-diversity" is the formation of a "New
World Order," The Movement usually operates on the basis
of a well-formulated body of underlying esoteric or occult

Heavily drawing upon all forms of mysticism — Eastern
and Western — the Movement could appear to the unini-
tiated as a loose coalition. However, there is extensive politi-
cal collusion and agreement among its leadership.

Carefully structured along the lines set forth in the Alice
Bailey writings, it includes organizations teaching mind con-
trol, holistic health, esoteric philosophy; scientific workers,
political workers; and organizations dedicated to peace and
world goodwill. It also includes many consumer, environ-
mental and nutritional organizations as well as religious cults
of every shade and description.

It has successfully infiltrated nearly every segment of our
personal, religious, and professional lives.

The glue binding most New Age devotees is one of common
mystical experiences, "Experiential religion" is considered vital
within the Movement. A substantial proportion of those within
the Movement strongly believe in psychic phenomena and say
they do so because of "direct experiences."

Those among their number who have not participated in
the communal tripping of the "Light Fantastic" are encour-
aged to try meditation, LSD, or any one of the scores of
"psychotechnologies" promised to induce "transformation"
— a euphemism for progressively deeper levels of demonic


The Movement: An Overview 55


The New Age Movement, called by Marilyn Ferguson
The Aquarian Conspiracy, and deriving its name from the so-
called Age of Aquarius, encompasses a number of groups and
submovements, such as: the Holistic Movement , Humanistic
Psychology, Trans personal Psychology, Humanistic Move-
ment, New Thought, Third Wave, Third Force, The New
Spirituality, the Human Potential Movement, Secular
Humanism, and Humanism.

Contrary to the assertions of New Agers that their con-
spiracy lacks dogma, there is a discernible body of teachings
dominant within the Movement. While many paths may be em-
ployed to reach the trance-like state they encourage, once that
state is reached, the paths are nearly identical from that point
forward. As Alice Bailey said, "[T]he emphasis in all esoteric
schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid upon meditation." 1

Besides the writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and
Alice A. Bailey, the bulk of New Age doctrine is derived from
the works of George Gurdjieff, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,
P.D. Ouspensky, H.G. Wells, Nicholas Roerich, (the Agni
Yoga teachings), and David Spangler. The esoteric thrusts of
the Movement as well as the aims of its groups are largely
derived from the Alice Bailey books. Its overall direction and
tactical strategy may be Found in The Open Conspiracy:
Blueprints for a World Revolution by H.G. Wells. The "New
Revelation" of the Movement has come forth in the prolific
prose and poetry of Spangler.

Marilyn Ferguson'6 The Aquarian Conspiracy, an important
New Age manifesto, attempts to announce and popularize what
the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement.
Heavily extolling the joys of "altered states of consciousness,"
her book contains more euphemisms than facts when it comes
to describing the promised land of the New Age.

Millions of human beings are actively involved with the

■From The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing
Company, New York City (originally incorporated as the Lucifer Publishing Com-
pany), quoting from page 17.

56 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

New Age Movement in all its phases and levels of activity.
The hierarchy of the Movement has successfully managed
to draw from a full spectrum of society to implement even-
tual aims that can only benefit a small percentage — if
anyone at all. Millions have been deceived into supporting
projects designed to eventually strip even themselves of
their civil liberties, much of their property, their preferred
religion, and perhaps even their lives.

While euphemistically professing peace and love, the
Movement has blinded even many of its sincere adherents
from seeing its plain declarations for what they actually
are. In trance-like rapture they openly cheer while
"Aryanism," "the out-worn Jewish dispensation," "mass
planetary initiation," "cleansing action" are sold to them as
desirable positions and programs. While these same in-
dividuals would rightfully picket to prevent a Nazi
demonstration, they fail to see that point-for-point the pro-
gram of the New Age Movement has complete identity
with the programs of Hitler.

Supporters of anti-hunger programs are urged to back
measures for abortion, artificial insemination, forced limita-
tion of family size, genetic control, and even death control.

Disarmament is a major component of the New Age
Movement. Most of the rank and file supporters of this
measure are sincere. However, I am sure most of them
would lose their enthusiasm if they became aware of the
scheme in its entirety. For the very same books that lay out
the freeze campaign as a necessary step towards implemen-
ting a planetary government and a New World Order also
state that the bombs will be used to keep religious groups in
line once out of the hands of individual nation states. 2

While professing to decry the abuses of Hitler, at least one

'See The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey. You will find the
freeze campaign outlined as step no. 9 towards implementing the "New World
Order." This is found on page 190-191. Turn to page 548 and you will see an ex-
foliation of the atomic bomb as something developed by the occult "Hierarchy"
and the plans for use or threatened use on obstinate religious groups who will not
relinquish their right to speak out on political/social issues.

The Movement: An Overview 57

important leader of the Movement has not-so-subtly in-
formed New Age disciples that Hitler was one of their own
and a disciple at that. 3

While professing to support equality, the Movement's
seminal writings openly call for the triumph of Aryanism and
the domination of Caucasians over other "root races." The
New Age is, according to the "Tibetan Master," an age of Oc-
cidental racial triumph. 4 We are all to be considered equal in
the New Age to be sure — but at varying stages of evolu-
tionary development! 5

While professing support for religious liberty in their
public releases, the Alice Bailey books which are meticulous-
ly followed within the Movement call for complete abridge-
ment of this freedom. They openly and boldly set forth plans
for a new mandatory world religion — a religion completely
breaking with the concept of Jesus as the Christ and God as
the Father. Jews and Christians — Roman Catholic and Prot-
estant alike — as well as uncooperative Moslems are openly

3 See Running Cod's Plan by Foster Bailey, pp. 14-15. This book is published by
Lucis Trust. Foster Bailey was an attorney, a former officer of the American
Theosophical Society under the international direction of Annie Besant, and most
importantly, die husband of Alice A. Bailey. The Baileys broke with the
Theosophical Society after Alice became the subject of transmissions by the
"masters." They formed Lucis Trust, which is the single most important organiza-
tion within the Movement, as the custodian of the Alice Bailey writings. While
Bailey does not mention Hitler directly in this particular passage, nevertheless, one
hardly needs a Ph.D. in history to sort out his statements that a previous attempt
had been made to unify Europe "by uniting the peoples living in the Rhine River
valley using that river as a binding factor. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not
work. Now another attempt is in full swing. . . ." This particular paragraph was
penned by Foster Bailey in 1972. Foster Bailey died in 1977 and the work at Lucis
Trust has continued under the direction of Mary Bailey, Foster Bailey's widow.
After the death of Alice Bailey in 1949, Foster Bailey eventually married Mary
Bailey, another staunch female esotericist.

4 See Initiation, Human and Solar by Alice Bailey (transmitted "telepathically" by
the "Tibetan Master"), page 182. According to this, the "New Age" is to be an age
when "[Ajbove all . . . which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and
through the medium of this life force of executive organization, of government by
rule and order, by rhythm and by ritual, will come the time wherein the occidental
races — with their active, concrete mind, and their vast business capacity — can
take initiation."

s See The Extemalisation of the Hierarchy, page 190 (paragraph no. 4) which states
that "The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in
origin and goal but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development, "

58 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

slated for persecution and even a "cleansing action" should
they fail to cooperate. 6

In fact, Jews are no better off with the New Agers than
they were under their predecessors the Nazis. The New
Agers also maintain the traditional occult doctrine of a
blood taint resting on those of Jewish extraction. 7

New Age esoteric leaders such as Benjamin Creme have
openly attempted to deify Lucifer. 8 At the same time they
have subtly demoted Jesus — phasing him out by reducing
him to the rank of a relatively low-level "Master of

Considering that it meets every test of Bible prophecy
regarding the coming antichrist as well as every test of
Nazism, it is incredible that the Movement has been able to
achieve such power and influence. An imminent coup by a
New Age cabal is not outside the range of probabil-

Organizations as diverse as Amnesty International,
Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Children of God, and Zero
Population Growth openly and proudly bill themselves as
"New Age." So do another approximately 10,000 organi-
zations within just the United States and Canada — not in-
cluding the branches of these organizations — many of

'See The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Com-
pany, New York, pp. 754-755. This defines the surfacely innocuous line of the
"Great Invocation" calling for "sealing the door where evil dwells." This includes
doing away with the religious citadels of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

'See, for example. The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A. Bailey, pages
705-706, which states that the New "Christ" will not be Jewish as the Jews have
forfeited that privilege and must "pass through fires of purification." These par-
ticular passages were written in 1949 when the entire world knew exactly what
had happened to Europe's Jewish population.

"See The Exlernalisation of the Hierarchy, page 107, which states that Lucifer
is the ruler of humanity. In a November 9, 1982, radio interview over WLAC,
Nashville, Benjamin Creme told the entire Bible belt that Lucifer came to planet
earth from planet Venus I8V2 million years ago and made the supreme sacrifice
for us. David Spangler in his Reflections on the Christ devotes an entire chapter
to "Lucifer, Christ and God." He states on page 44-45 that the required initiation
to enter the New Age is Luciferic. Reflections is published by the Findhorn
Foundation. Findhorn may accurately be described as the "Vatican City" of the
New Age Movement.

The Movement: An Overview 59

which are located in every major city.'

These organizations have achieved "synergy," thereby
maximizing their strength to enormous proportions through
a process of networking. This structure is difficult to depict
on an ordinary organizational chart. Sociologically de-
scribed as "Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks"
(SPIN), Marilyn Ferguson says that the "organization chart
of a SPIN would look like 'a badly knotted fishnet with a
multitude of nodes of varying sizes, each linked to all the
others, directly or indirectly,' " 10

And there is no single leader or organization indispen-
sable to the functioning of this New Age "network of net-

"Each segment of a SPIN is self-sufficient. You can't
destroy the network by destroying a single leader or
some vital organ. The center — the heart — of the net-
work is everywhere. A bureaucracy is as weak as its
weakest link. In a network, many persons can take over
the function of others. This characteristic is also like the
brain's plasticity, with an overlap of functions so that
new regions can take over for damaged cells.

"Just as a bureaucracy is less than the sum of its
parts, a network is many times greater than the sum of
its parts. This is a source of power never before tapped
in history: multiple self-sufficient social movements
linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment
would transform every aspect of contemporary life." 11

Jim Jones was an excellent case in point. Prior to the

'According to the Spiritual Community Guide §4, 1979, one could order the
NAM (New Age Media) International New Consciousness Directory. According
to the advertising blurb, "The first edition of this year's directory features the
names and full addresses (only) of approximately 10,000 New Age'organizations
with their branches throughout the United States and Canada, and some
overseas." Orders and inquiries for this directory were to be directed to NAM
Directory, Box 1080-G, San Rafael, California 94902. That particular edition was
sold for $25.00.

'"Quoting from The Aquarian Conspiracy, page 216. Marilyn Ferguson was in
her turn quoting anthropologists Luther Gerlach and Virginia Hine.

"Ibid., pp. 216-217.

60 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Guyana suicide/murder fiasco, the New Agers were
most proud to claim him as their own. In fact, they gave
his organization the label of a New Age "spiritual" cen-
ter. 12

Spiritual Community Guide (Handbook for the New
Age) listed People's Temple as a "center" in their 1972 and
possibly later editions. According to them, Jones' role was
to "teach Christian socialism in preparation for the New
Age." 13

Of course, once Jones lost his sanity and his favorable
public image, the rest of the New Agers never mentioned
him again, except to point to him as an example of the
dangers of religious fundamentalism. New Age Magazine as
well as several other New Age publications, quickly and
with real chutzpah, moved to turn a potential public rela-
tions disaster into a propaganda victory.

The New Age Movement is different. Because of those
differences we tend not to recognize it for the true danger it
actually poses. As Marilyn Ferguson euphemistically said in
quoting anthropologist Virginia Hine:

" 'Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in
organization and impact from bureaucracies/ Hine said,
'most people don't see them — or think they are con-
spiracies. Often networks take similar action without
conferring with each other simply because they share so
many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared
assumptions are the collusion.' ""

Networking is not a passing fad; it is the key to success

"The role of the centers is to anchor "The Plan" on earth. As David Spangler
once said, "The value of the New Age centers is that they are developing around
people and places relatively uncontaminated by the taught forces, energies, and
patterns of the past. Not being a part of the old web of power lines and influence,
these new centers are not faced with having to overcome the inertia and am-
biguous energies from past patterns. Thus a new world is being bom and shall be
born. ..." (Quoting from The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken, Bantam Edi-
tion, 1976, New York, p. 327.)

"From page 25 of Spiritual Community Guide, copyright © 1972 by "The
Spiritual Community," Box 1080, San Rafael, California 94902.

"The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 217.

The Movement: An Overview 61

for the Aquarian Conspiracy or the New Age Movement:

"The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of
SPINs, a network of many networks aimed at social
transformation. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed
loose, segmented, evolutionary, redundant. Its center is
everywhere. Although many social movements and
mutual-help groups are represented in its alliances, its life
does not hinge on any of them." 15

While Marilyn Ferguson and others have protested that
the Movement is both leaderless and unstructured, their
statements are belied by the abundance of network council
organizational charts, matrixes, statements of purpose, and
directories — all showing both leadership and structure to an
advanced degree.

"Network" as well as "synergy" are magic words for New
Agers. By networking they have achieved a synergetic effect
that makes them nearly unstoppable. By networking they have
indeed achieved a lack of dependency on any one group or

As they continued undaunted by the Jim Jones affair, they
probably can and will go on unaffected by anyone else com-
mitting a similar faux pas in the eyes of the public. Perhaps
they will again even exploit such a similar disaster by
publishing books and articles proclaiming that unfortunate ex-
perience to be a danger of "religious fundamentalism."

Frustratingly, most of the participants in these New Age
networks are quite innocently involved. Either they do not
know the true aims and intents of its leadership or, more
often, they are operating under the influence of extremely
sophisticated forms of mind control. 16

Classes such as TM, Silva Mind Control, EST, Life-

"Ibid., p. 217.

"Typically, in many New Age sessions, particularly within the New Age cults,
participants are taken under progressively deeper levels of hypnosis and not brought
back out! One such session witnessed by me personally in Oklahoma City saw the
"guru" take his audience under several levels of hypnosis by putting them in a "relaxa-
tion' state. Techniques of clairvoyance were taught while they were under as well as
religious/political propaganda. They were never brought back up!

62 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

springs, Arica and dozens of other such "psychotechnolo-
gies" help the trainers induce the desired trance-like state in
the would-be initiate.

However, many abandon the New Age Movement when
tactfully presented with its true facts.

Truly the conspiring spirit behind the New Age Move-
ment, as well as many of its theoreticians, leaders, and occult
predecessors, has successfully exploited the principle of
"divide and conquer." They have succeeded in persuading
Christian to fight against Christian. While the Christians
were preoccupied with each other, their churches were nearly
all infiltrated with the New Age philosophies and social-
political programs. Judaism was also infiltrated.

The New Age teachings are the same old lies that have
been about since the snake beguiled Eve in the Garden of
Eden: "Thou shalt not surely die . . . and thou shalt be as
gods." Combine that line together with an attack on God's
Word and understand the reason why Lucifer was originally
expelled from Paradise and you will perfectly understand the
philosophies and goals of the New Age Movement.

The political goal of the Movement is global control.
Although this goal has never before been achieved, they
think the times are ripe and they may well be right.

"Global communications have encircled our world
beyond any possibility of retreat. Now the whole planet is
alive with instantaneous links, networks of people poised
for communication and cooperation." 17

And as Marilyn Ferguson further noted, the base has been
carefully constructed for many years:

"Cultural transformation announces itself in sputter-
ing fits and starts, sparked here and there by minor in-
cidents, warmed by new ideas that many smoulder for
decades. In many different places, at different times, the
kindling is laid for the real conflagration — the one that
will consume the old landmarks and alter the landscape

"Ibid., p. 35.

The Movement: An Overview 63

forever." 18

While the writings are probably deliberately scattered,
nevertheless, there is a discernible political program emanating
from the New Agers. They propose to establish gigantic
global agencies such as a World Food Authority, World
Water Authority, and an authority to administer a universal
draft and a universal tax. 19 They have pointed to such
legislative proposals as the Peace Academy as proof of their
success in advancing towards the New World Order. They in-
tend to gjve us a 'Universal Credit Card" not to mention a
"New World Religion." 20

The structures New Agers propose are both Orwellian and
apocalyptic in their scope, organization, and possibilities. Pro-
posing the dissolution and/or destruction of individual nation
states in the interests of peace and conservation, New Age
spokesmen openly discuss their replacement with a bio-
regional parliament and a "Planetary Guidance System." 21

As already mentioned, its big push is through a vehicle
known as Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose.
Planetary Initiative's "World Council of Wise Persons"
membership reads like a New Age Who's Who. 22

''Ibid., p. 37,

"David Spangler spoke in Southfield, Michigan, on February 1, 1982. At that time
he told those present that the New World Order would consist of very large global
agencies. We would have to manage on a large scale. He said that both the United
Nations and the multi-national corporations have been training grounds for the com-
ing globalization.

"See, for example, Buckminster Fuller's The Critical Path, St. Martin's Press,
copyright © 1981. Computer use and its maliciously planned destructive impact on
religion are discussed on pp. xxvii, xxviii, 215, 217, 218.

"See for example Mark Satin's New Age Politics, chapter 17 "Planetization:
Celebration of Unity." Satin quotes Club of Rome sources, Richard Falk of the In-
stitute for World Order, Donald Keys of Planetary Citizens (also Planetary Initiative
for the World We Choose), Barbara Ward and Gerald & Patricia Mische as being in
support of such a structure. All are prominent within the New Age Movement.

"Incredible, but true! Norman Cousins is heading the invitor committee, according
to Issue #2 of their newspaper, The Initiator. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Carlos
Romulo of the Philippines had accepted as of late winter-early spring, 1982. They plan
to hold a simultaneous meeting of the World Council of Wise Persons in tandem with
the "culminating global congress" of Planetary Initiative in Toronto. Of course this
will take place at the time of "Summer Solstice," 1983.

64 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

While it is all too common for New Agere to ridicule or-
thodox Christians and particularly fundamentalists as being
"fanatical and unsophisticated," their own beliefs surpass the
"bizarre." They calmly discuss not only Luciferic initiations, but
"raising the fires of Kundalini," chakras, and "Maitreya the

They rationalize the concepts of initiation and secret ritual
by claiming a need for the "geniuses" among us to have their
own private language and code. The Movement has managed
to win many of the very cream of our intellectual crop by flat-
teries. The flattery is the same as that employed by the serpent
to Eve — "Thou shalt be as gods." As the book of Daniel says:

"And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he
corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God
shall be strong, and do exploits" (Daniel 11:32, KJV).

In fact, the New Agers claim they are a "new species." They
have "evolved" into homo noeticus. They "evolved" by
employing mind-expansion techniques such as meditation and
the "other disciplines." 23

Such talk is chillingly reminiscent of Hitler's "master race"
theories. And it should be for it is identical. Both theories —
Nazi and New Age — are based on a fable of "Aryanism," a
belief that out of the mists of Atlantis emerged Aryan man.
Other "sub-races" also survived the Atlantis cataclysms; how-
ever, the Aryans were the most highly "evolved."

In agreement with Hitler's Nazi doctrines, New Agers also
believe that superior mutation of Aryan man can only come
through "consciousness expansion." One could smile at such
nonsense were it not for the all-too-poignant memories of the
masses who worshipped and blindly followed Hitler.

One is also forced to pause when he sees the extensive
organizational efforts of determined New Agers. Planetary In-
itiative and its World Council of Wise Persons are synergis-

"This surprising statement is taken from John White's introduction to the 1979 Inter-
national Cooperation Council Directory, Presently known as the Unity-in-Diversity
Council and under the direction of Leland Steward, it is actively and openly on the
"Maitreyan path."

The Movement: An Overview 65

tically enhanced by the parallel operation of networking
organizations such as New World Alliance, Club of Rome,
World Goodwill, Lucis Trust, and thousands of others.

New Age communication employs a specialized vocabu-
lary extensive enough to require a separate New Age Dic-
tionary which helps worldwide New Agers speak each other's
language. 24

The Movement teaches the Law of Rebirth or reincarna-
tion This is basically a teaching that man does not really die,
but that he instead is endlessly reborn into new life cycles
until such time as he perfects himself sufficiently to qualify
for endless rest (Nirvana). Of course, this just happens to
match one of the lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden in
telling Eve "you shall not surely die."

The Movement teaches that the Trinity is inferior to an
entity known as "The Solar Logos." In fact, the Alice Bailey
writings contain in at least two places elaborate organization
charts of the "gods" and "masters." The "Solar Logos" is just
a notch above the Trinity — a false trinity that does not
match our Holy Trinity in that instead of being a personal
godhead there is a "Solar Trinity or Logoi" consisting of:

I The Father Will

II The Son Love-wisdom

III Holy Spirit Active Intelligence

After the Solar Trinity come the "Seven Rays" and below
that, but deriving "authority" directly from "The Solar
Logos" is "S. Sanat Kumara (a scrambling of Satan)."
According to Benjamin Creme, David Spangler, the Alice
Bailey writings, and the Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writings,
this so-called Sanat Kumara is our "God," the "Ancient of
Days" and the "One Initiator." Probably, more truthfully,

"Yes Virginia, there really is a New Age Dictionary! The New Age Dictionary
was compiled by Alex Jack, the Associate Editor of East West Journal, another
prominent New Age magazine. It is published by Kanthaka Press of Brookline
Village, Massachusetts, and was copyrighted © in 1976 ("The Year of the Dragon").
It contains thousands of entries in its 224 pages. Needless to say, it is an invaluable
reference for those wishing to research the New Age Movement.

66 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

the "Venus" link of occultism gives us a better clue as to who
Sanat Kumara really is. For "Sanat Kumara" is allegedly "the
eternal youth from the Planet Venus." Lucifer is also known
in occultdom as "Venus." Therefore, Sanat Kumara is merely
another name for Satan or Lucifer.

The same chart also contains several lower levels of as-
sorted "Kumaras," "departmental heads," "Manus,"
"Bodhisattvas," and "Mahachohans," and beneath them, in
their turn, many "masters."

Guess who is at the bottom of this chart? None other than
"The Master Jesus!" They have demoted our Lord and Savior
to the lowest possible spot on their "Hierarchy of Masters!"
Furthermore, adding insult to injury, he is shown as reporting
to an entity known as the "Venetian Master."

This is clearly the preaching or teaching of "another Jesus"
as warned against in II Corinthians 11:3-4, which states:

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled
Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be cor-
rupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

"For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom
we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit,
which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye
have not accepted ..." (KJV).

The same organizational chart has separate listings for
Jesus and the Christ — a distinct mark of the spirit of an-

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the
Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the
Son" (I John 2:22, KJV).

Another key component to the Movement is a boundless
belief in evolution. In fact, it is central to their theology. The
Movement teaches that we have all evolved, but some of us
have evolved more highly than others — just as some of us
"manifest our divinity" more than others.

It is interesting to note that several of the signers of the

The Movement: An Overview 67

1973 Humanist Manifesto are also actively involved in
Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose — the big, in-
vogue political vehicle for the would-be forces of "Maitreya
the Christ."

These esoteric teachings, founded on a base of Eastern
mysticism, include a belief in the "Law of Avatars." This
teaching states that at the start of every New Age the "Solar
Logos" sends "The Christ" or a lesser avatar to overshadow a
human being, and working through that person, imparts
necessary teachings to the world to help its citizens move for-
ward into the New Age.

When Benjamin Creme, spokesman for the so-called
Maitreya the Christ spoke in Detroit on November 4, 1981,
he was asked if he had ever met the Christ.

His answer was revealing. He said, "No, I've never met
the Christ, but I've met the human body he is inhabiting sev-
eral times — but never as the Christ."

This reveals the real nature of the antichrist and the power
behind the New Age Movement in general. It constitutes
nothing less than old-fashioned demonic possession. The per-
son who will eventually be the antichrist and consequently
the chief spokesman for Satan will be an adult who freely and
voluntarily decided to assume the spirit of Satan.

The Movement teaches that man is saved by initiation
and works rather than through the grace of God and faith in
the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Initiation is considered by them
to be the heart and core of the planned New World Religion.

This initiation has been clearly defined as "Luciferic" in
the Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey, and David
Spangler writings. Sadly, the New Age Movement has infil-
trated even many of our Christian denominations with this
pagan concept.

Another key teaching of this Movement is that all things
are "interconnected" or "interdependent." This is known in
the New Age Movement as the Doctrine of Wholeness. This
is also called the Doctrine of At-One-Ment, which is a prob-
able perversion of the Christian doctrine of atonement. Its

68 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

relationship to the Holistic Movement is clear.

The New Age Movement's deep and abiding hatred for
Jews, Catholics, Protestant fundamentalists, and orthodox
Moslems in particular, and all Christians in general has been
reaffirmed in the numerous David Spangler writings and
tapes as well as those of other current New Age leaders.

Further, the Movement's theology contains a strong belief
in an "inner government" of our planet by a hierarchy of
spirits or alleged "masters of wisdom."

One has only to read The Spear of Destiny by Trevor
Ravenscroft, The Occult and the Third Reich by Jean-Michel
Angebert, Hitler, the Occult Messiah by Gerald Suster, and
Gods and Beasts, the Nazis and the Occult by Dusty Sklar to
quickly come to the horrible realization that the basic doc-
trines of the New Age Movement were also the teachings that
formed the ethos of Nazism.

The danger to Jews, Christians, and even orthodox
Moslems from this New Age Movement should not be under-
estimated. The Movement is working quickly and efficiently
to execute its scheme to take control of the world for
"Maitreya," not so-subtly, calling it "The Plan."

If "The Plan" proceeds on schedule, they may well be in
the driver's seat by June 21, 1983, the date of their planned
World Congress to be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Much of the leadership behind this Initiative has already
taken public stands in favor of "Maitreya the Christ."

They have made flat statements in writing that they plan
to outlaw the present religious practices and symbols of
orthodox Jews and Christians.

They claim that master "messiahs" will appear to
adherents of all the present major world religions to persuade
them of the "truths" of the New World Religion and its "New
Relevation." In fact, "continuity of revelation" is to be a key
doctrinal note of the "New World Religion."

They have also stated that angels will appear with
"Maitreya" at the time of his declaration and attempted im-

The Movement: An Overview 69

plementation of the New World Religion.

Christians should not be deceived should such an occur-
rence take place, for the Bible clearly warns us that Satan is
able to appear as an angel of light and has the power to make
his lesser agents and ministers appear likewise in the same

The Movement has threatened violence and even exter-
mination of Jews, Christians, and Moslems failing to
cooperate with "Maitreya" and the New World Religion. The
threat is contained in several places in the Alice Bailey
writings and reiterated in the David Spangler writings, which
state that those of us who refuse to accept the "Christ" will be
sent to another dimension other than physical incarnation,
out of physical embodiment, to another level of vibration
where we will be happier!

The threat is also repeated in the Agni Yoga (Nicholas
Roerich) teachings, another cornerstone work of the "New

The Movement is profoundly antisemitic, all the way
through to its esoteric core. Many lesser-level initiates in the
Movement are unaware of the situation. The Movement's
theoreticians, including Spangler, also speak freely of the
need to maintain Aryan purity — which was Hitler's justifica-
tion for exterminating the Jews.

Despite their current talk of need for "religious freedom"
from the "persecutions." of the Moral Majority, the Move-
ment advocates just the opposite. Its views are reiterated fre-
quently by prominent New Age spokesmen such as Gregory
Bateson, David Spangler, and Foster Bailey (Bateson and
Bailey are now both deceased): that religious freedom and the
separation between Church and State must end in the New

Buckmirister Fuller has also incorporated such teachings
into his "design science" proposals for the "New Age."

The Movement has campaigned long and arduously for
disarmament. This is considered a key step to the implemen-
tation of their hoped-for "New World Order."

70 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

"9. In the preparatory period for the new world order
there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will
not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce
and organise any equipment for destructive purposes or to
infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first
tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this
matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations. " JS

How sincere they are about a nuclear-free world, how-
ever, is unfortunately well-demonstrated within the pages of
the very same Alice Bailey book:

"The atomic bomb (though used only twice destructively)
ended the resistance of the powers of evil because its potency
is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at this time:

"a. As the forerunner of that release of energy which
will change the mode of human living and inaugurate
the new age wherein we shall not have civilisations
and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an
emerging civilisation, thus demonstrating the true syn-
thesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb
emerged from a first ray Ashram [will-to-good, Sham-
balla (force, violence) energies], working in conjunc-
tion with a fifth ray group [scientific workers]; from
the long-range point of view, its intent was and is
purely beneficent.

"b. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to
enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time
for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to
take effect. The atomic bomb does not belong to the
three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets
at present — the United States of America, Great Bri-
tain and Canada. It belongs to the United Nations for
use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use
when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears
its ugly head). It does not essentially matter whether
that aggression is the gesture of any particular nation
or group of nations or whether it is generated by the

* s Ths Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey, p. 191.

The Movement: An Overview 71

political groups of any powerful religious organisa-
tion, such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet
unable to leave politics alone and attend to the busi-
ness for which all religions are responsible — leading
human beings closer to the God of Love." 26

2> lbid., p. 548.


The New Age and Prophecy

It becomes very evident as one studies the basic literature
of the New Age Movement that its leadership proposes to im-
plement all the systems of the antichrist warned of in the
Bible, particularly those presented in Revelation, chapter 13.

New Agers have publicly made their intent known to
abolish cash money. They have said they propose to imple-
ment a "more rational means of exchange," such as a com-
puterized barter system.

Books by Buckminster Fuller clearly spell out an intent to
give every world resident a number and require the usage of
this number in all financial transactions of any sort — in-
cluding minor purchases — with a universal "credit card."

The Movement has also been promoting the establish-
ment of gigantic global agencies for controlling the distribu-
tion of food and other vital resources. The motivation behind
this proposal may be gleaned from the Fuller writings: in
order to control the world, one must also control the world
supply routes.

The New Agers have stated that we will soon enjoy a
"New World Order" that will be a synthesis of the parliamen-
tary/Commonwealth of Nations system of Great Britain, the
socialism of Russia and the heterogenous mixtures of the
United States.

Another goal of their "hierarchy" for this "New World
Order" is that of a unified Europe. This sounds strangely like
the beast that came out of the water in Revelation 13: it had
feet like a bear (Russia?), spoke like a lion (Britain?), was like
unto a leopard (United States?) and had ten horns and seven
heads. As to the seven heads, the New World Order will sup-
posedly be one in which the "mysteries" are restored. The


The New Age and Prophecy 73

seven past governments of which Rome was the sixth and
Hitler the seventh were all pagan, mystery-religion govern-

In the Book of Revelation the government of the an-
tichrist is to be headed by "the beast that was dead and
came back to life." After extensive research, it is safe to say
that the New Age Movement is identical in both belief
systems and cosmology to the Nazism of Hitler — which I
believe is the beast that was dead and came back to life. It
is also interesting to note that Nazism was commonly re-
ferred to as "the beast" and according to Trevor
Ravenscroft in The Spear of Destiny, Hitler knowingly
tried to invoke the spirit of the "beast from the pit."

Similarly in this day and age many New Agers are delib-
erately trying to "invoke" a presence — the presence of
"Maitreya the Christ" or an antichrist.

The October 1982 issue of the Reader's Digest carried a
full-page, full-color copy of "The Great Invocation," the New
Age prayer to "Maitreya the Christ" to invoke his presence
on earth.

Benjamin Creme has stated, as do the Alice Bailey
writings, that the "Great Invocation" will be the new world
prayer after the advent of "Maitreya," whoever he is.

And similar to Nazism, the New Agers — or top level
New Age esotericists, that is — do have a war planned for
our future. The precise nature of this planned conflict may be
gleaned from the Alice Bailey writings:

"Years ago I said that the war which may follow this
one would be waged in the field of the world religions.
Such a war will not work out, however, in a similar period
of external carnage and blood; it will be fought largely
with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will
involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of
idealistic fanaticism. This inherent fanaticism (found ever
in reactionary groups) will fight against the appearance of
the coming world religion and the spread of esotericism.
For this struggle certain of the well-organised churches

74 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

through their conservative elements (their most powerful
elements), are already girding themselves. . . . Fanati-
cism, entrenched theological positions, and materialistic
selfishness are to be found actively organised in the
churches in all continents and of all denominations. They
can be expected to fight for their established ecclesiastical
order, their material profit and their temporal rule, and
already are making the needed preparation.

"The coming struggle will emerge within the churches
themselves; it will also be precipitated by the enlightened
elements who exist in fair numbers already, and are
rapidly growing in strength through the impact of human
necessity. The fight will then spread to thinking men and
women everywhere who — in a protesting revolt — have
denied orthodox churchianity and theology." 1

The reason why Alice Bailey might have anticipated such
trouble from the churches is found on page 544 of the same
book. There she states the three planned activities of this
"New Age Christ":

"1. The reorganisation of the world religions — if in
any way possible — so that their out-of-date theologies,
their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief
that they know what is in the Mind of God may be offset,
in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients
of spiritual inspiration.

"2. The gradual dissolution — again if in any way
possible — of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete
teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles
and its failure to recognise the Christ. In saying this I do
not fail to recognise those Jews throughout the world who
acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their
thinking. . . .

"3. Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate
the new era and set the note for the new world religion."

Another reason why she might have logically expected or-

'Extemalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey, pp. 453-454.

The New Age and Prophecy 75

thodox religious opposition has to do with the economic
system she proclaims will be set up by the so-called "Hierar-

"When the 'adjuster of finances' (as an advanced disciple
from this Ashram is called in the Hierarchy) appears, he will
find conditions greatly changed from those now prevalent,
and this to the following extent:

"1. The principal of barter and exchange (to the
benefit of all concerned) will control.

"2. Owing to the development of atomic energy on
behalf of human welfare, national currencies will have
been largely superseded, not only by a system of barter
but by a universal monetary exchange — representative
of bartered goods when they are relatively small and
unimportant — and by a planned scale of related values.
National material assets and the needed commodities will
all be provided for under an entirely new system.

"3. Private enterprise will still exist, but will be
regulated; the great public utilities, the major material
resources and sources of planetary wealth — iron, steel,
oil and wheat, for instance — will be owned in the first
place by a governing, controlling international group;
they will, however, be prepared for international con-
sumption by national groups chosen by the people and
under international direction."

If the foregoing sounds reminiscent to those who have had
some exposure to biblical prophecy, it should. It is chillingly
similar to Revelation 13:16-17:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor,
free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in
their foreheads:

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the
mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

The New Agers even have a perspective on the war of Ar-
mageddon. However, their scenario differs from the biblical ac-

76 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

count. In reacting the following passage, it should be kept in
mind that "Black Lodge" or "Black Forces" means the religious
orthodox forces whereas "White Lodge" or "White Forces" is
used by the New Agers to refer to themselves. The term
"Black Magician" as used in the following context also refers
to religious orthodoxy:

"You might well say here: We have also been taught that
there exist those who work in the four ethers and who un-
doubtedly perform magical deeds, yet who do not possess
this essential purity and loving-kindness to which reference
has been made. This is undoubtedly true; they belong to a
group of workers in matter whom we call Black Magicians;
they are highly developed intellectually and can motivate
mental substance or mind stuff in such a manner that it can
achieve objectivity on the physical plane and bring about
their deep intent. About this group there is much misunder-
standing and profound ignorance. It is perhaps as well, for
their destiny is tied up with the future race, the sixth, and
their end and the cessation of their activities will come in that
far distant aeon which is technically called the Sixth Round.
The final break or division between the so-called black and
white forces, for this particular world cycle, will take place
during the period of the sixth root race in the present round.
Towards the close of the sixth root race, before the emergence
of the seventh, we shall have the true Armageddon about
which so much has been taught. A small cycle, corresponding
to this final battle and cleavage, will appear during the sixth
subrace which is now in process of formation. The world
war, which has just taken place and our present cycle of
separativeness and upheaval, do not constitute the true Ar-
mageddon. The war which is told to us in the Mahabharata
and the present war had the roots of their trouble and the
seeds of the disasters which they brought about, one in the
lower and one in the higher astral world." 2

They have spoken correctly by stating this would be a war
as no other. The Book of Revelation, however, claims that this
final world battle will see Lucifer and his followers defeated by

J From A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey, pages 543-544.

The New Age and Prophecy 77

God himself.

"For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles,
which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole
world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God

"And he gathered them together in a place called in the
Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

"And I saw the beast [antichrist], and the kings of the
earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war
against him [Jesus Christ] that sat on the horse, and against
his army" (Revelation 16:14, 16; 19:19, KJV).

Following is a chart which will give you a correlation be-
tween biblical prophecy and the New Age Movement. This
chart relates to the end-time events and the facts regarding
the New Age Movement which fit those prophecies.


"Here is wisdom. Let him that
hath understanding count the
number of the beast: for it is the
number of a man; and his number
is Six hundred three score and six
(666)" (Revelation 13:18, KJV).

"The earth also is defiled under
the inhabitants thereof; because
they have transgressed the laws,
changed the ordinance, broken the
everlasting covenant" (Isaiah 24:5,


Alice Bailey on pages 79-80 of
The Rays and the Initiations calls
666 a sacred number and shows
how they use occult numerology
to calculate it. In A Treatise on
Cosmic Fire on page 306 she said
that 666 "holds the mystery hid of
one of the three heavenly men."
The Keys of Enoch, another New
Age "Bible," instructs the reader to
use the numerical sequence 6-6-6 as
frequently as possible. Use of the
number is to attract "higher
intelligence" from either another
dimension or outer space to our

The New Age Movement uses
rainbows (the everlasting covenant
pursuant to Genesis 9:15-17) to
signal their building of the Rainbow
Bridge (antahkarana) which is a
bridge between the personality
(man) and the soul (Lucifer).


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

"And he doeth great wonders,
so that he maketh fire come down
from heaven on the earth in the
sight of men" (Revelation 13:13).

"And deceiveth them that
dwell on the earth by the means
of those miracles which he had
power to do in the sight of the
beast; saying to them that dwell
on the earth, that they should
make an image to the beast, which
had the wound by a sword, and
did live. And he had power to
give life unto the image of the
beast, that the image of the beast
should both speak, and cause that
as many as would not worship the
image of the beast should be
killed" (Revelation 13:14-15, KJV).

The New Age Movement has
devoted a great deal of research
and attention to the use of
holographic images (three
dimensional images created by use
of laser beams). According to
David Spangler, in a meeting in
Southfield, Michigan, on February
1, 1982, laser beam projectors
have been installed for their use
on top of the Cathedral of St.
John the Divine (Episcopal) in
NYC. Lighting experts say these
may be used (1) to be beamed on
a satellite and coming back
through the ionosphere. The light
rays will be bent in such a manner
as to make it appear that actual
flames are coming from the skies
and to project a three-
dimensional holographic image
that could be viewed by up to
one-third the earth's surface at
any given time. Sound
technology is available to make
the image speak in the language
of areas beamed to.

"And he causeth all, both small
and great, rich and poor, free and
bond, to receive a mark in their
right hand, or' in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or
sell, save he that had the mark, or
the name of the beast, or the
number of his name" (Revelation
13:16-17, KJV).

Benjamin Creme, David
Spangler, Alice Bailey, Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky, et al, have all
said that "initiation" will be the
heart and core of the "New World
Religion." David Spangler has
defined that initiation as a
Luciferic initiation and for those
who cannot accept the "New
Christ" — they will be sent to
another dimension other than
physical incarnation, according to
Spangler. Creme says that cash
will be abolished and the world
will go to a more rational means
of exchange, such as a
computerized barter economy.
Creme has said that the
"initiations" will be given on a

The New Age and Prophecy


mass planetary basis in a
"revitalized Christian church" and
in the Masonic lodges and other
esoteric organizations. Creme said
there would be the "sword of
cleavage" for all who would not
go willingly into the future with
this so-called new "Christ."

"And I stood upon the sand of
the sea, and saw a beast rise up
out of the sea, having seven heads
and ten homs, and upon his horns
ten crowns, and upon his heads
the name of blasphemy. And the
beast which I saw was like unto a
leopard, and his feet were as the
feet of a bear, and his mouth as
the mouth of a lion: and the
dragon gave him his power, and
his seat, and great authority"
(Revelation 13:1-3).

Per Alice Bailey in The Rays
and the Initiation, etc. , the New
World Order will be a synthesis
between the USSR (feet like a
bear), Great Britain with its
commonwealth of nations (spot
like a lion), and the United States
with its heterogenous mixture of
people (like unto a leopard?). It
will also feature a unified Europe.
In The Aquarian Conspiracy, by
Marilyn Ferguson, she stated that
Europe was eminently presumable
for launching the new "political-
spiritual" entity. Foster Bailey,
husband of Alice Bailey, wrote in
his book Running God's Plan
(copyright © 1972, Lucis Trust),
that one of the goals of their so-
called Hierarchy was to have a
unified Europe and that a previous
attempt had been made by a
disciple, using the Rhine River as a
unifying factor — but that attempt
was unsuccessful. (The beast that
was dead and came back to life —
Nazism? — Hitler tried to unify
Europe using the Rhine River as a
unifying factor! Hitler was into
exactly the same brand of
occultism as the New Age
Movement — Gnosticism and
mysticism. The plans of Alice
Bailey which are followed with
precision by the New Age
Movement, are identical to


The Hidden Dar.gers of the Rainbow

"And there are seven kings:
five are fallen, and one is, and the
other is not yet come; and when
he cometh, he must continue a
short space. And the beast that
was, and is not, even he is the
eighth, and is of the seven, and
goeth into perdition" (Revelation

"For when they shall say. Peace
and safety; then sudden destruction
cometh upon them, as travail upon
a woman with child; and they shall
not escape" (I Thessalonians
5:3, KJV).

The five preceding kings were
all Babylonian philosophy
empires based on the Mystery
Traditions, which is also what
occultism and the New Age
Movement are based upon. The
sixth kingdom was obviously
Pagan Rome. Many Bible scholars
have interpreted the Vatican as
being the seventh, but I must
reject that interpretation (however,
the Vatican has seen occult
infiltration, as have probably all
other denominations of
Christianity) 'as the Vatican
continued longer than the other six
empires put together and the Bible
said "a short space." Hitler
continued for a short space, also
tried to make the old mystery
teachings the state religion, was
hostile to orthodox Christianity
and to Judaism. The New Age
goals and teachings from
promotion of Aryanism and a
super-race to use of swastikas are
identical to Nazism. Also to be
remembered is the fact that the
Vatican never taught reincarnation
— this is a New Age or Mystery
teaching. It is much more probable
that the interpretation is that of an
identical government or political
system to that of the seven — all
mystery teaching governments,
including Hitler!

The New World Order,
complete with the proposed
Nuclear Freeze or disarmament
campaign, is laid out on pages
190-191 of The Externalisation of
the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey.
On page 548 of the same book,
she states that the nuclear bomb
was a great advance for humanity,
that their "hierarchy" helped
develop it working through the

The New Age and Prophecy


"Let no man deceive you by
any means: for that day shall not
come, except there come a falling
away first, and that man of sin be
revealed, the son of perdition;
Who opposeth and exalteth
himself above all that is called
God, or that is worshipped; so
that he as God sitteth in the
temple of God, shewing himself
that he is God" {II Thessalonians
2:3-4, KJV).

fifth ray or scientific workers. She
went on to say that when they put
the bomb into the hands of the
"United Nations," that it could be
used or threaten to be used
"whenever aggression rears its
ugly head" and that it did not
matter whether that "aggression"
came from nation-states or from
powerful religious groups such as
"the Church of Rome who did not
know how to leave politics alone
and attend to the business for
which religious groups were
responsible." Creme is a disciple of
Alice A. Bailey as is David
Spangler and this is from the book
Creme recommended in his
bibliography to give more
information on the new "Christ."
Also there is extensive New Age
literature on the use of atomic

The "Secret Doctrine" of the
New Age Movement and of
occultism includes a teaching that
the Trinity (not to be confused
with our Trinity, for they have
totally perverted the persons and
purpose of the triune Godhead) is
inferior to something known as
"The Solar Logos." In Alice
Bailey's books, The Initiations:
Human and Solar and A Treatise
on Cosmic Fire, this organizational
chart may be found and possibly
in the Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
books also.

"Who is a liar but he that
denieth that Jesus is the Christ7
He is antichrist, that denieth the
Father and the Son" (I John 2:22,


Benjamin Creme, as well as the
rest of the New Age Movement,
with the exception of those who
have not been initiated to this
point, consistently deny that Jesus
is the Christ and they insist that
Maitreya is the Christ and Jesus is
his disciple. This is a central point


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

of the Secret Doctrine as well as a
central teaching of Unity and other
New Age churches — that the
Christ consciousness resides in each
of us individually (doctrine of God
Immanent) and there can be a
Christ other than Jesus — that
Buddha was a Christ, Krishna was a
Christ, etc.

"And every spirit that
confesseth not that Jesus Christ is
come in the flesh is not of God:
and this is that spirit of antichrist,
whereof ye have heard that it
should come; and even now
already is it in the world" (I John
4:3, KJV).

"And the rest of the men
which were not killed by these
plagues yet repented not of the
works of their hands, that they
should not worship devils, and
idols of gold, and silver, and
brass, and stone, and of wood:
which neither can see, nor hear,
nor walk: Neither repented they of
their murders, nor of their
sorceries, nor of their fornication
nor of their thefts" (Revelation
9:20-21, KJV).

"And the king shall do
according to his will; and he shall

The New Age Movement
people, including Benjamin Creme
and David Spangler, as well as
Unity and many theologians who
have infiltrated other
denominations say that Jesus
Christ did not come in the flesh —
that the Christ Consciousness
descended upon him at the time of
his baptism and stayed with him
until the time of his crucifixion.
More outrageously still, Creme said
that Jesus did not earn the right to
keep his resurrected body and that
he is presently living in a 640-year-
old Syrian body in the Himalayan

The New Age Movement is
both pantheistic (worship of many
gods) and animistic (worship of
inanimate objects and of animal
and plant life). They deify Lucifer
and in fact David Spangler has
said we must take a Luciferic
initiation if we wish to enter the
New Age alive. They have
resurrected every pagan god that
was ever worshipped and a variety
of new ones, as well. As far as
sorceries are concerned, they are the
modus operandi of the New Age
Movement, as much attention is
given to psychic phenomena and
"consciousness raising."

Maitreya has claimed through
transmissions from Benjamin

The New Age and Prophecy


exalt himself, and magnify himself
above every god, and shall speak
marvellous things against the Cod
of gods, and shall prosper till the
indignation be accomplished: for
that that is determined shall be
done" (Daniel 11:36, KJV).

"But in his estate shall he
honour the God of forces: and a
god whom his fathers knew not
shall he honour with gold, and
silver, and with precious stones,
and pleasant things" (Daniel 11:38,

"And. he shall speak great
words against the most High, and
shall wear out the saints of the
most High, and think to change
times and laws: and they shall be
given unto his hand until a time
and times and the dividing of
time" (Daniel 7:25, KJV).

Creme that Jesus is one of his
disciples and that he is at the head
of a hierarchy of "gods" or

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus
the Christ, allegedly transcribed
from the "Akashic Records" by
"Levi" (Leo Dowling) states on
page 16 of the introduction by Eva
Dowling that one may enter fully
into the spirit of the "God of Force."
The entire theme of occultism,
Ludferianism, and cultism connected
with the New Age Movement is
learning how to manipulate. the
"Force." New Agers do not believe
in a personal transcendent God to
whom we are all accountable. They
believe that God is a neutral force
which can be manipulated either for
good or evil.

According to Benjamin Creme,
there will be the "sword of
cleavage" for all who refuse to
accept Maitreya the Christ. Alice
Bailey said in her books that the
next great war would be in the
field of world religions. She stated
that the three goals of the so-called
new "Christ" included restructuring
Christianity and abolishing orthodox

The New Agers, including
Bailey, Creme, and David Spangler,
have laid out plans consistent with
what they call "The Plan" which
include abolishing traditional
religious holidays and substituting
New Age pagan festivals in their
place. For example, they have said
that Good Friday and Christmas
will have to go.


Structure and Front Organizations

The New Age Movement is characterized by a large corps
of participants who truly believe they are working for the
good of the world and the good of themselves.

While there are thousands of diverse organizations
banded together to mutually promote the New Age through a
system of networking, the real power in the Movement
presently appears to be in the hands of those behind the
Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose.

They went public in a big way on February 8, 1982,
holding their reception /cocktail party in The Cathedral of St.
John the Divine, Episcopal, New York City. Some of the
most influential names in the world sponsored this party as
well as endorsed the concept and organization of Planetary
Initiative for the World We Choose .

The work of Planetary Initiative (PI) followed years of
preparation by the Network of World Servers, set up by
Alice A. Bailey in 1925. The role of the World Servers (also
called "Servant of the World") was to act as the "vanguard
for the reappearance of the Christ. ..." The organization
controlling PI, which coordinates the efforts of the network-
ing groups, is called Planetary Citizens. One of the official
purposes of Planetary Citizens is to aid the "world servers"

As with most operations aspiring to world domination,
one would expect a police /military arm somewhere in the
picture. At least two have come to my personal attention to
date: the Guardian Angels and the First Earth Battalion. Both
groups enjoy the support — financial and otherwise — of the
New Age Movement and both groups spread the New Age
concepts as well as demonstrate a highly visible New Age


Structure and Front Organizations 85


The Guardian Angels have rapidly expanded to over 40
American cities and several Canadian cities and Curtis Sliwa
has made public statements that he intends to go worldwide
with 100,000 Guardian Angels.

The First Earth Battalion — sponsored by the United
States military and enjoying good reviews from the War Col-
lege in Pennsylvania — openly claims through its leader, Jim
Channon, to be a battalion of New Age Samurai.

Even more startling is another parallel to Nazism — at-
tempts to swell their ranks with prisoners, especially con-
victed felons. There are literally dozens of New Age prisoner
recruiting efforts ranging from in-prison mind-control pro-
grams such as EST and Silva to encouragement of Transcen-
dental Meditation (TM). Allegedly introduced to help curb
recidivism, they are actually designed to give ex-convicts the
mystical experiences that help enhance their desired solidarity
with other rank-and-file New Agers.

Adopt-a-prisoner programs and prison ashram projects
are also popular ways of reaching the prisoners. Sadly this is
an area that Christians have all too often abdicated to those
with less than honorable motives for the fate of the prisoners'
eternal souls.

The Movement has enjoyed a well-organized and orches-
trated propaganda drive since 1975. Various aspects of the
drive have been conducted on a subtle level for many years;
and the occult motives of the Movement have been kept
largely hidden from public view during that time. Since 1975,
however, the New Agers have been open about their aims for
a "cleansing action" against the "negative elements" of
religion and other opposition to the world-domination goals
of the Movement.

This propaganda effort has utilized sophisticated, cleverly
veiled rationales for the persecution of Christians and Jews in
the near future. New Agers now widely believe that Chris-
tainity is bad because "it promotes cruelty to little animals,"
"it is bad for one's mental adjustment," "it is separative and

86 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

anything separative is evil," etc.

Some of the other items to be covered in the propaganda
drive to prepare the world for the so-called new "Christ" in-
cludes teachings on:

1. Evolution of consciousness.

2. The interrelatedness of the individual soul to all souls.

3. The "kingdom of God" as simply the appearance of
soul-controlled men on earth in everyday life — "WE

4. The idea that there are some on earth who have
reached relative perfection — "SOME OF US ARE,

5. The belief that there are individuals who have reached
total perfection or "Christ Consciousness" — "ONE

6. A recognition that there has always been a "plan" (The
Plan) and that this plan has been present — but
unrecognized — throughout history.

7. Mind control.

8. Holistic health.

9. Color therapy and music therapy.
10. Iridology.

This chapter is necessarily an encapsulated statement of
some of the features of the New Age Movement that are im-
portant to Christians. This Movement has successfully in-
filtrated all of Christendom and is bold enough to sponsor
full-page ads proclaiming "The Christ Is Now Here."

While New Agers know their Movement is worldwide
and powerful, too many Christians are still sound asleep,
thinking that nothing prophetic is happening, while their
children and sometimes even themselves are lured by the
deceptively smooth flatteries of this Movement.

We can still wake up. We do not have to be deceived by
the flattering lies of this Movement that we shall not surely
die and we shall be as gods ourselves. We can shake off our
embarrassment at being called "fundamentalist." We can and
must realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with fun-

Structure and Front Organizations 87

damentalism. If anything, we are not fundamentalist enough
in that we have hide-bound interpretations and eschatologies
that too often conflict with the plain words of scripture.

We must realize that we have been the victims of a gigan-
tic propaganda drive directed against all Jews and Christians
in general and fundamentalists in particular. Not until we
ourselves realize what is going on will we be able to assist our
friends and children who have been unwittingly involved. A
time of alertness and repentance is required for all God's
children so that we might be counted "worthy to stand all
these things" and prepare for our ultimate reward paid for
with the precious blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In the process of investigating the New Age Movement, I
must confess that I became fairly hardened to messages from
their numerous false Christs. I had accumulated an abun-
dance of material containing incredible heresies. Many bore
purported signatures of "Jesus" with acknowledgements by
purported distinguished authors including the "Holy Spirit."

Clearly the landscape of the "New Age" was dotted with
false avatars and Christs of every shape and description. For
the sake of thoroughly documenting my point that we were
indeed in an age of many false Christs and messiahs, I made a
habit of acquiring their materials.

Therefore, I was somewhat less than attentive when I
found a book in a local New Age bookstore entitled The
Reappearance of the Christ, by Benjamin Creme. I did pur-
chase it however, and added it to my ever-growing New Age

Later, while computer cataloging my collection, I was
forced to skim its contents to make a brief description for en-
try purposes. Thereupon, I realized that this was not an
average New Age book about the average false Christ. This
book was clearly special. It appeared that this so-called
Christ was saying he would do the very things the Bible
alerted Christians to watch for in the coming antichrist.

An appendix entitled How the Plan Is Working Out was
authored by Peter Liefhebber, a prominent European jour-

88 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

nalist, and co-authored by Creme himself. It boldly claimed
as proof their plan is working the following facts: activities of
the International Legal Commission (consultants to the
United Nations); the North-South Commission, consisting of
18 international politicians under the chairmanship of former
German Chancellor Willy Brandt; an American Presidential
Commission report on global malnutrition; a UNICEF report;
activity in support of the New International Economic Order,
including a periodic supplement report by 16 major
newspapers; statements by Brazilian archbishop Dom Helder
Camera (a Pierre Teilhard de Chardin admirer); statements
by Nobel Prize winner Professor J. Tinbergen (also affiliated
with the Club of Rome); activities arid enrollment in the
Hunger Project; European Economic Commission activities;
and activity by the World Council of Churches.

It also claimed as proof of Maitreya's presence the absence
of California earthquakes, claiming Maitreya had caused the
Mt. St. Helens volcanic explosion to reduce geological pres-
sure! Although the earthquake part was hard to take, many
of the other facts cited were not. These were tiny aspects of
the overall line of logic appearing on even Christian
bookshelves calling for marshalling and globalization of the
world's resources. The very items I would have sworn were
part of a plan Creme was openly bragging about were indeed
part of a plan!

The same appendix ominously stated:

"All these statements and developments are signs of a
dawning awareness of the position in which our society
finds itself; it is indeed a matter of 'share or die.' In this
awareness, however, lies the implication that it is still
possible to change course. That possibility will become a
certainty as soon as man has pledged himself in support of

Throughout history there have been a number of false
Christs. Their usual tactic is to come along and insist that
they are either Jesus or some type of an Eastern avatar.

Structure and Front Organizations 89

Another characteristic of these false Christs is that they are
far from bashful. They appear, collect dollars and accolades
from their faithful and allow their supporters to house and
feed them in a manner fit for a king.

Here we had a somewhat different situation*, an advance
man for a false Christ who transmitted messages claiming
Jesus was not the Christ. One such transmission from
Maitreya through Creme dated November 10, 1977,

"Those who look for Me in terms of My beloved Disci-
ple, the Master Jesus, will find his qualities in Me."

This should be of great interest to Bible scholars because
of the biblical test of antichrist found in 1 John 2:22:

"Who is a liar but he that denieth Jesus is the Christ? He
is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son" (I John
2:22, KJV).

Skimming Creme's book further, I learned that this false
Christ intended to inaugurate both a new world government
and a new world religion. This religion would feature "mass
planetary initiations." Initiation would, in fact, be the heart
and core of the new world religion. They were going to
change times and laws. Traditional Jewish and Christian
holidays would be replaced with pagan festivals such as
Wesak Festival and a Festival of the Christ — to be celebrated
at full moons, of course.

Creme reiterated the standard New Age teaching that we
are entering the Age of Aquarius. This New Age will be in-
augurated by Maitreya and there will be a necessary "sword
of cleavage" for all refusing to cooperate with Maitreya.

Clearly this book deserved more than a superficial
reading. It apparently required serious study. I resolved to do
just that and the book accompanied me day and night until it
was inadvertently misplaced. Returning to the place of pur-
chase for a replacement I was told the book was out of stock.
However, I was still in luck because Benjamin Creme was

90 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

coming to Unity and I could hear him for myself!

The cashier handed me a brochure proclaiming, 'THE
chure in stunned silence. It was one thing to read a book by
an apparently strange English writer with a Los Angeles
publisher. Somehow, I expected that type of input from such
exotic sources. It was something else, however, to hold in my
hand a brochure announcing his presence in the near future
within the confines of a local and prominent religious
organization. 1 I felt this was a sign that things were much
more advanced than even I had previously believed.

I located a copy of Creme's book in another store and also
purchased some of the titles he set forth in his bibliography.
Creme had noted that he was a follower of Alice Bailey's
esoteric writings. One familiar with the Movement and the
Bailey teachings cannot help but note the close patterning of
developments within the New Age Movement along the lines
set forth by Mrs. Bailey. She is literally followed like a recipe.

Was Maitreya coming to inaugurate a New Age of peace
and light? Or was he coming to inaugurate a reign of terror?
The answers are contained within the Alice Bailey writings.

Creme had recommended The Extemalisation of the
Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey. I must confess it was an ex-
cellent source of information! I learned that the New Age
Movement was at its esoteric core profoundly anti-Christian,
antisemitic, and even anti-Moslem (orthodox Moslem, that is
— not Sufism).

Bailey's books, allegedly transmitted to her through the
'Tibetan Master DK," openly promoted the concept of
Aryanism — a major doctrine of Hitler's Third Reich!

'Since I launched a public attack on the New Age Movement, the local minister of
Unity "(his church openly bills itself as a "New Age Center") publicly denied they had
sponsored Creme. He claimed the sponsorship was by another but refused to say who
that "other" had been. Creme, in the same three-way radio debate between myself,
Creme, and Rev. Williamson, said he could not recall off-hand if Unity had sponsored
him on that occasion, but other Unity ministers and churches had sponsored him and
he completely endorsed all Unity stood for. Rev. Williamson refused to denounce
Creme and even conceded that Maitreya might be the Christ — even though he ad-
mittedly was not Jesusl

Structure and Front Organizations 91

The Movement was sounding amazingly like Nazism
and Maitreya was sounding more and more like another
Hitler. I invested in a few books on the occult background
of the Third Reich and my suspicions were confirmed. The
parallels were covered in a tabulation in another chapter of
this book and the reader should study them carefully.

Although religious fundamentalism has been paralleled
with Nazism, nothing could be further from the truth.
Nazism was an elaborate synthesis of neo-paganism, gnosti-
cism, consciousness-expansion techniques and the occult.
The same things may be said of the New Age Movement.

As Dr. Lewis Sumberg once noted:

"The ability of neo-Paganism to reaffirm itself
militantly and contest with Christianity for men's minds
and bodies tells us that the Nazi nightmare is the most re-
cent but not the final act in a larger human tragedy that
is still being played out. It would be foolish to see the
phenomenon as a specifically 'German problem'; how
unbelievably shallow the Christian faith and ethic are
was amply demonstrated by the unparalleled
recrudescence of neo-Paganism everywhere the swastika

"The rise of occultism and the practice of the black
arts by the myriad secret societies — particularly the
kind represented by satanism — was noted everywhere
in the Germany of the 1920s. That we are witnessing
much the same phenomenon in the United States today
in the ominous and prodigious growth of politico-
religious elitist cults represented by satanism, by
Manson-type 'families/ and by the epidemic of occult-
inspired political assassinations, should cause civilized
men the gravest concern. The authors are doubtless right
in predicting that certain practitioners of the black arts
will yet play a major role in determining the shape of a
not-too-distant future." 2

2 From The Occult and the Third Reich by Jean-Michel Angebert (joint
signature of two French scholars) with introduction by Lewis A.M. Sumberg,
Chairman of the History Department of the University of Tennessee. This book is
an excellent overview of the occultic roots of Nazism. The one quarrel I would

92 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Near-horror gripped me as I read the sourcebook for
this quote — The Occult and the Third Reich. If I possessed
fewer scruples, I could have easily whited out every refer-
ence to Nazism, the Third Reich, and Germany and re-
placed it with The New Age Movement — a worldwide
phenomenon — and re-released it as an up-to-date, authori-
tative text on the New Age Movement. There was abso-
lutely no question about it. The cosmology and cosmogony
of the New Age Movement and Nazism were identical.
From the "Master Race" theory through evolution through
swastikas, there was total identity between these two
political movements. Tibetan Buddhism and Theosophy
played an important role in each. Initiates, adepts and
masters were an important part of each. The pieces of the
puzzle were beginning to come together.

I reread the Book of Revelation, where I saw:

"And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou
marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of
the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads
and ten horns.

"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall
ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition:
and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose
names were not written in the book of life from the
foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that
was, and is not, and yet is.

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven
heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

"And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one
is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh,
he must continue a short space.

have with the writers is that they tend to adopt an assumption prevalent among
occultists that there is a good and bad side to 'The Force." I would argue that it
was more a matter of the degree of initiation, particularly all the more so now
that so many New Agers openly adulate Lucifer. The edition quoted from was
copyrighted © 1974 by MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc. McGraw-Hill also has
published a paperback edition of this important work.

Structure and Front Organizations 93

"And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the
eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition"
(Revelation 17:7-11, KJV).

There were seven kings. The New Agers had said their
Movement was as old as Atlantis and enjoyed a post-
diluvian renaissance and worldwide diffusion at the time of
the founding of Babylon! There were seven Babylonian or
gnostic (mystery-teaching) empires. Five are fallen — the
five gnostic empires preceding Rome. The one in existence
at the time of John's vision was obviously pagan Rome.
The Apostle John wrote the book during the Roman perse-
cution of the Christians.

The one that was not yet come "and when he cometh,
he must continue a short space" — could it possibly have
been Hitler? Who was the beast that was dead and came
back to life?

I discounted the possibility of it being somebody physi-
cally dying and coming back to life for the reason that
reincarnation was never a traditional biblical or
Judeo/ Christian teaching. It seemed more proper to de-
scribe a doctrine of gnosticism and Eastern mysticism. I
knew also that many fundamentalists had interpreted that
beast or the woman riding the beast as the Vatican. I had
to discount the Vatican entirely as actually being the beast,
for it had continued longer than most of the other empires

The Bible had distinctly said that king would continue
only a "short space." Likewise, I had to discount com-
munism as being the beast for the reason that its teachings
were not analogous to those of the other six mystery-
teaching empires. Neither could anyone say with accuracy
that it had been "dead." Communism has enjoyed excellent
health since its inception and prophetically is to meet its
Waterloo at the time of a future invasion of Israel.

Nazism was another story. Nearly everyone has enjoyed
the illusion that it was dead and buried. Morever, Hitler
had actively tried to invoke the spirit of the beast from the

94 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

pit. 3

The Third Reich had practiced unmatched barbarity
towards its Jewish population as well as towards others
classified as "subhuman."

Yes, the pieces were fitting. That beast must be Nazism
— worldwide Nazism without Switzerland to run to — and
the antichrist, whoever he is, the next Fuhrer.

Painstakingly I collected every available scrap of infor-
mation on the mystical roots of Nazism and compared it all
to the data in my possession on the New Age Movement. I
sought the assistance of political science experts who con-
curred that what I was showing them was indeed Nazism
revived — in its purest sense.

With this preparation behind me, I attended the Creme
lecture. Approximately 750 to 800 people were present at
that Detroit gathering. I had known many among them per-
sonally for a number of years. The crowd ranged from in-
fluentials to those on welfare. Detroit's New Age elite had
turned out in force. Anti-hunger organizations flanked the
lobby distributing their literature. The program director for
the Southeastern Michigan Holistic Health Association was
assisting with the preparations and the question and answer

The Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose orga-
nizers were present and showing their approval for the pro-
ceedings by leading the crowd in cheers and standing ova-
tions. Some of the nice people I had met in a Hunger Pro-
ject meeting were there — with starry-eyed expressions.
Prominent lawyers and physicians were in attendance. The
entire Course-in-Miracles class from Detroit Unity Temple
was also there.

Heavily incensed with the same brand as that used in
occult bookstores, the hall had a familiar odor. The au-
dience was truly representative. Rich and poor, black and
white, powerful and powerless — it was a readily accessible

3 See The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, copyright © 1973 by
Trevor Ravenscroft.

Structure and Front Organizations 95

power base for Maitreya and his spokesmen.

With a wave of the hand, Creme seemed to instantly
mesmerize a vast majority of the crowd. As he spoke, the
audience's collective trance deepened.

Calling upon the Lord to spare me from this man's evil
influence, I remembered Daniel's prophecy that the final
world dictator would have power that was not his own:

"And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the
transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce
countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall
stand up.

"And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own
power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall pros-
per, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the
holy people.

"And through his policy also he shall cause craft to
prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his
heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also
stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be
broken without hand" (Daniel 8:23-25, KJV).

Clearly Creme had a power that was not his own — an
evil, hypnotic presence.

I remembered eye-witness accounts of Hitler's hypnotic
powers with awe. According to Ravenscroft, Hitler had
deliberately invoked the spirit of Lucifer.

In a recent radio interview, Benjamin Creme stated to a
listening audience of 28 states and 11 foreign countries that
Lucifer came from the planet Venus, 18 V2 million years ago.
He went on to say that Lucifer had made the supreme sacri-
fice for our planet and was both the prodigal son and the
sacrificial lamb.

According to Creme, Lucifer is in charge of our planetary
evolution. Interestingly enough, this was the same thing that
he said about someone he called "Sanat Kumara." At the time
of his Los Angeles lecture, he had said Sanat Kumara was our
god. Maitreya was to lead the initiates before the feet of Sanat

96 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Since there is obvious identity between Sanat Kumara and
Lucifer, it appears that Maitreya and his spokesmen are in-
volved with the same source of power as was Hitler —
Lucifer. Clearly then, like Hitler before them, Creme, and
Maitreya were enjoying power that was not their own.

Prior to the meeting and during the intermission, those in
attendance were handed a brochure regarding the New Group
of World Servers. An apparent 6-6-6 symbol enclosed in a
triangle and a circle graced the leaflet, It stated that the New
Group of World Servers was to be the vanguard for the reap-
pearance of the Christ. It further said that while some
organizations and religious experiments were good, others
were undesirable and would have no part in the New Age.
The ones that were not desirable were those that "spread the
virus of hatred and separation."

This is exactly what Alice Bailey ascribed as fault to or-
thodox Jews, Christians, and Moslems. The brochure was
openly based on the Alice Bailey teachings as is the entire
concept of "World Servers." Alice Bailey organized the New
Group of World Servers under the direction of her "Tibetan
Master." The brochure also contained a recommended reading
list for "more information." Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian
Conspiracy was at the top of it.

The verbal content of Creme's speech could only be
classified as bizarre. However, the apparently bewitched
audience failed to see it that way. According to Creme, the
world could expect Maitreya the Christ within a few short
months. The Christ and Jesus would stand side by side,
thus ending the controversy as to whether Jesus was the
Christ once and for all. Further, Jesus had never left the
earth. Having been reincarnated, he was living in a
640-year-old body in the Himalayas — a Syrian body at
that. While Jesus had had a resurrected body after the
crucifixion, he had to forfeit that body because "he had not
earned the right to keep it" for the reason that "Jesus was
only a fourth level initiate, whereas Gautama Buddha was

Structure and Front Organizations 97

a sixth level initiate. However, Lord Maitreya himself was a
seventh level initiate and the only one eligible for such a
high level of initiation."

Listening to Creme in horrified fascination, I was re-
minded of the prophecies of Daniel 11:36 and II Thessalon-
ians 2:4:

"And the king shall do according to his will; arid he
shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every
god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God
of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be ac-
complished: for that that is determined shall be done"
(Daniel 11:36, KJV).

"Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is
called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sit-
teth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is
God" (II Thessalonians 2:4, KJV).

I also gained a fresh appreciation for the stern warnings
not to add or subtract from the Book of Revelation. It was
becoming increasingly apparent to me that the prophecies
were being fulfilled in a very literal manner.

I also gained a fresh respect for the inspired words of
the Apostle Peter who said:

"We have also a more sure word of prophecy; where-
unto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that
shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day
star arise in your hearts:

"Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture
is of any private interpretation.

"For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of
man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by
the Holy Ghost" (II Peter 1:19-21, KJV).

Many times during that evening I was scarcely able to_
contain my anger. People were present who were extremely
active in the fight against the Moral Majority. One of the
staunchest campaigners in this effort jumped to his feet and

98 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

led the crowd in a standing ovation for Creme's remarks
that all false Christs and false teachers about the Christ
would "disappear" when Maitreya made his declaration.

Creme received another round of applause when he
stated "democracy will disappear." It was easy to under-
stand why Creme had expressed such hostility to the Bible
and particularly the fundamentalist interpretation. The
Bible exposes him and his cohorts with remarkable preci-
sion and foresight!

Several months later I debated Creme over a local radio
station. He accused me of being a fundamentalist and I told
him he was right. Not only was he right, but I was proud
of it and I could well understand his aversion to it.

It is time we Christians stopped apologizing for our fun-
damentalism and orthodoxy. Fundamentalism was not the
cause of Nazism — occultism was! And we have sat back
idly while the occultists turned their debacle into a propa-
ganda victory by stating that Hitler was an illustration of
the dangers of fundamentalist orthodoxy.

Benjamin Creme and the New Age Movement, of which
Creme is but one tiny part, fit the biblical specifications
identifying the spirit of antichrist with precision.


The New Age Movement
the Fourth Reich?

As we have already noted to a limited extent, one of the
most startling aspects of the New Age Movement, apart from
its apparent fulfillment of biblical prophecy, is its amazing
resemblance to Hitler's Nazism. One of the best-kept secrets
of the twentieth century is the occultic roots and nature of the
religious philosophy at the heart of the Third Reich.

Exactly why this information remained classified for so
long and such pressure was brought to bear upon those hav-
ing intimate knowledge of this will probably remain a
mystery until judgment day.

Nevertheless there are some interesting clues.

It is public knowledge that both Winston Churchill and
Franklin Delano Roosevelt dabbled in the occult. Perhaps the
same conspiring Luciferic spirit that induced Hitler to imple-
ment the darkest practices of occultism moved upon the
Western powers to conceal the esoteric mysticism behind
Nazism. Were they knowing participants in the portion of
"The Plan" revealed by Alice Bailey in the 1930s? Part of
"The Plan" indicates that the New World Order necessary for
total world domination by "The Christ" and "The Masters of
Wisdom" would have to be established upon the foundations
of a world badly traumatized by a severe war. The full truth
may never be known.

At any rate, for all practical purposes, the New Age
Movement appears to qualify as a revival of Nazism. This is
not to call every New Ager a Nazi. A substantial number of
those participating in the New Age Movement are probably
innocently involved for the finest and best of motives.

Similar to Nazism, the New Age Movement is organized
like a gigantic corporation. Also, like Nazism, the Movement


100 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

is based upon a structure of initiates, adepts and masters.
High level initiates always know more than low-level in-
itiates. Chiefs always know more than Indians. Colonels and
majors are always told more than privates of the plans and
direction of the military. As in any large organization, most
people quietly do their jobs without knowing the full nature
of what they are involved with or precisely where they per-
sonally fit in the scheme of things. Most of the rank and file
of any large organization do not see the big picture, whereas
the management either does or should know the fine details
and overall scope of the operation.

While still a very young child. Hitler was initiated into the
finer mysteries of the occult. He attended a Benedictine
monastery school near his German home. The abbot in
charge was fascinated by the lore of the Albigensians or
Cathars, who could probably be accurately classified as early
New Agers in that they believed man could gain the powers
of a god. The occult interests Hitler gained in this school,
stayed with him all of his adult life and helped to shape his
future spiritual philosophy.

While Hitler was in Vienna pursuing a career as an archi-
tect and artist, he spent his spare time in occult bookstores
and libraries, acquainting himself with the mysteries of
metaphysical lore and gaining the acquaintance of adepts in
both "white" and "black" magic. Transcendent states of con-
sciousness and mind expansion fascinated him and he
devoted every spare cent and minute to the pursuit of higher
consciousness. Yoga, astrology, Eastern and Western "paths"
to this goal proved too slow for his ambitions and like many
impetuous New Agers of today, he decided to accelerate the
process by supplementing meditation with drugs.

Mescaline was used to transport him to the highest state
of consciousness where he could look into what New Agers
and occultists call the "Akashic Record" — a demonic version
of historical and future events. Hitler's aim in taking this ac-
celerated path was to gain a perspective on his future destiny.

Successful in contacting the top, Hitler rightly believed he

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? 101

had established communication with Lucifer, from whom he
openly coveted possession. Studies have shown that mind-
expansion drugs, and transcendental as well as other forms of
meditation that require the emptying of the mind, produce
the same type of side effects, including flashbacks and delu-
sions of grandeur. From that point, Hitler suffered the known
side effects of both prolonged meditation and mind-
expanding drug abuse.

However, the side effects pale in the light of the major ef-
fects: establishing Hitler in power and enabling him to
transform and control a nation. If the hypnotic effect of dab-
bling in occultism worked for Hitler, it would work for a na-
tion. For that reason, occultism played a prominent role both
in establishing Hitler in power and in maintaining that

As the book of Daniel revealed concerning the antichrist:

"And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own
power . . ." (Daniel 8:24, KJV).

What was said of the forerunner of the antichrist — the
"beast" could also be said, although to a lesser degree, of all
who open themselves to the "Luciferic energies" sought
through the practice of occultism.

Both Nazism and the New Age Movement are politi-
cal/spiritual entities based on the same esoteric foundations:
the "Secret Doctrine" which has been at the base of all pagan
religions and at the base of esoteric "Christianity."

Perhaps that "Secret Doctrine" might be best summarized
as being the antithesis of Judeo/Christian beliefs. The Secret
Doctrine glorifies Lucifer and all the practices condemned in
the Bible.

The Secret Doctrine also glorifies the pre-flood world, a
world that, according to both the Bible and the Secret Doc-
trine, was alive with demonic contact and psycho/spiritual

Understanding this gives special significance for today to
the statement by Jesus: "As it was in the days of Noah, so it

102 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

shall be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man."

The days of Noah carried far larger implications than
mere crime and violence. They were also characterized by ac-
tive human involvement with demonic forces. Genesis,
chapter six, records the fact that the "sons of God," which
some interpret as "beings from the spirit world" or demons,
procreated with the "daughters of men." This type of in-
volvement with mankind, if directly demonic, was un-
doubtedly a motivating force behind the other crimes of
violence that proliferated, moving God to give the world a
final warning through Noah. He alone was ultimately saved
along with his wife, his three sons and three daughter-in-
laws, from the destroying deluge.

For all the New Ager's scorn of the foregoing account, it is
mirrored, though distorted, in the same occultic doctrines
they profess. Moreover, shrouded in the mists of "Atlantis,"
which may well refer to the pre-Noahic era, are the roots of
both New Age doctrine and Nazism.

A portion of this doctrine deals with the origins of the
races of mankind. The "Secret Doctrine" held that they
originated in Atlantis and that one of the seven Atlantean
races was that of the Aryans. Although there were supposed-
ly six other Atlantean races — Toltecs, Rmoahals, Tlavatli,
Turanians, Akkadians, and Mongols — the Aryans were the
master-race or supermen of the Atlantean races.

But they did not become supermen by ordinary evolution
or mutation. They took a quantum leap upward in order to
give them the necessary faculties to live in a post-diluvian
world. While losing some qualities that were coveted, such as
magical powers over the forces of nature and psychic
development, they gained faculties of brain development and
"superior intelligence" over the other surviving races who
were supposedly inferior in blood stock and mental faculties.

They were allegedly educated by God-men or even more
advanced supermen and taught to protect their superior
blood stock at all costs. What supposedly distinguished them
from the other "inferior" races was their more highly

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich? 103

"evolved" intellects. These "superior" intellects, however,
had been developed at the sacrifice of the so-called "spiritual"
or psychic natures. To remedy this "deficiency" and see that
psychic powers were not lost from the Aryan race, the pro-
cess of initiation was developed by their "masters."

Initiation thus became the sine qua non or prerequisite for
leadership in Aryan society, as only the initiates or adepts
could communicate with the so-called supermen or "higher
powers" who were needed to give direction to the race.

This doctrine of Aryanism is an integral part of the New
Age, as well as of Nazism, and other forms of antisemitism
and racism. In contrast, the Jews were set apart by God to pre-
serve his truth in an era when the Mystery teachings had
spread throughout the world through polytheism and pan-
theism (the Bible specifically says that all men are of one blood.
It also declares that Abraham and his descendants were).

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, St. Paul specifically
said that all distinctions, even between Jew and Gentile, were
abolished. Where the doctrine prevails that all men are
created in the image of God, it is hard to maintain racism and
antisemitism. Where the doctrine abounds that men have
evolved from differing root races and are at varying stages of
evolutionary development, it becomes easy to justify
classification and discrimination.

"Final solutions" become the logical next step. This was
never God's plan. Nations were punished for idolatry and in-
fanticide — not for their blood-strains.

Such doctrines of Aryan superiority lay at the base of
Nazism. They are also found as a justification for religious
persecution for the reason that a key component of the doc-
trine of Aryan superiority included a belief that consciousness
development is at stake. For that reason, Hitler included
Christians on his extermination list — after he began murder-
ing the Jews.

The New Agers have a slightly different order. Jews are on
the list as soon as they are finished with the Christians. But
both groups are high on priority for persecution, with the

104 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Jews faring slightly worse than the Christians. At the esoteric
core of their philosophy and plans, the New Agers maintain
the old occult Aryan doctrine of a blood taint resting upon
those of Jewish extraction.

A few quotes from Alice A. Bailey, the now-deceased
New Age high priestess, will illustrate the occultic bias
toward world Jewry which has been incorporated by
reference in the Movement that Alice Bailey helped to

"Today the law [karma] is working, and the Jews are
paying the price, factually and symbolically, for all they
have done in the past. Factually and symbolically . . . they
stand as they have ever chosen to stand, for separation
['evil' is defined by Alice Bailey as 'separation']. They
regard themselves as the chosen people and have an innate
consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting their sym-
bolic role and that it is Humanity which is the chosen peo-
ple and not one small and unimportant fraction of the
race. . . . They demand the so-called restitution of
Palestine, wresting it away from those who have inhabited
it for many centuries; and by their continued emphasis
upon material possession they lose sight of the true solu-
tion. . . . The problem is one to which the Jews themselves
must make the larger contribution. They have never yet
faced candidly and honestly {as a race) the problem of why
the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have
neither liked nor wanted them. . . , Yet there must be
some reason, inherent in the people themselves, when the
reaction is so general and universal. . . . Their demand
has been for the Gentile nations to put the matter right,
and many Gentiles have attempted to do so. Until, how-
ever, the Jews themselves face up to the situation and ad-
mit that there may be for them the working out of the
retributive aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect [Law of
Karma], and until they endeavor to ascertain what it is in
them, as a race, which has initiated their ancient and dire
fate, this basic world issue will remain as it has been since
the very night of time. . . . The [Jewish] problem will be
solved by the willingness of the Jew to conform to the

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? 105

civilisation, the cultural background and the standards of
living of the nation to which ... he is related and with
which he should assimilate. It will come by relinquishment
of the pride of race and of the concept of selectivity; it will
come by renouncing dogmas and customs which are intrin-
sically obsolete and which create points of constant irrita-
tion to the matrix within which the Jew finds himself; it
will come when selfishness in business relations and the
pronounced manipulative tendencies of the Hebrew people
are exchanged for more selfless and honest forms of activi-
ty. .. . The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end
his isolation, to bring him to the point of relinquishing
material goals, of renouncing a nationality that has a
tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries
of other nations, and to express inclusive love, instead of
separative unhappiness" (Esoteric Healing, p. 263, et. ■■■

All the other Alice Bailey books express this same anti-
semitic tenor.

In The Rays and the Initiations, she stated that the new
"messiah" would not be Jewish as the Jews had forfeited that
privilege by not recognizing the former Messiah and that the
Jews needed to learn humility more than any other people.
She went on to say that perhaps after they have passed
through "fires of purification" they might be suitable stock
for a new "Christ."

This was not written in 1920 or 1930. Alice Bailey penned
these words under the direction of the so-called "Tibetan
Master" in 1949 when the entire world knew what had hap-
pened to the Jews of Europe.

Furthermore, in Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, Alice Bailey
said that the Jewish problem might well be astrological in

"The personality ray, the material form ray of the
Jewish people, is the third ray. Their egoic ray is the first.
Their astrological sign is Capricorn with Virgo rising. Mer-
cury and Virgo play a prominent part in their destiny.
These clues should suffice to give to the advanced student

106 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

and astrologer those salient points which will give him light
upon their strange history. Because of this third ray influence,
you have the tendency of the Jew to manipulate forces and
energies, and to pull strings' in order to bring about desired
ends. As a race, they are natural law makers, and hence their
tendency to dominate and govern, because their egoic ray is
the first. Hence also the constant appearance of the goat in
their history, and their teaching about the virgin mother who
should give birth to the Messiah" (p. 94).

An ominous warning was given to Jews who might con-
sider rejecting Maitreya, the New Age Christ, in Alice
Bailey's The Reapparance of the Christ:

"Christ came to bring an end to the Jewish dispensation
which should have climaxed and passed away as a religion
with the movement of the sun out of Aries into Pisces. He,
therefore, presented Himself to them as their Messiah,
manifesting through the Jewish race. In the rejection of
Christ as the Messiah, the Jewish race has remained sym-
bolically and practically in the sign Aries, the Scapegoat;
they have to pass — again speaking symbolically — into
the sign, Pisces, the Fishes, and recognise their Messiah
when He comes again in the sign Aquarius. Otherwise,
they will repeat their ancient sin of non-response to the
evolutionary process. They rejected that which was new
and spiritual in the desert; they did it again in Palestine
2000 years ago; will they do it again, as opportunity is of-
fered to them? The difficulty with the Jew is that he re-
mains satisfied with the religion of nearly 5000 years ago
and shows as yet little desire to change" (page 81).

The same theme was picked up with hostility to Chris-
tianity for its Jewish antecedents thrown in on page 127 of the
same source:

"Next followed Aries the Ram, which saw the start of
the Jewish dispensation which is of importance to the Jews
and unfortunately of importance to the Christian religion,
but of no importance to the untold millions in the other
parts of the world."

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? 107

The Nazi theme of Aryan purity of blood is found
throughout the Alice Bailey books. With a display of either
massive ignorance or massive dishonesty, David Spangler at-
tempts to deny the obvious by stating that this was a dif-
ferent form of Aryanism than that subscribed to by Hitler:

"An example of how this affects us at this time is the ex-
istence on the astral plane of a very powerful thought-form
born out of an event held within the racial memory of the
Aryan race, which is the progenitor of the source of
Western culture as we know it — a thought-form that can
best be expressed by the simple phrase, 'original sin,' the
Fall, a concept which has no meaning whatsoever to the
root races, the oriental races, that have preceded our own.
Part of the reason for this is that the Aryan race is the first
race in evolutionary progression of man to come into full
grips with its power of mind. Perhaps I should say here
that what I mean by the Aryan race is not the blond, blue-
eyed Superman that Hitler was speaking of, or the Ger-
manic race. The Aryan term is a generic term that refers to
that group of people which migrated millennia ago from
Asia, and spread throughout Africa and Europe."

The Aryan Spangler is speaking of is the one and the same
brand as that promoted by Hitler, His perspective is straight
out of The Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,
the founder of the Theosophical Society and to whom the
New Agers trace their modern roots. This teaching, which is
the same as that followed by Hitler, is that the Germanic
peoples were actually Asian migrants, having "migrated
millenia ago from Asia, and spread throughout Africa and
Europe" as Spangler so succinctly puts it.

It seems reasonable to ask how Spangler, probably the
most important figure in the New Age Movement today, and
considered its leading esotericist, could be ignorant of this
similarity to Nazism or the Nazi belief that they were heirs of
the old Asian migrants. Certainly, the fault is not that of the
Baileys and Lucis Trust.

Although the Movement is characterized by much arcane

108 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

double-talk which clouds some of its real positions, its leaders
have gone to great pains to let its initiates in on the fact that
Hitler was one of them.

In his book Running God's Plan, Alice Bailey's husband,
Foster Bailey, stated in 1972:

"Another approved hierarchical project is the uniting
of the nations of Europe in one cooperating peaceful com-
munity. The plan is not for a new all-Europe government
nor for a common language, but for right national rela-
tions dedicated to the welfare of the people living in those
countries undistorted by national pride, ambitions and
prejudices. . . . This project is quite a different proposi-
tion to those in Africa and Russia. It was initiated some
years ago and got underway as 'Pan Europa.' Many ways
were tried to promote this plan, but the idea was not suffi-
ciently idealised by, the people who were a bit too
sophisticated and firm in their belief in the practical value
of selfishness. Here we are dealing with a most intelligent
people, highly organised, well-educated, alert to world af-
fairs, but proud of their differences and convinced of their
Tightness about all things. This was therefore a much
tougher problem but dear to the heart of the 'European

"One attempt was to begin by uniting the peoples living
in the Rhine River valley using that river as a binding fac-
tor. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not work. Now
another attempt is in full swing, namely the six nation
European Common Market" (pp. 14-15).

Even a failing history student will recognize the fact that it
was Hitler who tried to unite Europe, using the Rhine River
valley as a binding factor!

Is Spangler really so naive? Or is he practicing another
tactic used by Hitler — the big lie technique?

The pre-war climate that gave rise to Nazism is similar to
that now existing — one ripe for the growth of Fascism and
Nazi-type philosophies. It was an atmosphere climaxed with
disappointment over political events. Germany had ex-

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? 109

perienced the trauma of war-time defeat and post-war infla-
tion with its accompanying hardships. The youth of Ger-
many tried to escape the harsh tenor of the times by turning
to wandervogel and eastern mysticisms, studied in concert
with German and Nordic mythology — mythologies of a
never-never land where ancient adepts were always invinci-
ble and defeat existed only as a state of mind.

The United States finds itself in a very similar situation.
We have the wounded national pride and shame of a Vietnam
War gone sour. Soldiers did not come home to a heroes'
welcome, but to silence and indifference. The country has
long been in the throes of a defective economy. And par-
ticularly since the Vietnamese War — even during that war
for many — there has been a massive turning to wandervogel
and eastern mysticisms, with the route to transcendental con-
sciousness accelerated by the widespread use of drugs — as
was also the case in post- World War One Germany.

Those seeking a revival of neo-paganism and enhanced
use of Eastern mysticism for the masses have welcomed this
trend, but others have rightly viewed it with alarm.

Particularly among European scholars, who are residents
of countries overrun by Nazi Germany during World War II
and who have firsthand knowledge of the dangers of Nazism,
there has been great concern.

Two prominent French scholars, writing under the joint
signature of Jean-Michel Angebert, stated in their classic The
Occult and the Third Reich, released in the English edition by
MacMillan Press in 1974:

"The Hitlerian myth can be understood only if viewed
in the context of the particular philosophical system that
produced it, which is itself but one link in an historical
tradition going back over centuries.

"Those who induced Germany to embrace the swastika
are not dead. They are still among us, just as they have
been in every era, and doubtless will continue to be until
the Apocalypse. National Socialism was for them but a
means, and Hitler was but an instrument. The undertaking

110 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

failed. What they are now trying to do is revive the myth
using other means" (p. xvi).

Or, to restate what was quoted before by Foster Bailey in
regards to the previous "hierarchical project" to unite the na-
tions using the Rhine River valley as a binding factor: "It was
an attempt by a disciple but did not work."

The cosmology and cosmogony of Nazism and the New
Agers are identical.

Both Nazism and the New Age Movement are programs
for expediting the "path" to "transcendental consciousness,"
for the transformation of the masses through initiation into
the "mysteries." Occult teachings and pagan practices were
injected into the mainstream of a nation during Hitler's

For example, Hitler's crack SS operation under the direc-
tion of Heinrich Himmler was forced to undergo group initia-
tions in the pagan mysteries. Shrouded in Aryan grail
esoterics, the initiate's goal was to gain psychic abilities and
superhuman strength.

Hitler established a Bureau of the Occult or Ahninerne as
both a part of his established German government and also a
separate bureau as part of the SS. Leading German scholars
and intellectuals were drafted for service to perform research
for these organizations, just as a young man could be drafted
for the purpose of fighting on the Russian front.

The teachings of Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme and David
Spangler, together with a host of other New Age writers,
state that we shall undergo a mass planetary initiation in the
New Age. The specifics of that "initiation" which is called a
"Luciferic initiation" are discussed in the chapter entitled
"Satanism and Luciferism in the New Age." Discussed also in
that chapter is Spangler's statement of what will happen to
those who refuse to accept the New Age Christ and "initia-

Nazi esotericists, including Hitler, believed in an occult
doctrine known as the "Macrocosm/Microcosm" theory of

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? Ill

the universe. This is a standard New Age belief as well.

New Age esotericists believe in the existence of "masters"
who are organized in a "Hierarchy" headed by a New Age
Messiah. The Nazis likewise believed in the existence of a
hierarchy of "masters" headed by a New Age Christ whom
they considered to be their very own Hitler, as Hitler himself

This continuity of doctrines is possible because of the
preservation of neo-pagan/occult teachings and the esoteric
teachings of Eastern mysticism through a system of initiates,
adepts, and masters. As the translator stated in the preface of
Jean-Michel Angebert's The Occult and the Third Reich:

'The significance of these findings is that there is thus as
much reason to speak of a neo-Pagan continuum or tradition
in the West as of a Judeo-Christian one. The first, like the sec-
ond, has its dogma, ritual, symbols, prophets, and adepts. As
in all major religions, it is through the priesthood (as ex-
emplified in the Nazi strain by the esoteric Vril Society, Thule
Society, Society of the Seekers of the Grail, and seminaries of
the Ordensburgen) that it perpetuates itself, by means of a
concentration of occult power located in its initiatory centers,
whose knowledge and symbols are as inaccessible to the
masses as to the enemy" (p. xii).

Another interesting point of reference, among hundreds
of points of reference, is that the New Agers commonly
believe that by undergoing the various "spiritual disciplines"
such as yoga, meditation, mind-control classes, etc., they can
become co-creators with the universe. They believe that they
have "evolved" by such practices. There is a chilling similari-
ty between their statements in this regard and the remarks of

John White said in the introduction to the 1979 Interna-
tional Cooperation Council Directory (now known as the
Unity-in-Diversity Council):

"What is coming to pass today . . . is not a generation
gap or a communications gap. . . . Rather, it is a species

112 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

gap. A new species is making its way onto the planet and
asserting its right to life. This inevitably brings it into con-
flict with the dominant species. And that dominant species
is a dying species. . . . These events and the greatly ac-
celerated interest and exploration in psychotechnologies,
spiritual disciplines and sacred traditions are manifesta-
tions of a new, more intelligent species coming into exis-
tence, with resistance from the dominant species, and
developing a unified planetary culture.

"There is a mighty leap forward in survivolution occur-
ring, and the result is a vast sorting-out process among
people. They are trying to discover what species they
belong to. . . . We can become, in a sense, co-creators
with the cosmos. . . . That is what meditation and other
spiritual disciplines are all about. . . .

"... There is an evolutionary advance taking place in
the world today as a new and higher form of humanity
takes control of the planet . . . and therefore surviving
while the older species dies out from a massive overdose of
irrationalism. Outwardly, these mutant humans resemble
the earlier forms. The difference is inward, in their
changed mentality, in their consciousness. . . .

"Homo noeticus is the name I give to the emerging form
of humanity" (from pages 13-15, excerpted).

If this sounds familiar to Nazi scholars, it is because it
should. Hitler himself said almost identically the same thing:

"Creation is not yet completed. Man must pass through
many further stages of metamorphosis. Post-Atlantean
man is already in a state of degeneration and decline, bare-
ly able to survive. . . . All creative forces will be concen-
trated in a new species. The two types of man, the old and
the new, will evolve rapidly in different directions. One
will disappear from the face of the earth, the other will
flourish. . . . This is the real motive behind the National
Socialist Movement!" (as quoted in The Spear of Destiny
by Trevor Ravenscroft, Bantam Book Edition, p. 250).

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ? 113

Also, and probably most importantly, both Movements
believe in the use of blinds to throw non-initiates off their
trail. Nazis frequently labeled the most sinister of actions by
benign names, as do the New Agers. Extermination of Jews
and gypsies was not called a killing. It was called a "cleansing
action." Death camps were disguised to look like health
camps. Mass exterminations of whole area populations were
labeled "resettlements."

The use of "blinds" is a well-accepted tactic to keep those
not in sympathy with its aims from learning the specifics of
"The Plan." For that reason. New Agers likewise use blinds to
keep the general public from learning all that they are about.

The "blinds" consist of deliberately false and contradic-
tory information being included in an occult writing that is
likely to come into the hands of the general reader, as have
the New Age writings since Alice Bailey's permission to go
public was implemented in 1975, the year she had specified.

One such use of this technique is illustrated in Volume 5
of the Adyar Edition of The Secret Doctrine by Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky:

"In view of the abstruse nature of the subject dealt
with, the present Paper [Paper 2] will begin with an ex-
planation of some points which remained obscure in the
preceding one, as well as of some statements in which there
was an appearance of contradiction.

"Astrologers, of whom there are many among the esoteri-
cists, are likely to be puzzled by some statements distinctly
contradicting their teachings; while those who know nothing
of the subject may perhaps find themselves opposed at the
outset by those who have studied the exoteric [outwardly
known] systems of the Kabalah and astrology. For let it be
distinctly known, nothing of that which is printed, broadcast,
and available to every student in public libraries or museums,
is really esoteric [secret, hidden], but is either mixed with
deliberate blinds,' or cannot be understood and studied with
profit without a complete glossary of occult terms" (p. 435).

114 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Following suit, Alice A. Bailey, also instructed her
students in the Arcane School as well as those would-be pro-
bationers and initiates reading her books that she, like
Madame Blavatsky, used blinds. However, they really were
not concerned about this, because they truly believed that
only an initiate would understand what was written anyway
— ignoring the fact that it is God who dispenses wisdom!

The organization of the New Age Movement is also chill-
ingly reminiscent of Hitler's Germany. Apart from its parent
councils, such as the Unity-in-Diversity Council and
Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose which pro-
fesses to be a network of networks, the New Age Movement
is not organized as an organization per se. {Appendix B con-
tains sample materials from the Unity-in-Diversity Council
showing a few of their goals and organizational structure.)

Instead it is literally a network of networks with some im-
portant pivotal organizations at its core. The beauty of the
particular form of organization they have adopted is that
whenever an organization or individual becomes embarrass-
ing to them — as did Jim Jones — they can quickly close up
their fish-net-type structure to exclude that person or
organization as though he or it had never been a part.

Following is a chart which gives a more detailed correla-
tion between Hitlerian Nazism and the New Age Movement.


Nazism was an offshoot of The New Age Movement is

occultic practices and teachings. based on occultic practices and

The Nazis had a Bureau of the teachings, particularly the writings

Occult as a part of the German of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,

government under Hitler. This was (especially The Secret Doctrine),
known as the SS Occult Bureau. and Alice A. Bailey, who claimed

Another such agency was the Nazi to be receiving telepathic messages
Occult Bureau. from the Tibetan Master Dwjal.

Khul, All forms of occultism and
mind expansion are permitted and
encouraged within the New Age

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich ?


Nazism taught the doctrine of
Aryanism and Aryan purity and
that the "New Age" would feature
an Aryan mutant "master race."

The New Age Movement
teachings stress the doctrine of
Aryanism and Aryan purity. See
especially Alice A. Bailey's
writings and the writings of David

The New Agers believe that
through meditation and other
"spiritual disciplines" that they
have become a "new species" —
homo noeticus as opposed to
homo sapiens and that homo
sapiens is a dying species. They
teach that the Jews are from a
different solar system (Alice Bailey
teachings) and that the orientals
and blacks are from a different
root race. Occidental races must
control the world as they are
presently our most evolved root

Nazism featured hatred of Jews
and an ancient occultic doctrine
of a blood taint resting on the
Jews and that there was a need for
a final "correct solution" to this
"Jewish problem."

The Secret Doctrine of occultism
features hatred of the Jews. The
writings of Alice Bailey, which
have been followed meticulously
by the New Age Movement, state
that the new "messiah" will not be
Jewish as the Jews have forfeited
that privilege and that they must
pass through the fires of
purification in order to learn
humility. (See The Rays and the
Initiations by Alice A. Bailey. This
particular passage regarding the
New "Messiah" was written in
1949 when the entire world knew
what had happened to Europe's
Jewish population.) These
teachings are also strongly
opposed to "Zionism" and the
possession of a homeland by the
Jewish people. These teachings
also state that what happened to
the Jewish people in WW II was a
result of their "bad national


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Hitler was an initiate of
occultic practices, including
yoga, Tibetanism, hypnotism,
the Secret Doctrine of Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky and the
Tibetan Masters.

Benjamin Creme says that
"Maitreya the Christ" is a seventh-
and degree initiate. Entrance into the
New Age requires a
Luciferic initiation.

Nazism featured the quest for
the "Holy Grail" as a path to
transcendental or "higher

The Nazis believed in the Law
of Karma and reincarnation.

The New Age Movement
features the quest for the Holy
Grail as a path to transcendental
or higher consciousness.

The New Agers believe in the
Law of Karma and reincarnation.

The Nazis and particularly
Hitler sought to embody Luciferic

Hitler used mescaline to speed
up consciousness expansion.

The Nazis thought they had
evolved into a new and superior
species by means of "spiritual
disciplines" and "consciousness

The New Agers and particularly
David Spangler, one of the leading
New Age spokespersons, state that
the Luciferic energies are positive
as they are the "energy of
anticipation" and the energies that
"get a person from here to there."

The use of drugs as a
catalyst in consciousness
expansion has long been a part of
the New Age Movement.

The New Agers think they
have evolved into a new and
superior 1 species — homo noeticus
as opposed to homo sapiens by
means of "spiritual disciplines"
and "consciousness evolution."

Hitler encouraged the
organization of young men into
the Brown Shirts for the purpose
of keeping order in the cities and
village neighborhoods. The Brown
Shirts were trained in the martial
arts such as karate and generally
performed guard-type operations.

Members of the SS
(Schutzstaffel), or protection
squad, were inducted by a pagan-
style initiation ceremony.

The New Agers through Curtis
Sliwa have encouraged the
organization of young men and
women into the Guardian Angels
for the purpose of patrolling cities
and neighborhoods. The Guardian
Angels are trained in martial arts
such as karate and aikido.

Members of the U.S. Military
New Age-oriented First Earth
Battalion are initiated in a pagan-
style initiation ceremony.

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich?


The Nazis believed in breeding
of children controlled by the

The Nazis operated free
maternity homes in the interests
of breeding a master race.

Hitler encouraged the
recruitment and use of convicts.

Nazism sought the institution
of a New World Order in which
the Aryan race would predominate
and control.

Nazism was a synthesis of
occultism and gnosticism, based
on The Secret Doctrine and a
synthesis of the old "Mystery
Teachings" and Eastern Religions.

Nazism came to power by
Hitler appealing to the rich that
his regime would increase their
control and be more efficient and
telling the poor that his regime
would mean sufficient resources
for them to exist on.

Many New Agers, and most
top-level New Agers, advocate
requiring people to be licensed in
order to have children. Friends of
the Earth are particularly vocal in
this regard.

The New Agers have an
operation known as The Farm in
Tennessee which has a free
maternity home and women are
told they can leave their babies for
as short or as long a period as
they like. (As a practical matter, it
is almost impossible from a legal
standpoint to regain custody of a
child left for a long period of

The New Agers encourage the
recruitment and use of convicts.
Signs of Christ by Harold Bah/oz,
specifically mentions it and there are
many, many New Age projects
designed specifically for the
recruitment and conditioning of
convicts to orient them to New Age

The New Age Movement seeks
the institution of a New World
Order in which Aryanism will

The New Age Movement is a
synthesis of occultism and
gnosticism, based on The Secret
Doctrine, the Alice Bailey teaching,
and a synthesis of Eastern religions
and the old "Mystery Teachings."

The New Age Movement has
obtained the support of the rich
and powerful, such as the Chase
Manhattan Bank and heads of
major corporations, by telling them
that the New Age teachings are
good for entrepreneur-ship and


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Nazi adepts believed the gods
lived in Shamballa.

Nazism was hostile to orthodox
and fundamentalist Christianity
and sought to replace the cross
with the swastika.

business, and of many of the poor
by telling them that they wiD
redistribute the world's assets and
establish a New World Economic

New Age initiates believe the
gods are established in Shamballa.

The New Age Movement is
hostile to orthodox and
fundamentalist Christianity and
seeks to replace the cross with the

rainbow and the swastika.

Hitler referred to his scheme to
take over as "Mein Kampf" or
"My Plan."

Hitler forced his underlings to
go through occult initiation rites.

The New Agers call their
scheme to take over "The Plan"
and in the transmissions from "Lord
Maitreya" through Benjamin Creme,
Maitreya calls it "My Plan."

The writings of Creme,
Spangler, Alice Bailey, and other
important New Agers state we will
be forced to undergo initiation if
we wish to enter the New Age

Nazis believed the roots of
their Aryanism were first found in

Hitler said in Mein Kampf that
the problem with Christianity lies
with its Jewish antecedents.

The Nazis believed a new
superior mutant species of
Aryans can be brought into
existence by development of
"Higher Consciousness."

Heinrich Himmler, like many
other Nazis, had an anti-Catholic

The New Agers trace their
Secret Doctrine and occult
teachings to Atlantis.

Creme, Alice Bailey, Theodore
Roszak, and other important New
Age writers say the problem with
Christianity is that it has presented
a teaching of Christ "straight out
of the old and outworn Jewish

The New Agers believe a new
superior mutant species of
Aryans can be brought into
existence by development of

"Higher Consciousness."

Benjamin Creme, the spokesman
for Tara Center and "Maitreya the

The New Age Movement — the Fourth Reich?


bias. He even went so far as to
advocate the public execution of
the Pope and to compel Catholic
SS members to leave the Roman
Catholic faith.

The Nazis, through Heinrich
Himmler, developed a secret file
that eventually included a dossier
on nearly all Germans.

Hitler moved to disassociate
himself from troublesome elements
supporting him whenever they
proved to be embarrassing. For
example, when Rohm's Brown
Shirts proved to be an
embarrassment, he moved to
disassociate himself from them and
organized the Black Shirts (SS) in
their place.

The Nazis instituted a program
of quietly killing children with
birth defects and mental patients.
Hitler instituted this program after
receiving a letter from the father
of a deformed child requesting that
the child be put to death. One way
was to starve the child.

Christ," has publicly stated that
the Pope will be forced to bend
his knee to "Maitreya the Christ."
Hatred of Catholicism shines
through the Alice Bailey writings
which are followed meticulously
by the New Agers.

The New Agers, through
Buckminster Fuller and the World
Game Laboratories, advocate
computerizing all information
whatever and allowing anyone
who desires access to this
information. For example, all
purchases and resources
whatsoever would be

Marilyn Ferguson, writing in
The Aquarian Conspiracy, said
that the Movement was not
dependent on any individual or
organization because of its
network composition. For
example, the New Agers were
proud to claim Jim Jones and his
Peoples Temple as their own until
his Guyana murder-suicide fiasco.
After that, they never ever
mentioned him again except to
point to him as an example of the
dangers of religious
fundamentalism; yet the insiders in
the Movement knew all along that
he was one of theirs and never
into orthodox or fundamental

New Agers have advocated
and supported legislation and
medical practices of euthanasia
and death by starvation and
termination of life support systems.
One rationale given for this is the
will of the parents and the inability
to support children with such
immense needs.


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

The Nazis referred to their
promotion of local antisemites
murdering Jews as "self-cleansing"
and the murder of Jews as a
"cleansing action."

A common Nazi tactic was to
burn down synagogues —
sometimes with people in them.

The New Agers believe that a
"cleansing action" will be necessary
to rid the world of "evil" (defined
as anything that causes separation.
Separation is defined as caused by
God-fearing religions — Jews,
Christians, and orthodox

At least one prominent New
Ager, Gina Cerminara, has stated
that when the people learn what
the churches are really all about,
they will probably burn them


Recruitment and Conditioning

It goes without saying, of course, that the New Age
Movement and its leadership cannot launch its hoped-for
Age of Aquarius and install its "Christ" until and unless there
is a substantial portion of the population conditioned to ac-
cept him.

As might logically be expected then, there has been a well-
orchestrated propaganda drive aimed at conditioning the
public into acceptance of a "New World Order." The patterns
that have actually been followed or paralleled by the New
Age Movement were set forth by Alice A. Bailey and H.G.

According to Alice Bailey, the general public was to be
familiarized with the concept of a "Hierarchy." In 1946 she
instructed the New Age disciples that the conditioning should
emphasize the following:

1. The evolution of humanity with particular attention
to its goal of perfection.

2. Relation of the individual soul to all souls (doctrine
of unity or interdependence of all life).

3. The belief in the spiritual Hierarchy will then be
deduced as a result of a belief in the previous two goals
"and the normality of its existence emphasized." Along
with this it will be taught that the "Kingdom has always
been present" but unrecognized due to the "relatively few
people who express, as yet, its quality."

4. After the first three teachings have taken effect and
the recognition of them has become general, then it will be
emphasized that there are those among us who have
already reached a goal of "soul control" (i.e., possession).


122 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

The foregoing scheme, set forth in The Externalisation of the
Hierarchy, was also to include a gradual inculcation of the idea
of the bodily presence among us of the so-called "masters." This
idea was in its turn to be followed by, of course, a recognition
that one lucky individual in the world had achieved total evolu-
tionary progress, i.e. the "Christ Consciousness," and that in-
dividual would serve as head of the "Hierarchy" as "Director of
the Kingdom of God on Earth."

Other things were to be taught to prepare the world for
the "New Age" and the "New Age Christ" as well.

Mind control and meditation were to be taught. Color
therapy was to be emphasized. Music therapy and holistic
health were additional items to be added to this eclectic diet
for a "New Age." New Age symbols such as the rainbow,
Pegasus, the unicorn, the all-seeing-eye of freemasonry, and
triple-sixes were to be increasingly displayed.

The Movement was to keep a low profile until 1975 . Then
it had permission to take everything public — including the
very fact and nature of "The Plan" itself. Everything hidden
was to be revealed and there was to be a no-holds-barred
propaganda drive after that time, spreading the previously
esoteric teachings of the New Age along with the anticipation
of a New Age Christ by every media vehicle available. How-
ever, even before 1975, the stage had been carefully set.

Not coincidentally following marching orders set forth by
H. G. Wells in his The Open Conspiracy — Blueprints for a
World Revolution, the Movement worked in alliance with all
sorts of movements and people. The .Movement handled
these activities carefully so as to avoid taking fundamentalists
and other religious orthodox adherents into its confidence on
the peculiarly occult nature of the underlying esoteric blue-
prints for the Movement.

According to Wells, the first overt act of this "Open Con-
spiracy" was to.be "the putting upon record of its members' res-
ervation of themselves from any or all of the military obli-

The rationale behind this maneuver was to be that this

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 123

would supply the practical incentive to bring many of the
open conspiracy sympathizers together in the first place. This
would also bring the conspiracy out of the realm of the theo-
retical and mystical and put into "the field of practical con-

Next, the conspiracy was to involve "a skeptical and de-
structive criticism of personal-immortality religions."
Strangely enough, communism was to be destroyed at the
same time. However, the New Agers feel the program they
are offering the world would satisfy the basic desire of Com-
munists in that it proposes a form of worldwide socialism.
The existing Communist formulae — per se — were to be
abolished because they called for a dictatorship of the pro-
letariat and the New Agers /Open Conspiracy people were
more interested in a dictatorship of the "Hierarchy" headed
by Maitreya the "Christ."

Those appearing suitable to the Open Conspirators were
to be indoctrinated into a study of the general concepts of the
overall conspiracy, similar to the system of initiates, adepts,
and masters that existed in all of occultdom including the
Nazi regime.

The conspiracy was to be carried out by a wide variety of
groups varying much "in leisure, knowledge, ability and
scope." This advice has, of course, been followed by the New
Age Movement which indeed has something of interest to
nearly everybody except for orthodox Christians and Jews
from those groups. At the same time it has managed to recruit
willing workers by appealing to the instincts related to pro-
blems of world hunger.

Discussion groups were also to be formed out of which
were to come circles of "intelligentsia." These would supply
lecturers and leaders of discussions. They would in turn be
used and draw on still other organizations — not in and of
themselves part of the scheme — thus indoctrinating the
members of those organizations in these New Age or open-
conspiracy concepts.

Out of these discussion groups was to come a combining

124 The Hidden Dangers of the Rain bow

process in which the groups would unite for local and re-
gional meetings. It was expected that those gatherings for the
ad-hoc activities would meet on a social basis as well and that
this would also further the aims of the conspiracy.

Independent initiatives were also to be encouraged as long
as they advocated the provisional nature of existing govern-
ments. They resolved to establish a world economic system;
replacement of private ownership of credit, transport and sta-
ple production with ownership by a world directorate; a
recognition of biological controls on a worldwide basis of
population and disease; a minimum standard of freedom and
welfare throughout the world; and a duty of subordinating
personal life to that of a world directorate.

One has only to look at the guidelines for Planetary In-
itiative for the World We Choose to see that Wells' directions
and warnings were heeded. One only needs to look at the his-
tory of the world — particularly the United States in the
wake of the Vietnam disturbances — to see the origins of the
present New Age Movement in its modern form, as the eso-
teric groups enjoyed the addition of mass support working on
an ad hoc basis with them on peace and disarmament issues.

There is other evidence that Wells was an insider and that
the present structure is no coincidence.

The first clue that one investigating the Movement should
look for in Wells' writings comes from The Aquarian Con-

Wells is mentioned in that work as an author of impor-
tance in at least three places.

A more important clue comes from the presses of Lucis
Trust with its subsidiary Lucis Publishing Company. In their
official organ, The Beacon, on page 310 of the May-June edi-
tion of 1977, appears an article entitled "H.G. Wells, a

The writer of that article accurately stated that:

"Few did more to incite revolt against Christian dogma
or against the accepted codes of behaviour. ..."

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning, 125

Now, as Planetary Initiative rushes towards its hoped-
for June 21, 1983, completion date with surrounding
celebrations and the convening of "The World Council of
Wise Persons" in New York City, Wells' influence continues
to linger and even expand. The New Age Movement,
including Planetary Initiative, is organized as Wells wished:

". . .as consisting of a great multitude and variety of
overlapping groups, but now all organised for collective
political, social and educational as well as propagandist
action, They will recognise each other much more clearly
than they did at first and they will have acquired a
common name."

They have acquired a common name: The New Age
Movement I And more than a name, they have acquired a
common character.

As Wells so accurately predicted:

"The character of the Open Conspiracy will now be
plainly displayed. It will have become a great world
movement as widespread and evident as socialism or
communism. It will largely have taken the place of these
movements. It will be more, it will be a world religion.
The large loose assimilatory mass of groups and societies
will be definitely and obviously attempting to swallow
up the entire population of the world and become the
new human community."

The character is accurately and plainly displayed. Will
we wake up in time to see it for what it really is?


Besides the broad operating principles of the New Age
Movement as set forth in the Alice Bailey /H.G. Wells
writings, there are specific tactics used by its adherents as a
means to swell their ranks.

The ideas of the Movement are set forth in books on
every topic imaginable. These books will usually stress that

126 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

the world is a manifestation of thought to be controlled by
one's own mind. Meditation is encouraged in books ranging
from natural food cookbooks to cures for depression.

Even Christian bookstores have not escaped the deceptive
influence of the New Age Movement. There the shelves groan
under the weight of books that contain virtually every plank of
the New Age Movement — from meditation and positive/possi-
bility thinking to support for a New World Order. They differ
only from the standard textbooks of the New Age Movement
by being labeled "Christian." The Christian books will usually
proclaim the fact that we are engaged in a conspiracy to make
the world better and better until the Lord returns — the same
line used by supporters of the antichrist or "Lord Maitreya."

Away from the bookstores, the recruiting of unsuspecting
self-improvers continues. People are encouraged to study one of
the dozens of "psychotechnologies" — visualization, autosug-
gestion, hypnotherapy, guided imagery — techniques almost
guaranteed to bring one in contact with "spirit guides" — i.e.,

Silva Mind Control, EST, A Course in Miracles, as well as
several other mind "science" courses, are virtually guaranteed to
convert participants into New Agers. More shocking still is the
fact that in some cases these courses are being attended and even
taught by both Protestant and Catholic clergy and nuns.

In the city of Detroit, for example, a. Roman Catholic priest
and nun are co-teaching a Silva Mind Control course. An Epis-
copalian church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has sponsored a
holistic health center. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Episcopal, New York City, has even featured sermons by David
Spangler — the same David Spangler who has said that
Luciferic initiation would be required to enter the New Age.

Of course, the reach-out efforts of Unity and Unitarians
continue to increase in momentum. Unity and the Unitarian
Church alike reach out to singles, newly divorced, the de-
pressed, the overweight, alcoholics, and others searching for
themselves and their identities.

Urban dwellers are reached by appeals from these

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 127

churches to their sense of community. Come-as-you-are
potluck dinners and dances for singles are often featured.
Mind-control courses and seminars on books such as Wayne
Dyers' are offered for the insecure.

They offer many of these people a sense of acceptance
for the first time in their lonely, frightened lives.

Unfortunately, these churches offer options that are
scripturally unsound, teaching people that they can control
the creative powers of God themselves and experience
endless reincarnations. The social settings they offer may be
a temporary palliative for their disease of loneliness but are
hardly guarantees of long-term spiritual peace and salva-

Likewise, health food stores and juice bars often are
turned into New Age recruiting centers. Once again, they
are filling the vacuum for a place where one may mingle
and converse without having to resort to alcoholic

In mental hospitals throughout the country, New Agers
have instituted their programs. They call for implementation
of meditation, transpersonal psychology, biofeedback (which
encourages use of Zen and meditation to maintain alpha
waves), and music meditation. They are all psycho-
technologies — techniques nearly guaranteed to bring one
under a state of possession or at least a loss of control that
would enhance the chances of being possessed. In one state,
those so foolish as to protest or resist the implementation of
these plans, which amounted to little more than an establish-
ment of religion by the state, were transferred or removed.

The psychologist who suggested the implementation of
the New Age techniques in the first place was subsequently
promoted to a state board position. He now is able to de-
mand that all state institutions feature these techniques
which are part and parcel of the New World Religion
planned by those seeking the New Aquarian Age.

Drugs, too, are a way to draft soldiers into the New
Age army of the Age of Aquarius. Mind-altering drugs ad-

128 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

vocated by the vanguard of the Movement — Timothy
Leary, et al — are not considered a blight on our society by
the spokespeople for the New Age. Instead they are "tools
for transformation."

According to Marilyn Ferguson in her New Age classic,
The Aquarian Conspiracy:

"It is impossible to overestimate the historic role of
psychedelics as an entry point drawing people into other
transformative technologies. For tens of thousands of
"left-brained" engineers, chemists, psychologists, and
medical students who never before understood their more
spontaneous, imaginative right-brained brethren, the
drugs were a pass to Xanadu, especially in the 1960s.

"The changes in brain chemistry triggered by
psychedelics cause the familiar world to metamorphose.
It gives way to rapid imagery, unaccustomed depths of
visual perception and hearing, a flood of 'new'
knowledge that seems at once very old, a poignant
primal memory. . . .

"Those who ingested psychedelics soon found that the
historic accounts closest to their own experiences derived
either from mystical literature or from the wonderland of
theoretical physics — complementary views of 'the all
and the void. . . .'

"As one chronicler of the sixties remarked, 'LSD gave
a whole generation a religious experience.' But chemical
satori is perishable, its effects too overwhelming to in-
tegrate into everyday life. Non-drug psychotechnologies
offer a controlled sustained movement toward that
spacious reality. The annals of The Aquarian Conspiracy
are full of accounts of passages: LSD to Zen, LSD to In-
dia, psilocybin to psychosynthesis" (page 89-90).

So there you have it. The psychedelic drug explosion
was an entry point for millions to the first initiation into
the "Age of Aquarius." Again, this is consistent with the
New Age pattern of following the instructions set forth by

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 129

Alice A. Bailey under dictation from "The Tibetan Master
Djwal Khul."


"1. The higher and lower siddhis (or powers) are
gained by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power [man-
tras], intense desire or by meditation" (The Light of the
Soul by Alice A. Bailey, p. 377).

In fairness to the New Agers as well as to the Alice Bailey
writings, the permanent use of the drugs is generally not en-
couraged. They are but a vehicle to initiate New Agers and
prospective New Agers; who are then encouraged to "grad-
uate" to various forms of yoga such as TM, and other
"psychotechnologies" that lead to transcendental experiences
— the mystical glue that binds the majority of those involved
in the New Age Movement to each other.

Incidentally, as noted elsewhere in this book, it is not
without precedent to have government encouragement of
these psychotechnologies. Neither is it without precedent for
drugs to be used to obtain transcendental experiences. Hitler
tried both. He used mescaline to speed his path towards con-
sciousness expansion, and his inner circle all experimented
with psychotechnologies, inducing a communal tripping of
the Light Fantastic.


According to Marilyn Ferguson and other New Age
writers, the government has long since been infiltrated by ac-
tive New Age conspirators. In her public lectures, Ms. Fergu-
son relates that she was even invited to be the keynote speak-
er at the 1982 Department of Defense annual dinner. Her
book freely relates that there are conspirators at the
Cabinet level, the White House Staff, congressmen — at
every level of government. According to her book. The Na-

130 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

tional Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the Department of
Health, Education and Welfare, and the Department of De-
fense — not to mention the corruption of the grant writing
process of the United States government to fund these quasi-
religious/ openly "religious" programs of the New Age Move-
ment — include Zen, Transcendental Meditation, and other
psychotechnologies of every shade and description in their

In 1978 a Washington conference was held called "Holistic
Health: a Public Policy." This was co-sponsored by several
governmental agencies. While it is hard to object to the
presence of politicians, physicians and psychologists in atten-
dance, nevertheless, one finds it hard to swallow the fact that
sharing the speaker's platform were "spiritual" teachers,
futurists, meditation teacher Jack Schwarz and the avowed
enemy of organized religion, Buckminster Fuller. While the
list of speakers may have been only half New Age, the list of
topics was nearly 90 percent New Age.

Topics dear to the heart of New Agers included "im-
plementation of holistic health centers, cross-cultural healing
practices, holographic theory of mind and reality, yoga,
music and consciousness (straight out of Alice Bailey's in-
structions that music therapy should be taught as a part of the
preparation for the 'New Agel, acupuncture, acupressure,
Buddhist meditative techniques, bodywork, biofeedback,
guided imagery, and 'the changing image of man' (the New
Age manifesto released by Stanford Research Institute)."


Government is not the only large American institution in-
vaded by the New Age conspirators. They have also called
on the financial and social pressures of big business to attain
their goals for world domination — a world to be peopled by
those more schooled in mysticism than everyday common

Marilyn Ferguson reports in The Aquarian Conspiracy

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 131

that they have managed to win the financial support of
Lockheed Aircraft, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the Rockefeller
Foundation and others for holistic health forums. Again,
while it is hard to argue with the case for organically grown
vegetables and enough sleep at night, nevertheless, one may
view the agenda with justifiable concern if it sounds more like
a catalog of New Age occultism than it does like a health
improvement seminar.

These programs have and continue to routinely feature the
following which are all nothing more than variations on
Eastern occult techniques:

Meditation, visualization (according to occultists, this is
a shortcut to unlocking all the mysteries of mysticism),
biofeedback (of course, enhanced by meditation),
acupuncture (manipulation of "The Force" or "Life Force"),
hypnosis, psychic healing, etc.

And if this were not enough to gladden the hearts of New
Agere everywhere, the latest news from the halls of industry
should be. For suddenly courses in "New Age Thinking" have
become the order of the day — particularly for middle and
upper-level management personnel and salesmen. From Gen-
eral Motors and Chrysler Corporation through AT&T and
southwestern oil concerns such courses have been offered.
One such course that has been in wide use at .many major
corporations is called "New Age Thinking" and is taught by
Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute, Inc.

Employees attending these institutes are even
encouraged to bring their entire families. Self-image
psychology is stressed as part of a new "mental tool kit."
Like other psychotechnologies, the perceptions of the
participants are played with in an attempt to shift their
focus to "New Age Thinking."

Participants are basically taught that they create their own
world by their own thought-forms and that by ignoring or
downplaying negative inputs their world will become a
brighter, better place. Of course, believing you are your own

132 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

god is the next logical step. And where does such a program
tell one to go for spiritual and religious guidance? Again, dear
to the heart of the most dedicated New Age psychic and
spiritualist, they are sent to the major advocates of the "deity
of man"; Pierre Teilhard deChardin, Herman Hesse, Eric
Fromm, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and most outrag-
eously of all, Ram Dass — an avowed enemy of orthodox
Judeo-Christian religious tradition and proponent of a mass
conversion to Hinduism and other forms of Eastern

Clearly, enforced attendance at these New Age seminars
is a form of religious discrimination by the employer that
should not be tolerated. Neither should it be made a ground
for promotion or demotion among those attending or refus-
ing to attend. Could an employer demote or promote one for
regularly attending mass or evangelical services? The answer,
of course, is a clear no. Neither should the employer be
allowed to do this to those whose consciences do not permit
their attendance at seminars promoting "New Age Thinking."


The public has been largely conditioned to accept the
"Age of Aquarius" by widespread popular usage of astrology
and astrologers.

"What's your sign?" is a common icebreaker at parties
and all too often even among Christians. Newspapers daily
carry astrology columns, and horoscope magazines are in
abundant supply at every newstand.

This popular acceptance has conditioned the general
public to believe that either there is something to it or, at
worst, it's no more than a harmless pastime.

However, those whose interests are piqued by reading an
occasional accurate daily horoscope soon wish to know
more. After exhausting the range of books available at the
library and/or general interest bookstore, the enthusiast has

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 133

no choice but to move on to occult bookstores and astrology
association meetings.

There, if he hasn't already picked up on it, he is intro-
duced to the coming age of light and love — the Age of Aqua-
rius. Of course, he is also told that this so-called New Age
will have to be preceded by a "cleansing action" — the
euphemism we noted that Hitler attached to his extermina-
tion of Jews, gypsies, and Slavic peoples. Being more ac-
quainted with astrological lore than with history, the would-
be occult initiate fails to make the connection.

The seeking person finds fun and acceptance at these
meetings and at the New Age bookstores, which usually turn
out to be occult clubhouses of sorts. From these innocent
starts it is an easy next step into the political,. religious and
social arms of the New Age Movement.


If the New Age Movement cannot get you by appealing to
your appetite for the mysterious and occult, then perhaps it
can recruit you by appealing to your finest and best motives.
This is where The Hunger Project, Bread for the World, and a
host of other projects allegedly designed to alleviate the prob-
lems of world hunger fit into New Age plans.

Of course, the systems usually recommended as viable
options to end world hunger often sound remarkably like the
system cited in Revelation, chapter 13:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and
poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,
or in their foreheads:

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the
mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding
count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a
man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six"
(Revelation 13:16-18, KJV).

134 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Unfortunately, those attending introductory meetings of
these organizations, which spend the majority if not all of
their resources for lobbying to achieve a New World Order,
are never told what the real motive of the top leaders behind
this trend actually is.

Buckminster Fuller is a prime mover in The Hunger Pro-
ject. He is also the founder of World Game Laboratories and
is slated to sit on Planetary Initiative's "World Council of
Wise Persons."

The real motive for the creation of these gigantic global
agencies is set forth on page xx of his 1981 release. The
Critical Path (St. Martin's Press, New York):

"Throughout the history of land and sea transport
those who have gained and held control of the world's lines
of vital supply have done so only by becoming THE
MASTERS in the game of establishing supreme human
power over all other subpowerful organizations — ergo,
invisibly over all humanity" (emphasis in the original).

This is more than interesting because Fuller is closely af-
filiated with Donald Keys of Planetary Initiative and Plane-
tary Citizens. Keys is an open follower of Alice Bailey and
her Tibetan mentor Djwal Khul. And invisible power by
'The Masters'* is the goal of the "Plan of the World Servers"
launching the drive for planetization.

Lucis Trust, the custodian of the Alice Bailey writings, as
already mentioned, was incorporated originally as the Lucifer
Publishing Company. In 1924 they changed their name to the
somewhat less obvious "Lucis Trust."

One of their subsidiaries is World Goodwill. Many
Christian groups have won endorsement from World
Goodwill, including Bread for the World. The organization
has freely lobbied for the creation of a "New World

One can only wonder what impact the same money spent
lobbying for the system desired by the Lucis Trust /Planetary
Initiative people would have had if spent on starving children

Infiltration, Recruitment and Conditioning 135

who needed real bread in their stomachs — instead of using
them as pawns in a political maneuver to create international
megalithic structures capable of controlling the world a la
Orwell's 1984!


A New Age of Satanism?

Many New Agers believe they are dealing with "white
magic" or the "light side of the Force." They would probably
recoil in horror at any suggestion that they might be devil

Those who believe they are practicing "white magic"
either fail to recognize the existence of the devil or feel that
Satan is associated with the "Black Lodge" — their definition
for those pursuing orthodox forms of religion and more
openly-satanic forms of occultism.

However, the New Agers will often admit they are wor-
shipping Sanat Kumara, Pan, Venus, Shiva, Buddha and
other pagan deities. The name Buddha itself literally means
"Lightbearer" — the same meaning as the name Lucifer.

The Apostle Paul, who was struggling with the pagans
and gnostics of his day, noted the demonic nature of idol
worship — a warning that sincere New Agers and Christian
sympathizers of the New Age Movement would do well to

"What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols
is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but 1 say that
the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to
demons, and not to God; and 1 do not want you to become
sharers in demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord
and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of
the Lord and the table of demons."

The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey gives a list of
"infernal names" — all synonyms for Satan. Several of the
names are openly and currently reverenced by "white magic"
New Agers, including Lucifer, Kali, Lilith, Pan, and Shiva.


A New Age of Satanism? 137

The "sacred community" of the New Age Movement —
Findhorn — is surprisingly open about giving the devil his
"due." Founded on "divine guidance" allegedly received by
Eileen Caddy, Findhorn's role on this planet, according to
this "guidance," is to anchor "The Plan" on earth. Of course
the guidance received revealed the usual satanic teachings:
man's deity and infinite potential for psychic power.

The standard histories of Findhorn themselves, however,
reveal the true source and nature of this "guidance." Peter
and Eileen Caddy, together with Findhorn co-founder
Dorothy McLean, labored on from 1962 until 1966 under the
illusion that they were working in partnership with "Devas"
— elemental spirits supposedly inhabitating their flower and
vegetable beds.

However, in 1966 they realized that they and the "Devas"
had become a triangle. For in that year they made a momen-
tous discovery: they were also working with "Nature Spirits
overlighted by the god Pan."

A similar discovery was allegedly made by another close
Findhorn associate, an aristocratic, elderly, self-educated
gentleman named Robert Ogilvie Crombie or "Roc."

Roc was taking an April stroll through an Edinburgh park
in 1966 when he was suddenly confronted by an incredible
creature. The strange, part-animal-part-human being looked
like a giant-sized version of another he had met earlier. Both
creatures appeared as fauns to Roc — "radiating a tremen-
dous source of power."

The larger creature asked Roc whether he loved him and
his subjects. After receiving an affirmative reply, it informed
Roc that he had just said he loved the devil. Roc rejected this
admission, as does the entire New Age Movement, by telling
the creature that although Christians had superstitiously
taken him as a model for the devil, nevertheless, they were
"mistaken." Roc preferred to call this satanic presence "Pan"
or "Lucifer," as do other New Agers.

They reject the Christian teaching that Lucifer has com-
mon identity with Satan. However, they freely call Sanat

138 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Kumara (Satan) "God." And their doctrinal reference books
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice Ann Bailey freely
cross-reference Sanat Kumara with Venus.

In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the
same. This is also true in the Alice Bailey writings and those
of Madame Blavatsky.

As do many other New Agers, Roc suspected the motiva-
tion of the introduction, but completely underestimated the

"I did not know then that for his purpose he had to
find someone who showed no fear of him. He is a great
being — the god of the whole elemental kingdom as well
as of the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. Peo-
ple may feel uneasy in his presence because of the awe he
inspires, but there ought to be no fear. 'All human beings
are afraid of me.' He had not said this as a threat, but
with sadness. T>id not the early Christian Church make
me a model for the devil?' That is why he is feared —
because of the image projected onto him. This image
must be lifted off him so that his nature may be revealed.
That is why he had to find someone who did not fear
him" (from The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken,
Bantam Books Edition, p. 217).

Apparently convinced of the Tightness of "Pan's" cause,
Roc goes on to say:

"It is important for the future of mankind that belief
in the Nature Spirits and their god Pan is reestablished
and that they are seen in their true light and not
misunderstood. These beings, in spite of the innumerable
outrages man has committed against nature, are only too
pleased to help him if he will seek and ask for their

Findhorn and its officials, including the Caddys and
David Spangler, were convinced as well. Prominent New
Age leader Spangler was co-director of the Findhorn Founda-
tion for three years. He formed the Lorian Association and

A New Age of Satanism ? 139

sits on the Board of Directors of Planetary Citizens, the
secretariat for the leading New Age New World Order vehi-
cle: Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose. He is a
contributing editor of New Age Magazine and much in de-
mand on the New Age lecture circuit.

According to Spangler, he teaches political science at the
University of Wisconsin even though he dropped out of col-
lege as a freshman to pursue a career as an esoteric lecturer.
He has political clout and he also has disproportionate in-
fluence with some of America's most prominent clergymen.
He has given at least one sermon in the prestigious Cathedral
of St. John the Divine, Episcopal in Manhattan — a eucha-
ristic sermon at that! This church counts many of the Wall
Street crowd among its membership.

One could reasonably expect those speaking from
Episcopal pulpits to maintain at least some semblance of
religious orthodoxy. This is not, however, the case with
Spangler, who has uttered some of the most outrageous
blasphemies ever spoken against Jesus Christ and God the

In one of his numerous books (Reflections on the Christ,
1978), he expressed his sentiments as to Lucifer:

"The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sor-
row, through darkness, through rejection. The true light of
this great being can only be recognized when one's own
eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the
inner sun. Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to
wholeness, and as we move into a new age, which is the
age of man's wholeness, each of us in some way is brought
to that point which I term the Luciferic initiation, the par-
ticular doorway through which the individual must pass if
he is to come fully into the presence of his light and his

"Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. If
we accept it, then he is free and we are free. That is the
Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in
the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the

140 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

New Age. It is an initiation of leaving the past and moving
into the new, shedding our guilts and fears, our anxieties,
our needs, our temptations, and becoming whole and at
peace because we have recognized our inner light and the
light that enfolds us, the light of God."

This is also the New Age concept of Initiation. It is
universally taught among New Age, cults and esoteric
societies that we must undergo a "mass planetary initiation."
Spangler has clearly defined that initiation.

Benjamin Creme has declared that "revitalized" Christian
churches as well as Masonic lodges will be used for purposes
of giving these "mass planetary initiations."

More than likely, this is tied to the permit to do business
that was spoken of in Revelation 13:16-17:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and
poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,
or in their foreheads:

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had
the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his
name" (KJV).

One can hardly blame God for attaching the terrible
penalty spoken of in Revelation 14:9-11 to those receiving the
mark, especially if it is tied to a mass planetary initiation
which pledges loyalty to Lucifer:

"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud
voice. If any man worship the beast and his image, and
receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

"The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his in-
dignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brim-
stone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence
of the Lamb:

"And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever
and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who wor-
ship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the

A New Age of Satanism ? 141

mark of his name" (KJV).

Since Benjamin Creme and Tara Center have received the
notoriety they have, Lucis Trust has attempted to tiptoe
quietly away from any association with them. However, like
Spangler and Creme, Lucis Trust's attachment to Lucifer is
also apparent from a careful reading of their materials.

A 1978 issue of The Beacon, their official organ, stated:

"Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is closely related [to the
path to Sirius], and hence the large number of human
beings who will become disciples in the Sirian Lodge"
(Volume XL VII, No. 9, May/June 1978, Lucis Publishing

Maitreya allegedly said in a "transmission" through Ben-
jamin Creme: "I am the Initiator of the Little Ones."
Therefore, it hardly seems surprising that one of the leading
New Age organizations, Planetary Initiative for the World
We Choose, coordinated by Planetary Citizens, calls the
"Network Newspaper" it publishes, the Initiator.

This is not surprising, because: (a) many of the supporters
listed — particularly the "facilitators" — are also open and
active Benjamin Creme supporters; (b) Planetary Citizens
freely gives its purpose as being "to aid World Servers
everywhere"; (c) the role of the World Servers is to act as the
"vanguard" for "the reappearance of the Christ"; and (d) at
all his lectures Creme distributes brochures for the New
Group of World Servers.

Moreover, David Spangler, who openly advocates
Luciferic initiations (see above) is a member of the Board of
Directors of Planetary Citizens as are Peter Caddy (founder
of Findhorn), Norman Cousins (head of the invitor commit-
tee of the "World Council of Wise Persons"), and Aurelio
Peccei (founder of the Club of Rome).

The Coordinating Council of Planetary Initiative itself
contains apparent surprises, including Brooke Newell (Vice-
President of the Chase Manhattan Bank), Gerhard Elston
(former Executive Director, Amnesty International, USA),

142 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Helen Kramer (International Association of Machinists
[I AM J), as well as many other influential.

In more than one city the Planetary Initiative personnel
were also identified as active participants in the Tara Center
venture .

Lucis Trust is certainly an active, open participant in the
Planetary Initiative venture.

Tara Center also endorsed the Planetary Initiative in their
April 1982 Emergence publication.

Certainly, it is an impressive network "in service to the
Christ" — but not to the only begotten Son of God, JESUS
CHRIST — it is a Luciferian network in service to a false
christ, most probably the antichrist!

The fate of skeptical recalcitrants to this project — or at
least the New Agers' hoped-for fate for those recalcitrants —
is mirrored in the Spangler writings:

"Furthermore, it is not really important to know where
the old pattern will go; we are assured that it is shepherded
by the Christ and will be fully ministered to by this cosmic
presence. ...

"However, there are a few words which can be said
about where the old world and those attuned to it will go.
Throughout creation there are infinite spheres of environ-
ment representing and educating all stages of con-
sciousness development. Some of these are physical
planets, like earth; others exist on higher dimensional
levels. It is possible that many from earth will find
themselves attracted to such other spheres or planets
within the universe which are at a stage of growth com-
parable to what earth has moved out of,

'There is another pattern, though, which is more like-
ly. Earth is really like a vast mansion with the ground floor
representing the physical plane. Only a small percentage of
the souls associated with earth evolution are ever on the
physical plane at once; they tend to travel together like
groups, like classes in university which move together as a
wave through the various levels and all graduate

A New Age of Satanism ? 143

together. . . . It would not be without precedence for them
to be withdrawn into the inner worlds, to live in an
'upstairs' room which would reflect the needs of their con-
sciousness and minister to those needs. In other words, the
planet or plane or level to which they will go through the
law of attraction, may not be 'somewhere else.' It may be
another level of earth's own consciousness where they can
be contained and ministered to until such time as they can
be released into physical embodiment again. . . .

"Whether this is indeed the pattern, or whether these
ones shall be moved entirely out of the earth pattern . . .
the main point is that they will lose for the time being, their
access to the etheric planes of power and the ability to con-
trol or influence the developments upon earth" (Revela-
tion, Birth of a New Age, pp. 163-164).

SO! The New Agers and their leadership plan to send us
to another dimension! Release us from physical embodiment!
Strip us of our ability to control or influence earth's

Clearly it sounds reminiscent of the Revelation prophecy:

"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went
to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the
commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus
Christ" (Revelation 12:17, KJV).

Alice Bailey said Lucifer was the "Ruler of Humanity."
Truly he appears to be the guiding light of the New Age

It is indeed time that God's people followed the message
of the Revelation angel to come out of her.


Deluded ... or Deceivers?

"For 1 know this, that after my departing shall
grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the

"Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking
perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

"Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space
of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and
day with tears" (Acts 20:29-31, KJV).

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in
sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"
(Matthew 7:15, KJV).

Unfortunately, the insidious deception of the New Age
Movement has gained a measure of respectability and
acceptance within the church. Even evangelical churches
are included when Marilyn Ferguson declares, "[T]hey have
coalesced into small groups in every town and institution."

Partially explaining the most popular vehicles of New
Age entrance into religious groups, Ms. Ferguson states:

"An increasing number of churches and synagogues
have begun to enlarge their context to include support
communities for personal growth, holistic health centers,
healing services, meditation workshops, consciousness
altering through music, even biofeedback training" (The
Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 369).

Chortling about this loss of orthodoxy within what are
supposed to be the bastions of God the Father and Jesus
Christ, she went on to state that "[N]ow the heretics are
gaining ground, doctrine is losing its authority, and know-


Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 145

ing is superseding belief."

Often clothed in seemingly Christian language, the
"spiritual" aspects of the New Age Movement have gained
acceptance among the unsuspecting even within orthodox
religious institutions. The Movement's political programs
also have won widespread endorsement and advocacy
among Christian denominations.

The New Age Movement is pushing for, among other
things: global agencies to handle distribution of global
resources, redistribution of the world's wealth, a new
world religion, experiential religion (as opposed to religion
based on scriptural authority and tradition), a universal
tax, a universal draft, right-bfain/whole-braift thinking (in-
tuitive and subjective, as opposed to what they call "left-
brain" or analytical thinking), a teaching that all things are
part of one whole, an emphasis on universal in-
terdependence, and zero population growth.

All these concepts are beginning to rear their ugly heads
in evangelical Christian books and publications. Some
denominations have incorporated substantial portions or all
of these points into their "agenda for the 80's."

Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy has en-
joyed the promotion of discussion groups in "many, many
churches" according to an article appearing in August 1982,
New Age Magazine.

In a recent letter to my publisher, Marilyn Ferguson

"It is practically ludicrous that she charges the New
Age (and me by association) with being anti-Christian,
anti-Judaic, and anti-Catholic. I have spoken to church
groups, at Catholic universities and in a Jewish
synagogue. The spirit of my writing cannot possibly be
conjectured to be antispiritual, antichrist, etc."

Despite a wish to be polite to Ms. Ferguson, the facts
simply do not comport with her assertions. Neither does it
follow that the individual churches/institutions/groups

146 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

where she may have spoken necessarily hold beliefs consis-
tent with orthodox Christianity or Judaism.

On the contrary, the very fact that Marilyn Ferguson
has been allowed to carry her message to these congrega-
tions — as have numerous other New Agers — is evidence
that the prophesied apostasy is gaining momentum within
the church itself.

The test of antichrist is a denial that Jesus is the Christ
(see I John 2:22). The New Age Movement, therefore,
betrays the spirit of antichrist behind it when it states that
"Christ Consciousness" is a "higher state" of mind that
everyone can attain; and that Jesus was an ordinary man
who had the Christ Consciousness descend upon him at the
time of his baptism and stay with him until his crucifixion.

Under the heading God Within: the Oldest Heresy,
Marilyn Ferguson knowingly promotes "blatant pantheism
('the milk was God . . . God [as] primordial nature . . . the
sum total of consciousness in the universe" — pages 382-3),
which lies at the heart of the New Age. She also quotes ap-
provingly from The Aquarian Gospel, which itself meets
every biblical test of antichrist. Unfortunately, this book is
even carried within Christian bookstores — particularly
those of mainline Protestant denominations.

New Agers generally do not openly repudiate Christian-
ity. More subtle than that, at least for the moment, they
often clothe New Age concepts in Christian language and
— like Hitler — undermine Christianity while pretending
to be its friend. They redefine Christianity to give pagan
gods equal time with Jesus Christ; and expand the defini-
tion of Christ to be the integral essence of themselves.
What then continues to sound like Christianity is in effect
another Gospel.

For example, Marilyn Ferguson, in a June 17, 1982, let-
ter to me said:

"My definition of Christianity has expanded over the
years. After I became involved in meditation, for exam-
ple, I experienced the vision of Christ more vividly than

Deluded , . , or Deceivers? 147

I ever had through sermons and dogma. You would be
surprised, I think, to know how much of the New Age
Movement centers on Christ Consciousness. Many
Christian churches are seeing that direct spiritual ex-
perience offers a revitalization for modern Christianity."

The test of antichrist was clear. He is antichrist who
denies Jesus is the Christ (I John 2:22), and further he is an-
tichrist who denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh
(I John 4:3).

Redefining Christ to include you and me — or turning
Christ into a spiritual experience — certainly is a denial
that Jesus is the Christ. Teaching and believing that Christ
was a consciousness rather than a man is certainly a denial
that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

It is amazing but all too true that these insidious an-
tichristian ideas, which are the very essence of New Age
Thinking, are gaining increasing acceptance within Chris-
tian churches. Yet while pleased at the inroads of paganism
within the church, Marilyn Ferguson and other New Age
leaders are upset at being exposed as the enemies of true
Christianity. Examples of New Age influence within the
church, both Catholic and Protestant, are legion. Cross
Currents of West Nyack, New York, is a Catholic publish-
er with a decidedly modernist bent a la warnings given by
Pope Pius X.

In reprinting Eugene Fontinell's Toward a Reconstruc-
tion of Religion in their 1979 edition, they had this to say
about Jesus as the Christ:

"Given this understanding and role of religious sym-
bols, what are the Christian symbols which seem fin-
ished and what are those which might be viable? In con-
sidering the pragmatic reconstruction of God, it was
argued that omnipotence, omniscience and immutability
were no longer fit ways of symbolizing the Christian's
'faith in God.' Similarly, 'God the message sender,' 'God
the lawgiver,' and 'God the institution founder' are
inappropriate symbols within the world presupposed by

148 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

pragmatism. On the other hand, 'God as triune,' 'God as
love,' and 'God as incarnate' may have rich possibilities
for development and service within a processive-
relational world. As living symbols, however, it will not
suffice to retain them in some abstract form as objects of
faith. They must be operative in the life of the communi-
ty and, initially at least, reflection should indicate
something of the contribution which they have made,
are making and can make to furtherance of this life. LET

"The first step in any pragmatic reconstruction of this
symbol is to reject viewing it as an event which hap-
pened in the past and as localized exclusively in Jesus of
Nazareth. Instead of speaking of God as having BE-
COME incarnate, it is more appropriate to speak of God
BECOMING INCARNATE. The Christian may believe
that in Jesus we have a unique and indispensable
manifestation of the presence of God to man and the
world, but Jesus as the Christ must be seen as pro-
cessively coming into existence. There are several advan-
tages attached to viewing the symbol of Christ in pro-
cessive and relational terms rather than in static and
substantive ones. First, it is more congenial to the
thought and experience which now characterizes man's
life. Secondly, such a processive view of Christ is not
without anticipations in the earliest moment of the
reflective life of the Church. Thirdly, it opens up new
possibilities in terms of the relation of Christ to other
religions as well as to non-Western cultures. Finally, it
gives new dimension and significance to all man's institu-
tions and every aspect of his life, for nothing less than
the full involvement and participation of man through
his institutions will bring about the full realization of the
reality of Christ."

Lest Protestants snicker at this example of an all-too-
prevalent display of Catholic apostasy, let them be re-
minded that we too have our problems.

Deluded. . . or Deceivers? 149

Myriads of Protestant books carry exactly the same
message. And the rankly objectionable Catholic books are
marketed in Protestant bookstores — sometimes even in
evangelical bookstores. Likewise, the Catholic bookstores
market the Protestant books that appear to carry the New
Age themes. The wonder of the entire business is its ecu-

The Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley is a case
in ecumenical point.

Established in 1962 at Berkeley, it has brought Catholic,
Protestant, and Jewish participants together in a sort of
commonized apostasy. In fact, they are so apostate that
they have expanded their theological horizons to include
Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Sikhism, Feminist Spirituali-
ty, New Age groups, occultism, neo-paganism and witch-
craft. Their activities meet approval with at least one
important source: The New Consciousness Sourcebook
(Spiritual Community Guide No. 5). The alternate title for
this book for the past several years has been Handbook for
a New Age.

Engaging in what they call "creative borrowing," they
have managed to water down Christianity to a state of
bare recognizability. One of Union's professors, Dr.
Charles S. McCoy, quotes John Cobb's Christ in a
Pluralistic Age with approval. Cobb suggested that the
Christians copy Buddhism in order to "reconceive Christ."
McCoy enthusiastically endorses Cobb's thesis that "Christ
must be reconceived as creative transformation in all
human experiences and not bound to the historical Jesus or
to any past doctrine."

McCoy states:

"The pluralistic faiths around the globe and the
surges of oppressed peoples in all cultures toward libera-
tion dissolve the limited conceptions of God, Jesus
Christ, and history, transmitted to us by our Christian
past and open us to widened perspectives and an emerg-

150 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

ing consummation hidden in God." 1

In other words, Christianity must be liberated and enriched
by the other paths to God.

Theodore M. Hesburgh is the world-renowned president
of Notre Dame University. He also serves as an advisory
chairman for Planetary Citizens.

As noted previously, Planetary Citizens' purpose is to
aid the "World Servers" who in turn are to serve as the
"vanguard for the reappearance of the Christ."

Hesburgh is also an endorser of Planetary Initiative: "A
Plot to Save the World."

In 1974 Hesburgh delivered the Dwight Harrington
Terry Foundation Lectures on Religion in the Light of Sci-
ence and Philosophy. Hesburgh holds numerous honorary
degrees and has extensive influence — in governmental,
religious, and scholastic circles. The book derived from his
lectures at the Terry Foundation contains much of the New
Age agenda for the planet.

His prelude contains a statement that we can make the
world "somewhat divine." Calling his projection "Christian
humanism," Hesburgh quickly reveals a bias tending more
towards "humanism," than Christianity. Humanism has a
theology and a god, but that god is ourselves and Lucifer,
not the God of the Bible for Protestants, Catholics, and
Jews alike.

The scriptures plainly say that Jesus made a perfect
sacrifice once for all. Nevertheless, Hesburgh declares:

"Redemption embraces the totality of creation, and
those working for a new man and a new earth are very
much creating, and redeeming the times as well." 2

'When Cods Change, Hope for Theology by Charles S. McCoy. McCoy is
the Robert Gordon Sprout Professor of Theological Ethics at the Pacific School of
Religion, Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. He further holds a Ph.D. from
Yale University Graduate School. He is considered a leading theologian at
Berkeley and lectures internationally.

! The Humane Imperative by Theodore M. Hesburgh, preface by Kingman Brewster,
Jr., Yale University Press. Copyright © 1974 by Yale University, second printing 1975,
p. 11.

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 151

One chapter in Hesburgh's book is entitled "The Power
of Ecumenism." And he doesn't mean the unity in our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ that should be acknowledged
whether one is a Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian or
Episcopalian. He clearly states that his ecumenical interest
is not only "in the Christian, but in the larger world-
religion dimension."

He devotes several pages to our commonality of in-
terests with non-Christian religions. Five-times-censored
Jesuit priest and New Agers' hero, Pierre Teilhard de Cnar-
dm, is called by Hesburgh "that great visionary of the
unity of mankind."

Although Hesburgh professes to have complete faith in
God, nevertheless, he appears not to trust God to take care
of his human creation here on earth because he parrots the
zero population arguments for a static world population.

He further extols the virtues of the Common Market
nations of Europe — in almost identical language as that
used by Foster Bailey in a Lucis Trust publication.
Planetary citizenship is urged upon us as is a "Declaration
of Interdependence."

Reading Hesburgh as well as Matthew Fox, Fontinell,
and a host of other Roman Catholic "evolved" or "trans-
formed" theologians, one becomes quickly convinced that
Pope Pius X may have been a prophet as well as a prelate.

That Pope's insightful warnings in the encyclical Pascendi
Dominici Gregis (on Modernism) were not heeded and these
wolves in sheep's clothing freely crept into the Catholic hierar-
chy. Using identical methods, a host of other New Age fellow-
travelers have attained free access to Protestant seminaries and
pulpits, even within fundamentalist circles. 3

'See A Catechism of Modernism by the Rev, J.B, Lemius, O.M.I., founded on
the Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Cregis (On Modernism ). by Pope Pius X. This
$2.00 volume given to me by a Detroit priest is probably one of the best statements
of the methods of both the New Agers and the apostates within the body of Christ —
Catholic and Protestant alike. Pope Pius X is quoted as aptly saying: "We must now
break silence in order to expose before the whole Church, in their true colors, those
men who have assumed this bad disguise." The Catechism is published by Tan
Books and Publishers, Inc., of Rockford, Illinois, and was last published in 1980.

152 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

New Age thinking obviously has had a strong impact
on many Protestant, even evangelical writers — and
through their influence has affected thousands in varying

Take, for example, Tom Sine. In his book, The Mus-
tard Seed Conspiracy, he details his "vision" for the future.

Perhaps it is coincidental that Mustard Seed contains
some of the same programs as the New Age Movement.

New Agers Hazel Henderson, Jeremy Rifkin, Theodore
Roszak, Willis Harman, Buckminster Fuller, Robert
Heilbroner, Dennis Meadows of the Gub of Rome,
Richard Barnet, Ivan Mich, Alvin Toffler and even William
Irwin Thompson are quoted with approval.

Roszak may be fairly described as a neo-paganist — or
at least an apologist for neo-paganism. Buckminster Fuller
has written that Christians and other religious groups will
cry out because they will be destroyed.

William Irwin Thompson is one of David Spangler's
closest friends and wrote the introduction for Spangler's
New Age "Bible": Revelation, the Birth of a New Age.

Sine quotes approvingly from Thompson's Evil and
World Order — a book seemingly impossible even to skim
without having its truly New Age nature jump out at you.

The horrendous Global 2000 Report — which concludes
that the world's population must be reduced by billions
before the year 2000 if the planet is to survive — is quoted
approvingly; as is Willy Brandt's North-South summit
report, and in similar language as that used by Benjamin
Creme in The Reappearance of the Christ.

Freely calling for a New World Order and a New Inter-
national Economic Order — plans also found in the
Tibetan-transmitted writings of Alice Ann Bailey — Sine
conveys his allegedly Christian teachings in the code words
of the New Age Movement. One might legitimately ask
why, if these are Sine's concepts derived from the Bible, he
chooses to clothe them in New Age terminology.

He uses the phrase "New Age" itself approximately 150

Deluded. . . or Deceivers? 153

times in his book, more than even Marilyn Ferguson in The
Aquarian Conspiracy.

Dressing up the New Agers' planned redistribution of
the world's assets in Year of Jubilee language from the no-
longer-applicable Old Testament code, Sine has Christians
looking forward to exactly the same sequence of events as
does Benjamin Creme: a freezing of the world's assets and
a redistribution of same.

Sine ridicules those who believe the coming of our Lord
is imminent — which sounds very much like what Peter
prophesied the scoffers would say as that day drew near.

He also ridicules those who are fearful of the Humanist
Manifesto, stating there is not a shred of evidence to show
that those signing it were in any way involved in a plot to
take control of the world. On the contrary, there is ample
evidence for that indeed.

The Humanist Manifesto affirms: that the universe
created itself; that promises of salvation are harmful; that
ethics are situational; that individuals should have the right
to abortion and should have total sexual freedom; and that
socialism should be in control worldwide.

These are the exact beliefs with which our children are
brainwashed in public schools beginning in kindergarten.
They are predominant today in our universities and in
government. And these very same beliefs are being pro-
moted cleverly and persistently by the national news

No conspiracy? Sine should take another look at the
Humanist Manifesto in light of current reality.

Easternization of our faith is subtly advocated by Sine,
and we are told we must "incarnate the countercultural
values of the kingdom."

He asserts that missionaries were detrimental to the
cultures of the heathen paradises they visited by ad-
vocating Western medicine instead of the more "spiritual"
methods of healing previously used in those lands, page

154 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Another example is found in Stanley Mooneyham, the
ex-president of World Vision. Mooneyham has long en-
joyed great prominence in the Christian world. Yet his
book, What Do You Say to a Hungry World? advocates
much of the political program of the New Agers.

Although he has enjoyed a reputation as a humani-
tarian, his books show sympathy for some of the more
frightening aims of the New Age Movement, such as zero
population growth. Mooneyham says:

"Now another theme. Population. That's a touchy
one. No one likes to be told how many little feet can
patter around in his own house. But just that is the big
question. How many feet per square foot can this world

"If you see this problem as critical where you live,
then it would be profitable to investigate the availability
of family planning services in your community. Press for
adequate facilities, if necessary.

"Insist on open forum discussions on birth control,
abortion, artificial insemination, genetic control and
death control in your church or club programs. Some of
these subjects, unfortunately, seem to be outside the
orbit of evangelical Christian concern. "*

It is not surprising that Theodore Hesburgh is quoted with
approval in Mooneyham's book, 5 as are many other promi-
nent New Agers.

It was more surprising to see Lenny Bruce so quoted — as
were New Agers Barbara Ward, Richard J. Barnet, and E.F.
Schumacher; The New World Order is freely recommended
as a desired goal for Christianity.

4 From What Do You Say to a Hungry World? by W. Stanley Mooneyham (ex-
cerpted from page 241), copyright © 1975 by Word Incorporated of Waco, Texas.
Interestingly enough. Word is also the publisher of Sine's The Mustard Seed Con-

'Ibid., page 22, 267.

Deluded. . . or Deceivers? 155

Several countries around the world have legislated fami-
ly size with frightening consequences. Often the result is
forced sterilization, infanticide, and abortion. Families are
even faced with imposed economic consequences for the
birth of an extra child.

Mooneyham, however, has no problem with these mea-

"Some governments are considering legislation re-
stricting the size of families, with a negative income
penalty or tax on all children over the official limit. If
that sounds like an invasion of personal liberties, don't
forget that most governments have already made bigamy
illegal." 6

Mooneyham's position on social issues is similar to that
of the New Agers, as well as his spiritual /cultural tech-
niques and practices. The occult pseudo-medical practice of
acupuncture — a manipulation of "the Force" — along
with its antecedent Chinese occult theory of Yin-Yang is
described in glowing terms. After all, according to
Mooneyham, Aldous Huxley (an evolutionist/occultist)
believed it! 7

Among the "mistakes" made by Western missionaries in
China, Mooneyham lists in his writings: "aggressive proc-
lamation of Western values; public denunciation of
idolatry; rejection of ancestor worship; opposition to local
religion; and careless use of the scriptures."*

Of course, it should come as little surprise to note that
World Vision magazine, during Mooneyham's tenure as
president, reported joint projects with Hindu ashrams' and
has requested readers to "pray for your church's direct in-

"Ibid., page 151.

''China a New Day by W. Stanley Mooneyham, copyright © 1979 by W.
Stanley Mooneyham. Logos International, Plainfiekt, New Jersey 07060 (citing
pages 197-201).

'Ibid,, pages 153-156.

World Vision, Vol. 26, No. 9 (September 1982), page 21. Query7 Who gets
the glory? Jesus or Krishna?

156 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

volvement in holistic ministry." 10

There are other serious problems within the realm of
evangelical Protestantism. Inter-Varsity Christian
Fellowship (IVF) has enjoyed an almost impeccable reputa-
tion in both scholarship and Christian apologetics.
However, much that appears to be New Age-oriented has
come out of that organization in recent years.

Assessing the views of some Christian authors, how-
ever, is not without difficulty, particularly in light of a
trend today toward a social exegesis of the Gospel. Conse-
quently, terms and concepts are latched onto with only a
superficial understanding as to their implications. It is not
my intention to point a finger at specific Christians and
their books, and say that these people are definitely New
Age, but merely to reveal to the reader a dangerous trend
toward New Age thinking among evangelicals. As the
proverb goes: "There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death." Physical health, for exam-
ple, is a reasonable objective. However many professing
Christians have become full-blown Hindus by taking up
yoga just for exercise. Another example is that feeding the
hungry is an admirable biblical Christian objective,
however, doing it through forced redistribution of the
world's wealth, or stated another way, through socialism,
is not a biblical imperative. So it is my deep concern that
we are not led astray — whether intentionally or uninten-

With a Ph.D. from Yale University, Ron Sider is an
associate professor of theology at Eastern Baptist Seminary
and serves as president of Evangelicals for Social Action.
His books are widely sold in Christian bookstores of all
denominations and may be found in even the most fun-
damental of church libraries.

One of his books, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger,
was co-published by Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship and
Paulist Press. Paulist is a Catholic publisher whose books

'"Ibid., page 21.

Deluded. . . or Deceivers? 157

tend more towards socialism and outright New Age think-
ing than they do towards orthodox Christian thinking.

The first thing noticeable about Sider's book to one
versed in New Age lore is his use of a vocabulary prevalent
among New Agers. Words such as Spaceship Earth, van-
guard, holistic, New Age, and global village are a common
part of his vocabulary.

The very same form of New World Order as that pro-
posed by prominent New Agers and the Alice Bailey books
is urged upon the readers. In fact, they are told it would be
a sin for them not to support this "New World Economic
Order" and "New World Order."

New Agers Ernest Callenbach, Peter Berger, Robert
Heilbroner and E.F. Schumacher are frequently quoted.
Declared Christians with the same message are cited in sup-
port of his thesis, such as Stanley Mooneyham. The Year
of Jubilee principle advocated as a result of Sider's Bible
study of the old Judaic code sounds chillingly close to that
proposed by Benjamin Creme to inaugurate the so-called
New Age or Age of Aquarius. Sider says on page 223:
"... Jubilee is a divine demand for regular, fundamental
redistribution of the means for producing wealth."

While Sider is biblically correct in stating that Chris-
tians have a duty to help alleviate all the human misery
and suffering they can, nevertheless, his approach seems
more New Age than Christian. The New World Order pro-
posed by Sider is in some respects the same as that backed
by Lucis Trust, the World Order Model Project (WOMP),
Lindisfarne Association, Findhorn Foundation, Planetary
Initiative, and the entire New Age network for that matter.

Contrary to what Sider proposes, Christians have no
duty whatsoever to help establish the political structures of
the New Age. In fact, we have an affirmative duty to help
resist them — even unto death.

The sole purpose of establishing the New World Order
is, according to the Alice Bailey writings, to serve as the
political structure for the New Age "Christ."

158 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Buckminster Fuller, who coined the phrase "Spaceship
Earth," used by Sider, has made it clear that the new struc-
ture will be mourned by organized religion when it is in-

The biblical warnings are also clear that the final beast
of the world would be diverse from the others and trample
the entire world underfoot, horribly persecuting the saints
in the process. Its coming may be inevitable. Nevertheless,
it should not be established on the backs of naive Chris-
tians who are more taken by deceptive New Age promises
than with clear scriptural warnings.

David Bryant is associated with Inter- Varsity Christian
Fellowship and actively works in the field of missionary
training. His message to the church is that it must learn to
love the world. He further says that we must be converted
twice — first to Christ and then reconverted back to the
world. 11

Jesus clearly warned that conditions would grow worse
and worse until His return. Nevertheless, Bryant does not
see it that way similarly to his fellow evangelicals, in-
cluding Sider. His book. In the Gap: What It Means to Be
a World Christian, says:

"It is sowing the Gospel through new congregations
of believers who grow into redemptive forces. In turn,
they will overthrow the status quo of the world system
and transform the human condition within their own
situation" (pp. xiii-xiv).

Bryant cites the works of Ron Sider, Stanley
Mooneyham and the National Council of Churches with
approval. Sojourners, a Christian social action group with
New Age-type programs, is mentioned as a desirable
organization for Christian participation.

On page 39, several New Age "buzzwords" are tucked
neatly into a single paragraph:

"These surprising theological positions were given in an April 1982 sermon
by David Bryant at Highland Park Baptist Church in Southfield, Michigan, my
own church!

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 159

"I guess it boils down to this, Bill. In our modern
global village all nations and societies are inter-linked
and inter-dependent in so many ways. So, it isn't an
either/or question. The involvement of American Chris-
tians in a global cause on a global scale will strongly
determine their impact on their own society" (emphasis

Bryant sees hope in the very things that many Chris-
tians consider to be definite signs of end times:

"And yet, out of this silence has emerged a long,
diverse list of activists such as feminists, gays, black and
Jewish groups, environmentalists, right-to-life, anti-
nuclear groups, and even former anti-war groups pro-
testing U.S. irresponsibility regarding Cambodian and
Vietnamese refugees. Does a legacy from the anti-war
and civil rights years lie dormant in the subconscious of
today's students? Are these various activist groups
tremors of potential student movements just ahead?"
(page 86, ibid)

The glue that binds the New Agers together seems to be
common mystical experiences. Visualization and hypnotism
are keys to the occult. It may be all too often the case that
they are literally seeing and hearing things the rest of us
are not. It was therefore startling to find the following
passage in a purported Christian book — a passage worthy
of a Silva Mind Control or EST session:

"A Parable.
Imagine . . .

for a moment . . .
that . . .

"As long as you can remember you've been seated in
a darkened theater.


"Well, not completely alone. You've noted other
shadows brooding in the dimness. Some have even
mumbled their names to you. But the chill, the mystery.

160 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

the emptiness of perpetual night — that's been the extent
of your life. Until now, that is.

"Imagine . . . that one day ... a spotlight bursts its
brilliance across the distant stage. Light. At first it
startles you. Then, it intrigues you. You sit and stare,

"Gradually your eyes focus. Now you're aware that a
Man has stepped into the spotlight. How unusual He is.
He's laughing, dancing . . . and singing! In time you notice
that others are up there too, dancing with the Man in the
Light, happy and free like He is."

The rest of the startling passage is full of white light im-
agery. It sounds far more like a Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
talk to occult initiates than a serious call to potential Chris-
tian missionaries.

If there has been a single Catholic pope who permitted
the New Agers' plans to take root within the Roman
Catholic Church, it was Pope John XXI11 who is spoken of
reverentially by New Agers and Catholic modernists. Yet
Bryant expresses the belief (on page 125) that Pope John
XXIII was a high point of Christian church history.

And the New Agers' social program and life-style of
"voluntary simplicity" was urged upon Christians by David

It should be added here that although the goals of most
of the workers are pure, those doing the planning are
usually not and the end of this is conditioning for revolu-
tion and acceptance of global agencies doling out food sup-
plies — not true feeding of the masses. Not surprisingly,
Bryant urges his students to read Rich Christians in an Age
of Hunger by Ronald Sider.

An alternate phrase or title for the New Group of
World Servers is "Servants of the World." On page 146 of
his book, Bryant says:

"We must cease being arm-chair tourists of the world. We
must become its students, even before we become its servants."

Deluded. . . or Deceivers? 161

I don't know what Bryant's Bible says, but mine says I
am to serve God — not the world. I am to love my
neighbor as myself — but I am to neither "love the world
nor the things that are in the world." Note how Bryant
contradicts this biblical proposition when he says also on
page 146 that "[W]e must love the world with our minds as
well as our hearts."

One wonders if he has been looking through Theodore
Hesburgh's papers as Bryant, too, enumerates our points of
commonality with Eastern religions. In the same set of
paragraphs he espouses the New Age, Alice Bailey-dictated
doctrine of oneness or unity of all life.

Unity-in-Diversity was an Alice Bailey-coined expres-
sion coming from her "Tibetan Master." It is commonly
used as a New Age buzz word. The International Coopera-
tion Council has changed its name to Unity-in-Diversity
Council. Interdependent is another such word. On pages
172-173 Bryant says:

"Within this family there are many ministries, but
only one mission. Within this family is beautiful diversi-
ty, but God intends it to be unity-in-diversity because
we are united in the same global cause. Each of our
world-sized parts are interdependent and indispensable
for our overall mission."

Alice Bailey taught that the New Age was to be an age
of group consciousness and synergy. Individual efforts to
advance the cause were to be avoided. The same principle
finds expression in David Bryant's writings.

And on page 205 the sins of homosexuality and drug
abuse are given the usual euphemism of "alternative life-

Bryant urges involvement in hunger relief programs.
While this is not a bad aim in and of itself, nevertheless
one of the groups he urges upon us is Bread for the World
— an organization that has managed to win at least two
write-ups in Lucis Trust papers as "characteristic" of the

162 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

New Group of World Servers. And, Bread for the World
has never bought a grain of rice for anyone. Their monies
are strictly spent for lobbying for national and interna-
tional measures — including creation of global reserves and
agencies to control the distribution of world assets.

In a talk at my very own church, he urged Christians
and especially those listening to participate in the
redistribution of their assets — very convenient condition-
ing for those hoping to implement the Benjamin
Creme/Maitreya the Christ/New Age/New World Order.

His book is undoubtedly subtle, but to one schooled in
New Age ways of thinking, the parallels are immediately
obvious. If one is familiar with Planetary Initiative
guidelines for discussion group leaders, he cannot help but
notice that the Small Group Study Guide instructions are
almost similar.

I am not writing at this length about Bryant's book to
single him out. It is a masterpiece, however, of subtlety,
full of conditioning, whether deliberate or otherwise for the
New World Order and the New Age Movement.

The important thing to be said here is that the infiltra-
tion of our churches — even our fundamentalist churches
— both broad and deep — is probably a sure sign that we
are in near-Tribulation times and near to the soon coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Of equal concern is the activity taking place within the
confines of fundamentalist seminaries. Calvin College
seminarians have downplayed the danger from the New
Age Movement. However, they need only look about their
own institution to discover that it is indeed alive and well.

Earthkeeping is the title of a book released by the Fel-
lows of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, Calvin
College, copyrighted in 1980 by the Wm. B. Eerdmans
Publishing Company. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is re-
ferred to as a "Christian thinker" on page four. The New
Age political program is laid out in its entirety — including

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 163

a duty for Christians to support globalization of our struc-
tures. 12

The scriptures plainly state that God will create a new
heaven and a new earth. Nevertheless, in reinterpreting the
Bible to justify support of Calvin College's newfound inter-
nationalism the authors of Earthkeeping see the situation
pretty much as do the Findhorn family:

"The New Testament writers proclaim Jesus of
Nazareth as the prince of that peace. It is he who is call-
ing the world to himself, redeeming it to himself. And it
is he who calls us to partnership in his glorious work:
The anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the
revealing of the sons of God.'

"His kingdom of peace shall come. The king has
already come, and is reigning. In Galilee he has already
shown his power over water, wind, plant, beast — and
over death itself. He reigns, and his peace shall reign
with him: The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish

"Throughout the scriptures, the visions of the
kingdom of God are visions of man in harmony with
nature. Ralph Smith expresses this well in 'Old Testa-
ment Concepts of Stewardship' when he observes, if
biblical man did not ever foresee a time when man
would have no need of nature, perhaps modern man
should begin to make his peace with it now.' " 13

"See pages 236-237, ibid. We are instructed that as Christians we "should
support international efforts to establish and enforce standards for proper use of
the ocean, as well as just standards for the exploitation of its common
resources. . . . This kind of encouragement and approval, manifested in our
political lives, may be what stewardship demands of the individual today.
Perhaps the days of the commons should be over." The authors go on to state
that they are speaking of shared stewardship: "For it is clear that we exercise
stewardship over nature not only as individuals but as members of various
groups to which are entrusted the care of vast quantities of the earth's resources."

'*Ibid. , p. 238. If I read my Bible correctly, our peace was to be with God —
not nature. The Calvin College position distinctly smacks of both Monism (con-
cept that God created the earth and then diffused himself equally throughout the
universe} and animism. God was going to make all things new — not redeem
nature along with man.

164 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

We humans are "saviors" too if the authors are to be
believed. 14

We are told to develop a "planetary awareness" by the
authors. This is a universal cry to New Agers from the
thousands of participating New Age centers.

New Agers Loren Eisely,E.F. Schumacher, Buckminster
Fuller, and others are quoted with approval. Senator Mark
Hatfield has written enthusiastic endorsement to many
New Age-oriented Christian books. His endorsement like-
wise appears on the back cover of Earthkeeping.

According to Alice Bailey, the New Age was to be an
age of group consciousness. Collective and group activity
would bring the New Age to fruition. The authors here
evidently feel the same way for they instructed Christians
wishing to be good stewards to support collective efforts to
change economic and political structures. 15

Bread for the World is endorsed by Lucis Trust's World
Goodwill as "characteristic of the New Group of World
Servers." Earthkeeping 's authors urge Christians to support
it. New Agers request their people to become "agents of
change." Earthkeeping urges us to become "active agents in
changing local, national or international, political,
economic, educational, and ecclesiastical structures." 16

One of the core teachings of the New Age Movement is
God "immanent" in all things. Alice Bailey in fact said that
this doctrine of immanence must be taught to prepare the
world for the new "Christ":

"God Transcendent, greater, vaster and more in-
clusive than His created world, is universally recognised
and has been generally emphasised; all faiths can say
with Shri Krishna (speaking as God, the Creator) that
'having pervaded the whole universe with a fragment of
Myself, I remain.' This God Transcendent has domi-
nated the religious thinking of millions of simple and

"Ibid., p. 238.
"Ibid., p. 307.
"■Ibid., p. 306.

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 165

spiritually minded people down the centuries which have
elapsed since humanity began to press forward towards

"Slowly, there is dawning upon the awakening con-
sciousness of humanity, the great paralleling truth of
God Immanent — divinely 'pervading' all forms, condi-
tioning from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing
innate divinity through human beings and — two thou-
sand years ago — portraying the nature of that divine
Immanence in the Person of the Christ. Today, as an
outcome of this unfolding divine Presence, there is enter-
ing into the minds of men everywhere a new concept:
that of 'Christ in us, the hope of glory' (Colossians
1:27). There is a growing and developing belief that
Christ is in us as He was in the Master Jesus, and this
belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire at-
titude to life" (emphasis added). 17

This doctrine of God Immanent is common to nearly
every pagan and Eastern religion. It teaches that God
created the universe and then equally diffused himself
throughout its parts. Religions teaching the doctrine of
God Immanent are said to be teaching Monism. It is the
original lie of the serpent — "Thou shalt be as gods" —
dressed up for the "New Age."

Needless to say, it was a real shock to find this doctrine
coming forth from a college such as Calvin. On page 218
of Earthkeeping the authors state:

"What a consideration of the Incarnation shows,
however, is that in Christ, both as Creator and
Redeemer, God is immanent in creation. The 'equality
with God' enables the creating Word to share in the flesh
of his creation in an immanence which grasps neither at
glory nor survival, but which leads ultimately to death.
Likewise, though Christians transcend the world, they
also are directed to become a redemptive part of what
they transcend. Humans are to become saviors of

l7 The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 36. New York: Lucis Publishing Com-
pany, 1946. 1976.

166 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

nature, as Christ is the savior of humanity (and hence,
through humans, of nature).

"This idea of humans as the saviors of nature is not
simply theological speculation. It is implied in all of
those many Scripture passages which speak of redeemed
humans as 'joint-heirs' with Christ. As Christ is Ruler,
Creator, and Sustainer of the world, so also is man to
be. Being heirs with Christ involves (as Paul saw) being
crucified with Christ; IT ALSO INVOLVES SHARING
CHRIST THE CREATOR" (emphasis added).

Of course, the authors give reasons sounding
suspiciously like those put forth by the New Agers for this
"confusion" by Christians. "This idea of human
transcendence became joined, in the early years of the
church, with the prevailing Platonic idea of physical nature
as a source of ignorance and a snare to the soul." 18 The
New Agers repeatedly say that we must overcome our
"dualistic, mechanistic thinking!"

Christians are urged to support internationalism in the
interests of stewardship. Of course, what they are not told
is thai the people heading up the internationalist efforts —
Donald Keys. David Spangler, and the rest of the
Planetary Citizens' gang — are open Luciferians. Once the
structures are established — even if St. Francis of Assissi
were running them — they are available for takeovers by
those interests wishing to establish the one-world govern-
ment of the antichrist as foretold in Revelation 13.

The scriptures told us plainly to love not the world:

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in
the world. If any man love the world, the love of the
Father is not in him.

"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh,
and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of
the Father, but is of the world.

"Ibid., p. 219.

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 167

"And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof:
but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever"
(I John 2:15-17, KJV).

Nevertheless, the theme of this book as well as David
Bryant's and all too many evangelical writers is that we
are now to love the world — to be the servants of the

The Humanist Manifesto proclaimed that salvationist-
"based religions were harmful to the future of the world
because they made men focus on another world other than
our own.

The Calvin College fellows cheerfully parrot the same

"And yet, with a few important exceptions. Chris-
tians have not shown much concern for the world's
health. For the emphasis in Christian thought has been
much more on personal than on cosmic salvation. In-
deed, one narrow use of the word 'world' is in declara-
tions that Christians have been saved out of the world"
(Ibid., p. 3).

Alice Bailey instructed the New Age faithful to prepare
the world for the new "Christ" by teaching that all things
were part of a whole. In view of the overall New Age
orientation of the Calvin College book, it is not,
therefore, surprising to find New Age writer Lewis
Thomas' pseudo-scientific The Lives of a Cell quoted in
support of this proposition. 19 Neither is it surprising to
find the somewhat unique theological stance flowing from
such a theory:

"We simply cannot escape from our embeddedness in
nature or nature's embeddedness in us. Therefore, our
knowledge seems to indicate that we can no longer
speak of humanity being saved out of nature: we are
redeemed in nature, not apart from it. In some way, the
Christian must include the rest of creation in his or her

"Ibid., p. 3.

168 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

own salvation" {ibid., p. 3-4).

Of course the Year of Jubilee principle — part of the
Old Testament Judaic code is set forth — most convenient-
ly for the Planetary Initiative New Age pushers of the New
World Order with its planned forced redistribution of the
world's assets. 20

Even the call for the New World religion, so dear to
the heart of the New Agers, has not been neglected by the
Calvin College fellows:

"When we turn to a consideration of the theology of
the East, we discover that its strength is precisely in the
area where Western thought is weakest: in its inclusion
of the whole of creation, and not humans only, in
redemption. Instead of that general suspicion of creation
which dominates Western Christianity, there is a strong
affirmation of the goodness of matter, its redeemability,
and its dependence upon humans for its access to that
divine redemption. In such a view, humans are not so
much pilgrims, leaving the world behind, as they are,
lifting it all, through their priestly actions, into a kind
of divine life. . . . Thus in Eastern thought humans are
the agent for the 'deification' of nature and the lifting of
all creation up into Godhead. This does not imply con-
sciousless union, but rather is a development of that
idea of humans as 'heirs' with Christ, the second Adam
of the fully redeemed creation (p. 222).

The heart of the New Age Movement is old-fashioned
Hindu occultism, which embodies the ancient lie of the ser-

"Planetary Initiative is being managed by Donald Keys, an open Alice
Bailey /Djwal Khul disciple. He is assisted in this effort by David Spangler and
Peter Caddy — . both Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul disciples and open Luriferians.
They are being assisted at the United Nations by Robert Muller. Muller's most
recent book, New Genesis: Reshaping a Global Spirituality was published by
Doubleday in 1982. One chapter is entitled "The Reappearance of Christ." It is a
transcript of a talk delivered to the Arcane School. The Arcane School is part of
Lucis Trust (formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company), Lucis Trust is
the custodian of the Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul writings, the cornerstone plans
upon which the New Age Movement and particularly the PI effort are based.
Muller has openly supported Benjamin Creme — the spokesman for Maitreya
"The Christ."

Deluded . . . or Deceivers? 169

pent right out of the Garden of Eden. This promise of god-
hood that so captivated Eve continues to have an amazing-
ly strong appeal for humanity today.


The Old Lie: Finding God Within

It is one thing to read through a book which has subtle
bends, twists, and turns, realizing that in serpentine fashion
you are being inched in the direction of the New Age Move-
ment. It is quite another experience to read one that comes on
as bold as a cobra selling its venom door to door. Such a
book is Journey to Inner Space: Finding Cod in Us. I have
seen few worse in occult bookstores.

Journey to Inner Space is not the product of a Hindu sect.
Incredibly, it was written by the senior pastor of the First
Baptist Church of Seattle, Washington, Rodney R. Romney.

Like Calvin's Earthkeeping, but in the most blatantly Hin-
du/occult fashion, Dr. Romney urges the doctrine of God
Immanent 1 and Transcendent upon us. Like the Calvin
fellows, Loren Eisely is quoted, although with more even ap-
proval than that displayed in Earthkeeping. 2

To state that Jesus is not the Christ is clearly a biblical test
of antichrist. Stating that man himself could be as God was
also one of the original lies of the Eden serpent.

Showing typical signs of New Age delusion, Dr. Romney
says of Jesus:

"No one ever stirred up the people of his day as this
man Jesus. The greater miracle is that twenty centuries
later he is still stirring up people. He was no radical insur-
rectionist or polemic revolutionary. He was simply a man
who knew the laws of God and lived so completely within
their framework that his entire life was a litany of obe-
dience and faith to God. He stirred up the people because

■Romney, Dr. Rodney, Journey to Inner Space: Finding Cod-in-Us, Nashville,
Tennessee, Abingdon Press, citing pages 15, 43.

Hbid.. p. 25.


The Old Lie: Finding God Within 171

he showed them what life could really be for them. He con-
tinues to do so today.

"This Jesus came to be called the Christ, meaning the
Anointed One of God. It was a title he neither invited nor
disclaimed. Yet what he did was even more startling. He
inferred that each person was potentially/ a Christ. He
claimed nothing for himself that he did not claim for his
disciples. He called himself the light of the world, and he
told his disciples that they too were the light of the world.
He said he was one with God and prayed that the disciples
would accept their oneness with God. He told them they
not only would have experiences similar to his own, but
would do even greater things than he had done. Rather
than condemning people for their depravity, he sought to
awaken them to the glory of their own intended divinity.
The task he gave his followers is to realize the Christ
within their own consciousness, and to know that the
kingdom of God is within them. If they search for it out-
side themselves, they will never find it" 3 (emphasis added).

What went wrong with subsequent Christianity? Accord-
ing to Dr. Romney it was that:

"The large body of Christ-followers failed to realize
their own Christhood. . . ."*

Was Jesus indifferent to being called the Christ — the
anointed of God — as Romney implies? He clearly
demonstrated otherwise:

J 'And when he [Jesus] was come nigh, even now at the
descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the
disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice
for all the mighty works they had seen;

"Saying, blessed be the king [the Messiah] that cometh
in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the

'Ibid., pp. 28-29.
'Ibid., p. 29.

172 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

"And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude
said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples.

"And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if
these should hold their peace, the stones would immediate-
ly cry out" (Luke 19:37-40, emphasis added).

According to Dr. Romrtey, Jesus came to establish a
"world religion that would embrace every soul and synthesize
every creed." Although Jesus said "It is finished," on the
cross, Dr. Romney says, "his work will not be consummated
until he has done just that [establish a world religion syn-
thesizing every creed]." 5

In fact, Romney says that Jesus never meant he was "the

"Each of us must find our own way to the Way, and we
would do well to take the hand of the Way-Shower as we
go, for he shows us God as no one else ever has. But let us
not get lost or overwhelmed by any human forms or for-
mulas that seek to represent the Way. Some of these forms
are little more than Jesus cults, stopping short of the Way
by worshiping the Way-Shower and dealing almost totally
with the miraculous of his life rather than the ethical and
the mystical. Let us remember that Jesus came to show us
God, to help us share in God's life, and to inspire us to seek
the kingdom of God above all else. He resisted all attempts
to worship or deify him. Although he did say, 'I am the
way,' he meant that he was the Way-Shower to God. He
was not God and never claimed to be" (ibid., p. 30).

In his delusion, Romney claims that Jesus was "essentially
a mystic, a person who explored the deeper recesses of his
inner being, found the fountainhead of his own spirit, and
thus knew himself to be the son of God." And Romney says
that we can be Christs ourselves!

"I invite you to take the hand of the Way-Shower
through every step of your inner journey, for he, more
than any other, longs for the transformation of your ex-

Hbid., p. 31.

The Old Lie: Finding God Within 173

istence; he, more than any other longs for your self-purifi-
cation; he, more than any other, desires that you discover
the fullness and splendor of your own Christhood" (ibid.,
p. 36).

I have personally talked with Dr. Romney and in all
honesty, he sounds — at least over the telephone — like a
sincere, charming person. But, he is sincerely wrong!

The glue binding the New Agers together is that of com-
mon mystical experiences. They literally believe they are see-
ing things and hearing things the rest of us do not. With a
clergyman, such as Dr. Romney and the hundreds like him
caught up in occult mysticism, it may start as a product of
that common occupational disease of "burn-out." The Bible
says to acknowledge the Lord in all thy ways and "he shall
direct thy paths." 6

However, the past several years have been characterized
by a barrage of "pop" psychologies and mind control courses.
Mind control was to be an essential component of prepara-
tion for the New World Order and the New Age ^Christ.**

The occult principle behind this is labeled "The Law of
Rebirth." It is not the same as what Jesus called being "born
again." In being born again, one is reconciled to God by
receiving the spirit of Jesus Christ into his heart. His
dependence is other directed — i.e. on Christ.

In rebirthing, by contrast, one is conditioned to believe
that all wisdom is contained within oneself. Like ancient
yogis and mystics, modern New Agers look inward — to the
center of themselves — to receive "wisdom" and knowledge.

Scripturally, however, it is clear that wisdom does not
come from within:

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked: who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9, KJV).

This type of inward journey is usually achieved through a
variety of psychotechnologies virtually guaranteed to induce
demonic control.

"Proverbs 3:6.

174 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy lists scores
of such "psychotechnologies." 7 Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul dis-
ciples were urged to keep a "spiritual diary" in which they
would record the experiences gained through meditation and
the other psychotechnologies. The diarist was to record such
experiences as contact with "presences" or the "mas-
ters." Illumination shed upon problems, telepathic happen-
ings, and mystical experiences such as seeing a light in the
head were also to be recorded. 8

This should, of course, be of immediate interest to stu-
dents of the Bible for the reason that Satan himself appears to
those he deceives transformed into an angel of light.' New
Agers often receive what they believe to be an experience of
overpowering beauty and glory. Because of the immensity of
the experience they assume they have come in contact with
the Lord. God recognized our vulnerability in this area and
for this reason wisely commanded his people not to get in-
volved in occult practices. Deception has been Satan's game
since the Garden of Eden and our times are no exception. We
are told that the antichrist will come with great signs and
wonders — great enough to deceive the elect "if it were possi-
ble." 10 Those dabbling in New Age psychotechnologies, in-
cluding all too often clergy who ignore clear Bible doctrine,
have received some of the end-time deception well in advance
of the coming grand finale.

We are also told to test the spirits:

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits
whether they are of God: because many false prophets are
gone out into the world.

"Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that
confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

'Ferguson, Marilyn, The Aquarian Conspiracy, Los Angeles: J. P. Tarcher, Inc.,
1980. See pages 86-87. The psychotechnologies range from hypnosis, sufism, and
Silva Mind Control through Transcendental Meditation and hatha yoga.

■Bailey, Alice A.. Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, New York: Lucis
Publishing Company, 1972. See pages 14-15.

'II Corinthians 11:14.

"Mark 13:22

The Old Lie: Finding Cod Within 175

"And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ
is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of
antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and
even now already is it in the world" (I John 4:1-3, KJV).

The Bible consists of 66 books that do not contradict each
other. The reason for this is that the Holy Spirit is consistent.
Although they seem to come from diverse sources and are
found in every culture upon earth, occult doctrines also have
a remarkable consistency. In his Catechism on Modernism,
Pope Pius. X remarkably summarized the true unity of such
teachings lurking behind a facade of apparent widely scat-
tered sources and disconnected cultures:

"Since the Modernists employ a very clever artifice,
namely, to present their doctrines without order and
systematic arrangement into one whole, scattered and dis-
jointed one from another, so as to appear to be in doubt
and uncertainty, while they are in reality firm and stead-
fast, it will be of advantage to bring their teachings
together here into one group and to point out the connec-
tion between them. . . .""

The teachings of occultism diametrically oppose those
found in the Bible. The Bible teaches that each person must
die once and then the judgment. 12 Occultism teaches that
each of us must live and die many times and then — maybe
— - Nirvana. The Bible teaches that Jesus made a perfect
sacrifice once for all. 13 The occultists teach that we must all
make atonement under the inexorable Law of Karma. The
Bible says that Jesus is the Light of the World. The occultists
say that light comes from our own "higher selves." The Bible
says that Jesus is the only Christ. Occultists say there have
been many Christs.

That such teachings would be prevalent in the church at

"Rev. J.B. Lemius, O.M.I. , A Catechism of Modernism, founded on the en-
cyclical Pascendi Gregis (On Modernism) by Pope Saint Pius X. Quoting from page

"Hebrews 9:27.

"See Hebrews 9:24-28 and 10:10-14.

176 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

the end of time was foreseen by the apostles and prophets.
Paul told the Thessalonians that the end would not come until
the apostasy came first. 14 He also instructed his protege
in the Lord, Timothy, "that in the latter times some would
depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and
doctrines of devils." 15

In the Old Testament Daniel was told by the angel that
"such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by

The Prophet Isaiah imparted advice received from the
Holy Spirit as to how we could discern false prophets from
messengers of the Lord:

'To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not
according to this word, it is because there is no light in
them" (Isaiah 8:20, KJV).

By first dabbling in that forbidden by the Lord and then
failing to test the Spirits, many, even including caring,
personable clergymen such as Dr. Romney, have been seduced
into unintentional worship of demons. And the demons are still
presenting themselves packaged as a snake. By taking the
forbidden fruits of occultism, the would-be initiate — even
clergymen initiates such as Dr. Romney — raise the fires of the
Serpent fire Kundalini up from the base of the spine and
through what they call the seven chakras (nerve centers).

Dr. Romney openly discusses this process:

'There is much I have not covered concerning the
meditation experience. I have not talked about the seven
nerve centers (chakras) and the corresponding colors of
these centers. Nor have I discussed the forces within our
cerebrospinal system known as the kundalini shakti, a
mysterious fire of love that rises up within us through
daily, sincere periods of meditation and which transports us
into a new land of expanded consciousness." 16

"II Thessalonians 2:3, NASB and KJV.

15 I Timothy 4:1.

''Romney, Dr. Rodney, Journey to Inner Space: Finding God~In-Us, Nashville,
Tennessee, Abingdon Press, 1980.

The Old Lie: Finding God Within 177

To reach this state of expanded consciousness. Dr.
Romney says he faces the east:

"I always sit in the same chair if possible, which faces
east. Facing east while praying is an ancient practice which
draws a symbolism between the rising sun and the dawn-
ing of divine light in one's consciousness. In the opinion of
some this also offers exposure to greater forms of cosmic
energy." 17

The Lord showed his prophet Ezekiel that similar prac-
tices were being committed by the Israelites and the House of

"Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of
man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater
abominations than these.

"And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's
house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord,
between the porch and the altar, were about five and twen-
ty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord,
and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the
sun toward the east" (Ezekiel 8:15-16).

Daniel 11:38 foretold the last days worship of the "God of
Forces" by the antichrist and his followers. A prime goal of
occultism is to learn how to manipulate "The Force." 18

Romney shows signs of having succumbed also to the
deception that God is a Force — also excellently illustrating
the fact that those dabbling in occultism are seeing and hear-
ing things the rest of us are not:

"So God first made light as spiritual energy and from
that light created all things. We, therefore, are not made of
solid, impenetrable matter — we are made of light energy.
This primal force of energy is what we call Cod. When the

"Ibid., p. 88.

"See, for example, Albert A. Pike's Morals and Dogma. Pages 1-6 feature an ex-
tensive discussion of the need for managing or regulating the Force. This book could
double for scores of other occult works. The Alice Bailey Master Index contains
several pages of references on "forces" alone.

178 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Bible says we are made in God's image, it means that we
are constructed of the very energy force which is God.
When we establish a connection with God, we receive an
increased flow of this energy. . . .

"When people advance into the higher realms of
spiritual consciousness, they often perceive this light
through the spiritual sense, sometimes diffused into
brilliant colors that go beyond any shades and hues ever
seen before, just as they will often distinguish sounds that
normally the human ear cannot register. . . . The deep
center of our inner space, where we are conscious of being
filled by God, transcends all mortal limitations and brings
perceptions to us that are impossible at any other level.

"For centuries it was known in the Eastern countries
that a powerful, invisible force seemed to flow through the
hands and arms of the so-called holy people. People who
consciously identified with God seemed to have an abun-
dance of energy which was healing in its effect. Certainly
this was true of Jesus" (ibid., p. 72-73).

When I spoke with Dr. Romney, he was not reticent
about admitting he considered his book to be an example of
"New Age" writing. His book actually alludes to this coming
"New Age":

"Most students of the spiritual realm agree that we are
entering today into a New Age of Light on this planet. This
light is beginning to expose and correct malfunctions in the
created order. The result of this may be a temporary in-
crease of distress and disease. Individuals who have been
dwelling in darkness will manifest hostile and criminal
reactions as the light increases. There will even be similar
disturbances in the elements of nature in the form of storms,
droughts, earthquakes, and other destructive activi-
ties. Humanity as a whole may react to these upheavals
with feelings of despair and gloom, fearing that the world is
coming to an end, as limited thought forms erroneously
predicted long ago. But this is not an age to fear, it is one
in which to rejoice. As the light purges and purifies the
darkness, we feel the death rattle of an old age and the

The Old Lie: Finding God Within 179

birth pangs of a new one in which the highest aspirations
and possibilities of creation will rise to the fore" (ibid., p,

Dr. Romney's next paragraph is chillingly reminiscent of
Alice Bailey's instructions to New Age disciples on how to
"hold the light": 1 '

"Those who understand the principle of light, who
know how to project it into a condition and hold it there,
and who understand that this light comes from God and
God's invisible workers who are on this earth, will
discover that they are able to change conditions in positive
ways and usher in the age of abiding peace on earth" {ibid. ,
p. 75).

According to the Bible, Jesus is the Light of the World.
Dr. Romney sees this a little differently. He says that "Jesus
delivered the Christ-light of the cosmos to the planet earth
and to each of us individually." 20

This is clearly part of the ultimate delusion referred to by
Daniel: "such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he
corrupt with flatteries." That flattery most likely is the occult
teaching that man himself can be as a god.

This is reflected in Dr. Romney's work:

Christ Me. Jesus not only knew the Christ in himself,
he saw the Christ in everyone else. Jesus became what each
of us is destined to be, a Christ, and he remains with us in
spirit to show us the way to God and to the Christ of our
inner being. The Christ has taken many forms and has
been known by different names, but that need not concern
us. We know the Christ as Jesus who came to this earth
two thousand years ago with the triumphant message of
God's love, uniting us to the reality of our true identity. At
that place of knowing, all illusions end, and we come to

19 See Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, by Alice A. Bailey. Page 298 gives a
discussion of techniques for "holding the mind steady in the light." It is an occult
technique for invoking the Luciferic energies.

"Ibid., p. 76.

180 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

apprehend our intended glory and to accept our true
divinity as a holy son or daughter of God. We stand now
on the highest rung of the ladder of prayer.

"This final rung is the place where we are fully Christ-
like, where we recognize the Christ in ourselves and in all
others" (ibid., pp. 106-107).

It is sad but true that there is little difference between the
things said by Dr. Romney in the foregoing quoted paragraph
and the public statements of Benjamin Creme in putting forth
the so-called "Maitreya the Christ" — "there have been many
Christs." This is also a head-on test of antichrist: a denial that
Jesus is the Christ.

Findhorn was founded, according to the Caddys, on
"guidance" received by Eileen Caddy from their spirit guides.
The Caddys were told they were to help anchor "The Plan"
on earth. It was no big surprise to find this type of material
coming from such people long anchored in Tibetan Buddhism
and other esoteric schools of thought.

It was a real surprise, however, to find nearly identical
"guidance" being channeled through a Baptist minister of an
American Baptist Convention church. Romney's spirit guides
told him about "The Plan" in nearly the same terms as the
multitude of Findhorn messages littering the occult and Unity
bookstores of America:

"Trust your own seasons and the divinely ordained
plan. Only by coming to me and giving yourself into con-
templative silence will you be able to see that I am in con-
trol, that I will ultimately have my way, and that time is
not a factor for me. Learn to live in cooperation with my
plan" (ibid., p. 126).

One thing I have noticed in my analysis of the New Age
Movement and cult-like organizations is that of stark con-
trast to the scriptural messages of God which always sound
both concerned and caring. Lucifer or Satan cannot help but
sound boastful.

New Agers work under the delusion that they are better-

The Old Lie: Finding God Within 181

ing society. However, one of their core teachings is the Law
of Karma. This is a teaching that whatever happens to one
was brought on by his own good or bad karma.

For example, the World War II massacre of the Jews oc-
curred as a result of their "bad national karma." 21 This teach-
ing of pure Hindu and occult derivation finds its place in
Romney's "guidance":

"But what about the innocent? you say. What of those
who suffer unjustly at the hands of the wrongdoer? There
is no such thing as pure innocence, even in a tiny babe.
Every soul carries within it the scars of centuries of wrong
thinking and wrongdoing. There is a karmic law of in-
debtedness that many are now working out, having volun-
tarily accepted a path of suffering that will forge a higher
evolution of the soul" (ibid., p. 127).

Romney is even told he has "spirits" with him. In a
paragraph sounding remarkably like the messages received
by Eileen Caddy of Findhorn about the helper spirits,
Romney is told:

"Nature spirits are with you often, and it is their love
for you and dedication to your mission which evokes a
tenderness essence in you for all nature . . ." (ibid., p.

And the whispering demons are quick to tell Dr. Romney
whom to follow:

"Your assignment is not to follow any earthly teacher
or guru on the earth path. Your assignment is to discover
the Christ within you. . . . Teach yourself. Be your own
master. Be your own healer. Find the Christ within" (ibid.,
p. 130).

Dr. Romney is also told that we need a new world religion
and that religion — including Christianity — is still "evolv-

"See Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing. New York, Lucis Publishing Company,
1953 . See particularly pp. 263-267 for application of this bizarre occult teaching that
the fate of the Jews was the result of their "evil karma."

182 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

"As you learn to lay aside your judgments of others,
learn also to cease judging religions, denominations, or
any theological system. I have a higher purpose for you.
There is good in every religion, yet each lacks complete
truth. Yes, even in Christianity, as it has evolved, there is
error and deviation from the pure truth that Christ spoke.
You must learn to lay aside all the trappings and ac-
couterments of organized institutions and man-made
religious systems and rise above these into a universal
religion. No longer think of yourself as Baptist, nor even
Christian. You are more than these. Jesus rose above all
such limitations and became the only begotten Son. He
transcended all religions and became the only begotten
Son. He transcended all religions. Follow him to the Christ
of your own being. As you do, you will rejoice in the new
freedom that arrives when titles and distinctions are
dissolved" (ibid., p. 130).

Dr. Romney is a senior pastor within the American Bap-
tist Convention. In response to those seeking explanations as
to why this type of propagation is allowed to continue
unchallenged, they are sharply told that Dr. Romney is a
very fine Christian. He is a charming person and I am sure
sincere. But this type of heresy should not be allowed to con-
tinue under the auspices of our Fundamentalist churches —
neither for the sake of his congregation nor the tens of
thousands in Dr. Romney 's listening audiences. For the sake
of Dr. Romney's own soul and the souls of the other teachers
and members influenced by such thinking, it should not be
tolerated. It is far more dangerous coming from a Christian
pulpit than from an occult bookstore. At least when people
enter an occult bookstore they know, or should know, what
they are about to receive. People have a right to expect or-
thodox teaching within the confines of their church or syna-

It is time for repentance and true reconciliation to God.
Not the reconciliation urged by neo-evangelicals and New
Age thinkers within our churches, but the reconciliation that

The Old Lie: Finding God Within 183

comes from following the warning angel's message to

This is no time for smugness and thinking we are better
than these unfortunates. It is a time for serious exhortation
and speaking the truth in love.

"As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

"There is none that understandeth, there is none that
seeketh after God.

"They are all gone out of the way, they are together
become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no,
not one" (Romans 3:10-12, KJV).

Many of our leaders who started with the finest of inten-
tions have become victims — some witting — but many un-
witting. This is not surprising. Satan would rather attack our
churches than anywhere else. Whether the damage can now
be undone is in the hands of God. If God is ready for end-
time events, the clock might not be turned back. But even our
religious leaders deserve a warning in the spirit of Christian
love. Some labored hard in the vineyards, some stumbled
and fell. There but for the grace of God goes any one of us.


How to Help New Agers

Sadly, the vast majority of New Agers are involved quite
innocently. Their motives are often altruistic. They wish to
help — not harm — their fellow human beings. Most of them
lack knowledge of the ultimate goals of the Movement.

Even among those possessing this knowledge, many fail
to see the dire consequences. Rapidly increasing numbers are
being manipulated by extremely sophisticated forms of mind
control. This no doubt is due in part to the preparatory con-
ditioning of meditation and other psycho /spiritual tech-

My study of hypnosis has left me unconvinced of its
claimed scientific basis. I feel it constitutes pure and simple,
albeit temporary, demonic control.

1 have personally witnessed many New Age "spiritual"
sessions where those present seemed to be taken into pro-
gressively deeper levels of hypnosis. While under such in-
fluence they were told that (1) a World Teacher or "Christ" is
coming; (2) they themselves possess divinity or the "Christ
Consciousness"; (3) the Christ is not any single man and no
preacher can save them — they must save themselves; (4) a
"cleansing action" will have to occur before the New Age can
begin. Even more importantly than what they were told
while under hypnosis is the fact that THEY ARE NEVER

When Benjamin Creme spoke in Detroit he seemed to
"control" the audience. During the evening many par-
ticipants appeared red-eyed with fixed stares. The ease with
which some seemed to "go under" suggested that they had
been subject to prior conditioning. It was chilling to watch


How to Help New Agers 185

hundreds of intelligent adults give a standing ovation to the
prospects of "false teachers about the Christ" (i.e., fun-
damentalist Christians) disappearing.

Likewise, it makes an orthodox Christian or Jew no hap-
pier to read the source books for the Movement — the Alice
Bailey, David Spangler, Agni Yoga, Theosophical, Rosicru-
cian, H.G. Wells writings — and see cold plans for a near-
future "cleansing-action," especially when the reader realizes
he is among those to be "cleansed." Reading that all who ex-
press recalcitrance towards the New Age "Christ" will be re-
leased from physical embodiment and sent to "another di-
mension other than physical incarnation" certainly does
nothing towards giving the reader warm feelings about the
writers and their followers — the New Agers.

Nevertheless, a commitment to speak the truth in love
must be made and maintained if we are to help the first vic-
tims of the Aquarian Conspiracy — the New Agers them-
selves. They may be victims because they are under
sophisticated forms of deception. They may be victims
because they do not have full facts and are told only what
their leaders want them to know — in guided "study pro-
grams" rather than by a dispassionate survey of all available
information, including orthodox Judeo-Christian teachings.

For example, it is not uncommon for youngsters involved
in the New Age Movement to receive warnings against read-
ing the entire Bible such as those contained in The Next
Whole Earth Catalog, a popular New Age publication by
Point with Random House distribution:

'If you've ever tried to read the BIBLE cover to cover,
be advised it's a bad idea. The BIBLE was written by a lot
of different people at a lot of different times, so it should be
read more like a magazine than a book. Flip around, see
what looks interesting, skip the boring parts" (from page
591, second edition, copyright © 1980-1981 by Point).

Apart from the New Age-oriented theologians who have
deliberately infused our churches and seminaries with New

186 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Age concepts, the vast majority of those in the New Age
Movement are there innocently. The lonely, the confused
and bewildered, the young and naive — these are prime tar-
gets for New Age organizers. Likewise, they should be prime
targets for Christians and great sensitivity should be used in
approaching them to win them back to where they really
belong — to Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for them and
still cares for them.

Often people are won to the Movement and/or its various
programs by reacting to various distortions of Christianity
and its source book, the Bible. All too often. Christians play
into the hands of New Age recruiters.

For example, New Agers are told that Christianity is a
repressive religion and that its Bible teaches that all who have
never heard of God and Jesus Christ are automatically con-
demned. While this representation is both inaccurate and un-
fair, Christian ministers have often played into the New
Agers' hands by preaching this very doctrine from the pulpit
and inserting same into Christian comic books.

My son was even taught this same doctrine in a Lutheran

The correct scriptural reference for this question is found
in Romans 2:1-16:

"Therefore you are without excuse, every man of you
who passes judgment, for in that you judge another, you con-
demn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.

"And we know the judgment of God rightly falls upon
those who practice such things.

"And do you suppose this, O man, when you pass
judgment upon those who practice such things and do the
same yourself, that you will escape the judgment of God?

"Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness
and forbearance and patience, not knowing that the kind-
ness of God leads you to repentance?

"But because of your stubbornness and unrepentant
heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of

How to Help New Agers 187

wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.

ING TO HIS DEEDS (emphasized in original].

"To those who by perseverance in doing good seek for
glory and honor and immortality, eternal life;

"But to those who are selfishly ambitious and do not
obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, wrath, and in-

"There will be tribulation and distress for every soul of
man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek.

"But glory and honor and peace to every man who does
good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

"For there is no partiality with God.

"For all who have sinned without the Law will also
perish without the Law; and all who have sinned under the
Law will be judged by the Law.

"For not the hearers of the Law are justified before
God, but the doers of the Law will be justified.

"For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do in-
stinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the
Law, are a law to themselves.

"In that they show the work of the Law written in their
hearts, their conscience bearing witness, and their thoughts
alternately accusing or else defending them.

"On the day when, according to my gospel God will
judge the secrets of men through Christ fesus" {NASB).

On Judgment Day there may be many surprises for those
"Christians" who have deliberately apostatized or misled the
body of Christ. They may see some poor pagan who did the
best he could with the little knowledge he did possess stand-
ing redeemed and joyous before the throne while the apos-
tates and hypocrites watch with gnashing of teeth from out-

188 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Jesus was plain on this point:

"Not every one that saith unto me. Lord, Lord, shall
enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the
will of my Father which is in heaven.

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we
not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out
devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

"And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you:
depart from me, ye that work iniquity" (Matthew 7:21-23,

The next point of Christianity that concerns sensitive
New Agers and their prospective recruits is the fate of the
Jews. While the New Age Movement is, at its esoteric core,
deeply antisemitic, many of its number are unaware of this.
This fact is reserved for either voracious readers of New Age
dogma or upper level initiates of occultdom.

Many New Agers — particularly would-be Jewish New
Agers — are told that Christianity is antisemitic as it repre-
sents the Jews as being blanketly condemned unless they have
converted to Christianity.

Again, this is a misrepresentation of plain scriptural

"For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of
this mystery, lest you be wise in your own estimation, that
a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fulness
of the Gentiles has come in;

"And thus all Israel will be saved; just as it is written,


"From the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies for
your sake, but from the standpoint of God's choice they
are beloved for the sake of the fathers;

How to Help New Agers 189

"For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.

'Tor just as you once were disobedient to God, but now
have been shown mercy because of their disobedience.

"So these also now have been disobedient, in order that
because of the mercy shown to you they also may now be
shown mercy.

"For God has shut up all in disobedience that He might
show mercy to all.

"Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and
knowledge of God! How unsearachable are His judgments
and unfathomable His ways!" (Romans 11:25-33, NASB).

It is therefore clear that antisemitism is condemned in the
plainest possible scriptural terms, without exception.

New Age theology distorts the teachings of Christianity in
other important ways as well. They tell their prospective
disciples that all world religions have the same "truths" at
their core. While there are certain superficial similarities
among most religions, orthodox Judaism and Christianity
stand in direct opposition to every other belief system. It is
safe to say, however, that nearly all non-Judeo/Christian
religions are extremely similar because, as the Bible indicates,
they come from one source, the "god of this world" — Satan

Doctrines of reincarnation and self-realization, (godhood
for man) lie at the heart of New Age teachings. It can hardly
be coincidence that many forms of these teachings still come
packaged as a snake. Many New Agers fervently believe they
are working "to raise the fires of Kundalini (a goddess in the
form of a snake coiled at the base of the spine)."

Many have been recruited into the Movement through
their desire to help solve the world's problems and particular-
ly the hunger problem. They do not know that central to the
teaching of the Movement is the replacement of the present
races — the very peoples they say they are helping — with a
new root race.

190 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Many are unaware of the political aims of the Movement
to eliminate several billions from the earth's population and
millions from that of the USA prior to the year 2000 — a goal
only accomplishable by mass genocide. Even ostensibly
Christian anti-hunger organizations have not escaped the in-
fluence of New Age teachings.

Abortion, artificial insemination, genetic control, and
death control are Frightening and all dear to the heart of
Friends of the Earth — a prominent New Age organization.
One wonders how many members or supporters of that
group are aware that those exact programs were central to
Hitler's Nazism.

Pamphlets available in metaphysical bookstores
sometimes give a more honest statement of the New Agers'
intentions. In 1982 Cosmic Countdown, published by Guar-
dian Action Publications of New Mexico, in alleged transmis-
sions from "Higher Intelligence," it was said of the
hunger/ disease problem in the third world:

"The world should be forewarned to be on the lookout
for diseases which have been suppressed for years, sudden-
ly rearing their ugly heads and decimating populations
already on the verge of starvation in the Third World Na-
tions. Although these peoples will eventually be replaced
by the new root race about to make its appearance in a
newly cleansed world; nevertheless, for the moment, this is
a tragedy" (page 12).

Perhaps the best way to help the sensitive New Ager who
is worried about problems of world hunger — a legitimate
worry — is to show him the lack of real spending for food by
New Age organizations fighting hunger. Many, with enor-
mously large budgets, spend little on actual bread for the
starving. The Hunger Project and Bread for the World spend
their time and resources either lobbying for structural change
(such as a World Food Authority to replace present food
distribution systems), or seeking to gain additional adherents
to this point of view.

How to Help New Agers 191

Many sincere New Agers are interested in the disarma-
ment issue. The New Age Movement has outwardly billed it-
self as being opposed to nuclear weapons.

The Alice Bailey writings however plainly state on page
548 of The Extemalisation of the Hierarchy that they should
feel free to use these weapons on religious groups who inter-
fere in the political process — or at the very least feel free to
threaten their use. This inconsistency in the New Age posi-
tion could be used profitably to enlighten sincere New Agers
as to the real nature of the Movement.

Many if not most New Agers would be truly startled to
see the close resemblance of the Movement to Nazism. This
must be handled in a most tactful manner if the New Ager is
to hear the conversation out. A tabulation is presented in
another portion of this book demonstrating these points in

New Agers fascinated by mysticism and psychic seers
such as Nostradamus will be interested in the correlation of
the Movement to Bible prophecy. Again, a tabulation is pro-
vided herein to assist you with this technique for reaching
New Agers of your acquaintance.

Finally, one must not underestimate the power of prayer.
While you are talking with the New Ager, do so forthrightly
and courageously, remembering that we are given the
authority in the name of Jesus to deliver them from demonic
deception and power if they are willing to be delivered.

The battle is a spiritual one. Therefore, even while
witnessing "pray without ceasing" for wisdom and guidance
and that the eyes of the New Ager might be opened. Always,
always speak the truth in love. Remember, Jesus Christ loves
and died for New Agers. Until proven otherwise, we should
consider each of them to be a victim rather than a villain.


Selected New Age Organizations

While the foregoing is not intended to be a complete
listing of New Age organizations, it will give the reader some
valuable resources for pursuing this subject further. The fol-
lowing organizations are very important within the New Age

It should also be kept in mind that the Movement is not a
hierarchical structure, per se, but is composed of thousands
of networking organizations. The following constitute some
of the more important links in the New Age network:

LUC1S TRUST: This organization was originally incorporated as
the Lucifer- Publishing Company and changed its name the next
year to the somewhat less startling Lucis Trust. Operated under the
auspices of this organization are Lucis Publishing Company, World
Goodwill, Arcane School, and Triangles. The numerous Alice
Bailey meditation clubs also are operated under their aegis. They
have translated or are translating the Alice Bailey books into
several languages including English, German, French, Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Russian. They finance publica-
tion of their books through a revolving trust fund and Lucis Trust
owns all copyrights to their books — mostly the Alice Bailey
writings. Within the USA the Trust is both non-profit and enjoys
tax exempt status. According to Alice Bailey's Unfinished
Autobiography, the Arcane School had already graduated 20,000
students by 1945. The Arcane School training prepares people for
active New Age discipleship and leadership. According to page 286
of her Autobiography, the Arcane School features Theosophists
and Rosicrucians as well as Christian Scientists and "churchmen of
every denomination — Protestant and Catholic — and men and
women of every type of religious and political persuasion. It may
safely be said that Lucis Trust is truly the brains — at least from an
occult planning basis — of the New Age Movement. One only has


194 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

to study the course of the Movement to see that her instructions to
New Age "disciples" have been followed like recipes.

Lucis Trust, 866 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017

PACIFIC INSTITUTE: While officially denying New Age involve-
ment, it appears nonetheless that Pacific Institute possesses New
Age characteristics buried under platitudes of self-improvement
cliches. It has managed to instill New Age philosophies and con-
cepts in otherwise inaccessible bastions of corporate responsibility.
Its course entitled "New Age Thinking" has been given to such
diverse clients as the General Motors Corporation, AT&T and
Amway. While Pacific Institute claims the use of the name to be
coincidental, nevertheless the concepts are distinctly New Age.
Often such courses are mandatory for upper and middle-level
management who are urged to bring their families along for the
training. Much of the course material teaches the attendees that
their worlds are created and/or determined by the working of their
minds. Techniques of visualization, self-hypnosis, imprinting and
affirmations are employed — standard techniques for occultists. A
section of their course handbook entitled "Suggested Reading" in-
cludes many New Age selections. For example, it includes Ram
Dass' Crist for the Mill and works by the patron saint of the New
Age Movement, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who on five occasions
was censored by the Roman Catholic Church for apostasy.
Although Pacific Institute recently has denied it, Jim Channon's
Evolutionary Tactics Manual for his New Age military-linked First
Earth Battalion credits Pacific Institute with contributing funds for
its publication. Pacific Institute has, however, admitted making a
payment to Channon in the sum of $4,000 for certain, unspecified
services. Pacific Institute is out to offer its popularized mind-
control courses to such diverse groups as military personnel and
juvenile delinquents.

PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY: This anti-fundamentalist
organization was founded by TV producer Norman Lear and as of
November, 1982, numbers 85,000 members, according to the
November 8, 1982, Leading Edge Bulletin published by Marilyn
Ferguson. Pure and simply it constitutes an aggressive hate cam-
paign against fundamentalist Christians. They have also successful-
ly diverted attention from the Nazi-like aims of the New Age

Appendix A: Selected New Age Organizations 195

Movement by accusing the Moral Majority of their own tactics of
aggressive intimidation. Lear is reportedly an EST (Erhard
Seminars Training) graduate. They were successful in intimidating
at least one Christian television station, {KTLA, Channel 5, Los
Angeles) into giving them equal time even though the federal
regulations pertaining to same most likely do not apply to Chris-
tian, broadcasting. According to Ms. Ferguson, People for the
American Way also enjoyed similar successes in other cities. It
should also be noted that most religious broadcasting is paid and
would be no more entitled to equal time for rebuttal than a paid
political advertisement.

People for the American Way, 1015 18th Street, NW #310,
Washington, D.C. 20036, (202) 822-9450

NEW GROUP OF WORLD SERVERS: This is a somewhat amor-
phous organization that was supposedly organized by Alice Bailey
in 1925 under the direction of "the Hierarchy" to serve as the
vanguard for the reappearance of 'The Christ" and "His Great
Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom." According to Benjamin Creme,
it has both an inner and outer organization — the outer organiza-
tion being conscious of the aims of the NGWS and the inner group
merely responsive to "Hierarchical impression." Lucis Trust
regularly distributes, upon request, information pertinent to the
NGWS. Benjamin Creme distributes brochures regarding the
NGWS at his lectures. According to this brochure, those interested
are to read The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson along
with some of the Alice Bailey books for more information. The
flyer also states that it is "based on the Alice Bailey teachings." It is
interesting to note that Planetary Citizens, the secretariat for
Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, gives one of its pur-
poses as "aiding World Servers everywhere." It is of even greater
interest that Planetary Initiative, the important vehicle of the New
Age Movment, in a help wanted ad in their paper Initiator, titles
the item "World Servers Called to Action." Lucis Trust is one of the
organizations cooperating in the work of the New Group of World

New Group of World Servers, c/o Lucis Trust, 866 United Nations
Plaza, Suite 566-7, New York, New York 10017

196 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

PLANETARY CITIZENS: Planetary Citizens enjoys the support of
many and varied prominent personages from about the globe.
David Spangler sits on its board of directors. Donald Keys, another
individual publicly associated with Findhorn Foundation was a
founder along with Norman Cousins, the head of the invitor com-
mittee for the World Council of Wise Persons. U Thant was also in-
volved in the original organizational work. Theodore Hesburgh of
Notre Dame University and Peter Caddy, the founder of Findhorn
Foundation, are also connected as committee chairmen. According
to a description of Planetary Citizens in New Age Politics by Mark
Satin, their purpose is to aid the "World Servers everywhere."
Since the purpose of the World Servers is to serve as the vanguard
for the "reappearance of Christ" (not Jesus, according to this crew),
it is not hard to figure that the purpose of Planetary Citizens, by ex-
tension, must be the same.

Planetary Citizens, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, New
York 10017

This is a truly amazing consortium of over 300 sponsoring groups.
They call their official organ the Initiator. It is even more amazing
in light of the fact that Creme's transmissions from "Lord
Maitreya" say "I am the Initiator of the little ones." Further, David
Spangler, who is very closely connected with and allied to this pro-
ject, has defined the initiation in his book Reflections on the Christ
as being "Luciferic." This is probably the most honest statement
that anyone inside the project has ever made! The organization or
"network" is in the process of convening a "World Council of Wise
Persons." Norman Cousins is heading the Invitor Committee for
this project. So far, according to Volume 1, No. 2 of the Initiator,
the network newspaper of The Planetary Initiative for the World
We Choose, Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Carlos Romulo of the
Philippines have accepted invitations to sit on this "distinguished"
council. They have scheduled their "Culminating Global Congress"
for summer solstice (June 21, 1983) in Toronto, to coincide with the
New York meeting of the World Council of Wise Persons at the
United Nations. Since you are now wise to this gathering of "village
elders" why don't you tell the nice staff at Planetary Initiative that
you too want to be on the World Council of Wise Persons! You
may write them at the above address for Planetary Citizens. Tell

Appendix A: Selected New Age Organizations 197

them you know the true nature of this alleged "plot to save the
world." The only thing more ludicrous than the World Council of
Wise Persons is their budget as set forth in Issue #2 of the Initiator. I
counted more than that budget in airline tickets in one issue alone!
Anybody believing their budget is not smart enough to be in their
Movement. They claim they ran their 1981 office — which included
operation of a Manhattan office in United Nations Plaza, wooing
away of high priced executives from other international organiza-
tions such as Amnesty International, and worldwide travel by their
New York staff — for a total of $39,000 of which they raised ap-
proximately only $18,000, leaving them a total of $21,000!

Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, c/o Planetary Citi-
zens, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017

UNITY-IN-DIVERSITY COUNCIL: This network is for all prac-
tical purposes one and the same as its predecessor organization: In-
ternational Cooperation Council. Its advisory board features such
New Age luminaries as Peter Caddy (founder of Findhorn Founda-
tion, Scotland), Swami Kriyananda, -Robert Muller (of the United
Nations and a staunch ally of Benjamin Creme), Dr. Ira Progoff
(The Progoff Journals — must reading in many college courses},
and Dane Rudhyar. After a financial fiasco by its predecessor
organization, International Cooperation Council, the action was
merely shifted to another constituent International Cooperation
Council organization, the Unity-in-Diversity Council. Unity-in-
Diversity sponsored the huge Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit in Los
Angeles and San Francisco that saw tens of thousands in atten-
dance. They also sponsored Benjamin Creme for the benefit of their
members who had not as yet come under his pitch/ for "Maitreya
the Christ." All Unity-in-Diversity members were urged to attend.
Unity-in-Diversity's newsletter Spectrum enjoys a 35,000 circula-
tion worldwide and is published on a quarterly basis. Also of in-
terest are the origins of Unity-in-Diversity Council and Interna-
tional Cooperation Council. International Cooperation Council
came into being to continue the work begun during International
Cooperation Year of the United Nations in 1965. One of the more
interesting members of Unity-in-Diversity Council — a New Age
network — is Tara Center. Findhorn Foundation is also a member
and Marilyn Ferguson's Leading Edge Bulletin and Brain Mind
Bulletin are associate members. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Summit

198 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

University (Church Universal and Triumphant), is also affiliated as
a full member of Unity-in-Diversity Council as well as of its
predecessor. International Cooperation Council. Its organization
structure and scope of activity is truly amazing. In addition to its
approximately 200-member organizations, the old International
Cooperation Council directory featured a list of approximately 600
additional organizations that had identical goals: "A worldwide
coordinating body of organizations and individuals fostering the
emergence of a new universal person and civilization based on
Unity-in-Diversity among all peoples." The introduction by John
White to their 1979 International Cooperation Council Directory
duly noted that they were to be considered a "new species" —
homo noeticus as opposed to homo sapiens. They planned to have
species war with the homo sapiens and win! If that sounds familiar,
it should. That is precisely the same premise Hitlerian Nazism was
based upon.

Unity-in-Diversity Council, World Trade Center, 350 S. Figueroa
Street, Suite 370, Los Angeles, California 90071 (213) 626-2062

THE SUTPHEN CORPORATION: This is an organization headed
by virulent anti-fundamentalist Dick Sutphen. When Sutphen is
not making war on Christians, he holds Past-Life Therapy
Seminars, "human potential weekends," Bushido Sutphen Seminar
Training (The Bushido SST), writes and publishes books, and edits
the Self-Help Update "Create Your Own Reality" and Reincarna-
tion Report. He aggressively proclaims himself as one of "many
way clearers" for the New Age. He fights fundamentalism because
he "can no longer ignore a movement that I feel is extremely
dangerous to the future of this planet and the potential for a New
Age." Unfortunately, he has a substantial following and he also
works closely with Norman Lear's People for the American Way in
its war against fundamentalist Christianity. He also urges his
readers to network for "global transformation."

The Sutphen Corporation, 22333 Pacific Coast Highway, Suites 10
through 14, Malibu, California 90265 (213) 456-5635


The "Great Invocation" Distribution






Ha* 1

db°° v





200 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


The worldwide distribution of the Great Invocation is
demonstrating how this Invocation for Power and Light is accepted
by men and women of every land and of every religious faith. The
Great Invocation is truly a world prayer, voicing the great human
need for divine aid and direction in the establishing of right rela-
tions among men and nations.

Everyone who uses the Great Invocation is presented with the
opportunity to expand his service by taking an active part in aiding
the work of carrying the Invocation to the people of the world.
World Goodwill participants, cooperating groups and Units of Ser-
vice are constantly discovering new methods of presenting the In-
vocation. Whenever the literature they mail or the words they
speak touch a human heart or mind, one finds the New Age and its
consciousness strengthened in expression. The person whose con-
sciousness has been touched can become increasingly receptive to
spiritual impression, especially when he responds to the Great In-

This handbook on the distribution of the Invocation is divided
into two major sections. The first section presents a background of
past and current distribution work, including a list of translations
and the patterns and methods of the worldwide distribution pro-
gramme. The "Suggestions for Action" section lists the Invocation
materials available from World Goodwill headquarters and sug-
gests practical techniques and methods for distributing and
publicizing the Invocation through press, radio and television.

The continuing work done around the world by all who know
the power and effect of the Great Invocation is gradually trans-
forming the subjective atmosphere of our planet in preparation for
the New Age of truth, justice and cooperative living.


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

Appendix B: The "Great Invocation" Distribution 201

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men —
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


The Great Invocation was first given out and used in 1945 and
since that date has become familiar to millions of people all over
the world, and is used daily by them. This world prayer expresses
truths central to all major religions and is based on the true and in-
ner unity of all religions and philosophies which millions today ac-
cept. Through the use of the Invocation men and women of good-
will can achieve a unity that transcends all differences of outer
belief. Their combined and daily invocation and prayer to divinity
creates an open channel into human consciousness through which
spiritual energies flow to heal and rebuild a troubled world.

Invocation in the Aquarian Age

In this opening cycle of the Aquarian Age, the invocative cry of
humanity is a threefold cry. It is a cry for light upon our way and
for light to flow into the dark places of the Earth; it is also a cry for
more love in the world as voiced by the men of goodwill and of
humanitarian attitudes; it is, finally, the intuitive appeal of the
aspirants and disciples of the world for the full expression in time
and space of the will-to-good, the Will of God. Average instinctual
humanity, the men and women of goodwill, and the disciples of the
world are all concerned in this process of invocation, bringing in
the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition. Likewise all
three are blended in the Great Invocation. We should have con-
stantly in mind this basic fusion, now finding voiced expression,
and take courage from the massed approach to the Source of all
Life, Love and Light. Nothing can withstand the united demand of
men everywhere in their graded and their serried ranks.

202 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Invocation and the Christ

It has been said that the Great Invocation, if given widespread
distribution, can be to the coming new world religion what the
Lord's Prayer has been to Christianity and the 23rd Psalm has been
to the spiritually minded Jew. Not a day goes by that Christ
Himself does not sound it forth. The use of this Invocation of
Prayer and the rising expectancy of the coming of the Christ hold
out the greatest hope for mankind today. Great sons of God have
ever come on humanity's demand and always will, and He for
whom all men wait today is on His way.


Since it was first given out, the Invocation has spread to all
parts of the globe, using every possible means of communication.
These include mailing, poster display, distribution from hand to
hand, by personal interviews and from lecture platforms; broad-
casts on radio and television, publication in books, display in
newspapers, and promotion and distribution by churches and
groups of many kinds. The Invocation is now widely accepted and
is used daily by ever-growing numbers of people.

The Invocation belongs to all groups, organizations and faiths
and much of the translation, printing and distribution has been
undertaken by individual cooperators, goodwill groups and service
organizations in many different lands. Therefore not all the work
that has been done with the Invocation is included here but much of
the work and general trends can be seen from the reports that are
available to World Goodwill.


Translations and printings are known to have been made in the
following languages:

Afrikaans Dutch

Arabic Efik

Armenian Esperanto

Catalan Ewe

Chinese Fanti

Czech Finnish

Danish French

Appendix B: The "Great Invocation" Distribution 203



Gaelic (Irish)




























Latvian (Lettish)


Lunya Ruanda





Zulu (Zula)

The translation of the Invocation from the original English into
another language must combine an accurate and faithful reflection
of the English with the linguistic and rhythmic demands of the new
language, each with its own quality and character, expressive of the
thought and psyche of the people. This has been done despite the
fact that no real synonyms exist for certain of the English words
used. Special care is taken to see that the best possible translation is
made in each new language before any very widespread distribu-
tion and promotion work is undertaken.

Patterns of Distribution

The pattern of Invocation distribution has inevitably been con-
ditioned by the language factor. Widespread and continuous
distribution has been maintained, and is continuing throughout:
North, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand,
Southern and Western Africa and Europe.

The major focus of printing and mass distribution, however,
has been concentrated in the "European" languages, Dutch,
English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and

In the future the distribution of the Invocation must be

204 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

developed on a new and widespread scale in those areas not already
reached. This will require large printings of the full range of In-
vocation literature in such languages as Russian, Arabic, Persian,
Hindu, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil, Indonesian and Chinese through
which millions of people can be reached. We also need new co-
workers who can act as correspondents in these languages so that
questions about the Invocation, its origin, significance and
distribution may be answered. At the same time the use and
distribution of the Invocation in those countries where it is already
widely accepted should be strengthened and expanded.

At the heart of this growing use is a worldwide program of In-
vocation promotion and distribution that has been maintained con-
tinuously since 1945. With virtually no paid staff, and with the
dedicated and selfless service of volunteer workers in many coun-
tries, the work has gone forward. Men and women of goodwill are
giving their time, energy and money as a contribution to a vital ser-
vice to humanity.

Mailing Programme

Today a network of individual cooperators. Units of Service
and Goodwill Associations are responsible for maintaining a world
programme of Invocation distribution. Postal mailing still forms a
key element in this programme, with two main groups of
cooperators: list compilers and mailing workers.

Lisf Compilers

This group specializes in the preparation of mailing lists, collect-
ing names and addresses from a wide range of sources: from per-
sonal contact and knowledge; from correspondence columns in the
press; from specialist directories, yearbooks and alumni lists.

Mailing Workers and Pamphlet Distribution Groups

Members of these groups regularly take supplies of Invoca-
tion literature for mailing to the prepared lists. Some members
of these groups also supply their own mailing lists, and all con-
tribute to the cost of the postage for their own mailing work.

Financial Contributors

The money needed to print the very large quantities of
literature that are required in various languages comes from many

Appendix B: The "Great Invocation" Distribution 205

sources, including both those who help with the mailing pro-
gramme and those who receive the literature and respond to it.

*For further details on materials available and how you can
cooperate, see "Materials Available" and "Suggestions for Ac-
tion" sections.

World Invocation Day

The Festival of the Christ, and World Invocation Day, is the
Festival in which Christ represents humanity in the sight of God
and releases an abundant tide of love for humanity to use as good-
will in establishing right human relations and right world condi-
tions. This is a Festival of Invocation, or a basic aspiration towards
brotherhood and human and spiritual unity. Since 1952 it has been
observed as World Invocation Day.

This event offers a unique opportunity to publicize the use and
meaning of the Great Invocation through press and radio coverage
of World Invocation Day when groups of people gather to meditate
and use the Great Invocation. Letters to editors of newspapers ask-
ing for editorial or public service coverage of local gatherings are
used. Public service announcements and local announcements are
made of the events and the use of the Invocation and meaning of
World Invocation Day. Newspapers often give coverage to groups
gathered to observe World Invocation Day. Press releases, inser-
tion of advertisements in newspapers, and magazines, mailings to
churches and clergymen, are all ways of using this opportunity to
link this annual event to the Invocation, its use and significance.

Press Publicity

The Invocation continues to be featured in the press on many
occasions in many countries of the world. As each year passes the
extent and range of the coverage increases. It is appearing in daily
newspapers, church and general magazines, college and cultural
publications, meeting notices, and programmes. It appears in
feature articles and is the subject of editorial comment. Paid adver-
tisements and references to the Invocation in "Letters to the Editor"
columns run into the thousands. Invocation cards and leaflets are
sometimes enclosed with an issue of a magazine, or bulletin to
members of an organization. Coverage in the press reaches a peak
each year at the time of World Invocation Day.

*For further details, see "Suggestions for Action" section.

206 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Radio and Television

The continued and growing use of the Invocation on radio pro-
grammes, and the beginning of its exposure on television, reveals
how acceptable it is to the listening public. Some radio stations
now feature the Invocation regularly, including it in talks or
musical programmes, or using it as the station "sign-off" or "sign-
on" to the day's broadcasting or to a particular programme. Some
co-workers, in interview-type programs, use the opportunity to ex-
plain and sound out the Invocation over the radio. The use of the
Invocation over the air has mainly developed in countries where the
majority of radio and television stations and networks are in private
hands, mainly in North, Central and South America and in particular
in such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, U.S. and
Venezuela. There are signs that countries where broadcasting is con-
trolled by one or two large public or state corporations, restrictive
programming policy concerning religion may be moderated, offering
more opportunities to present the Invocation over the air.

*See "Suggestions for Action" section for further details.

Church and Group Use of the Invocation

One of the most encouraging responses to the Invocation is
from the churches and religious groups of many denominations
who request supplies of Invocation cards and leaflets for distribu-
tion to congregations and group members, to men's clubs, youth
groups, women's alliances, etc. Many groups and organizations
around the world print the Invocation regularly in their own
publications and their own Invocation leaflets and cards.


World Goodwill, together with cooperating Units of Service
and Goodwill groups, keeps supplies of Invocation literature
available at many points around the globe. The following pieces
make up the basic range of Invocation literature:

Invocation cards: These are usually wallet or pocket sized cards
that show the Great Invocation and addresses where further copies
can be obtained. These are available in all of the major languages
and many lesser known ones. Invocation book marks are also
available in English and some other languages.

Appendix B: The "Great Invocation" Distribution 207

Invocation pamphlets: In addition to the Great Invocation, the
pamphlets present a few fundamental ideas, common to all
religions and philosophies, on which the Invocation is based. This
is a good introduction to the Invocation.

Invocation Manual. This pamphlet (16 pages) discusses the use
and significance of the Great Invocation in some detail. The effec-
tiveness with which the Invocation is used depends, among other
things, on the understanding of the user. The Invocation Manual is
an ideal "follow-up" for those who wish to know more.

The Great Invocation — Cooperation with the United Nations:
The Great Invocation was first used in 1945, the same year the
United Nations was founded. Twenty years later a leaflet was
issued showing how the Great Invocation could be used by men
and women of goodwill to strengthen the United Nations. In addi-
tion to a brief explanation showing how the Invocation relates to
the United Nations, this leaflet includes the text from the UN
Charter of the Principles of the United Nations.

In addition to this basic literature Invocation materials have
been prepared to reach the public in many new ways. These in-

The Great Invocation Lotus Poster

This 20" x 14Vi" blue, green and yellow poster of a lotus on a
pond with the Invocation printed on the side is an attractive display
of the Invocation.

Tapes and cassettes of the Great Invocation

A one-minute announcement of the Great Invocation suitable
as a radio advertisement or a public service announcement is
available on tape.

Photo-ready display ad of the Invocation

This &Vi" x 11" display advertisement is ready for use by
newspapers or magazines. The ad features the Invocation with a
brief explanation of its use and meaning.

Great Invocation greeting cards

A 3Vz" x 6" blue greeting card with the Invocation on the inside
and the last stanza on the back is available in quantity on request.

208 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

PLEASE NOTE: These last three types of material are available
directly from the New York headquarters of World Goodwill. The
other centers may not have a supply available.

Great Invocation Pamphlet Mailing Programme

• . Prepare a mailing list of clergy, school principals, groups to
whom you wish to send Great Invocation materials. It would be
helpful if headquarters were notified about the area you plan to
cover so that duplication can be prevented.

• Request a mailing list from World Goodwill headquarters
which you can then service with the Invocation pamphlets, supply-
ing your own postage.

• Volunteer your time to help compile mailing lists from
materials available to headquarters. This may only require typing
or more detailed work if you request it.

• Contribute financially to the Great Invocation distribution

PLEASE NOTE; More detailed information on compiling lists,
mailing and other procedures is available on request.

Press Publicity

• Insert advertisements in newspapers and magazines publiciz-
ing the Great Invocation. Copies of the photo-ready advertisement
available from World Goodwill New York headquarters will be
sent on request. For a one column advertisement, the Invocation
bookmark makes a good printer's copy.

• Submit press releases to newspapers linking the use of the In-
vocation to local groups. This technique is particularly effective at
the time of the Three Spiritual Festivals. For further details see the
Three Spiritual Festivals Handbook which contains sample press
releases and letters.

• Write letters to the editor about the use and significance of
the Invocation linking it to local problems, church activities,
prayer groups or the needs of the times.

• Offer the Invocation as an enclosure in an issue of a
magazine, bulletin or other publication to the members of an

Radio Publicity

• Offer the Great Invocation tape (10 minutes) available from
New York headquarters of World Goodwill.

Appendix B: The "Great Invocation" Distribution 2Q9

• Use the interview format on local radio stations to discuss
and recite the Invocation.

• Submit press releases on the Great Invocation particularly at
the time of World Invocation Day. See the Three Spiritual Festivals
Handbook for further details.

• Purchase advertising time to present the Invocation to the
public. Sample copies of 60 second announcements are included in
the Three Spiritual Festivals Handbook.

• Use Public Service announcements to present the Invocation
at no charge as a community service. PLEASE NOTE: If time is
purchased for an announcement, most stations will not accept the
same announcement as a public service.

Television Publicity

• Public service announcements and short advertisements can
be prepared by those who have the experience and facilities

Other Suggestions

• Set up displays in student unions, public parks, halls, or any
public place using the poster and other materials to attract atten-
tion to pamphlets you can leave in holders and refill as needed.

• Use a musical background to attract people to booths or
displays at public gatherings of all types.

• Distribute flyers on the Invocation indicating the 52
languages and over 60 countries in which it has been presented.

Other Related Service Activities


World Invocation Day

Three Spiritual Festivals

PLEASE NOTE: Further information on these activities is avail-
able on request.


The Unity-in-Diversity Council


Unity-In-Diversity Framework
A Synergistic Model for Worldwide Cooperation

The Unity-in-Diversity
Council is a worldwide coor-
dinating body of organiza-
tions and individuals "foster-
ing the emergence of a new
universal person and civiliza-
tion based on unity-in-diver-
sity among all peoples." It
seeks to serve the peaceful
evolution of an enlightened
planetary society.

The General Assembly of
the United Nations desig-
nated 1965 as "International
Cooperation Year" and dur-
ing that year the first World
Festival was held. It was
called the "Festival of Human
Unity." The International
Cooperation Council was
formed and has sponsored an
annual festival since then.

In 1979 the Unity-in-Di-
versity Council took over the
work of the International
Cooperation Council.



An expression of our unity-in-diversity through art, media,
entertainment, lectures and workshops, alternative technologies
and the experiencing of oneness. Includes every dimension related
to the transformation of life and the forwarding of the new civiliza-
tion in a lasting, practical and loving way. It is now being done in
cooperation with the London Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit, the
largest "New Age" event on the planet.



The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


• A comprehensive, annual "Directory for a New World" con-
taining member and cooperating organizations and individuals
(100,000 worldwide circulation in 1982).

• "Spectrum,!' the quarterly newsletter of the Council (circula-
tion 50,000).

• A General Assembly and Specialized Councils increasingly
worldwide and concerned to act collectively for the transfor-
mation of self and society, utilizing unity-in-diversity process,

• An information, referral and action network of related
organizations and individuals in specific fields, as indicated by
the Framework.

• A large local and international mailing list available to
qualified groups and individuals.

For a New World to replace the old, the new must first put itself in
order, and then be placed in the public mind. At the still dark dawn
of a New Age, we are helping to bring into focus the unifying forces
of light and love.




Unity-in-Diversity World Trade Center

350 S. Figueroa #370

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 626-2062

Appendix C: The Unity-in-Diversity Council 213


We, the people, affirm that differences of age, color, and belief
are natural; that diverse individuals, groups and ideologies are
necessary for the creative development of humanity; and that to
foster UNITY IN DIVERSITY is our responsibility and challenge
throughout the world.

We therefore pledge:

• To affirm the oneness of all life which is beyond name and

• To advance human fellowship through mutual trust,
understanding, and respect;

• To seek the truth in the spirit of love;

• To integrate reason and faith, science and religion;

• To insure that all aspects of life be kept in dynamic balance for
maximum health and well-being;

• To respect the teachings of the prophets and sages of all times
and cultures;

• To build with joy a new civilization of freedom, justice, and
peace founded on reverence for life.

Being of a common sacred origin, we hereby declare the
supreme need for interdependence as the door to our survival and
fulfillment — for we the people shall kindle the torch of hope, shall
link hands over the earth.


Nature of the Individual (Personal/transpersonal) — exploring
the essence and Full dimensionality of the psyche, healing of the
whole person.

Nature of the Universe (Biological/Physical) — exploring the
interactions between living organisms and their environment, be-
tween matter, energy and consciousness.

Nature of society — exploring the interactions of people in
groups, new-age communities, the dynamics of a worldwide socie-


New Age Education — communicating New Age consciousness
through creative learning in new study centers and within existing

214 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Media — publishing and distribution of New Age material
through books, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, calendars of
events, tape recordings, radio, television.

New Age Arts — utilization of sound, light, and form, of
music, poetry, painting, sculpturing to convey images of the New


Consciousness Expansion — fostering growth by means of in-
creased inner awareness of oneness with all life, meditation tech-

Personal Growth/Healing — fostering growth by means of per-
sonal, interpersonal and transpersonal psychological approaches,
growth groups, healing.

Spiritual Understanding — fostering growth by means of under-
standing spiritual laws, as they have been unfolded in the history of


Cultural Understanding — building bridges between diverse

cultures — East, West, North, South — to promote world harmony

and cooperation.

Community Involvement — servicing social needs, building

new forms of community, demonstrating new ways of living.
World Integration — creating a new global civilization based on

unity and diversity, a network of planetary citizens, a functional

world government.


The ICC World Assembly is a process for bringing together
people and groups from many diverse cultures and paths for the
purpose of linking together to manifest the common vision.

The assembly will work through the ICC framework. It will
provide the opportunity for sharing in areas of special interests as
well as matching needs and resources toward continuing activity
after the Festival.

Appendix C: The Unity-in-Diversity Council 215


Monday, January 24 to Thursday, January 27

9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Each day the World Assembly will begin with a full assembly at
9:00 a.m. This brief time will include meditation, focusing of the
assembly for that day, and instructions as to how to proceed.

Participants will then move into quadrant meetings according
to the revised ICC framework. During these meetings each partici-
pant will have an opportunity to identify one or more areas of
needed activity, and from the common areas that emerge section
meetings will be chosen and will meet each day. Some of these are
likely to be activities which already have Special Services; others
will be new and will be formed into Special Services as ongoing
needs and leadership surface.

At 11:00 a.m. participants will regroup according to their geog-
raphic locations. This has a threefold purpose:

(1) It gives each person a way of discovering people with similar
interests in his own part of the United States or the world;

(2) It provides an opportunity to link up with these people and,
when desired, to continue working toward common goals after the
Festival; and

(3) It makes possible the sense of relatedness to all areas of ac-
tivity regarding New Age emergence and how these fit together
within each geographic location.

216 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Describes all the member groups, geographic councils, and special services,
plus more than 500 ICC related groups, including a worldwide geographic


or through ICC World Offices

8570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211 U.S.A.

(213) 652-4190

Only $4.50
or at quantity prices


A Message From Benjamin Creme



,sa$ e



$et^ a


Ct ettv e




etv^ €










,, v\^ get -VoAaV s ,i\Maf


lt ces

^e& (










l0 ^




JW^ NN°<Lc\e*

KS> e

Ot^ et



tv& w



\N ot

jd^ 5 '


>Jo-o e

rrvbe r


Us ttc





Ins 1










218 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Benjamin Creme is a respected lecturer, artist and author. He
has lectured extensively in America and abroad since 1974. In 1980
he toured 25 American cities as well as England, Holland, Belgium
and Germany. In 1981, he is expected to visit 40 cities in the United
States alone.

Drawing on the Ageless Wisdom and 20 years of personal train-
ing and contacts, Mr, Creme speaks with authority on the emerging
New Age and its social, political and economic order.

His Message: Throughout history great men and women, due to
their expanded awareness, have been able to point the way for
others to follow. As their writings and teachings became widely cir-
culated, the great religious and spiritual movements of the world
were bom. The influence of a handful of such teachers on the
history of humanity has been great.

According to Benjamin Creme, we are about to witness the ap-
pearance in the world of the greatest of all such teachers to have
evolved through the human line. Mr. Creme's information is that
on July 19, 1977, the World Teacher (known here in the West as the
Christ) entered a well-known country in the modern world. During
1981 he will become increasingly visible in that country as a
spokesman for sharing. It is his intention to withhold his true iden-
tity until mid-1982, at the latest, thus allowing humanity to
recognize and respond to him on the strength of his ideas on shar-
ing and cooperation among all peoples and nations.

"In the world now is a simple man of God,

a Brother among brothers, a spokesman,

for all mankind;

come to place before the nations,

the needs of all men for a world at peace,

for just sharing of resources,

for laughter and joy,

for the creation of a New World,

built on the Pattern of God. "

Creme further states that the main purpose for the World
Teacher's presence is to restore a right relationship among all man-
kind. He comes to inspire us to abandon the selfish, competitive
ways of the past in favor of a just and peaceful world, and contrary

Appendix D: A Message From Benjamin Creme 219

to the fears of many, the transition need not be violent or chaotic.

Mr. Creme believes that the World Teacher, His Great Disciple
and certain advanced members of humanity will train men and
women in all fields of human endeavor to effect a gradual but
complete transformation of society. These New Age architects will
move into positions of authority by reason of their wisdom and
selfless concern for the good of all. Far-reaching changes will take
place with the minimum disruption of the existing social fabric . . .
by way of the democratic process.

In a recent review of Creme's first book for Tara Press (London
and Los Angeles), author Colin Wilson wrote:

"What soon becomes apparent is that Mr. Creme is not
a nut or a charlatan; his honesty comes through on every
page. Creme seems to belong to the same group as William
Blake, A.E. Russell, Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.
(He is) ... a man who sees things that other people do not
see, and who tells us about it with sincerity and humor . . .
while people like Creme exist, I feel there's a great deal of
hope for us all."

Benjamin Creme's books and tapes
will be available at the lecture

Benjamin Creme will speak at

Unity Institute for Holistic Living

17505 Second Ave. (near 6 Mi. & Woodward)

Detroit, Michigan

Wednesday, November 4

For more information call: Robert Coon 543-3645


The New Group of World Servers









HuS 013 ,. -ojar





x<^ ic *

tVi* n

Tip* 11 uoun^ 1 "4 M* n kig Her 1,
f „ntie r b ° *W ot VviTVg n ,* Wn° lc

,u^-u? tUp . arid -♦ ho? c '




E<* r


an 1


g re





Aq u '

a r^ n





222 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson

J.P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980

Esoteric Psychology Vol. 2 by Alice A. Bailey

Lucis Publishing Co., 1942

Full Moon Story Arcana Workshop

Ram's Dell Press, 1967

The Hierarchy and The Plan by H. Saraydarian, 1975

Messages From Maitreya Tara Center, Box 6001

N. Hollywood, CA 91603, 1980

Ponder on This and Serving Humanity

both compiled from the writing of Alice A. Bailey

Lucis Publishing Co., 1970-1972

The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters

of Wisdom by Benjamin Creme

Tara Center, 1980


From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known.
Let purpose guide the little wills of men —

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Appendix E: The New Group of World Servers 223


In the year 1925, a small group of people, whose lives were
dedicated to practical brotherhood, an international spirit of good-
will and a sensitivity to the energies and keynotes of the dawning
Aquarian Age, emerged into the world. This is the New Croup of
World Servers, a group without apparent outward organization
but which now has in its ranks millions of men and women . . .
they are the citizens of the borderless country that Hugo calls the
Whole Earth.

It is these lightbearers who have within themselves the answers
to the problems which humanity faces today and who are now
working in every field of human endeavor to build a new planetary
civilization ... the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Members of the New Group of World Servers may be found in
every nation and are of every race and school of thought.

World Server Characteristics

They are free from a critical spirit and a feeling of separateness.

They hold to no creed except Brotherhood based on the One
Life, and serve no master except the group they seek to serve and
humanity whom they deeply love.

They belong to no particular religion but accord equal devotion
to the spiritual leaders of all races.

They are willing to work behind the scenes without outward
recognition while relying mainly on intuition for guidance.

They consider old methods of fighting, attacks and partisanship
as undesirable.

They recognize no authority except that of their own souls.

They seek to maintain a balance between outer and inner ac-

They are free from the taint of ambition and pride of race or ac-

They achieve their aims by example backed by sacrifice and

They recognize and support all other groups which work for
understanding, synthesis and unity.

224 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Code of Conduct

Harm no one, desire nothing for the separated self and see the
divinity in all.

Regard no race or nation as more important than any other.

Ignore racial hatreds, religious differences and national ambi-

Do not put undue emphasis on the organization aspect . . . the
New Group of World Servers is an organism, not an organization.

Members should not identify themselves or the group with any
political, religious or social propaganda.

Spread Love and Light instead of resisting evil.

Do not dissipate your efforts on unimportant work.

Speak or publish no word which would evoke antagonism from
any group. Only principles of universal application need be ex-

Maintain a life of meditation.

Do not interfere with any political or religious group.

The purpose of this brochure is to bring the ideals and objec-
tives of the New Group of World Servers to the attention of the
general public and to reach the disciples, aspirants and men and
women of goodwill who may not be consciously aware of their
connection with this group.

Let this information help awaken them to their true mission and
awaken their interest in the Plan, the New Group of World Servers
and the reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom.

"May the power of the One Life pour through the group of all
true servers.

"May the love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who
seek to aid the Great ones.

"May we fulfill our part in the one work through self-
forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech."

— Mantram of the New Group of World Servers

(This brochure is based on the Alice Bailey teachings.)

Appendix E; The New Group of World Servers 225


They believe in an inner world government and an emerging
evolutionary plan.

They are steadily cultivating an international spirit of goodwill.

They seek to teach that there are many national, religious and
social experiments in the world . . . some aspects of these have a
definite place and purpose in the New Age . . . some are
undesirable because they spread the virus of hatred and separation.


Bring about world peace, guide world destiny and usher in the
New Age.

Form the vanguard for the reappearance of the Christ and his
Great Disciples (the Masters of Wisdom).

Advocate the fair distribution of planetary resources so that every
man, woman and child has adequate food, shelter and clothing.

Eliminate fear in the world.

Provide a center of light within humanity and hold the vision of
the Divine Plan before mankind.

Form a bridge between humanity and the Kingdom of God.

Raise the level of human consciousness.

Cultivate a planetary spirit of goodwill.

Recognize and change those aspects of religion and government
which delay the full manifestation of planetary unity and love.

Embody constructive forces so as to balance the forces of destruc-
tion and disintegration now present in the world.

Consciously participate in the three major full moon festivals:
Easter (Aries), Wesak (Taurus), and the Festival of the Goodwill
(Gemini). ... In addition to the remaining minor full moon obser-

Connect world governments with a unity of purpose.


Lucis Trust —
World Goodwill Newsletter


A quarterly bulletin combining comment and information on world
affairs with details of the work and programme of World Goodwill

July, August, September

We are "between a death and a difficult birth."

Samuel Beckett

The year 2000 looms before humanity as a gigantic milestone
which marks both an ending and a beginning. It marks the end of a
volatile millennium which has seen enormous progress and change,
particularly in the fields of science, technology, education and
government. But more importantly, the year 2000 stands as a sym-
bolic portal through which humanity can pass into a New Age of
true peace, cooperation and creativity — if it so chooses.

When we look back a thousand years we see a world primarily
agrarian and nomadic, held loosely together by religious beliefs
and cultural influences. While a highly refined civilization flour-
ished in the Far East and Islamic art and culture were at their peak,
Europe remained shrouded in what we now call the dark period of
the Middle Ages — a feudal society with little sense of community
and none of nationhood. The vast majority of people, East and
West, lived in relative isolation from each other. The masses were
illiterate, subjects of class and caste and were without the benefits
of health care or even minimal sanitation.

Today we live in a world that is highly interdependent and
technologically brilliant. It is a world that is linked, almost instan-
taneously, by a vast communications network and in which
thousands of people can traverse oceans and continents in only a


228 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

few hours. Not only are most people no longer isolated from each
other, but today cultures and races intermingle to form the begin-
nings of a new planetary civilization.

In the field of government people are, for the most part, no
longer subjected to the despotism or benevolence of a monarch or
emperor. Ideas and ideologies have caught the imaginations of the
governed and experiments such as democracy, socialism and com-
munism are now the primary forms of government. Even where
dictatorships exist, they are much more subject to the consent of
the governed than ever before and can be deposed as political
winds change. And in education, with the advent of public schools
and the concept of education as a basic right, the average person
today is more highly educated than the intellectual of a few short
centuries ago.

With regard to science, it is probably safe to say that it is the
supreme contribution of Western culture to the present civilization.
It has afforded us the privilege of entering into the worlds of the in-
finitely small — the world of atoms, quarks and charm — and of
the infinitely large — the awe-inspiring cosmology of the universe.
Science has influenced modern civilization in much the same way
as did religion when it was the primary integrating force of the
past. In the words of Theodore Roszak: "Science is not, in my
view, merely another subject for discussion. It is the subject. It is
the prime expression of the West's cultural uniqueness, the secret of
our extraordinary dynamism, the keystone of technocratic politics,
the curse and the gift we bring to history." 1

All of this, of course, is not to say that humanity has reached
any Utopian plateau. Quite the contrary. Science is, in fact, a mixed
blessing insofar as it has given birth to a technological world that
threatens to go out of control. For example, the work in nuclear
physics that led to the release of the energy in the atom and to a
prolific nuclear technology, could spawn a renaissance and be the
foundation for a new world order. Instead it has created a
technology of genocidal weapons capable of destroying civiliza-

Not only have we used our remarkable scientific knowledge to
create a technology capable of ending all life on our planet, we
have failed to use it to create an equitable and just life for all peo-
ple. Wealth is still concentrated in the hands of the few while hun-

'Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends. Anchor Books, 1973, p. xix.

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 229

dreds of millions of people can't even get enough food to survive. It
is estimated that upwards of 35,000 children die every day of star-

Along with the lack of proper distribution of food, the same
most disadvantaged people suffer from a lack of clean drinking
water and sanitation facilities. Disease spreads easily and medical
care is a luxury hard to find. Illiteracy is commonplace, as are
unemployment and crime, as millions upon millions crowd into
already strained and bulging cities in search of a better life.

All of this can lead us to only one conclusion: material progress
has failed to bring an equitable world of peace and plenty. And if
we ask ourselves why, it is probably safe to answer that the expan-
sion of consciousness and awareness has not kept pace with the ac-
celeration of technological advancement. We have created a world
of wondrous technological achievements but have failed to see to it
that those achievements were used to uplift all of humanity. In
short, we have become knowledgeable but not wise; we have fol-
lowed our minds but ignored our hearts; we have looked outside of
ourselves to find happiness while failing to realize that within
ourselves we can find joy.

This then is the great challenge before humanity as we approach
the end of the millennium — the transformation of human con-
sciousness. If we hope that beyond the year 2000 will exist a world
of peace, justice and progress, then we must begin to build that
world by changing ourselves from within. A new civilization will
not be built by concentrating on new forms only, because as we can
see around us everyday, no matter how advanced the form, it will
fail to serve humanity and a new world if it is built upon the outgo-
ing values of the past. The new institutions that will be built will
give substance to the living energy of a new, more conscious, more
loving humanity. Our primary goal, therefore, should be for a
change in consciousness, because forms will always be shaped by
the power of thoughts and desires. Thus are civilizations built.

We stand today at the most crucial time in human history.
Humanity has before it the opportunity to become a conscious
cooperator in the process of planetary evolution. No longer must
we be merely unconscious players at the mercy of forces and
energies beyond our control. Today we are intelligent enough and
conscious enough to see the patterns and cycles that converge to
form human destiny. Today humanity can take an active part in

230 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

molding that destiny and not be simply the unwitting subject of the
forces of change.

If we are to consciously build our new civilization, it is
necessary to be able to view the past, present and future as a whole.
We need to be able to look back into the past to discern what was
good and carried the flame of progress forward. We need to be able
to see the present clearly so that we can build upon what is good
from the past while allowing the harmful and negative to pass
away. And we need to be able to envision the future in the knowl-
edge that our thoughts and dreams of today will be the seeds of the
world we wish to create.

In this spirit of seeing our world clearly and envisioning the
kind of world we want to emerge beyond the year 2000, let us look
more closely at four topics that are of particular importance during
this period of transition: economics, human rights, and environ-
ment and the new phenomenon of active religious fundamentalism
and its effect on world affairs. These four topics, of course, are not
the only ones of great importance to humanity at this time and it
will be apparent to everyone that the crucial subject of world peace
is missing from this list. This is because the entire issue of the next
World Goodwill Newsletter will be devoted to a discussion of peace
on earth and the problem of world disarmament.

It has been said that "the power of thought will be the evocative
principle of the new world." If this is true, thenwe can and should
be aware that each of us contributes to the world we live in through
our thoughts and actions. We can all try to be conscious, every
day, of our contributions to the emerging new civilization and the
effect we can have on our environment. As we envision the new
world and as we prepare for it, so shall it be.


There can be little doubt that the economic problem is one of
the most entrenched and difficult problems humanity faces today.
Since the "science" of economics was first formulated a little over
two centuries ago, the world has never seen an economic situation
quite so complex, puzzling and dangerous. The worldwide prob-
lems of inflation and unemployment manifesting concurrently have
left conventional economists in a quandary and they have yet to

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 231

find a formula of fiscal and monetary tinkering to bring the
economy into balance.

But no amount of tinkering is going to solve the world
economic problem. Nor should we wait for an economic "messiah"
to show us the way and set our house in order. The world economy
is a result of the ancient human characteristics of selfishness and
greed, and only by transmuting these characteristics will we find
any lasting solution to the current upheaval. When the world
economy is governed by the principles of sharing and cooperation,
we will begin to see the restoration of balance and harmony be-
tween the nations.

By far the most dangerous and devastating aspect of the
economic problem is the cleavage between North and South — be-
tween the industrialized and developing countries. Due to the con-
centration of wealth, and therefore power, in the North, the
developing countries are faced with an almost insurmountable
disadvantage when it comes to trade and commodity agreements,
energy, development, technology, investments and world
monetary policies. These economic disadvantages manifest in
many ways that work to suppress the growth and well-being of the
developing countries, but the most tragic and shameful result is the
reality of world hunger and starvation. It is not possible to say ex-
actly how many people in the world suffer from hunger and
malnutrition, but all estimates put the figure in the hundreds of
millions; millions who will either die from lack of food or have
their physical development impaired. 2 This in a world that present-
ly produces enough food for everyone to have 3,000 calories a day.
It is obvious therefore that the problem is not one of a lack of food,
but of the proper distribution and production of food.

Added to this already tragic problem is the burgeoning world
population. It is estimated that by the year 2000 there will be
another two billion people with a right to proper food, education,
health care and work. The planet is capable of handling this growth
in population, but we are already overdue in planning how we can
best use our resources and technology to meet this coming need.

In order to solve the world economic problem, all of us will
need to rethink our priorities. This is a problem that cannot be left

'North-South: A Program for Survival, The Report of the Independent Commis-
sion on International Development Issues under the Chairmanship of Willy Brandt,
The MIT-Press, 1970, p. 90.

232 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

to the economists because it is not a problem that can be handled
by technical means or by slight adjustments in fiscal and monetary
policies. It is a problem of values and principles. The resources of
the planet belong to all people and when this simple statement of
principle becomes a living realization for humanity, then we will
see the manifestation of a new economic world order. As stated by
Willy Brandt: "The shaping of our common future is much too im-
portant to be left to governments and experts alone. Therefore, our
appeal goes to youth, to women's and labour movements; to
political, intellectual and religious leaders; to scientists and
educators; to technicians and managers; to members of the rural
and business communities. May they all try to understand and to
conduct their affairs in the light of this new challenge." 3


Human rights is an area of vital concern as we bridge towards
the world beyond the year 2000 — for today it is sadly a condition
which is denied many of our peoples and yet it is the starting point
upon which any just society should be founded, be it a remote
village or the global community. It is our birthright. Due to the
rapid advances in communications technology we are fast becom-
ing one world and despite the doomsday forecasts of many
futurists, we have, at this moment, adequate knowledge and
resources to supply every person on the planet with the basic essen-
tials of food, shelter, education, employment, and medical
coverage. Indeed the future can be bright, but at present perhaps
we could say that the peoples of the world have yet to adquately
voice their desire for an end to the suffering. Perhaps we have
looked too much to others for change rather than assuming our in-
dividual responsibilities.

Throughout the centuries people have entered into combat in
order to extricate themselves from conditions under which they
were not afforded a basic sense of dignity. It was the thinkers of the
18th century French Enlightenment who first provided the impetus
behind the drive for human rights in the world. They became the
voice of the people and the inspiration behind the French and
American revolutions. The banner of liberty, equality and

Hbid., p. 19.

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 233

brotherhood captured the European continent while the rights of
the individual were anchored in the United States through constitu-
tional government and the Bill of Rights. Sadly, however, nearly
two hundred years later we witness a world in which entire nations
are denied basic liberties.

Two of the basic ideals upon which the coming civilization must
be founded are freedom and security. Freedom must not be
understood in any anarchistic sense but rather as a state within the
consciousness of the peoples wherein they take pride in the con-
tribution which they as individuals and their country as a whole
can make towards the enrichments of the global community. It will
be a world, therefore, not of homogeneity, but rather of richness
and beauty in diversity. But the present restriction of individual ex-
pression in so many parts of the world is totally against the tide of
evolution which ever works with the law of love. Unfortunately
today we find that in many nations individual rights, creativity,
and free access to information are suppressed by regimes that are
stricken by fear. Repression assumes many guises, existing under
the names of communism, socialism, democracy, and military dic-
tatorship. But ever the symptoms remain the same. We have
witnessed that many of those people who question authority and
demand change are quickly imprisoned and/or eliminated. But it is
precisely these courageous individuals — working in disregard of
the forces opposing them — who serve as forerunners to the
idealism which will condition the entire planet in the coming cen-
tury. There is hope that the situation will ease and many groups are
now working to apply pressures to governments for the release of
political prisoners. In many instances there success rate is high —
again a demonstration of the power which individuals can wield in
effecting change. Also the creation of such doctrines as the Univer-
sal Declaration of Human Rights has been instrumental in alerting
the nations of the world to the vital need for attention to this prob-
lem. Some countries have even modeled their constitutions after
this declaration.

In retrospect the present century may be viewed as the darkest
period in the history of humanity. In order to turn away from this
dark course the only thing that is needed is a kindling of the will of
the peoples to demand that which is rightfully theirs. It is nothing
extraordinary to ask, yet we must not wait for someone else to
shoulder the responsibility.

234 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


In the new millennium, many trends that we now see in their in-
fancy, or existing only in the minds of their creators, will come to
full fruition. Humanity will live in harmony with its environment
and no longer violate natural law. Conditions will have improved
to such an extent that all people will be able to live in a healthy and
clean environment. At present we can see that on a small scale,
people in many parts of the world are beginning to experiment with
alternatives to the present wasteful systems. Thus we can, with a
little vision, see the seeds of a new attitude toward our planetary
home all around us. The movement towards a healthy environment
is happening largely because of an improvement in the way we
view our planet. Instead of thinking in terms of exploitation, we are
beginning to regain the perspective of the American Indians and
think only of how we can work in harmony with the Earth and
each other.

In any vision of the planet beyond the year 2000, a considera-
tion of environmental conditions and problems must take
precedence over many other issues because of the immediacy of the
problem. Without a change of course there may not be a new world
civilization'. We cannot build anew upon deteriorating conditions.
The contamination of the environment, particularly by the in-
dustrialized nations, has come increasingly to public attention. It is
a problem of international dimensions, for by polluting the air, the
oceans and the land, and by depleting the protective ozone layer
around the globe, we damage not only individual nations but the
world at large. Presently, the World Conservation Strategy, work-
ing with the advice, cooperation and financial assistance of the
United Nations, is providing detailed plans to offset the present
destructive environmental trends. It views the problem from a
global perspective and seeks cooperative measures of improve-

The entrenched materialistic state of mind which has
characterized humanity, especially since the birth of the industrial
age, is directly reflected in the present dangerous situation. We
have felt free to destroy and to pollute our environment regardless
of the consequences to the Earth. Only recently have we begun to
realize that any organism, even a planet, can become so diseased
that its survival is threatened. We have now reached that point.

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 235

Much of the present focus is upon finding viable alternatives to
the present use of non-renewable energy resources. There is every
reason to believe that within the next century we will have
unlimited, cheap and environmentally non-polluting energy. This
step will alter the quality of our lives particularly by arresting the
pollution of the atmosphere by the widespread use of petroleum
fuels. Some of the present-day alternatives being tested and used
are solar, wind, tide, geo-thermal and fusion power. And new
transportation systems will evolve to accommodate this change in
energy sources.

Architecturally we are moving towards comfortable, inexpen-
sive, energy-efficient housing and work spaces. The trend is toward
simplicity, focusing upon open space, light and ventilation in the
recognition that one's environment has much to do with the quality
of one's work and life.

Present-day fanning techniques are fast becoming recognized as
a life-threatening environmental hazard. There has been an attempt
to reap the largest possible harvest from our land and to account
for it by the application of chemical fertilizers. The soil has become
depleted of minerals and through a lack of rotation planting there is
a growing problem with erosion. Massive sections of the planet are
rapidly becoming deserts causing untold hardship and starvation
for millions of people. The solution may be found in small-scale,
high yield, organic farming practices. As well, instead of dumping
our garbage into landfills and polluting the ocean floors, we could
recycle it, thereby drastically improving the pollution problem
while providing fuel and organic fertilizers as by-products.

These are just a few examples of some of our present problems
and possible solutions. We have the ability to implement them, but
one wonders at our lack of vision. The hope lies largely in the
changing attitude among the people — a change which brings with
it the recognition that humanity is only part of a greater whole.
For us to begin to interact in a harmonious fashion with all the
kingdoms in nature will necessitate vast changes in our present
mode of living. But if we can accept the need for change, without
fear, we can then begin to move into a much healthier state. As we
become more aware of our essential unity with all life, we will one
day find it contrary to human nature to violate the environment.

236 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Even ten years ago it would have been difficult to foresee the re-
surgence of religious fundamentalism which has swept through
some of the major world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam
are all profoundly affected. This development has ramifications
which extend far beyond the religious field. In the United States,
for instance, the fields of both government and education are feel-
ing the pressure of fundamentalist opinion. What is called "Scien-
tific Creationism" is being aggressively promoted as an alternative
to the scientifically accredited theory of evolution — Darwinism.
Certain state legislatures are acquiescing and textbooks are being
modified accordingly. In the field of social relations the many
significant advances made by women during the last decade in their
pursuit of equal rights have been sharply challenged by the fun-
damentalist view of woman's traditional role in society. In other
countries, particularly those strongly influenced by Islamic fun-
damentalism, the reaction against full equality for women is even
more virulent. We have also recently seen the dramatic escalation
of blatant militarism in those nations with large fundamentalist
populations; this is probably not coincidental. Fanatical religious
fundamentalism, in general, carries a strong conviction of its own
righteousness and a belief that it must defend itself from the ever-
present, ever-threatening iniquity of unbelievers. In the United
States, in Iran and in Israel (to name just three prominent examples)
there are many who are convinced that the tenets of their faith can
only be successfully protected and promoted by force of arms.
Perhaps the most frightening and dangerous impact of fanatical
fundamentalism upon the world community concerns the insidious
effects of the "apocalyptic vision." In the United States particular-
ly, many of the most fervent fundamentalists expect — perhaps
even desire — the biblically prophesied global cataclysm known as
"Armageddon." With nuclear holocaust an ever more terrifying
possibility, the political and social influence of many millions who
sincerely believe in the scriptural necessity of the final holocaust
can certainly be viewed as a substantial threat to world peace.

The growth of fundamentalism is a predictable reaction to ex-
istential perplexity. Many millions of people feel threatened to their
depths by complex global problems which seem to defy both
understanding and solution. The religious and social structures

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 237

which for centuries gave meaning and orientation to their lives are
now crumbling. Those without the faith or vision to see that
humanity can create a more beautiful and enlightened world, fall
victim to a profound, if largely unconscious, sense of "angst,"
dread and disorientation. Trembling on the brink of the unknown,
they grasp for something simple, something true and certain for all
time. They seek absolute security in the form of fundamentals
which can never be changed or questioned. Unfortunately, an il-
lusory absolute security can only be purchased at the price of sub-
mission to absolute authority.

Psychologically, fundamentalism is actually based, not upon
faith, but upon fear: fear of change, fear of failure, fear of the
future, and fear that, somehow, humanity is just too weak, too
evil, or too helpless to have any hope of successfully meeting the
challenge of life. Fundamentalist doctrine minimizes the value of
the human being because its assessment of human nature and
human potential is permeated by a deep-seated inferiority complex.
This inferiority complex derives, at least in part, from the tendency
of fundamentalism to emphasize the awesome might and power of
God transcendent "above and outside" His Creation, while virtual-
ly overlooking the loving presence of God immanent within the
human heart. This ancient misconceived split between God and
humanity has worked great mischief. It has caused people to feel
little, expendable and utterly vulnerable unless they rigidly follow
certain rules or formulas which will "save" them from the wrath of
their overpowering Creator.

Fortunately, however, the idea of God immanent has always
been central to the most enlightened forms of religious understand-
ing. In addition, the most advanced theories in physics, by speak-
ing of a holistic, living universe, are now vindicating this more in-
timate and mystical approach to the divine Source. Avant-garde
psychology is affirming amazing human potentials which, when
cultivated, lead to states of consciousness which have always been
called divine. Both theory and experience support the idea of an
eminently approachable Deity, dwelling within the human being —
in the words of the mystics: "nearer than hands and feet."

Therefore, there is no need for humanity to retreat into a scrip-
turally induced helplessness and self-contempt. The "Kingdom of
Heaven" is within each one of us, as we have been told by the
greatest human exponent of divine Love. We are, in fact, divine

238 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

beings. We are equal to immense challenges if we dare acknowledge
and release our full humanity.

As we look beyond the year 2000, we can see the need for a
different and truly spiritual form of fundamentalism based upon
the real fundamentals of God immanent, universal love,
brotherhood, human unity and global cooperation. Relying upon
these fundamentals we can found a new spiritual, social, political
and moral order. In transiting from the present "Age of Authority"
into the "Age of Experience," humanity will realize that these
"new" fundamentals can be experienced and need not be accepted
merely on faith or authority. Today we can experience ourselves as
we really are, and discover the true authority of our divine inner
Self. Fundamentally, we must believe in the divinity of humanity.


. . . the connecting and communicating energy between: the
East and West; North and South; the rich and the poor; the races
and the religions; the past and the future.



It is "the most significant achievement in international relations
since the United Nations Charter. . . . A constitution for the seas."
That was the description given by Canada's J. Alan Beesley,
chairman of the drafting committee for the Law of the Sea Treaty.
Sharing his opinion was Elliot Richardson, the former head of the
United States delegation to the Law of the Sea Conference in
Geneva. Negotiations on this Treaty, he said, "constitute a
significant achievement for the efforts of the world community to
substitute the rule of law for the risk of anarchy." He added that a
successful outcome of the conference (meaning ratification by at
least 60 members states) "would extend the rule of law . . . over

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 239

two-thirds of the earth's surface. It would give powerful encourage-
ment to the pursuit of other rational accommodations among the
evermore complex issues forced upon the world by the realities of
our inescapable interdependence."

Unfortunately, the realities of interdependence are not
necessarily shared by everyone. When the final vote was cast in
April, 130 nations, including France and Japan, voted in favor of
the Treaty; 17 nations, a combination of the European Economic
Community and the Soviet bloc abstained; but the United States,
together with Israel, Venezuela, and Turkey voted "no."

The negative vote of the United States was somewhat surprising
since it stood to be the chief beneficiary of these all-encompassing
rules of international law. These far-reaching benefits seem to have
been lost on the present administration because in the end, after
eight years of negotiations, the United States' vote was decided on
the narrow issue of seabed mining. The U.S. delegation, standing
on the platform of unlimited free enterprise, was unwilling to com-
promise on certain key provisions on the Treaty which called for
the establishing of an International Seabed Authority to regulate all
seabed mining beyond territorial jurisdictions. There was also ob-
jection to the clause governing the sharing and transferring of min-
ing technology to the international community which would in ef-
fect provide third world countries with the means to do their own

The United States negotiators insisted that "pioneer" status be
given those countries and private companies that already have the
mining technology and have invested considerable sums in mining
and exploration. Each pioneer investor should, they insisted, have
exclusive prospecting rights in a specified seabed area. After intense
last-minute negotiations these new provisions were included in the
Treaty. Nevertheless the United States still voted against the Treaty
since it could not agree to those provisions that it felt were against
the interests of free enterprise and exploitation.

The Treaty itself, with more than 300 articles agreed upon by
the consensus of more than 150 participating nations, extensively
covers every conceivable issue dealing with the seas. It recognizes
the twelve-mile territorial limit and acknowledges a 200-mile "ex-
clusive economic zone" for each coastal nation; it provides the
"right of passage" on the high seas, and unimpeded passage
through straits used for international navigation; it gives coastal

240 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

states control over fishing rights in their economic zones; it pro-
vides environmental safeguards to protect the sea from pollution; it
provides for management and conservation of living marine
resources; and access to the oceans for purposes of scientific
research. But the most controversial issue of the Treaty is that deal-
ing with the seabed mining of minerals such as manganese, cobalt,
copper and nickel.

The fundamental principle of the Treaty states that "the seabed
and the ocean floor and the subsoil thereof, beyond the limits of na-
tional jurisdiction, as well as the resources of the area, are the com-
mon heritage of mankind. " This implies that revenues derived from
mineral deposits recovered from the ocean floor beyond the limits
of national jurisdiction are the "common heritage" of all and are
therefore meant to be shared with all. Many of the deep sea mining
consortiums, particularly those in the United States, take exception
to this principle of sharing, claiming instead that the rule of free
enterprise should prevail in these areas. The consortiums are
troubled also by other provisions of the Treaty, among them being
production limits intended to protect land-based mineral producers
such as Canada, Zaire, Zambia and Chile, and a taxation system
that would tax commercial mining operations and distribute the
proceeds to developing countries.

Certainly these are legitimate concerns for private mining con-
sortiums. But the real question is, should the special interests of
mining groups override the far-reaching benefits that would flow to
humanity as a whole with the ratification of this Treaty? Several of
the benefits of the Treaty have already been mentioned, but
perhaps the most important benefit is that the Treaty provides a
framework of law that is binding on all member states, with the set-
tlement of disputes to be arbitrated by an international authority.

The Law of the Sea Treaty has been voted into existence and
awaits ratification before it can enter into force. The question now
is whether those countries that voted against it, or abstained, will
ignore this document of internationa law, or whether they will be
forced to abide by its provisions due to the power of world public
opinion and the propriety of carrying on harmonious relationships
with the majority of the nations of the world. The Treaty may in
fact become de facto law even for those nations who do not ratify.

The fate of the Treaty, then, for the present, seems to hinge on
the strength or lack of strength of certain fundamental human at-

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 241

titudes: are we human beings, for the first time in our long history,
able to recognize our interdependence, and are we willing to
subscribe to the principles of sharing and cooperation and in fact
legislate those principles into law? Can the vision of "common
heritage" and the all-inclusive provisions of this Treaty, negotiated
by more than 150 nations over a period of eight years, now be
negated by the power of a small minority? Will the rules, arrived at
by consensus of the many, now be ignored to suit the limited
desires of the few? The decision may determine whether we,
humanity, are ready to advance into the Aquarian age with its
keynote of sharing and selfless service, or whether we allow
ourselves to be held back by the nineteenth century attitudes of ex-
ploitation and material selfishness?

The Treaty is not perfect, of course, and even those who voted
for it are not satisfied with every detail; a total agreement in all the
many complex issues would be next to impossible given the present
state of human consciousness. Self-interest is still the dominant
motivating force. But in the opinion of most of the negotiators it is
the best that could be obtained considering the fact that each nation
is primarily interested in its own welfare.

That these negotiators have accomplished this much, at least, is the
thing of greatest importance for humanity — a factor which should
not be overlooked. It marks a definite stage in the evolution of human
consciousness. To see what is really happening here one must stand
back to grasp the wider view, a view that those with only special in-
terests can never see. One can sense the energy of the Will-to-Good (a
will for the good .of the whole) overshadowing the entire negotiating
process, directing human thought towards the wisdom of universality.
It is the same dynamic energy that very likely guided the writing of the
United Nations Charter. In these two examples of human relations —
the Law of the Sea Treaty and the United Nations Charter — humani-
ty is presented with a vision of what is possible; a vision that is
challenging us to let go of the conflict-ridden ways of the past and step
into the harmonious light of the New Age.


On June 8th, 30,000 people gathered at the west steps of the
Colorado State Capital in Denver for "An Evening for Peace." The

242 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

massive demonstration was the largest in Denver since Vietnam
War days. The evening included a concert with such artist as John
Denver, Judy Collins, Jimmy Buffet and others.

The rally was filmed as part of an upcoming 90-minute docu-
mentary called "Freeze: An American Peace Story." According to
the producer-director, Arnie Grossman, "We've been filming for a
week now and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of
my life. Political movements do spring forth with spontaneity." For
Grossman, the film project represents a sharp departure from the
150 TV commercials and slick campaign spots he's done over the
years. "It's really an anatomy of the middle- American peace
movement," he said. "It's a movement which has grown from the
ground up, not a political movement but a human movement."

— Rocky Mountain News
Denver, Colorado

Over 1,400 mayors of cities throughout the world have signed a
Declaration calling on the South African Government "to release
immediately and unconditionally all prisoners detained for their
political views under their apartheid laws." Initiated by the Lord
Provost of Glasgow, Michael Kelly, the Declaration calls "in
particular for the immediate release of Nelson Mandela." One of
the leaders of the African National Congress of South Africa and
leader of its military arm, Umkonto We Sizwe (Spear of the
Nation), Mr. Mandela has been serving a life sentence since 1964 on
Robben Island. The Declaration was made public on March 19th in
New York by Mr. Kelly and the Special Committee against

— United Nations Information
Centre, London

A group of Boston scientists have joined together to alert the
public to the dangers of nuclear war and also to assist their
colleagues in finding employment not connected with the military.

Calling themselves High Technology Professionals for Peace,
the group is presently made up of about 35 Boston area scientists
and engineers, and approximately 800 members across the country.
According to its president, Warren Davis, a psysicist at the
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, "We are in

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 243

a special position to use our skills and professional contacts to alter
the present drift toward nuclear war." Perhaps their most signifi-
cant project is an employment service that matches scientists who
want to avoid military-related work with companies that have no
military contracts. Since the service began last November, more
than 50 people and an equal number of companies have contacted
the group.

— Science Digest
August 1982

The Research Council meeting in Brussels decided to invest a
further £347m in solving Europe's long-term energy problem by
nuclear fusion. European scientists are working towards the con-
struction of a plant capable of producing energy by fusion at the
beginning of the next century. The aim at the present time is to
build a plant on the lines of the so-called Tokamak system. This
uses hydrogen isotopes to create plasma, which is magnetically
confined in a torus and can reach exceedingly high temperatures.

Work on this type of plant could go ahead in collaboration with
the United States and Japan and the Council encouraged the scien-
tists to work with these two countries to define and develop the

— The Times of London


Throughout the period of transition into the new -world order, many
groups of men and women of goodwill are emerging whose activities are
characteristic of the new group of world servers. The following organiza-
tions and activities may be of interest to you. If you know of other groups,
you are invited to send information and detaik to headquarters for possible
use in the newsletter.

The following is a continuation of our on-going list of groups working
for peace and disarmament.

All Species Circle of New York Architects for Peace

225 East 25th St. — #5A Ian Abbott

New York, NY 10010 U.S.A. 41 St. James Road

Kent. TN 13 #NG


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Asheville Advocates for Nuclear

Arms Freeze
c/o Dr. John Stevens
Box 8274
Asheville, NC 28814 U.S.A.

Burlington Peace Coalition
30 Elmwood Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401 U.S.A.

Catskill Alliance for Peace

Box 353

Woodstock, NY 12498 U.S.A.

Chapel Hill Fellowship to Reverse

the Arms Race
c/o Baptist Campus Ministry
203 Battle Lane
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 U.S.A.

Charlotte Peace Network
c/o Marilyn White
3111 Markworth Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28210 U.S.A.

Charlotte SANE
c/o Jean Wood
6334 Deveron Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211 U.S.A.

Children's Peace Committee

c/o Monique Grodzki

3430 78th St.

Jackson Heights, NY 11372 U.S.A.

Coalition for a New Foreign and

Military Policy
120 Maryland Ave., N.E.
Washington, DC 20002 U.S.A.

The Colorado College Program on
War, Violence and Human Values
Packard Hall
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 U.S.A.

Communicators for Nuclear

c/o Emily Hiestand
44 Hunt St.
Watertown, MA 02172 U.S.A.

The Conservation Society Ltd.

12 A Guildford St.


Surrey KT169BQ


Correspondents for Peace

Barry Childers c/o Ferris

28 Forest Drive

College Station, TX 77840 U.S.A.

Council for a Livable World

100 Maryland Avenue, N.E.

Washington, DC 20002 U.S.A.


11 Beacon St.

Boston, MA 02108 U.S.A.

Council for Nuclear Freeze
2161 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140 U.S.A.

St. James Church
197 Piccadilly
London W.l U.K.

Durham Committee to Reverse the

Arms Race
404 Alexander Ave.
Durham, NC 27705 U.S.A.

Educators for Social Responsibility

Elizabeth Lewis

87 Clark St.

Newton Center, MA 02159 U.S.A.

Greenville Peace Committee

610 S. Elm St.

Greenville, NC 27834 U.S.A.

Ground Zero

806 15th St., N.W. Suite 421

Washington, DC 20005 U.S.A.

International Fast for Peacemakers

1500 34th Ave.

Oakland, CA 94601 U.S.A.

International Physicians for

Prevention of Nuclear War
635 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115 U.S.A.

Appendix F: Lucis Trust — World Goodwill Newsletter 245

Journalists Against Nuclear

Extermination (JANE)
c/o Magazine Branch Acorn House
314 Grays Inn Road
London W.C.I.

Lawyers Alliance

P.O. Box 9171

Boston, MA 02114 U.S.A.

Medical Campaign Against

Nuclear Weapons (MCANW)
23A Tenison Road
Cambridge, CBl 2DG

New Abolitionist Covenant
c/o Sojourners
1309 L St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20005 U.S.A.

North Carolina Council of
. Churches' Committee on

Security, Peace and Disarmament
Bryan Bldg., 201-A
Cameron Village
Raleigh, NC 27605 U.S.A.

North Carolina Peace Network

P.O. Box 30222

Raleigh, NC 27622 U.S.A.

Nursing Campaign Against

Nuclear Weapons (NCANW)
11 Charlotte St.
Bristol 1

Nurses Alliance for Prevention

of Nuclear War
P.O. Box 319
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 U.S.A.

Operation Peace Through Unity
151 Gonzales Road Apt. 34
Santa Fe, NM 87501 U.S.A.

Pax Christi

c/o Father H.C.X. Mulholland

P.O. Box 1807

Washington, NC 27889 U.S.A.

Peace Brigades International

Box 199

Cheyney, PA 19319 U.S.A.

Peace . . . First of All

Box 285

Allendale, NJ 07401 U.S.A.

People for Peace of Southern

P.O. Box 537

Great Barrington, MA 02130


Physicians for Social Responsibility
210 Mason Terrace
Brookline, MA 02146 U.S.A.

Raleigh Peace Initiative

c/o Community United Church

of Christ
814 Dixie Tr.
Raleigh, NC 27606 U.S.A.

River Edge Studio

c/o P.O. Box 343

136 R. Bank St.

New London, CT 06320 U.S.A.

Rural Southern Voice for Peace
c/o Social Concerns Dept.
Arthur Morgan School
Rt. 5
Burnsville, NC 27814 U.S.A.

Scientists Against Nuclear Arms

Barbara Pearce, 11 Chapel St.
Wobum Sands
Milton Keynes MK 178 PG

Southern California Alliance

for Survival
Resource Center
1503 Hobart Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90027 U.S.A.

Triangle Area Project on

Military Spending and Human

c/o War Resisters' League

604 W. Chapel Hill St.

Durham, NC 27701 U.S.A.


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Triangle Chapter of Physicians

for Social Responsibility
P.O. Box 3218
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 U.S.A.

Union of Concerned Scientists
1384 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138 U.S.A.

Union of Psychoanalysts and
Psychotherapists for Nuclear

Dr. Everett Angel

355 Riverdale Dr.

New York, NY 10025 U.S.A.

War Control Planners, Inc.

Box 19127

Washington, DC 20038 U.S.A.

World Association of World

43 Wallingford Ave.
London W10 6 PZ England

World Association of World

Leliegracht 21
Netherlands 1016 GR

World Peace March
c/o Religious Task Force
Mobilization for Survival
85 S. Oxford St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217 U.S.A.


3 Whitehall Court

Suite 51

London, England SW1A 2EF


1 Rue de Varembe (3e)

Case Postale 31

1211 Geneva 20



866 United Nations Plaza

Suite 566-7

New York, New York

U.S.A. 10017-1888


The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

The New Age Movement
and Our Coming Age of Barbarism *

I. The New Age Movement — What is it?

A. It is a worldwide coalition of networking organizations.
It also includes individuals bound together by common
mystical experiences. There are more than 10,000 "New
Age" organizations (excluding branches) within the
United States and Canada alonel Alphabetically, they
range from Amnesty International through Zero Popula-
tion Growth. (See Networking: the First Report and
Directory by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, Double-
day, 1982. See also New Age Politics by Mark Satin, Dell
Books Division of E.P. Dutton, 1979.) New Age organi-
zations include (but are not limited to) the following

1. Religious cults, including the following prototypes:

a. The Church Universal and Triumphant and its
spawned organizations, Summit Lighthouse and
Summit University headed by Elizabeth Clare
Prophet (syncretistic mixture of exoteric "Chris-
tianity," Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritualism,

b. Children of God (labels itself as a New Age
ashram) which is designed to appeal to young
people who might otherwise be attracted to
charismatic Christianity.

c. Unity School of Christianity (headquartered in
Unity Village, Missouri).

d. 3HO (Buddhist/Hindu seekers).

e. Ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (syn-
cretistic mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tan-
trie Sex (aka "free love"), holistic health, mind

'Copyright © 1983 by Constance E. Cumbey


248 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

control techniques, etc.).

2. Mind control classes and organizations such as
Silva, EST (Erhard Seminars Training), New Age
Thinking, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Life-
spring, Arica, etc.).

3. Holistic health practitioners, many homeopathic
physicians and many (but not all) nutritionists and
health food stores and centers.

4. Many "appropriate technology," environmental,
and ecological organizations (not all) such as
Clamshell Alliance, Sierra Club, etc.

5. Political interest organizations such as the Califor-
nia New Age Caucus, New Organization for an
American Revolution (N.O.A.R.), New World Al-
liance, World Federalists, SANE, Society of
Emissaries (combines esotericism with political ac-
tion), Friends of the Earth, Planetary Citizens,
Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, etc.

6. Intentional communities, such as Findhorn Foun-
dation (probably the Vatican City of the New Age
Movement), Stelle Community (Illinois), The Farm
(Tennessee), etc.

7. Esoteric philosophy and religious groups such as
Lucis Trust (probably the "brains" of the New Age
Movement), Theosophical Society, Rosicrucians,


8. Some organizations purporting to fight world
hunger such as The Hunger Project.

9. Although not officially a part, the New Age
Movement's adherents have infiltrated orthodox
medical, religious, governmental, business, and
other organizations.

B. It is known by many other names, including, but not
limited to the following:

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 249

1. The Aquarian Conspiracy;

2. The Age of Aquarius;

3. Humanistic Psychology;

4. Networking Movement;

5. New Thought Religion;

6. The New Church;

7. The Third Wave;

8. The Third Force;

9. New Consciousness;

10. Transcendental Movement;

11. Human Potential Movement;

12. The New Spirituality;

13. Secular Humanism;

14. Humanism.

C. The principle aims of the New Age Movement in-

1. A New World Order;

2. A New World Religion;

3. A New Age Christ (who is neither Jesus nor

D. Much New Age doctrine is found in the following

1. Writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1836-91),

a. Isis Unveiled;

b. The Secret Doctrine.

2. Books of Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949), including:

a. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy;

b. The Rays and the Initiations;

c. Initiation: Human and Solar;

d. The Reappearance of the Christ;

e. The Destiny of the Nations;

i. The Unfinished Autobiography;

g. Discipleship in the New Age (2 volumes);

h. Esoteric Psychology (2 volumes).

250 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

3. Writings of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), including:

a. Maitreya (Roerich Museum Press, 1932);

b. Shambhala, the Resplendent;

c. The Agni Yoga series.

4. Letters of Helena Roerich (Nicholas' wife).

5. Writings of George Gurdjieff (1872-1949).

6. Writings of H.G. Wells (1866-1946), including:

a. An Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for a World

b. An Outline of History (2 volumes).

7. Writings of David Spangler (1945- ), including:

a. Revelation: the Birth of a New Age (treated as a
bible within the New Age Movement);

b. Reflections on the Christ (calls for Luciferic in-
itiations on pages 44-45);

c. Links With Space;

d. Relationship and Identity;

e. The Laws of Manifestation;

f. New Age Rhythms;

g. Conversations With John;
h. Towards a Planetary Vision.

8. Writings of Marilyn Ferguson, including her best
selling, Book of the Month Club selection. The
Aquarian Conspiracy.

II. Roots of the New Age Movement are found in some of the
world's earliest recorded traditions:

A. Many New Age esoteric historians claim their traditions
originated in Atlantis.

1. It is probable that Atlantis existed, but as the world
prior to the Noachian flood — a world that God
judged and condemned.

2. New Age literature supportive of the Atlantis tradi-
tion include (but is not limited to) the following:

a. Isis Unveiled by H.P. Blavatsky;

b. The Golden Thread by Natalie Banks.

Appendix C: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 251

B. New Agers then claim that at the time of the cataclysmic
destruction of Atlantis that their "White Lodge" of "As-
cended Masters" then withdrew from the earth and left
the earth temporarily in the control of the "Black Lodge."

A clear reading of New Age literature reveals that they
define "Black Lodge" as the source of Judeo-Christian
tradition and "White Lodge" as the source of their occult

C. The claim is then made that the teachings were preserved
in the ancient land of Babylon and surrounding Plains of
Shinar and from there disseminated throughout the
earth, including Taoist doctrines of China, Mayan-Aztec
teachings of Mexico and Central/ South America; Great
Spirit teachings of the American Indians, Hindu/Bud-
dhist teachings of Asia, etc.

1. This clearly correlates with the biblical teachings of
the building of the Tower of Babel and God's work
in scattering these builders throughout the globe
after confusing their language.

2. Other evidence of the probability of the truth of the
biblical teaching include the following:

a . The extreme similarity of the alphabet of the Az-
tecs to the Egyptian hieroglyphs;

b. The similarity of South American pyramids to
Egyptian pyramids and Babylonian ziggurats;

c. Common legends about such things as a
worldwide flood, the building of a great tower,
the scattering of mankind, and the confusion of

1) It is improbable that this much could be ex-
plained away as mere "coincidence."

2) New Age literature corroborates it — much
as a negative displays a photograph.

3) The doctrinal similarities between pagan re-
ligions of the world and the sharp doctrinal
disagreement with the Judeo/ Christian tradi-

The only religion which may truly be

252 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

called a "hybrid" is that of the Muslims.

D. The biblical story of the Garden of Eden is fully borne out
in the negative in the pagan religions of the world,

1. The lies of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden are pre-
served as doctrinal points in the pagan religions of
the world:

a. "You shall not surely die."

b. "You shall be as gods."

2. These points are also the central theological theme of
the New Age Movement, of the "New Theology"
and of the so-called "Cosmic Gospels" of "UFO"

3. These points are also the doctrine of nearly every
religious cult in the world today.

4. Further evidence for this may be found in the
prevalence of snake worship throughout nearly
every pagan religion of the world — ranging from
Eskimoes to Chinese and from Aztecs to Hinduism.

E. The New Age Movement includes full-fledged worship of

This corroborates the biblical teaching that Lucifer
was expelled from heaven for the sin of pride — for want-
ing to be worshipped as God — exalting himself above

III. Make no mistake about it, the New Age Movement is a
religion which closely parallels all the pagan traditions of the
world. It is a counterfeit — albeit a poor one — of Christian

A. The New Age Movement has its own bibles: Oahspe; The
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; My Truth, the Lord
Himself; My Peace, the Lord Himself; The Book of Uran-
tia; The Secret Doctrine; The Keys of Enoch: the Book of
Knowledge; Revelation: the Birth of a New Age, etc.

B. The New Age Movement has a comprehensive body of
doctrine which includes the following tenets:

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainboia 253

1. Belief in a central spiritual being known as "The
Source," or "The God of Force," which is to them
"God Transcendent." (Sometimes they also say that
our God is something or someone known as "Sanat
Kumara" — probably a scrambling of the name

2. Belief in a "God Immanent" which means "god

3. Belief in the divinity of man as a necessary part of
belief in "God Immanent" (see II. D. 1., supra).

4. Belief in "The Law of Rebirth" which is also known
as reincarnation.

5. Belief that God is inferior to something known as
"The Solar Logos."

6. Belief that Jesus and the Christ are two separate en-
tities and that the Christ is an office rather than a
man. (Note scripture 1 John 2:22 which states that
the antichrist will deny that Jesus is the Christ and
1 John 4:3 which states that he will deny that Jesus
Christ is come in the flesh.)

7. Belief in evolution.

8. Belief in the perfectability of man as a corollary
belief to that of evolution.

9. Belief in the Law of Avatars — a teaching that at the
start of every "New Age" the Solar Logos or Sanat
Kumara sends "The Christ" who overshadows a
human being, imparting through that possessed in-
dividual to the world "new revelation" to help them
through the coming "New Age." (Christians and
Jews should easily recognize this process as good
old-fashioned demonic possession.)

10. Belief in salvation by initiation and works rather
than by atonement and grace.

11. Belief in the interconnectedness of all things — the
Doctrine of Wholeness (sometimes called holistic

254 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

thinking or in Eastern mystical terms "Atman").
This is also known as the Doctrine of At-One-Ment,
a deliberate occult perversion of the Judeo/Christian
word "atonement."

12. Deep and abiding hatred for Judaism, orthodox
Catholicism, and Fundamentalist Christianity in
particular and all Christians in general.

13. Hatred for God the Father which expresses itself to
hatred for Moslems who refuse to renounce their
faith in Him.

14. Belief in the existence of "masters" and of an occult

15. Belief in an "inner government" of the planet which
is administered by this so-called hierarchy of
"masters" originating from a mythical "Shamballa."

16. Belief in the perfectability of Aryan man in a path
evolutionary progress towards becoming "masters."

C. The New Age Movement is identical in basic cosmology
and beliefs to both Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan which
taught all of the above.

IV. The New Age Movement poses a real and present danger to
both Jews and Christians.

A. The New Age Movement has announced through many
of its leaders plans to try to launch a New World Order in
the near future.

1. A major such effort, the Planetary Initiative for the
World We Choose, is headed by Donald Keys who
openly dedicated his book to Max Heindel (Rosicru-
cianism — identical to KKK and Nazi racial theories)
and Djwal Khul (another name for the Alice Bailey

2. The same effort also features David Spangler (the man
who said we must take a Luciferic initiation to enter
the New Age) on the board of its secretariat organiza-
tion — Planetary Citizens of New York City.

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 255

3. The same effort also features — believe it or not — a

World Council of Wise Persons" headed by Nor-
man Cousins! Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Carlos
Romulo of the Philippines are also to serve on this
"distinguished" panel.

4. According to the Alice Bailey writings, which the
Planetary Initiative folks are openly following, pres-
ent religious practices of orthodox Christians, Jews
and Moslems are to be outlawed and will be replaced
by those of the "New World Religion."

5. Another facet of their scheme to take over the world
which they call "The Plan" is to bring forth a New
Age "Messiah" — a so-called "Maitreya the Christ."

6. They further make the claim in the Alice Bailey
writings Benjamin Creme endorses that other
"masters" posing as religious "messiahs" will appear
to adherents of all the major world religions to per-
suade them of the "truths" of the New World Reli-
gion and its "new revelations."

a. It is claimed that the "Imam Mahdi" will appear
to the Moslems to inform them they are to ac-
cept "Maitreya the Christ."

b. It is further claimed that the "Buddha" will ap-
pear to world Buddhists to convince them their
better fate lies with "Maitreya the Christ."

c. It is further claimed that "angels" (probably
demons) will appear with this so-called "Christ"
to convince people that he should be followed
by all men.

d. It is even claimed that the "Master Jesus" will
appear to Christians so as to settle the con-
troversy as to whether Jesus and the Christ are
one and the same and to attempt to persuade
Christians that they are not. (Note 1 John 2:22.
This is a distinct test of antichrist!)

7. Spokesmen for the New Age Movement (Alice
Bailey, David Spangler, Nicholas Roerich, etc.),
have threatened a world war in the field of world

256 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

religions and even extermination of Christians, Jews,
Moslems, and others who refuse to accept Maitreya
as "The Christ."

8. A similar fate awaits those who refuse to convert to
the "New World Religion."

B. The New Age Movement through its seminal writings
(Alice Bailey, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, etc.), main-
tains the traditional occult doctrines of Aryanism and a
blood taint resting on individuals of Jewish extraction.

The Movement is profoundly antisemitic all the way
to its esoteric core, although many of its lesser initiates
are blissfully unaware of this sordid fact.

C. These seminal teachings and writings of certain New Age
leaders (Foster Bailey of Lucis Trust and Gregory
Bateson) call separation between church and state im-

D. The Alice Bailey writings openly followed by the leader-
ship of the Planetary Initiative even call for using the
atomic bomb for such "creative" purposes as using it on
the Church of Rome and other religious groups who
"don't know how to leave politics alone." (See pages 191,
548 of The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice A.

E. The New Age Movement's leadership is proposing to im-
plement all the systems set forth in Revelation, chapter

1. They have called for the abolishment of a cash
monetary system.

2. They propose instead to institute "a more rational
means of exchange" such as an economy based on a
computerized barter system.

3. They openly propose to give every world resident a
number and require the usage of this number in all
financial transactions of any sort.

The real motive for this is probably not the effi-
cient feeding of folks as they claim will be done by

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 257

their proposed "World Food Authority," etc. Instead
it probably is that stated by R, Buckminster Fuller, a
New Age leader who states that for an organization
to control the world it must first control the world's
supply routes, (See The Critical Path, St. Martin's
Press, 1981, p. xx.)

4. In the interests of giving the peasants a "new
mythology" to shape their necessary new world
view, they plan to make their New World Religion
compulsory for all.

5. They plan to institute a "New World Order" which
will be a synthesis between the U.S.S.R. ("feet like a
bear"), Great Britain ("spoke like a lion") and the
United States ("like unto a leopard"), also featuring
the ten nation Common Market nations of Europe
(ten horns), and a worldwide government or
"planetary guidance system."

6. The system they propose to implement is identical in
belief systems and cosmology to the Nazi system of
Adolfus Hitler (the beast that was dead and came
back to life — Nazism)?!

V. The New Age Movement has characteristics of a well-thought
out military operation patterned after Hitler's organization of
his "Third Reich":

A. They openly call their scheme to take the world for the
antichrist "The Plan."

1. Probably the main vehicle for implementation of
"The Plan" at present is the Planetary Initiative for
the World We Choose which is sponsored by hun-
dreds of cooperating New Age, older, more well-
established organizations, and even banks and
distinguished business and university professors and

2. Planetary Citizens of New York City serves as the
secretariat for the Planetary Initiative. David
Spangler (the man who said we must take the
Luciferic initiation to enter the New Age) serves also

258 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

on the Board of Directors of Planetary Citizens and
his Lorian Association is one of the sponsoring
organizations of the Planetary Initiative.

3. The Planetary Initiative went public on February 8,
after an obviously well-financed and prominently
supported kick-off press conference and cocktail
party at the Cathedral Church of St. John the
Divine, Episcopal, New York City.

B. Those inside the Movement communicate between
themselves with code words and signals. Some of the
code or buzz-words include:

1. Holistic;

2. Transformation;

3. Spaceship Earth;

4. Global village;

5. Interdependent or interdependence;

6. Manifestation or manifest;

7. Initiation or Initiate;

8. Crowded planet;

9. Transcendent;

10. Consciousness-raising;

11. Paradigm or "new paradigm";

12. Vision of "new vision";

13. Global thread;

14. New Consciousness;

15. Planetary vision;

16. Global vision;

17. Transpersonal.

C. The Movement claims, according to New Age writer
Mark Satin, to have something for everybody (see New
Age Politics.).

D. According to the Alice Bailey writings and Marilyn
Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, the
Movement has infiltrated every aspect of modern society.
According to these writers, it has also infiltrated every
organization and institution.

D. Similarly to Hitler's Brownshirts, many youth are
organized into the paramilitary Guardian Angels. The

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 259

Guardian Angels were the cover story on November 1981
New Age Magazine — an organization (the magazine)
being described by the Findhorn Foundation (Findhorn
serves as a type of Vatican City /Washington, D.C, for
the New Age Movement) as a "light center" whose role is
to help spread the New Age Movement. David Spangler
serves as contributing editor of the New Age Magazine.

E. Hitler had a prisoner reach-out effort. So do the New
Agers. Prisoners are reached by such programs as the
New Age adopt-a-prisoner program, encounter pro-
grams, New Age thinking programs, Prison Ashrams,
Project Start (for ex-prisoners), Silva Mind Control, TM
(Transcendental Meditation), EST (Erhard Seminars
Training), etc.

In Signs of Christ by Harold Balyoz (Altai Publishers,
Agoura, California 91301: 1979) it was written of the
New Age society to come that:

"It is astounding how the world is going to ruin!
The destroyers and the destroyed will be swept
away. The new ones approach. From pure clean
places will appear new ones: nomads and
ploughmen, orphans and vagabonds, monks and
convicts, scientists and singers — in short, all those
strong in spirit. A legion of its own kind with under-
standing of spirit. . . . Accept everyone who comes
to you and says a word about the spirit. Even in the
hardened eyes of a brigand at times a thought of
achievement gleams. And even a convict under-
stands self-sacrifice when on watch.

"I want to see your cohorts real abodes for strong
spirits. Remember that Christ prayed among thieves
and that Buddha revealed the sacrament to a
brigand. . . ."

F. The Nazis featured a pagan style battalion known as the
SS. Similarly, there is a United States Military /private
hybrid equivalent to this: The First Earth Battalion
headed by Lt. Colonel Jim Channon. This outfit which
claims to computer linked military wide and worldwide,
with influence even extending behind the Iron Curtain

260 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

openly bills itself as "New Age" and states it is working to
build an "army of light." Its Evolutionary Tactics manual
is complete with flow and time charts. Members are in-
itiated rather than sworn into the battalion.

G. There is a carefully planned propaganda effort which sets
the tone and rationales for future persecution and
violence towards Christians, Jews, and others who refuse
to go forward with their New Age "Christ."

1. Dick Sutphen's war on Fundamentalism;

2. Norman Lear's People for the American Way;

3. Humanist Magazines ridicule of fundamentalism,

H. The New Age Movement has placed a high premium on
survivalism and self-reliance. Many New Agers practice
"voluntary simplicity."

1. The rationale for this is to increase susceptibility to
hypnosis and "The Spirit." (See Alice Bailey books
for details.)

2. In Donald Keys' book Earth at Omega, he boasted
that this would keep the public from becoming wise
to strength of the New Age Movement:

"We mentioned earlier how the dominant
'straight' society has apparently not recognized the
strength and pervasiveness of the new con-
sciousness culture. Perhaps this is just as well, as
so far a polarization between the old culture and
the new one has been avoided. If the New Age
Movement does become a target of alarmed forces
and defenders of the status quo ante, however, it
will offer a widely dispersed and decentralized
target, very hard to identify and dissuade or
subvert from its life-serving values. Indeed, the ex-
pression of these values emphasizes the good old
pioneering American virtues of self-reliance, thrift,
self-discipline and good neighborliness, qualities
tending to nullify in advance charges of deviation
from desirable norms."

Appendix G: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 261

I. The New Age Movement went public in 1975 with an ex-
quisitely planned and executed propaganda campaign.
This campaign had been mapped out well in advance
within the Alice Bailey, Angi Yoga, and H.G. Wells
writings. The propaganda campaign psychologically con-
ditions the world to accept the New Age Movement and
the New Age "Christ" as well as his accompanying
"hierarchy," including the following:

1. Emphasize evolution together with a corollary belief
man is ultimately perfectible.

2 . Teach the interconnectedness of all souls and all life
and matter.

3. Teach that the "kingdom of God" is merely the ap-
pearance of "soul-controlled" men on earth in every-
day life.

4. Teach that some men on earth have already reached
the goal of soul-control or perfection.

5. Teach that although all men and races, etc., are
equal, that they are at "varying stages of evolu-
tionary development." (We are all equal, but some
are more equal than others!)

6. Teach that there has always been a plan (The Plan)
and that this plan has always been present and at
varying stages of evolution throughout history.

7. Color therapy, holistic health, mind control, and

J. The New Age Movement has several important symbols
for identification and mystical (hypnotic) use. They are
not all used simultaneously, but all are in current use
within the Movement:

1. The Rainbow (also called the Antahkarana or Rain-
bow Bridge). This is used as a hypnotic device. They
also call it an "International Sign of Peace." They
claim they are building a rainbow bridge between
the personality (you) and the over-soul or Great
Universal Mind (literally Sanat Kumara, i.e..

262 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Lucifer!). See Isaiah 24:5 which states that one
reason the Lord is destroying the earth in the lat-
ter days is for breaking the everlasting covenant.
The rainbow is the sign of the everlasting cove-
nant according to Genesis, chapter nine!

2. The Triangle.

3. The Centering Symbol: a series of progressively
smaller circles within a larger circle leading to a
dark and distant (or light and distant) center.

4. ,Rays of light; to represent the seven rays they

believe exist in nature and in the rainbow.

5. A cross with diagonals placed against it.

6. The Circle.

7. The circle with a point in the center (see also
Centering Symbol, supra).

8. The circle divided into two.

9. The circle divided into four.

10. The Swastika. See pages 161, 172 of Alice Bailey's
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and also Esoteric
Astrology. This is also used widely within the
Theosophical Society.

11. 666: That's correct! Even the logo on The Aquarian
Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson distinctly resembles
a 666. Page 79 of The Rays and the Initiations by
Alice discusses some of the meaning and "sacred
qualities" of the 666. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
states on page 306 that 666 is the number of one of
the three "heavenly" men. The Keys of Enoch: the
Book of Knowledge, another important New Age
"bible" tells initiates to use the numerical sequence as
frequently as possible to hasten the coming of the
so-called "New Age." This instruction is found on
page 391 of that book.

12. Pegasus (the winged horse) and the Unicorn.

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full bibliography would require a volume in itself. Nevertheless, the
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264 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

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the water without an excellent Bible basis, however. Unless you
know the real, the counterfeit could be seductive. )

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Martin, Ralph, A Crisis of Truth: The Attack on Faith, Morality
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8617, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107. Although this book deals
primarily with apostasy within the Roman Catholic Church,
everything stated applies equally to Protestant apostasy discovered
in the course of my own research.

268 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Miceli, Vincent P., The Antichrist, Christopher Publishing House,
West Hanover, Massachusetts 23339. Although I disagree with
some of the theology contained in this book, the scriptural analysis
concerning the man of sin and the analysis of the dangers of oc-
cultism makes the book valuable reading for one who wants
background information on the New Age Movement.


$8.95 (hardback). The Globalists — some of the most power-
ful people on earth — have plans to totally eliminate God,
the family and the United States as we know it today.

Globalism is the vehicle the humanists are using to imple-
ment their secular humanistic philosophy to bring about
their one-world government.

This book clearly alerts Christians to what the Globalists
have planned for them.

Wagner, $5.95. This is the book of the year about Dr. Petti
Wagner — heiress to a large fortune — who was kidnapped
and murdered for her wealth, yet through a miracle of God
lives today.

Dr. Wagner did indeed endure a horrible death experi-
ence, but through God's mercy, she had her life given back
to her to serve Jesus and help suffering humanity.

Some of the events recorded in the book are terrifying.
But the purpose is not to detail a violent murder conspiracy
but to magnify the glorious intervention of God.

TRAINING FOR TRIUMPH: A Handbook for Mothers and
Fathers, by Dr. W. George Selig and Deborah D. Cole, $5.95.
Being a good mother and father is one of life's great
challenges. However, most parents undertake that chal-
lenge with little or no preparation, according to Dr. Selig, a
professor at CBN University. He says that often, after a
child's early years are past, parents sigh: "Where did we go

Dr. Selig, who has 20 years of experience in the field of
education, carefully explains how to be good mothers and
fathers and how to apply good principles and teachings
while children are still young.

Feel Better and Live Longer Through THE DIVINE CONNEC-
TION, by Dr. Donald Whitaker. This is a Christian's guide to
life extension. Dr. Whitaker of Longview, Texas, says you
really can feel better and live longer by following Biblical
principles set forth in the word of God.

THE DIVINE CONNECTION shows you how to experience
divine health, a happier life, relief from stress, a better ap-
pearance, a healthier outlook, a zest for living and a sound
emotional life. And much, much more.

THE AGONY OF DECEPTION, by Ron Rigsbee with Dorothy
Bakker, $6.95. Ron Rigsbee was a man who through surgery
became a woman and now through the grace of God is a
man again. This book — written very tastefully — is the
story of God's wondrous grace and His miraculous
deliverance of a disoriented young man. It offers hope for
millions of others trapped in the agony of deception.

Rowe, $3.50. The warm yet heartbreaking story of Pastor
Everett Sileven, a Nebraska Baptist pastor, who was jailed
and his church padlocked because he refused to bow to
Caesar. It is also the story of 1,000 Christians who stood
with Pastor Sileven in defying Nebraska tyranny in
America's crisis of freedom.

Messages of Rock and Roll Exposed, by Jacob Aranza, $4.95.
Are rock and roll stars using the technique of backward
masking to implant their own religious and moral values
into the minds of young people? Are these messages
satanic, drug-related and filled with sexual immorality?
Jacob Aranza answers these and other questions.

SCOPES ll/THE GREAT DEBATE, by Louisiana State Sena-
tor Bill Keith, 193 pages, $4.95.

Senator Keith's book strikes a mortal blow at evolution, which
is the cornerstone of the religion of secular humanism. He ex-
plains what parents and others can do to assure that creation
science receives equal time in the school classrooms, where
Christian children's faith is being destroyed.

WHY J.R.? A Psychiatrist Discusses the Villain of Dallas, by

Dr. Lew Ryder, 152 pages, $4.95.

An eminent psychiatrist explains how the anti-Christian
religion of secular humanism has taken over television pro-
gramming and what Christians can do to fight back.

About the author:

Constance Cumbey is a Christian attorney

from Detroit, Michigan. She has thoroughly researche

the New Age Movement having read hundreds of

books on the subject.





- cttR^S-^d

— "vteSBes*"








. •- » •sswisu*

""«K„fe :




Saved - How To become a


how to be saved

A Christian is someone

who believes the


Steps to Take in order to become a

true Christian, to be Saved & Have a

real relationship & genuine

experience with the real God

Read, understand, accept and

believe the following verses from

the Bible:

1. All men are sinners and fall short
of God's perfect standard

Romans 3: 23 states that

For all have sinned, and come short of

the glory of God;

2. Sin - which is imperfection in our
lives - denies us eternal life with
God. But God sent his son Jesus
Christ as a gift to give us freely
Eternal Life by believing on Jesus

Romans 6: 23 states
For the wages of sin is death; but the
gift of God is eternal life through Jesus
Christ our Lord.

3. You can be saved, and you are
saved by Faith in Jesus Christ. You
cannot be saved by your good
works, because they are not "good
enough". But God's good work of
sending Jesus Christ to save us,
and our response of believing - of
having faith - in Jesus Christ, that is
what saves each of us.

Ephesians 2: 8-9 states

8 For by grace are ye saved through
faith; and that not of yourselves: it is
the gift of God:

9 Not of works, lest any man should

4. God did not wait for us to become
perfect in order to accept or
unconditionally love us. He sent
Jesus Christ to save us, even
though we are sinners. So Jesus
Christ died to save us from our sins,
and to save us from eternal
separation from God.

Romans 5:8 states

But God commendeth his love toward
us, in that, while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us.

5. God loved the world so much that
He sent his one and only Son to die,
so that by believing in Jesus Christ,
we obtain Eternal Life.

John 3: 16 states

For God so loved the world, that he
gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not
perish, but have everlasting life.

6. If you believe in Jesus Christ, and
in what he did on the Cross for us,
by dying there for us, you know for a

fact that you have been given
Eternal Life.

I John 5: 13 states
These things have I written unto you
that believe on the name of the Son of
God; that ye may know that ye have
eternal life, and that ye may believe on
the name of the Son of God.

7. If you confess your sins to God,
he hears you take this step, and you
can know for sure that He does hear
you, and his response to you is to
forgive you of those sins, so that
they are not remembered against
you, and not attributed to you ever

I John 1 : 9 states

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and

just to forgive us our sins, and to

cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If you believe these verses, or want

to believe these verses, pray the


" Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you

for dying on the cross for my sins. I

open the door of my life and ask you

to save me from my sins and give
me eternal life. Thank you for
forgiving me of my sins and giving
me eternal life. I receive you as my
Savior and Lord. Please take control
of the throne of my life. Make me the
kind of person you want me to be.
Help me to understand you, and to
know you and to learn how to follow
you. Free me from all of the things in
my life that prevent me from
following you. In the name of the
one and only and true Jesus Christ I
ask all these things now, Amen".

Does this prayer express your desire to
know God and to want to know His love
? If you are sincere in praying this
prayer, Jesus Christ comes into your
heart and your life, just as He said he

It often takes courage to decide to
become a Christian. It is the right
decision to make, but It is difficult to
fight against part of ourselves that
wants to hang on, or to find against
that part of our selves that has
trouble changing. The good news is

that you do not need to change
yourself. Just Cry out to God, pray
and he will begin to change you.
God does not expect you to become
perfect before you come to Him. Not
at all. ..this is why He sent Jesus. ..so
that we would not have to become
perfect before being able to know

Steps to take once you have asked
Jesus to come into your life

Find the following passages in the
Bible and begin to read them:

1. Read Psalm 23 (in the middle of
the Old Testament - the 1st half of
the Bible)

2. Read Psalm 91

3. Read the Books in the New
Testament (in the Bible) of John,
Romans & I John

4. Tell someone of your prayer and
your seeking God. Share that with
someone close to you.

5. Obtain some of the books on the
list of books, and begin to read

them, so that you can understand
more about God and how He works.

6. Pray, that is - just talk to and with
God, thank Him for saving you, and
tell him your

fears and concerns, and ask him for
help and guidance.

7. email or tell someone about the
great decision you have made today

Does the "being saved"
process only work for those
who believe ?

For the person who is not yet
saved, their understanding of
1) their state of sin and 2) God's
personal love and care for
them, and His desire and
ability to save them....is what
enables anyone to become

So yes, the "being saved"
process works only for those

who believe in Jesus Christ
and Him only, and place their
faith in Him and in His work
done on the Cross.

...and if so , then how does
believing save a person?

Believing saves a person because of
what it allows God to do in the Heart
and Soul of that person.

But it is not simply the fact of a
"belief". The issue is not having
"belief" but rather what we have a
belief about.

IF a person believes in Salvation by
Faith Alone in Jesus Christ (ask us
by email if this is not clear), then
That belief saves them. Why ?
because they are magical ?
No, because of the sovereignty of
God, because of what God does to
them, when they ask him into their
heart & life. When a person decides
to place their faith in Jesus Christ
and ask Him to forgive them of

their sins and invite Jesus Christ
into their life & heart, this is what
saves them - because of what God
does for them at that moment in

At that moment in time when they
sincerely believe and ask God to
save them (as described above),
God takes the life of that person,
and in accordance with the will of
that human, having requested God
to save them from their sins through
Jesus Christ - God takes that
person's life and sins [all sins past,
present and future], and allocates
them to the category: of "one of
those people who Accepted the Free
Gift of Eternal Salvation that God

From that point forward, their sins
are no longer counted against them,
because that is an account that is
paid by the shed blood of Jesus
Christ. And there is no person that
could ever sin so much, that God's
love would not be good enough for
them, or that would somehow not be
able to be covered by the penalty of

death that Jesus Christ paid the
price for. (otherwise, sin would be
more powerful than Jesus Christ -
which is not true).

Sometimes, People have trouble
believing in Jesus Christ because of
two extremes:

First the extreme that they are not
sinners (usually, this means that a
person has not committed a "serious"
sin, such as "murder", but God says that
all sins separates us from God, even
supposedly-small sins. We - as humans
- tend to evaluate sin into more serious
and less serious categories, because we
do not understand just how serious
"small" sin is).

Since we are all sinners, we all have
a need for God, in order to have
eternal salvation.

Second the extreme that they are
not good enough for Jesus Christ to
save them. This is basically done by
those who reject the Free offer of
Salvation by Christ Jesus because
those people are -literally - unwilling

to believe. After death, they will
believe, but they can only chose
Eternal Life BEFORE they die.
The fact is that all of us, are not
good enough for Jesus Christ to
save them. That is why Paul wrote in
the Bible "For all have sinned, and
come short of the glory of God"
(Romans 3:23).

Thankfully, that is not the end of the
story, because he also wrote " For the
wages of sin is death; but the gift of God
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our
Lord. "(Romans 6: 23)

That Free offer of salvation is
clarified in the following passage:

John 3: 16 For God so loved the
world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the
world to condemn the world; but
that the world through him might be

Prayers that count

The prayers that God hears

We don't make the rules any more
than you do. We just want to help
others know how to reach God, and
know that God cares about them

The only prayers that make it to
Heaven where God dwells are those
prayers that are prayed directly to
Him " through Jesus Christ " or "in
the name of Jesus Christ'.

God hears our prayers because we
obey the method that God has
established for us to be able to
reach him. If we want Him to hear
us, then we must use the methods
that He has given us to
communicate with Him.

And he explains - in the New
Testament - what that method is:
talking to God (praying) in
accordance with God's will - and
coming to Him in the name of Jesus
Christ . Here are some examples of
that from the New Testament:

(Acts 3:6) Then Peter said, Silver and
gold have I none; but such as I have give
I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth rise up and walk.

(Acts 16:18) And this did she many days.
But Paul, being grieved, turned and said
to the spirit, I command thee in the
name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.
And he came out the same hour.

(Acts 9:27) But Barnabas took him, and
brought him to the apostles, and
declared unto them how he had seen the
Lord in the way, and that he had spoken
to him, and how he had preached boldly
at Damascus in the name of Jesus.

(2 Cor 3:4) And such trust have we
through Christ to God-ward: (i.e.
toward God)

(Gal 4:7) Wherefore thou art no more a
servant, but a son; and if a son, then an
heir of God through Christ .
(Eph 2:7) That in the ages to come he
might show the exceeding [spiritual]
riches of his grace in his kindness toward
us through Christ Jesus .

(Phil 4:7) And the peace of God, which
passeth all understanding, shall keep
your hearts and minds through Christ

(Acts 4:2) Being grieved that they taught
the people, and preached through Jesus
the resurrection from the dead.

(Rom 1:8) First, I thank my God
through Jesus Christ for you all, that
your faith is spoken of throughout the
whole world.

(Rom 6:11) Likewise reckon ye also
yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin,

but alive unto God through Jesus Christ
our Lord.

(Rom 6:23) For the wages of sin is death;
but the gift of God is eternal life through
Jesus Christ our Lord.

(Rom 15:17) I have therefore whereof I
may glory through Jesus Christ in those
things which pertain to God.

(Rom 16:27) To God only wise, be glory
through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen.

(1 Pet 4:11) ...if any man minister, let
him do it as of the ability which God
giveth: that God in all things may be
glorified through Jesus Christ , to whom
be praise and dominion for ever and
ever. Amen.

(Gal 3:14) That the blessing of Abraham
might come on the Gentiles through
Jesus Christ ; that we might receive the
promise of the [Holy] Spirit through

(Titus 3:6) Which he shed on us
abundantly through Jesus Christ our

(Heb 13:21) Make you perfect in every
good work to do his will, working in you
that which is wellpleasing in his sight,
through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory
for ever and ever. Amen.

IF a person wanted to become a Christian, what would they pray ?

God, I am praying this to you so that you will help me. Please help
me to want to know you better. Please help me to become a Christian.

God, I admit that I am not perfect. I understand that you cannot allow
anyone into Heaven who is not perfect and Holy. I understand that
if I believe in Jesus Christ and in what He did, that God you will
see my life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that this will
allow me to have eternal life and know that I am going to Heaven.

God, I admit that I have sin and things in my life that are not perfect.
I know I have sinned in my life. Please forgive me of all my sins.
I believe that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God, that He came
to Earth to save those who ask Him, and that He died to pay the
penalty for all of my sins. Please come into my life and save me.

I understand that Jesus physically died and physically arose from the
dead, and that God can forgive me because of the death and
resurrection of Jesus Christ. I thank you for dying for me, and for
paying the price for my sins. I accept to believe in you, and I thank
you Lord God from all of my heart for your help and for sending
your Son to die and raise from the Dead.

I pray that you would help me to read your word the Bible. I
renounce anything in my life, my thoughts and my actions that is
not from you, and I do this in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me
to not be spiritually deceived. Help me to love your truth. Help me
to grow and learn how to have a strong Christian walk for you,
and to be a good example, with your help. Help me to have and
develop a love of your word the Bible, and please bring to my life
people and situations that will help me to understand how to live
my life as your servant. Help me to learn how to share the good news
with those who may be willing to learn or to know. I ask these things
in the name of Jesus Christ, and I thank you for what you have done
for me, Amen.

Please Remember: Christianity is NEVER forced. No one can

force anyone to become a Christian. God does NOT recognize

any desire for Him, unless it is genuine and motivated from

the inside of each of us.

We are thankful to those who take a short moment
to say a prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you that this Ebook has been released so that we are
able to learn more about the times we are in and know
the spiritual challenges.

Please help Constance Cumbey to be alright, and continue to give her
spiritual strength and discernment. Help her to be wise and to
continue to seek you. Protect her and her family spiritually and in all
ways from the forces of evil or darkness that would seek to harm her
or delay her or the work you want her to do.

Please protect the Ebooks that tell the right people about the days ahead.

Please also help those who made this Ebook available.

Please help those who read this Ebook to understand what they are
reading, and to want to learn more about You.

Please help the Ebook team to have the resources and the discernment,
and strength that they seek in order to be able to keep working
for You. Please help me to understand how to help others from being
spiritually deceived, about the spirit-beings and the forces that seek to
mislead the world in this time of falling away. Help us each to have the
courage to stand up for you. Help me to be a participant in obeying what
you want me to do. Help me to not simply be a lukewarm and contented
weak and passive believer. Show me a biblical and strong understanding
of your will for me.

Lord, I pray that you would give me and others who read this book
your wisdom and direct guidance. Please open the eyes of my family
and friends and help them and me to be more committed to knowing
and serving you.

Please give me a special love for the accurate versions of your word,
and help me to want to know you better and to invest the time to make
my relationship with you, continue to be more serious and committed.

Please give Constance and her helpers continued and increased spiritual
DISCERNMENT (Wisdom), and help me to take action by reminding me
to pray this prayer often. Help me to trust you with my fears also.
I ask you to do these things in the name of Jesus, Amen.

(For Christians: to pray for Christians and everyone else)

Remedy and Help for Occult & Demonic Forces

We include this short section for those who would like to
take immediate action, in order to help their life or the life
of someone that they care about.

The following covers a topic called the topic of "disembodied
spirits" or the topic of Spirits in the world around us.

Christianity teaches that there are 1) spiritual forces that are
created by Him, and that work with God, and 2) that there are
spiritual forces that rebelled against God, and try to use their
influence to harm the good that God accomplishes.

Christianity does NOT recognize that there are neutral
spiritual forces. Christianity does not recognize that there are
spirits that roam the earth with no destination or purpose.
Christianity teaches that spiritual forces may attempt to
contact or respond those who seek them, and that those forces
are evil and will do harm to humans.

The reason is that Humans can be deceived by spiritual forces
that would claim to be good, but are not. The Christian
solution is to simply have nothing to do with forces that are
not part of the Kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ.

Those who disagree have the right to chose, but should not
complain if they find out that the spiritual forces they contact
truly are evil and deceive them. Most people do NOT find this
out for many years, until their life is wasted and it is too late to
do much for God. THAT is exactly the purpose of those
forces, to cause humans to spend their life and their time
chasing things which do not matter instead of investing in
their own spiritual future, in the afterlife.

Some people think that life is to be lived on Earth, while
others understand that life here is simply a down-payment.
Life here is simply time to prepare for the next thousands of
years, with God and others who serve Him.

Christianity does NOT recognize the category of spiritual
entities (spirits) that are full of Mischief, or mischievous.

Christianity would conclude that those spirits, where they
actually exist, are causing mischief as a trick to prompt
humans to become involved with them, in the same manner
as a human will pull a piece of string in front of a CAT in
order to watch the cat react.

There are humans who have ALREADY found out that certain
spiritual forces are Evil. These people have tried to get rid of
them but do not know how. There is no solution that exists
other than to genuinely become a Christian and then take the
steps that the Bible instructs.

Incantations and rituals do not "force" any spiritual entity to
do anything. No ritual by a priest was ever effective
BECAUSE it was a ritual, or because it contained certain
words. However, spirits DO respond to those who are truly
Chrsitians, and THEY can certainly tell those who are
genuinely Christians (followers of the true Jesus Christ), and
those who are faking this or are insincere. It is a BAD idea to
attempt to fool or deceive a Demon. THAT does not work,
AND humans who try this only end up with much
ensnarement by those demonic forces.

There are solutions to these dilemmas. None of them will
work for those who are not saved or for those who are NOT
Christian. Try it if you want, but be prepared for the

Demonic Spirits play by the rules that GOD lays down and
NOT by the rules that you may have been mis-led into
believing by some slick occult publishing company.

Witches have precious little power in fact, and the few that do
are under such oppression and such personal bondage that they
have no freedom, but they will not speak this truth to others.

The price of their freedom (they have been told) is the
ensnarement or seduction of others. The following prayers are
provided in case they are of assistance. Those who use them
must be true Christians, and recognized by God as such.

Having said that, spiritual warfare and spiritual conflict (since
this IS that area: the conflict in spiritual realms between
spiritual forces) is very much like running or any other long
distance task: it is long term preparation that makes the

A new Christian is NOT to be dealing with demonic forces,
and would be well advised to seek advice from those who
are serious, sober, and committed genuine Christians for many
years, before dealing with these areas.

Many books have been written on this topic. Many of them are
written by those who are occultists who are possessed and
seeking to mislead others. We will recommend OTHER
Christian books at the end of this section for those who wish
to pursue these matters with the seriousness they deserve.
Most of the books available in these areas for Christians are
written in English or German.

Also, it may not be enough to pray these prayers once. It may
take much time to have the impact desired. In order to have
personal victory in these areas over demonic spirits:

1) One must be a Genuine Christian

2) One must seek to actively follow God

3) One must spend much TIME reading the Bible, and

4) One must spend much TIME praying and learning HOW
to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ, in accordance
(agreement) with the information and principles explained
in the New Testament.

prayer of renunciation of Demonic Forces

Prayer to renounce witchcraft and/or any spiritual
practice contrary to God and His given instructions

{Whether you have decided to become a Christian 20 years
ago or five minutes ago, you can still pray this prayer. If you
are not a Christian believer, or if you are confused about what
this means, no problem. Just go to the section on how to
become a Christian, pray that prayer, and then come back and
pray this one }

Lord God, I do not come always to talk with you when I
should Lord, I find this prayer difficult and I pray that you
would give me the grace, strength and courage that I need to
pray it and mean it.

Lord, I come to you because I am a true Christian believer, I

(your name here) , being under the Blood of Jesus,

claiming the Mind of Jesus, and the Spirit of Jesus, do hereby
present my request to you boldly before your Throne of Grace
(Ephesians 2:3/Hebrews 4:14-16/Philippians 2: 1-11). I ask
that you would neutralize and prevent any force or evil
presence from acting that might try to keep me from praying
this prayer, in the name of Jesus and in the power of your
blood. I pray that you would give me your spiritual strength
and your spiritual protection. I thank you for what you did for
me by dying on the cross for me.

I come before you in prayer today In the name of Jesus Christ
because I want to renounce any and all practices that are
contrary to you or to your teachings. I come before you today
in the name of Jesus Christ.

I come before you today because I want to renounce any
contact or seeking of any spirit or spiritual entity other than

the Christian Triune God or the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I
want to renounce any and all of my behaviors and practice of
allowing myself to contact the spiritual world or pray to/
through spiritual entities or people, that are not Jesus Christ.

I recognize that the Bible states that we can only come to God
through Jesus Christ, and through no other persons or spirits.

I come before you today because I want to renounce any and
all of my spiritism, spirit-contact, witchcraft and occult
practices, as well as any spiritual or other practice which is
against you or contrary to you, and I ask for your favor and
help to help me renounce these activities.

At this moment, I choose by my own will to renounce and
reprove all works of darkness in my life and the lives of the
generations of those whom I have joined. I include blood
relatives as well as adoptive relatives and any mates, or any
others whom I have joined such as lovers, seducers whether
these were my (whichever applies to you - if you are not
sure. ..include them all) wife/wives, husband/husbands, and
children/grand-children/great-grandchildren. In the name of
Jesus Christ, I hereby renounce any and every oath,
commitment, covenant, decision, curse, fetish, decision,
intention, word or thought, or gesture, and I hereby renounce
any and every fleshly and immoral intimacies and unions that
encouraged or brought about iniquity in my own life, or
anyone meeting the above stated requirements for bringing
works of darkness to my own life.

Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I hereby choose to
renounce all unfruitful works of darkness, and have no further
fellowship with them from this time forth (Romans 13:
12/Ephesians 5: 11)

I do this through the Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior,

through His Blood that was shed for me,

through his precious Body given for me,

through his Mind that suffered beyond anything I could ever

I do this so that my whole being - body, mind, soul and spirit,
may be completely set free from every sinful work of the past
brought about by the sins of those before me.

1 do this so that no Luciferian, Satanic, Spiritually wrong
promise, or evil covenant, curse, action, word, or deed or
attitude - from my actions or my past be laid against my
account - in heaven or in or on the earth. By this action today,
I hereby serve notice that the handwriting of ordinances
written against me and my generations are blotted out in my
life - effective as far back as needs be to the very first though,
word, deed or gesture. (Ephesians 2: 13-14).

I do this so that from this day forward, I may go about serving
You God, in reverence of You and seeking your counsel in
everything I do. I submit my life unto You as a living sacrifice
- holy and acceptable in Your sight, which is my reasonable
service. (Romans 12:1)

Dear Heavenly Father, and Judge of the Universe, as I present
this petition before you today, I thank You that You have
heard me this day, and granted my every expression in
accordance with Your will. I know that You have done this
solely because of what Your Son, the true and only Jesus
Christ, accomplished for me, by dying and paying the price for
my sins on the cross.

Thank You from the depth of all of my being, for hearing my
prayers and granting my petition. Please remind me of your
grace and love on a daily basis. Please help me to seek to

serve and follow you, and help me to continue to remember
that you have forgiven me, and that I can take you at your
word and trust what you have given to me in your Bible. I
pray that you would help me to not do wrong, and to decide to
do what is right, and to take active steps to follow you. I pray
that you would fill me with joy, comfort and hope and bring
true Christian friends in my life who will strengthen my walk
with You and encourage me to grow in the right spiritual path
with you. You know Lord that I have asked all of these things
in the name of Jesus, and I thank you that I am now free in
deed, according to what you have shared with you in the Bible
(Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:1, Romans 8:1, Romans 7:24, 8:1,
John 8:36, 1 Corinthians 12:27).

(Note: take time to look up these verses in the Bible which can
be found in the Bible. You may want to write them down, and
memorize them as well. It is good practice and will serve you

I pray Lord that you would help me to remember that each
time I am tempted, that I can come back and talk with you,
and read the Bible for strength and encouragement.

In the name of Jesus Christ I have asked all of these things,
and I thank you for giving them to me, Amen.

The Spiritual Problems caused by Spiritual Explorations
of Witchcraft & Dark Spirituality - Hereditary Witchcraft

There is such a thing as occult forces that try to force families
to serve them, for many decades, and for many generations.
Some families did not KNOW how to fight the demonic
spirits. Therefore they gave in to them, and serve those forces,
and try to force their other family members to do this.

This needs to be resisted, but true freedom and true resistance
can only be found in those who truly accept and believe the
message of Jesus Christ as the New Testament confirms and
explains. This is only ONE book of many portions of the New
Testament. The New Testament is comprised of 27 books.

Prayer to be forgiven for sins committed while exploring
darkness and/or evil and prayers to be forgiven for sins
committed in & during witchcraft

Some people will wrongly tell you that this prayer cannot or
will not have a good impact on your life. Whether they
consciously know it or not, those who say that are people who
are trying to trick you. But if this prayer would really have no
effect on your life, then it certainly cannot hurt to pray it.

Lord God, I do not come always to talk with you when I
should. Lord, I find this prayer difficult and pray that you
would give me the grace, strength and courage that I need to
pray it and be totally sincere. Lord, I come to you because I
am now a true Christian believer, and because I, (your name
here) . being under the Blood of Jesus, claiming the Mind of
Jesus, and the Spirit of Jesus, do hereby present my request to

you boldly before your Throne of Grace (Ephesians
2:3/Hebrews 4:14-16/Philippians 2: 1-11).

I ask that you would neutralize and prevent any force or evil
presence that might try to keep me from praying this prayer, in
the name of Jesus and in the power of your blood. I pray that
you would strengthen me as I pray this and that my mind
would be clear, and that I would be able to concentrate on
talking with you and on what I would like to pray. I thank you
for coming to my help as you said you would in the Bible, and
despite the tricks of any evil forces to convince me of the
opposite. I thank you that you Love me Lord, even if I do not
always feel as though you do because I am not perfect.

I thank you for what you did for me by dying on the cross for
me. I thank you Lord, because I know that you are more
powerful than the forces which may have been controlling my
life, and which were exercising influence in my life that I want
to be sure is terminated and over. I come to you in prayer
today Lord, because I want to be delivered from all
consequences of hereditary involvement in the occult or any
occult curses which have impacted my life and/or hereditary
witchcraft and all of the sins and curses which have come
from those activities. I choose by my own will and I do now
renounce and reprove all works of darkness in my life and the
lives of the generations of those past and present whom I have

Choosing by my own will Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce any
and all curses or effects of my past actions, habits, thought
processes and any other activity or intention contrary to your
character and contrary to your word the Bible, any relatives of
mine who have been in the occult which you know about
Lord, and whereby I am or have been affected by any of their
actions, thoughts, words or deeds. In your name and by my
will with your help and depending upon you, I renounce all
occult blessings, all occult heritage and all occult
consequences, as well as any demonic spirits or inspiration,

which have a basis for interference or influence in my life,
either because of my own actions or because of the actions of
any of my ancestors or relatives which has an effect on me-
whatever evil effect that might be.

In this renunciation Lord, I include blood and adoptive
relatives and any mates, such as lovers, seducers and rapists
wife/wives, husband/husbands, and children/grand-
children/great-grandchildren. I hereby renounce any and every
oath, commitment, covenant, decision, action, curse, fetish,
gesture, and fleshly and immoral intimacies and unions that
encouraged or brought about iniquity in my own life, or
anyone meeting the above stated requirements for bring works
of darkness to my own life.

[ you should take time out at this point, recalling to your mind
any known names or circumstances - especially if there have
been rapes or seductions that you know about, from or towards
you, or that you participated in or witnessed. Take each
situation and person individually and ask the Lord to forgive
you of your involvement and participation in each of these
situations. Where the situation applies instead to others, ask
that they would come to realize the wrongness of their action,
and that they would be drawn to the Lord and that they would
repent and be saved ]

Lord, I hereby choose to renounce all unfruitful works of
darkness, and have no further fellowship with them from this
time forth (Romans 13: 12/Ephesians 5: 11) I do this through
the Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, through His Blood that
was shed for me, through his precious Body given for me,
through his Mind that suffered beyond anything I could ever
suffer. I do this so that my whole being - body, mind, soul and
spirit, may be completely set free from every sinful work of
the past brought about by my sins or the sins of those before
me. I do this so that no Luciferian, Satanic, or evil covenant,
curse, or fetish from the past be laid against my account - in
heaven or in or on the earth.

By this action right now today, I hereby serve notice that the
handwriting of ordinances written against me and my
generations are blotted out - effective as far back as needs be
to the very first though, word, deed or gesture. (Ephesians 2:
13-14).I do this so that from this day forward, I may go about
serving You, Father, in reverence of You and seeking your
counsel in everything I do. I submit my life unto You here and
now as a living sacrifice - holy and acceptable in Your sight,
which is my reasonable service. (Romans 12:1) Dear
Heavenly Father, and Judge of the Universe, as I present this
petition before you today, I thank You that You have heard me
today, and granted my every expression in accordance with
Your will.

1 know that You have done this solely because of what Your
Son, the true and only Jesus Christ, accomplished for me, by
dying and paying the price for my redemption on the cross.
Thank You from the depth of all of my being, for hearing my
prayers and granting my petition. Please remind me of your
grace and love on a daily basis. Please help me to seek to
serve and follow you, and help me to continue to remember
that you have forgiven me, and that I can take you at your
word and trust what you have given to me in your Bible. I
pray that you would help me to not do wrong, and to decide to
do what is right, and to take active steps to follow you.

I pray that you would fill me with joy, comfort and hope and
bring friends in my life who will strengthen my walk with You
and encourage me to grow in the right spiritual path with you.
I ask Lord that you would give me spiritual discernment so
that I would not be deceived by others, and so that I would
follow you in the ways that you want me to. I pray that you
would help me to understand you and know you better and
that you would help me be an effective messenger of yours to
communicate the truths of the Gospel and live and stand up for
You. You know Lord that I have asked all of these things in
the name of Jesus Christ, and I thank you that I am now free in

deed, according to what you have shared with me in the Bible
(Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:1, Romans 8:1, Romans 7:24, 8:1,
John 8:36, 1 Corinthians 12:27). In the name of Jesus Christ,

and who sincerely want to know more to help
themselves, and their family members

These books are available at a bookstore online at
www.amazon.com . They MAY be available through
other places online (on the internet).

Demonology Past and Present by Kurt Koch- Available
ALSO in German

Occult ABC by Kurt Koch - Available ALSO in German

Other Books by Kurt Koch - Available ALSO in German

Demons in the World Today: A Study of Occultism in the
Light of God's Word by Merril Unger

The Beautiful Side of Evil by J. Michaelsen

Inside the New Age Nightmare: For the First Time Ever... a
Former Top New Age Leader Takes You on a Dramatic
Journey by Baer

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey

Die sanfte Verfiihmng (Cumbey Constance)
Book Description: 1987. Die Autorin beschreibt in diesem
Standardwerk Entstehung, Lehren, Ziele und okkulte Wurzeln
der New-Age-Bewegung. Sie enthullt beklemmende

Parallelen zur ....biblischer Endzeitprophezeiungen.
Hardcover, guter Zustand, Verlag Schulte & Gerth,
Taschenbuch Neues Zeitalter (Geheimwissen), Religiose
Zeitfragen S. 300,

A Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age Messiah
(ISBN: 0935897003 / 0-935897-00-3) Cumbey, Constance
Pointe Publishers

The Adversary by Marc Bubeck

Overcoming the Adversary by Marc Bubeck

Destroying the Works of Witchcraft Through Fasting &
Prayer by Ruth Brown

Orthodoxy & Heresy: A Biblical Guide to Doctrinal
Discernment by Robert Bowman

Beyond Seduction: A Return to Biblical Christianity by D.

Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan - The most widely
translated Christian book after the Bible. (Yes, an edition in
German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugues, and
Arabic have all been made). Note: Pilgrim's Progress by John
Bunyan is available for FREE online.

The Christian in Complete Armour, or, A treatise of the
Saints by Pastor (Rev.) William GURNALL - in One Volume
or in Three Volumes - available for FREE online
(the term "saints" used here simply means Christians).

Remember that while there are ideas and hope in this ebook, the
choice of how each individual responds to the information presented,
is up to the individual who reads the material.

Please note that in accordance with organic law, Constance Cumbey
is responsible for no part of this ebook, other than the original content
of her work.

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless those who seek to

find Him. God is not willing that any should perish but that those who

respond to Him should find salvation in Him through Christ Jesus.