A few words of explanation may be appropriate to clarify the motivation which prompted so ambitious an undertaking as the title of this book would seem to imply. For both author and reader must maintain their confidence, not only in man, but in MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha , the ALMIGHTY, in attempting an adequate treatment of so vast and complex a subject. With man this is impossible, but with MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha all things are possible (Mt. 19:26).

Perhaps no subject within range of the human mind has sponsored more intellectual effort, study, oratory and writing, than that pertaining to the source, purpose and definition of life. Based on the volume of analytical research, the knowledge of the Creator, His relationship to the Universe, and His methods of cosmical origins, His Majestic Intent should be known of all men. And yet human awareness of cosmical purpose and plan has been limited to a very select few, and the value and meaning of human life on earth remains a general and beclouded mystery.

Most theologians recognize their responsibility to mankind, and have consistently propounded Biblical precepts to their fellowman in spite of language difficulties, uncertain definitions, exegetical misinterpretations, denominational limitations, and the confusion of many who discourage spiritual analysis and discussion beyond the borders of the visible and the tangible. Theological Science deserves commendation for its efforts although many reject its conservative and fundamental claims and demands for conformance to sacred standards; and especially so for encouraging humiliating self-alignment and self-evaluation according to the criteria established by MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach as first steps in the approach to the Supreme Being for light and the revelation of divine truth.

It is true that when properly understood and absorbed, the history and substance of Creator effort in favor of man, as outlined in the Bible, embodies revelatory, energizing and transforming power to change an earthly man into a citizen of Heaven. Only then does human life take on its real and highly important meaning as the individual becomes conscious of personal regeneration and gradually being fitted and prepared for eternal function. For if any man be in Mashiach, he is a new creature, old things (earthly) have passed away, behold all things are become new (2nd Cor. 5:17), that is, in right perspective. The revelation of Creator purpose for man is HIS STORY, complex but magnificent, and contains the real reason why the Bible was written. Why then so much controversy and confusion among religionists? Why the emphasis upon sectarian advantage? Why the tedious religious ritualism? All of which contribute to the public lethargy and lack of interest in Bible study, teaching and preaching. Why? Because the spiritual sense necessary for the absorption and assimilation of spiritual truth and understanding must be reawakened and reborn in the individual human soul by the Spirit of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha Himself.1 And this spiritual sense is both sensor and sensorium of spiritual knowledge and accumulation.

Daniel Webster once wrote, "knowledge does not comprise all which is contained in the large term of education. The feelings are to be disciplined: the passions are to be restrained: true and worthy motives are to be inspired: a profound religious feeling is to be installed: and pure morality inculcated under all circumstances." While this is true of secular education it is much more necessary for spiritual education. Thus no man has completed his education until he is thoroughly conversant with Biblical principle and precept which supply the instructions for overcoming poverty, ignorance, sickness, adverse circumstances, and the fear of death. These are basic and elementary in applied Scripture. But until these are firmly woven into the texture of the individual human soul, how can he be expected to understand Creation methods involving a higher order, or Divine revelation to the soul demanding spiritual responses of a still higher order, or the highest order dealing with the schooling of the human spirit in preparation for glorification as a Son of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha to fulfill his exalted office in eternity? The Bible clearly reveals the steps I must take, in order that a Holy MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha may be revealed to me. It tells how a Supreme Being may be known by one who is not supreme, and how finite man may converse with Infinite Mind. For MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha is revealed in His own light which He sheds upon His WORD. It is true that the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha head, so that they are without excuse (Rom. 1:20), for not recognizing His justification for demanding rightness of his subjects, and conformity to Divine principle. But the words "eternal" and "MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha head" elevate Him above human research, for a passive object of human analysis could never be the Supreme Being. Nature only points to Him and His infinite capability, and His existence on a much higher level, actual four levels above the material order. And these levels may only be known as MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha chooses to reveal them. Only the natural order is visible, that is its phenomena effect light waves. The other levels are all invisible, although just as real.

Thus it appears that the dearth of Creator knowledge and methodology in origin has several causes which constitute the problem we must face in preparing a history of creation and origin of the species. These include the following:

1. MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha is a Spirit, and they that worship Him (or acknowledge His supremacy) must worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). This demands recognition of and familiarity with Him as SPIRIT. His methods are spiritual, not natural or chemical.

2. Every descendant of Adam is born into this world spiritually blind, and spiritually insensitive, and must be born again of the Spirit of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha to "see" and understand the Kingdom of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha , that is His authority and control of the Cosmos.

3. Reconciliation and communication between a Holy MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha and spiritually born again men must be effected by the system established there for by MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach, as Mediator.

4. The blinding effects of sin and spiritual darkness upon the human intellect must be removed through the sin purging process provided by the Mashiach’s atonement on Calvary's Cross.

5. Man must bring his thinking and mental submission into subjection to the Master Teacher,2 just as the grade school child accepts the thoughts and remarks of the class teacher. This is important for it expedites alignment with Divine thinking, the absorption of Divine truth, and the sensitivity of soul response to the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit. It involves the surrender of the human will to the Ruach HaKodesh, for development of a teachable attitude towards things spiritual.

6. The "living soul" that has yielded completely to the Ruach HaKodesh, and has been thoroughly cleansed of sin through the blood atonement of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach can no more hold back the flood of Divine Love, Grace, Goodness, Revelation and Creativity from MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha , than can the rocks at the base of Niagara Falls hold back the torrents of water whose power drives the turbines which bring electricity and warmth and blessing to millions of homes and commercial enterprises.   The "living soul" man was designed as an agent of the Supreme Being with a control center governable by the Divine Ruach, and as such was given "dominion" over the works of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha . But until the individual control center has been reborn and reactivated in the "living soul" man, he is a useless derelict subject to spiritual confusion. Once restored, however, his potentials are infinite for MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha would raise man up to become the likeness of His Son.

The author's research in compiling the History of Creation and Origin of Species has involved almost a full lifetime of effort.  His interest in MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha began at six years of age.   The assignment directed toward this work was neither one of personal choice or denominational appointment but originated during a death bed crisis in World War I.   During his last moments of life he committed his soul to MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha for whatever purpose He might choose, and his life was miraculously spared from death as he slowly recovered to the amazement of the medical attendants.   With restored health there came also an unusual interest in Creation data and phenomena, led and encouraged by MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha , and directed towards extensive research and various contacts with relevant sources of information.  But the Bible was transformed before him as an inexhaustible fountain of information covering every area of knowledge, including nuclear science.  The History of creation and Origin of the Species is not a product of human thinking.  It is the result of innumerable hours of prayerful Bible study under the tutoring of the Ruach HaKodesh.  This was associated with intensive secular research into the natural order and the natural sciences to corroborate and substantiate the Biblical position.   There were days, indeed periods of several days, where the author lay prostrate before the Divine Mind seeking the explanation for some complex phenomena, which was followed by revelation and detailed exposition by the Divine Teacher who graciously opened up the solution even though He knew it was too complex to be understood with the author's present mental equipment.  It was to prove that MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha will not withhold any good thing to them that ask Him, even the complex mysteries,  but it is the author's candid opinion that such understanding would demand an intelligence quotient far beyond the capacity of current human mind, although MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach undoubtedly   understood them.  The author's standard was established by his Teacher:  Prove all things, hold fast that which is good (1st Thess. 5:21).

The Biblical account of Creative origins possesses unusual appeal to all classes in spite of much misinterpretation.  The author has appeared before college and high school audiences, adult classes, and many other groups, and enjoyed a response that has been both amazing and encouraging and made compilation of the material in book from appear desirable.  The subject matter is offered as a narrative of principal details in chronological order to permit leisurely reading or will serve as a factual study.  Scholars should investigate the numerous Bible references listed to expose the mind to spiritual illumination, for all walk by faith and not by sight (2nd Cor. 5:7); and faith cometh by hearing (Heb. 1:11), or exposing the intellect to spiritual truth which penetrates the open mind like sunshine penetrates at atmosphere to stimulate plant life photosynthesis.  Doubts and fears, like clouds, obscure the rays of light which must reach responsive cells to complete their function.

The Bible is a "spiritual" Book.   To understand it we must comprehend:

Spiritual Existence, and Substance,
Spiritual Intelligence,
Spiritual Force,
Spiritual Purpose, and
Spiritual Methodology,

and know something about Nature, Man, Social Customs, and Language.  The Bible conveys both literal and figurative meanings.   Discernment is essential. The bible carefully classifies all phenomena in the Universe into two kinds; the Spiritual and the Natural Orders, and indicates that they are different because they were "made" different to serve different purposes.  By the Word of the L-rd were the heavens (Cosmos) made (Ps. 33:6).  The Word of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha is quick (alive) and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit (spiritual things) and of the joints and marrow (natural things) and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb. 4:12).  Faith, a gift of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha , is the "substance" of the media which reveals the connection between them.  It is an essential ingredient of Divine illumination of the human mind since only a small percentage of cosmical realities are visible and measurable, and the major portion must be understood by the effects they cause.

The Logos (the spiritual energy system which is the base of the natural order) and which made all things (John 1:1-15); the foundations (or energy transmitting media) of the world; the twelve energy systems which uphold or underlie all matter and living organisms; and life energy nuclei, living soul and spirit nuclei, and spirit, are all invisible for they are none the less just as real as the visibles.  Only Divine Intelligence can reveal them through faith, but men can see their effects and watch them operate.  Biology, Chemistry, and the natural sciences just cannot supply the answers necessary.  A true account of species origins should be able to explain First Cause, Method, Control Function, Purpose, and the sudden appearance and extinction of species as evidenced by the fossil records in the rock strata of the globe.  The explanation should agree on all points with true paleontological and geological facts as well as the Bible.

Scientific naturalism, religious intellectualism, or sectarian ritualism have never been sufficient to educate man, or orient him in line with his cosmical function, or unveil Creation mysteries.  Man has been too slow in appreciating the necessity for disciplinary training and schooling in spiritual matters in order to comprehend such deep and complex principles.  For through personal allegiance to MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha HaMashiach, the Bible, and the revealing power of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, any man can be apprised of the millions of infinitesimal and invisible factors which make up the spiritual-natural-ecological-biological-chemical chain. This supplies the substance, raw-materials, and primitive workers, to support the Creator program of transforming human beings into creatures of Divine intelligence fit for cosmical rule.  The Book of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha (the Bible) in its original language, and the book of Nature (when correctly understood) do supplement and corroborate each other, although perhaps seen form different angles or different levels than either the strictly empirical or the philosophical.

The author has never ceased to marvel at the ever expanding wonders of the spiritual order and its relation to the material Cosmos, or the kindness and cooperation of the Divine Trinity in revealing them. These are related for comprehension and understanding in complex spiritual matters must be Divinely assisted.3 The Creator is SPIRIT, His methods and operations are spiritual, and His control over Nature is by spiritual means from above which are invisible. The Cosmos without the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent Supreme Being as Maker, and Upholder, is not only unfathomable, but impossible. Spiritual and natural fields of phenomena bear little resemblance. The natural is very limited as compared to the broader and more powerful applications in the spiritual energy system. In fact Nature in force and principle, and chemical properties, represent minor factors in the gigantic WORD system which " upholds" the Cosmos. Cosmic rays, for example, are being constantly manufactured by this omnipresent system; hence they strike the earth from all directions every moment of the day. The Bible can explain these, science cannot. Similarly, the manufacture of the Universes, the provisions for earth's life-supporting needs in the bio-sphere, and the issuance of life-energy patterns governing all specie characteristics, are all handled by this gigantic spiritual system, second only to the Creator Himself, and three existence levels above the natural order which it controls in accord with His WORD. In the beginning was the WORD ... all things were made by Him ... in Him was life (John 1:1-5). This WORD system controls all life through components created by the Creator in three distinct creation operations; i.e., the creation of atomic nuclei,4 the creation of life-energy nuclei,5 and the creation of living soul nuclei.6 Biblical research shows this in order and method; science cannot explain either one, but can substantiate that they are very different in substance and manifestation.

The evidence and material is presented as simply as possible commensurate with the extreme complexities associated with atomic energy, nuclear energy, life energy, and soul and spirit energies. These are related to twelve general divisions of nuclei created by the Creator to serve as structural and response centers in all the various forms of global existence. Analysis of these nuclei demands a careful and studious background preparation to grasp the principles involved. They are not simple. A knowledge of the Bible, a comprehension of nuclear physics, and cell biology is a tremendous help. It is not at all strange that the L-rd MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha, the incomparable benefactor of mankind, spent most of His earthly effort in teaching and demonstrating the worth and application of spiritual principles, their control of the natural order, and that the spiritual life more abundant included power over ignorance, poverty, and circumstances. Man knows so little of the spiritual controls which operate the Cosmos, the Atmosphere, the Oceans, the Biosphere, and gives meaning, life and purpose to every species, all of whom are working toward a common end. Man so badly needs Divine help in preparation for the performance of his own expected function. The Bible is only an outline, but the information it envelops is encyclopedic, and it emphasizes man's first need as reconciliation with the Source of Truth.

No natural processes known today reflect the methods employed in the creation of matter and living forms. The Creator is now at rest in so far as the creation of new elements or species is concerned. Therefore the natural order is now limited to the present elements and their properties already "made." These atom structures and their chemical behavior do not reflect creation processes. For chemical properties could not function during the terrific energy fields, trillion degree temperatures, or enormous pressure pools involved in the creation of atomic components. All atoms are ionized above 10,000 C. Natural laws of electronics and normal chemical behavior cannot possibly occur above this temperature. And the area of creation was much, much hotter than this. But heat does not affect the spiritual and semi-spiritual. Therefore only spiritual processes can tell us anything about Creation. Chemical reactions can reveal very little.

Since the whole purpose of Creation, is centered in man, the Creator made him in His own "image" and "likeness," body, soul, and spirit, with a sixth spiritual sense for association and cooperation with the Divine Spirit of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha . Through this sense he was also provided with communication, guidance, and teaching so essential for one shouldered with the responsibility of "dominion" as an agent of the Spirit MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha . There is little doubt that he was to be schooled in all cosmical knowledge including the spiritual and natural orders. (His original intelligence quotient may have approximated 2000 whereas the normal today would hardly exceed 110 and few men have reached 180 I.Q.) Sin, however, broke man's association with his Holy Teacher, and he fell into spiritual darkness, ignorance, confusion, and error. Thus the man aspiring to spiritual knowledge must first be "born again" in spirit,7 and then be reconciled to the Master Teacher, in preparation for spiritual schooling, and revelation.

The author searched painstakingly among ancient and contemporary works for information concerning the spiritual base of the natural order, but found very little data outside of the Bible. It is obvious that Nature is neither self-energizing nor self-governing, for natural laws are all predictable and held within close limits from without. Among the ancients, Nature was but an agency of the Creator, a controlled system of laws and principles governing the physical and chemical aspects of matter. They were prone to give credit to MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha for food, life, prosperity, and propitious events, and blame Satan for evil, crop failures, and difficult circumstances. But in time, pagan ideologies began to accredit every phenomenon of nature to the antics of some imaginary deity. Modern science has apparently drifted toward the opposite extreme, favoring Nature as the source, cause and selector of life. We trust that the History of Creation will re-illumine the Creator's true relation with the Cosmos through the Word System; will show the dependency of Nature and Matter on this system; will reveal how species life is formed for ecological purpose; and will amplify the extremely exalted purpose and potentials of human life. The most marvelous aspect of the Divine Cosmical Plan is the complex process by which the Creator takes a few atoms of matter, endues it with life energy and living soul, and shapes it into an image of Himself to become a vessel for the Spirit of MALKI TZEDIK Yahusha to reflect His loveliness, beauty, grace, and capabilities. Some day such a man may himself rule an entire Universe in the expanding wonders of eternity. To one who, like the apostle Paul, has caught the vision of the Divine Intent concerning man's future, all other things are subordinate and of minor import.

The author gratefully acknowledges the help of varied scholars who have criticized the work constructively, and all who have encouraged him by their interest in such a work. Quotations from other works are identified and those responsible given proper credit. He has carefully tried to avoid plagiarism, and similarities, if any, are not intentional. He prefers to recommend other works rather than to quote from them. We cannot possibly spare the space needed for a Bibliography accumulated over almost fifty years, and in fairness must omit any part of one.

Above all, we hope that the History of Creation will stimulate additional interest in the Creator, who Himself is the most profound and rewarding objective for study and research available to the human mind. Men need to revive interest in the Bible as an authoritative source of information, to guide and direct life's activities, and keep spiritual and natural values in proper perspective. The technically minded will, we hope, find our work an introduction to Theological Science which is the grandest and most fascinating of the sciences. And finally, we hope that it will prompt intensified research among all denominations assisting them to unite on basic principles, instead of amplifying sectarian precepts which have had a tendency to weaken the bonds which join all believers into one body.

We realize afresh as we begin the final review preparatory to publication that only the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit can aptly present the Divine Plan for mankind, fill seeing eyes, inspire hearing ears, and illumine open minds. Any success associated with the History of Creation must be accredited to Him. Any faults are due to the limitations and near exhaustion of the intellect in trying to grasp, handle and expose the complexities of so involved a subject, and so vast an undertaking. The author is deeply grateful for the unexplainable humility of the Divine Trinity/El-Elohe-Israel in letting him be a partner in the work, and for the inspiring glimpse of an ocean of wonders including both magnitudes and minitudes which apparently approach Infinity. These are of such quality, beauty, and Divine workmanship that they merit eternal quest. Greater understanding, appreciation, and realization must await expansion of the mind so it may grasp the wonders and pleasures which await the redeemed man in Eternity.

R. L. Katter

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