The first Theology and science.  The Adamic Cosmogeny (origins), and Cosmo-Theology (orderly universes) which reflects the Divine Mind intent in bringing creation into being.  The import of Creator Plan to the human species.

The Great Pyramid.  The mystic monument left by the ancients embodying ancient and early astronomical, mathematical, meteorological, and theological science. Its remarkable dated prophetic message. Its  foundational message for both houses of Israel.

Various ancient creation legends and accounts analyzed and evaluated.  Early cosmo-theologies and cosmogonies, and how derived from the original.  Comparison with the Biblical record.  The sacred clay tablets and how preserved.

Creator pre-creation planning, and evidence thereof.  The preliminary organization of energy sources, methods, materials (if any), and machinery.  The LOGOS, the all-powerful energy transforming and distribution system which, already "was".

"In the Beginning, יְהוָה ."  The Triune Echad, El-Elohe-Israel in composite form, powers, distribution of authority, delegation of duties, and differentiation in responsibilities, activities and operations. יְהוָה in Three persons functioning in perfect harmony.

"In the beginning, יְהוָה Created." The creation of matter components in extreme and violent energy pools.  Formation of atoms according to a seven fold periodic system.  The twelve energy systems which "uphold" all matter and forms of life.

The exhaustive and lengthy prehistoric preparations of the earth for creature habitation.  The why of various primitive species and their contributions to the development and storage of natural resources.  Under the supervision of Lucifer.

Prehistoric man: what was he?  Examination of many findings and remains, weapons and tools, skeletal portions and campsites.  Their primitive culture and animal nature.  Probably several species.  Comparison with modern "living-soul" man.

Lucifer's origin of evil and opposition to EL ELOHE ISRAEL and good.  His ambition, self-will, mismanagement, and thinking contrary to Divine Plan.  Significance of the Quaternary glacial period, closing with global catastrophe, earth's axial shift, and the change from a tropical to a zoned earth.

The Re-Creation beginning with the first "day" of Genesis.   "Let there be light." Restoration of the invisible energy systems and foundations which "uphold all things," withdrawn during the Catastrophe.  Explanation of life-energy, the basis of life.

Re-Creation, the second day.  Restoration of the atmosphere and life supporting gases.  Function of the seven-layered air shell.  Separation of the "waters" and the lowering of earth's galaxy from its prehistoric proximity to Heaven, the abode of יְהוָה .

Re-Creation, the third day.  Restoration of the global water system, with its ocean currents, evaporation, and moisture controls.  Increased ratio of sea to land surface to fit the newly zoned earth.  Vegetation in three life-energy phyla restored from seeds.

Re-Creation, the fourth day.  The readjustment of solar and lunar regulation, cycles and seasons, implying a severe climatic global change from the prehistoric status due to the earth's axial shift, now necessary to suit the zoned Ecosphere.

Re-Creation, the fifth day.  The re-creation of life energy nuclei for "every living creature" which had perished in the Catastrophe.  "After their kind" explained.  The six animal life-energy phyla.  Reformation of marine life, reptiles and fowl.

Re-Creation, the sixth day, first part.  The reformation of beasts (including cattle) and insects or creepers.  The new servile nature of certain cattle species.  The seven kingdoms covering all cosmical existence, and their relation to Divine plan.

Re-Creation, the sixth day, second part.  The creation of modern man, a new and exalted species, a dichotomy or living soul in body, in the "image" and "likeness" of יְהוָה .  His exalted mentality, dominion, paradisiacal culture, and training program.

Re-Creation, the seventh day.  Purpose of man's Sabbath day.  Import of יְהוָה 's Sabbath day still in force.  Adam and Eve before and after the Fall.  Why the failure in obedience so necessary to Divine life.

Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach "the last Adam," the acme of all species in the creation.  Son of יְהוָה , and Son of Man.  His miraculous birth, life, ministry and resurrection.  His purpose in reconciling man to יְהוָה , and supplying the means for man to meet Creator goal, in sharing a future cosmical responsibility and paradisical culture.

The Significance of the Cross of Calvary in restoring the Cosmos to righteousness, and in relation to the redemption and perfecting of man for exalted assignment.  The essentials and potentials of redeemed man, the "new creature" in Mashiach.  The reason for the shift from the emphasis upon conformance to law, to personal allegiance to Mashiach, and possession of Divine Spirit the more effective means of elevating and schooling man for eternity.  The seven-fold message on the Cross from the lips of one undergoing the penalty for human sins; its warnings, its alternatives, and its finality.  His Resurrection which shook the then known world.  Some aspects of the new spiritual body, awaiting all believers who live and "die in Mashiach," in eternity.

Conclusion and review.  The methods used by the Creator in the creating, making and upholding of the natural order which is temporal, which lend a clue as to the changeover from a noneternal to an eternal state of matter fit for the "new heavens and new earth." The six foundations or energy transmitting media.  The four dimensions of present natural matter, and the eight dimensions of the new cosmical spiritural order envisioned by the Revelator. 1  Some of the amazing potentials of the future new heavens and new earth" which will, fulfill the promise to Abraham that his seed would be as the "stars of heaven" and "the sands of the sea" for multitude.  These imply future populations among the universes innumerable, "for of the increase of His government Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach  and of peace, there shall be no end" 2.

1. Book of Revelation in the Bible
2. Is. 9:7