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Guard My laws. Do not let your livestock mate with another kind. DO NOT SOW YOUR FIELD WITH MIXED [Kil'ayim] SEED. And do not put a garment woven of two sorts of thread upon you. Wayyiqra 19:19 The Scriptures   Do not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seeds, lest the yield of the seed which you have sown and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled. Devarim 22:9 .

   While studying the Torah portion Parashot Ki Tetze, I came across this negative law called Kil'ayim or "forbidden mixtures." This law is a chuqim or a law seemingly to have no reasons. The Rambam declares YAHUWAH has his reasons but no man can know them. I believe that we can see YAHUWAH's purpose in the law if we allow the Ruach to reveal to us the Two House Truth in direct opposition to the New Aids Movements Vatican/Jesuit apostasy. Right away, - I knew the Ruach had a revelation for me concerning the Olive Tree in Romans chapter 11. Let us look at this law and how it helps us as Messianic Yisrael explain the Wild Olive Branches found in Romans chapter 11.

                                                  The "Law of Genesis"

    First we must look at the Torah found in the Book of Beresheet concerning trees producing after their own kind in the creation of YAHUWAH. I call this "The Law of Genesis".

  " And El-Elohe-Israel said, " Let the earth (haeretz -the land) bring forth grass, the plant that yields SEED (zera), and the FRUIT TREE that yields  fruit according to its KIND, and the tree that yields it fruit, whose SEED  is in itself, on the earth. "And it came to be so. Beresheet 1:11 The word KIND is #4327 miyn "to portion out; a sort; SPECIES; kind" So, we can conclude that when YAHUWAH created TREES, they were to produce SEED (zera) and fruit (pri) after their own SPECIES or kind. YAHUWAH then saw this was GOOD (tov). Notice this was on the THIRD DAY (yom).

    YAHUWAH created the world with certain distinct species, and in His wisdom He decreed that they should remain intact and unadulterated. Torah forbids man from altering the species or the order of creation. A Heavenly force directs each species on earth, so that the earthly species represent profound spiritual forces in the heavens. According to Nachmanides and Ibn Ezra, man is forbidden to alter the course of creation as designed and willed by YAHUWAH. It also shows a complete lack of belief in YAHUWAH according to the Rambam.

                                           The Mishnah and other Sources

    We read in the Mishnah in the First Division: Agriculture -KIL'AYIM   Section 1:7a -" They DO NOT GRAFT b. [either ] a tree onto a tree [of a different kind (species)] The Mishnah: A New Translation by Jacob Neusner page 50 Kil'ayim: The GRAFTING or mixing of TWO SPECIES of living creatures or plants. The Torah forbids this practice, which includes sowing of two different plants together.. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life and Thought page 251 Kil'ayim/ Forbidden Mixtures: Your field. It is forbidden to plant mixtures of seeds.. and it is forbidden to GRAFT a different SPECIES ONTO A TREE.

    Artscroll Chumash page 663 Graft: v.1.a to cause to unite on a stock; to unite (plants) to
form a  graft b. to propagate by grafting 2a. to unite closely b. to attach  Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.

    From these sources concerning the Torah of Kil'ayim we see that it is FORBIDDEN to graft TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES together. We can also apply this principal to marriage between a Believer and an unbeliever (2Cor.6: 14-18)- NOTE: This law in NO WAY forbids interracial
 marriages but only applies to interfaith marriages (see Deut.7: 3).

                                                     The Art of Grafting

    Allow me to give you some quotes from the book, Backyard Fruit and Berries by D. Bilderback and D. Patent. We need to look at the natural to understand the spiritual (Romans 1:20).

    "When you look at a cultivated fruit tree you see just ONE PLANT. But  in reality, what you're looking at in most cases is TWO TREES that have been COMBINED TOGETHER to make ONE. The roots or rootstock comes from one tree, and the upper part of the tree, called the scion, comes from another. Sometimes a THIRD TREE enters the picture, contributing a short section of the trunk, called an interstem,  between the roots and the scion. Why are parts of different trees combined? The reason is that some varieties of trees produce wonderful FRUIT and others have superior ROOT systems...In this way grafting allows us to have the best of both worlds."

    "In a successful graft, the new xylem cells from one part join up with those from the other part, forming a continuous WATER and NUTRIENT conducting system...CLOSE CONTACT BETWEEN THE GRAFT HALVES IS CRUCIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THE PROCESS."

    "Grafted trees take a great deal of time and EFFORT to produce. Individual plants of clonal rootstock, however, are GENETICALLY IDENTICAL...The grower can predict their characteristics with great accuracy."

    "Once the grower has the ROOTSTOCK, the SCION, and, if needed, the interstem, they can be grafted together to form a new tree."

    "Once the graft takes place, you'll have a BRANCH of a different variety flowering and bearing fruit of THE PARENT TREE. Usually it is  BEST to stick with one plant species when you are budding and grafting.."

    So, we can see from the natural that in order to have a successful grafting process, you need a ROOTSTOCK, a SCION, and perhaps a third part INTERSTEM from the same species to form a new tree. The cultivated trees or rootstock are genetically the same [Judah] from the Scion or wild branch [Ephrayim], or the interstem [the nations]. In order for a successful graft they must all have constant contact with one another for LIFE to flow to all the grafted in parts. If the grafting is a success, it will take time for the wonderful fruit to come forth after much work and effort. But the fruit that results will be the natural fruit that the parent tree [Yisrael] produced when it was healthy and strong.

                                                 THE OLIVE TREE

    Let us continue our study by looking at the Olive Tree to gain truth and understanding of Romans chapter 11 and the law of Kil'ayim." Because of its potential to live over 1,000 years and STILL BEAR FRUIT, the olive tree has symbolized longevity and immortality. It propagates by putting out shoots [branches] ensuring its continual SURVIVAL even as its main trunk becomes hollow.

    The Psalms compare children (Tehillim 128:3) to "olive shoots around your table" a symbol of CONTINUITY THROUGH OFFSPRING. Based upon this verse, the olive branches have been a popular image in ketubot (marriage contracts)." The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols by Ellen Frankel and B.Teutsch.

    "Olive: The term "zayit" is applied in the O.T. only to the cultivated olive tree, the wild olive, the oleaster of the ancients, being designated  as "etz shemen" (Neh. 8:15)..Whether a variety of
the wild olive or the  cultivated olive furnished the wood for the Temple (I Melakim 6:23,31)  is still a matter of dispute. It is difficult to determine the original home of the olive, as the tree
 in a wild state was widely scattered even in the earliest times. The olive is propagated by means of WILD STOCKS which are GRAFTED." The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol.9.

    From these sources we find that the olive tree [Yisrael] is a wonderful symbol of a promise [the Avrahamic Covenant] of continuous offspring [zera-seed] that are a product (fruit) of a marriage between a couple[YAHUWAH and Yisrael]. The olive tree was used to build the TWO CHERUVIM [two witnesses] and the TWO DOORS or ENTRANCES of the Speaking Place in the Temple (Biet HaMikdash) of YAHUWAH (the House of YAHUWAH) during the time of Shelomoh. Not only that, it is reproduced by means of WILD branches or shoots that have to be grafted back into the original tree, for the tree to survive.

                                           WHO IS THE OLIVE TREE ?

    We now must ask the question-Who is the Olive Tree? We read in Yermeyahu 11:16, " YAHUWAH has named you [Yisrael], Green Olive Tree, Fair, of Goodly Fruit. With a great noise He has set it on fire [judgment], and its BRANCHES ARE BROKEN. And YAHUWAH of hosts, who PLANTED you, has spoken evil against you for the evil of THE HOUSE OF YISRAEL AND OF THE HOUSE OF YAHUDAH [BOTH HOUSES], which THEY have done against themselves to provoke ME, by burning incense [a symbol of prayer] to Ba'al [the lord]."

    "[YAHUWAH] planted ONE Israel that became TWO nations through division and eventually Both nations were laid bare before all the nations, as branches both natural and unnatural or cultivated and uncultivated were cut off. Since [YAHUWAH's] olive tree contains Both houses of Israel according to Jeremiah 11, then so must Paul's. We find that to be exactly the case in Romans chapter 11.

    YAHUWAH called Yisrael an Olive Tree; Green and Fair. The branches were broken off because of unbelief or disobedience by going into YHWH-lord or BAAL worship". We read in Yermeyahu 2:21, "Yet I [YAHUWAH] planted you a choice vine, ALL of it a true seed. How then have you turned before me into a DEGENERATE plant of a STRANGE or FOREIGN VINE?" The Scriptures.

    Regardless of WHERE an Israelite lives, or WHAT he or she believes, he or she is STILL AN ISRAELITE... verse 21 of Jeremiah 2 teaches that Ephraim who traveled on the Assyrian road had degenerated from being an olive tree to a degenerate vine. The word in Hebrew for degenerate is NOKRI or "foreign" vine! They became foreigners among foreigners. They became the latter day Gentiles! In Hebrew today the term NOKRI LITERALLY MEANS GENTILE. The olive tree of Ephraim had become so degenerate, that it took on the behaviors and features of the non-Israelite nations!

    We now have the understanding from Scripture and history that the Olive Tree is the WHOLE HOUSE OF YISRAEL -BOTH YAHUDAH AND EPHRAYIM. When the two Kingdoms split they became TWO OLIVE TREES-a cultivated tree (or the rootstock out of Yahudah as embodied by Malki Tzedik Yahusha), and a scion (Ephrayim) that became scattered into ALL the nations and became the degenerated vine or wild shoots (yet from the original tree). Yahudah was able to preserve some of the original richness and fatness of the Root be preserving Torah and its identity. It kept most of the characteristics of the original tree. While Ephrayim in becoming a wild tree, left Torah and adopted many pagan "Gentile" ways, it DID have a revelation of Malki Tzedik Yahusha as the Moshiach.The plan of YAHUWAH as proclaimed by the Navaim was to bring these two trees back together in Moshiach or a Greater Melek Dawid (Malki Tzedik Yahusha) -see Yechezqel 37.



    We are now ready to tackle the Olive Tree of Romans chapter 11 and find out who the "wild olive branches" are according to Scripture. The Torah of Kil'ayim or mixture proves that the wild olive branches of Romans 11 are NOT the "Gentiles" as many teach, but are Yisraelites from the Northern Kingdom of Ephraim [Yisrael] returning to YAHUWAH by belief in Moshiach Malki Tzedik Yahusha. Through the grafting process of belief (not faith), they are being grafted BACK INTO the Olive Tree of Yisrael (the Whole House of Yisrael -12 Tribes). Remember this law FORBIDS GRAFTING TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES TOGETHER INTO ONE TREE.

    The ROOT is Moshiach Malki Tzedik Yahusha: In Hebrew the word is sheresh from the root sharash meaning "root, bottom, deep, to root, to strike the  ground." The Greek is rhiza and means "a root, cause, origin, source,  shoot, out of dry ground, and the Root of Dawid." See Revelation 5:5,22:16; Yeshayahu  11:10,53:2. Romans 11:16b says,"And if the Root is set-apart, so are  the branches."

    The natural or cultivated branches are the Yahudim (Jews) or the rootstock. The word natural in the Greek is kata phusis "meaning down- from growth, a lineal descent, genus, NATIVE, native disposition, constitution or usage." Otherwise, they (the Jews) maintained the cultural appearance of the original olive tree that was  native to the land of Yisrael.

    The wild olive or uncultivated branches (notice they are NOT apple branches or peach branches) are NON-JEWISH YISRAELITES. The word wild in the Greek is agrielaios and means " AN OLIVE TREE WHICH IS WILD!" It comes from the word agrios meaning " wild as pertaining to the country, fierce, wild, raging; elaia "an olive tree or fruit tree"; and agros meaning " a field (vineyard), farm, country, LAND, piece of ground". We already know from Yermeyahu 11 that the Olive Tree is Yisrael. Therefore, we can conclude that the wild branches are Yisraelites not found in the Land of Yisrael that have become wild, fierce, or raging-or GENTILES!

    We are told in Romans chapter 11 by Rav Shaul that both type of branches have been broken off because of "unbelief" or disobedience, exactly whatYermeyahu 11 states! This proves that the Olive Tree is Yisrael and these branches are all Yisraelites-both Jewish and Non-Jewish or Ephrayim!

    The capstone of this is in Romans 11:25 -26 where Rav Shaul states that". Until the completeness or fullness of the Gentiles (Hebrew melo haGoyim) has come in. And SO ALL YISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED, AS IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN, "the Deliverer (Moshiach) shall come out of Tziyon, and He shall turn away wickedness from Ya'aqov (Israel). "He (Rav Shaul) is quoting from Beresheet 48:19 when Ya'aqov (Yisrael) is blessing Ephrayim, the son of Yosef and the Gentile wife Asenath. The Artscroll Series commentary on the Torah says, "melo means a fullness and connotes abundance.. Meaning: his seed will become the abundance of the nations (Goyim). THEY WILL HAVE TO INHABIT THE LAND OF OTHERS." David Stern says, " His descendants [speaking of Ephrayim] will grow into many nations." Rashi says, " A multitude of nations but more literally, SHALL FILL THE NATIONS." Rav Shaul was revealing the Mystery of the Olive Tree to the congregation at Rome. He knew in order for ALL YISRAEL to be saved that ALL 12 TRIBES HAD TO COME BACK INTO THE OLIVE TREE OF YERMEYAHU 11.

    "If Romans 11:17-24 refers to Jeremiah's olive tree, which is both  houses of Israel, then the Israel referred to in verse 25 must also refer to all Israel, not just Jewish-Israel."

    The Ephraimites are returning to YAHUWAH through Malki Tzedik Yahusha and being grafted back into their original olive tree-Yisrael. They are partaking of the fatness of the Root -Malki Tzedik Yahusha the embodiment of the Torah, Prophets, Writings, and the covenants to Yisrael.

    According to the Torah of Kil'ayim this is THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL YISRAEL! YAHUWAH will not break His Torah, and we can see now the wisdom and the reason He gave this law to Yisrael.Kil'ayim reveals His latter-day plan to those who are willing to seek His wisdom behind
this chuchim.

    The Torah of Beresheet also helps us to understand that the fruit of an Olive Tree [Yisrael] bears seed [or physical descendants] after its own kind. Therefore according to this law established at creation by YAHUWAH, the wild branches have to be blood descendants of the original tree! Remember that no matter where they are, or how they act, they are still Yisraelites! Plus we have the promise made to Avraham that his seed would fill the earth and become many nations! But that is another article!

                                     "WHAT THEN OF THE "GENTILES"

    How then do the pure "Gentiles" or Goyim come into the Olive Tree and how are they grafted in? I believe they are the THIRD BRANCH or the THIRD TREE (the interstem)! They too, are grafted into the Olive Tree of Yisrael. How?

    When a "Gentile" receives Malki Tzedik Yahusha the Messiah, we are told in Ephesians chapter 2 that they become part of the Household of YAHUWAH and fellow citizens of Yisrael THROUGH MOSHIACH Malki Tzedik Yahusha.If they have "put on Moshiach" then they have become part of the Root [Malki Tzedik Yahusha the total embodiment of Yisrael] and have become of the same species as Yisrael and can be grafted in with the "wild olive branches" contrary to nature, so the Torah of Kil'ayim and Beresheet is not broken. Let me quote from The Truth About All Israel by Rabbi Moshe again, " Verses 11-16 in Romans 11,talks about the glory of Israel's Elohim coming upon the non-Israelites or true Gentiles in the earth, because of the stumbling of both houses (Isaiah 8:14) and subsequently being broken off...The rest of the chapter deals with Israel and NOT the nations!.. Notice that Gentiles, or non-Israelites are not olive branches at all! Rather, they are branches of a different tree."

    "Interstems serve and are used for two purposes. Sometimes a particular scion (branch) doesn't graft well onto a desirable rootstock.

    In that case, an interstem of a variety which is COMPATABLE with BOTH the rootstock and the scion is inserted between the two to serve as a sort of a BRIDGE.Interstems are also used when the grower wants to deepen the anchorage of a certain rootstock but desires a dwarf tree." Backyard Fruits and Berries by D. Bilderback  and D. Patent.

    Let not the son of the foreigner who has JOINED HIMSELF [or made himself compatible] to YAHUWAH speak saying, YAHUWAH has certainly separated me from His people [Yisrael], nor let the eunuch say, "Look I am a dry tree..." Also the son of the foreigner who join themselves to YAHUWAH, to serve [worship Him], and to LOVE THE NAME OF YAHUWAH, to be His servants, all who guard my SABBATH, and not profane it, and hold fast to my covenant, them I shall bring to my set-apart mountain, and let them rejoice in my House of Prayer. Their burnt offerings totally being consumed with YAHUWAH] and their slaughterings [praise, prayers, and worship] are accepted on my altar, for My House is called a house of Prayer for all the peoples. The Master YAHUWAH, Who gathers the outcasts of Yisrael, declares, "I gather still others to him besides those who are gathered to him." Yeshayahu 56:3-8.

    We can see that any Gentile who joins himself to YAHUWAH through Moshiach Malki Tzedik Yahusha is acceptable or compatible to the rootstock Olive Tree of Yisrael and can then be grafted into the Olive Tree as the third tree. So, there is room on the Olive Tree of Yisrael for Yahudah, Ephrayim, and the one from the nations who attaches himself to Yisrael (as the TaNaK teaches about the stranger or "Ger."). YAHUWAH has always made provision for the "goyim" IF they attach themselves to Yisrael through the Name of YAHUWAH and the Torah. He [YAHUWAH] is doing the same now through belief in Moshiach Malki Tzedik Yahusha. They begin with the four Torah commands of Acts 15 and then sit and learn Torah and the Name in a Messianic Congregation. Messianic Yisrael then becomes the House of Prayer for all as Malki Tzedik Yahusha declared it to be!

                              THE WHEAT AND THE TARES AND KIL'AYIM

    In Mattithyahu 13:24-30,36-43 Malki Tzedik Yahusha tells a parable about the wheat and the tares. He is explaining the principle of Kil'ayim (the sowing of two kinds of seed in one field) and the end times to His talmidim. This is a Two-House parable with many deeper truths hidden in it. We
need to look at the deeper meaning behind this parable. But first we MUST establish who is the wheat in the parable.

    Yochanan the Immerser tells us in Mattithyahu 3:12 that Moshiach will  come and gather His wheat into the STOREHOUSE (another name for the Temple) and he will burn the chaff (the false doctrines and unusable part of the wheat) in unquenchable fire of judgment.

    Yirmeyahu 23:25-40 declares the chaff is the sayings of FALSE PROPHETS and the fire is the Word of YAHUWAH that judges them. He says, "what is the chaff to the wheat [the true remnant of Iisrael]?"

    Malki Tzedik Yahusha in Yochanan12: 24, in speaking of His true talmidim that would lose their lives to gain it, says, "...unless a grain of WHEAT falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone."

    In the parable in verse 37-38 ,Malki Tzedik Yahusha tells us that , " He who is  sowing the good SEED is the Son of Adam [Moshiach] and the wheat is the good SEED. The wheat are the sons of the reign or Kingdom [Restored Yisrael] but the darnel are the sons of the evil one /the new age movement [Satan/Hillel/Venus]"

    The wheat therefore is the True Believing Remnant of Yisrael sow into the world (the field) by Malki Tzedik Yahusha. But who are the darnel or tares?

    These are sown by the enemy (#2190 echthros from the word echtho -to hate, hateful, hostile, adversary, Satan, foe) while men slept (the  watchmen over Yisrael). Malki Tzedik Yahusha tells us these are the sons Satan/Hillel/the Devil/the new age movement.

    Tares in the Greek is #2215 zizanion- darnel, FALSE GRAIN, tares. These look like wheat and grow among the wheat UNTIL the harvest comes. Why? At the harvest the FRUIT on the grain is apparent. Tares  are a poisonous grass, almost indistinguishable from the wheat in the blade. But when they come to ear or fruit is shown, they can be separated without difficulty.

    Also, in verse 41 of this parable, Malki Tzedik Yahusha informs us that the tares are stumbling blocks in the Kingdom and are those who are lawless or do not keep Torah. So, we can understand from Scripture that the tares are people who are among the wheat yet do not believe that Torah is for today, nor do they practice it.

    "Bible Manners and Customs" by J. Freeman says on page 350 about this parable, " A man wishing to do his enemy an injury, watches for the time when he shall have finished plowing his field, and in the night [darkness: the time of evil], he goes into the field and scatters pandinellu, or "pig-paddy". This being of rapid growth springs up before the good seed, and scatters itself
before the other can be reaped, so that the poor owner of the field will be YEARS before he can rid the soil of the troublesome weed."

    We know then from these sources and from the mouth of Malki Tzedik Yahusha Himself that the tares or darnel are FALSE Yisraelites among the TRUE. Their fruitis very poisonous if eaten by man or animal. Unfortunately, they cannot be distinguished until the harvest is ready for the messengers, the reapers-the malakim of YAHUWAH at the Time of the Ingathering!

    NOTE: These messengers are not only "angels" per say, but "the son of man", men who are messengers of YAHUWAH in Malki Tzedik Yahusha  TODAY who are gathering ALL Yisrael together.

    Malki Tzedik Yahusha then says verses 30 and 42 of chapter 13; that FIRST the tares are to be gathered and bundled [sorry this disproves any pre-trib rapture because you do NOT want to be in the first "rapture" unless you are a tare]. Then we are told they (the tares) are to be burned in the furnace of fire (Gehenna).

    Remember in Devarin 22: 9-11 when speaking of the field with two different kinds of seed or a forbidden mixture that, " and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled." The Scriptures. In The Torah: A Modern Commentary it translates that verse from the Hebrew, "and the yield of your vineyard may not be used." In the notes commenting on this translation it says, " Literally; lest it become sacred, i.e. set aside for [YAHUWAH's] use. Tradition provided for that the field BE BURNED."

    In the parable of the wheat and the tares, Malki Tzedik Yahusha is giving us an end-time scenario by using this Torah of Kil'ayim to explain the final harvest at the end of the age. There will be those among us who are not True Yisraelites, sown by Hasatan/Hillel/Venus, that will be scattered with us in the field (world). They are to be among us UNTIL the reapers or malakim of YAHUWAH separate us at the end.


    With a proper understanding of this law from the Torah, Kil'ayim or forbidden mixture, we can now prove that the wild olive branches of Romans 11 are Yisraelites and not Gentiles as the "kirch" and Messianic Judaism teaches. The olive tree is Yisrael not Judah, and the root is Malki Tzedik Yahusha. Torah forbids the grafting of two different species together. Rav Shaul used this law to explain the Truth of the Two Houses and the Mystery of the Olive Tree-Yisrael!

    Malki Tzedik Yahusha used this law to explain the parable of the wheat and the tares, proving only Yisrael will be gathered into the granary of YAHUWAH. At the end of the age, the FALSE Israel (that grows together with the TRUE) will be gathered and burned because of lawlessness-the poisonous fruit of "antinomianism." Malki Tzedik Yahusha called the tares; the sons of the Devil. ANYTHING that offends must be gathered and burned BEFORE the Kingship of Malki Tzedik Yahusha/YAHUWAH is established on the earth in the Millennium. I pray that YAHUWAH will bless your understanding of the law of Kil'ayim and the Olive Tree.







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