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Former Saddam and Osama bin Laden called the United States the  “head of the snake.” The same taunt is echoed by Iranian-backed Hamas and Hizbullah and the RADICAL Islamic  fundamentalist organizations in Iran, Baghdad, Damascus, Khartoum, Gaza and the so-called “West Bank.” It should be clear that the ENEMY America faces today is NOT just an evil man   and his evil, coward barbarian associates … but rather, an ideology.

 We have warned about the impact of the global proliferance of radical Islamic fundamentalism for many, many years quoting the very words of the Koran that foment hatred and global domination the questions on everyone’s mind NOW, are “How do we deal with these terrorists?” How do we begin to guard against such cowardly acts? Is it necessary to sacrifice more of our individual liberties to do so? Is the cost of preventing terrorism the sacrifice of the very freedoms that make America, America?

 These are valid questions which I would like to offer some opinions about in the days to come, but there are other more immediate questions we must ask. These are questions our government will NOT want to ask but they are questions to which the American people must demand answers.

  Saddam and Osama bin Laden calls the United States the “head of the snake.” As the “snake” himself, he should know. The revelation that has surfaced now publically  that Osama bin Laden has been a C.I.A. operative at least since 1980 is disturbing in the least. But it makes sense. How do you suppose that the little Afghan nation could actually defeat the massive forces of the former Soviet Union without some covert assistance? As a consequence, the Afghan victory so demoralized the Communist nation that it had a direct role in bringing down the Communist government and dissolving the Soviet. So who trained Osama bin Laben and no telling how many other former Afghan rebels?

 Our very own Central Intelligence Agency. Who taught him how to avoid detection for eight years? Our very own CIA. And don’t you suppose over an 8-year period that the CIA could locate him … if they really wanted to? So how and why did a CIA operative turn into the rogue who is  the world’s most hated man? Let me submit that it is not the MAN alone, but his deadly IDEOLOGY as well, which we should hate but because it is that IDEOLOGY which turned the man. So long as bin Laden was fighting the Soviet and perhaps spying on Iran, we had no reason to hate him. But since he has sold his soul to the ideology of radical Islamic fundamentalism which depicts the United States as the “head of the snake” he has given the rest of the world reason to hate him. Unfortunately, the Western World has badly underestimated and nonchalantly permitted the hole from which Saddam and bin Laden and his comrades have slithered to proliferate into a network of tunnels and breeding ground for adder's eggs even in Native clay.

 Osama bin Laden calls the United States the “head of the snake.” In SYRIA, young Islamic terrorists are trained to associate this hatred of America by actually biting off the heads of snakes. The intelligence community in Israel and the United States now KNOWS that the funding for most all of the radical Islamic terrorist cells from Hezbollah to Hamas to Osama bin Laden is channeled from IRAN through DAMASCUS, from Baghdad through DAMASCUS, from Saudi Arabia through DAMASCUS, from Egypt and the Sudan through DAMASCUS.

 If the United States is looking for a place to carpet bomb, Damascus is a likely candidate and for all we know, that is how it WILL one day become a ruinous heap, according to Scripture.

 Osama bin Laden calls the United States the “head of the snake.” Why? You can reduce it to one reason: the historic identity and support of the United States with ISRAEL. Only since the attempts by our State Department once run by James Baker under the administration of former President George Bush and the Clinton White House has this policy become blurred. Former Secretary of State Baker actually extorted Israel by withholding $10 million in U.S. Loan Guarantees until Israel was forced to enact a policy to halt the building of new settlements in the unannexed then-Israeli administered territories and to agree to come to the negotiating table with the TERRORIST Palestinian Liberation Organization headed by TERRORIST Yasser Arafat. (Has the Western World so soon forgotten that Arafat was the ORIGINAL bin Laden of the Middle East?)

 Osama bin Laden calls the United States the “head of the snake.” That would make the “head” of the “head of the snake,”  the office of the U.S. President Obama. Why would radical Islamic terrorists want to assassinate the President? And do you suppose the same attempt would have been made against former President Bill Clinton? One question answers another. Clinton was NOT perceived to be the friend of Israel. He was sold on the Palestinian cause from the beginning. The administration of George W. Bush has now compromised ALL on the roadmap, just like his predecessors, the US now is in support of a Palestinian State and has agreed to support Abbas. Here we go again, round the mountain. Judgement will come upon this current administration if they follow through with this plan for peace/roadmap.... as past administrations have "SHOWN" us, and the cost will be VERY, VERY GREAT FOR AMERICA/SPIRITUAL BABYLON.

 All of this should indicate that the radical Islamic family is an alliance “thicker than Arab blood” that crosses national borders and today comprises a global ideology. That means the approach being considered by the  so called  "higher intelligence experts” to carpet bomb parts of Afghanistan, Baghdad, and Assyria, perhaps Iran next, in their bloodlust to avenge tens of thousands of deaths and hope to liquidate bin Laden in the process accomplishes NOTHING but further alienating even the more moderate Islamic interests against the “head of the snake.”

 Bin Laden has publicly applauded those who have carried out the attacks – which in MY book is cause enough to assassinate him and unless and until my rage cools, ALL of the Palestinians who celebrated the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. But curiously – bin Laden has denied any involvement himself. Public Enemy No. 1, he has definitely shown himself to be, but I know of no instance when he has DENIED any prior involvement in a terrorist attack which he masterminded. This is troubling especially if anyone dares (GULP) to express distrust of the American intelligence community in looking for a “patsy.” Ridding the world of bin Laden, and Saddam would be a service, there is no question about that, but there is more than one snake slithering around here: Rather, when we consider HOW to react to this attack, let us not forget to punish those who FIRST conceived the idea of this dastardly attack and look for the criminal who decided to hatch this adder’s egg. On that score it is noteworthy to quote  an Israeli  investigative journalist in his 1997 book, “Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land.”

 (QUOTE) In February 1993, Secretary Of State Warren Christopher flew to Damascus with a plan to shut the PLO out of the peace talks. Arafat, apprised of the plan, flew from Amman (Jordan) to Khartoum, Sudan, where he sat in on two meetings with Hassan Atourbi, leader of the Sudanese Islamic Fundamentalist Movement. THERE, the plan to bomb the World Trade Center was HATCHED WITH ARAFAT’S APPROVAL. This was the PLO's warning to the Clinton administration that it would not be neutralized, a message that almost scuttled Peres'
secret talks." (UNQUOTE)

 These plans were “secret,” I might add, because at that time no Israeli official had been given authorization to make contact with any known terrorist or terrorist organization. Knowledge of this meeting and its purpose was first received by the Arab Affairs correspondent for the newspaper Khadashot, Yehoshua Meiri. A year later, Steve Rodan of the Jerusalem Post checked Meiri's sources. The result was a series of front page exposes that brought a delegation of CIA officers and Congress members to Israel on a fact verifying mission. BUT THE ARAFAT CONNECTION TO THE FIRST WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING was never raised again. ARAFAT HAD TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS TO SAVE THE “PEACE” PROCESS.

 The journalist commented in response to this weeks attacks:

 (QUOTE) “Arafat is not a "fundamentalist," yet he is behind most of the violence against Israel. Presidents Assad of Syria and Hussein of Iraq are not "fundamentalists," yet they shelter and finance the most violent of Islamic organizations. An honest American investigation will uncover tracks in Gaza, Khartoum, Damascus and Baghdad, all leading to allies, sponsors and financiers in Europe, especially southern Europe. This same investigation will discover that ALL of Islam is demonic, not just the fundamentalists. It will expose the true war-making intent of the Oslo "peace" process and it will find Arafat's fingerprints all over the rubble of the World Trade Center. (UNQUOTE)

 I agree entirely with this journalist and his conclusions about these facts … that Arafat is a tool in an even more sinister “demonic” plan to signal the arrival of the New World Order marked by restricted civil and human freedoms. If anything, I believe these freedoms must be relaxed. (Imagine how far those terrorists would have gotten if other passengers had been allowed to carry hand guns). But it does seem, as he concludes, that implicating Saddam and bin Laden is yet another means to protect Arafat and his “phoney" Palestinian people.”

 Certainly America faces an unprecedented moral dilemma. The people want SOMEONE’S blood and I doubt they will be content with just the blood of bin Laden, and Saddam. But if “America” will be brutally honest with Americans, America must face the reality that this is an enemy that the CFR/RIIA and “American Administrations past and present” has itself aided and abetted with every evil thought or word or action against Israel and its tolerance of a fanatical religious ideology more poisonous than the venom inside the head of the snake bin Laden.

 To understand that venom, we MUST understand the role of Israel in the modern world, especially since NOW we – the United States of America –are being linked by the radical Islamic Fundamentalist ideology directly to Israel and with very few exceptions all of Islam – not just the radical side -- seems united in hatred and distrust of Israel, and America.

 The deadly part of Saddams and bin Laden’s venom is to consider all who aid and abet Israel or even oppose the agenda of worldwide submission to Islam (Islam means “submission) as part of the “infidel” targeted by radical Islam and this includes especially and specifically the United States.

 With this sentiment, bin Laden has found a close-knit following among the Islamic fundamentalists – not JUST the radical Islamic fundamentalists -- living in the former Israeli-administered unannexed territories and in the Gaza Strip. In recent months that sentiment has spread among the Islamic communities within annexed Israel and even the Christian Arab communities within the unannexed territories. The open celebrations of the attacks by many Palestinians was despicable to say the least and FORCES us to look underneath the surface at the SPIRITUAL enemy lurking there. The way יְהוָה has designed history to unfold, that causes us to RETHINK the entire scenario unfolding in the Middle East.

 Briefly, I would like to offer some guidelines for those who may have never considered these facts before now, to do just that: This is a difficult and complex marriage to understand, but the Christian Arabs who occupy the unannexed territories and the Moslem Arabs who live in the same region appear to be united in their denial of … the G-D/יְהוָה OF ISRAEL. Perhaps it is an oversimplification, because admittedly the ideology is complex, but I don’t think it underestimates the problem to state simply that professing the יְהוָה OF ISRAEL entails professing the EXISTENCE of ISRAEL. In all the years I lived in Israel, I never once heard a Christian Arab so identify their God. And I once visited a Christian Arab Bible School in Bethlehem in the late 1980s where ”Palestinian Nationalism” was actually being taught. For those who fail to make the connection, one who professed the God of Israel and the people of Israel also professes the biblical rights of Israel to the land of Israel.

 Islam and its corrupted “bible” called the Koran, rewrites history differently than the Hebrew Torah, even though the earliest existing texts of the latter (the Dead Sea Scrolls) predate the life of Muhammad by more than 2000 years. But this in itself is no greater sin than the  “replacement theology” of the Church which also has attempted to pre-empt at least a Torah foundation by which to understand the Gospels.

 The sinister, even evil and “demonic” element of Islam has resulted from it becoming the “world religion” for the “other” son of Abraham and the brother of Jacob – Ishmael and Esau/Edom -- in an unsavory union of ideology best described as “AMALEKITE..”

 The TORAH/WORD/INSTRUCTION, which SHOULD be the foundation for all faiths, cuts the Amalekite enemies of Israel/BOTH HOUSES no slack and calls for – even DEMANDS – that Amalek be destroyed IN EVERY GENERATION because of its open hostility against Israel when Israel came out of Egypt. At that time, AMALEK revealed its true COWARDLY TERRORIST colors by attacking the rear ranks of the column and the elderly men, the infirmed, the women and children. AMALEK is no different today. It just flies its colors under a different banner – that of radical Islamic fundamentalism, which STILL attempts to deny Israel its right to exist does not distinguish in its hatred between Israel and her defenders and STILL attacks the unsuspecting with acts of terror.

Until this week, the focus of the Amalekite battleground has been the unnanexed territories in Israel by mixing the ideology of radical Islam with the false hope of “Palestinian ultranationalism.” Again, America – under the spell of Arab oil – has used the weight of prior State Departments and Presidential politics to raise those hopes to a fever pitch.

 Here is where a mixture of religion and terror has been nurtured, fed and watered by a mostly ignorant if not prejidoused world media and State Department, who has bought into the propaganda line that the territories are the legal entitlement of the so-called “Palestinian” people. But this is to ignore the fact that Israel has fought two major wars in which the “Palestinians” joined forces with Arab aggressors. By the rules of war, whatever sovereignty they MAY have possessed was forfeited except that in the case of Israel’s victory, a world court decided the Jewish state should return the spoils of war … in the interests of keeping the Arab oil pipeline
 open to the West.

 Naturally the State of Israel has been reluctant to enable statehood for an enemy whose national charter still … to this day … calls for the destruction of the Jewish State and the death of every Jew to the last man, woman and child, (the ideology of “Amalekite” Islam) it is also very important -- NOW even crucial -- for the West to understand that when the “Palestinian” people speak of “peace,” the IDEOLOGY is not peace as we in the West would understand peace. Their definition of peace is that of the Koran in its most radical form -- and about 45 percent of the “Palestinian” population remain loyal to this Koran. While that may be a  minority, it is a minority of the size that the “Palestinian Authority” has not been able to control or curtail, assuming Yasser Arafat is playing from a level deck. In other words, if the “Palestinians” get their state, it is only a matter of time until Hamas establishes a mini-Iran on Israel's  borders which is sure to become a haven for terrorists of the same genre as bin Laden.

 One can better understand why former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understood this and at first advocated the position of Likud of refusing to negotiate with Arafat or any “Palestinians” identified with terrorist acts or ideology. Only when the Labor government obligated Netanyahu to negotiate with the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and Arafat was he forced to do so. Efforts to untangle this obligation tactfully worded as "peace with security," "or promise of reciprocity," etc. were undermined by the White House and President Clinton personally. But Netanyahu and Likud understood that in the final analysis, Israel cannot give away territories to a sworn enemy or in any way compromise its security if it hopes to survive and when the enemy is unveiled spiritually as Amalek, you can better understand why Yasser Arafat successfully orchestrated the "truce" which convinced most of Israel (many in spite of their better judgment) that it would work. Over the past 4 years, we have seen that truce reduced to nothing more than empty promises. But the damage has been done in terms of propagandizing the West and diverting attention from the REAL issue of creating a RADICAL Islamic Fundamentalist State … a habitation for Amalek.

Arafat tried to ware the Israelis down, tried to demoralized them with children hurling rocks before camcorders the network media provided the “Palestinians,” provoking and promoting their own "media war," with Iranian-backed Hamas' fundamentalists hurling bombs, with Syrian-backed Hezbollah hurling rockets and with the media hurling more insults of its own, and now the knives and open murders.Top it all off with extortion by the Obama White House, CFR.the Clinton white house/CFR (withholding loan guarantees unless Israel stopped building settlements in the West Bank), the resulting pressure on the economy and it is clear that the resolve of Israel coupled with a sincere hope for peace, had been reduced to resignation.

 The most frustrating aspect of this resignation was the humiliation and demoralization of Israel's elite defense as the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) had been relegated to the role of policemen in riot gear and the target of guerilla warfare. And the generation that fought the previous four wars, '48, '67, '73 and '83 simply tired of fighting as reflected in the election  of "reformed" military heroes. This also was understandable given that not a household in Israel has not suffered the casualties of ongoing war -- declared or otherwise -- since 1948. Radical Islam, meanwhile, has ascended the higher ground spiritually, or so it believes. Hamas' declared jihad has been painted by the Islamic press really as a Koranic "way to peace." The official explanation is that the aim of jihad is to "create a society where Muslims can worship Allah in peace, without other beliefs or politics being forced upon them." As Muhammad says in the Hadith, "Moslems are forbidden from being the aggressors in any conflict, and therefore if the enemy offers peace, then Moslems too must put down their weapons." Of course, Muhammad excepts "religious wars" from this mandate or so the Hamas literature inciting Islamic fundamentalism implies.

 It goes like this, "Peace to Islam does not mean accepting the present situation, if that is one of stable but unjust peace-keeping, but enemies and oppressors must be fought without hatred or vengeance ...Hate your enemy mildly; he may become your friend one day." (Hadith) Hate your enemy mildly? You see why the West has a hard time with this ideology?

 The Islamic concept of "war" also has its own unique "morality," I guess you would call it. The Arabic word "jihad" (YEE-HOD) is often translated ‘Holy War’. But the Koran's "higher-ground war" is only considered "a minor and extreme element of the struggle of Moslems to serve Allah." Jihad is clarified by more moderate fundamentalists as the "personal effort made by each individual Moslem to devote his or her life to acts which Allah will reward." On another plane it means "the fight against evil." Although it is no longer politically correct to classify a jihad as a "war" many Moslems believe that the fight against evil and the preservation of Islam may justify going into battle. And of course, Muhammad inspired all of this with his promises of one of Allah's rewards for martyrs who die fighting the infidel ... so many virgins in the World to Come. That has sent many a “Palestinian” terrorist to his willing death as he yelled, "Allah Akbar," (Allah is Great).

 Muhammad was asked about people fighting because they are brave, or in honor of a certain loyalty, or to show off: which of them fights for the cause of Allah? He replied, "The person who struggles so that Allah’s word is supreme is the one serving Allah’s cause." (Hadith) Allah's word is most "supreme" when it comes to slaying the infidel. The word for a justified holy war is Harb al-Muqadis. Islam sees self-defense as a just cause for war forbidding Moslems from being the first to attack but again, this does not apply to "religious" wars. "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight with you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors." (Surah 2:190)

 To think the “Palestinians” could govern themselves apart from Islam as a kind of secular Islamic state is also a pipe dream. Islam, being a holistic way of life, governs politics as much as any other aspect. It is not possible to separate things as, for example, in England, where Parliament and the Church have little influence on each other. The right to live in a democracy is seen as being a defensible one ... so long as it is an Islamic democracy. I believe that is what they call Iran since the Shah was driven out.

 It is hard to define even the high ground of Jihad without it revealing something of its oppressive nature: Take this definition from a popular CD Rom on various religions: “Jihad is a striving for goodness, a seeking for justice and peace, a conscious effort to improve our own or other people's behavior. In Arabic it means 'to try one's hardest' and involves a look at oneself to make the first changes within; then looking to change others using verbal, physical, or psychological pressure.”

 Here is how Muhammad said somewhat the same thing from the beginning of the Chapter of the Koran called "Muhammad" and also called "Fight."

 Chapter 47
 "In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate. Those who misbelieve and turn others from Allah's way, He will make their works go wrong. But those who believe and do right and believe in the truth revealed to their lord, Muhammed, He will cover for them their offences and set right their mind. That is because those who misbelieve follow falsehood, and those who believe follow the truth from their lord. Thus does Allah set forth for men their parables.And when ye meet those who misbelieve - strike off heads until ye have massacred them, - and bind fast the bonds! Then either a free grant (of liberty) or a ransom until thee war shall have laid down its burdens. That! - but if Allah please, He would conquer them - but (it is) that He may try some of you by the others. And those who are slain in Allah's cause, their works shall not go wrong; He will guide them and set right their mind; and will make them enter into Paradise which He has told them of."

 How does one end a diatribe about insanity? How about this little diddly I often heard the youngest of Palestinian children singing in Arabic as they would skip home from their PLO-infiltrated schools:

 "First, there will be no Saturday (meaning no Shabbat); then there will be no Sunday."

 Any non-Jews who believe they are immune from the effects of Jihad because they may dwell on the opposite side of the world, are sadly deceived as we have learned time and time again. Radical Islam is fast becoming a cross-cultural and global ideology wearing a religious veil and attracting in the West, mostly the oppressed masses. The formula is lethal when you consider that this ideology is still the only "religion" that beheads its enemy, thus Turkey will involve the whole world into WWW 3 thanks to B.K.B.S./Amalek.the head of the Snake for the last 50 years.

 Rev 20:4
 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Malki Tzedik Yahusha, and for the (Torah) word of יְהוָה , and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with messiah a thousand years.


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