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Part 2

Oops.... Drop.... Thud!   The Nation Over There They Call Israel Today - Is Really Called JUDAH. You know - BENJAMIN & LEVI. But Certainly Not Israel According To Historical Truth & Scripture.


4th Foundational Principal/Stone (Laying on of Hands) s'mikhah Heb 6:1-3. Continued.

GENESIS 48. & 49.  Zechariah the prophet for all Israel, the son of Barachiah was granted many dreams, heavenly visions and interpretations by Almighty ABBA FATHER. There was one vision in particular that remained an unsolved mystery. It is this unsolved mystery contained in Chapter 4 of Zechariah, that continues to baffle BOTH HOUSES of the Israelite world to this day, including the citizens of Mashiach's (the Messiah) Kingdom.

Zechariah's dilemma is quite common in Jesus's/Malki Tzedik Yahusha's body, wherein a child of YHWH receives a sure vision or prophetic word, but is unable to grasp its interpretation. Often the believer either falls short, or misunderstands the word or vision, through a faulty reasoning process, or a particular theological blind spot. Zechariah the prophet should have been able to interpret this vision, but unlike Daniel he was not granted the gift of its interpretation. He went to be gathered to his people Israel at death, with the heavenly vision never having been revealed to him. As one STUDIES THE ENTIRE TEXT, it seems as if the Mal'akim = Metatron = The word of YHWH = Malki Tzedik Yahusha = Israel/Ephraim and Manasseh, teases him, by asking the same rhetorical question several times. "Do you not know what these are?"

When reading Zechariah Chapter 4, one gets the impression that this heavenly vision and its proper interpretation should be plain and simple. It should be a theme or reality that ABBA expects Zechariah to be familiar with, since as fate would have it, he wrote much about the two olive trees that he spotted in his heavenly vision. Why couldn't Zechariah, a man full of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit and wisdom, not be able to identify two olive trees in heaven? Much of his earthly ministry and writings were on the very subject of the two olive trees.

Zechariah 4 begins with the Mal'ak = Metatron = The WORD = Malki Tzedik Yahusha waking Zechariah up, specifically to catch this vision and its understanding. In order for Messianic/Born again Judaism and Christianity to begin to understand the eschatological events that are taking place all around them in these last days, it seems that they would need a visitation along with an interpretation! The sad fact is that most of the born again community may never pick up on the vital last days truth of the two olive trees of Zechariah 4. There is certainly no record that this basic truth of the two olive trees, as it relates to his people Israel, was ever revealed to him at a later time, despite his being awakened out of his prophetic slumber to receive just such an understanding.

In Zechariah 4:2, he sees a seven branched menorah which he is able to identify. The menorah light and its glow, stands for the glory/the Cloudy Pillar of ABBA among His people. Interestingly however he is not able to identify the two olive trees in verse 3! In frustration he asks the Angel for the revelation of what the two olive trees are on each side of the lampstand. In great shock and befuddlement, the Angel responds to Zechariah in verse 5, asking "Do you not know what these are?" The Angel in essence was asking, "Can't you make this identification inasmuch as your ministry and your sacred writings are full of references to these two olive trees that you now behold?" The heavenly realm itself was stunned by Zechariah's inability to make this identification. His response in verse five was a simple "no, my master. I cannot!" After receiving an immediate prophecy concerning Zerubabael laying the cornerstone for the rebuilt temple under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, Zechariah's sense of failure must have been acute. In Zechariah 4:11, he re-approaches the Angel and changes the subject from Zerubabel, back to the former troubling question that remained unanswered. "What are these two olive trees?"

Part of Zechariah's failure to receive the understanding of this two olive tree vision, lies in the fact that he asked the wrong question. His question should have been who are these two olive trees, not what are these two olive trees? Had he asked the correct question, no doubt the teasing would have ended and a direct answer would have been forthcoming. It was Zechariah's failure to use other Scriptures to interpret his own Scriptures, that forced the Angel to withhold this vital information from him. In Zechariah 4:12, he tried for a third time to get an answer from the Angel of ABBA, by rephrasing the question. He asked the Angel about the two olive branches proceeding from the two olive trees, rather than the two trees themselves. The very oil flowing from the trees into the branches and into the menorah, should have been a strong clue that would have satisfied Zechariah's curiosity. Oil was and still is a type of the anointing of the precious Ruach Hakodesh from ABBA. The oil flowed by being tied into the source, which was ABBA'S holy presence, pictured beautifully in the menorah. Still he did not catch on and in verse 13 of Zechariah 4, the Angel again asked him the same question for the third time. Once again Zechariah claimed no understanding of this vision of the two olive trees standing in heaven, one on each side of the menorah. One can only imagine Zechariah's utter frustration at being ridiculed by the Angels questioning and with his determination not to provide a detailed answer.

Finally in an act of grace, the Angel gave Zechariah a hint but does not identify the two olive trees. He simply tells Zechariah that they are the two anointed ones, or the two anointed witnesses, that are anointed by heaven, to represent the Father's affairs in the earth. The Angel states "these are the two anointed ones, who stand before the Master of all the earth." The Master of the earth is Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMASHIACH, King of Israel. His two witnesses do their job on the earth and when it is done they stand in heaven, signaling that their task is completed. The word "stand" is better understood as ceasing from a task of labor. It is difficult to see an Angel sent to reveal mysteries, teasing a prophet anointed by ABBA, unless the prophet was in some kind of willful sin. The Word teaches that "to him that KNOWS TO DO GOOD and does it not, to him it is sin." In Zechariah 4:14, the Angel corrects Zechariah's sinful heart, by reminding him that the two olive trees are not things or objects, rather they are two individuals or anointed ONES.

Zechariah the prophet is a type or a picture, of the literally hundreds of millions of born again believers that have tremendous insight, wisdom and revelation into some of the deepest mysteries of our faith, but can't seem to get the leaven out, when it comes to the eternality of who the two olive trees are standing continually in ABBA'S presence, after laboring continually on the earth. In this particular doctrinal area, despite ABBA sending messenger after messenger and teacher after teacher, there continue to be hundreds of millions of believers, who seem unable to awaken from slumber into an understanding of this most basic TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE.

The incredulous matter at hand is that this blindness, this veil (FLESH), remains not only upon this generation of saints, but existed upon all the previous generations of great men and women of ABBA, as far back as the time of Zechariah. Rav Shaul wrote in his epistle to the Romans, that many who are Spirit-filled and who profess and claim to be spiritually wise, have become doctrinal fools (Romans 1:22). How did this happen? They have rejected the knowledge of the plainly revealed word of ABBA!! That is why hundreds of millions of born again believers today, are continuing in the same sin as Zechariah. The result of this lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), is that ABBA has rejected hundreds of millions from the priesthood of overseeing the restoration truth of these two olive trees. This does not mean that believers who are blind as to the identity and mystery of the two olive trees, have had their New Covenant priesthood removed! YHWH forbid! Rather they forfeit the prophetic anointing and covering in this particular area, to others whose eyes have been opened and are involved in researching this matter. They share in Zechariah's sin of omission, because like Zechariah they are without excuse!

There are literally scores of prophecies found in many books of the Bible that reveal the identity of the two olive trees, if one searches out the confirmation. Proverbs 25:2, teaches us that it is ABBA'S privilege and glory to conceal a matter, but it is the glory of kings (priests) to search it out! It is a matter of studying to show oneself approved. Lack of study and searching out a matter is slothfulness and is looked at as a sin of omission by our loving Heavenly Father.

ABBA spoke harshly to Zechariah through this teasing by the Angel, because Zechariah had missed one of Scripture's most basic truths. The Father never ever does a momentous work of any kind in the earth, without first confirming His truth by the mouth and writings of two or more witnesses. Had Zechariah not been in this state of slumber, he would have realized that he did not need to rely on the Angels' visitation, in order to identify the two olive trees in the vision. Rather he would only have to search out the knowledge of other Scriptures, to find the truth gloriously revealed to him. When ABBA confirms a matter through two or three witnesses, it is almost always a simultaneous event. In other words, He confirms the exact identical word or vision to others within the very same generation and not only years later. It is now clear that Zechariah's sin was that he did not consult the Scriptures, or writings of any of his contemporaries, to discover the identity of the two olive trees. That is why the Angel finding sin in this matter, refused to reveal the task and identity of the two olive trees, who work in the earth and are represented in ABBA'S presence. Zechariah rejected the knowledge that he could have found elsewhere in Scripture, by one or more of his contemporaries. Therefore in this particular area, ABBA rejected him from being a priest or having the anointing, to minister the truth revealed in the vision. That priesthood would fall to others, who will be willing through Scripture study, to identify and proclaim the understanding of the two olive trees.

In Jeremiah 11 verse 16, ABBA teaches us that He has named the olive tree of His planting. The olive tree of His planting would be fair, green and produce good fruit. ABBA designed this tree of His planting to be a single, unified voice, sounding out the message of the YHWH of Israel. Apparently, the two olive trees evolved from the one tree, that the Father had initially ordained to represent Him in purity and in holiness. It was His perfect, expressed desire, that this single olive tree would bear Him excellent polished fruit and produce for Him Spirit-filled, Torah/Instruction/Gen-Rev/HELLO!!!!! obedient, pagan rejecting Talmidim/Disciples. Everything about this tree was perfect from the day that it was designed by the Master architect. Yet in verse 17 of Jeremiah 11, something went astray from its original design. Instead of the olive tree being UNITED and sounding out a single affirming plan and purpose of YHWH for His people Israel, division and evil set in. The good, green, godly fruit of the original tree, turned against ABBA and against one another.

In verse 17 we find TWO OLIVE TREES committing and practicing great evil. The tree no longer resembled love, brotherhood, unity, peace, singleness of mind and purpose. It no longer accurately portrayed the purity and holiness of its designer, to a lost world full of pagan beggarly elements. For that evil and for that misrepresentation of the perfection of ABBA'S planted olive tree, He determined to bring evil upon it. The entire tree that had been planted in perfection, had become totally leavened. In Jeremiah 11:17, ABBA tells all with ears to hears that the tree has divided and its branches will be cut off because of the sin and wicked evil found in the two olive trees, CALLED OR KNOWN AS THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL/EPHRAIM and MANASSEH (TEN TRIBES) AND THE HOUSE OF YEHUDAH/Judah (Benjamin plus Levi). The single nation typified by the image of the olive tree, had tragically split into TWO OLIVE TREES OR TWO SEPARATE HOUSES.

Even after their division into two houses, ABBA would further the discipline by cutting off ALL THE BRANCHES of both trees via fire. Fire is symbolic of His wrath and indignation. This prophetic truth was clearly outlined by Jeremiah and Ezekiel, who were both major prophetic contemporaries of Zechariah. Thus ABBA provided Zechariah the understanding from Scripture. Scripture, Scripture, Scripture! Instead of looking to Scripture, Zechariah looked towards the skies for a rhema word from an Angel. Sound familiar? Today as in the past 2500 years since Zechariah, born again believers are looking to emotion, logic, human teachers, rabbis, steering committees and web sites, before they make up their minds about the two olive trees of ISRAEL. ABBA planted one Israel that became two nations through division and eventually both nations were laid bare before all the nations, as branches both natural and unnatural or cultivated and uncultivated were cut off.

How ironic it is, that so much of Zechariah's very own writings were talking about some aspect of the two houses of Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh. He just could not seem to identify the olive trees in the heavenly vision, the very thing that he was writing about and that was so very familiar to him. Zechariah 11:14 is a perfect example. There he described the broken brotherhood between the two olive trees, by literally taking his staff called Unity and breaking it in two, to display to his people the ongoing broken brotherhood between Israel (Ephraim) and Judah. Notice how they were still two separate olive tree nations, even after the Judean return from Babylonian captivity. This Scripture along with others, conclusively proves once and for all that both houses or all 12 tribes of Israel, were never fully reconstituted at the time of the return of the Judean exiles from Babylon, that had occurred just prior to Zechariah's ministry. (The two houses also could not possibly have been reunited in any manner during the return of Judean Israel to Torah/Instruction during the reign of Josiah. Josiah's reign predated the Babylonian exile by 100 years and Zechariah clearly reveals that the brotherhood was still broken well over a hundred years after that very same exile had ended!)

Messianic Judaism/Born again Judean and much of the church world, continue to walk in self imposed slumber, despite the abundant evidence of prophetic writings and prophetic messengers with Scripture as their sword of the Ruach/Spirit, declaring to them what the Scriptures have declared concerning Israel's glorious two house restoration back into A SINGLE OLIVE TREE! I have had Messianic Judean leaders admit to me that the two houses are being reconciled to each other through Malki Tzedik Yahusha. One prominent Messianic Judean leader has gone so far as to say "by physical definition you are right. There are three groups. Judeans, Ephraimites and non-Israelites. This needs to be emphasized." Then in his shocking conclusion, this well known Messianic Judean leader stated "so what?" "So what?" If Israel is the restoration of both olive trees, then our people are literally the largest nation on this entire planet, which is exactly what ABBA said would happen through His covenants. That fact establishes Him as the ultimate covenant keeper, despite all logic and against all odds! Furthermore the understanding of the two olive trees, will force the redefinition of the size of the land of Israel into the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, extending into Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. We will soon need all that land! This last generation must be diligent to walk out of the slumber of Zechariah and much of the religious world and into the glorious light of the long awaited final restoration of all Israel THE RESTORED TABERNACLE OF DAVID (Judean and non-Judean Israel - JOSEPH'S COAT.)

ABBA allowed this heavy slumber to be widespread for 500 years from the days of Zechariah, until the time of Malki Tzedik Yahusha and Rav Shaul. It was Rav Shaul who would be ordained and destined by the Holy One Of Israel, to reintroduce the two olive trees standing before the Master of all the earth and the Master of the heavens, to many born again believers. It is no small wonder that Rav Shaul's writings are the most attacked and misunderstood in all of Scripture, since he was assigned the priestly task to reintroduce the answer to Zechariah's question, asked in Zechariah Chapter four. As we will see soon, Rav Shaul did a marvelous job of answering the "who is Israel" question, with his own anointed brand of olive tree theology. He delivered the answer to Zechariah's question to all those in these last days with ears ready to hear and eyes ready to see. Understanding Rav Shaul's olive tree theology is crucial for you, your family, your congregation, your ministry, your children and your nation. We need to comprehend The Father's vision for all Israel as revealed in Scripture. We need to labor on behalf of all Israel, not just the segment of Israel that is readily identifiable! To understand Rav Shaul's olive tree parable, we need to remember that Scripture always interprets Scripture.

Since ABBAS olive tree contains both houses of Israel according to Jeremiah 11, then so must Rav Shaul's. We find that to be exactly the case in Romans chapter 11. In verse one, the Word teaches that the olive tree parable about to be taught, refers to all Israelites. It is the full declaration of the mystery of ABBAS dealing with all Israel, which since 921 BCE includes two divides houses. Verses 7-13 of Romans 11, teach that the fall of Israel which includes both houses according to Jeremiah 11:16-17, has led to great spiritual riches and blessings for those non-Israelites believers. Rav Shaul began to unravel the true mystery that Zechariah never solved. It was Rav Shaul's responsibility to bring forth the Gospel to the non-Israelites, as well as to all Israel. In verse 13 of Romans 11, he reaffirmed his calling and his commission. If the temporary casting away of Israel has brought life to the non-Israelite world, how much more life and glory will Israel's full national restoration bring? In order to arrive at a biblically sound conclusion and the unveiling of the mystery of the olive tree of Israel, we must lay down a truthful premise based on Scripture and not man's perversion of it. If we allow Scripture to instruct us as to the identity of the original olive tree, then the revelation of its future restoration will also be glorious. We will then have the privilege of understanding what Zechariah should have but did not. The olive tree of Israel spoken of by Rav Shaul as he referred back to Jeremiah 11, is all Israel, both scattered and dispersed houses. James 1:1, John 10:16 and John 11:49-52 confirm this definition of Israel. This olive tree is not a Judean olive tree. Rav Shaul never even once hinted at the myth that the olive tree he was portraying by parable is Judean. To teach that the olive tree of Israel is a Judean olive tree, would be to ignore the revelation of Scripture as outlined by Jeremiah and Zechariah, even though Zechariah didn' t understand the heavenly vision. Even the two cherubim hovering over the mercy seat in the tabernacle were made of olive tree wood, symbolizing the two fold witness of both houses of Israel in First Kings 6:23.

For two millennia, the falsehood that the olive tree of Romans chapter 11 is Judean and that the branches that are grafted in are gentiles, is false, shortsighted, inaccurate and a classic case of exegesis in its worst form, causing millions to misinterpret Scripture! While it may behoove both Christianity and Messianic Judaism to teach that this olive tree is a Judean one, it does not benefit the growth of the Kingdom and neither does it allow us to finally and fully comprehend the mystery of the two olive trees of Zechariah chapter four. Christianity would love you and I to consider the olive tree in Romans 11 Judean, so that they can prove that they are the New Israel, having replaced the old Israel (the Judean). This perversion of ABBA'S olive tree lends itself to fuel the nefarious flames of church sponsored replacement theology. There is no such thing as a New Israel and neither is there any such thing as an old Israel. There is one Israel period! Since 921 BCE this people has been made up of two different houses, with two different purposes on the earth!                                                                                                                                                                         

Much of Messianic Judaism as well, benefits from the widespread proliferation of the false teaching that the olive tree is Judean. This teaching supposedly proves that gentiles are lucky to even be grafted in. The attitude is that, even though you are grafted in as a gentile, you never will be a Jew like me! You will never be a natural branch, just a wild gentile branch who hangs on to MY TREE. This faulty understanding of the tree as a Judean tree, lends itself to pride, arrogance and a false sense of superiority over those who are just hanging out in "MY Judean TREE!" Scripture refers to this behavior as the vexation of brother Ephraim! This rejection of the two house divine revelation of the parable of Romans 11, is the error that has manifested itself in such abominations as associate memberships for non-Judean believers, the condemnation of non-Judean leadership in Messianic Judean pulpits (I thought it was Malki Tzedik Yahusha's pulpit), as well as the withholding of the fullness of the Spirit and mitzvot of Torah/Instruction from non-Judean Israelites. Multitudes of non-Judean believers from Ephraim who have begged to be allowed to celebrate all of Torah, not just the man made so called "Noachide Laws", have been turned away from Torah and the corresponding blessings contained in it. This is the result of the myth that the olive tree is originally Judean, as opposed to the truth that it is composed of both Judean and non-Judean Israelites!! These aforementioned injustices are just the tip of the iceberg. Massive damage has resulted throughout most of the body of Messiah due in great part to dullness of heart regarding the true identity of Israel's olive tree. To falsely proclaim that non-Judean believers are presently being grafted into a Judean olive tree, intimates that they are something less than who they are in truth, which is a people who have been telling the world about the "The Root Of Israel" (Malki Tzedik Yahusha), for the last nineteen hundred years. Therefore, if we are indebted to the Judean for upholding and preserving Torah, we must be equally indebted to Ephraim/Israel, who has been faithfully proclaiming the gospel as well. We are indebted to all Israel. The Father did not use rabbinical traditional Judaism to preserve Israel's New Covenant, but has trusted Ephraim with that task. So we are indebted to both houses!!

The olive tree therefore, is all Israelites (Ephraim and Manasseh).The non-Israelites are Gerim (strangers) dwelling in Israel through Messiah Malki Tzedik Yahusha and they are the ones who have received a reprieve and a new life in the olive tree of Israel, because branches from both houses were cut off (Jeremiah 11:17), to make room for them! ABBA discovered evil in both houses and determined to cut off branches from both houses, with great tumult and fire. Verses 11-16 in Romans 11, talks about the glory of Israel' s Elohim coming upon non-Israelites or true gentiles in the earth, because of the stumbling of both houses (Isaiah 8:14) and subsequently being broken off. Starting in verse 16 of Romans 11, Rav Shaul begins to unravel the mystery of the olive tree of Israel and Zechariah's chapter four dilemma, by stating that since the Root is holy then all the branches are holy. The rest of the chapter deals with Israel and not the nations!

The Root of the olive tree is Malki Tzedik Yahusha since according to Revelation 22:16, He is both the Root and the Offspring of David. The first fruits are saved Israelites. In verse 17 of Romans 11, Rav Shaul calls the non-Judean believers at Rome wild olive branches. Notice that gentiles or non-Israelites are not olive branches at all! Rather they are branches of a different tree all together. The believers at Rome were in fact the re-gathered lost sheep of the House of Israel a.k.a. Ephraim, whom Malki Tzedik Yahusha specifically stated that He came for in Matthew 15:24! Therefore Paul had no problem calling them wild or uncultivated olive branches. Despite their uncultivated status, their status as Israelite olive branches never changed. This is a paramount truth of Scripture. Regardless of where an Israelite lives, or what he or she believes, he or she is still an Israelite (traditional rabbinical Judaism teaches the same principal for traditional Judean). This wildness is seen in Ephraim throughout his history and is in fact the cause for his dispersion or the first Israelite holocaust in 721 BCE. These branches were so wild and unruly that in 721 BCE, they were the first part of Israel to be broken off, just as ABBA declared through Jeremiah. In Jeremiah 2:18-21 this is further highlighted and verse 21 of Jeremiah 2 teaches that Ephraim who traveled on the Assyrian road, had degenerated from being an olive tree to a degenerate vine. The word in Hebrew for degenerate is nokri or "foreign" vine! They became foreigners amongst other foreigners. They became the latter day gentiles! In Hebrew today the term nokri literally means a Gentile. The olive tree of Ephraim had become so degenerate, that it took on the behaviors and features of the non-Israelite Gentile nations! Now at long last, through Messiah Malki Tzedik Yahusha and His gospel, they are RETURNING TO THEIR OWN TREE FROM WHICH THEY HAD BEEN REMOVED, due to their wildness. Through this engrafting they are once again rejoining the Commonwealth Of Israel and are sharing once more in the Root Malki Tzedik Yahusha, as well as the fatness (Torah, prophets, covenants of Israel). That is the truth my friends! These wild olive branches are returning to their own olive tree, planted by Father ABBA so long ago. They bring along with them their penchant for wildness, which gradually dissipates if they continue to drink and receive nourishment from the Root and the fatness. Any botanist will agree that one can only graft or engraft things of like kind, if one desires to avoid breeding a hybrid plant. If these wild olive branches really were non-Israelite or Gentile believers, they would never ever be refereed to as olive branches, since olive branches speak of Israelites. Notice carefully how they are not apple branches, pineapple branches, pumpkin branches, or any other sort of branch. They are wild Israelite branches returning to their own tree, since it is the set time of their RE-GATHERING HELLO!!. The set time of the re-gathering of the House of Israel (Ephraim), is concurrent with the set time of Judah's global galut (dispersion) in 70 AD. One house returns through THE SON, all the while the other house is being dispersed in great part due to their rejection of THE SON. In verse 18 of Romans 11, Rav Shaul warns returning Ephraim not to boast about their return to Zion and Judah's unbelieving branches being simultaneously broken off, since it is not Ephraim's own righteousness that has caused his re-grafting, rather it is the grace of Almighty Malki Tzedik Yahusha. He is the Root of all olive branches, that has led them to repentance. In verses 18-21 of Romans 11, Rav Shaul warned Ephraim/Israel to stay humble and not rejoice in arrogance, over the fact that calamity was happening to Judah. Rav Shaul gives ABBA'S warning to returning Israel found in Obadiah 1:12. Obadiah 1:12 strictly forbids Ephraim (ten tribes), from rejoicing or boasting in arrogance in the day of brother Judah's destruction and calamity. Unfortunately Ephraim has not heeded Rav Shaul's warning and has pompously asserted her replacement of Judah as Israel's only chosen son, during Judah's 2000 year old calamity of wandering. This boasting and arrogance was seen among the believers at Rome, even as early as 2000 years ago and it was so prevalent that Rav Shaul had to address it immediately. The wild olive branches were acting as if they supported the natural or cultivated branches, when the truth was and still is that the ROOT and the fatness of Israel, were supporting both the wild part of Israel, as well as the more cultured and more recognizable part of Israel. In verse 21 of Romans 11, we are taught that what was happening to Judah, could again happen to non-Judean Israel, if they did not continue in true New Covenant faith. This warning is sounded in verse 22. There is no room for Ephraim's haughtiness in the day of Judah's calamity, since they were at one time recipients of ABBA'S sharpness or severity even as Judah now is. The very fact that ABBA'S re-drafted the wild olive branches back into their own tree, is a clear indication that when Judean Israel comes into New Covenant faith, ABBA has promised and is willing to graft them back in again. Ephraim's role in Judah's return to the olive tree is that of making Judah jealous, to want what Ephraim has (Romans 11:11). Ephraim is called to be the salt that makes Judah thirst, not the vehicle through which Judah experiences pain, torture and calamity!

Therefore there is absolutely no room for boasting. Branches are cut off when faith disappears and are regrafted when faith reappears. This applies to individuals within both houses that made up David's Tabernacle before it fell. We see clearly from Romans 11, that ABBA is sovereign and He cuts off and re grafts all Israelites from and into their own tree, based on saving faith, not on one's own goodness, or genealogy, since there is none righteous, no not one (Psalms 14:1-4)!! In this olive tree no one is better than anyone else! There are no associate memberships or second class citizens! The sole criteria used by the Father in determining either an abiding or a castoff status, is faith and faith alone. Whoever abides in faith abides in the olive tree that ABBA planted. Whoever abides not in faith, will be cut off from the olive tree that ABBA planted. The olive tree of His planting is not as is commonly and erroneously believed, JUDEAN AND GENTILE!! RATHER THE OLIVE TREE IS, JUDAH & EPHRAIM and MANASSEH as well as NON-ISRAELITES (GENTILES).

Most Bible expositors stand in the same place as Zechariah the prophet and do not have a clue regarding the mystery of the olive tree. Even though the word/torah is full of references to these two witnesses for the Father, millions read these same Scriptures daily and are blind to the identity of the olive tree of Israel. The Ruach Hakodesh knew that this mystery was a riddle that man could not solve on his own. It is a problem today as it was 2000 years ago. Unless the Ruach Hakodesh/Holy Spirit Himself, reveals the truth about the olive tree of Israel, it will remain a secret thing. According to Deuteronomy 29:29, the secret things belong to ABBA Almighty, but the things that are revealed, belong to us (Israel) BOTH HOUSES and our children (the children of Israel) forever! Through the apostolic ministry of Rabbi Sha'ul, the mystery of the two olive trees is solved. In verse 24 of Romans 11, we see this truth elaborated upon even further. He talks of Ephraim and Manasseh as having been cut out of the part of the olive tree, which they made wild by their fallen nature in times past. Now through Malki Tzedik Yahusha they are being re-grafted into a cultivated olive tree. In other words they were in the olive tree and through their uncultivated lifestyles became wild and turned a part of the tree into a wild tree. Their dispersion in 721 BCE allowed ABBA to clean the tree up with truth. Through Malki Tzedik Yahusha/JESUS they are returning to their own tree, all the while Judean Israel is leaving that same tree, ONLY TO RETURN BY FAITH IN MASHIACH AT A LATER TIME. We see that happening today through the Messianic/BORN AGAIN Judean movement. Judean are returning to their own tree as well. When all is said and done, both Judean Israel and non-Judean Israel (Ephraim), will dwell and abide forever in their own tree, with non-Israelites added on as Gerim (strangers) in their midst. Neither Judah nor Ephraim are Gerim!! That is a major error found today in Messianism. Judean are treated as Israelites and Ephraimites are treated as Gerim (strangers or aliens) in our midst. Wrong! DEAD WORKS Wrong!! Both Judean and Ephraimites who trust Malki Tzedik Yahusha, are Israelites and the true Gerim are those who are non-Israelites. Therefore one can expect that the shekinah glory of ABBA that has rested upon those of ALL Messianic Israel, will continue to do so as BOTH HOUSES lead the way for the full and final restoration of Jeremiah's, Zechariah's and Rav Shaul's olive tree.

Romans 11:25 delivers to us one of the most fascinating truths, that belong to us and our children forever, if we allow it to change our hearts and minds. Paul addresses the ignorance over both the who is Israel question and on a smaller scale the who is the olive tree question. There is gross ignorance that he wishes to address. The ignorance of proper olive tree theology, was cankerous 20I7 years ago. How much more widespread is it today? Ignorance over the identity of the olive tree and its hidden messages, causes the ignorant to become pompous and proud, in order to cover that self same ignorance by weird and ungodly misapplications of Romans 11. Rav Shaul wants to bring this tragedy to a close. He states that the mystery can be understood, once one realizes that both Israelite nations have stumbled and that both have been hardened to ABBA'S ultimate truth. All of Israel is partially blind. That is what he refers to when he stated that a "hardening in part", or a "partial hardness", has come over and upon Israel. In light of the now understood identity of the olive tree as both houses and not as a Judean tree, this partial hardening does not mean as is commonly taught, that SOME Judean GET IT AND SOME Judean JUST DON'T! It does not mean that some Judean see and some Judean don't!! If Romans 11:17-24 talks about Jeremiah's olive tree which is both Houses of Israel, then the Israel referred to in verse 25 of this same parable, must also refer to all Israel, not just Judean Israel. This partial hardening simply means in its original context that all of Israel, is partially blind. All Israel is still in some state of blindness, despite their status as either wild or cultivated branches. This is in full accordance with ABBA'S word through Isaiah the prophet in Isaiah 8:14, where all Israel would stumble over the One given to our people as The Sanctuary, or the Mishkan (Messiah) of ABBA. In John 2:19, MALKI TZEDIK Messiah Malki Tzedik Yahusha refers to Himself as The Sanctuary of Israel. Much of Judean Israel is blind to the fact that Messiah has actually come and that the Father has an eternal Son (Proverbs 30:4), who is the eternal Word of YHWH ELOHIM made flesh. They are blind to the fact that they have physical non-Judah siblings. Judah continues to be hardened to the gospel in most instances.

Ephraim and Manasseh/Israel ... or the House of Israel/Protestant Christianity has been busy, for 2000 years proclaiming the gospel, but has been blind to his identity as THE OTHER HOUSE OF ISRAEL. This blindness has fragmented Ephraim and Manasseh further into over 5000 denominations and has been found him existing in scores of countries, because he does not understand, comprehend, or embrace his heritage as being physical Israelite! Denominationalism at its most basic core, is a cheap substitute for the family of biblical Israel and is in essence an attempt by an individually redeemed, yet rootless and scattered nation, to discover and maintain some sort of corporate identity, as believers in Messiah!! Most of Ephraim/Israel remains blind not only to their identity, but to the blessings and eternality of Torah/Instruction-GEN-REV, the seventh day Shabbat and the Feasts of ABBA. He has been erroneously taught that he is a New Israel, with new holidays and new dietary freedoms, replacing Judean Israel and their antiquated legalistic observance of Torah. The blindness of Ephraim is the primary cause of the manmade creation of two separate entities called the church and Israel (the Judeans). These two groups are diametrically opposed to each other in every which way, with no practical means of attaining common ground for biblical reconciliation, no matter how many ecumenical councils meet under a guise of brotherhood! Messianic Judaism also fuels the demonic fires of replacement theology which they rightfully abhor, by continuing to talk and promote some kind of reconciliation and restoration between the so called "church" and their version of all Israel (the Judean). The devils is slick! Instead of focusing in on the restoration of the family of New Covenant Israel, he has Messianic Judah looking for and investing in a restoration via amalgamation with a separate entity aligned to popery and antinomianism! Messianic Judah's blindness causes him to look for love in all the wrong places!!

Only when both houses let this blindness fall by the wayside, will we as a people and a set apart nation, be able to get along in love. Only then will both houses kiss ABBA'S blessed Son and His blessed sacred Torah/Instruction. This is exactly what Rav Shaul referred to, when talking about a partial hardening to all of olive tree Israel.

Towards the end of Romans 11:25, Rav Shaul promised that this partial blindness found in both houses of Israel will come to an end, when the "fullness of the gentiles comes in." The term "fullness of the gentiles," is erroneously taught in both Christian and Messianic Judean circles as follows: When the last Gentile (non-Israelite) gets saved, or when the last Gentile ordained to be saved finally comes into the Kingdom and gets saved, then YHWH will turn His attention back to the Judean. That is when He supposedly will pull them off the shelf and begin to deal with the Judean en mass. That is when all Israel (all Judean) will get saved (verse 26). (This fallacious reasoning is nothing more then dispensational pabulum, designed to have the "so called church" replace the Judean people as the "new Israel." Nothing could be further from the truth!! Malki Tzedik Yahusha TAUGHT IN MATTHEW 7:13-14, THAT FEW WILL ENTER THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW GATE! THIS DECLARATION APPLIES TO THOSE FROM ALL NATIONS. Roman 11:5 talks about a remnant of Israel being saved!! Does that sound like all Judean coming to know Malki Tzedik Yahusha?

These voices are of those who abide and are stuck in the spirit of stupor that blinded the mind of the prophet, even though the prophet should have known better. If we allow narrow minded religious thinking to interpret these verses for us, then we will arrive at the same veiled conclusions of Zechariah and many of our fathers in the faith. However, if we let Scripture interpret Scripture, we not only can steer clear of this error, but we can finally come into the understanding of Israel's olive tree that the Father ABBA wants us to have. Since Jeremiah best explains the olive tree of Israel as it appears in Romans 11, we can look to Moses the author of Genesis, to further explain to us what "the fullness of the gentiles" actually means. We know from Romans 11:25 and 26 that ALL ISRAEL (Ephraim and Manasseh), WILL EVENTUALLY BE SAVED, WHEN "THE FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES COMES IN." In Genesis 48:19C, the patriarch Israel (Jacob), laid his crossed over right hand on the head of his grandson Ephraim and prophesied "and his seed will become melo hagoyim", or a fullness of gentiles. Did you catch that? The zera-seed or sperm of Ephraim/Israel, will one day become a "fullness of gentiles", or a "multitude of gentiles". If we allow Scripture to interpret Scripture, we can understand Rav Shaul's teaching! ITS THE FOURTH FOUNDATIONAL STONE OF HEBREWS 6:1-3- LAYING ON OF HANDS !!!! He taught us that when the "fullness of the gentiles", or all of the physical descendents of Ephraim/Israel, the latter day gentiles get saved, then ALL ISRAEL will be safe and sound! It won't be all Judean eventually getting saved that will bring in the promise that "all Israel will be saved." Rather it is the full return of Ephraim, the "melo hagoyim", or the "fullness of the gentiles", that will trigger national salvation and Messianic restoration for both houses!! In this manner, or by this method, will the Father save all of Israel that is destined to be saved. The final restored olive tree is made up of Judean believers and Ephraimite believers, who make up the end time "fullness of the gentiles", or those who have sprung forth from Ephraim's loins and have returned as the wild olive branches. In the end the final restored olive tree of Israel, will be an exact replica of the one our Father planted 3900 years ago. This idea of returning Ephraim is confirmed in Acts:15:15-19, where Yaakov (James) states that all the prophets agree that the Tabernacle Of David (restored twelve tribe Israel), will be rebuilt through a VISITATION, -- HELLO, -- upon the Gentile or non-Judean nations. This visitation will rescue those from among the nations, that are RETURNING TO ABBA. The word turning to ABBA in Acts 15:19, is better translated RETURNING to ABBA, which would confirm Rav Shaul's' olive tree observations found in Romans 11. Both Rav Shaul and Yaakov/Jacob came to the absolutely astounding conclusion, that the Tabernacle or House of David (twelve tribes of Israel) will be rebuilt, reconstructed and reconstituted, with the return of the latter day gentiles, or the "melo hagoyim." As the GOSPEL OF THE EVERLASTING KINGDOM is preached in all the world for a witness, we can be sure that Israel is being fully restored, as both unregenerate Judean get saved and as the sperm of Ephraim, the "fullness of the gentiles" return to their own olive tree. Yes they BOTH are an X GENERATION- wild, and uncultivated, but they are returning during these days of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:20-21). You SO CALLED Leaders of the assembly- YHWH help you if you turn from this Web page after reading this and reject the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT in this day and at this "HOUR". Malki Tzedik Yahusha WEEPS BECAUSE YOU ARE ASLEEP IN THE GARDEN OF HIS PURPOSE FOR YOU!!! selah

What a revelation (30 fold) - NOW LET IT TRANSFIGURE YOU (60 fold), THEN MANIFEST IT (100 fold), REPENT & JUST DO IT !!!! so the rebuilding, reconstruction, and salvation of national Israel and the subsequent salvation of all Israel, will be via the restoration of both Jew and Ephraimite into Jeremiah's olive tree. This IS the fourth foundational stone, a VISITATION OF a true and purified understanding of the olive tree of Israel that can set ALL captives free from error, who have been in bondage to separate ENTITY theology, as well as its unclean sister, REPLACEMENT theology. When YOU understand conclusively from Scripture that ABBA'S bride is not another entity, but rather the restored olive tree, where both former olive trees or anointed ones are put back together into one nation of New Covenant Israel (along with some strangers amongst us), then the promised one new man/woman or one new nation/BRIDE will be manifested to this lost and totally "DRUNK ON ITS OWN BLOOD" world. Then and only then, will we have this ANSWER revealed to us, for its end time safekeeping and proclamation. In Ezekial 37, where ABBA speaks of the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel as both sticks of Ephraim and Manasseh coming together, the word for sticks is eytzeem. This word is the identical word that refers to the eytzeem or the former two olive trees (eytzeem) of Israel. Ezekial 37 then talks about these two anointed olive trees or eytzeem, becoming one in the Father's hand and restored to its original design as outlined in Jeremiah 11:16-17. It is He who planted it and it is He who has kept it. It is He who now is restoring these two trees or eytzeem as echad and as mia ("one" in Greek), in His hand. In light of the evidence of Ezekial 37 and Jeremiah 11, as well as the other prophets of Israel, it is mind boggling to contemplate the fact that Zechariah could not understand the two olive trees or two sticks. His ineptitude in this area gives new meaning to the term "he can't even read (understand) his own writing." In Revelation Chapter 11, Yochanan (John), writing under the inspiration of the Ruach/Spirit, makes reference to the same two olive trees in verse 4. John calls the two olive trees the two witnesses of ABBA. Who will prophecy restoration and the coming of the kingdom to all Israel during the great and dreadful Day of THE LORD. The two olive tree witnesses, who are Ephraim and Manasseh as we have learned. Notice how this fact is confirmed on an even deeper level than before. Verse 4 states that the two olive tree witnesses (Ephraim and Manasseh), are the same as or equivalent to two lampstands that stand before the Father. If we let Scripture interpret Scripture, then these two lampstands or these two menorahs, are two assemblies or two houses of peoples. In Revelation 1:20 we read that the seven menorahs are seven assemblies. In Revelation, if a menorah is equivalent to an assembly of believers and if seven menorahs equals seven congregations, then two menorahs or two lampstands, would represent two assemblies of peoples. These are the two witnesses Zechariah saw but didn't understand. These two houses or assemblies of redeemed Israelites, each will contribute one individual leader, who then will become known as the two individual witnesses OF ISRAEL. Moses/LAW and Elijah/PROPHETS = Malki Tzedik Yahusha HA MASHIACH FULLFILMENT OF THE LAW AND PROPHETS, 2 houses - same testimonies, since Moses was a Levite, which later was absolved into the southern kingdom of Judah and Elijah was from the north or from the House of Israel and ministered to the king of Israel (Ahab), in the capital of Ephraim, known as Samaria. These two confirming testomonies/TRUMPHETS that are FUFILLED IN Malki Tzedik Yahusha is the MESSAGE/MYSTERY OF THE ONE NEW MAN (GALATIONS 3:26-29), that the two olive branch assemblies HAVE against Israel's traditional enemies (Isaiah 11:13-14), including anti-Messiah NEW AGE (Rev. 16:16). Our Father through John the revelator, confirms the meaning of the two olive trees and its twofold witness in the earth. Judah screams that ABBA has a Torah that is life changing and eternal, while Ephraim screams that the same ABBA already has sent His Son to die in GETHSEMANE FIRST then on too GOLGATHA SECOND for mankind's sins, committed via Torah/Instruction violation Exodus Chapter 32. A two-fold, anointed witness in the earth, representing the full council of ABBA. Jeremiah calls these two houses of olive tree Israel, the two chosen families - Patria/Michpochah or peoples (Jeremiah Chapter 33:24). Is it not fascinating that each of the Father's two witnesses has been given the task of preserving one of Israel's two major covenants? The first part of Scripture the Tanach, has been entrusted to Judah/Benjamin and Levi. The second part the NEW PRIESTHOOD/NEW Covenant, has been entrusted to Ephraim and Manasseh. Thus the two witnesses are upholding ABBA's words in two books. As the two houses of Israel come together, branch by branch and BONE TO BONE, we jointly declare to the whole world both the balance and continuity of Scripture from THE BONE - Genesis to Revelation.

Finally to understand who Malki Tzedik Yahusha was dying for (Matt.15:24), we need only look at the place where His blood started to flow, in the Garden Of Gethsemane. The place or garden of the WINE PRESS/OLIVE PRESS. The weight of the sin of both houses of Israel, were on His shoulders. Therefore the Father ordained that His Son's blood begin to flow in the garden of the wine/olive press, since the sins of both olive tree houses, were pressing down upon His heart. As Isaiah said in Isaiah 53, He was wounded and stricken for our (Israel's) transgressions. For the sins of my people was he stricken. Despite the reality that the Father was crushing Malki Tzedik Yahusha for the sins and evil deeds of both houses of the olive tree, the two houses have remained in partial hardening and slumber. He took Peter, James and John with him privately to pray. They became a type of Ephraim, Judah and non-Israelites, which make up the Commonwealth of Israel. While in great agony He found all three asleep, as their YHWH was carrying the weight of mankind's salvation and Israel's national restoration on His shoulders. The picture of the three sleeping talmidim/Disciples is a picture or a type of the condition of mankind today. Judah, Ephraim and true non-Israelites, all asleep in Zion, all the while JESUS is rebuilding the Tabernacle of David. One camp builds Roman style churches, the other builds Babylonian patterned synagogues and all the while the Master architect rebuilds David's fallen nation. Truly His ways are higher and more glorious than our finite minds can imagine! As sons and daughters of Malki Tzedik Yahusha/Cloud/Light/Nephos, we need not sleep while the burden of the OLIVE TREE is being revealed to those whose EYES are being awakened. Those of New Covenant Israel that have had their blinders removed, and are able to see clearly into the darkness of religious confusion.

                                                        LOVE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

ABBA FATHER grant this generation/Malki Tzedik Yahusha HAMASHIACH the privilege of seeing the final promised restoration to wholeness of the olive tree, as WE stay alert and on the job in this "MORAL ZION'S GREATEST HOUR" .......... Selah.


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