The Purpose of this series of studies is to acquaint all men with the sufficiency of the Bible as a guide in meeting all the circumstances of life even in the midst of a highly complex, technical, industrialized and intellectual society. It is inspiring to know that יְהוָה ’s Word is still far ahead of human knowledge and technology in meeting the needs and inspirations of all mankind, now and forever. The studies are presented in six booklets:

  1.   Some Scientific Aspects of the Bible
  2.   The Prehistoric Worlds
  3.   The Origin of Evil and Sin
  4.   The Seven Days of Genesis
  5.   Man’s Relation to the Universe
  6.   God’s Educational Plan for Redeemed Men

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Interesting, isn't it, how Theology, to the ancient Patriarchs of the first millennium of intelligent men, was the Grand Science and all other branches of learning were subordinate? Astronomy was the second science, because it apprised man that he would some day inherit the Universe.  This becomes more obvious as we study the Bible, the Word Agency with its Spiritual Order, as well as that natural order we call Nature.  The Universe was made for man: Man is now being made for the Universe.   This is very obvious when we examine the progressive order and development of the Earth as a Habitat for man through the long series of prehistoric worlds and their contributions in the manufacture and storage of the natural resources needed and used by man since his creation.  Paleontology with its analysis of fossils may be interesting, but a thousand times more so are the studies of the relations between skeletal structure, instinct patterns and work functions of thousands of prehistoric species who worked, slaved and died to produce the vast reserves of raw materials which you and I now enjoy.  These did not just happen, for the evidence of order and purpose in the emergence of a species to fulfill a function, and their extinction when their work was done, is so conclusive that they make questions unnecessary.  The results of their labors are there.  We now know that even the strange dinosaurs had their purpose in the production of fossil fuels; and the huge mammoths and mastodons were used to break down the vast forests for the advance of prairie lands and prairie land animals that would feed and supply man with his needs.

The book of Hebrews in the Bible explains the purpose of the Prehistoric Worlds.  By Whom He made the Worlds (plural), Heb. 1:3, indicates that there were many worlds which preceded the emergence of our world.  And Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of יְהוָה or Word-Energy Agency, which made all things.   The word framed in the original Hebrew, means completed through a series of operations, like those of a contractor building a house, or factory.  But to understand the purposes of the Prehistoric Worlds we must first understand the purpose of human life on earth; that of a schooling and training for future responsible position in a future paradisiacal Universe.  Then we can understand the enormous energy cost of our classroom as well as the extreme value which the Creator places on every living soul.   The figure if translated into dollars would be incomprehensible.  This is why Malki Tzedik Yahusha said, what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul.