And יְהוָה said, Let US make man in our OWN image and likeness. …And יְהוָה created man in His own image (spiritually), in the image of יְהוָה created He him (mentally), male and female He created them (physically). And יְהוָה blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul, a spirit-breathing air-breathing animated being, capable of near infinite development as a sensorium for the Spirit of יְהוָה .

The main theme of the Star Gospel given to Adam, the Divine Message of the Great Pyramid and the sacred writings of the Bible, all confirm the exalted value which יְהוָה places on the living-soul Man created in His Image. This is further emphasized by the suffering of the Son of Man on Calvary's Cross during which He paid the cost of restoring man to fellowship with יְהוָה . To those willing to accept His atonement for their sins, the necessary cleansing, regeneration, glorification and beautification, He purchased the rights to restore them to the dominion once enjoyed by Adam before he fell into sin.

The Bible calls Adam (the first living-soul man) the first Adam, and Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach (the Son of Man and Son of יְהוָה ) the last Adam, the Perfect One with unlimited powers. That redeemed man will some day approach the perfection of the Son of יְהוָה is almost unbelievable, but it is Bible truth. This is confirmed by the status of Adam in Eden, and the spiritual and mental faculties with which he was originally endowed by the Creator before he fell into sin. Adam and יְהוָה , Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, talked face to face, as Teacher to student, who was to be made into the likeness of Himself. It was expected that Adam would study Cosmic principles for a few thousand years until he reached spiritual maturity, after which he would be given exalted assignment to rule and reign with יְהוָה over the Universe. The original Adam knew that Man would some day rule the Universe and that the Earth was only the beginning of such a Divine Plan. This is why Malki Tzedik Yahusha died on the Cross; to give every redeemed soul the opportunity of claiming the original inheritance promised to the first Adam.


The Three "Witnesses" of the Divine Intent Concerning Man
The Spiritual Witness, the Talking Book
The Bible is יְהוָה Speaking
The Word Which "Made all Things" Also Makes Men
Who is יְהוָה ? How Does He Work?
"Let Us Make Man in Our Own Image and Likeness"
Man, Created Good, was Ruined for Eternal Purpose by Sin
Remaking the "Image and Likeness" of יְהוָה in Man Today
The Sevenfold Purpose of the Bible as a Textbook
The Divine Hands of the Potter, Word and Spirit
Man's Part, Obedience to Spiritual Instructions
The Finished Product, A "New Creature in Christ"

The position of living soul man in the Creator's Divine Plan for the Universe is probably the focal study in the series of six studies. This is because all of the preceding studies lead up to it. All of these studies have demanded exhaustive research of the Bible as well as the Sciences, but this study (Man's Relation to the Universe) has had to be expanded to involve the whole Cosmos. The author, in all humility, must admit that after many years of study and investigation and waiting on יְהוָה , he can only touch on the subject for it involves an almost infinite volume of phenomena. Many of these are too complex for the average reader or audience. These are difficult and weighty matters all associated with man and the Universe. They were intended for sinless men. What is matter, and what parts of it are eternal? The Bible speaks of eternal life for men equipped with eternal spiritual bodies existing in a new heaven and a new earth that are eternal.

What is the direction of energy flow through the Word-Energy-System that made and makes all things? Scientific research shows that matter and earth's magnetic field are wearing out, which confirms the previous consideration.

Our study of Prehistoric Worlds and their manufacture and storage of the natural resources in the earth with the enormous energy investment, indicates that living-soul man's habitat involves a terrible cost for each individual. If we compute the total number of souls from Adam to the last man at perhaps 75 billion, which is a generous figure, the energy cost invested in every living soul is still beyond comprehension. This shows that the Creator placed an enormous value on each individual soul.

We do not wish to enter the realm of Divine and angelic beings in this study, but it is clear that "living soul man" is the only being in our Universe created and made in the image and likeness of the Triune יְהוָה . An all-wise Creator would not delegate such potentials to a short-lived earth-life creature. He must have had eternal potentials in view since He Himself is eternal. It is obvious that living-soul man is at some point to become like Him.

The cost of Calvary's Cross in sufferings and agonies by the Son of יְהוָה is the greatest possible witness of יְהוָה 's investment and interest in redeeming every living soul and restoring every willing sinner to the position and status of the original Adam before he fell into sin. Only יְהוָה knows the filth, vileness and putridity in the cup of human sins that Malki Tzedik Yahusha drank in the garden of Gethsemane in order to absorb the penalties therein Himself to atone for the sins of those who would accept Him as their Saviour. Only יְהוָה knows the agonies Malki Tzedik Yahusha suffered on the Cross, for they include every kind of pain suffered by men that He might some day equip men with new painless spiritual bodies. His body was broken that men's bodies might be healed. The magnanimity of this sacrificial offering by the Saviour defies analysis, comprehension or evaluation to mortals. It must assuredly extend its greatest benefits into the new heaven and new earth when men equipped with unlimited spiritual minds will be able to understand the lavish flow of Creator blessings for which He paid so much. If there were no other proofs, this alone would suffice to show man's relation to the Universe.

Have you ever wondered why you are on the earth? Ever asked yourself, why does this happen when trouble comes to you? Does your life here have real meaning? And do you know how it will end? Our study today will answer some of these questions for you if you will read carefully and follow the suggestions. The Bible was written expressly for this purpose. The Bible, in fact, is the only book ever written which has the answers you and I need to satisfy our curiosity and queries in such matters; and we were so made that we would have a healthy hunger for the answers. The Bible was written to meet every need of man; health standards for the body, soul food for the mind, and guiding principles for the human spirit, which psychologists call the subconscious mind. The Bible is a spiritual guide. Its truth and instructions are absolutely essential to orient our thinking in line with the Creator purpose for our lives and to prepare us for fulfillment of the goal the Creator has established for each one of us. יְהוָה gave to Adam, the first intellectual living-soul man, a mental witness of man's future in the Universe; He also gave to early man a physical witness in the design of the Great Pyramid that will stand from the first to the last man; and He has supplied a spiritual witness in the Bible which is infallible. In the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. All are mentioned in the Bible. They agree on all points regarding יְהוָה 's reason for creating man and man's place in the Cosmos.

We cannot read יְהוָה 's Word as we would an ordinary book, magazine or newspaper. We must have יְהוָה 's help to understand it. The Word is יְהוָה , as the Bible says. You open it and let Him talk to you just as you would listen to the Author, Himself, for He is the Author. When you and I open our minds to the Word of יְהוָה as a source of spiritual fact, the Holy Spirit its Author, will be right there to reveal its meaning. In the beginning יְהוָה created the heaven and the earth assumes that the reader will maintain a teachable, submissive and humble attitude before this Divine Teacher. The next sentence, which ends with darkness upon the face of the deep, reflects the vision of an eyewitness looking down from above who saw and sees everything. This tells us that to understand the Bible and man's place in the Divine Plan we must see things from the heavenly viewpoint as יְהוָה sees them and not as things look from the earthly point of view. These first two verses also show that every reader who would understand the Word of יְהוָה must first establish a communicable right relation with יְהוָה . Lack of togetherness explains why many read the Bible without benefit of understanding even though its inspiration pleases them.

Malki Tzedik Yahusha said, The words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit. They are life, John 6:63. This actually means that Biblical principles are empowered by spiritual forces that are invincible. The Bible says, and the Word was יְהוָה . All things were made by Him. This means that the Word of יְהוָה is like a gigantic computerized machine which controls huge operations and forces to do whatever the Creator commands it to do. When you come to someone to ask him for information, you do not treat him as your inferior or as if he could not explain his thinking. You should approach him as a sincere questioner anxious for enlightenment. This is a thousand times more true of your attitude towards the Bible, which is the Sacred Word of יְהוָה . יְהוָה talks to men through His Word. יְהוָה is a SPIRIT. His Word is HIS VOICE. We must respect it as we would יְהוָה HIMSELF. Unless we do this, we limit what יְהוָה does for us. This is why the Bible warns, The Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, its attitude, motives and intentions.

Why does the Bible itself emphasize its own importance to men? It says, in relation to earthly essentials, man doth not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the L-rd, doth man live, Deut. 8:3. This means that a man's absorption of the Word is of equal or greater import than man's material needs. How can words be more important than meat, potatoes and bread? They are because these words are יְהוָה 's words and they provide eternal food. יְהוָה 's words assure not only the needs for this life, which is brief, but for life hereafter which is eternal. יְהוָה did not place you and I on this planet just to struggle for food, raiment and shelter. Human life is more than an existence from the cradle to the grave, and then extinction. יְהוָה has a plan and purpose for every life lived on this earth and wants to use your earthly existence as a schooling and training period in preparation for an eternal position in the future Universe to come. You will need to know how to cooperate and work with Him to handle your future assignment in a Paradisiacal culture to come, and that is why you and I must start to learn how to cooperate with HIM, NOW. This is why Malki Tzedik Yahusha said, Repent (or turn to יְהוָה ) for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The word repentance is taken from two Greek words meta and noieo (no-a-o). Meta means to turn around from your present direction of pursuits for earthly things and give thought to the reason why you are on the earth. There is no place in יְהוָה 's Divine Plan for יְהוָה -rejecters, or those who refuse to be cleansed from sin and beautified for eternal position in the family of יְהוָה . Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Turn around, and let יְהוָה make you ready for heaven. The Greek word noieo means to become reattached to יְהוָה . While repentance means many things, obedience to יְהוָה 's instructions is its most regenerative act. יְהוָה wants to make a new person out of you. This will surprise you, as you surrender your life to Him. Malki Tzedik Yahusha once told His disciples, Except your righteousness exceed that of the scribes and pharisees, ye shall in no case enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Why did He say that? Because the scribes and pharisees thought they could make themselves ready for Heaven. They were not interested in יְהוָה 's way. They had a better plan, they thought, except that it did not work. They made an awful mess of things like everyone else who tries a substitute for יְהוָה 's program.

The author deals with the seven departments of the Bible in his other writings, and these will not be repeated here, except to state that they all focus on one general objective which is the salvation, regeneration and exaltation of man in preparation for eternity. The obvious theme of the whole Bible is Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach and His Plan for the conformance of men to His Image, for they will some day be like Him. His Kingdom will some day engulf the entire Universe. Man's relation to the Universe, with which we are dealing here, tells us how this will be brought about. The important point to consider is that redeemed man will have a most important part in bringing it to realization. Malki Tzedik Yahusha said, My father worketh hitherto and I work, in this grand plan. But redeemed men must also work in order to share the results here and in the eternity to come. The future rewards merit the utmost efforts of every man. Malki Tzedik Yahusha, knowing the Father's plans for a paradisiacal Cosmos on which He might lavish His love and beauty, for the joy that was set before Him endured the Cross with its agonies, that He might share this future Paradise with man. Every man must be made ready now in this life for such a wonderful inheritance. Our study here will show how this preparation is effected. Needless to say, it requires the utmost cooperation of each individual with the instructions in the Bible.

The Bible indicates that the three members of יְהוָה / head are Echad/Unity met in a council meeting before the Creation of living-soul man to consider that some day he would inherit and manage the Universe in cooperation with יְהוָה . The word translated יְהוָה in the original Hebrew is Elohim, the Divine El-Elohe-Israel/Trinity, of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And יְהוָה said, let us make man in our own image and likeness, and let them have dominion. The word image from the Hebrew tselm, means similar attributes, ambitions and characteristics; while likeness from the Hebrew demuwth means form, structure or shape. יְהוָה is one יְהוָה in three Divine Persons, existing on different levels but unified by one Divine  Ruach/Spirit. יְהוָה the Father is Almighty Spirit, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He has no body. יְהוָה (as Heavenly Father) is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit, John 4:24. He fills the Heavens not as a body but as an invisible SPIRIT. No man hath seen יְהוָה , the Father, at any time, the Son hath declared Him. He is known everywhere by His works. The second member of Echad/Trinity is Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, the Son, who is יְהוָה -Spirit, יְהוָה -Soul and יְהוָה -Body For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the head bodily, Colossians 2:9. The L-rd Malki Tzedik Yahusha appeared on earth in the body ten times in Old Testament history (see chapter XVII in the History of Creation). He became incarnate in the womb of the virgin Mary and took on a human body, which was later crucified (put to death), entombed and was resurrected a spiritual body similar to His original body in eternity past. He could make himself visible or invisible at His own will. At His final ascension, 40 days after His resurrection, two angelic men appeared who said, This same Malki Tzedik Yahusha will come again in like manner as ye have seen Him go, which means in body form. Stephen during his martyrdom said, I see Malki Tzedik Yahusha standing on the right hand of יְהוָה . This means He was standing in Heaven to welcome Stephen which could only refer to a body position. The third member of the Divine Echad/Trinity is the  Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, Who is the Soul of יְהוָה endued with both Divine Soul and Divine Spirit. Not everyone knows that יְהוָה has a Soul, but He does, for this is shown by Bible truth. He is also called the Ruach/Spirit of Truth. As such, He was displeased by the idolatrous church meetings of the Israelites. Your new moons and your appointed feasts MY SOUL hateth, Isaiah 1:14. Another scripture reads, His Soul was grieved for the miseries of Israel, Judges 10:16. This means that יְהוָה has a Soul, which is the Holy Spirit. Thus the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are one and the same Person with different offices. The Bible gives us twelve different Hebrew and Greek names for יְהוָה which reflect different official capacities, duties, responsibilities and activities of the G-dhead members to help us understand יְהוָה and His works and the Supreme Being.


The words Let us make man are most significant. The are in the aorist (a-or-ist) tense, which means that they apply to the past, present and the future. That is, they apply not only to Adam and Eve but to every living-soul being from Adam to the last man alive. The Bible clearly thus says, let יְהוָה make you; you cannot make yourself, nor can anyone else make you fit and prepared for your future assignment and place in the organization of יְהוָה . No one but יְהוָה knows of your place in His Divine Plan for you. He is the only one who can get you ready for your chosen position in His eternal kingdom. The fact that He asks you to let Him make you also has serious meaning. He will not violate you will nor force you to submit to Him. You must willingly submit to Infinite Goodness and Intelligence of your own free will and then continue to cooperate with Him. But why doesn’t יְהוָה create perfect and complete man beings in the first place? He once did in eternity past. Lucifer was originally create perfect, and he and his angel subordinates were given the authority to manage the prehistoric worlds in preparation for the coming of man. The Bible says of him, thou wast created perfect in all thy ways until iniquity was found in thee, Ezekiel 28:15. Lucifer and his subordinates determined to take over the Universe for themselves contrary to the will of יְהוָה . He invented sin, evil and opposition to יְהוָה 's Plan for the Universe through his own pride and self-will and thus condemned himself and his followers to eternal fire and judgment. So now יְהוָה tests men and tempers them against evil and sin, for when they see the results of such rebellion against יְהוָה 's goodness they will seek to obey and cooperate with Him. Lucifer's rebellion was unforeseen, there was no reason for it, and no remedy. There are many sources, including the Bible, to show that יְהוָה 's original plan for the Cosmos was temporarily displaced by the malfeasance of Lucifer. So now יְהוָה tests, molds and makes men in advance before giving them great responsibility. Those who would like to know more about Lucifer and the origin of sin may refer to chapter IX in the History of Creation. Let us make man involves three works of Divine Grace; first, Repentance, Salvation and Redemption; secondly, Regeneration and Sanctification; and third, Glorification and Beautification through the indwelling of יְהוָה in the individual. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost, Titus 3:5. The renewing refers to the status of Adam when originally created and which he lost when he and Eve fell into sin in Eden. The important point to remember is that only יְהוָה Himself can make you fitted for your future place in His Holy Family.


So יְהוָה created man in His own image spiritually. This refers to the human spirit created in the image of יְהוָה the Father. This does not mean that every man is created a miniature or little god; far from it. It means that he has wonderful potentials of becoming a Son of יְהוָה if he permits יְהוָה to make him so. An image is only the reflection of an object near it. Look in a mirror and you see the image of yourself. Step away and the image vanishes. Adam lost the image for all men after he sinned and was separated from יְהוָה . This is why all men must be born again of the Spirit of יְהוָה , to supply a sensorium in the human spirit for the Spirit of יְהוָה , the Spirit of Mashiach and the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit. יְהוָה works in man through the Spirit. The human spirit, called the subconscious mind by psychologists, is the seat of the conscience, the control center and the highest part of man. Malki Tzedik Yahusha/Jesus said, If a man love me he will keep my words and my Father will love him, and WE will come unto him and make OUR abode with him, John 14:23. This refers to the association between the Spirit of יְהוָה and the human spirit.

The next phrase in Genesis 1:27 reads, In the image of יְהוָה created He him, which means mentally. This refers to the soul of man, created in the image of the Holy Ghost, the Soul of יְהוָה . The human soul is the seat of the mind, or human brain, which has enormous potentials as it was originally created in Adam. The ancients had a legend that Adam and Eve had most brilliant minds as originally made but lost 99% of their mental potentials when they brought sin and mental darkness upon themselves. One thing is sure, our world was originally made for men of long life with an IQ of at least 2,000. This means that Adam, as originally created, was at least 20 times smarter than ordinary men today. He had to be for he named all the animals according to their function and ecological classification. The soul distinguishes man from the animal, for man is not an animal but an animated being. The life-energy pattern of man is the only one of its kind on the earth. It is completely different than that of animals, which have neither soul nor spirit which are invisible. The brain of an adult chimpanzee and that of a child may appear very similar, but the chimp life-energy-nuclei has no provision for the habitation of soul as does the life-energy-nuclei of the child.

The third part of Genesis 1:27 says; male and female created He them which means physically. The words spiritually, mentally and physically have been supplied by the author for the purpose of clarity and to show that man also is a triune being of body, soul and spirit. The body of Adam was created in the image and likeness of the body of Malki Tzedik Yahusha, the Son of יְהוָה , and Eve's body was made out of parts from the body of Adam because living-soul-nuclei are conveyed by the male. An explanation of this phenomena may be found in chapter XVI in the History of Creation. It is too extensive for treatment here. And יְהוָה formed man of the dust of the ground, meaning the elements; and breathed into his nostrils (or head) the breath of life and man became a living soul, Genesis 2:7. Thus man became a spirit-breathing, air-breathing animated being. As originally created, the body was subject to the soul, the soul subject to the human spirit and the human spirit subject to the Triune Spirit of יְהוָה . Based on this original status and the expectancy of its continuation, man was given dominion over the created works of יְהוָה in the Ecosphere which supplies all the material needs of man. When Adam sinned he lost this dominion, but Malki Tzedik Yahusha has restored a limited dominion to His disciples and faithful followers based on their ability to handle it wisely.

How does יְהוָה teach and train men for eternal assignment or position in His program to share the rule and reign of the Universe with Him? This seems like a fantastic thought but it is true for the Bible says so, 2nd Timothy 2:12 and Revelation chapter 22. This is why you and I were created in the image and likeness of יְהוָה , that we might become Sons of יְהוָה to share the operation of His Divine Plan for the expansion of a beautiful life throughout all the planets in the Universe. There are several hundred thousand planets similar to Earth, but unfinished, in our galaxy alone. And there are over 2 billion such galaxies. Some day these will all be managed and populated by righteous man beings. The present natural order will pass away, and a new spiritual order will take its place which is eternal and most beautiful. There will be no sin or evil in it anywhere. Referring to this new spiritual order, the Bible says, of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end. This means an ever-increasing population as the planets and galaxies are all populated. The word peace refers to happiness, joy and interesting activities but no friction between people and no sorrow or sickness. The mistaken concept that people who die and go to Heaven sit around all day playing harps is as far from the truth as the theories of primitives that Heaven involves a happy hunting ground with plenty of game or mansions filled with beautiful women. The words, if we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him means what they say; that we are now undergoing a milling, molding, shaping, learning, educational and internship on earth to prepare us for future assignment as rulers.

This brings up a question. How does יְהוָה really "make" us fit for such an exalted position and responsibility? The answer is not difficult. He makes us like He makes everything else, by His Word and Spirit. This means that He uses His Word-Energy-System according to principles outlined in His Word. There are over 30,000 such principles outlined in the Bible which יְהוָה uses to operate the Cosmos. We too must learn to use these principles if we are to be useful to יְהוָה . The Greek word for suffer quoted earlier in the verse if we suffer with Him we shall also reign with Him does not refer to sickness nor weakness. Suffer is translated from the Greek hupomeno (hoop em en o), which means to endure development like an athlete or race horse in training. That is, to stay under or to undergo strenuous discipline in schooling and preparation for a specific purpose. Figuratively, it means to endure the treatment regardless of how hard it is or unpleasant at the time, for the reward is more than worth it. Even the Captain of our salvation (the Son of Man) was made perfect by (such) suffering or discipline. It was such self-discipline which enabled Him to drink the cup of the filth of human sins in Gethsemane and bear them on the cross to deliver us from the penalty of our sins. This act won for Him recognition by the highest court of Justice in the Heavenlies. He is worthy to become the L-rd of L-rds and King of Kings, and every being created should worship Him, for there is none greater except יְהוָה the Father. His self-discipline and obedience to יְהוָה was the basis of all His miracles, exploits and ministry to men. He is the example of our self-discipline.

It also says In the beginning was the Word ... and the Word was יְהוָה . All things were made by Him, that is, by the Word. The Word was made flesh. This means that He used, during the incidents of His earth-life, the same Word that is now available to every man. In Him was life and the life was the light of men, John 1:4. This refers to the 30,000 or more principles outlined in the Bible which יְהוָה energizes by His Infinite Spirit to make all things including man. He controls matter by energy attraction according to fixed laws and forces. Malki Tzedik Yahusha used these principles in everything He did. He is the Word personified as the Bible says. You and I as sons of יְהוָה , with almost infinite potentials, must learn to do likewise. This is why Bible study is so important for all men. We must know these Divine principles and how to use them. Is this really possible? Of course it is. Thousands of men have used Divine principles to perform all kinds of miracles and exploits for the benefit of other men. They are not used more extensively, because men do not undergo the necessary training. This is not יְהוָה 's fault. He has provided the Word-Energy-System; the Bible which includes the necessary instructions; the Ruach HaKodesh/ Holy Spirit to act as a private tutor and an open door to all knowledge. יְהוָה is of necessity limited in giving knowledge to those who might use it for evil purposes. There are conditions for access to Divine knowledge regarding the hidden mysteries, but they are available when any man is ready for them. The life was the light of men shows that the life more abundant in Malki Tzedik Yahusha also involves a dual-energy radiation to feed his mind and govern its activities as he absorbs the Word, in the Bible. This is why the Bible says, man liveth not by bread alone, but by every Word ... of יְהוָה . Are we now beginning to see that the Bible, which instructs us about our salvation, also offers many other instructions in preparing us for the more abundant life which Malki Tzedik Yahusha spoke about? Malki Tzedik Yahusha, during His agony and passion in Gethsemane, His three ignoble trials by His enemies, and then His final destruction on the Cross, not only paid for our salvation but He thereby purchased the right to offer us fourteen other privileges and rights which we can boldly claim as heirs of יְהוָה . These are all associated with His leadership of the Kingdom of Heaven, which prepares men for the future Kingdom of יְהוָה to come. Perhaps now we can begin to understand the essential disciplines of the Bible which is יְהוָה 's tool and instruction book in preparing us for the Kingdom of יְהוָה and a new paradisiacal order.

The Bible is very explicit in showing us that יְהוָה 's preparation for eternal usefulness to Him involves seven primary courses like the grades in high school and college. We find these recorded in Psalms 103 verses 1 to 5 which outline the seven general functions of the Bible, each one of which is a progressive advancement in our preparation for sharing the Universe with Him. The first two verses deal with man's part as students, and the other three verses deal with five kinds of learning and experience which deal with יְהוָה 's part in our training. All seven of these stages of experience and learning are focused on one overall purpose; that, is to prepare us, fit us, and exalt us as Sons of יְהוָה , the Eternal Spirit.

This sevenfold functional purpose is the focal point of the entire Bible for man. It is directed primarily to the soul of man like a sign pointing towards a school for all men. The first religious Temples of worship on this earth were also used as school rooms, and those recorded truths made up some of the first lessons they taught. They are just as applicable and important today. The Bible tells men they are to grow in Mashiach, love and knowledge. The verses in Ephesians 4:15 and 2nd Peter 3:18 tell us that to be useful in יְהוָה 's Kingdom we must be familiar with Divine cosmic laws and let His Spirit, power and knowledge flow through us to perform whatever operation or action He pleases. Jeremiah chapter 18 and Romans chapter 6 tell us that יְהוָה is the Potter and men are the clay pots or vessels He is making to be used as future builders with Him. The Potter is limited in His making by the type of material He is using and its pliability in His hands. This is very true in His making of men. The Bible shows that יְהוָה employs a sevenfold operation to make us as He wants us to be. These seven functions are found in Psalms 103:1-5, as previously stated. The first function reads bless (yield myself to) the L-rd 0 my soul and all that is within me, bless (yield myself to), His-Holy Name. This means let Him make me as He will. The second function found in verse 2 tells me to yield myself to His instructions. Thus the first two functions of the Bible require acts on the part of man, the other five require acts on the part of יְהוָה . The functions are progressive from one to seven. Thus man's acts come first. יְהוָה as much as says, if you will respect and trust me, and consider my benefits and what I can do for you, and confirm this by accepting my instructions, then I will do all these things in the latter five functions which will assure you a place in my paradisiacal eternity. If you do not do this, if you refuse to let me cleanse you from sin, if you reject my regeneration and beautification of you, then you can have no place in my family, for you would be a misfit and out of harmony in my Kingdom. The message is clear and plain. יְהוָה can do no more. Every living-soul man in his human spirit has an inborn hunger to know יְהוָה . He is never a whole man until he is born again of יְהוָה .

We see, therefore, that the Bible is not to be read or studied like an ordinary mental textbook but as a spiritual instruction book involving both acceptance and action. We are to study the spiritual principles involved in the sevenfold ministry and then let the Ruach HaKodesh/ Holy Spirit enforce them in us as vessels of the Divine Spirit.

The first purpose of the Bible is to bring man into alignment with יְהוָה 's program for the Universe. The ancients knew this. It was the basis of the Star Gospel. How much more should men today be directing their efforts to training for their inheritance in the heavenlies. This training as previously stated begins with Psalms 103:1, Bless the L-rd, 0 my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name. The word bless from the Hebrew barak (baw-rack) means to kneel before Him, to give one's self to Him without reservation and to respect Him as the Almighty. It means to come under His teaching, schooling, shaping and making; to undergo the discipline He requires regardless of our own wills. It implies complete submission and obedience to His working in us. It demands that men respect His Infinite wisdom and intelligence as the Supreme Being. He is the Sovereign of the Universe. He made all things for our use and good. We must believe this and honor Him for His good intentions towards us. Everything He does for us is for our own good to prepare us for Divine family life as a child of יְהוָה . The word barak also involves the thought of giving; in this case giving Him the Honor and respect due Him. We are commanded to worship Him because the living soul man becomes like the object he worships and admires (Psalms 115:25). Men do become like the objects they try to imitate; this is a fundamental psychological law. Thus, if we admire יְהוָה and His ways, we eventually become like יְהוָה and do His pleasure. It requires daily study of His Word, daily prayer and devotions, and assembly attendance to fit you into a very highly-specialized, spiritual, social order with other pilgrims on the same pathway to glory. The reference here to His Holy Name means His Holy Position, Authority and Divine Purpose. You and I must be in sympathy with what He is trying to do for us, or we shall not make much progress. We must know His Word and how to use it in handling the circumstances of life. We will need to know these principles if we are to build with Him in Eternity. This is why He uses the circumstances of this life as training lessons for eternal-life responsibility. You must know how to handle great power if you are to do great things. Better to make the mistakes here and learn your lessons well. Malki Tzedik Yahusha told His disciples, whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, I will do it. This means that we must know the Word, how it works, and then we can claim all the power in the Universe to bring it to pass by the authority of יְהוָה . Our L-rd set the example for perfect alignment with יְהוָה while He was on earth. He also gives similar powers to obedient and informed men.

The second functional purpose of the Bible in bringing man into alignment with יְהוָה is found in verse 2, Bless the L-rd 0 my soul and forget not all His benefits. This is the central verse of the whole Bible to emphasize its truth by its position. It is not there by accident. The central chapter of the Bible is also the shortest, Psalms chapter 117. To Praise the L-rd, all ye nations praise Him all ye peoples. For His merciful kindness is great towards us, and the truth of the L-rd endureth forever. Praise ye the L-rd. This tells us that His merciful kindness will provide us with all our needs, spiritually, mentally and physically, as we bring ourselves under the shower of His eternal truth and purpose. Forget not all His benefits means that men are to claim them and remind themselves and others that יְהוָה loves to give. Many limit His giving to them because they would use His gifts for evil purposes. Man loves to get; יְהוָה loves to GIVE. The Bible is His gift catalog, and the gifts are without number. The hairs of our heads are numbered, our days are numbered, the prophetical years of His Divine Plan on Earth are numbered, but His gifts to men are not numbered. His gifts and love are infinite. He made the Universe for men so He could lavish His love upon them. He is now making men for the Universe, so they will receive and enjoy His love and benefits. His greatest benefit is love. It is easy to love a beautiful, lovely and gracious person. He wishes to make every man in the image of Himself so that all persons will be beautiful, lovely persons, loving each other. Redeemed men are joint heirs with Mashiach who will inherit all things. יְהוָה 's greatest gift is Himself. The plea of the prodigal, as described in the Gospels, was "give me, give me and give me." But when he came to himself and really understood his own incompleteness, he cried "make me." This should be the approach of every man before the Throne of יְהוָה .


The third function of the Bible is to establish the present status and position of all men as sinners and by their own nature wholly unworthy of the grace and goodness of יְהוָה . Many men feel that because they are doing the best they can under the circumstances and respecting man's laws they should be admitted to Heaven when they die. This is not true and a very serious mistaken assumption. The Bible says there is none righteous, no not one, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of יְהוָה , Romans 3:23. Can you say that you have always acted in a g-dly manner? Of course not. Neither can any other human. Then you are a sinner in need of forgiveness of your sins. This is effected by simply accepting Malki Tzedik Yahusha as your Mashiach and turning your life over to Him. There are thirteen clearly defined Hebrew and Greek words used in the original Bible writings to outline the different kinds of sin. An explanation of these may be found in chapter XVI[I of the author's work, The History of Creation, and will not be repeated here. These thirteen kinds of sin fall into three classifications; namely:

1. Inherited sins (from parents)
2. Sins of commission, things done which should not have been done
3. Sins of omission, or things which should have been done and were not.

All men, born of Adam, are guilty of all three kinds. Malki Tzedik Yahusha was the single exception. He never committed a single sin, to show that Adam did not have to commit sin. Today we live in a very sinful world. For those who have been born again or saved, whichever you prefer, the Bible says Sin shall not have dominion over you. And if any man sin, we have an advocate (or representative) with יְהוָה the Father. What is Sin? Sin is simply any violation of the laws of יְהוָה . Does יְהוָה forgive us our sins? Of course He does, but He cannot forgive us our sins until we recognize that we are sinners in need of a Saviour. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities is a personal promise to those who have already surrendered to Him according to functions one and two. If any man be in Mashiach, he is a new creature, old things have passed away (that is, the old desires of the flesh) and all things have become new, 2nd Cor. 5:17. The essential difference between the unregenerate and the repentant sinner is the evidence of the more abundant life in Mashiach. This is accomplished by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within the human spirit of man. This realization brings on the joy of salvation through sins forgiven and results in an exhilarating life in Mashiach which will extend into Eternity.

The fourth function deals with the provision for Divine health and strength. It reads, who healeth all thy diseases. We note that this function follows the forgiveness of sins. With Divine healing, the Spirit of יְהוָה must flow through the human spirit into the soul and thence into the body to correct whatever is wrong that caused the disease or human weakness in the first place. Of course יְהוָה uses spiritual, mental and physical means to heal sick bodies. We have no quarrel with good doctors, or hospitals that treat the sick. Malki Tzedik Yahusha mentioned physicians. Luke, the author of the third gospel, was a physician. Neither doctors nor hospitals can heal the sick. They can only improve conditions for healing. Only יְהוָה can heal. He has established certain laws of nature to aid healing, but He also must control those laws. Disease is the result of the presence of evil and sin in our world. There is no evidence, that we know of, that these obnoxious disease germs or thorns and thistles, which are obnoxious weeds, existed in the prehistoric worlds before the introduction of evil and sin by Lucifer. Thorns and thistles from the Hebrew yatsa (yat-sa) and dardar are former good plants whose purpose has been distorted by the pressure of evil on life-energy response. The same is undoubtedly true of bacterium whose purpose has been perverted. This is very obvious in all kinds of cancer and chemical carcinogens which are very vulnerable to life-energy. The Word of יְהוָה , or Word-energy-system which holds the life-energy pattern for every species, has the power to correct any distorted cell perversions. That is why the Bible says of Malki Tzedik Yahusha, He sent His Word and healed them. This is the same Word-agency system which makes all things. Sickness shows men their need of the Word. It often brings men closer to יְהוָה .

The fifth function of the Bible is to reveal how יְהוָה delivers redeemed men from destruction. It reads, Who redeemed thy life from destruction. This applies only to those who have benefited from the four previous functions. The Bible also says, The soul that sinneth, it shall surely die which refers to the unredeemed. For the words redeem eth thy life shows that the redeemed soul does not die but enters in Heaven. In Old Testament times, the souls of believers were carried to Paradise below to await the Atonement for sins by Malki Tzedik Yahusha on the Cross. After the Resurrection, Malki Tzedik Yahusha carried them to Heaven with Him. He led captivity captive. Since the Resurrection all believers are carried to Heaven when their souls leave their bodies to be with Mashiach forever. The souls of unbelievers are cast into hell or outer darkness to await the Great White Throne Judgment, after which Satan and his followers and all the wicked will be cast into the lake of fire. יְהוָה never intended that any man should go to hell. Hell hath been prepared for the devil and his angels, but the Bible says hell hath enlarged itself by the actions of wicked men who follow Satan. Wicked men can have no place in the Kingdom of יְהוָה . They would soon ruin Paradise. Death to the believer is a promotion, a transformation from earth to paradise and renewing of fellowship with friends and relatives who have gone before. We know of people who have been so close to death and transformation they saw things in heaven so wonderful they wished to stay but were sent back to earth to finish a work or assignment. They suffered no pain, only joy, in the experience. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction refers to the whole man, body, soul and spirit, for some day the believer will receive a new spiritual body that is suitable for the new spiritual order.

The sixth function of the Word is to make you ready for eternal glorification and a place in the family of יְהוָה . It reads, Who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies. The word crowneth refers to a coronation, exaltation or lifting-up into a new social order of beauty and loveliness which is far above anything known on earth today. Men on earth are ruled by laws and restrictions. The redeemed in Heaven are ruled by self-discipline, love and kindness which the Bible calls the perfect law of Liberty. This is a much higher social order than we know today, and we must be prepared for it by יְהוָה , Himself.

The seventh function of the Word reads, who satisfieth thy mouth with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles. This is a strange but significant simile. The word mouth from the Hebrew adiy (ad-ee) means the ornamentation of the personality, to bedeck, to adorn and to gratify the Maker's desires in beautifying you. The words good things does not mean material things or pleasures but involves the development and adornment of your spiritual character. It is rather difficult to explain. We have a primitive example in David who was raised from a shepherd to become the King of Israel by similar good things. You are being fitted for the next and perfect world. This is implied in the reference to the eagle. The Imperial Eagle probably referred to here is the king of birds. It is noted for remarkable vision, awareness of surroundings, a yearning for height, quality of life and fresh food every day. The ancients associated eagles with the gods because of their habits, and they are still used to symbolize character, stability and strength. However, the association of a believer here with that of an eagle has an entirely different figurative significance. The eggs of the Imperial Eagle hatch in 35 days, as against all other eagles which hatch in 28 days. They take longer to develop and are above the average. They mate for life and have the highest quality instinct pattern observable as compared to other birds. Their life spans compare with men's. They also have a very unique habit. When they get old, their feathers torn and disarrayed from long use, they one day sit in their nest. Day after day they just sit, doing nothing, and without food or water, as if awaiting translation. After some time the body shrinks, the old feathers drop off and the wrinkled skin appears. He is a sorry looking mess. But pretty soon his skin appears to take on new life and color. It is soon covered with fuzz, which eventually turns into feathers, and in a few weeks he is again covered with new and lovely plumage. The process is like a miracle. One day, soon, he will again lift these powerful feathered wings and soar off into the heavenlies in search of a new life. The Psalmist under Divine inspiration likens this miraculous transformation to that of the believer in the hands of his Maker, using the invisible Word and Spirit to remove the impediments and undesirables of earth-life in favor of new life in Mashiach and all the blessings of the more abundant life in the Kingdom of יְהוָה .

The sevenfold purpose of the Bible thus outlines the ministry of the Word of יְהוָה in educating, stimulating, cleansing, regenerating, schooling, training, equipping and elevating redeemed men for a future position in sharing the rule and reign over the Universe with יְהוָה . This is in accord with the words let us make man in Genesis. The operation utilizes the Word of יְהוָה empowered by the Spirit of יְהוָה which makes all things. The regeneration deals with the whole man, physically, mentally and spiritually, that your whole body, soul and spirit be preserved blameless unto the coming of the L-rd.