The Seven Days of Genesis comprise a brief but accurate and very complex outline of the restoration of Earth's Ecosphere as a habitat for a new kind of species, living-soul Man. The Bible plainly tells us that by the Word of יְהוָה the heavens were of old, and the Earth standing out of the water and in the water: whereby the world that then was (the Pleistocene) being overflowed with water perished 2nd Pet. 3:5, 6. This occurred between 12,000 and 8,000 BC and is confirmed by global evidence.

The Bible opens with a statement in the first two sentences, that "Elohim created" the components of the elements, as yet unassembled or endowed with chemical properties. Then the Author breaks the continuity of the record to introduce an entirely different view and concept. Ruach Elohim now takes over to hover over the waters in protective custody. The change implies a most ominous event. From other scriptures we learn that the break here in the Divine record is the dividing line between the "before and after" of the emergence of Evil and Sin. The origin of Evil and Sin were followed by Divine Judgment upon the previous Earth management, and the washing of Earth from contamination. Ruach Elohim then took over with the obvious intent of replacing the previous management with "living-soul" Man.

The first six days definitely focus on the seventh day, still in effect, "sanctified" for the purpose of developing highly intelligent sinless beings to "rule" a paradisiacal Cosmos with Ruach Elohim.

The Record of an Eyewitness, the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit
Theological Science Defines the Harmony Between Bible and Science
The Three Biblical "In the Beginning's" Reveal a Planned Creation
The Divine Cosmology Requires the Whole Bible
The Break in the Divine Record in Genesis
The Change in Earth Management Between Genesis1:1 and 1:2
The Original Meaning of the Hebrew Word Yowm
"And יְהוָה Said, Let there be Light"
The Second Day.  "Let there be a Firmament"
The Third Day. The Changes Oceanic Water System
The Fourth Day. Adjustment of Solar and Lunar "Rule"
The Fifth Day.  The Re-creation of Life-Energy-Patterns
The Sixth Day.  Beasts, Cattle and Creepers (Insects) Formed
The Creation of the "Living-Soul" Man
The Seventh Day.  Greatest in the Series and Still in Effect


The seven days of Genesis comprise a topic which to many involve one of the most controversial subjects in a controversial book, the Bible. But is this true? Is the Bible a controversial book? Not at all, for the Bible is the Word of יְהוָה . Thy word is truth and there can be no controversy in truth. The controversy is in the minds of men whose sinful thoughts are often contrary to truth. The Bible tells it as it is; it cannot do otherwise. It is a Holy Book composed of sacred writings inspired by a Holy Author. It stands like a self-illuminating beacon flashing its light on sinners in a sin-cursed evil world and which does not like to be exposed. Men resist the truth because their deeds are evil. Theological Science embraces the Bible and Truth as the revelation of יְהוָה . In the beginning, יְהוָה created the heaven and the earth. And the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. This is the Divine Record. It refers to the original creation, before the emergence of Sin. It is followed by a break in the record, foreshadowing an ominous event, the invention of Sin in the Universe and Divine Judgment upon it. There is a change in management from Elohim to Ruach Elohim. Then follows the restorative works of the seven days, under the influence of יְהוָה Who is good and Satan who is evil. Thus the break in the record shines like a spotlight on the existence of evil as well as the before and after of evil. The Bible explains the cause of evil, and global evidence corroborates its effect. The facts are so clear that they should convince anyone.

The details of the break in Gen. 1:2, located elsewhere in the Bible, explains the reason for the seven days, as well as the tragic events of the first three chapters of Genesis. The Bible tells us that the original sinless Earth was so wonderful the Sons of יְהוָה shouted for joy. We are certain that the Divine Author would have chosen to continue the record on this joyful note. But in the interest of Truth He must record the origin and emergence of evil. Men must understand this if they would comprehend the operations of the six re-creative days, and the seventh day which is still in force. Had there been no origin of sin, there would be no seven days. We would be living in a Paradisiacal Universe. The origin of sin, the Ice Ages, the Earth's axial shift and the Catastrophe in which all life perished, comprise a necessary introduction to the Seven Days. Without such an introduction, there is an unbridgeable gap between deep and the Spirit of יְהוָה moved in Gen. 1:2 that is unfathomable.

The assumption by some Bible readers that the seven days in Genesis chapter 1 are continuous, that Adam was the first sinner and that he ruined a perfect world, is contrary to the Bible and global evidence. The status of the earth after the six days operation was very good, not perfect. After Adam sinned it was a mixture of good and evil. Malki Tzedik Yahusha once evaluated human society with the words there is none good, but יְהוָה . That evil and sin already existed before Adam's creation is proven by the reality of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. It was a consistent warning sign to Adam and Eve to exercise obedience to Divine Law. Its presence was like a red band around a hot stove for children to heed in order to avoid being burned. Adam was told to subdue every temptation to violate Divine Law in order to maintain his status in the garden. This too was very good. It would temper him against evil and defilement of his future inheritance in the heavenlies.

With an understanding of these facts it is easier to understand the Creator's position, and the seven days, especially the seventh day, the most important of the genetic week. The Creator having created perfect beings who foolishly originated Sin would now create men good with every opportunity to stay good. But if they too fell into insubordination they would of necessity taste the results, until they sought salvation, regeneration and restoration. Thus it is not difficult to comprehend why He would permit evil to exist in a limited way as a means of immunizing His subjects against evil and sin. The solar and lunar adjustments of the 4th day with their rule over the biological clocks, and the signs and seasons, days and years, makes it plain that the present Ecosphere is primarily a class room for training men. It explains the seventh day and why He is giving His full time to it, that is, to produce Sons of יְהוָה , worthy of His confidence.

The "seven days" of Genesis recorded in the Bible comprise probably a most controversial subject to Bible readers, but they are no mystery to Theological Science. There are so many different interpretations of the first two chapters of Genesis that it is impossible to reconcile them into an overall concept that is satisfactory. There is one truthful explanation which includes all the answers. It is a Divine concept and not human. It is the record of an eye witness, a member of the G-d-head who was present at the Creation and recorded developments as they occurred. These are not all found in the book of Genesis. They are scattered throughout the whole Bible. For example, John chapter one tells how the Universe was planned and its blueprint fed into a giant Word-Agency-Computer which later made all things. Hebrews chapter one explains the in the beginning He laid the foundation of the earth. Psalms and Isaiah tell how He formed the galaxies. Hebrews 11:3 tells us about the prehistoric worlds which preceded our present world. Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Psalms, Peter and others explain why our world is subject to the curse of evil and sin which were absent in all the prehistoric worlds except the world previous to ours. So we see that the first chapter of Genesis by no means explains what went on in the Universe before the six days of re-creation.

Let us explain what we mean by Theological Science. Theology is defined as the knowledge of יְהוָה and His ways Science is systematized knowledge, or the knowledge of any one subject organized into a systematic order. Theological Science involves the study of יְהוָה 's Word in the Bible and then the investigation of spiritual and natural phenomena which have resulted from the effects of יְהוָה 's Word. The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, Rom. 1:20. First we look into the Bible which tells us HOW the Earth was created and then we study natural phenomena which confirms the Bible exposition. This is Theological Science, the Grand Science, and all other branches of Science are subject to it. This is why the verse just quoted ends with even His eternal power and G-d Head, so that they (men) are without excuse. This is a very strong statement which lays full responsibility for understanding upon man himself. יְהוָה has revealed the truth and its effects. Man should receive it. Man will be judged as to how he receives and uses the evidence יְהוָה has supplied. There are no excuses. This almost frightens me, and I have had to learn to respect יְהוָה 's truth even though I may not understand all of it.

The Bible opens with the words in the beginning. There are three in the beginnings in the Bible related to Creation and this is the third. The first, in the beginning was the Word tells of the pre-creation existence of the Word energy-system; the second Thou L-rd in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth refers to the establishment of pre-creation energy transmitting media. Both preceded the In the beginning of Genesis 1:1. This shows us that the Creation was carefully planned. It was not an accident or result of random mechanics. When truly understood, the entire Universe reveals the evidence of a gigantic Divine Plan. Without Him was not anything made that was made. יְהוָה made the blueprint for the earth long before He created and made it. He is now following that blueprint, which was fed into the Word-Agency before Creation was begun. When everything was ready, after the beginning preparations, יְהוָה created the Heaven and the Earth. Heaven and earth involve two different areas or types of operations, with the earth as the more advanced of the two. It shows that the Universe is only in the beginning stage and the earth is a first inhabited planet. There are over 600,000 planets in our galaxy alone in various stages of preparation to show that יְהוָה some day plans to use them, but the most advanced has only 66 elements whereas the earth has nearly 120 and is the only planet in our galaxy that will support life as we know it.

In the beginning יְהוָה created the Heaven and the Earth envelops more information than all the books in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C. It tells us that since יְהוָה Himself was the Creator, He Himself is the only One who can explain it to us. The verse implies that the truth seeker must have a humble, submissive and teachable human attitude and spirit, must respect the position of יְהוָה as the Divine Sovereign, and must have a communicable relationship with יְהוָה . The heavens declare the glory of יְהוָה and the firmament sheweth His handiwork, Psalms 19:1. Every man, regardless of how smart he may think he is, must respect the eternal power and G-dhead of a being who could create the expanse in the heavens. The Universe is now known to be spherical. It holds over 2 billion galaxies. The Hebrew word used for יְהוָה in the original is Elohim, the Divine Trinity, the Almighty One in Three Persons unified by one common overall Divine Spirit. This means that Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all involved in the original Creation. And the earth was without form and void means that this creation involved the creation of atomic components, which would be assembled after they cooled sufficiently so they might be given their chemical properties. And darkness was upon the face of the deep gives the reader of this verse the information that whosoever wrote it was present and looking down from above upon a cloud of agitated particles in the dead space below. Darkness from the Hebrew laheyah not only means absence of light but deadness and lifelessness or space where nothing had previously existed. יְהוָה , of course, is excepted. The great Patriarch, Moses, penned these words as authored by the Holy Spirit and probably got them from the sacred  3 by 2 Clay Tablets which Adam had written. They were inspired. The books of Adam written on cuneiform clay tablets were highly respected and often mentioned by the ancients. Even Plato refers to them in his writings. Traditions indicate that these sacred clay tablets were passed on down through the Messianic family line to Noah, who buried them at Shuppuruk before the Flood and dug them up afterwards and passed them along to Shem. Jacob carried them into Egypt and Moses carried them with him during the Exodus where we lose track of them. There are some in the British Museum in London. The important point is that we know that these words in Genesis were considered to be sacred truth by the ancients close to the scene long before the whole Bible was written. We must respect them as sacred truth even though we may not understand their full significance. This applies also to the entire Bible which is יְהוָה 's Book.

Now we come to a strange mystery, which we have already touched upon in previous studies. One would normally expect that the next sentence would continue the exposition of the Creation operation, but it does not. There is an ominous and striking break here in the record left by the Holy Spirit to tell us something of extreme import. We just cannot jump across this chasm. We must go around it. There is no bridge here to carry our thought across the gap. The first two sentences of Genesis tell us that Elohim created the unformed earth. The third sentence reveals that Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of יְהוָה , or יְהוָה the Father the Sovereign One is hovering over a, completed earth in protective custody to protect it from someone. This shows a change in management which was made necessary by whatever had happened between sentence two and three in Gen. 1:2. Sentence two closes with the face of the deep and a mass of unformed atoms; and sentence three refers to an earth covered with waters. There had to be many developments between, which are reflected by these differences.

We now know, of course, as stated in the study on The Prehistoric Worlds, that the earth was completed over a period of billions of years involving many different worlds and operations. It was then under the supervision of a created being called Lucifer. The previous world just before our present world was so beautiful that even the angels in Heaven were thrilled by its splendor. The Bible also tells us how Lucifer and his angels determined to take over the Universe. They rebelled against יְהוָה 's plan, and in so doing they originated sin and evil. A good יְהוָה had to bring judgment upon them and the contaminated earth. יְהוָה then had to begin again. Lucifer was demoted and the Spirit of יְהוָה now took over earth's management as recorded in Genesis 1:2. Lucifer became a disembodied spirit but was permitted to remain in earth's atmosphere as an example of the final end of evil doers. The Holy Spirit in Divine Wisdom left the break in Gen. verse 2 to acquaint all men with this fact. It is emphasized by Theological Science, which alone offers a satisfactory explanation of the greatest change which has ever affected the earth. That is, its change from a former tropical earth in prehistoric times, to a zoned earth as it is today. The Catastrophe is the key to an understanding of the operations of the seven days, and the creation of living-soul man to take over Lucifer's former position in earth's management. For these seven days were restorative operations and have no connection with the previous prehistoric worlds.

The Bible description of the origin of evil and sin and its consequence and effect on Creator Divine Plan for the Earth is probably the most neglected topic in Theology. Although you and I have heard many sermons on sin, since when have you heard a sermon on the emergence and effect of the first sin? Have you ever heard how sin originated? Sin and evil were already in the world when Adam was placed in the garden and told not to experiment with the knowledge of good and evil. So Adam was not the first sinner. He was created "good" and told to subdue every thought contrary to יְהוָה and Good. We covered this topic of sin emergence in another study and have shown how the contamination of the previous world required a purge and re-creation. Those interested in a complete exposition should read chapter nine in The History of Creation on the Catastrophe. We can only state here that Job chapter 38 says that יְהוָה used violent waters to destroy the wicked. Peter in referring to the Catastrophe says the earth was standing in the water and out of the water whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished, 2nd Peter 3:5, 6. Jeremiah says that all life had vanished and the earth was a denuded planet, Jer. 4:23. This now brings us to the time and place where the Spirit of יְהוָה moved upon the face of the waters.

Before considering the days, we should be reminded that the same Word-agency which made the previous worlds would also be employed to make this one. By the Word of the L-rd were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth Psalm 33:6, refers to the original creation. Without Him was not anything made that was made, John 1:3, also includes this present world. We must also be careful not to harbor any preconceived or human ideas as to the tempo, rate or speed of operations, but carefully weigh each word with regard to the results obtained, so as to avoid confusion which has brought misunderstanding to so many. The word day from the Hebrew yowm spelled Y 0 W M, is a very broad primitive term with a multitude of meanings and uses. We may say that in general it means an activity period within definite, or indefinite, limits or areas of operations. The Hebrew word yowmum definitely means a 24-hour solar day, but the Holy Spirit could not use yowmum for a reason that will soon become clear. He used yowm, because the word yowm is used 16 times in the first three chapters of Genesis to mean five different things, or five different meanings, and only one of these involves a 24-hour day. The word yowm is used over 1400 times in the Old Testament and translated into over fifty different English words based on its position and other words in a given sentence. We will explain only five of these meanings as we analyze the seven days. It must be noted that the words in Genesis are sacred orders to the Word-Agency and are very accurate.

And יְהוָה said, Let there be light, and there was LIGHT. And יְהוָה saw the light that it was good, and יְהוָה divided the light from the darkness. And יְהוָה called the Light Day, and the Darkness He called Night, and the evening and the morning were the first day. The light mentioned here from the Hebrew word owr refers to the restoration of radiant energy and control of it which was cancelled out during the Catastrophe. It involves the life-energy system for all forms of life and the upholding system which controls the oceanic and atmospheric systems which support life. These were also cut off, and caused all life to perish as Peter explains. The word light here has nothing to do with sunlight. The sun was still shining above the heavy cloud cover which enveloped the earth. This cover was not removed until the third day. Both Day and Night are capitalized in the ancient manuscripts to indicate they had a different meaning than the two parts of a solar day. Here the word yowm is used to indicate finite limits of a provisional operation to satisfy a given area. The word darkness from the Hebrew laheyah means deadness or lifelessness. Thus the description refers to an operation providing for life on earth and its surroundings, and space around that area is deadness, lifeless and incapable of supporting life. This light supplies life-energy, or life-energy pattern, in the Word-energy-system for every species of plant and animal, for in Him was life, that is, in the Word, which made all things was life. Life-energy must be added to matter to make it alive. Watch a living cell under a microscope and you will see life-energy in action. When life-energy response ceases, the cell dies although it is the same chemically one second before or one second after death. When life-energy was cut off during the Catastrophe judgment against Lucifer, all plant and animal life died instantly. We know this from the positions of animal bodies which were buried and quick frozen and had unchewed food in their mouths. We find fossils from the Ice Ages in all sorts of positions, but perhaps none stranger than the mastodon calf which was nursing its mother and both died in their tracks and were quick frozen in the same instant. The remains of animal bodies not only help us understand Jeremiah's description of the effects of the Catastrophe but they also show us why it was necessary for God to restore life supporting forces and controls before re-creating life itself. And the evening and the morning were the first day refers to a Hebrew day, which began at sunset through a period of rest and contemplation concerning plans for the next day, then the dawn and work of the day which closed at sunset. The emphasis is not upon the particular time of work, but that יְהוָה meditated and contemplated His work in advance during the night or inactivity period and then followed His plan. This is why יְהוָה employed six days of work and one day of rest as an example to men that they should do likewise. He could just as well have used one long day. The seven days foreshadow the coming of living-soul man. Every step in the entire seven days operations reflect provisions for supplying man with a suitable habitat while he is undergoing schooling and training to prepare him for sharing the rule of the Universe with יְהוָה .

The second day is one of the strangest and most mysterious of the series. And יְהוָה said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And יְהוָה made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters above the firmament, and it was so. And יְהוָה called the firmament Heaven. The word firmament translated from the Hebrew word rakiya is a poor translation. The word really means expanse, or even expanded expanse. It may seem strange to us, and whether we understand it or not, it means that יְהוָה expanded the Universe by lowering earth's galaxy from its former position relative to His Heaven. Astronomers are well aware of the evidence of this expansion, for the light now reaching us from distant galaxies many light years away proves it to be true. The ancients had many legends which told that because of sin and evil around the earth, God divided earth farther from His Heaven. The word waters from the Hebrew mayim includes liquid water, ice, snow, water vapor or even the elements which make up water. Theological Science holds the position that it may have referred also to the separation of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen with the hydrogen pushed into space and the oxygen remaining on the earth to become part of the air mixture. There is good reason for this position, for the second day did witness the restoration of earth's seven-layered atmosphere. While this was undoubtedly "good," it is indeed strange that the approbation "it was good" is missing from this day. There is obviously Divine sadness and disappointment associated with this day. Ancient legends affirm that before the origin of evil, beings on earth could actually see יְהוָה 's Heaven above, described in the book of Job as being in the sides of the north. This may be true, for Job also affirms that the angels in heaven shouted for joy when they saw the beautiful earth and the previous world before Lucifer's malfeasance against יְהוָה . For some reason, the necessary works of this day did not please יְהוָה , although all the other five days pleased Him, and the final evaluation was very good. We might say in passing that we do not know the exact number of solar years involved in the operations of any one day, except the 7th day, which according to Messianic Astronomy began about 4000 BC and is still in force and will close with the White Throne Judgment about 3000 AD for a total of about 7000 years. But from all factors related to the first six days, involving יְהוָה 's present rate of operations, the restoration of the ecosphere, the growth of the plants, and reproduction rates of animals and other matters, it appears that the re-creation began about 6000 BC and extended over a period of nearly 2000 years. It would require at least this long to restore the various forms of bacterium and primitive forms of life which produce and maintain the productivity of soils for crop vegetation that is necessary to support life. While plant life was not recreated, it was restored from seeds in the ground, which had survived the Catastrophe. It still would require a hundred solar years or more to restore the plant kingdom in the tropical areas, and still longer in the cooler zones.

The third day's work begins with another and יְהוָה said pointing to the Word-Agency again as the "maker" in response to Divine command. All the work was done by energy attraction, which still prevails today with its effects observable. The words and יְהוָה said are used ten times in the genetic week, ten being the number of ordinal completeness. Let the waters under the Heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry appear; and it was so. The word waters here refer to liquid, ice, snow and water vapor, gathered together, or associated in one vast global system which covers the whole earth. The implication here is that waters move from place to place, are used over and over again, and are evaporated from sea surfaces to be moved by wind currents to supply rain drops and moisture for the croplands of earth. The smallest creek, pond or watershed to the largest ocean in the seven seas are all a part of this vast system. There is no word for "land" in the latter part of the sentence. It merely says let the dry appear. This is interesting. Oceanographers know that ocean levels were suddenly raised several hundred feet about 7000 years ago covering the former continental shelves along continent borders which are loaded with former land fossils. The oceans in prehistoric times occupied less than 30% of the global surface, and the land about 70%. This is now reversed by the increase of water in the oceans, large lakes and rivers. Why? The Bible indicates that sea boundaries are carefully managed by the Creator. So there was a reason. There is a simple answer. During the Catastrophe the earth was changed from a tropical earth to a zoned earth with tropical, temperate and arctic zones. The low temperature of Arctic and Antarctic prevent any large amount of evaporation; in fact, there is very little evaporation above the 38th parallel. Thus more sea surface was required in the warmer climates to provide the necessary water vapor for precipitation over the whole world including the cooler areas. And יְהוָה called the dry Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas And יְהוָה saw that it was good. Here again the capitalization of the words Earth and Seas shows a change in relations from the previous worlds. Not only were the oceans different but the lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds were also different. New rivers were made by deep cracks in the thick ice in the last recession during the Ice Ages, which was probably a part of this third-day gathering-together of the waters. Ice thickness in North America reached a thickness of 6000 feet or more, which melted down during the second and third days to polar ice fields as we see them today. This took some time. It makes the second and third days probably the longest in the series.

The second half of the third day saw the restoration of the vegetable kingdom from seeds in the earth that had survived the Catastrophe. No other interpretation is possible. Seeds from Egyptian tombs known to be over 4000 years old have sprouted readily when exposed to growing conditions. And יְהוָה said, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind whose seed is in itself upon the earth, and it was so. Although animal life had to be re-created after the Catastrophe, this is not said of plant life. It sprang up from seed, after his kind, or former species. And the earth brought forth grass including the cereals; the herb yielding seed including all garden vegetables; and the tree yielding fruit including fruit, nuts, cones etc. Three life-energy phyla of plant-life are mentioned, classified according to ecological criteria and their value to creature life. Horticulturists and agriculturists are well aware of the triune plant kingdom. And יְהוָה saw that it was good indicates a foreprovision for food for every kind of creature life. There were no weeds then which plague mankind today. There is in fact no fossil evidence of weeds in prehistoric times until Lucifer invented evil and sin. Plants have food, conditional, and medicinal values to maintain creature bodies in good health. But weeds are plants whose purpose has been distorted by the curse of evil on the ground, which followed Adam's fall into sin. But when vegetation was revived on this third day, they were all good. And the evening and the morning, were the third day, certainly several hundred solar years in duration, for it takes time for plant life to spread over distant fields which have been denuded of their surface soils, as occurred during the Catastrophe.

The next or fourth day is probably the most difficult of the series to understand. And יְהוָה said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs and seasons, and days and years. This verse anticipates the soon emergence of intelligent man-beings, for signs, seasons and days and years have no meaning for dumb animals. The signs refer to the Signs of the Zodiac with their religious significance to acquaint man with his future inheritance in the heavenlies. The seasons from the Hebrew mowadah mean teaching groups or classes. The days and years refer to grades like a school as if earth life for man was a training period for future life. Here the word day is used to mean the daylight period of a solar day, averaging 12 hours. And let them be for lights in the firmament... And יְהוָה made two great lights, the greater light to RULE the day, and the lesser light to RULE the night: He made the stars also. יְהוָה did not create the sun and moon on this day, for plants requiring sunshine were already growing the previous day. He made them to rule the biological clocks within plants and animals to accommodate them to the zoned earth with its different zones. The sun and moon have a bearing on the germination of plants and their life cycles, length of day to length of night, and temperature of the day as compared to night temperature. These vary in all the global zones during the year. While the tropic zones were similar to prehistoric worlds, the temperate and arctic were very different, and this adjustment had now to be made for both plants and animals.

He made the stars also refers to the hibernation and migration of animals. Animals migrate in both land, sea and the air according to star positions. This is how they can return to their nesting area unerringly year after year. This factor now became very important for creatures living in a zoned globe. Seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres would reverse every year. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. Here the word yowm is used to mean an activity or operational period, whereas in a verse earlier in the same day it is used to mean the daylight hours. This is one more reason why we cannot give it a specific value in solar days.

And יְהוָה said, let the waters bring forth abundantly THE MOVING CREATURE WHICH HATH LIFE, and fowl that may fly above the earth. And יְהוָה created great whales, and EVERY LIVING CREATURE THAT MOVETH. The word whales is translated from the Hebrew word tanniym meaning reptiles. It means that marine life, reptiles and fowl were formed on this day. But the words and יְהוָה created every living creature that moveth indicates that He also recreated the life-energy-nuclei for ALL animals on this day, even though beasts and creepers were not formed until the day following. We must also take note of the sequence which is different in the created and formed to show that two different operations were involved. יְהוָה did the creating, the Word-energy-system did the making. The creating sequence is reptiles, fowl and fish; while the making is just the opposite. It is understood that reptiles include the amphibians. The two operations are further confirmed by verse 3 in chapter 2 which reads, And יְהוָה blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because that in it He rested from all His work which HE CREATED AND MADE.

The sixth day completes the forming of the other two phyla of animals to make up the Ecosphere which will supply the needs of man. The statement in Gen. 2:19 which reads, And out of the ground (elements) the L-rd יְהוָה formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air also applies to all six phyla of animated beings including the body of man. It shows that the elements and certain compounds are common denominators essential to all life. The plants and animals on the earth are here to supply man during his sojourn on the earth. Plants take in carbon dioxide and other animal products and give off oxygen; animals take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide and other excretes to feed plants. Both plants and animals are necessary to maintain the fertility and productivity of crop lands. Not one species is superfluous, for all have their own special functions as necessary integers in food and raw material producing chains. The number of individuals in each species is carefully managed by the "upholding" department of the Word-energy-system, for without Him was not anything made that was made. This includes all biotic chains of plants and animals. These chains include producers, consumers and reducers which reduce dead organic matter into components that can be used over and over again.

And יְהוָה said, let the earth bring forth the living creature, after his kind (life-energy pattern) cattle and creeping things and beast of the earth after his kind, and it was so. We note here again the order of the creation of their life energy-nuclei the previous day. Their actual making is different to emphasize that two operations are involved. And יְהוָה made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind and every thing that creepeth after his kind: and יְהוָה saw that it was good. That is, He approved the work of the Word-energy-system. Cattle after THEIR kind is unique in the genetic week. The other phyla are referred to as after HIS kind. Why? Because cattle, a sub-phyla of the beast phylum, are more docile than beasts. They were created to be domesticated by man and are amenable to greater variety than other phyla. There are many varieties of cows, horses, pigs, dogs and cats in their own species, but few varieties of beasts after his kind. There are over 100 varieties of dogs, "man's best friend," in the animal kingdom, but very few varieties of wild dogs. The creeping things refer to insects, which are so necessary to earth's vast Ecosystems. They represent the most highly skilled workers in the animal kingdom, and the energy principles they employ in their tiny bodies is fantastic. Some years ago a group of German scientists developed an airplane speed-indicator by using the principles in the eyes of a certain beetle. A bee is the world's best helicopter. It can fly forward, backward, sideways, up and down or even upside down without changing its body direction. Some insects can lift ten times their own weight. The grasshopper can jump thirty times its own length. Termites in hottest Africa build air conditioned mounds to keep cool. The auto pilot of an airliner follows the guidance principles in the eyes of the housefly. You may multiply these one million times, for there are over one million species of insects all working for you and me. They are pests only when they get into places they should not be.

This brings us to the second part of the sixth day, and the creation of living-soul man. Here in Gen. 1:26 the terminology changes to an elevated treatment to show that the creation of man excelled that of any other species. And יְהוָה said, let us make man in our image after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing. The let us make man hints at a council meeting of the G-dhead preceding the creation of man as a living-soul creation who would take the place of Lucifer and his subordinates who had ruined the previous world. Let us make man also shows that יְהוָה will supply man with the means to overcome Lucifer and his evil spirit through obedience to יְהוָה . Messianic Astronomy tells us that this meeting took place in 4699 BC at which time Malki Tzedik Yahusha as the Son of יְהוָה guaranteed the salvation of man if he fell into sin as did Lucifer. Since Lucifer, who had been created perfect, had failed through disobedience and self-will, man now would be tested and brought to perfection gradually and be tempered against doing evil. Man would learn that sin destroys a sinner by his own sins.

So יְהוָה created man in his own image (spiritually); in the image of יְהוָה created He him (mentally); male and female created He them (physically). Man therefore is also a triune being in the likeness of יְהוָה . Spirit in the image of יְהוָה the Father; soul in the image of יְהוָה the Holy Spirit; and body in the image of יְהוָה the Son. As originally created, the human body was to be subject to the human soul, the mind with its divine aspirations; the soul was to be subject to the human spirit, the subconscious mind the seat of the conscience or human guide; and the human spirit was to be subject to the Spirit of יְהוָה to be trained in all knowledge and G-dly enduements. This was the Divine Plan for living-soul man. And יְהוָה formed man of the dust of the ground (the elements) and breathed into his nostrils (or head) the breath of life (eternal) and man became a living soul. This in Hebrew was nephesh-nephesh a soul breathing, air breathing creature with immortal characteristics.

And יְהוָה blessed them and יְהוָה said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion. . . over every living thing. It is clear from the best evidence available that Adam was alone in the Garden for nearly four years before Eve, his wife, was provided for him. He had proved himself an apt student and an obedient subject with a deep appreciation of the knowledge of cosmical principles. Man's dominion was based on obedience in subduing all threats to their paradisiacal existence. It means that the living-soul man must be a self-disciplined entity drawing upon יְהוָה , that is breathing in His Spirit in order to maintain position as a right-thinking being. And יְהוָה said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed ... and every tree yielding fruit... to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast... every fowl. . . and everything wherein there is life. I have given every green herb for meat, and it was so. And the L-rd יְהוָה planted a garden, eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the L-rd יְהוָה to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Why the emphasis upon trees? Why not the flowers and shrubbery, herbs or vegetables which beautified the garden? Because the tree in scripture is used figuratively to mean a set of principles which are rooted in the Word Agency. They are fast and set, and faithfulness to these principles will determine man's destiny as he observes or abuses them. All the trees were pleasant to the sight or inspiring to the mind and soul to acquaint man with the Cosmic principles underlying יְהוָה 's Universe. They included all the knowledge necessary for a son of יְהוָה . The tree of knowledge of good and evil, or the mixture of the false with the true, was not pleasant to the sight nor was it good for food. It was poisonous, but a necessary warning to man to avoid evil which would render man unfit for cosmic rule like Lucifer. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. These are the generations1 or operations of the six days, of the heaven and of the earth when they were created or re-created. In the day that the L-rd יְהוָה made the earth and the heavens; and every plant and every herb for the present world. It is a brief summary of the entire six days identifying the L-rd יְהוָה , or Malki Tzedik Yahusha, as the recreator and maker in accord with the fulfillment of His original purpose, which was established before sin and evil entered the world through Lucifer. The word day here includes all the previous six days. And יְהוָה saw everything that He had made and behold, it was very good. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. This shows that the adjustments in the heavens were necessary to accommodate earth's solar system to a zoned earth. This adjustment includes an alteration in earth's magnetic field, which has lost more than a third of its intensity in magnetic flux since the creation of Adam. It is a scientific proof that Lucifer's influence on earth is to be limited. The day will come when evil and sin are eradicated forever.

1"Generations" from the Heb. Toledoth means records.

And on the seventh day יְהוָה ended his work which He had made. And יְהוָה blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, or established it for a sacred purpose, because that in it He had rested from all His work which יְהוָה created and made. From the preceding and this paragraph, we see that the works of the entire six days have to do with a restoration of the natural order we call Nature to supply the needs of man while he is undergoing a training period on earth to take over his future inheritance in the heavens. The seventh day has a much higher purpose, for it provides for the teaching, schooling and education of man to fulfill his future function in a very important responsible position in the heavens. Although, in the original creation, heaven and earth are treated as two different areas of operations, here in the re-creation they are handled as being closely related to the present and eternal function of man. In order to temper man against evil, it will be necessary to permit Lucifer to remain as an example of the end awaiting all those who rebel against Divine authority. Iniquity shall not rise the second time, Nahum 1:9. Thus the Creator provided insurance against the failure of man by instituting the provision for salvation by the Lamb of יְהוָה , slain from the foundation of the (present) world. This is why the tree of knowledge of good and evil was placed in the Garden of Eden as a warning signpost where Adam had to come every day to obtain his food. That Adam was apprised of Creator plan for him is shown by his writings in the ancient Sumerian, which language יְהוָה gave him. He was an astute scholar. Messianic Astronomy indicates that he was created in 4004 BC. During his four years in Eden, he learned the ecological function of every animal species and gave them suitable names, some of which are still known today. This feat has never been equaled, for there are over 5 million species of animals. Plato says that Adam knew all that could be known about Nature. But he was also knowledgeable of the Spiritual Order.

The fact that יְהוָה is now resting from creating physical life supporting ecosystems does not mean that He is inactive. And יְהוָה blessed the seventh day and sanctified it means that this seventh day is still being blessed for a very sanctified and sacred purpose, that is the teaching and schooling of man. With the fall of Adam and his wife Eve into sin, יְהוָה 's plan of salvation and redemption was immediately put into action and יְהוָה has now been working on this project ever since. The alternative plan agreed to at the time of the council meeting of the Echad/G-dhead 700 years earlier was now put in force. Adam and Eve apprised of this provision accepted the Saviour's offer of salvation and the forgiveness of their sin and were partially restored as children of יְהוָה . The alternate plan involved a probationary period of 7000 years from their ejection from Eden to the Great White Throne Judgment. During these 7000 years, the Holy Spirit would be enlisting men into the Divine Plan until the coming of Malki Tzedik Yahusha and His death and resurrection. After this, the Kingdom of Heaven would take over under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in preparing men for the coming Kingdom of יְהוָה . Messianic Astronomy predicted that the Saviour would be born of a virgin in 3996 anno calendari, or 4 BC, Julian Calendar. The New Testament Church Age would run for 2000 years closing with the Battle of Armageddon. After this, Malki Tzedik Yahusha would take over the nations of the world and introduce the Millennium, which would run for a thousand years closing with the day of Judgment. After the day of Judgment, the Universe would be renovated by fire. The elements would melt with fervent heat and be loosed from their chemical properties in favor of a new form of matter which is eternal. John the Revelator wrote, And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heaven and earth were passed away. This will be the last and permanent world, wherein dwelleth righteousness. There will be no more evil, sin, suffering or sorrow. Redeemed men will rule and reign with the Son of יְהוָה forever. Thus the seventh day will run to the end of time. It is "blessed" by יְהוָה for the purpose of preparing men to share the increase of His government which shall have no end, Isaiah 9:7. This is the truthful story of the seven days which will close with the complete removal of evil. יְהוָה the Creator will then begin creating again. His love will flow out unrestricted to envelop all existence in a paradise of loveliness, beauty and goodness which knows no limits. To be a part of that Kingdom is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. (For a more detailed explanation, the reader is referred to the author's work The History of Creation, which gives an entire chapter to the treatment of each day.)