A fascinating, informative series of studies in Theological-Science, in a progressive curriculum suitable for individual or group Bible studies. Readers will find their interest in the Bible greatly increased by the facts outlined in this series.

The True Author of the Bible; an Eye Witness
Witnesses Which Support Bible Truth
Bible Languages Especially Designed for the Purpose
Ancient Sacred and Scriptural Numerics
Divine Plan and Design in "All Things"
Bible Design and Organization
The Creator's Trademark, Use of the Sevens
Examples of Scriptural Numerics
Creator Trademark, the Number Seven
Spiritual Significance of Other Numbers
The Bible: The Greatest Source of Truth
Evidence of Planning in the Prehistoric "Worlds"
The Chaos of the Ice Ages
Comparing the Catastrophe with Noah's Flood
The Harmony of Bible and Science
The Scriptural Summary of the Bible


The subject of this study is called Some Scientific Aspects of the Bible. The material includes excerpts from the author's books, The History of Creation and Creationism, which may be used for reference or later study.

The Bible is not a book on Science, but it is the most scientific book ever written. The first two verses of the Bible show that the author was a member of the YHWHhead, the Holy Spirit, who moved holy men of יְהוָה to record the words He gave them. He was present with יְהוָה in the planning, engineering and creating of our Universe. He was an eyewitness of all things that were made, and He recorded things as He saw them from above. His vision was perfect, all-encompassing, and nothing escaped his notice or attention. He saw and wrote of things that men cannot possibly see with their limited vision. Man's vision is limited to a narrow light spectrum even though aided by telescopes and microscopes. The Holy Spirit can see things so small they do not affect light waves at all. Yet He inspired men to write about them because spiritual man some day will have similar enlarged vision. In the beginning יְהוָה created the heaven and the earth tells man that he must respect יְהוָה as Creator, Maker and the Revealer of Truth. Man must have a teachable attitude. Even though man cannot see everything, the Holy Spirit can reveal them by the things that are made. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. This shows that the Holy Spirit was an ever-present witness, with יְהוָה , looking down from above. This tells man that if he would understand the creation and mystery of origins he must see them as יְהוָה sees them, that is from the heavenly viewpoint and not the earthly view which is surrounded by darkness both physical and spiritual. יְהוָה can reveal His wonders only to those who have faith to believe and will open their hearts and minds to receive His truth. If you already know everything and your mind is full of your own ideas, you may have no room for the real truth about things as revealed by the Holy Spirit, Who is the Spirit of Truth, and custodian of Divine Knowledge. So let us open our minds to Him today and let Him teach us as He wants to do for that is His Ministry to men on earth.

Every word in the original writings which make up our Bible reflect the artistry of the Divine Author. The Bible is יְהוָה 's handiwork. It is really the world's greatest wonder. It reveals the Divine unity between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Mashiach in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The Author of the Bible was also the Inventor of Language, Astronomy, Mathematics, Theology and other branches of Science which He gave to the first man, Adam. יְהוָה 's first witness of His Divine Plan for living soul man was a mental witness in the heavens, the Star Gospel, symbolized in the Signs of the Zodiac mentioned in Gen. 1: 14. יְהוָה wanted men to know that they would some day inherit the Universe. This is why Astronomy was the first branch of natural science. The meaning of the Signs with their emphasis upon the Redeemer, His Redeemed and His future Kingdom were revealed to Adam in the ancient Sumerian language. This was the legal language of the faithful right down to the time of Mashiach. The Wisemen who came to find the Mashiach child were followers of this Star Gospel, which is similar to the Bible story of redemption. יְהוָה also gave the ancient Patriarchs the plans for the Great Pyramid, which tells the story of the Redeemer and His plan of Redemption in stone. It is the greatest depository of scientific information in the world outside of the Bible. It is a physical witness of יְהוָה 's plan for man in stone. Josephus, the Jewish historian, says that it was designed by יְהוָה and built by Adam, Seth and their helpers. Enoch was the Einstein of his day, and he so pleased יְהוָה that he was translated. This tells us that יְהוָה welcomes scientific research of His Divine Methods. The Pyramid with its strange passageways, markings, dimensions, angles and symbolism is a storehouse of astronomical, mathematical, meteorological, theological and other information. It will stand as a monument to Theodicy from the first to the last living-soul man on earth. So יְהוָה has given to mankind three outstanding observable witnesses of Divine Plan for the elevation of man. A mental witness in the Star Gospel; a physical witness in the Great Pyramid; and a spiritual witness in the Bible. All are full of scientific information. In the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. The first two corroborate and support the Bible, which has no equal as יְהוָה 's revelation to man. To the ancients, Theology was the Grand Science and all other branches of learning were of lesser import. And this is still true.

Now the message of the Star Gospel and the Great Pyramid were written in the ancient Sumerian. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. There is good evidence to show that Heber preserved the Hebrew language at the Dispersion, or confusion of tongues, at Babel. It was very much like the original Sumerian so that many who knew Sumerian could read the Hebrew and vice versa. We also know now that the Greek language was derived from the ancient Hebrew by a man named Taut on the island of Crete sometime later. Crete in ancient times was a Sumerian island. These three languages are unique in that alphabetical characters also serve as numerals. Thus every letter of their ancient alphabets has numerical significance as well as thought expression in words. Every word of the original Sumerian, Hebrew and Greek had a numerical value as well as meaning in conveying thought, especially in sacred matters, since it was recognized that language came from יְהוָה . Sir Arthur Hobbs, an Englishman and probably the world's greatest authority on ancient language, confirms that the original Sumerian and those יְהוָה gave at the Dispersion all came from יְהוָה . The original numbers in the Hebrew and Greek were also given by יְהוָה , with each word and each numeral having its own meaning. Originally the numbers used involved only up to thousands. A thousand thousands was used to mean a million. The primitive words then were limited to several thousand words which had very broad meanings. The word shamayim referred to the whole heaven with all its starry galaxies. The mayim referred to water as liquid, ice, snow or water vapor or mist, the meaning dependent upon its application in a given sentence. Thus the numerical values of the words helped to understand their meaning in the sacred writings. A knowledge of mathematics and appreciation of scriptural numerics is very helpful in a study or reading of the Bible. This also applies to the original Theology, or Star Gospel יְהוָה gave Adam, as well as the message of the Great Pyramid, which is a mathematical world wonder. It reveals that a vast amount of scientific knowledge was known by the Ancients.

Here are some of the numbers with their ancient meanings:

1.   One typifies יְהוָה , the Father, the Almighty One. He alone is First Cause, and first in everything. He is Sovereign, the first Person in the Universe. One also denotes unity of the G-dhead, composed of three Divine Persons. This unity is foreseen in that יְהוָה in three Persons is always denoted in the singular in the ancient writings.

2.   Two typifies the Son of יְהוָה , the Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, second member of the G-dhead. Two signifies a partnership. It denotes agreement and unity of direction and purpose. It denotes the harmony of perfection and unity of thought which make a heavenly culture possible.

3.   The number three denotes the third person of the YHWHhead, the Holy Spirit, but it also is used to denote all three members, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity. The Spirit of יְהוָה , the Spirit of Mashiach and the Holy Spirit unified as ONE יְהוָה .

4.   Four is the number of material creation.

5.   Five is the number of Divine Grace, including יְהוָה 's Love for man.

6.   Six is the number of man. He was created on the sixth day, in the sixth series of worlds.

7.   Seven is the number of the Creator's Trademark on His works which He created and made. It governs the weekly activities of man, the Ecosystem which supports man and the life cycles and gestation periods of every species. There are seven oceans, seven layers in the atmosphere, seven primary colors in light and seven notes in the musical octave.

8.   Eight is the number of the resurrection, of new life in Mashiach. The name  Malki Tzedik Yahusha has a numerical value of 888.

9.   Nine is the number of judgment, יְהוָה 's penalty upon sin. 

10. Ten is the number of ordinal completeness or perfection. There are ten gifts of the Holy Spirit of which "witnessing for Mashiach" is the first and most common.

11. Eleven is the number of incompleteness or lack of organization. 

12. Twelve is the number of Divinely appointed authority. There are 12 months in the year, 12 tribes, 12 apostles and there are 12 names of יְהוָה used in the Bible. It is a Divinely ordered Book.

13. Thirteen is the number of sin, of apostasy, of rebellion against יְהוָה and His Authority. Satan's names are all multiples of 13. There are 13 different Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible to define sin.

14. Fourteen is the number of Love, the fullness of love both human and Divine. Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel. The Jewish Passover is celebrated on the 14th of the Jewish month Nisan.

15. Fifteen is the number of Divine Grace exercised by the Divine Trinity. It is multiplied Grace. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach purchased 15 benefits for man when He died on the Cross.

17. Seventeen is the number of Divine and ordinal harmony, which is good. It is a combination of spiritual and natural orders working together to produce good and righteous men.

25. Twenty-five is the number of Grace multiplied by Grace.

27. Twenty-seven is the number of the Trinity intensified. It is 3x3x3, or יְהוָה 's Grace cubed, which completely surrounds His children at all times.

30. Thirty is the number of Divine perfection, produced by the Trinity. Thirty days in the month.

40. Forty is the number of Divine preparation for assignment. Moses was 40 years in Arabia; Malki Tzedik Yahusha spent 40 days in the wilderness. There are 40 personal pronouns in Isaiah 53, related to Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, as the Savior-Redeemer.

42. There were 42 stopping places for the children of Israel during the Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. Each one was a lesson in יְהוָה 's Provision for His children. There were also 42 generations from Abraham to Mashiach, which involved the history of יְהוָה 's chosen people, the children of the faithful. Beginning with Abraham יְהוָה wished to build up a Nation which would supposedly welcome the coming of the Messiah and herald the Gospel of Redemption to the nations of the world. No people on earth have enjoyed the prosperity or goodness of יְהוָה as did Israel while they were faithful to Him, and no nation has suffered as they have when they refused to cooperate with Him. Seven times they backslid, and six times He restored them to favor, but the seventh time He let them be carried into captivity under the domination of their enemies and scattered them to the far corners of the earth. The history of Israel is a treatise on the "dos and don'ts" of a proper relationship with יְהוָה by men.

50. Fifty is the number of Divine Grace multiplied by ordinal completeness, as ordered by the Son of יְהוָה . Pentecost fell upon men 50 days after the resurrection.

1000.  One thousand signifies יְהוָה 's Grace to men.

These are the most common numbers in scriptural numerics. There are many too complex for consideration here.

Scriptural numerics help us to understand HOW יְהוָה Plans and Works. The Bible thus shows us that יְהוָה first "plans His works and then He works His Plans." The first work of Creation is not found in Genesis; it is found in John's Gospel, which reveals the planning for Creation which preceded the in the beginning in Genesis. The first in the beginning was the Word tells us the Word already WAS. The word WORD is translated from the Greek Logos, which was derived from the Greek word lego meaning an architect and builder. He first laid out the blueprint. The same was existent long before the in the beginning of Genesis. The plans were fed into the Word before the first atom was created. יְהוָה first planned all things by time, numbers, size, weight, measure and all according to eternal values to accomplish His purposes. We can see His handiwork in everything if we take the time to look for it. But we must first know the Bible. It will tell us where to look for what we wish to know.

Only the Bible can show us the harmony between the spiritual and natural orders which יְהוָה , the Creator, set up to control all existence. The world is full of troubles because men ignore and disregard the principles which יְהוָה wove into all things in the beginning to insure a happy existence. But יְהוָה will help you and me to have a happy and successful life if we will learn and obey His Word. To know it we must study it.

The Bible has a sevenfold purpose, as explained in Psalms 103:1-5. The Bible also lists the Sevenfold Executive Ministry of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach in Hebrews 1:1-5. The Bible includes seven departments, or divisions. The Legal, the Prophetical, the Historical, the Poetical, the Gospels, the Acts of the Holy Spirit, and the Epistles. These three sevens all show the Creator's Trademark. No other book ever written has similar numeric structure and outline. The Bible has 66 inspired books, 6xll, to show that it is written for man while man undergoes a probationary period on the earth. The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit who used 35 writers to write it, telling them the words to use. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit are one and the same. There were 28 writers of the Old Testament, or 4x7, and 7 writers of the New Testament. This signifies that the Bible is the Revelation of יְהוָה 's Love and Grace to man, for 5 is the number of Divine Grace. Five and seven are the most prominent numbers used in scripture numeric.


The Creator's Trademark of sevens is very obvious in Bible structure:

1.  The Bible outlines the days of the week as seven; the seventh day being a day of rest and the worship of יְהוָה as Creator-Maker and Provider.

2.  It outlines the week of months. The seventh month of the twelve-month year is the month of the Hebrew Passover.

3.  It outlines the week of years, the seventh year being the year of land rest.

4.  It outlines the week of weeks of years, or 49 years, to be followed by the 50th year, the Year of Jubilee.

5.  It outlines the week of decades (or 70 weeks of years of Israel's troubles due to failure to keep the Covenants) found in Daniel's prophecies.

6.  It outlines the week of Millenniums, or 7000 years, from the creation of Adam to the Great White Throne Judgment.

7.  The week of Ages or Worlds referred to in the book of Hebrews. All the weeks carry the Creator's Trademark to show that the Creator is interested and involved in every activity affecting His man-creatures.

The Bible also refers to the prehistoric worlds which preceded our world. Science tells us there were six such series of worlds. The Bible also tells us that there will be a perfect world in the future that is eternal. This will be the seventh series.

Bible numerics apply to both spiritual and natural orders, which are mentioned in it. There are, for example, 3 phyla of plants and 6 phyla of animal species including the body of man who is an animated being. There were 7 days in the genetic week, the 7th being a day of rest, because all men, animals and machines need a day of rest after 6 days of activity. The day of rest is just as much a part of body recuperation as sleep. Actual statistics show that men produce more in 6 days than they do in 7 over a period of time. The Ford Motor Co. proved that machines last much longer and give better service if used only 6 days a week. יְהוָה treats the 7th day as if it were the most important of the week for man. If observed as it should be by Divine Worship, it invokes יְהוָה 's providential blessings on man's efforts the other 6 days as well.

As we have previously stated, the words of the original writings which make up our Bible are woven together in a numeric pattern that is miraculous and proof of Divine Authorship. This is true both of the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek where the alphabetical characters serve as letters as well as numbers. This is not true of translations regardless of the version, nor is it true of the Apocryphal writings. It applies only to the original writings. For example: In the beginning, יְהוָה created the heaven and the earth, is translated from 7 Hebrew words, Bereshith Elohim bara eth shamayim eth erets:

Total Hebrew letters is 28, or 4x7.
The first three words contain the subject and predicate; 14 letters or 2x7.
The last four words contain the object, or 14 letters which is 2x7.
There are two areas of operation: the heavens, 7 letters; the earth, 5 letters. The number 5 shows that earth will receive a measure of יְהוָה 's Grace not yet directed toward the heavens.
The main words are יְהוָה , heaven and earth, total 14 letters or 2x7.
The middle word eth has 3 letters.
The numeric value of יְהוָה , heavens and earth is 777 or lllx7.
The numeric value of bara is 203 or 29x7.
The numeric value of the first, middle and last letters is 133 or 19x7.
The value of all first and last letters in all the seven words is 1393 or 199x7.
The numeric value of the last letters of the first and last words is 490 or 7Ox7.

We could go through every word, phrase and sentence in the original writings of the Old Testament and find similar interwoven numerics, but our study would become very complex, for while Gen. 1:1 is largely a multiple of 7s other verses also use multiples of 3 and 5. The New Testament is still more complex for the letters, words and sentences are multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. For example: take Matthew 1:1-17 which lists the genealogy of Malki Tzedik Yahusha. There are 72 Greek words or 3x4x6, or 6xl2. Six is the number of man and 12 that of Divine Authority. Thus Malki Tzedik Yahusha came to earth under Divine Authority, as the Son of יְהוָה and Son of man. The numbers 3x4x6 means that the Trinity has authority over the material creation as well as man, and יְהוָה will eventually rule the earth as He rules heaven after man's probationary period is over and all sin eradicated. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach will eventually bring about the removal of sin and evil and restore the Universe and material creation to righteousness.

The numeric value of these 72 words is 42,364 or 6052x7. The value of the nouns is 56 or 8x7.
The conjunction "the" also occurs 56 times or 8x7.
There are two parts of the genealogy, first part is 11 verses, the last part is 6.
Eleven signifies probation and 6 points to man. Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach will be man's representative before the Supreme Court of Divine Justice.
The number of Greek words in the first 11 verses is 49 or 7x7.
The number of vowels is 140 or 2Ox7.
The number of consonants is 126 or 18x7.
The number of words which occur more than once is 35 or 5x7.
The number of words which occur once is 14 or 2x7.
The number of proper names is 35 or 5x7.
The number of male names is 28 or 4x7, and females 7. One city is named Babylon. It has 7 letters.

Every word and sentence in the original Greek writings of the New Testament have similar numeric values. Although there are over 100 Apocryphal books credited to numerous writers, not one of these has the interwoven numeric values as do the original 66 books. This tells us that the books of the Bible were Divinely inspired. The Apocryphal were not so inspired. A thousand men working full time since the day of Adam could never put these 66 books together as they are constructed by the Divine Author.

Although the Bible may have more writers than 35, only 35 are mentioned to show that these writers also were Divinely appointed:

The numerical value of the Old Testament writers is 7931 or 1133x7.
The value of the first and last writers, Moses and John, are 1414 or 202x7
Numeric value of Hebrew writers names is 3808 or 544x7.
The numeric value of the Greek writers names is 4123 or 589x7.
There are 7 names of Old Testament writers mentioned in the New Testament.
The numeric value of these names is 1554 or 222x7.
These names occur in the Old Testament 2310 times or 33Ox7.
Moses' name occurs 847 times or 12lx7.

We have already mentioned that the entire Bible has seven major divisions. The central chapter is Psalms 117 with but two verses. Praise the Lord all ye nations: praise Him all ye people; For His merciful kindness is great towards us, and the truth of the Lord endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord. The central verse is Psalms 103 verse 2. Bless the Lord 0 my soul, and forget not all His benefits. These verses are positioned in a manner to draw man's attention to their meaning. These verses also have their interwoven numerical values, but we believe that we have already covered this phenomena sufficiently and we will now give attention to other numeric features of Bible construction and meaning.

The seventh day of the week was a Holy Day and not a holiday. It was to be used for meditation and worship of the Creator who made all things.

The seventh month of the Hebrew year was the month of festivals. Every seventh year for the Hebrews was a year of rest for the land, the beasts and men. After 7 sevens or 49 years, the 50th year was the year of Jubilee. All slaves were freed and all properties reverted back to their original family lines of ownership.

There are seven pillars of Wisdom referred to in the Bible.

Now we deal with things related to both the spiritual and natural orders, for יְהוָה the Creator is the maker of all and everything He made carries His Trademark like a water mark in paper or symbol used by modem manufacturers. The Bible says, The Word of יְהוָה is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit (or spiritual things) and the joints and the marrow (or natural things) and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, Heb 4:12. So the Bible involves knowledge of both spiritual and natural orders.

There are seven spirits of יְהוָה . . . seven eyes, seven horns and seven lamps associated with the construction of matter. These refer to energy, principals, kinds and the chemical properties of the elements of matter.

The elements are classified by science into seven periods in the periodic table of elements.

Matter can be divided into seven aspects or divisions.

There are seven baptisms which are associated with the foundational principles of the "doctrine of baptisms" according to Hebrews 6:1-3.

Seven is the number which governs the gestation periods, or reproduction days of all animal species. Chicken eggs hatch in 21 days, ducks 28, others in 35 days, golden eagles in 21 days but imperial eagles in 35; quail and owls in 21 days, hawks in 28, penguins in 49, cassoway in 42, the emu in 56, ostrich in 42 and so forth. Similarly all animals have gestation periods divisible by 7, from 14 days and up to 280 for man and 308 for elephants. They all carry the Creator's Trademark. We have already mentioned that there are seven features of matter. We live in a seven layered atmosphere, and we sail on the seven seas. And considering יְהוָה 's Divine Plan for the salvation, redemption and fitting of man for eternal life, we also see the evidence of the Creator's Trademark.

The Bible mentions the seven churches, the seven angels of the churches, the seven candle sticks, the seven trumpets and other sevens to show mathematically that יְהוָה not only created man for earth life but also for a sacred purpose related to the Universe.

While the number 7 is probably the most numerous in the numeric relation, other numbers are also significant. The number 8 is the number of resurrection and new life in Mashiach:

The name Malki Tzedik Yahusha has a numerical value of 888 or 111x8. The Mashiach has a value of 1480 or 185x8.
Saviour has a value of 1408 or 176x8.
The value of Lord is 800 or lOOx8. 100 is the number of perfection.
Messiah is 656 or 82x8.
The Son of Man is 2960 or 37Ox8. The Truth is 64 or 8x8.
The harvest has a value of 704 or 88x8.
David, a type of Mashiach, was the 8th son of Jesse.
There are 8 overcomeths in the book of Revelation which have to do with the victory of the Mashiachian in his preparation for sharing for the future Universe with Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach.

The numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12 are also very important numbers related to man's life on earth, but these merit more consideration than we can give them here, except to say in passing, that 9 and multiples thereof show that man without יְהוָה is incomplete. Man's life on earth averages three score years and ten, or 70 years which is 7xlO. Ten is the number of ordinal completeness; it is the first number with two digits to show that the whole man needs יְהוָה as his partner. If man does not welcome יְהוָה in his life, he will serve the devil, even though he may not know that this is true. Man without יְהוָה is a derelict, with no meaning to his life. The number 11 depicts this unregenerate state of man as a hazard to his fellowman. This is why we have so many wars and human quarrels. Twelve is the number of Divine Authority or government. There are 12 energy-systems mentioned in the Bible which underlie all existence. This shows that יְהוָה is sovereign over everything. He permits evil to exist in this world to prove that evil is wrong and detrimental and must be avoided by those who desire happy and fruitful lives.

Thirteen is the number of evil and sin. There are 13 Primary Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible to describe sin. The greatest sin is lack of respect for יְהוָה who is all Good.

The word serpents has a numerical value of 780 or 6Oxl3.
Dragon used in the Bible to describe Satan has a value of 975 or 75xl3.
Belial is 78 or 6xl3.
Tempter is 1053 or 8lxl3.
Murderer has a value of 1820 or l4Oxl3.
Called the devil and Satan has a value of 2197 or 13xl3xl3, which is very significant.
The title, Malki Tzedik Yahusha/Jesus of Nazareth has the same value to show that He became SIN to deliver all men who would receive Him as their personal Saviour.

We could go on and on, but enough has been said to convince anyone that the Bible, in the original writings, was put together by Divine Intelligence.

While the Bible is not a book on natural science, it is nevertheless the most scientific book ever written. Science is defined by Webster as systematized knowledge. The Bible includes over 30,000 cosmical principles which are allied with all existence on the earth, and the future of the universe. All the man-made books put together do not begin to approach this many principles of truth. The Bible shows that the Cosmos was carefully planned in advance. יְהוָה is now working that Plan. It also shows the following:

Heaven and earth are undergoing different treatments, which is scientifically true.

The Bible shows that element components are made up of two classes of components, the nuclear and the electronic, and this is scientifically true. Thus the Bible is proved by Nuclear Science.

When first created in enormous energy, high temperature and pressure pools, these components were too hot to assemble, or were without form and void as the Bible says. They had to cool for several billion years before they could be assembled and given their chemical properties. This too is known by science.

The Bible describes the Universe as being spherical in the words the circuit of the heavens. This also has been proven by scientific investigation. Thus the Bible is proven by Astronomical Science.

The Bible lists three phyla in the Plant Kingdom. Every horticulturist knows this to be true. There are of course many sub-phyla. But grasses, herbs and trees are classified in the Bible according to their ecological food value to creature life. This is in accord with Botanical Science.

The Bible also mentions six phyla of animated creatures including the body of man. This too is common knowledge. The Bible mentions the phylum and kinds or species. It takes for granted that the Bible scholar will know that this includes the in-between divisions, such as subphylum, orders, families and genera, just as one describing the alphabet would explain it as including all the letters between A and Z. This is in accord with Biological Science.

The Bible explains the formation of the elements as follows: I have made the Earth ... the Beast ... and the Man by MY GREAT POWER. Which means that He used energy attraction. Einstein's formula for matter shows that it is principally energy. This is in accord with Nuclear Physics.

He telleth the number of the stars and calleth them all by name means that He ordered the composition of every celestial body and gave it a suitable name. This applies also to the planets. This is in accord with Spectral Astronomy.

He formed the galaxies and solar system by similar energy attraction. When I call they stand up means that when He ordered it they took their appointed positions. This is the only explanation ever offered which satisfies the evidence in the heavens as well as the earth. This is confirmed by Astronomy.

The Bible also tells us that there were many prehistoric worlds in our earth before it was ready for human occupation.

Through FAITH we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of יְהוָה . The word framed from the Greek kartartin means completed over a series of operations. Each world made its own contribution to the manufacture and storage of the natural resources in the Earth. It took millions upon millions of years to produce the fossil fuels, and rich crop soils we now enjoy. This is proven by Geological Science. This subject will be covered in another study. We will only touch on them briefly here to show the engineering and planning involved.

These prehistoric worlds are readily confirmed by the rock strata under the earth's surface today. The Bible calls these rock strata garments or coverings which clothed the earth in past geological eras. Each garment was then covered by a vesture or different covering of eroded ground materials in preparation for the next world. Each world had its own complement of plants and animals suited to do the job to be done, and after their work was finished they became extinct. This has been such a problem to evolutionists who have no answers for such changes.

The Bible explains that the garments and vestures shall be changed (Ps. 102:25-26). This includes changes in atmospheric compositions, climates, ocean and land changes and changes in plant life and animal species. This is shown by Stratigraphical Geology and Paleontology:

There was an Age of Protozoans which produced innumerable quantities of proteins for later use by other forms of life.

There was an Age of Marine Life used to fertilize the shallow soils.

There was an Age of Reptiles used to cultivate the soils and press plant life into the mud where this material would also enrich the soils.

There was an Age of Birds to scatter seeds everywhere.

Then there was an Age of Plant Life with vegetation that would cover a six story building adding layer upon layer of vegetation, which became the substance for fossil fuels, the oils and petroleum products we enjoy today.

Then there was an Age of Dinosaurs used to press the vegetation into the mud pressing out the vegetable acids and fats, which became the natural gases and fuels to heat our homes and power our industries.

Then there were several worlds which processed these materials by heat and pressure. It is called the Mezozoic Era in Geology.

Then there was another series of worlds called the Cenozoic Era with six or seven worlds to put the finishing touches in the earth as a habitat for man. This is also called the Age of Mammals, animals which are so valuable to man.

These things did not happen by accident. They were carefully planned.

The last world before our present world was so beautiful it was called the Garden of יְהוָה . The whole globe was a tropical earth from pole to pole and covered with tropical plants and animals. This is proved by the presence of coal, oil and tropical and animal fossils under the polar ice fields.

The Earth was now ready for man. But then something happened. Lucifer and his angels, who had been the managers of the prehistoric worlds, now rebelled against יְהוָה and the Divine Plan and decided to take over the Universe for themselves. Lucifer could not create or make, but he did manage the populations of plants and animals.

Lucifer was never in sympathy with the creation of men to take over the earth. He wanted it for himself. He did all he could to weaken prehistoric men and frustrate them, according to the Bible. יְהוָה warned Lucifer of the consequences of his rebellion, but he refused to heed the warning and יְהוָה was forced to bring judgment upon the prehistoric earth and destroy the contaminated animals whose purpose Lucifer had perverted for his own use.

So יְהוָה shifted the earth's axis position and changed the tropical earth to a zoned earth causing the Ice Ages, which ended in the destruction of all life. Only the Bible has an explanation for the Ice Ages and their phenomena as well as the Great Catastrophe related to them. This is easily verified by scientific investigation. The Earth reeled to and fro, the North Pole varying all the way from Greenland to the middle of the Pacific Ocean several times. We know this from the solidification of magnetic ores extruded by volcanoes which froze into position as they cooled.

Only the Catastrophe gives meaning to the huge stone faces in Easter Island put there by Lucifer's subordinates. Stonehenge may be a similar phenomenon. Plato's writings of a lost Atlantis, and other islands now far below the sea, were based on the legends of the ancients who knew about the Catastrophe. יְהוָה had revealed some of the details to Adam, who mentions them in his writings. Charles Darwin also mentions them but could not explain the destruction of animals about the globe. The Chaldean Creation tablets mention the chaos of the Catastrophe for the evidence of it lay all about the first generations of intellectual man.

The Bible explains the difference between Noah's flood and the Catastrophe so that anyone who knows the Bible will not confuse the two. Noah's deluge was a quiet flood involving less than a year, and the Ark without sail or rudder drifted less than 400 miles. The Catastrophe was very violent, with flood waters and ice movements carrying large boulders for thousands of miles and even up high slopes. There are in fact foreign silts in Alaska from all over the earth. There is such a deposit of foreign silts in French Gulch near Fairbanks, Alaska, which is over 400 feet deep and more than 3/4ths mile wide. These were deposited in valleys there by violent waters. Catastrophe evidence is global whereas Noah's flood silts are local. Noah's flood silts are but a few feet thick and found only in the Euphrates River and nearby valleys, whereas Catastrophe silts are hundreds of feet in depth and are found all about the globe. Noah's flood did not erode crop lands, whereas the Catastrophe with ice field movement and swirling waters changed former tropical lands covered with lush vegetation into deserts which dot the earth today.

The apostle Peter explains that all life perished during the Catastrophe. This was not true of Noah's flood. Noah sent out a dove on two different days. On the second day the dove returned with a live olive sprig in its beak which if had secured from a growing tree to show that plant life did not perish. After the Catastrophe it was, however, necessary to restore plant life from seeds on the third day to show that all plant life had perished as Peter said. This explains why the six days of Genesis are days of restoration and recreation. They have no connection with the original prehistoric earth. Thus the Bible answered many questions which the natural sciences cannot answer. The ancient intellectuals in fact looked upon Theology, or the knowledge of יְהוָה , as the main science and all other branches of science were just minor parts of all learning. This is still true. Strange it is, that many scientists as well as some Bible readers look upon science as anti-Bible. This is just not true. It is oppositions of science falsely so called that is detrimental to all learning.

We are today seeing a revival of the ancient science of Creationism, which is a part or subdivision of Theological Science, the Grand Science of all science. Theological Science is made up of Theology and Science. Theology is the knowledge of יְהוָה and His Ways. Science is knowledge in its proper order. Thus Theological Science is the study of יְהוָה 's order and system in the Universe. It is based on the Bible and the natural sciences and shows the harmony between יְהוָה and His Creation. Creationism is a study of how יְהוָה created, made and now upholds all things. It gives import and meaning to every aspect of life on earth, a fascinating story indeed.

Some scientific aspects of the Bible would not be complete without an explanation of the summary of the Bible included in the Book of Isaiah. It is a most impressive fact that the Prophet Isaiah wrote a summary of the Bible about 800 BC before most of the other books had ever been written. He could not possibly have known these other writers or what they would write about. But the Holy Spirit, who inspired him to write the summary, did know what was still to come, and He gave Isaiah the words to write in sixty-six chapters. Each chapter is a brief synopsis of one of the other books of the Bible. For example: Chapter one is a commentary on Genesis; Chapter thirty-nine, a commentary on Malachi; Chapter forty, a commentary on Matthew; Chapter sixty-six, a commentary on Revelation. The ancients always divided Isaiah into two parts, which they called lst and 2nd Isaiah. The first part had 39 chapters, and the second part 27 chapters corresponding to the books in the Old Testament with its 39 books and the New Testament with 27 books. How did Isaiah know that there would be a New Testament? Perhaps he did not. But the Holy Spirit, the Divine Author of the Bible knew it, and He so ordered it. This is one of the greatest proofs of the Divine Authorship and Planning of the Bible. It should be ample evidence thereof for anyone.