Man was created a teachable creature, to be taught and trained for Cosmical rule over the created works of יְהוָה . Adam, before sin dulled his senses, was at least twenty times smarter than the smartest of men today. Yahusha spent 90% of His time on Earth to teach spiritual principles and their dominance over the Natural Order and the circumstances of life. After He left, He sent the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit to continue His teaching. He knew that redeemed men would need it, for now and eternity.

The Creator is now Creating Sons of יְהוָה to Share the Future Universe with Him
Importance of Education in Eternal Principles
Which Bible Version and Why?
How יְהוָה Makes Men Ready for His Purpose
Admission Requirements for Divine Tutoring and Schooling
A Humble, Submissive and Teachable Mind is Essential. Five Conditions
יְהוָה 's Educational Process is Progressive-It Merits Daily Effort
Comparing Divine and Human Educational Programs
The Four Phases of יְהוָה 's Tutoring Program
Phase One: How to Handle Sin, or Justification by Faith
Phase Two: Sanctification, through Regeneration
Phase Three: Equipping Redeemed Men
How the Divine Trinity/El-Elohe-Israel Works through Redeemed Men
The Divine Equipping, Administration, and Empowering of Divine Gifts
The Original Divine Theocracy Reveals that יְהוָה would Share Men's Lives
The Sumerians, the First Civilization, a Theocracy

The mind of living-soul man was made of יְהוָה 's breath of life, an eternal reality in the image of יְהוָה with near infinite potentials for holding knowledge. The Person who supplied the pattern for the image was Yahusha, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. He plans to bring redeemed man up to His own approximation and capability in the eternity to come. This is why man was created in His image and likeness and why the Bible Author emphasizes let us make man for only יְהוָה Himself can teach, train and prepare Man for such exalted position.

There are many other reasons for this Divine Education. Cosmic phenomena, laws and principles, so important in the operation of the Universe, are over 95% invisible, and undetectable by present day human vision, even with electronic equipment. The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world (this one) are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and G-dhead. Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. These invisibles must be illuminated by the Word, and confirmed by things that are made which can be seen.

In the beginning was the Word ... All things were made by Him ... In Him was life and the Life (life-energy complex for living-soul) was the light of men. This means that the Word also has the capability of illuminating the mind of man. This is a most important provision for redeemed men. It includes the spiritual invisibles which dominate all existence and order. The Word of יְהוָה is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit (spiritual things) and the joints and the marrow (natural things) and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

This study comprises an explanation of HOW יְהוָה educates and trains a redeemed soul for dominion over this life and future position in His Divine Plan for the Universe. The Bible shows that the present earth is only the beginning of a carefully planned operation for the populating of the entire Universe. Redeemed man holds a very important place in this plan. Our galaxy includes thousands of young planets which were being prepared for such future habitation until Sin emerged. Scriptures explain that some day redeemed men will rule and reign such planets with יְהוָה . This means that redeemed men will have some learning and growing up to do before they share His rule over the whole Universe. This is not strange, for all who would become successful in this life must first be trained and schooled in various arts or branches of learning. How much more important it is that men be trained for eternal responsibilities.

Our forefathers who colonized these United States set up a public school system which is largely responsible for the highest living standards ever enjoyed by any nation on earth. It has become the example for other educational programs throughout the world, because of the superlative quality of its teaching methods which included the teaching of spiritual principles. The Bible originally was the main textbook, and the first school teachers were ministers. In fact the original statutes involving public school legislation established in 1787 include the following clause, namely, "Religion and morality being necessary for good government ... the study of the Bible shall forever be encouraged." The school curriculum as well as most of the legislative laws of the Colonists were based on the Bible. יְהוָה has wonderfully blessed our country in times past for this reason. There is no doubt that יְהוָה Himself had a hand in laying out the educational system in the United States.

Our educational system is divided into three main departments for three stages of development in the life of the scholar. These three departments involve Grade Schools which teach our youngsters the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic as well as other subjects to prepare them how to LIVE in a highly industrialized society. Language develops the art of communication. Mathematics develop the ability to solve problems. Earthly life is full of these. History develops the memory. Grade, or grammar schools as they are sometimes called, fulfill a most important function. The High Schools, with their subjects and classes, are designed to teach young people how to THINK in accord with the best methods, experience and knowledge accumulated by mankind in the last 60 centuries. The ability to think clearly is an essential for every person who would make something of himself in this life. He who has been attentive will find it much easier to meet the challenges of a college education which is generally designed to teach young adults how to WORK and capitalize on their talents. Statistics show that a high school graduate produces and accumulates about twice as much as a grade school graduate, whereas the college graduate will more than double the production and earnings of a high school graduate. This, because their training has made them more valuable to a potential employer. No one questions the value of a good education as a basis for a happy and prosperous life. Statistics show that it requires 15 to 20 years of training to discover personal talents and then develop them to the highest proficiency. Educational programs have two phases, a theoretical phase and a practical phase. The theoretical involves the acquisition of knowledge; the practical teaches how to use such knowledge to best advantage. One is as important as the other. This is true for this life and more so for the life hereafter. The latter is in fact much more important because it is forever. יְהוָה 's schooling and training for redeemed men is similar in essential purpose. However, where public schooling is training for simple temporal life, יְהוָה 's educational program prepares for complex life in an eternal paradise. יְהוָה 's educational program (or plan) involves a lifetime of study and learning, for the volume of knowledge to be acquired in relation to life in the Universe far exceeds that associated with physical life on earth. But it is also true that the knowledge of natural and spiritual principles in exercising dominion over earthly circumstances are a good introduction to the higher learning associated with יְהוָה 's training for an eternal vocation as sons of יְהוָה . Of course, every new convert should know that the moment he accepts Yahusha as his personal Saviour, he becomes a citizen of the Universe although he is still a resident of earth. Why doesn't יְהוָה take the redeemed person to Heaven the moment that he is converted and saved? The answer is simple. Because He wants that person to undergo the training and schooling He has provided here. Earth life is a school room for life in the World to come. The Bible says, study the Word to show thyself approved of יְהוָה Titus 2:15. If a person learns how to use the Word of יְהוָה in this life, he will know how to use it in the life to come. This is very important, for the Word-Agency is יְהוָה 's tool in making and manufacturing everything. All things were made by Him, John 1:3, and He is upholding all things, Heb. 1:3. This is just as true of eternal life as it is of this life, for the Word of יְהוָה is eternal. Heaven and earth may pass away, but My Word shall never pass away, Yahusha said. The Word-Agency is יְהוָה 's building mechanism. Redeemed men need to know how it operates and cooperate with it, just as we need to know the laws of Nature now and cooperate with them. The Bible explains that there is a spiritual order and a natural order. Public schools teach men about the natural order, and יְהוָה 's educational plan teaches redeemed men about the Spiritual Order. When a person is converted, his human spirit is resensitized to see and understand the spiritual order. This born again spiritual sensorium is fed and activated by spiritual stimuli which issue from the Word and Spirit of יְהוָה . The instructions are to "ask, seek and knock." This is a personal matter. The word knock elevates spiritual impressions and thought conveyance above normal mental and physical procedures. The word knock implies further, that יְהוָה through His Word and Spirit must open up understanding to you and me personally. This is why His Word, illuminated by His own Spirit, is so important in His personal tutoring and teaching of men.

We will in our study use the English King James version of the Bible and refer to the original Hebrew and Greek wherever this is more accurate or makes the meaning more clear. The King James version, while considered outdated by many modern readers, is yet probably the most scholarly version ever written. It enjoys the blessing of יְהוָה on its pages like no other version because of its close adherence to the original writings. The Ruach Ha Kodesh/Holy Spirit inspired the original words and who, pray tell, can interpret them better than He can? Many other versions and paraphrases have been compiled to attempt simpler reading, but they all lack the clarity and unction of the Holy Spirit who justly prefers to energize and illuminate His own Words. The Words that I speak unto you they are Spirit, they are life. This cannot be said of other versions. The words of the original Bible are, therefore, the preferred vehicle יְהוָה uses to convey His thoughts and teachings to mankind. No words of men have the same self-revealing quality as do the sacred words of יְהוָה in the original Hebrew and Greek. These are eternal, all-knowing, all-seeing and all-penetrating.

The Bible says, In the beginning WAS the Word... All things were made by Him, including the human mind. In Him was life and the life was the light of men. This means that spiritual life includes spiritual light from יְהוָה on His Word. The Word which made the human mind also knows how to align and give understanding to all human minds, although these may be different. Just as every flower and tree leaf is different so every human soul is different. There are no two exactly alike, for יְהוָה in His infinite capability is the Author of variety as a quality of beauty and personal fitness for a definite position. Men can help you understand by giving you the right scriptures, but only יְהוָה can make you understand them. Let us make man means exactly what it says. Let יְהוָה teach you what He wants you to know. He has a special place in eternity just for you that only you can fill after you are trained for it. So יְהוָה knows the making of every human soul and its needs in this life and the next. He wants your permission to let Him make you a fit subject for the Kingdom of יְהוָה . You cannot follow the pattern of another human and fulfill יְהוָה 's purpose. This is why you must allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. The words of Yahusha they are Spirit means they are alive and energized to excite responsive centers in your mind (soul) and spirit. This is not true of human versions which may change the meaning entirely. Man's word does not activate the Word-Agency like יְהוָה 's command does.

There are, of course, conditions to be met by those who would become participants in יְהוָה 's educational plan. יְהוָה does not reveal His teachings to one who refuses to cooperate with Him. Nor does He exalt a novice who may use his education unwisely. The purpose of His Personal Tutoring is for the sharing of responsibility in Eternity with Him. This demands moral perfection, right thinking and righteousness tempered against evil. This world and its human mistakes and moral degeneration proves that a paradisiacal world requires a high degree of self-discipline. any other conditions would soon destroy Paradise as Adam and Eve found out in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps it should be cited here that teaching pupils in the secular schools is a guided self-effort. The teacher actually does only 5% of the work, and the student must do 95% in the classroom and later homework. The teacher need only supply the subject matter of the lesson or lesson outline, and the student must make the effort to grasp and understand it. This student effort stimulates the activity of neurons in the human brain, and these neurons then take position in the brain in convolutions to retain and store the knowledge learned. The brain of the worker actually has thousands of convolutions and wrinkles which hold stored knowledge, whereas the brain of the lazy student looks as smooth as a glass ball by comparison. This is also true of the student seeking spiritual knowledge. Those who put forth the effort to seek the truth will find that the Holy Spirit is weaving the truth into every part of the soul, which is the seat of the mind. It is the weaving of the truth of יְהוָה into the soul and mind which is the basis of the life more abundant which Yahusha spoke about. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. That is, free from human error, mistakes, failure, misery and boredom as well as free from spiritual, mental and physical poverty. Yahusha said, Seek ye first the kingdom of יְהוָה and His righteousness for yourselves and all these other things you need shall be added unto you. This is true. It works. How does it work? This is somewhat complicated. But like your body which must have food to maintain physical life, your soul and mind must have spiritual food, which is the Word of יְהוָה , to maintain a healthy mind. Man liveth not by bread alone ... but by every Word of יְהוָה , Deut. 8:3. Just as the body blood stream carries food energy to every cell of your body, the Holy Spirit carries spiritual food to every soul-nuclei in your mind. Yahusha) said, I am the bread of life; He that cometh to me shall never hunger, he that believeth on me shall never thirst. He was referring to spiritual food and drink, which is just as important as food and drink for the body. Therefore, knowing the Word and its function is most important.

In the beginning יְהוָה created implies that those who would understand יְהוָה and His works must possess a teachable, humble and submissive attitude as well as a communicable relationship with יְהוָה , the Teacher and Revealer of His Word. For how can one teach another if they cannot communicate? This is why Yahusha said, I will pray the Father ... He will give you another comforter who will teach you all things. The words teach you applies to those who are "born again" of the Spirit of יְהוָה . This is plain, for His "teaching" is a spiritual transfer of His thoughts in all things. "All things" applies to both spiritual and natural matters.

The second condition for the seeker of Divine knowledge is respect for the Divine Teacher, the Holy Spirit, who is the recording secretary of the יְהוָה -Head. The first two sentences of the Bible, written by Moses, were dictated by the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, who is also the Holy Spirit, who foresaw the need of schooling men in preparation for Divine assignment. This means that if we are to understand Divine Intent at all we must let the Holy Spirit reveal it to us as He sees it from the Heavenly or eternal viewpoint. The Holy Spirit is also the Spirit of Truth, John 14:6. He inspired every Word of the original sixty-six books of the Bible, for Holy men of יְהוָה spake (or wrote) as they were moved by the Holy Spirit as Peter says. The Holy Spirit may use anyone of a thousand ways to teach and tutor men, but He always employs the Word of יְהוָה . The Psalmist said, In THY light shall we see light, which means that the Holy Spirit sheds a revealing light on the Word so that men may be informed and educated in יְהוָה 's eternal principles. The Bible says of יְהוָה 's servants who preach and spread the Gospel, ye have an unction of the Holy One, which means that the Holy Spirit anoints believers in Mashiach with the power of witnessing which is the manifestation of the Spirit in every believer. There is a good reason why יְהוָה has appointed the Holy Spirit to reveal His Word. No man can understand the Bible or its teachings without Him. We must learn to read the Word and pray at the same time, and this private tutor will give us understanding.

A third condition for the Bible scholar is respect for the Word of יְהוָה as being the legal, sacred and authoritative testament of יְהוָה . The Bible in its original writings is no ordinary book. It is the greatest wonder in the world. There is no other book like it, and it reveals יְהוָה as no other object in the Universe that is available to man. The heavens declare the glory of יְהוָה and nature reveals His works, but only the Bible reveals יְהוָה himself to man in a way that cannot be revealed in any other way. Thou hast magnified thy Word above all thy name means that the Word is second only to יְהוָה Himself and is the greatest manifestation of Himself, His works, His methods, His ways and His purposes. When we pick up the Bible and begin to read, we must remember that it is יְהוָה Himself Who is speaking to us. The thoughts are Divine, not human. The ideas are His, not man's. They involve over 30,000 Divine principles which are enforced by Divine Power. These principles work and do not fail. They make no mistakes. They are always successful, regardless of human evaluation. They involve the basics of a victorious life now, as well as the foundation for eternal life; they are not temporary or short-lived as are the works of men. Heaven and earth may pass away but my words shall never pass away. The Word of יְהוָה is quick (alive) and powerful; piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit (which are spiritual things) and the joints and the marrow (which are natural things) and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, Hebrews 4:12. This tells us that the Word is the final authority over the spiritual order, as well as the natural order we call Nature. It is sensitive to every man's attitude and receptivity.

A fourth condition for the one who would profit from Divine teaching is submission to the Will of יְהוָה for making one over as a fit subject for the family of יְהוָה . The words, let US make man means that only יְהוָה Himself can teach and train you, make you over and equip you for the particular function He has for you in the world to come. Not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy HE SAVED US, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, Titus 3:5. Another scripture refers to the washing of the Word. Thus the Bible scholar who would be trained in Divine principle for the exploitation of powerful spiritual forces, must submit to being cleansed, washed, scrubbed and polished by the Word. The most beautiful gemstones are those which have been subject to extensive cutting, coarse grinding, washing, then fine grinding, more washing and then polishing. This operation is likened to suffering in our textbook. יְהוָה uses the circumstances of life to do the cutting and grinding, and the Word for washing away the grit and dirt of sin filled atmosphere, and then more of the Word until the human personality and spirit are made into a likeness of Yahusha who is the perfect one. But even He went through the suffering process as the Son of Man while He was on earth to prove its effectiveness. Yahusha had a most wonderful magnetic personality. He was the most lovable and loving person who ever walked the earth. To become like Him is the height of human attainment.

The fifth and final condition for the Bible scholar is to establish his schoolroom. This should be a quiet place in his own home where he can concentrate on the Word daily. True, he should attend a Bible-believing church where the Gospel is preached. He should participate regularly with others of Bible faith and conviction. But the church cannot take the place of the prayer closet as the Bible calls it, where he can get alone with יְהוָה . Group Bible studies are inspiring and educational, but יְהוָה does not make people in groups. He makes individuals. Most groups know very little about the soul-needs of the individual, for only יְהוָה knows the inner heart and development needed. These must be handled by the Holy Spirit employing the Word in private devotions. Once this practice has begun, the scholar will find the Holy Spirit the sweetest and most thoughtful Person in the world. The Holy Spirit is your personal Tutor and Guide. The Bible says As many as are led by the Spirit of יְהוָה , these are the Sons of יְהוָה . You are to be submissive to other Christians, but only the Holy Spirit can lead you into the fullness of your inheritance in the Kingdom of יְהוָה . Men cannot guide you in this, but יְהוָה will use other Christians to help you in other ways. The Holy Spirit knows you completely. Others do not. He knows exactly what you need and how to attain יְהוָה 's plan for your life now and in eternity. One of the most important aspects of our private class room is freedom from distractions, so that your thoughts and attention can be focused on the Truth in the Word. The Spirit of Truth makes the Words alive and weaves them into your eternal mind.

So now that we have explained these five conditions, we are ready to proceed. We will have faith in the Word and the Teacher even though we may not always understand it all. We must remember that the natural order and the spiritual order were made for sinless men at least 20 times smarter than we are, so we will need a lot of patience and perseverance but the results will be worth it. According to Plato, the Greek philosopher who was familiar with the writings of Adam, Adam had access to Divine knowledge involving everything that might be known about the Universe, before he fell into sin. This cannot be said of men today for we see now only through a glass darkly.

Like our public school system with its progressive grade school, high school and college curriculums, יְהוָה 's educational program also has three phases which progress in development, complexity, curriculum and fulfillment. But unlike school years there are no grades or report cards. Progress is reflected by the improvement in intelligence and character. The Holy Spirit will advance man as fast as he is ready for it. Yahusha likened His believers to lambs and sheep. Sheep are unique animals in that they cannot be driven; they must be led. They follow the shepherd. Yahusha said, follow thou me. This is the secret of spiritual growth. Yahusha recognized three kinds of Bible scholars when He told Peter,  feed my lambs,  feed my sheep class one, and feed my sheep class two recorded in John chapter 21. Other scriptures also identify three classes of Christians which are recognized by astute theologians. Lambs are those who have been cleansed from sin by accepting Yahusha as their personal Saviour. This is called, Justification by Faith. Sheep, number 1, those who have also been regenerated to new life and give evidence thereof by water baptism or emersion. This is called Sanctification. Sheep number 2, are those who have advanced in Divine Grace still farther and their soul has been filled with the Holy Spirit. This is called Glorification. All three Christian types are found recorded in one scripture, Acts 2:38, which reads as follows: Repent ye, be baptized ... and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This is a summarized verse. There are many other scriptures leading up to it such as Repent ye and be converted that your sins may be blotted out. Another is Except ye repent and be converted ye shall all likewise perish and not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost. All three classes of Christians are found in Christendom today. We have those who believe in Justification by Faith which satisfies them. Some of them employ water sprinkling as a sign of Baptism. Then we have others who go a step farther with water baptism by complete emersion as a witness to the work of Regeneration and Justification followed by Sanctification. Yahusha likened these to sheep type one. And lastly we have those who follow through all three phases of Divine Grace and seek the fullness of the Holy Sprit by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit abides with all three classes of believers, and there should be no more schism between them than there is between the first three grades of students in our public schools who play and attend the morning assembly all together as a group. We must, in encouraging unity between believers, also recognize the difference between the Holy Spirit being WITH believers and IN believers as the Bible indicates. Yahusha told His followers I will pray the Father, and He shall send you another comforter (to take Yahusha' s place on earth) ... Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world receiveth not, for it seeth Him not, but ye know Him for He dwelleth WITH you and shall be IN you, John 14:16, 17. There is a difference. There is also an indication in the Bible that the more advanced Christians have an obligation to assist those who are less advanced. So we see that יְהוָה 's educational program is not only a matter of learning which we will retain in the next world, but it also involves transformation into a beautiful person fit for the paradisiacal Cosmos. This is what makes יְהוָה 's educational program so rewarding. יְהוָה 's teaching prepares men for eternal happiness in a world where all things are freely supplied. יְהוָה only demands that we let Him prepare us to enjoy His lavish goodness.

A word of caution, orientation and explanation is due here. Actually a public school and college education is of eternal value only as it trains the mind to think and act in accord with Cosmic principles which the Creator Himself uses to operate His Universe. The knowledge of the fundamentals of Nature's laws are very important for the citizens of this world, but they hold no value in preparation for the next world since the natural order will have been superceded by the spiritual order entirely, and the natural order will have passed away. The laws of Nature and the Laws of the Spirit which uphold all things are quite different indeed. Nor can any branch of human learning orient man into alignment with cosmic rudiments, fundamentals or principles. Only יְהוָה 's educational program can do this. Every phase of human activity including politics, industry, education and all professional vocations are frought with the errors of human thinking today. They ignore cosmic laws, and resources. Twentieth Century Technology has been woefully lacking in its handling of natural laws and natural resources. How then can we expect it to heed cosmic laws which are more complex. Every activity of man is spewing out human pollution which is affecting everyone. We see pollution of the atmosphere, pollution of the water we drink, pollution of the food we eat, pollution in the entertainment we seek, pollution in our school text books, pollution in Federal Government administration, pollution of our minds and our souls in every phase of life. Why? Because public education ignores completely the teaching of moral values, of individual honesty, integrity and ethical principles which are the lubricants and bonds of a healthy school structure and industrial society. As one noted authority has said, "every problem solved by Science creates twenty more problems as bad, if not worse, than the first." Why is cancer so prevalent today? Because we are absorbing cancer producing pollutants into our bodies. One may ask, "Why does יְהוָה permit men to make such problems for themselves"? The answer is simple. He permits it to let men see the difference between the results of good and evil and to appreciate the inadequacy, the foolishness and weakness of their own ways and thinking. Men must see this before they will seek the knowledge of יְהוָה 's ways. Only those who recognized their own needs have sought and benefited from Divine knowledge. Yahusha once told His listeners, Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, Matthew 7:7. This verse implies a mental, physical and spiritual process or search for Divine knowledge. To ask is a mental request, to seek is a physical quest or search and to knock is to indicate a wish to enter His teaching class for participation. For everyone that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened. The instructions to knock imply that only those who have properly prepared themselves will find the door opening to them. There is good reason for this. The unregenerate sinner filled with his own sins has no need for cosmic knowledge, for he will have no claim on the Paradise to come until he is cleansed from his sins. His Teacher, the Holy Spirit, is a Holy Person, and He demands respect for Holiness by the student.

יְהוָה 's educational program has four distinct phases. These may overlap somewhat, but their treatments are very different. They are progressive in application, and the Holy Spirit is the Teacher in all four:

First, He wants to teach men how to handle Sin and Evil.

Secondly, He wants to teach men how to handle SELF.

Thirdly, He wants to show and teach men how to handle the Word of יְהוָה , the Things of יְהוָה and the endowments offered by יְהוָה .

And lastly, He wants to make every redeemed man a beautiful and lovely person, fit for association with the family of יְהוָה .

This may sound as if יְהוָה would teach you to handle these things yourself. He does not. You and I could not possibly handle them. The truth is that He wants to teach you and me how to let Him handle them for us. Man was made a free-willed moral being with almost infinite potentials as a vessel for the Spirit of יְהוָה . But יְהוָה does not violate the human will. You must, of yourself, choose to surrender your free will to Him to make your choices for you in accord with eternal principles. Then He can fill you with Himself, develop you into an exalted being, and bestow upon you almost infinite powers to enable you to assist Him in the expansion and beautifying of the Universe. He wants to restore to you all the powers Adam enjoyed before he fell into sin. This is in accord with the declaration let us make man in our image and likeness.

Adam was originally created a living soul man, or in the original Hebrew, a  (nefesh), which means a spirit-breathing, air-breathing creature. Breathing in the Spirit of יְהוָה gives spiritual life, breathing in air gives physical life, and the spirit life is the most important. As first created, the body was subject to the soul, the soul subject to the human spirit, and the human spirit subject to the Spirit of יְהוָה . Under this arrangement man had access to all the knowledge and creative powers of יְהוָה . יְהוָה made him that way. יְהוָה now wants to restore redeemed man to the same status and that by His educational plan. His method is the Word, for all things are made by the Word-Agency.

How does man, who is a sinner, handle freedom from sin in a sin cursed atmosphere? He doesn't. He turns himself over to יְהוָה and lets יְהוָה cleanse him from past, present and future sins through faith in the atonement Yahusha paid for on Calvary's Cross. He then becomes the legal property of Yahusha, who will transform him into a Son of יְהוָה . The Bible says, Repent ye, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, 1 Matthew 3:3. This means that all the blessings of the more abundant life and powers of Heaven will become available to him. He will learn to exercise power over sin, poverty, sickness, the negative circumstances of life and even the fear of death. The words repent ye mean to turn around, reverse direction and follow Yahusha. You have been on your way to a sinner's hell, but you are now on your way to paradise. The word repentance is a more explanatory term. It is derived from two Greek words, meta (may-ta) which means turn around, and noiei (no-e-o) which means to become reattached to יְהוָה . Another verse says Repent and believe the Gospel, Mark 1:15. This means to study the Word and believe it even though you may not understand all of it. Understanding will come as יְהוָה has promised. Still, another verse says, Repent ye and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, Acts 3:19. Conversion is the same as being born again of the Spirit of יְהוָה . Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of יְהוָה . This means that a man has no part in the Kingdom of יְהוָה until his sins are removed and he is born again. Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of יְהוָה . Born of water means the washing of the Word, and born of the Spirit refers to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in his human spirit, or subconscious mind as the psychologists call it. The more we study, the better we understand the importance of dealing with Sin. The Bible says, sin shall not have dominion over you, because conformance with the Word and Power of the Holy Spirit keep men from sin. What is sin? Sin is any violation of יְהוָה 's will expressed by the Cosmic laws He has established. This is why we must know His laws that we do not commit Sin. Who is a sinner? All the descendants of Adam are sinners. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of יְהוָה , Romans 3:23. There are three general classes of Sin, namely:

Inherited Sins: that includes the tendency to sin man inherits from his parents, and which they inherited from their parents.

Sins of Commission: or things men do and have done that men should not have done. And,

Sins of Omission: or things men did not do that they should have done. These are the most numerous and most serious.

But the greatest sin of all is neglecting and rejecting the offer of reformation and regeneration offered by Yahusha, the Mashiach. There is no hope for such a man. He will be cast into Hell after this life. So now we begin to understand why consciousness of Sin and how to let יְהוָה handle it is so important. The best way to study about sin is to obtain a good reference Bible and a good Concordance such as Strong's and follow the listings of the words: sin, sinning, sinned, commandments, statutes, iniquities, transgressions, trespasses and related synonyms which involve digressions against the laws of יְהוָה . The subject of sin study should be pursued in the home or study beginning with Genesis through the whole Bible, even though this may require many weeks or even months. Each verse should be studied with prayer and solicitation of the help of the Holy Spirit to get the proper meaning and understanding. The faithful reader will soon appreciate the improvement in his own thinking and feelings toward יְהוָה . Man was originally created a self-disciplined being. Yahusha said, If any man would be my disciple, let him deny himself daily and follow me. Discipleship means a disciplined one. All redeemed men in eternity will be self-disciplined ones, for Paradise has no policemen. As we study about sin, the ability to discipline ourselves against sin is woven into our minds and character forever to maintain and move us toward perfection. The Christian may thoughtlessly sin, but if he does he has an advocate before יְהוָה who forgives sin. As Paul the Apostle said, We are more than conquerors through Yahusha who redeemed us. The Bible explains, there will be no sinners in the next world, and consequently no sorrow, suffering, sickness or death, but only joy and happiness throughout all eternity. Complete cleansing from sin is often called Justification by Faith. As one Bible scholar has put it, "it is just as if I had never committed sin." There is no joy on earth like that of the person who has, through study, become aware of his sinful condition, confessed his need for forgiveness to the Saviour, has been born again of יְהוָה and filled with His Holy Spirit. The joy of the L-rd is more satisfying and exhilarating than any other experience available to man. It brings happiness to the soul, clarity to the mind and strength to the body. And it is permanent. Paul said, Rejoice evermore, rejoice always and evermore rejoice.

1There are 33 actions of יְהוָה listed in the Bible related to establishment as a Son of יְהוָה .

The second class of studies in יְהוָה 's educational plan deal with a subject called Sanctification. It is also known as regeneration. It deals with making over or preparing a person to become a Son of יְהוָה . This takes some doing. The Bible says, If any man be in Mashiach, he is a new creature, that is, his ways and thinking are different than before. It says old things, that is of the former life, are passed away and all things are become new, and this is true. Former appetites for sinful and defiling lusts are dropped, and the person has an entirely new set of desires and values which are in alignment to receive the enduements of יְהוָה . The Bible says, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration1. This again, is an individual personal function of the Holy Spirit. Man cannot regenerate himself regardless of what he does. He must let יְהוָה do it by the washing of the water of the WORD. The willingness to submit to regeneration is expressed by public water baptism, but the daily process of regeneration is very private. It is a daily spiritual bath in the Word, and the individual must get accustomed to some scrubbing to remove old habits, worldly thinking and appetites and former associations. Unlike spiritual rebirth, which is instantaneous the moment that one accepts Mashiach as his personal Saviour, regeneration usually involves time and consistent effort to comply with spiritual principles. All redeemed men must learn these spiritual principles and methods which the Creator employs to build up the Kingdom of יְהוָה . As we have previously stated there are over 30,000 such principles outlined in the Bible. Some Bible scholars call them promises.יְהוָה promises to do this, if you will do that. יְהוָה wants men to exercise these principles in positive faith believing. There are no ifs in the principles. They always work. That is, if the believer uses them properly. He must know how the Spirit of יְהוָה operates. This is THE condition. This is especially true in the submission of self to the Word and Spirit of יְהוָה . The Bible says, walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. That means move with the Holy Spirit indwelling your spirit and you will not commit sin or defile yourself. Moving according to the Word and Spirit of יְהוָה assures success in anything He encourages you to do. Mind the checks. The Holy Spirit will check you when you are thinking of doing something that is wrong. The Bible says, grieve not the Holy Spirit by which ye are sealed unto the day of redemption, Eph. 4:30. As in the first course of the study on Sin, we again need the help of the Concordance to look up and study every verse using the words: repentance, regeneration, new life, sealed, sanctification, sanctified, sanctify and other related references. The word regeneration is used but three times in the Bible. It is translated from the Greek palinggen (pal-ing-gen) meaning renovation or restoration to the original status of Adam before he committed sin. This implies the restoration of dominion over the works of יְהוָה as Adam originally possessed. This is very important for the regenerated man has a יְהוָה -given assignment in יְהוָה 's Divine Plan. But he must be prepared and trained for it. The word sanctify and its synonyms, as used in the Bible, mean separated unto יְהוָה for a sacred appointment, vocation or purpose. Sanctification also involves the evidence of cleanliness, moral righteousness and godliness. As the person becomes sanctified, he begins to reflect the image and likeness of יְהוָה which Adam enjoyed before he sinned. The degree of sanctification will govern his reflection of יְהוָה as an agent and representative of יְהוָה . It also involves dedication and consecration to the things of יְהוָה . But יְהוָה 's enduements and privileges to act for Him must await maturity in sanctification. This is not done over night, although some persons mature spiritually much faster than others, because they devote more study and effort to it. The Bible says, Study to show thyself approved of יְהוָה , a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. Shame results from lack of preparation. יְהוָה does not give a responsible position to a novice. This is why the Bible urges believers to grow spiritually over the years. Paul the great apostle said, not as though I have already attained, meaning that he was still learning up to the day he died. As Yahusha indicated, His lambs and sheep must keep feeding every day. The importance of the sanctifying process in יְהוָה 's educational effort is emphasized in the Old Testament instructions to prepare to meet thy יְהוָה to give account of activities in studying and absorbing His Word. The New Testament says that men will give account of every idle word spoken. Idle here means useless. How much more, then, shall they be held accountable of every idle hour wasted. Yahusha emphasized the extreme importance of cooperating with יְהוָה 's educational and sanctifying program in His parables of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew chapter 13. He summed it up in another verse, Sanctify them by Thy Truth, Thy Word is Truth. Truth is the foundation of Godliness and righteousness.

1Regeneration is the result of the old self being buried with Mashiach and raised as a new creature in Him. Col. 2:12.

The third department in יְהוָה 's educational program might be likened to the College course or Seminary which prepares redeemed men for working with יְהוָה under the endowments of the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost, which are One and the same Person, but two different offices. The word seminary is derived from the French word seminarious meaning a hot house or greenhouse where plants are supplied with all the proper nutrients and conditions to grow into useful organisms, under the special handling of the caretaker, who in this case, is the same Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit works with the human spirit, or subconscious mind, but the Holy Ghost, Who is the Soul of יְהוָה , works with the human soul or conscious mind. This is much more effective after the justifying and sanctifying have advanced to the point where the person can be effectively used by יְהוָה . The preparation for professional service must come first, as revealed by Yahusha when He referred to lambs and two kinds of sheep as a progressive feeding and preparatory training or advance in spiritual maturity. This truth is also reflected by the words, repent ye, be baptized ... and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:39. And again in not by works ... which we have done ... but according to His mercy He saved us; (for Divine work) by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost, Titus 3:5. The Holy Ghost furnishes the Divine tools for working with יְהוָה . This renewing of the Holy Ghost is a third work of Divine Grace in the human soul in addition to the work of the Holy Spirit1 in Justification and Sanctification. The first two works are in fact preparatory for the third which trains men to work with יְהוָה . The culmination of this third work is the endowment of Divine Power and the ability to utilize the Word-Agency to control all kinds of circumstances in favor of Good. This is confirmed by Yahusha's words to His followers, Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you, Acts 1:8. The Power is not of men but in the presence of the Holy Ghost. We must remember that the disciples spent the better part of three years under the teaching of Yahusha who went about doing good and demonstrating the Powers of the Kingdom of Heaven over all the circumstances of this life by using the Word-Agency which is also available to mature redeemed men. This training is not limited to the apostles. It is available to every man today who will surrender to the Holy Ghost. Such training will stay with the individual forever to be employed in the next world. This course requires not only the use of a reference Bible plus a Concordance but also a good Commentary like Matthew Henry's. Access to the Pulpit Commentary by Funk and Wagnall would also be a big help. יְהוָה 's course involves a study of the operations of the Spirit of יְהוָה , the Spirit of Mashiach, the  Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit by examining all the Biblical references in which these Divine Persons are mentioned. Where the first two courses might have required weeks or months, this course may take a year or more. We must remember that this is training for an eternal position or vocation. All the elements and activities of the Kingdom of Heaven will eventually be absorbed into the eternal Kingdom of יְהוָה .

1The Word differentiates between Soul and Spirit. Heb. 4:12.

Why we must study the Echad/Trinity: because this is the basis of Divine employment as an employee and shareholder of the Divine Plan. A man's value to יְהוָה must be based on his knowledge of Divine Method and Divine Purpose, using the established means for reaching the desired end. The scholar should start with the Gospel of John and stay with it until he masters it, then return to Matthew and continue on until he has covered the entire New Testament. The 14th chapter of John is one of the most important in this course. It is part of the summary of Yahusha's last teachings to His followers. Yahusha spoke these all important words, If a man love me, he will keep my words, and my Father will love him, and WE will come unto him and make OUR abode with him. The word love here means more than affection, it also involves attachment by cohesive and adhesive attraction. It corroborates the alignment of man with יְהוָה in a consistent attitude of repentance and respect for the Almighty and Holy character of יְהוָה . Keep my commandments and Keep my Words refer to the whole Bible, for the Words were established by יְהוָה and are allied with the Word-Agency which made all things in the Universe, past, present and future. This includes the present and future works redeemed man will make by utilizing the Word Agency under the unction of the Holy Spirit. This is how Holy men of יְהוָה spake (or wrote) the Scriptures as they were moved (or unctionized) by the Holy Spirit, * as Peter says. The greatest writings, the greatest musical compositions, the greatest paintings, and the greatest inventions that have been such blessings to mankind are those which were inspired in responsive men by יְהוָה . יְהוָה will, in the next world, unctionize millions of artists in thousands of vocations to build a beautiful and wonderful Universe. This is why the words of the Bible which reveal Divine methodology are so important. The words, we will make our abode with him, are also most important. This means that the Almighty Triune ECHAD/UNITY will employ redeemed man to do wonderful exploits. This is what Yahusha meant when He said to those who saw His miracles, greater things than these shall ye do because I go to my Father, to arrange for the enduement of redeemed men with G-dly powers. The guidance and unction of the Echad/Trinity is absolutely essential to the exercise of spiritual gifts or powers as outlined in 1 Corinthians chapter 12. Note these words, Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. Ye know that ye were Gentiles (or foreigners requiring a new allegiance to Divine government) carried away unto these dumb idols even as ye were lead. An idol is anything which distracts man from יְהוָה including human ideas. This means that only the Holy Spirit can reveal the true L-rdship of Yahusha HaMashiach and His Divine Plan for the Universe to mankind.

Now, there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. This means that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of יְהוָה and the Spirit of Mashiach/Messiah act as One through the office of the Holy Spirit. And there are differences of administration but the same L-rd. This refers to L-rd Yahusha, who is supervisor of all administration acting as the Divine Executive. His leadership to every man He employs must be revealed to that man by the Holy Spirit privately and not through subordinates. Here again we see why יְהוָה 's educational program is a private matter between the L-rd and the individual who is being trained to fit a particular position in eternity. And there are diversities of operations but it is the same יְהוָה (יְהוָה the Father) which worketh all in all. This means that יְהוָה the Father supplies the energy for every operation, but all three Persons of the G-dhead are involved in every operation. We note that the scriptures classify these enduements as G-d given gifts although they employ the talents and faculties of man. Man can do nothing to earn them. He can only submit himself to יְהוָה and let יְהוָה use him. There are ten gifts mentioned plus government helps and a multitude of other enduements for various kinds of service to mankind. These are assembly related, but include every phase of human life. Yahusha demonstrated them while He was on earth. He fed the multitudes, healed incurable diseases, raised the dead, changed water into wine, told His followers where to cast the nets to catch fish, walked on the water and raised Himself to Heaven. These were all exercises of יְהוָה 's gifts but only indirectly assembly related. The Bible Author clarified this when He wrote And יְהוָה hath set in the assembly, first Apostles, then secondly prophets and thirdly, teachers ... But are all apostles? all prophets? all teachers?, which He follows by a question mark to indicate, that of course they are not. There are many Divine enduements offered to men for different functions. This is implied to some extent in the first gift classification of the ten. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. This manifestation is given him to be a witness for יְהוָה , or act as an agent, as Yahusha said, even to the uttermost part of the earth, Acts 1:8. This covers all kinds of Divine image activity and production. Such יְהוָה -given Divine powers have been evident since the creation of living-soul man.

That the Creator is interested in every phase of man's existence is proven both by the Bible record as well as by secular history. After Adam and Eve sinned and were ejected from the Garden of Eden, יְהוָה still helped them to set up a Theocracy in which He assisted them in every aspect of their daily activity. Eve bore children, and within a hundred years they already had a good sized settlement. Adam was the first priest-president. He was the executive representative of יְהוָה on the earth as well as the governor in all civic affairs. The principal building in the settlement was the white-washed temple in the center of the village which was surrounded by adobe and thatched huts of the families. The Temple served as the house of worship, the center of civic affairs, and the school for the teaching of the children. These were all set up following Creator instructions as shown by Sumerian historic records on cuneiform clay tablets. How do we know this? Archeologists in the last fifty years, digging in the ancient ruins in silt layers and mounds of ancient Sumeria, have been amazed at the evidence they have found. This area, called the Land of Shinar in the Bible, is located in the Tigris-Euphrates River valleys and nearby lands. Sir Leonard Woolery, of Great Britain supervised extensive exploration; as did Henry Luce, the former editor of Life Magazine which published many findings; and Noah Kramer, who later published an excellent work on The Sumerians. These supported extensive explorations in this area and later made their discoveries known. They dug through the silts and debris of Noah's flood, and found the evidence of a very intelligent civilization dating way back to the day of Adam, the first intelligent man. Underneath this civilization was the silt deposit of the Catastrophe flood, so they knew they had dug back to the remains of the first civilization. They found clay tablets with school boy lessons in grammar, language, mathematics, theology, astronomy, the sciences and other subjects which must have come from the Creator, for there was no other school teacher or principal. יְהוָה was the original teacher. Sir Arthur Hobbs of Great Britain, probably the world's greatest linguist, says that the original Sumerian language came from יְהוָה , which is in line with other evidence. Theology was the grand science and all other branches of learning were subordinate to it. Astronomy was the next subject in science, for it was related to the Star Gospel given to Adam by יְהוָה . This revelation was to keep him reminded that the Heavens would some day be inherited by redeemed men. These people knew the length of the earth's polar axis, which was not discovered by modem astronomers until the nineteenth century after the Parallelax method of star distance had been discovered. They found that the Temple was also a depository of legal documents covering all kinds of transactions. Women had the same property rights as men except for priesthood. Their industry was remarkable. They had a system of agriculture, including crop rotation to maintain soil fertility, as modern as today's best farming methods. They had also an irrigation system for nearby dry lands that could not be improved upon by modern irrigation engineers. They had iron plowshares, a mechanical seeder, and the iron-tired wheel-cart long before the Egyptians ever had a wheel. The followers of Cain disturbed the G-dly family greatly, and they invented the solid phalanx for fighting men, behind big shields, a trick Alexander the Great later used so successfully to conquer the whole then known world. They soon built walls around their settlements in which they lived, for protection against new ager Cainite bandits. They farmed the surrounding countryside but returned at night to their villages. They also invented battle wagons with a high side to protect them from the arrows of bandits while working in the fields and drew them into a circle just as our forefathers held off enemies as they moved West to conquer the plains. They knew metal working and made tools and vehicles of iron, copper, brass and other metals. Copper, gold and silver could be found within hauling distance, but the other metals had to be obtained elsewhere. So they built cargo sailing vessels and searched for ores as far away as the presently-known British Isles. They were good sailors, because they knew Astronomy for sea navigation. They could travel over trackless wastes for miles with their herds of animals and return to their villages, unerringly, guided by the stars. The Star Gospel given to Adam and his descendants served as a spiritual guide as well as a navigational guide in those days. They are still used as navigational guides today, but they now have been superceded by the Bible as a spiritual guide since the Resurrection of Yahusha. All mythology and astrology are perversions of this Star Gospel. This shows how important these guides were to the ancients in a practical way. Both mythology and astrology are valueless in the light of truth.

The architectural forms of ancient Greece, so often credited to the Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and Assyrians, are now known to have been copied and derived from the ancient Sumerians and their buildings. Only the Great Pyramid built by these ancient Sumerians exceeds the wonders of some of these ancient Sumerian structures. How they built the Great Pyramid, which is the greatest building ever built on earth, is a mystery. They had Divine help in its planning as well as its construction.  The Great Pyramid shown on every dollar bill is a monument to the Theodicy of יְהוָה . It is the Bible in stone and reflects information that only יְהוָה could reveal to men. Its "displacement factor" reveals that יְהוָה 's Divine Plan for man was temporarily displaced by the origin of evil and sin (see chapter II of The History of Creation).

These first Sumerians had a knowledge of mummification for the preservation of the body after death which was later copied by other peoples. They knew the science of dentistry that preserved their teeth for hundreds of years. Their cunning craftwork in ceramics has never been surpassed. The art of jewelry making was so skillful that the ladies wore embellishments of gold and silver and even hair ornaments, hats and ribbons of the same materials. They had a knowledge of food diets and nutrients, which only now is being studied by modern dieticians. They used flowers and plants for medicines and tonics, but were careful to avoid drunkenness and excesses. They had a social life together amongst the g-dly line that would be exemplary even today. There were no welfare programs. They needed none. They looked after each others' interests, and יְהוָה looked after them all as long as they were faithful to Him. They were mortgaged to Him, and they were glad of it. They were happy and joyful for nearly fifteen hundred years until the new ager Cainites outnumbered them so greatly that they were overwhelmed.

This G-dly Messianic family line was blessed, preserved and protected by יְהוָה through the reigns of ten priest-presidents from Adam to Noah, which are also listed in Sumerian records on 3inch by 2inch clay tablets. The debauchery of Cain made decent moral life impossible, and יְהוָה then warned Noah to build the Ark for the sparing of his family and the animal life of the region involving mostly domesticated animals. After the Flood, Noah began again to replenish the earth. But no nation on earth has enjoyed the prosperity, the happiness and joy, the social amenities or the national blessings of יְהוָה as did these ancient g-dly Sumerians. That is, with the exception of the nation of Israel during the days of their faithfulness under David and Solomon. Silver in Israel was as plentiful as the stones on the streets, the women bathed in olive oil and goat's milk, and the finest of earth's merchandise was conveyed from all over the world to beautify their homes. They built the greatest Temple to the Worship of יְהוָה ever known on earth and lined it within with gold, silver and ivory. To duplicate it today would involve over 100 billion dollars.

While it is true that the primary emphasis of the assembly, assembly schools and the ministry must be on evangelism in the midst of a materialistic world to get men "saved" and turn them back to יְהוָה , it is also true that יְהוָה has wonderfully blessed with unusual prosperity these peoples and nations while they were spreading the Gospel of Salvation. Martin Luther's Germany, while spreading the Reformation to the nations of the world, was also the source of inspiration in the arts, music, painting, education and a skillful industry. The 17th Century saw Great Britain sending out missionaries to the corners of the earth, and she too felt the multiplied blessings of יְהוָה descend upon her as she gave the world some of the greatest statesmen it has ever known. As one has so ably expressed it, "the sun never sets on the sons of England." Then came the colonization of the Americas and the development of the United States, whose legal Constitution was born in the hearts of praying men. The first schools in the United States taught the Bible as including the basics for a happy life on earth. These principles and G-dly pursuits are responsible for the high living standards in the United States. But like so many former peoples, prosperity often fools men into believing that self-discipline and obedience to Divine laws are no longer necessary. So יְהוָה turns from peoples to individuals as examples of His Good Will and Grace. Yahusha during His ministry on earth revealed some of His greatest doctrinal dissertations to individuals and to His disciples as a group of chosen individuals. Strange it is that when יְהוָה is faced with a crisis in earth He meets the needs through individuals. Had Noah waited for help from the Antediluvians in building the Ark, he too would have drowned in the flood. Had Moses waited for committee action, he never would have led the children across the Red Sea on dry bottom. Had David waited for family approval, he never would have killed Goliath, the enemy. This is why the greatest exploits of history have been led by individuals working in harmony with יְהוָה .

Whereas יְהוָה blesses groups as long as they are faithful to His Instructions, His greatest enduements have been bestowed on individuals that are faithful, because let us make man is a molding and making of the individual. He chooses individuals who sense יְהוָה 's desire to help others, and who lead others to cooperate with יְהוָה . This is why the most g-dly and productive groups are those who follow a leader who is motivated by the indwelling Ruach. Yahusha told His Disciples, I am the Vine, ye are the branches. A vine has no trunk, stem or stalk. Every branch is embedded in the root. Yahusha used this simile to indicate that they were all to take their orders and motivation and spiritual nutrients from Him, and He would fit them into groups, where advisable, and harmonize their talents and efforts. Here are a few examples:

1.   The first man, Adam, who named over 5 million animal species, according to ecological position in the ecosphere. This required an understanding of the whole natural order we call Nature. Adam, under Divine teaching, had to know the characteristics and work functions of every species.

2.   Enoch, the Einstein of his day, who helped design and construct the Great Pyramid. He knew more about the Universe than Einstein ever did.

3.   Solomon, who described the nucleus of the atom 1000 years before Mashiach.

4.   Zechariah, who described the electronic nature of the atom shell several hundred years before Mashiach.

5.   The prophet Isaiah, who wrote a brief summary of the other books of the Bible, although he never knew most of the other 34 inspired writers. The Bible writings fit together because they were all inspired by the same Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Ghost.

      There are other Bible characters who performed many acts of wonder, such as Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb, Joseph and Daniel, to mention a few.

6.   Josephus, who wrote the famous history of the Jews.

7.   The hundreds of business men, sailors, merchants and travelers who came to Jerusalem after the resurrection, to inquire about Yahusha, were converted and carried their convictions back to their homelands.

8.   The unsung heroes who put the Bible together as ordered by Divine unction.

9.   Such after-the-Bible writers as Tertullian, Origen, Chrysostom, Jerome, St. Augustine and others.

10. And in more recent times such men as Christopher Columbus, a devout man, who opened up the new world in the Americas.

11. Martin Luther, the sparkplug of the Reformation which prompted the Renaissance not only in religion, but the arts including music, paintings, and even furniture building.

12. Savonarola, the Italian Reformer.

13. Queen Victoria of England, whose rule and leadership over Great Britain and her colonies spread a unity and brotherhood between segments of her subjects which was remarkable. She sent missionaries and educators along with her legions to assist their colonies in developing higher living and moral standards.

14. Isaac Newton whose appetite for mathematics was similar to that of a child for candy. It was he who discovered the law of gravity.

15. Michael Di Angelo who prayed and meditated for a year to discern the mind of יְהוָה before he painted The Last Supper, which has inspired millions.

16. Faraday, who discovered electricity.

17. Handel, a composer who enriched the whole world with his oratorio, the Messiah.

18. George Washington, who received on his knees the strategy that won the Revolutionary War. He knew the positions of the freemason Jesuit trained armies and what they would do before they themselves knew it.

19. Isaac Watts who discovered the power of steam and Robert Fulton who built the first steamboat.

20. Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipator of the slaves, later assassinated by a Jesuit, who dedicated his life for that purpose while watching a slave market in New Orleans as a young man.

21. Albert Einstein, who gave the world the formula for atomic energy. He once said, "יְהוָה is not playing dice with His Universe" to emphasize that random mechanics or mutational genesis had no value whatever in factual mathematics.

22. Ernest Rutherford, who discovered the nucleus of the atom while singing Onward Christian Soldiers in his laboratory at Cambridge, England.

23. Robert Oppenheimer whose genius helped to shorten World War Two by assisting in the development of the atomic bomb. He proclaimed his views of a future paradisiacal Universe, perhaps, when he said that the most important personal goal of this life is the salvation of the soul/psuche.

24. Billy Sunday, the Big League baseball player who left his vocation to become one of the world's greatest evangelists.

25. Billy Graham, although taking the yoke of Rome at Belmont Abbey College in 1967, and whose evangelistic fervor has won thousands of converts to new life in Christ. His voice has done more for brotherhood, peace and righteousness than all Jesuit trained politicians in the 20th Century combined.

26. Robert LeTourneau, who after he went bankrupt, invited God to be his partner to create probably the greatest earth-moving machinery the world has ever known. The freeways around the globe are due primarily to the invention of such machines.

27. Oral Roberts, who rose from a death bed suffering from tuberculosis, in faith believing, whose demonstration of faith in יְהוָה has inspired thousands. He now leads perhaps the finest University available that educates both the natural and spiritual minds of man.

29. Warner Sallman, a layman and devout Christian, who being asked to speak to a youth group meditated many hours for an inspiration which did not come until three o'clock in the morning when he felt unctionized to pick up his drawing crayons and paint the beautiful head of Mashiach that has so inspired millions. His drawing matches perfectly the detailed description of Yahusha by a Roman centurion who had followed His movements for six months disguised as a slave for the Roman Authority who wanted to make sure that Yahusha was not an insurrectionist.

This list could go on and on for there are thousands of others, like Charles Chiniquy, Jeremiah Crowley, Emmett McLaughlin, Alberto Rivera minded, who were signally used of יְהוָה to show the potentials of יְהוָה -inspired men of FAITH in the Universe to come. All of these men knew יְהוָה and through strong self discipline submitted to His Will and Guidance. Only יְהוָה Himself knows the names of millions of others that have been used by Him in every phase affecting life now and hereafter. These are not self-made men as many philosophers would affirm. They were יְהוָה -made men who had submitted to His education and training for the work He wanted them to do. The first mention of man in the Bible reads, Let us make man which means let us make you, school you, train you, equip you, and beautify you in preparation for eternal Paradise. This is the goal of יְהוָה 's Educational Plan. But the goal will mean very little to you and me unless we make the effort to obey Divine Instructions. Study to show thyself approved unto יְהוָה ; a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth 2nd Timothy 2:15. To know is to grow and this is pleasing to יְהוָה . The reference to a workman means that יְהוָה has a responsible position awaiting you and me in His Kingdom and He wishes now to prepare us for the place which we alone can fill. There is no greater achievement.