Dark principalities and powers emanating through human personalities.
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 JOB Chapter I: vs. I5 - The Sabbatean/Sabeans Council on Foreign Relations was formally established by jesuit controlled catholic Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy by exploiting the people of South Africa. Rhodes is the father of Apartheid.

 The Council on Foreign Relations was founded by a group of American and British imperialists and racists intent on ruling the world. Many of the American members were American intelligence officers that belonged to the first American Intelligence Agency -- THE INQUIRY. Many of the British members were British Intelligence Agents. THE INQUIRY and its members, who included such notable Americans as Col. Edward Mandel House, Walter Lippmann, Isaiah Bowman, and James Shotwell, wrote most of Woodrow Wilson's 14 points.

 The CFR/RIIA method of operation is simple -- they control public opinion. They keep the identity of their group secret. They learn the likes and dislikes of influential people. They surround and manipulate them into acting in the best interest of the CFR/RIIA.

 The Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are adept at using the media to create massive psycho-political operations used to manipulate public opinion. The psycho-political operations are often designed to create tensions between different groups of people. The object is to keep the world in a state of perpetual tension and warfare to maximize profits from CFR/RIIA munition, medicine, media, energy, and food businesses.

 The CFR has only 4337 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nations wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration since Woodrow Wilson. They work together to misinform and disinform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR. The CFR has packed every Supreme court with CFR insiders. Three CFR members (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Sandra Day O'Connor) sit on the supreme court. The CFR's British Counterpart is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The members of these groups profit by creating tension and hate. Their targets include British and American citizens.

 The 100 CFR members that surround the president are "the Secret Team." The "Secret Team" help carry out psycho-political operations scripted by CFR members in the state department and the Intelligence Organizations. The psycho-political operations are coordinated by a group of Council on Foreign Relations members called the Special Group. The Special Group evolved from the Psychological Strategy Board.

 President Truman issued an executive order establishing the Psychological Strategy Board. The Board was run by CFR members Gordon Gray and Henry Kissinger. The PSB has close ties to the State Department and Intelligence Organizations. The purpose of the PSB was to co-ordinate psycho-political operations. Many of those operations were focused at Americans. The people became wary of the Psychological Strategy Board. Eisenhower issued an executive order changing its name to the Operations Coordination Board. The OCB was a bigger more powerful PSB. Gray and Kissinger ran the OCB too. President Kennedy abolished the OCB. It became an ad hoc committee called the "Special Group," which exists today. The PSB/OCB/Special Group always has CFR members running and sitting on it. Since the Special Group was not formed by Executive Order it cannot be abolished.

 On September 12, 1939, the Council on Foreign Relations began to take control of the Department of State. On that day Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Editor of Foreign Affairs, and Walter H. Mallory, Executive Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, paid a visit to the State Department. The Council proposed forming groups of experts to proceed with research in the general areas of Security, Armament, Economic, Political, and Territorial problems. The State Department accepted the proposal. The project (1939-1945) was called Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies. Hamilton Fish Armstrong was Executive director.

 In February 1941 the CFR officially became part of the State Department. The Department of State established the Division of Special Research. It was organized just like the Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies project. It was divided into Economic, Political, Territorial, and Security Sections. The Research Secretaries serving with the Council groups were hired by the State Department to work in the new division. These men also were permitted to continue serving as Research Secretaries to their respective Council groups. Leo Pasvolsky was appointed Director of Research.

 In 1942 the relationship between the Department of State and the Council on Foreign Relations strengthened again. The Department organized an Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policies. The Chairman was Secretary Cordell Hull, the vice chairman, Under Secretary Sumner Wells, Dr. Leo Pasvolsky (director of the Division of Special Research) was appointed Executive Officer. Several experts were brought in from outside the Department. The outside experts were Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies members; Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Isaiah Bowman, Benjamin V. Cohen, Norman H. Davis, and James T. Shotwell.

 In total there were 362 meetings of the War and Peace Studies groups. The meetings were held at Council on Foreign Relations headquarters -- the Harold Pratt house, Fifty-Eight East Sixty-Eighth Street, New York City. The Council's wartime work was confidential.

 In 1944 members of the Council on Foreign Relations The War and Peace Studies Political Group were invited to be active members at the Dumbarton Oaks conference on world economic arrangements. In 1945 these men and members of Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs were active at the San Francisco conference which ensured the establishment of the United Nations.

 In 1947 Council on Foreign Relations members George Kennan, Walter Lippmann, Paul Nitze, Dean Achenson, and Walter Krock took part in a psycho-political operation forcing the Marshall Plan on the American public. The PSYOP included a "anonymous" letter credited to a Mr. X, which appeared in the Council on Foreign Relations magazine FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The letter opened the door for the CFR controlled Truman administration to take a hard line against the threat of Soviet expansion. George Kennan was the author of the letter. The Marshall Plan should have been called the Council on Foreign Relations Plan. The so-called Marshall Plan and the ensuing North Atlantic Treaty Organization defined the role of the United States in world politics for the rest of the century.

 In 1950 another PSYOP resulted in NSC-68, a key cold war document. The NSC (National Security Council) didn't write it -- the Department of State Policy Planning Staff did. The cast of characters included CFR members George Kennan, Paul Nitze, and Dean Achenson. NSC-68 was given to Truman on April 7, 1950. NSC-68 was a practical extension of the Truman doctrine. It had the US assume the role of world policeman and use 20 per cent of its gross national product ($50 billion in 1953) for arms. NSC-68 provided the justification -- the WORLD WIDE COMMUNIST THREAT!

 NSC-68 realized a major Council on Foreign Relations aim -- building the largest military establishment in Peace Time History. Within a year of drafting NSC-68, the security-related budget leaped to $22 billion, armed forces manpower was up to a million -- CFR medicine, munition, food, and media businesses were humming again. The following year the NSC-68 budget rose to $44 billion. In fiscal 1953 it jumped to $50 billion. Today (1997) we are still running $300 billion dollar defense budgets despite Russia giving up because it went bankrupt.

 America would never turn back from the road of huge military spending. Spending that included the purchase of radioactive fallout on American citizens in the 50's, and buying thermonuclear waste from the Russians as we approach the year 2000. Spending resulting in a national debt of $5.5 Trillion Dollars that continues to grow, and interest payments of over $270 billion a year. Is the Council on Foreign Relations trying to make the United States economically vulnerable to influence from outside sources? Isn't that treason?

 THE INQUIRY, the PSB/OCB/Special group, the War and Peace Studies, the "X" Affair, and NSC-68 have had tremendous historical impact. Yet these events and the role played by the Council on Foreign Relations in sponsoring and carrying out the events are missing from our History books. You represent the people. Can you explain to me why the Council on Foreign Relations role in History has been left out of the History books? Why don't we learn about them in High School History courses? Why don't History majors in college learn about the Council on Foreign Relations?

If you want to learn about the CFR try the following:

 TRAGEDY AND HOPE: HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN OUR TIME by Carroll Quigley. Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. NY: MacMillan, 1966. 1348 pages.

 THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT by Carroll Quigley. NY: Books in Focus, 1981.


 THE WAR AND PEACE STUDIES OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS 1939-1945, The Harold Pratt House 58th E. 68th Street, NY, 1946

 THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS: Case Studies of Military Application Vol. 1 and 2, Pamphlet No. 725-7-2, DA Pam 525-7-2, Headquarters Dept of the Army Washington, DC, April 1976. Pollock, Daniel C Project Director & Editors De Mclaurin, Ronald, Rosenthal, Skillings(Carl F., Sarah A.)

 These books are written or edited or contributed to by Council on Foreign Relations members and insiders. The Council on Foreign Relations is leaving proof so some Historian can piece together the truth sometime in the future. By the time this happens there may be no more America.

 CFR member Congressman Richard Gephardt (D-MO), recently informed the TV audience America will soon have to relinquish control to a "International Regime." Are we approaching the day when students and workers marching in the United States will be crushed by UN Peacekeeping Forces under the control of this International Regime? Who will control the Regime? The Council on Foreign Relations? Should a major political party consider someone willing to turn our country over to a "International Regime" a possible presidential candidate?

 UPDATE: On June 1st, with the spill uncontained and still gushing oil into the Gulf, President Obama met with Council on Foreign Relations member Bob Graham, a former Democratic senator and governor of Florida, and Council on Foreign Relations member William Reilly, who headed the Environmental Protection Agency under Council on Foreign Relations member President George H.W. Bush and named them to chair a commission to investigate Bilderberg member Hayward’s company BP.

 On June 4th Council on Foreign Relations member Thad Allen became the "national incident commander'' of the worst oil spill in U.S.
 Is President Obama interested in an honest investigation or a Council on Foreign Relations cover-up that will protect CFR/Bilderberg Oil Company interests at the expense of the interests of the average American?
 For Council on Foreign Relations member Adm. Thad Allen, BP's oil leak is only the latest crisis posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 By Carol Rosenberg | Miami Herald
 MIAMI ­ He's a bear of a man with a grandfatherly demeanor who has had a role in some of the nation's most politically charged controversies.
 President George W. Bush put him in charge of the Hurricane Katrina response in September 2005 amid an outcry that FEMA director Michael D. "Brownie'' Brown wasn't doing a heck of a job after all.
 He was Coast Guard chief of staff during the effort to tighten up port security in the aftermath of 9/11. And he was in charge of Miami during an era of interdictions, when the Coast Guard's image shifted from heroic rescuers to those who detained Miami-bound Cubans at sea and sent them back.
 Now Council on Foreign Relations member Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, 61, is "national incident commander'' of the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the face of the federal effort responding to the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
 And while it's BP's responsibility to plug the Deepwater Horizon's leak, it is Allen's role to marshal the public effort from the states to the U.S. government and oversee federal resources brought to the problem.
 Between the Katrina assignment and his experience as a Coast Guard leader up and down the East Coast, he brings an understanding of the push-pull of private-public enterprise to this latest job, says a senior Coast Guard officer who has served several times on Allen's staff.
 " Council on Foreign Relations member Admiral Allen is able to take a very complex problem and break it down into small segments that are more easy to understand, and then bring a wide range of people together to come to a common solution,'' the officer said.
 Lately Council on Foreign Relations member Allen has been emphasizing the need to converge skimmers from across the nation on a 200-mile radius around the well site.
 But, as his daily press briefings now demonstrate, he's also expected to help answer questions about everything related, from the spill's impact on wildlife to what is going on 5,000 feet below the ocean's surface.
 "I've never said this is going well,'' he said grimly Tuesday at his daily briefing, where he has emerged as a key voice of the Obama administration in what he calls "the largest oil spill response in the history of the country.''
 "We knew this was catastrophic from the beginning when the oil rig exploded and caught on fire. I've said time and time again nothing good happens when oil is on the water,'' he added. "We're making no illusions that this is anything other than a catastrophe, and we're addressing it as such, and we'll continue to do that.''
 Says the Coast Guard officer, who agreed to talk about his old boss only if granted anonymity because he is not authorized to speak about the oil leak: "He tells people, key decision makers, what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. He does that with everybody. Nobody tells him what to say. He tells BP what they need to hear, he tells the president what the president needs to hear.''
 Even when the solution is an unpalatable one ­ to try to mitigate damage and wait until a new relief well is dug. In that regard, the Center for Biological Diversity's executive director, Kieran Suckling, agrees. "There are no good options here. It's not like anyone can be waltzing in with solutions,'' he said wearily Tuesday, Day 50 of the crisis.
 But Suckling says Council on Foreign Relations member Allen had until this week seemed too sympathetic to BP ­ the admiral and BP Bilderberg member CEO Tony Hayward were spotted having dinner together in New Orleans a week ago ­ and too upbeat about an early resolution to give Americans confidence in his role.
 "He should be visibly and singularly in control of the cleanup effort,'' Suckling said. "He should be giving BP its marching orders. He should be telling the American people the straight scoop of what is happening instead of mirroring BP's talking points.''

 Federal officials and oil industry executives try to disarm their critics by pointing out that the BP spill is a calamity without precedent ­ and the effort to cope being improvised on the spot.
 But in April 2002, as commander out of Portsmouth, Va., Council on Foreign Relations member Allen took part in a civilian twist on a war game of sorts, a drill with the participation of Exxon Mobil.
 The site of the mock exercise was New Orlean's Superdome. The scenario was a cascading series of accidents that put the public and environment at risk ­ an imaginary well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico that dumped 126,000 gallons of crude and leaked uncontrollably for 30 days; a tanker grounding that unleashed hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline onto a highway, and a collision between a foreign freighter and a tanker off the Texas coast.
 And Council on Foreign Relations member Allen's role, as he explained June 1, was "national incident commander for that exercise.''
 In between, he oversaw the Katrina response, another job that put him in the role of telling politicians things they might not want to hear.
 A case in point: Allen persuaded New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to reverse himself in mid September 2005 on plans to repopulate portions of his evacuated city.
 It was a moment of high drama, and deep disappointment, for people poised to come home to rebuild. But Council on Foreign Relations member Allen had warned that, with Tropical Storm Rita bearing down, the hurricane-ravaged city was not prepared to evacuate all over again.
 Like the Coast Guard itself, Council on Foreign Relations member Allen blends a military style with a civilian sensibility.

 He talks of having "rogered'' President Barack Obama's belt-tightening message as a budget-cutting Coast Guard commandant, and that the Coast Guard's "î command and control structure'' was sufficiently "agile and flexible'' to offer quick help to Haiti after the earthquake.
 Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, Obama's Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, attended the change of command ceremony earlier this month when Council on Foreign Relations member Allen handed off the job of commandant to a new Coast Guard admiral.

 That's when his tenure in the top Coast Guard job ran out.
 Now he's serving "at the pleasure of the president'' ahead of his long-ago scheduled July 1 retirement, a status that means he's still wearing the uniform of an active duty four-star admiral.
 Whether he'll continue in the federal role as a civilian is still an open question.
 But Council on Foreign Relations member Allen, a Tucson native and 1971 Coast Guard Academy graduate who biked to work at times, boasted earlier this year he didn't plan a traditional buy-a-boat retirement.
 Instead, he said, before the calamity befell the Gulf of Mexico, that although he had lived at 47 different addresses, he looked forward to getting into not-for-profit public service work.
 Read more:

 Are you starting to see the patterns here - exactly who runs the United States of America?

 This information is about a small group of other worldly inspired people who have taken control of our government and are fixing votes in Congress. Knowing all this, Rabbi Marvin Antelman in 1974 wrote a book called 'To Eliminate the Opiate'. He was the Rabbi who ex-communicated Kissinger from Judaism in his rabbinical council in 1974, for his ties to the CFR and his attempt to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur War. He has been doing this for quite a while.

 His claim was that the Sabbateans - REV 2:9, followers of a false messiah, named Shabtai Tzvi, went underground and have been trying to destroy Israel since the 17th Century. Any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah, has no right to live? It's that serious. Now, Shabtai Tzvi was born in Smyrna, Turkey.

 And Turkey is important to this... just keep in mind that he was a Turkish Jew. He started a movement that was anti-Jewish. In his movement, 'messianic days were upon us’ - 'redemption was upon us', and in those days, god permitted everything. Everything. This was anti-Judaism. 'Do not kill.' - Kill. 'Do not adulter.' - Adulter. 'Do not lie.' - Lie. It was the opposite of Torah and Talmud, that his movement promulgated. And somehow or another... Oh, by the way. Their chief blessing was: 'Blessed is he who permits the forbidden.' That was the main Sabbatean blessing... More than half of world- Jewry bought into this. This thing spread like wildfire. People all over the world sold their homes... a dollar... a penny on a dollar? it didn't matter. Because 'the day of redemption was coming'. They [the Jewish people] just sat on hilltops. Because Shabtai Tzvi declared his messiah... declared that he was the messiah? however it's said, on June 18, 1666. And I'm certain he planned that date, knowing what he was doing. June – the sixth month, 18 is 6 x 3, and 1666 is obvious enough. He knew what he was doing.

 And now it was the period of redemption where the Jews just broke every single law in the Torah, all over the world. And this was carrying on and on. Essentially debauchery became theology. That's what this 'messiah' was teaching. But, then in September of 1666, the Sultan of Turkey had him arrested. He had had enough of this guy. And eventually threatened him with a horrible, long, torturous death unless he renounced his Judaism and turned to Islam. Which he did. And most of Judaism were crushed, fallen, and gave up any belief in Shabtai Tzvi, and went back to being Jews. But not everyone. There was a cult in Turkey – the Donmeh cult, who saw in Shabtai Tzvi's conversion a message. The message is: 'We infiltrate Islam and other religions, but keep our Sabbatean beliefs with us at all times.' They exist to this day - in numbers.

 Now, here, it lay dormant, until the 1770s, when Jacob Frank, the Sabbatean leader of Europe? of Poland, gained a lot of power. Rabbi Antelman... And I do have Rabbi Antelman's books. For this lecture, I didn't just bring my books; I brought the secret holocaust books, that you're not supposed to read, written by very proud and wonderful Jews. And I brought Rabbi Antelman? 'To Eliminate the Opiate' for you, just to get a perspective no else is getting... just let me tell you – no one else is getting this perspective....

 So, here is Jacob Frank now. And he convinces the bishop of his Polish province that they are not Jews – they were suppressing the Jews at the time. We are anti-Talmudist. And this bishop offered him protection of his diocese. Immediately after offering Frank the protection, all Talmuds were burned in the diocese. And then, the Frankish now had verification... they had a major, major base from which to work and they had some money. And in the little province of Poland, sex orgies now became the purification of the soul. Purim became the annual wife-swapping event of Judaism.

 Jacob Frank had brought Sabbateanism to Poland in a huge way. And he started baptizing his people into Christianity. In one ceremony, he baptized 5,000 – you can call them 'Frankists' (because that's what they called that at that time), or Sabbateans. And they were used? these converts were used as agents of political intrigue. Clandestined cells, causing incredible political turmoils, were set up throughout Europe, and the Balkans, and Turkey. And that's how he was making money, somewhat. But, he ran out of money. This plan didn't work out so well. And in 1786, he moved out of Poland and settled, immediately, in Frankfurt. And, on the spot, he became extremely wealthy – and all the history books can't explain this. All kinds of books have tried to explain this immediate wealth, but I know what happened.

 In 1786, Frankfurt was the headquarters of one Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit who founded the Illuminati. "The raison de etre of the Illuminati was to roll back the Protestant Reformation and return things to the good old days, where you had one pope overseeing all religions throughout the planet. That is what the Illuminati was all about? getting people to abandon their religion and turning back to Rome – no matter what was in Rome. That was what the Jesuits – the Jesuit movement and the Illuminati were doing.

 And who else was in Frankfurt, but Mayer Amshel Rothschild. And he was financing the Illuminati at the time. In come the Frankists. You've got 3 branches now. You've got the Illuminati, you have Rothschild funding the Illuminati, but they're getting nowhere. Three years later, they got somewhere – that's when France... all Hell broke out in France. But, at the time, they were missing one important element – the agents, the spies, the cells. That Jacob Frank could provide, all through the known world to these people. And an alliance was founded that has ruined this planet ever since. And that alliance was between the Sabbateans, the Illuminati, funded by Mayer Amshel Rothschild. On one corner: 'eliminate all alternative religions to Rome's'. On the other – the Sabbateans, 'turn Judaism back to its false messiah – it's messiah, Shabtai Tzvi, or eliminate the Judaism that exists – the good Judaism. Eliminate it. Totally - and turn it into Sabbateanism.' But Rothschild, he just wanted money - he just wanted the control of the world's finances. And between the Jesuits and the Sabbateans, he had the people who could bring it to him.

 Now during... It was 1785 or '86, the Illuminati was discovered just before the French Revolution. The story is that a horse, horseman fell and died, and in his satchel were the plans for French Revolution. That's the story we are given... But, they plans of the Illuminati were uncovered – it was banned, first in Bavaria, and then everywhere. The Illuminati was banned throughout Europe. So, they had to come up with a way to keep the movement going. They came up with a great plan: 'We are going to infiltrate British Free-Masonry. They've got the chapters - all of the lodges, everywhere - all over the world. All we have to do is change their tenets and replace them with ours.' Or mix them. And that's what they did. The Illuminati went to London, and it went to Scotland, and infiltrated the lodges of Free- Masonry, and spread world-wide, including to this country the founders of this country came right from that.

 Now, what happened after... we now have another branch. You see, now you've got London in the picture. The headquarters of all of this was Frankfurt, Germany. But, now London with his Free-Masonry headquarters, is also now in the picture. You've got really a highway between Germany and London, changing the world. Well, for instance, the German apostate Jews: Karl Marx, Frederick Engels - go from Germany to London, write the 'Communist Manifesto' - used brilliantly by the Jesuits in South America where they enslave all the Indians in these, on these communes - the ones they didn't slaughter previously. You now have political movements coming out of London from Sabbatean breeding in Germany - every-which way. The one today, by the way, is Leo Strauss - University of Chicago. The German Jew who inspired the people who are raping and pillaging Iraq right now. It's just another Sabbatean war - the war in Iraq. Young Americans dying for Sabbateans - that's all it is.

 Now, you have one missing element, and that is America. The Rockefellers have no influence in America yet. Then in the 1850s, he sends, John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff from Frankfurt [Germany] to America to start controlling things there. Including the Civil War - the Civil War was a Sabbatean war as well. Judah Benjamin, the adviser to the Southern government - the Confederate government, came straight from Frankfurt - came straight over from Germany. He was another Rothschild crony.

 The next step in the take-over of America financially, on behalf of the Illuminati and the Sabbateans... And that element of the Sabbateans is totally unknown. You look at the internet, you'll find an awful lot about Free-Masonry - all you want. You'll find an awful lot about the Illuminati. You won't find an awful lot about the Sabbateans. They are the best hiders of the lot. And they use, of course, the fronts. What Schiff and Astor did is they financed robber barons - the most corrupt people you had in America: the railroad builders - they were good... The most corrupt business men you had in America were promised immense wealth, control, power - provided they in exchange promoted the Illuminati agenda. And that's where Rockefeller [oil empire] comes in. That's where Carnegie comes in. Morgan - they are all now getting wealthy through Rothschild's agent(s) in America - Schiff, Astor, and later Warburg. So, America now has… I'm going to just jump to 1922 when the CFR was founded by Morgan and Rockefeller, as fronts for this Illuminati. They were founded to overturn the American government and turn your country into an Illuminati country. But, we've got the same thing where we're from.

 Now, in the 1880s, a decision was made. Up 'till then, the Sabbateans had tried to overturn Judaism, and turn Judaism into Sabbateanism, through humane means. From Germany, came the 'Reform Movement'. And later the 'Conservative Movement' - that was also Germany through Britain. They were going to dilute the Judaism and introduce elements completely foreign to Judaism. And the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn introduced an 'Enlightenment' that was completely anti-religious. But, the Jews just weren't cooperating - they kept staying Jews. They weren't turning into what they wanted them to. So, a new plan was devised. It was called Zionism. Zionism was founded by the Sabbateans. That's what they did in the 1870s - '80s - using British Free-Masonry as the pump for this movement. And the idea was to take over Israel and turn it into a Sabbatean state. Israel was conceived in utter sin. Utter sin. However, just like in Europe, the Jews didn't sin - the Jews just didn't play ball. They kept staying moral. The fight in Israel today - Oslo is between the good and decent vast majority of Israel and these Sabbateans ruling them.

 Now, to get the Jews to Israel was a little tricky. Why go there? No point. So, they, from the 1880s on, they made life so miserable in Europe - European Jews had to get out of Europe or die. You begin with the pogroms of the 1880s. You can thank the Jesuits - they provided the cossacks, but they Sabbateans provided the Communists. And they made life a living Hell for anyone caught under the Russian influence, and the Jews left - 2,000,000 of them, but they didn't go to 'Palestine'. Most of them went to America. And they [Sabbateans] had to overcome that. And they did later on, incidentally. Colonel House, who is under control of this Illuminati/Sabbatean conspiracy, he got President Wilson to ban large scale immigration to the United States. They cut off the doors to America to get them eventually to 'Palestine'.

 But, first the Zionist Movement - all German. It starts in Vienna. Natan Birnbaum, Peretz Smoleskin - they write the first doctrines. But these people just.. They're very good writers, but they're not convincing people - they have no charisma. But, another Viennese [from Vienna] reporter, Theodore Herzl, was an extremely magnetic personality. He had the charisma - and they [Sabbateans] used him. He became the leader of the Zionist movement. Now, you look at any biography of Herzl - they all say the same thing. He was supposed to have written 'Der Judenstaat' - 'The Jewish State' in Paris one summer after the Dreyfus affair. He wasn't in Paris. He wasn't in Paris that summer [1935]. He couldn't have written the book. And there is no real answer to that, except that it was written for him. Now, I read Herzl's plays before he wrote the 'Judenstaat' - boy was he a bad writer. He got good awfully fast... And Herzl is now replacing these poorly... nice writers, but they can't lead a movement. Herzl's doing an amazing job.

 Now, I want you to know - Herzl went to Britain in 1901. He was sincere - Herzl. He thought a Jewish state was the answer to the oppression. I don't believe he was Sabbatean. I think he was just a handsome guy who was used. He went to the sultan of Turkey, by the way. And tried to buy 'Palestine' legitimately. The sultan of Turkey turned him down. And I believe that had he said yes, there wouldn't have been a World War I and no need for the British to take 'Palestine' from the Turks. But, in 1901, Herzl showed up in Britain and he was not well received. He said that ' 'Palestine' is not the answer' - 'The sultan turned me down. There's no way we're going to get that land. You have land in East Africa - you have a way to save the Jews. We'll take Uganda. We'll take some empty tracts in Africa.' ~ And this would have ruined the whole Sabbatean plot. They needed to take over Judaism - they needed ancient Israel. Not Uganda...

 Herzl died shortly afterwards. He was 43 years old. Nobody knows how he died. When I was raised, they told me that he [Herzl] worked so hard, his heart stopped... I was raise with that. In fact, he entered a Paris sanatorium for a condition nobody... Try and find out what for - you won't. And he [Herzl] never came out. He died there a couple of weeks later. I have no problem believing that he was murdered in there - no problem at all. This is the pattern of these Sabbateans: they eliminate people they don't like. They eliminate people who threaten them. But, I can't prove that obviously Rabin I can prove - there are some I can prove.... But, he died very young. And even back in 1905, 44 was pretty young to die.

 But, he was [Herzl] replaced by the German-educated Chaim Weizmann. Words do not describe the damage this man has done to the world. Now, what we were told is that Chaim Weizmann took on the Zionist movement. And during World War I, he developed a way to make acetone from dried paint - peeling paint, and that process 'saved the war.' Now, I want you to know, I checked... There was a little factory built - he was a chemist. Not one bomb in World War I used his method - not a one. And even so, the story we are told is: 'The British were so for this wonderful new way to make explosives, they gave him 'Palestine'.' ... Yeah, sure.... that's the way things work. 'Uh, thanks for the acetone - have a state.' This is the myth... you know. This is the myth that we have been raised with.

 Poor Turkey. If they had just acquiesced. If they had just acquiesced... But, they didn't. And then the Donmeh. The Sabbateans of Turkey - they formed a little movement called the 'Young Turks'. And the 'Young Turks' got rid of that sultan. But far worse, the 'Young Turks' prepared for our holocaust with the holocaust of the Armenians. The Armenian holocaust was a Sabbatean holocaust. And shortly, I'm going to prove this - this I can prove. And you now have a situation where there is nowhere for the Jews to go except 'Palestine', but they still won't go. Who would want to? It's a miserable place to go - they're still staying in Poland. They're still staying throughout Europe. They [Sabbatean] can't get this movement off the ground. In 1932, do you know how many Jewish agencies represented German Jewry? Over 250. In 1934, just 1 ~ Labor Zionism. 'The Jewish agency', run by Chaim Weizmann, cut a deal with the German Nazis - it was called the 'Transfer Agreement'. While all the rest of the world Jewry were fighting to boycott the Nazis, to put an end to this regime, the 'Jewish Agency of Jerusalem' was propping them up. The 'Transfer Agreement' worked like this ~ 'We want your Jews to come to 'Palestine'. You have no money - your regime is going to fall. So, you get them to 'Palestine' our way, and we'll make sure they buy all their goods only from you - it will be enough to keep you going. That was the 'Transfer Agreement'.

 There was a great, great Zionist - Vladimir Jabotinsky... There was another side to Zionism - there was an honest side to it. And, by the way, that is what the Israelis have been choosing year after year, since 1977. That's what the Israelis want - they want the honest side of it. Back then, it was called 'Revisionist Zionism'.

 In 1933, there was a conference in Basel and the revisionists were fighting this 'Transfer Agreement' and all its immorality, and Chaim Weizmann and Ben-Gurion had Jabotinsky thrown out of the Zionist movement through a phony murder of someone named Chaim Arlozorov. Chaim Arlozorov was the mediator between the Nazis and the Jewish agency for the 'Transfer Agreement'. He was murdered on the beach in Tel Aviv. The revisionists were blamed for it and thrown out of the Zionist movement. Exactly the same thing they did with Rabin. Exactly - no difference. They didn't do the murder - the murder was used against them. The good Zionists fought throughout World War II to save the Jews - those are the books out there.

 The Sabbateans of America and the world made sure those Jews died. They got the Jews out of Germany - they got 60,000 Jews to 'Palestine' - that was enough, they didn't want anymore. Any Jew who got on a boat, on a ship from Germany to anywhere in the world - the word was out diplomatically everywhere: 'If that ship isn't going to 'Palestine', you send these Jews back to their death.' Worldwide. Ship after ship. Every country. They don't escape. They don't like 'Palestine', they die. And in 1939, the British passed their 'White Paper'. Once all the German Jews were in 'Palestine' and the holocaust was about to begin, they closed the doors to 'Palestine'. The Jews were trapped in Europe now, on purpose. Rabbi Antelman's chapter is called: 'Burnt Offerings'. The Sabbateans gained great, great energy from the torturous death of other Jews. Any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah deserves to die in torture - this is how they think.

 After the war ended, Israel begins a new life as a nation, but they just don't have enough people to defend themselves against the Arabs. So, anti-Semitism is fomented throughout the Middle East. And the Middle Eastern leaders, one after another, send their Jews to 'Palestine'. Now can you imagine: 'Sure, I'll send soldiers to the Jewish army in 'Palestine'. No problem. Here, empty out all of Morocco - send them to 'Palestine' - we like soldiers!'... Their leaders were bribed with the Jewish assets. If they weren't bribed, they were killed. There were coups all over in the early '50s. And once they got there, what they did - these Sephardim were traditional, they were religious. Once they go there, these Sabbateans had to turn them into Sabbateans in a hurry... I'm going to tell you one thing - They took an entire generation of Sephardim children, over 100,000 of them, told them they had scalpel ringworm and dosed them with 35,000 times the amount of X-rays a human being is allowed to take - right through the brain. An entire generation of Sephardim were turned numb, so that they would abandon their traditions and become someone else. We're talking here [about] a form of evil that is just not understood because it isn't Jewish. It's something foreign to Judaism. Had there been no 'Zionism', there would have been on holocaust. But, now we're stuck there, and we have to fight for our lives because they are trying to do it again to us. They're trying to do it again to us.

 Now, just so you know what the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] is.. Now, let's see the Jews that just 'discovered' that they're Jews... Why there's: Kerry - just 'discovers' his father was Jewish. Wesley Clark - just 'discovers' his father was Jewish. Madeleine Albright - completely 'forgot' that everyone was Jewish in her family. Huh? All these people are following the Sabbatean tradition of infiltrating other religions and denying their Judaism. And they're all running for President - all at once: Wesley Clark and Kerry are running hand in hand... Now, last election, it was really neat. Al Gore... well his daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff. Gore's Sabbatean too. This is who they run - the CFR runs the whole ship. What have we had and have now?... Bush is 'Skull and Bones' & Obama who has been C.F.R. for years is related to both Bush and V.P Chaney! I don't even want to do the math... Can you imagine an organization - in 280,000,000 people there are 800 members of a secret occultic organization and both ['Skull and Bones' candidates] are running for President. You figure out the statistics. Huh?... Well, if that's what moves you... Even if they were both buying the same car - it's impossible. And no one thinks twice about this.

 Now, I'm going to do just a few quotes - not from me... It's time you heard from other people. The first is now the holocaust in America. A little background first though. The 'Young Turks'.

 This is from.. There are very few, but they're brilliant - ant-Sabbatean writers. This is from Avrum Ehrlich. He wrote me - I don't think this has ever been published. This is his own research. 'The evidence is overwhelming that the massacre of the Armenians was a deliberate planned genocide. The 'Young Turks' allied themselves with Germany and used World War I as a cover for their slaughter of Armenians, as did the Nazis in World War II. The 'Turks' used their intended victims as slave laborers. It was via these Masonic lodges that made the Donmeh Jews (seculars who were less accepted in mainstream society) were able to meet on equal footing - many of them becoming major instruments of the revolution. The Donmeh thrived in the Masonic environment, allowing them to be both secretive and influential, maintaining their religious ideas in a non-dogmatic atmosphere, bridging the gap between Jews and Muslims. They seemed to represent the happy medium of the 'Young Turk' revolution. It is curious that Israel's first and second prime minister, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, and her second President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, had lived and studied in Istanbul, and had embraced the concept of "lehitatmen", Hebrew for "to become an Ottoman".' Ben-Gurion was Sabbatean, through and through. Ben-Zvi is thought by many to be a descendant of a Sabbatean family - our first President. Sharett, our second Prime Minister served in the Ottoman army in World War I. Ben-Gurion gave up Russian citizenship for Ottoman citizenship. And on and on and on... - Israel's first leaders.

 Most interesting is the movement's choice of messianic terminology when describing the peace process with Israel's Arab neighbors, including 'New World Order' [or Middle Eastern New World Order]... Further, a curious similarity between the Israeli Left and the Sabbatean movement is illustrated in the Left's strong public ties with Arabs and Islam while privately rejecting and even despising their lifestyle, morality and habits. Stark similarities are evident with the Donmeh who showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam.

 I hope you are seeing the pattern. Now, we are getting to the holocaust, and what American Jewry did.

 The leading figures ... This is from David Morrison's book - it's out there, 'Heroes and Anti-Heroes'. 'The leading figures [preholocaust] were Judge Mayer Sulzberger, Louis Marshall, Cyrus Adler and Jacob Schiff. Schiff was the towering figure of that group that, to a large degree, represented wealthy American Jews of German background... In 1875 he [Jacob Schiff] won the hand in marriage of the daughter of Solomon Loeb and a full partnership in the firm. His specialty was railroad finance. Working with E.H. Harriman, he acquired the Union Pacific Railroad in 1897.'

 E.H. Harriman was the funnel to the Nazis. That's where Prescott. That was the company Prescott Bush worked for to funnel money. Start making the ties - they're real. 'If Bush wasn't elected last time around, Al Gore would have been president. His daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff, assuredly meaning he is Sabbatean.' That's not me folks, that's someone else.

 'Millions of dollars were channeled through the Aid Society of German Jews that included Max Warburg. Brandeis protested to Felix Warburg that the German group supported the ban on immigration of Polish Jews into Germany'... and escape. 'Schiff's brother-in-law, Max Warburg, was a German delegate to the economic talks at Versailles. He had discussions with John Foster Dulles...Dulles - CFR, brother Allen served in Turkey as assistant to the US High Commissioner. From that post he aided the attempt to cover up the Turkish massacre of the Armenians...'

US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter...' - This is from Jerry Rabow's book, '50 Jewish Messiahs'. 'United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter...' - note the name Frankfurter. When you see a Frank and a Frankfurt, you know the ties... ' is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank's portrait from his mother, a [prominent] descendent of the Prague Frankist family..." That was your chief Court Justice - Felix Frankfurter during the holocaust.

Here is Rabbi Antelman:

 'Consider Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement in the United States during World War II. As the slaughter was going on in Europe, Wise was more interested in his own gratification. Wise was both a Communist and a Sabbatean. That he was a Communist is attested to by Maurice Malkin, a member of the Communist Party who returned to Judaism... Wise was a Sabbatean, as was shown in Helen Rawlinson's book 'Stranger At The Party'. In her chronicle of a sexual encounter with the socalled Rabbi Wise, she describes how Wise had sex with her in his office on his conference table, and quoted the verse from Psalms which Sabbateans did so when engaged in intercourse... After Austria fell, Wise met with representatives of the American Jewish Committee and some non-Jewish groups. The meeting came in the wake of an attempt by New York Congressman Samuel Dickstein, to introduce legislation that would allow refugee quotas to be [raised] to those fleeing Hitler. The gathering agreed unanimously: The organizations represented at the conference will take the position that the proposed legislation is inadvisable... Saving Jews . not advisable?

' After the Kristallnacht, Wise's group met and resolved that: 'the present policy of the General Jewish Council, there will be no public parades or protests by Jews...' Steven Wise, an American Jewish Congress stationary, sent out a report 'CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR PUBLICATION IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER:...' - 'no protest of Kristallnacht...'

 Steven Wise to Senator Wagner of United States at a... Okay. 'In the wake of Kristallnacht, New York Senator Wagner introduced legislation to allow 20,000 German Jewish children into the United States. Stephen Wise testified before the legislative committee: "If there is any conflict between our duty to those children and our duty to our country, our country comes first; and if children cannot he helped' - then let them die. Steven Wise to your congress.

 'Wise further declared: 'We are Americans first. Nothing else that we are, whether by faith or race, qualifies our Americanism...The [only] way to save Jews is to unite the Jewish people behind the victory program of President Roosevelt.'

 'Congressman Gillette recalled a visit to his office by Wise and a few of his colleagues: "None of these gentlemen seemed [very] enthusiastic for...the saving of the remnant of the Jewish people... "' Wise told him - 'The fate of the Jews is not in our hands, it's only in God's.' 'Wise felt strongly that the Gillette legislation did not provide for the "proper type of commission."... Henry Morgenthau's aide Josiah Dubois uncovered the State Department's policy relevant to the issue of Jewish rescue... The title of the Dubois memorandum was: REPORT TO THE SECRETARY ON THE ACQUIESCENCE OF [OUR] GOVERNMENT IN THE MASS MURDER OF JEWS.' They deliberately let the Jews die. The Jews of America, leaders of America - it was on purpose. The holocaust was no accident. They murdered the Jews by proxy, no differently than the SS murdered them with rifles. And the same thing is happening in Israel today. It's the same American Jewish [Sabbatean] Congress, led by the same German Jewish Sabbateans. In this case, it's Henry Seigman that are letting Israel die. And they're gonna let Israel die again, and we are going to have a second holocaust. They're doing it the exact same way they did it in the '40s. They're building a big wall [in Israel] to trap the Jews behind the wall. They're making the wall smaller and smaller. The neighborhoods smaller and smaller, till we're corralled. It's no different. It's the same plan.

 Rabbi Marvin Antelman, author of two volumes of "To Eliminate The Opiate". Within both, he proves that the Labor Zionists were extreme believers in two false messiahs, Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank. They believed the opposite of the Torah was ‘divine’ and any Jew who rejected Shabtai Tzvi was subject to their commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Murder’. Of the Holocaust, his chapter is called ‘Burnt Offerings’. Jews who dismissed Shabtai Tzvi must not merely die, they must feel the flames of Hell as they perish. The subject is long, and includes the complicity of the Labor Zionists in the Holocaust. I can only suggest you go to  www.lulu.com/chamish  and order my ‘Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust’.

 Today, anyone who opposes their peace is a target for flaming engulfment. If that means all of Israel is burnt by missiles, so be it for rejecting their ‘messiahs’. They'll be well taken care of even if the country turns to ashes. Nothing would please them more than the climactic joy of witnessing the Jews who wouldn't accept their "truth" sizzling in the rubble of their homes.

 At the 1936 World Zionist Conference, Jewish Agency head Chaim Weizmann told the assembled: "Perhaps only 2 million will survive the upcoming Holocaust, but they will be ready for life in Palestine."

 What he forgot to mention is the coming immolation of a people. Just as the current Jews will believe the string of car "accidents" is nothing more than that, the post-Holocaust Jews concocted a fable that the Nazis were somehow civilized butchers. Once in the gas chambers, you died in a minute or two. Then on to the ovens. But even a cursory view of respected eye-witness reports attests to something far more ghastly than that.

 Taking the most extreme report and hoping the truth is less gruesome, the gas doesn't kill, it stupefies. You are shoveled into the oven where you await the ultimate punishment for being a Jew, or concerning the days ahead, a Protestant bible believing Christian, the other house of Israel. You are awakened by the soaring heat, you are conscious long enough to know where you are, you screech then watch the skin of your face dissolve. You live just long enough to watch your body char in the searing flames.

 That is what the Kreuser children felt before they died. And unless there is a nationwide partisan uprising, that is what all Israel is about to feel.


 Rutka Laskier: "The little faith I used to have has been completely shattered. If God existed, he would have certainly not permitted that human beings be thrown alive into furnaces, and the heads of little toddlers be smashed with the butt of guns or be shoved into sacks and gassed to death."

 Eric Phelps: “Of the single greatest crime against humanity in the history of all humanity: (1939-1945) That Pope Pius XII with the full knowledge and tacit support of Jesuit Superor-General Wlodimir Ledochowski did hand to the Hitler and Himmler a complete blueprint for the systematic elimination of key non-Catholic minorities across Europe as well as the establishment of death camps for their murder. Furthermore, the Pope did instruct that ethnic Jews and other heretics were not simply to be murdered, but ritually sacrificed by being burnt alive, consistent with church law on the penalty of heresy. That this plan was to commence immediately and be overseen by the full Jesuit ordained priests of the SS. This plan was called the Final Solution. As a result of the specific orders by Pope Pius XII, the German command devised an ingenious method of rendering Jews and other heretics unconscious through gas chambers within a matter of a couple of minutes using Zyklon-B produced by Catholic Pharmaceutical company Bayer. Victims were then restrained unconscious on stretchers and carted to massive furnaces in which they were  placed fully alive, whereupon they would awaken screaming as they were burnt alive in the furnace.”

 Almost every day, when one picks up a newspaper, one reads survivors' accounts of the Holocaust which include such Talmudic symbolism. In the University of Tulsa Collegian dated 11 February 1982 we read of a lecture by Jack Glocer, yet another survivor of Auschwitz, who says: "'I had a cousin who had a 3-month-old daughter on the train we took to Auschwitz,' Glocer remembers 'When we arrived at Auschwitz the child was grabbed by a Nazi soldier and thrown on top of a pile of burning babies.' "

From School Library Journal

 Readers are told that children under five who were difficult to kill with gas were shoved into the crematorium furnaces and burned alive.

  http://library.thinkquest.org/12307/resistance.html  Armed resistance in the camps was paramount to suicide, but many sacrificed their lives to weaken the Nazis. One Jewish woman, Mala Zimetbaum, stole an SS uniform and secret documents telling of the Nazi slaughter, then escaped from Auschwitz. She was recaptured and sent back to the camp, where she was paraded in front of the prisoners. In front of the whole camp, she suddenly began to slash her wrists with a razor. "Don't be afraid, girls," she screamed, "their end is near. I am certain of this, I know. I was free." The Nazis beat her, then burned her alive.

 http://bookcloset.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html Elie Weisel: “It was excruciatingly painful to read about how Jews were shot like dogs, starved and beaten to death, burnt alive in furnaces and poisoned in gas chambers. The stench from the burning flesh that ever lingered in the camp gave me a gut wrenching feel.

 http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/online/szyk/action/94612.htm In March 1943 my beloved seventy-year-old mother, EUGENIA SZYK, was taken from the ghetto of Lodz to the Nazi furnaces of Maidanek. With her, voluntarily went her faithful servant, the good Christian, JOSEFA, a Polish peasant. Together, hand in hand, they were burned alive.

                                It's no different back then as it is today.    


 Now, lets look at one interview itself: 2007-2008.

 The noted Israeli newspaper, Ma’ariv, just published their interview with Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain in its Spirituality section at http://www.nrg.co.il:80/online/43/ART1/746/327.html.  An English version of the interview is attached, and a Turkish translation is in now in the process of being done.

 According to Yonatan Levi, editor of Ma’ariv who conducted the interview, “The interview is up and our dialogue received already appreciative feedback. the title is “Kabel Het-Het”, which in military slang means “well done” (het-het as acronym of positive enforcement - “hizuk hiuvi”).”


MA’ARIV: Why neo-Sabbatianism? What does this approach have that other religious streams, in or outside of Judaism, lack?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: First, we are not a “religion.” Neo- Sabbatianism seeks to destroy religion, not to compete with it. Religions all religions (and most especially the so-called “Abrahamic” religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are the Kellipot surrounding and entrapping the Glory of God. Jews worship Judaism; Christians worship Christianity; Muslims worship Islam we Neo-Sabbatians worship God, not as a supernatural being but as an infinite, boundless, undefinable Mind possessing no corporeality or substance, yet having self-awareness, intelligence, emotion, will, and intention. All things that ever were, are and will be are in this “God,” but in potential rather than physical form. This “God” is energy, not entity at first, before creation, Energy in its potential state but, during and after creation, energy in its kinetic state as well. Like energy, and because it is energy, this “God” can neither be created nor destroyed. It corresponds more to the Ayn Sof of Kabbalah than to the YAHUWAH of Judaism. Strictly speaking, we Neo-Sabbatians don’t “worship” or pray to this “God” but seek to know It, communicate with It and assist It in its return to the wholeness from which It has fallen by the act of creation. We do this not “out there” as religions do, but “in here” as the so-called mystic does. We do this not through religious creed and ritual which we consider deterrents rather than aids to knowing “God” but by the direct inner experience of It through the power of Ze’ir Anpin, or what C. G. Jung calls “the One who dwells within [us], whose form has no knowable boundaries, who encompasses [us] on all sides, fathomless as the abysms of the earth and vast as the sky.

MA’ARIV: The last article of yours we published aroused much interest but one topic was ostensibly missing: the practice. What sins do you actually practice, how do you chose them, what are the consequences, the price, the reward?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: We’re not concerned in Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah with the “practice” of sin, but with the transformation of unholiness into holiness again, not “out there” somewhere but “in here” where it exists without our needing to “choose” it Furthermore it is on the level of thought not deed that this transformation of the unholy into the holy this “redemption through sin” takes place for us. As the Ba’al Shem Tov said, “The Evil Thoughts come to man even in the midst of prayer. And they come to him as to their redemption. When an evil or alien though arises in a man, it comes to him in order that he may redeem it, and let it ascend.” In other words, for us “sin” is not an outer ritual to be acted out through the body, but an inner encounter with evil in what the Zohar calls the “heart-mind” for the purposes not of enjoying the evil, but of transforming it. To quote the great poet and Sufi master, Rumi:, “To do evil is only reprehensible when it is done for its own sake. But when evil is done for the sake of the good, then it is not reprehensible” which corresponds almost directly to the Ba’al Shem Tov’s statement, “In truth, there is no opposite between good and evil, for evil is the throne of good.

MA’ARIV: Could you elaborate on the issue of religious conversion? How has your own religious experience changed as you took on yourself Christianity, Islam and Hinduism?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: To begin with, the point of my multiple conversions like those of Sabbtai Zevi and Jacob Frank before me wasn’t to change me, but to repair God. In fact, the entire emphasis in Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah isn’t on me not on my salvation or my transformation but on the salvation and transformation of God. Martin Buber put it best, I think, when he said, “No soul has its object in its own salvation True, each person is to know themselves, purify themselves, perfect themselves, but  not for their own sake neither for the sake of their temporal happiness nor for that of their eternal bliss but for the sake of the Tikkun which they are destined to perform upon the world.” Therefore, the Holy Apostasies of Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank and myself were not conversions “of-the-flesh,” as it were, but conversions “of-the-heart.” The goal of converting to each religion was to retrieve and liberate the Holy Sparks imprisoned there, rather than to become a practicing member of its religious communion. Actually, in a way, the purpose of such Neo- Sabbatian conversions is to destroy the religion one enters into, much in the way the worm destroys the apple, rather than to become a practicing member of it.

MA’ARIV: Could you briefly describe your spiritual biography - how come you found yourself drawn to antinomian religion? Do you find it related to the 60’s counter-culture?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: I’m 73 years old, and for as long as I can remember even as far back as when I was an infant in my crib I was mad for this “God” who relentlessly pursued me in dreams and visions even, as I said, when I was an infant in my crib. To paraphrase our friend, Leonard Cohen, “it’s not I who chooses God, but God who chooses me.” I wasn’t “drawn to antinomian religion,” it was God who drew me to it. As for the 60’s, I was what I was long before they were. I studied philosophy and comparative religion in college, at least a decade before the 60’s. In a way (if you’ll excuse my signature immodesty) it was people like me who created the 60’s, not the 60’s that created us.

MA’ARIV: And of course - could you tell a bit about the community of Turkish Ma’aminim and your relationship with them.

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: My mother’s family was originally from Istanbul, Turkey where their Donmeh surname was “Goldman.” (The photo you see below is of my Turkish great-grandmother, Peli, on the left, taken when she was 101 years old…) My father’s family, although not from Turkey, was from Romania, so both sides came from what was then the Ottoman Empire, cradle of Sabbatianism. Probably for that reason, the hereditary Ma’aminim of Turkey have been supportive of our work almost from its beginning. In fact, many of them are members of Donmeh West, and one of their leaders (some say THE leader, but he denies being such) helped me establish Donmeh West on the internet a decade ago and has been our supporter and friend ever since.

MA’ARIV: In what ways do you instruct your students to get in touch with God? What is the practical teaching? Examples would do as well.

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: God speaks first in one way, and then in another, but not one notices. He speaks by dreams, and visions that come in the night.” (Job 33:14) So the “practical teaching” we give is, Shut up and listen! Concerning this use of dreams in Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah, the noted Bible scholar, author and Zurich-Certified Jungian analyst, J. Marvin Spiegelman, wrote: “[Yakov Leib HaKohain] has made an unusual attempt at combining Jungian [dream interpretation] and the Kabbalah, significantly more than has been assayed heretofore. There have been accounts of the impact of Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah on [modern dream interpretation] e.g. Freud and Jung but [Yakov Leib HaKohain] is the first to our knowledge who explicitly combines archetypal information and Jungian concepts in a back-and-forth relation between dreams, personal history and Kabalistic imagery.(J. Marvin Spiegelman, “Modern Jew In Search of a Soul” Falcon Press, 1986, p. 84)

MA’ARIV: Would it be possible to give also some examples of the process you described, of committing sins inwardly and then repenting?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: The purpose of “committing the sin inwardly” isn’t actually to “commit” it, but to transform it, so the entire issue has nothing really to do with “repenting” as much as it does with releasing Holiness from the Klippah of Unholiness that imprisons it. To paraphrase Rebbe Nachman, one enters into the sin not to commit it for one’s own personal gratification, but totransform it into a holy angel, a being of might and destiny.” For example if an “alien thought” , as the Ba’al Shem Tov calls it, comes to one during prayer say, having hot sweaty sex with the young babe davening on the other side of the mechitzah the praying man should not do everything he can to put that thought out of his mind, but he should instead “embrace” it, allow himself to engage in it, through what the Zohar calls the “Gate of Imagination,” and this, not for his own sexual satisfaction, but to release the nitzot of holiness from its klippah of sexual desire. In other words, it is the kavannah behind the imagining that makes it either a holy tikkun or an issue sexual fantasy.

MA’ARIV: Sabbtai Zevi as described among his followers as the Messiah, not only in the universal sense (as an example of a God- Realized man for instance) but as the historic, unique savior in which one should have faith (in the Pauline sense). What is your view belief of Sabbtai’s importance?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: We do not view Sabbatai Zevi as a “savior”, or even necessarily as the “messiah” in the commonly understood sense of the word. And we certainly do not view him as a God-man in the way Christians view Jesus. (Remember, this is NEO-Sabbatian Kabbalah we’re talking about.) Rather, we view Jesus and Sabbatai, along with the avatars of other spiritual traditions, as stages in an ongoing process extending from Jesus to the present moment a process in which all of us, whether we know it or not, are participating; a process called, “the continuing incarnation of God” about which C. G. Jung wrote, “The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the third divine person, in man, brings about a Christification of many.” In other words, Sabbatai Zevi wasn’t and isn’t God, but a godly man through whom God chose to speak and act. So it’s not Sabbatai the man, but that which God revealed of Itself through that man which has any importance for us. It’s like the Shofar. The Talmud tells us that it’s the sound issuing from the shofar, and not the shofar itself, that’s holy and, in fact, that the shofar itself is so profane that it can be used as a funnel to feed milk to a nursing infant. In that sense, Sabbatai Zevi was only the shofar; but what issued from him was the Sound. We follow the Sound, not the horn of a dead creature that makes it.

MA’ARIV: Do you think there is a similarity of the Sabbatean antinomianism and the eastern type of Crazy Wisdom (adopted as well by western teachers) as a means of bypassing, challenging or destroying the ego?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: Yes, there is. Not necessarily with the “old” Sabbatianism, but certainly very much with our NEOSabbatianism. It’s for that reason we call it “syncretic.” Jesus united Jew and Gentile “in his own person;” Amirah added Islam and Judaism; to that, Jacob Frank added Roman Catholicism; and finally, Neo-Sabbatianism embraces and synthesizes all those and the religions of the East as well. “On that day the Lord shall be King over all the earth; on that day, the Lord shall be One and his Name shall be one.

MA’ARIV: How do people usually react when they hear about your revival of Sabbateanism? Is the old resentment towards Sevi still active?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: Let me answer your question first with a quote from Gershom Scholem. In 1971 he wrote, “There is no longer any disagreement: The dramatic events and widespread religious revival that preceded the apostasy of Sabbatai Zevi in 1666 . . . . deserve to be studied objectively, to the exclusion of moralistic condemnations of the historical figures involved ... [But] a true understanding of the rise of Sabbatianism will never be possible as long as scholars continue to appraise it by inappropriate standards, whether these be the conventional beliefs of our own age or the values of traditional Judaism itself.” So to answer your question: modern people whose knowledge of Sabbatianism is limited to what Scholem calls “the baseless assumptions of ‘charlatanry and ‘imposture’ which occupy so prominent a place in earlier historical literature on the subject,” people such as these are predictably less than favorable in their reactions to us. On the other hand, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the  number of Jews and non-Jews who are drawn to this spiritual revival. For example, almost 90 thousand people from every corner of the world come to our website at www.donmehwest. com to read and listen to our Neo-Sabbatian teachings. In fact, an independent rating service the “Nielsen” of cyberspace, so to speak using sophisticated mathematical techniques, consistently ranks Donmeh West among the top-ten of the literally hundreds of thousands of Kabbalah websites on the internet. There are also the so-called “Chulent People,” a movement of young yeshiva-trained, formerly Charedi men and women (about whom the N.Y. Times has had at least one feature article) who are exploring alternative approaches to “Judaism” and spirituality, including, to some degree, our own Neo-Sabbatianism.

MA’ARIV: You mentioned your Turkish ancestry. What did your parents and grandparents had to say about your activities?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: There isn’t much to say, really, except that my family came to the United States almost a hundred years ago from Istanbul, where their Donme surname was “Goldman.” They came to America, like so many other Donme families, to escape Sabbatianism and the always-present accusation of the Jews that they were ‘mamzerim’. They never spoke of Turkey or Sabbatai Zevi or anything else related to our background until, shortly before she died, my grandmother told me about our Turkish origins and my great-grandmother, Peli, whose picture she gave me, taken of her in Donme garb when she was 101 years old. I was, I think, 26 at the time. and from then until now I had to learn everything for myself, literally from dreams, visions and my spiritual teachers particularly the great Jungian Kabbalist and direct disciple of C.G. Jung (who was, himself, an admirer of Sabbatai Zevi), the co-founder of the first Jung Institute in the United States, James Kirsch.

MA’ARIV: Finally, we understand there is an international movement under way to restore the crumbling 400 year-old birthplace of Sabbatai Zevi in Izmir, Turkey. Could you tell us something about that.

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: Yes. This is a project that’s very important to me and many other Ma’aminim throughout the world. Sabbatai Sevi came back into the news, in January 2007, when a crumbling three-story house in Izmir was identified as his birthplace just a few days before it was due to be demolished. Now, the house is secure, but its future is uncertain. The question arises. What should be done with it now? Should it be transformed into a museum, a research center, or tourism center or something else? A special support group has been set up on the internet for people who are interested in learning more about this project and/or helping to see it through to completion. Your readers can find it at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6669864131.

MA’ARIV: You have mentioned that the redemption of evil is done only by thought. this was not the case, of course with Sabbtai and even less with Frank, who followed the Jewish understanding that the deed is holy, therefore the mitvah habaa beaverah must be accordingly acted out. could you comment on that?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: I didn’t mean to suggest that the only way to redeem evil is by thought; I’m only suggesting that there is another way of “acting out” the dictum of mitzvah haba b’averah. besides through the body. This is where the “neo” of Neo-Sabbatianism comes in. Let me elaborate on that with a quotation from the Zohar: “For nothing is revealed while the person is still under the spell of the body” thus suggesting that a deed performed physically through the body is somehow less holy than the same deed performed spiritually through the mind because the things of the body lead to the consequences of the body, while the things of the spirit lead to the consequences of the spirit, and the consequences of the body are death and decay, while those of the spirit are union with God and life everlasting. So, yes, our understanding, like that of Sabbatai and Frank, is that the deed itself is holy, but where we part company with them and with conventional Jewish wisdom is in our further understanding that there is more than one level on which a deed itself can be performed. What we know now that they did not know then is that a deed can be accomplished just as effectively (and perhaps even more so) on the virtual level of spirit (that is to say, in the mind) as it can be on the literal level of action (that is to say, in the body). For example, quantum-mechanics physics proposes that anything one can imagine in his mind either already exists or literally comes into existence in some parallel universe as a result of his having imagined it. In this regard, the Zohar says, “God is unknowable. No one has ever been able to identify Him. How, then, can you say: ‘Her husband is known in the Gates?’ (Prov. 31:23) when ‘her husband’ is the Blessed Holy One. But, indeed, God is known in the Gates. He is known and grasped to the degree that one opens the Gates of Imagination! The capacity to connect to the Spirit of Wisdom, to imagine in one’s heart-mind, that is how God becomes known.” In conclusion, then, as I’ve already said, a deed performed in the body leads to the consequences of the body, which are decay and death, while a deed performed in the soul leads to the consequences of the soul which are union with God and life everlasting.

MA’ARIV: Could you elaborate what kind of spiritual practice - which would be Sabbatical in essence and opposed to creed and ritual - do you teach in order that one can know God?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: Given what I just said about a deed having the same or even higher consequences when acted out on the virtual as opposed to literal level, let me answer your question by saying that everything Sabbatai and Frank taught and practiced, we teach and practice also but, unlike them, we teach and practice it through the Gates of Imagination rather than the gates of the body. Again, this is one of the principles that  puts the “neo” into Neo-Sabbatian. That being said, let me give you an example. According to Nanthan of Gaza, “the messiah’s soul is engulfed by the qelippah… [and just] as the shell appears before the core of the fruit, even so the messianic qellipah (that is, Jesus) appeared first in this world… [Therefore] he that is the messiah will restore to holiness his qelippah which is Jesus Christ.” (Quoted in Gershom Scholem, “Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah”) In other words, just as Sabbatai Zevi entered into the “Maw of Satan” by converting to Islam in order to retrieve the Holy Sparks held prisoners there, so Jesus had entered into the realm of the Sitrah Achra to do the same. But since the soul of Jesus remains trapped in the Side of Darkness, the Yechidah Mashiach, of which Jesus is the qellipah, is also trapped there with him. Now with those Sabbatian teachings in mind, our Neo-Sabbatian practice for restoring the soul of Jesus to holiness.– not to reinstate him as the messiah or as a god-man, but only to release the yechidah mashiach of which he is the qelippah is to fling open the Gates of Imagination and call to him by reciting the words of the Kaddish. That is, we recite the Kaddish to him, not for him".

MA’ARIV: I suppose you are asked a lot about the sexual aspects of Sabbateanism and Frankism and if you have partially or fully followed their example?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: I’ve done nothing that Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank did not or would not have done, sexually as well as otherwise. Like them, however, although these strange actions of mine may have been what others would consider immoral and sacrilegious, they were never illegal, and I am neither ashamed of nor regret any of them. However, I will say this: it was largely out of those early antinomian sexual experiences that I realized that whatever is done through the body leads to death and corruption, while whatever is done through the soul that is, through the Gates of Imagination leads to union with God and life everlasting. It was out of those literal experiences that I realized the power of the virtual experience in all areas of the transformation of God. Let me elaborate. It’s commonly understood that the first five commandments are “religious” while the second five are “civil.” That is, the first five deal with one’s relationships to God while the second five deal with one’s relationships to others. Given our Neo-Sabbatian view of virtual rather than literal antinomianism, we outwardly violate the religious commandments while inwardly observing them; and we outwardly observe the civil commandments while inwardly violating them. Furthermore, this violation of the civil commandants isn’t a ritual in which we go looking for sins to redeem; rather, it is only when the alien thought, as the Besht calls it, comes to us that we embrace it in order to transform it and then, only through the Gate of Imagination.

MA’ARIV: About the conversions - do you encourage your students do the same?

REB YAKOV LEIB HAKOHAIN: Because the “neo” in Neo-Sabbatian emphasizes the virtual rather than the literal, because it emphasizes the Gates of Imagination rather than the Gates of the Body, I do not encourage my students to do the same as I did in my multiple conversions, although not for one moment do I regret having done it. Instead, as with almost everything else we teach and practice, I encourage them to make such conversions through the Gates of Imagination rather than the Gates of Religion and even then, only for the purpose of redeeming the Holy Sparks, not for the purpose of becoming a practicing member of the religion to which they inwardly “converted.” Those familiar with the 19th century Hindu Avatar, Sri Ramakrishna, will recognize here the virtual way he “converted” to the multiple religions he followed, rather than the literal way followed by Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank.

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