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"Angels on Assignment" - Chapter Three

 As told by my Pastor Roland Buck in 1978......20I7.

Used by Permission, Published by Whitaker House

Through the inspiring messages brought by angels, YAHUWAH/YHWH has given me some beautiful insights that I could never have learned by intensive study. When YHWH brought these exciting truths to me, he did not say, "See if you can tailor these to fit into your doctrinal concepts. See if you can fit them into the position you have chosen." He doesn't even act like he knows of any positions! He just said, "This is what is going to happen!" In the awesomeness of the presence of YHWH angels, I have often felt like Mary, who said, "May everything you said come true" (Luke 1:38 TLB). When Paul said, "...There stood by me this night the angel of YHWH, whose I am, and whom I serve" (Acts 27:23), he knew it would come to pass! In the same way, I KNOW that these messages which have come from YHWH's heart are continually robbing hell of its future inhabitants.

These truths are vital and real! The mere presence of these magnificent angelic beings, who come right from the throne of YHWH is so awesome I could never criticize any person for falling flat on his face before one! I would not even criticize those few people in the Bible who had a desire to worship them, even though they did not!

These angels have made simple, basic truths become alive and real to me! They have highlighted, and brought into focus, certain scriptures which could never have been opened to me any other way. These are simple Bible principles which YHWH has allowed me to view through his eyes, but I certainly did not bypass the Bible in order to see them. YHWH put them there a long time ago, but scales on our spiritual eyes have prevented us from seeing them.

Every truth these angelic beings have made real to me, has been supported by the Word of YHWH. After these glorious revelations, difficult truths become simple! How could I have missed them all this time? They are so plain and so beautiful, and every one of these messages highlights the sacrifice of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, for the angels NEVER speak of YHWH's eternal plan without mentioning his death. It's always in the message, somewhere, that beautiful, complete sacrifice of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach!

I spent some time musing about these things. You can well understand that you cannot close the door to an overwhelming experience like this, take it out of your mind and say, "Well, now, that's that! I got the message! I've had this experience, and now we will move on to the next phase!"

It is totally impossible! The awesomeness of the experience, and the overwhelming presence of YHWH, are things I cannot put out of my mind even when I close my eyes at night. Because of these angelic visits, there is a subconscious awareness of YHWH, his presence, and his reality at all times. One of the greatest things to me about these visitations has been the fact that they have let people know that YHWH lives, and he hasn't forgotten them.

I do not know if I will ever have another angelic visit. However, these visits have had enough impact on my life that nothing on this earth, or even in heaven, could take what this has done from my heart and my mind! YHWH is preparing people, and in his preparation, he is readying us, I feel, for the return of Christ! He is preparing us, liberating us from fears and bondages, and giving us power to be, and then power to do!

YHWH is on the move!

In spite of the fact that he wants us to keep our eyes on the message, and not on the messenger, we cannot ignore the messenger. A feeling of awe surrounds me when I even think about YHWH's  goodness in bringing messages to his people by angelic beings.

As I look at an angel and hear him say that YHWH cares about us, I realize it isn't just the angel who stands there. It is YHWH himself who cares enough to bring this message to our hearts.

At times there are things which sound a little humorous in the ministry of angels and the work they do, but there is always a tremendous feeling of awe surrounding them because they come directly from the presence of YHWH, and his glory comes with them.

If there had only been one visit, I would have been completely content because it is an experience of a lifetime. However, several weeks after the original encounter, the angels visited me for the second time, reinforcing the original message given to me. It didn't even stop there, and about five weeks later, just after I had gone to bed, I noticed a bluish glow coming from the staircase. I knew it was too dim to be the light for the staircase, so I thought that possibly I had left a light on in one of the downstairs rooms. I got up, and started down to turn the light off.

I was halfway down the stairs when the light flipped on! Standing before me were two of the largest men I had ever seen in my life! I was shocked! I wasn't exactly frightened, but there was such a radiation of divine power which comes from them dwelling in the brightness of YHWH's presence, that I could not stand up! My knees buckled and I started to fall! One of these huge beings reached out, took hold of me, and my strength returned!

He very simply told me he was the angel Gabriel! I was stunned! Could this be the same Gabriel I had read about in the Bible? The impact of the first visits were far less awesome than now, because here he stood, as clearly visible as any earthly man, and introduced himself as the angel Gabriel! It is impossible to describe my feelings of awe and wonder! Then he introduced me to the second angel whose name was Chroni! Chroni? That's a peculiar name. I never heard of that! Why not Mahalaleel, or Tubalcain, or Shadrach, Meshach or Abednego, Asyncritus, Phlegon, Philologus, Sosipater, or Onesiphorus? I had never thought of all the angels having names, and as it turned out, all having different APPEARANCES!

I asked Gabriel, "Why are the two of you here?" He merely said that the Holy Spirit had sent them, and then Gabriel immediately began telling me some beautiful truths.

Theologically, I knew that the Holy Spirit was everywhere at once, but it took on new meaning when he told me that the Holy Spirit constantly monitors the whole earth and picks up signals from everywhere at once. He even hears a bird as it falls to the ground, wherever it is! He hears the softest footsteps, and he cares! "YHWH is still in his holy temple; he still rules from heaven. He closely watches everything that happens here on earth" (Psalm 11:4 TLB).

He said that in seeing what is happening throughout the whole earth, he detected a massive build-up of satanic forces who were planning to attack me. The Spirit not only monitors, but sends out orders, so at YHWH's command, the angels were right here in Boise, Idaho, to defeat the enemy!

I was a little concerned because I didn't want them standing around if the enemy was going to attack (I wanted them to be out fighting!) but he said, "We have already finished the job!"

I asked him if they normally come in answer to a call for help.

"No," he replied, "if the Spirit waited until you knew about an attack, you would already be in trouble! This is not anything unusual. We are constantly holding back the enemy and putting them to flight!"

Then he asked me to look out the window. I looked, and there were about a hundred of these big WARRING angels standing in the driveway. They had already finished their job an were just casually talking with each other! It gave me a real good feeling to know that YHWH has ways and means of taking care of his people!

Gabriel spoke to me about the enormity of the spirit of iniquity which is working overtime in the world today. As in the "days of Noah", there is a sinister attempt by deceiving spirits to get YHWH's people sidetracked from the living Christ. He wants to be a living, pulsating person to every one of us, but because of these enemy forces, some people have taken their eyes off of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach and started looking to teachers. Some of these teachers dissect and categorize the Bible until it loses its life. Gabriel said, "Read the Word, feed on it, let it become the Living Word to you, not just columns of truths and opinions of men." He referred to Christ being known as a blackboard Christ, a diagrammed Christ, a printed Christ, or even as a flannel graph Christ. He said that Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach wants to be known as the Living Christ, coming out the pages of the Bible to us! Hallelujah!

I felt this message was really needed! He added that though study sounds spiritual, some people would always be learning, and never doing, because by the time they acquired knowledge of one type of a study or doctrine, it was out-of-date and they had to start all over again! He said, "Feed on the Word." He repeated, "Feed on the Word!" Don't settle for the dissected Word torn into little bits and analyzed by sections. Keep it the Living Word! This is exciting because there is no substitute for Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach WITH you and IN you!

He told me about different types of angels, such as PRAISE angels, WORSHIP angels, MINISTERING angels, and WARRING angels. Regardless of their function, their highest PURPOSE IS TO EXALT the name of  Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach! When that name sounds in heaven or here on earth, they fall face down and worship him because he is so exalted!

One night while Gabriel and Chroni were taking to me, there suddenly appeared a bluish shaft of pure light about eighteen inches in diameter from the ceiling to the floor of our study room.

The instant the light appeared, both angels fell prostrate on the floor. They stayed in a prone position for at least five minutes without a single motion or sound. I didn't know what to do, so I fell on my hands and knees and worshipped YHWH.

They never told me what this was, but I feel that just as a bright light appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus, this also could have been an appearance of Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach in the form of a bright light. It was awesome to me!

Some of the unique experiences YHWH has blessed me with are so unbelievable from our human viewpoint that I am often hesitant to share them publicly. Here is one of them:

During a visit one night, Gabriel said that YHWH had sent me a little gift for my strength and energy as he handed me a round wafer approximately five inches in diameter and 5/8 inch thick, that looked like bread. He instructed me to eat it; so I did. It had the taste of honey. When I finished the bread, he gave me a silver-like ladle filled with what appeared to be water. I drank every drop of it, and an overwhelming desire to praise and worship YHWH instantly came over me. Rivers of praise billowed up to YHWH, bubbling up out of my innermost being, and for days after I drank this liquid, there was a sensation of "fizzing" inside of my veins. What an indescribably pleasant and exhilarating feeling it was!

The effects were astounding because the first day after I ate the wafer and drank the water, I LOST FIVE POUNDS!


The third and fourth days ANOTHER FIVE POUNDS EACH DAY!

Then it tapered off to about a pound a day. I had an excess of "flab," and that is all gone now. When I jogged prior to this, I quickly became winded, but now I have no breath shortage at all. My strength and stamina have been fantastic!

Praise YHWH for his everlasting Word, the Bible, which is our stabilization point for all things, because there is a story in the Bible of the time when Elijah was weak from hunger, and YHWH dispatched an angel to bring him something to eat. After that, he went for forty days and nights without food! YHWH's Word is constantly being confirmed by the fulfilling of scriptures through activities on earth today not unlike those which have occurred throughout all of YHWH's plan.

Another of the many beautiful truths YHWH gave me through the mouth of the angel Gabriel was that everything YHWH has promised is already completed as far as YHWH's book in heaven is concerned. This statement was very difficult for me to understand, so Gabriel took a pencil which I held in my hand, and drew a rough sketch of the picture frame.


Everything YHWH has promised is completed in this picture. But, he said, "Here is a tiny little spot representing things unclear to you - things not yet complete. You often spend your time looking at these things until the tiny spot expands outward and fills the frame, and totally hides what YHWH has done. If you look to Jesus/[Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach] instead of the problem, you will see the complete picture."

In Is. 43:2 the YHWH said, "When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you." If you look at the waters of trouble, it will hide the picture, but if you look to Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach, that little piece that looks so ominous to you has to shrink back into place and then you will see the whole picture complete with everything that יְהוָה promised.

Many people have asked me if Gabriel had said anything about the return of Christ. He hadn't, so I asked him if he could tell me anything about it. He replied that Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach is returning, but the time is something that YHWH has reserved in his own knowledge. Gabriel has access to the timetable on everything else that has been predicted, but YHWH has kept this particular secret to himself. Then he said to me, "I can tell you this: there has never been such excitement and activity in the courts of heaven since Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach]came the first time as there is right now!" Hallelujah!

These angels spoke in a heavenly language and were constantly picking up messages from the Spirit. Often when they would pick up reports, they would laugh and become extremely happy. Obviously, these were reports of great victories that they were celebrating.

As Gabriel was talking with me, Chroni, the other angel, played with Queenie, tickling her ears, getting her on her back and having fun with her. Queenie lapped it up! I wish she could talk because I would like to know what her impressions were. She has had the rare experience for a dog, and acted as though she thought it was really great!

Gabriel went to the door and reached for the knob. He said he had to leave because of an urgent call of the Spirit, but he said, "I have asked Chroni to stay here with you during this time while I am gone. I'll be back shortly."

It was so strange, because while I WAS LOOKING AT HIM, HE JUST VANISHED INTO THIN AIR. There was no flash, no sounds, no nothing. He just disappeared! One minute I was talking with a very solid, muscular individual, and the next instant there was nothing! All I could see was the place where he had been standing! He had completely vanished!

Everyone seems to be interested in knowing something about the physical appearance of angels. No two of them look alike! They are different sizes, have different hair styles, and completely different appearances. Chroni has a hairdo much like many men have today, and he looks about twenty-five years old. I do not know what he would weigh in earthly pounds, but my guess would be close to 400 pounds. He is huge, seven or more feet in height, and often wears a brown pull-over shirt and is casually, but neatly dressed in loose-fitting trousers. His shirt laces at the top with what looks like a shoelace.

Gabriel often appears in a shimmering white tunic with a radiant gold belt about five inches wide, white trousers and highly polished, bronze-colored shoes. His hair is the color of gold!

The reason for the blue glow I had seen earlier was that their entire clothing was radiant, with an iridescent glow! Their skin also had a glow! And those eyes - I would recognize them anywhere! They were like balls of fire, but there was such warm compassion you could actually feel it in their gaze! It seemed as though they looked right through me! I understood what John meant he described his meeting with Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach in the first chapter of Revelation where he said his eyes were like "flames of fire."

There is something about being in the presence of YHWH that creates a glow or shine. When Moses was with YHWH for just forty days and forty nights, they had to put a veil over his face because it shone so much when he came down out of the mountain that they could not look at him! When Moses and Elijah came down to the mount directly from heaven and talked with Jesus [Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach], the disciples said they had "glistening" garments. They literally shone!

During one visit, Chroni said that YHWH had given him permission to answer questions which I might have. I was so overcome, I really didn't know what to ask him! I felt a tremendous awe, and yet there was great joy in his presence. I finally mustered up some courage and said, "I have often wondered what angels do in between the times of their known appearances. Three or four hundred years went by in the Bible without one word having been written about angels. How do you keep from getting board?"

He looked very puzzled when I asked him this question. Then he answered with the deepest, richest voice I have ever heard, "Those appearances mentioned in the Bible were just the times when the YHWH opened the eyes of people so they could see us. Because there are always people around for us to take care of, we are busy ALL the time." Angels are beings of eternity. Time means nothing to them! Age means nothing to them!

We talked about different subjects than those I had discussed with Gabriel, and these pertained mostly to their work. He told me about another responsibility angels have, and that is to take care of the wicked and ungody people. He said, "You can never comprehend the depth of YHWH's ]love because it is too great!" It is so amazing to see how people can curse and hate YHWH and turn their backs on him, and yet YHWH arms keep reaching out because he loves them so much.

I asked Chroni to tell me about some of his most interesting experiences. One of the most exciting happenings reminded me of how old he must be, since angels were created before the earth was formed. It concerned the time when he helped lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. He said, "YHWH gave us the right to punish the Egyptians and to use any of YHWH's  weapons. We threw lightening bolts at them! We pulled the wheels off their carts!"

He didn't actually say it was fun, but he did say it was fixed in his mind because of the great deliverance of Israel when the sea was pushed back.

He told me of another interesting event when Israel was on a forced march. "The men of Gideon hurriedly sent messengers to Joshua at Gilgal. 'Come and help your servants!' they demanded. 'Come quickly and save us!' For all the kings of the Amorites who live in the hills are here with their armies.' So Joshua and the Israeli army left Gilgal and went to rescue Gideon. 'Don't be afraid of them, YHWH said to Joshua, 'for they are already defeated! I have given them to you to destroy. Not a single one of them will be able to stand up to you'" (Joshua 10:5-8 TLB).

YHWH had decreed that Israel would have the victory, so they had to have the victory, but they were too TIRED to fight!

Chroni said the angels had orders to intervene, but not to interfere with what YHWH was doing in man's normal course of life. [Chroni....CHRONI CLES BOOKS 1 & 2 ! ]

They had a terrific experience when a group of the warring angels made huge ice balls and threw them down on top of the enemy forces!" "And it came to pass, as they fled from before Israel, and were in the going down to Bethhoron, that the YHWH cast down great stones from heaven upon them unto Azekah, and they died: they were more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword" (Joshua 10:11).

Angelic beings are continually ministering to people in many ways in these present days. Many seeming coincidences are really angels on the job! We haven't fully realized YHWH use of heavenly hosts to get his job done because of our limited information concerning angels. YHWH let Paul see the power of these forces, and also David, who spoke of the tremendous numbers of angels and the greatness of their power. Paul said every one of them is sent forth of YHWH to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14).

YHWH certainly doesn't want us to worship angels, but he does want us to be aware of them and their importance in our lives today. They are not just stories in the Bible; they are living, active beings working for YHWH in the unfolding of his mighty eternal plan.

Gabriel also told me that YHWH said many people would "fantasize" and report, "I saw an angel here, I saw an angel there." He said this would be normal because of human imagination, and because of sincere desire to witness what YHWH is doing through angels, but, he continued, "There will be definite times when people's eyes will be opened and they will see real angels, not just figments of their imaginations." He also said that YHWH and the angelic forces were just as NEAR to people who do not SEE them as to those who actually DO!

I am glad YHWH has allowed me to live in such an exciting day! These are the best days of all history! Things might look dark in some areas, but when you project Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach over them, they look light. He tells us, "The whole earth is filled with his glory!"

                              **LOVE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT**    




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