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Geological Science tells us that there were at least eighteen or more stratigraphical worlds, in six Geological Eras before the present world. The Bible neither denies nor affirms this theory. It merely states that there were numerous worlds before the present world.

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The former worlds, before our present world are mentioned in the Bible book of Hebrews. And, there is no reason that we know of, which would prevent us from considering geological evidence associated with rock strata, confirming the former existence of such worlds. The Bible calls these rock strata garments and the transition sediments between strata vestures and states that they were changed, meaning that they were different, which is confirmed by climatic and fossil remains. The word world includes the Earth with its Life.

In the beginning, was the Word, Energy System, the planning. In the beginning hast Thou laid the Foundations, Energy Media. In the beginning, יְהוָה created, the atomic parts or energy cells. All things were made by Him, The Word, by energy attraction.

For by Him were all things created, that are in Heaven and that are in Earth, visible and invisible. And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. The all things include the Divine Plan, the creating, the making and the upholding.

יְהוָה , who at sundry times, and in diverse manners spake in times past unto the fathers by the prophets hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son Malki Tzedik Yahusha HaMashiach by ... whom He made the worlds, Heb. 1:1, 3. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of יְהוָה . The word framed used here means completed through a progressive series of building operations.

Why and how did יְהוָה make our earth which is your and my home during our short lives on this planet? He must have had a reason, for יְהוָה is all-wise, all-knowing and sees the end from the beginning. יְהוָה does not waste effort or energy. There is purpose in everything He does. But that purpose is not found in Nature or human knowledge. It is found only in the Word of יְהוָה , that is, the Bible. The Bible gives meaning not only to human life but to every blade of grass, every vegetable, every tree, every creature and all things we face in life, for all things were planned and made by Him for a purpose. Without him was, not anything made that was made. The lst chapter of John shows nothing was made that did not have a reason.

This study includes the first twenty verses of the 3rd chapter of John, which involves one of the most important doctrinal dissertations or discussions in the entire Bible. It is a dialogue between a Jewish Rabbi, or Teacher, and Malki Tzedik Yahusha during His earthly ministry. Malki Tzedik Yahusha here deals with the necessity of the born again experience and rebirth of the Divine Spirit within the human spirit of every believer, but He also explains and emphasizes the reason for earthly life as a time of preparation for the life to come. Malki Tzedik Yahusha as much as tells Nicodemus, don't you know why you are here on earth? If you do not understand earthly matters and your purpose on earth, then how can I explain heavenly things to you which are based on your spiritual rebirth and spiritual development while you are here? Nicodemus, you are a teacher and member of the Sanhedrin, but you must be born again to see the Kingdom of יְהוָה and understand it. Like so many other men, you have allowed material things to become the most important things in your life, whereas they are given by יְהוָה only as a means to your spiritual development as a child of יְהוָה . You must put יְהוָה first in your life. You must seek first, the Kingdom of יְהוָה . That takes daily and consistent effort. It reminds me of the story of the two men who got acquainted at an airport while waiting for their planes to depart. The airport was closed by a blizzard, so while they were waiting they began a conversation. They learned that one was a Professor of Astronomy in a college and the other was a preacher. After they had talked a while the Professor said, "You know I think that I am a pretty good man; I try to live a good life; I go to church several times a year; I send my children to Sunday School; and they give regular offerings. Don't you think, preacher, that the entire Bible can be illustrated by a simple verse, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself?" The preacher thought for a moment and then he said, "Well, I would like to answer that by asking you a question. Do you think that all Astronomy can be explained by a simple sentence like 'twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are'?" Of course the professor thought that men were placed upon the earth to develop and establish a perfect social order or society with prosperity for all, but the preacher knew better. Adam had failed in a paradisiacal setting. Materialism was not the goal of Earth-life. In fact, it is a distraction from the real intent of the Creator for man. Neither is יְהוָה interested in a human society. As one preacher said recently, "יְהוָה is not interested in the herd instinct." Let us make man shows that יְהוָה is working to make every individual soul into a subject fit for the Kingdom of יְהוָה . Only He can make the man to fit His Divine Plan. That is why John the Baptist, and Malki Tzedik Yahusha himself, emphasized Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, NOW. Do it now, for there is much schooling and training to be absorbed in this life.

The key word of this study is the first word of the verse found in John 3:16, FOR יְהוָה so loved. Many of you have heard sermons on For יְהוָה so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. This is a good picture of the greatest event in all of history. But have you ever asked WHY? Of course he died to save you and me from the penalty of sin. But why did he want to save us from the penalty of sin? What had happened previously to make us so important to Him? It is rather unique that the Holy Spirit, the Divine Author of the Bible, did not use the words "therefore" or "why יְהוָה so loved." He used instead the word FOR, the strongest word available. It definitely connects the Cross of Calvary to all that had gone on before which was related to mankind. That is, the cost of developing the earth as a habitat for man as well as the provisions for all of man's needs while he was on earth.

In the beginning WAS the Word, and the Word was WITH יְהוָה , and the Word WAS יְהוָה means that יְהוָה first planned His works and is now working those plans. He fed the Divine Plan into the Word, or Word-energy-system as science would call it, just like men feed instructions into a giant computer. Every package of cake mix you buy today is made and mixed by computer. The same was in the beginning with יְהוָה . This means and refers to the in the beginning of Genesis 1:1 to show that the planning preceded the Creation. There are three "in the beginnings." In the beginning was the Word, or Word-energy-system, in the planning stage; In the beginning, hast thou laid the foundations of the earth or setting up of the energy transmitting media; and In the beginning, יְהוָה created the heaven and the earth. There are three "created" operations also, but today we will consider only the first, the creation of the elements of matter. By the Word of the L-rd were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth, Ps. 33:6. Thus, the Bible tells us that יְהוָה created the components of everything and that the Word made and upholds them. All things were made by Him. In Him was life, that is, that life energy must be added to matter to make it alive. All things were created by Him and for Him ... He is before all things and by Him all things consist, Col. 1:16, 2:3. It means that every operation was motivated by Love, Divine Love. Let me stimulate your imaginations for a moment. I really believe that the Universe began as a dream in the mind of the Son of יְהוָה , who knowing that the Father's heart was bursting with Love, determined that He would engineer and create a world which would support holy and righteous man-beings upon which יְהוָה the Father could lavish His Goodness, Kindness and Love. This explains so much. There is no other satisfactory explanation for the creation. Heaven was full of angels that worshipped Him, but He had room, so much Love that He made room for many more that would need Him. But, oh, how much it cost יְהוָה to supply us with the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. Have you ever thought of that? Let us take a. good look at the factors involved. In the beginning, יְהוָה created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. This is the record of an eye witness, the Holy Spirit, who was looking down from above into the deep below upon a mass of agitated particles, or atomic components, as yet unassembled into elements.

Science tells us that this first creation had two phases. The first was the creation of atomic nuclei, which raised the temperature of space from absolute zero to 3' Kelvin. The second phase took place later with the creation of the electron shells of atoms in enormous energy, heat and pressure pools which raised the temperature of space to millions of degrees, and required a long cooling period before the atoms could be assembled and given their chemical properties. These theories are both in line with sacred scripture. Solomon in Proverbs chapter 8 speaks of the highest part of the dusts, or elements, meaning the nuclei which we prefer to call the nuclear frame of the atom. This nuclear frame is very hard, impenetrable, and all indications are that it is eternal. Some day the elements will melt with fervent heat or give up their electron shells, but this is not true of the nuclear frames which will be fitted with a spiritual shell to form eternal substance. This is the change Paul talks about in lst Corinthians chapter 15. There is first a natural body and after this a spiritual body, and this mortal must put on immortality. Now just think of this. The יְהוָה who is Love, when He created the elements, already made provision that we might some day have eternal spiritual bodies. You have in your present body the seat or sensorium composed of nuclear frames for a new spiritual body if you are a "saved" soul. The nuclear frame determines the kind of element, and the electron shell its chemical properties. The prophet Zechariah, several hundred years before Mashiach, touches on the sevenfold periodic table of the elements which scientists discovered only in the 19th Century and confirmed in the 20th Century. Some day the nuclear frames and electron shells of matter will be loosened and the electron shells will pass away with a loud noise in favor of a new order of substance for a new heaven and a new earth. That does not mean that you now have the essence of a spiritual body, for a change is first necessary as Paul explains. Malki Tzedik Yahusha went through this change in the tomb and arose a new spiritual body. Thus יְהוָה anticipated that He would have Sons of יְהוָה to love some day when He created those nuclear frames. Now we know from other scriptures that when the components had cooled sufficiently the Word agency put them together, and then formed the starry galaxies and planets as ordered. The Bible says of star formation, When I call (or give the order), they stand up, or take their positions. This is the only logical explanation for the origin of the galaxies. For there are more than 200 billion galaxies of 250 kinds in the starry heavens and many kinds of planets. There are eleven planets in earth's solar system, and all are different with different composition and angular momentum. They did not evolve. They were made by יְהוָה .

1 1 Cor. 15:51-53. This transformation involves "change," Gr. alossos meaning make different; "moment," from atomos meaning atom break-up replacing old with new parts; "twinkling," from rhice meaning with a jerk or inner force. New atoms are eternal.

And now we come to one of the most important and strangest features of the entire Bible. Human reasoning would assume that the story of creation would continue in Genesis after the verses already read. But this is not true. The Divine Author of the Bible left a break in historic sequence in verse 2 after the word deep at the end of the first sentence. The omission of continuity and the change in the context is so sharp as to cause every thoughtful reader to pause and wonder WHY? There is no "and" or connection between the two sentences of verse 2 in the original Hebrew. This "and" was put in by the translators and should not be there at all for it is misleading. The Divine Author indicates that we must look elsewhere in the Bible for the solution to this mystery, and there we will find the answers. They are conclusive and very enlightening.

Hebrews, chapter 1, which deals with the sevenfold ministry of Malki Tzedik Yahusha includes by whom He made the WORLDS. The word worlds is in the plural. Does that mean that there have been more than one world? Peter speaks of the world that then was, which implies that there were other worlds. We note that Heb. 11:3 also refers to worlds, through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of יְהוָה so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. The word framed is from the Greek word kartartin, meaning to complete or get it ready through a series of operations. The word world means the earth with its forms of life. Thus there were many kinds of worlds with different forms of life. Well, how many? The Bible does not say, but geologists tell us there could have been at least six primary worlds and as many as 15 lesser worlds, all different with different climates, atmospheric and oceanic systems, and different plant and animal populations. Geologists base their conclusions on stratigraphical and fossil evidence in the various layers of rock crust which makes up the earth's surface or the Lithosphere. Is their theory scriptural? Again we go back to the Bible which says in Rom. 1:20, the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and G-d-head, so that they are without excuse. That means we are to use the Bible as our guide, and then look at global phenomena for the evidence, for יְהוָה 's Cosmos is 95% invisible. Then we can accept the evidence in the rock strata of past worlds. Well, maybe we should check further in this. Psalms chapter 102 includes, of old hast thou laid the foundations of the earth. Here the foundations refer to the rock strata below us on which our present Ecosphere rests. They shall wax old as a garment, and as a vesture shalt thou change them and they shall be changed. This scripture could apply to nothing else than the past worlds. Each world had its own peculiar garment of surface conditions, climates and creatures, to fulfill a purpose in the overall completing process. When its work was done it was covered with a vesture, a transition period of developments called changes in preparation for the next world and its creatures. This is Bible truth and it is proved by geological evidence. How many of you have ever seen the beautiful rock strata in Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park in Utah, or the Grand Canyon in Arizona? If we place Bryce Canyon over Zion Nat'l Park and these over the Grand Canyon we have a pretty good stratigraphical record of developments from the first world to the present. We must remember that the oldest layers are at the bottom and the newest at the top. We must not be confused by the fact that some top layers cracked off and fell down among the bottom layers. Many scientists believe that יְהוָה prepared this beautiful scenery here to tell us something about the earth's prehistoric worlds. It is easy to believe that. From the rate of deposition of silts and other factors, we know that it required billions of years to produce the fossil rock record. From radio waves and alpha particles scientists have theorized that the Cosmos was created more than ten to seven billion years ago, and there is no Biblical evidence to prove them wrong or right. The Bible says of old and when יְהוָה says that, it means a long time. There is not one Bible writer who refers to a young earth. Paul called 2,000 years the last days in geological time.

The first world was a white hot globe, several miles larger than the present globe, which according to estimated heat dissipation must have cooled from four to two billion years before its surface formed a thin soft crust. Geologists call this the Azoic World, and there is no reason why we should not accept their names for the different prehistoric worlds.

The second world began with a thin-crusted red-hot globe which had to cool another two to one billion years, while layer upon layer of inner material was forced to the surface as the globe cooled and contracted in size. The inner pressure became so great that the thin rock shell cracked and the inner matter rushed through these fissures to form a layer of white hot material. This material cooled, after which the globe contracted again repeating the process forming layer upon layer of hard-crusted strata. This world is called the Archezoic or period of rock crust formation.

The world which followed is called the Proterozoic. It is noted for extreme earth contractions by rapid cooling and contracting which broke up the upper crusts into jagged rocks from small pieces to those as large as an office building. Then came a period of violent winds, storms and other forces with sun and rain that ground the rocks down to soils, dust and small particles which became the surface soils for the first primitive forms of life. These first three worlds comprise the major portion of what geologists call the first marine and continental period. As far as we know, the lands of the earth were one large continent which later broke up into continents as we see them today. The evidence of a mighty hand controlling all global changes is conclusive, just as the Bible says they shall be changed. Scientists tell us, that based on the radioactivity and half lives of some of the heavier elements, the element table was stabilized between five and four billion years ago. If this is true then the first three worlds consumed about 75% of geological time. It took all this time, or nearly four billion years to change the earth from a white-hot red-hot globe to a cool earth with life supporting crop soils that would support the life range of plants and creatures which exists between the freezing and boiling points of water. This is a miracle of greatest import. For the sun's corona is over 5000 Centigrade and the earth's core is still white hot. In fact, coffee will boil at 10,000 feet under ground. If earth was reduced to the size of a three foot globe, its life shell would be only as thick as thin tissue paper. Yet it revolves on its axis with any point on the equator traveling over 1000 miles per hour. It travels in orbit around the sun at over 1200 miles per minute, and around the center of our galaxy at over 200 miles per second. And yet its future position in space, if based on past accuracy, can be predicted right to the second. Only יְהוָה Almighty could handle this operation.

While the first three major geological Eras absorbed the major part of geological time, the last three Eras with their fifteen or more minor worlds required only about one billion years. They, however, increased greatly in complexity as each world prepared the globe for the next one. The fourth, or Paleozoic Era, with its six worlds opened with a warm humid climate favoring the creation of single and multicell life forms of plants and primitive animals in shallow water pools and shallow swamps. These tiny forms of life called protozoans multiplied by the nonillions. A nonillion is a figure one with 30 zeros, the highest number in the mathematical scale. They involve over 20,000 species. They are the manufacturers of protein molecules, protoplasm, nucleic and amino acids which are common denominators on which all higher forms of life depend. These began to multiply in the Cambrian world for over one hundred million years. We now know that each kind or species of life on earth has its own life energy pattern in the Word-energy-system which controls its species characteristics including its skeletal structure, its instinct pattern and its work function. This is why the Bible says all things were made by the Word agency. Life-energy is a higher form of energy than either nuclear or electronic energy. There is also evidence to show that species numbers in any given species were controlled to fit the work needs for any given operation. We believe that species numbers control was in the hands of Lucifer, a created being, whom God appointed for this purpose. He is called the anointed cherub, and is described in Isaiah, chapter 14, Ezekiel chapter 28, and other portions of the Bible. He had the power of death and when the work of any particular species was finished, their life-energy supply was cut off by the Creator and they became extinct. The sudden emergence and sudden extinction of species gives the evolutionists and uniformitarianists as well as the New Age Leadership the jitters for they have no answer, but the Bible has the explanation. By Him all things consist or cease to exist. This world, or garment, now went through a short vesture or covering with some land raising and waterbody lowering to favor land plants and primitive animals.

The Ordovician world which followed had a different climate. Brozoans and mollusks were created for soil enrichment and the manufacture of materials for life substance. Today, there are over four million such tiny forms of life in every pound of fertile crop soil and every quart of sea water. This world lasted about 70 million years. It too, was followed by a short transition period before the next world was begun. These various steps in building our present world were no different than the work of a contractor in building a house or factory using many different kinds of workers to complete the various operations like bulldozers, masons, rough carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, brick layers, painters, decorators and finishers. They work with materials but יְהוָה had first to make the materials. This is why it took so long and so many different kinds of workers. The workers in one world would never have survived under conditions as they existed in former worlds.

The next world is called the Silurian and it lasted about 40 million years judging from stratigraphical studies. Some land areas were raised and the oceans deepened to encourage more marine life. The first vertebrates appeared. The production of protoplasm continued and increased and was used by living forms as fast as it was available. This world also closed with a short transition period and preparation that was to favor marine life. It is strange indeed to follow the provision for water in the earth for the needs of יְהוָה 's creatures. The earth is the only planet, within the visual limits of the most powerful telescopes, with a water system. Water is really a miraculous provision in the earth, and the amount of water is adjusted to the needs of earth life involving oceanic evaporation, wind currents, water reservoirs in lakes, rivers and creeks, and deserts to supply dust particles for the nuclei of rain drops. Living forms are from 10 to 90% water. All the engines on earth could never handle our global water system. Only יְהוָה can do that.

The next world is called the Devonian, noted as the fish age, with trillions of fish in every deep and shallow water body on earth. This went on for fifty million years. During this world some ocean bodies were raised and land areas lowered in a most strange operation. Why this and why so many fish? Because יְהוָה used the fish and other forms of marine life residues to enrich the earth's soils with fertilizers. The Indians taught the early Colonists how to place a small fish in each hill of corn to produce a good crop. In fact the richest croplands on earth are those that have been enriched by marine residues. This world was no accident. It was a miraculous preparation for the next worlds. It too was followed by a transition or vesture.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the earth was also going through these transition periods for the replenishment of soils and silts. Hill and mountain raising and times of coolness and surface contractions were used to encourage erosion. Volcanic explosions were used to spread volcanic loess over thousands of square miles and earthquakes to break up strata to be ground into soil powders. The whole earth's surface is scarred with the signs of former mountain ranges. The longest mountain range on earth is under the Atlantic Ocean. It too has its purpose in controlling ocean currents. Land mountains affect air currents about the globe as well as sources for eroded silts. So these transition periods called vestures in the Bible were not accidents as so many students of Catastrophism might think. They were necessary for soil replacement.

The Carboniferous world which followed was another most interesting development. It saw the greatest expanse of plant life the earth has ever known. The Creator created thousands of new species, many made especially for this world. Scaly trees, vines sixty feet tall, and rhododendron-like plants with large leaves ten feet in diameter. The carbon content of the air was changed, and the entire globe became like a humid hot house. The rotation of the earth was speeded up and the days shortened to as little as six hours. Many birds were created to scatter plant seeds everywhere. Violent dust storms then covered the earth with soils for more vegetation. Layer upon layer of matted vegetation was deposited hundreds to thousands of feet in thickness. Why? Because the all-wise Creator knew that some day men would need the coals and fossil fuels that would be made from these plant layers. This too was a most carefully planned world for the benefit of יְהוָה 's children. It too closed with a cool period and a thick vesture of mud and lava extrusions preparing for the next world.

The next or Permian world saw the creation of some of the strangest creatures the world has ever known. The Creator now created the bulldozers, the plows, the cultivators, the discs and the harrows in the form of reptiles. This world saw the beginning of the reptile age which the Creator used to process the vast masses of vegetation into fossil fuels. These reptiles varied in size from small lizards to huge dinosaurs. They pulverized, trampled the shredded vegetation into the mud and harrowed every square mile of swamp land surface. The large dinosaurs pushed over trees several feet in diameter which were then processed by the smaller ones. Some of these huge creatures were 100 feet long from head to tail and weighed 50 to 75 tons. There were both swamp-land and higher-land types. The Brontosaurus had two brains, one in his head and the other over his hind legs to control his hind quarters like a fire engine ladder truck. If you would like to see what they looked like, stop in some time at the public zoo at Calgary, Alberta, Canada which has over 50 life-like plaster animals built over actual skeletons. This Paleozoic Era and the Permian world closed with world-wide diastrophism, a longer thicker vesture, and a cool period in preparation for the Mezozoic Era that was to follow.

The Mezozoic Era was characterized by three distinct worlds all of which saw very unusual conditions, and more strange plants and animals. The first of these worlds, called the Triassic, has three phases all of which were steps with earth changes, temperatures and land movements probably related to the processing, covering and storage of raw materials produced by previous worlds. No one expects to procure a pile of lumber and then walk into a completed house the next day. And yet many people think that יְהוָה must do all His works instantly because He is an all-powerful יְהוָה . This is not true. יְהוָה first plans His works, and then He works the Plan. The entire Bible shows that יְהוָה expects man to do likewise. That is why He gave man a brain exceeding that of animals. Both the Triassic and the Jurassic world which followed are noted for extreme conditions of weathering, dust storms, mountain raising, volcanic extrusions, land lowering and then raising again. This was probably necessary to let the inner-earth heat produce the compounds, mineral deposits and mixtures of ores which we find in the earth today. Industrial men today know that it requires a complex process to extract vegetable and animal fats and oils into usable form. These processes required both pressure and heat, which explains some of the odd strata left by these operations. The last world in this Era is called the Cretaceous because it saw the formation of vast deposits of salt, chalk, phosphates and many other chemicals which are so essential to modern industry and agriculture. Did this just happen by accident or random mechanics? Absolutely not. Every chemical deposit stored in the earth was planned in advance, because the first preparations for such deposits had to be made millions of years in advance by a Creator who could plan ahead. This Era ended the rough manufacturing of raw materials; it finished the rough plumbing of a global water system; the atmospheric influences which control climate were now well established; and there were mountain ranges on every continent to replace silt and soils. The whole earth was a tropical planet from pole to pole. Many former plants and animal species had become extinct; their work was finished and they were no longer necessary. But new and more highly complex species now took their place. The oceans were full of life. The dinosaurs had vanished as suddenly as they emerged leaving no explanation of why they left or any forwarding address. Many smaller species would also vanish in the transition period just ahead. This vesture was a sharp contrast to the Era that was to follow. It involved a cold period with extensive erosion for new crop soils. Except for mountain ranges, most of the crop lands were low lands and swamps which were raised and lowered every few million years to refertilize them with marine life excretes. After a million years or more, they were raised again and covered with massive vegetation including trees which supplied a vast output of organic material and humus to become the rich black soil and other loams we see on the earth today. The Mezozoic Era also closed with global surface contractions, land elevation and earth shifting in preparation for the next series of worlds.

The Cenozoic Era which followed involved at least six or seven minor worlds. The entire Era covered only about 60 million years. The rough work of preparing the Earth as a habitation for man had been done. It now only awaited the finishing touches. The percentage of higher lands, that is those 500 feet or more above sea level, slowly increased over the billion or more years beginning with the Cambrian world. The former 10 to 45 percent land area was now increased until the land surfaces approached 70% of the globe. This change increased the production of land plants and animals to increase the supply of organic materials. While mammals had previously existed, they now multiplied prodigiously. The majority of them were herbivores. The first of this series of worlds, called the Paleocene, saw many new mammalian species. These included the giant mammoth and the mastadon, species of the elephant family. The Creator used these like giant bulldozers over fifty million years following to break down the extensive forests which covered the lands and to reduce their substance to humus and fertilizer in preparation for the coming of prairie land animals. These giant animals would push over a tree five feet in diameter as if it were a match stick, chew up the branches for salad, then pry off the bark with their tusks and chew it up for their main course and then finish up with the tender roots for desert leaving the termites and ground bacteria to reduce the trunk to humus to be mixed with the soils. A sixty ton mammoth would digest a ton or more of wood pulp a day defecating every hour to relieve himself so he could eat some more. Statistics from Africa show that Divine management of crop lands produce more meat per acre than man can, and the Divine does not deplete the soil fertility.

The next four worlds, the Eocene of 20 million years, the Oglicene of 16 million, the Miocene of 12 million and the Pleocene of 6 million, saw the perfection of climate, balance between species and the development of tropical ecosystems on every square mile of the globe. Plants and animals are just not thrown together to grow as they please. If that were true the insects would have taken over the globe long ago. Every continent on the globe is divided into ecological territories, these into districts, and these into areas, the areas into biocenoses and these into biotas. Every square mile of ocean and land surface has its own compliment of plants and animals to make up the local biota ecosystem. Plants exist on three levels; under the surface, on the surface up to 6 feet and 6 feet or more above the surface with roots in the earth. Animals exist on 7 levels; three below the surface and four above the surface even to the tops of the tallest trees. Every species of plant and animal is a link or integer in a producing, consuming or reducing operation. Some production chains like those producing dairy products require as many as 200 specie links in the chain. These must all be upheld by the Word of His power. Such specie chains are necessary to produce every product used by man.

The last world in this series is called the Pleistocene. It lasted only a million years or less, but it saw the completion of the globe into a tropical paradise with flowering plants, fruits and animals large and small everywhere. Although there were snow capped mountains at high altitude levels, the globe had a warm climate from pole to pole. There was no Arctic or Antarctic. The fossils of camel, lion, tiger, monkey and other tropical animals and tropical plants in Alaska and the Antarctic show that the climate up to 15,000 to 10,000 BC was tropical. The Bible calls this prehistoric world the Garden of יְהוָה . It was the last world before our world, which included the Garden of Eden near the Persian Gulf. But this Pleistocene world was a global Eden over the whole earth. It was serenely beautiful and ready for the coming of man. It was so lovely that Job says, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that heavenly beings were thrilled by its beauty. The morning stars sang together and all the sons of יְהוָה shouted for joy, Job 38:7. Why? Because the angels anticipated the soon coming of man for whom it had been prepared.

Prehistoric men did appear in several different species in several different areas, but they were not god-like creatures. They were a monstrosity and a mystery. They were like wild animals, lived like animals and died like animals. They communicated by grunts, barks and shouts, but there is not a single thread of evidence that they ever possessed a language. Some painted pebbles have been found which may have been used for numbers or human adornment. We do not know. They may also have expressed their instincts to each other by crude paintings and drawings on the walls of caves and scratches on the ground. They made crude weapons of wood and stone, but animals also used these for weapons. They used fire for warmth, ate their meat raw judging from their cheek bones, and all were carnivores. There is a theory that they were the progeny of Lucifer and his subordinates and female animals. But we do not subscribe to this theory. However, we do know from the Bible, that Lucifer was not in harmony with the Creator's Divine Plan for the development of man-beings to inherit the Universe. Lucifer and his angels apparently determined to exploit it for themselves.

Job chapter 38 also tells us that the joy of the sons of יְהוָה was followed by deep disappointment. Verse 8 refers to the control of violent waters; verse 9 tells of thick cloud cover and darkness; and verse 13 speaks of shaking the ends of the earth to deal with the wicked. Other scriptures such as Psalms chapter 18, tell us that the earth went out of course in its planetary travel about the sun. Jeremiah 4:23 tells us that the earth became bohu wavohu or devoid of all life. Peter tells us that the world that then was being overflowed with water perished, 2 Pet. 3:5-6. Why?? Only the Bible has the answer. Isaiah chapter 14 and Ezekiel chapter 28 tell us that Lucifer and his angels the nephilim determined to take over the Universe themselves. Lucifer would elevate himself to a position equal with יְהוָה Almighty and take over the Divine Plan. He invented evil and sin by his self-will in rebellion against יְהוָה , and יְהוָה had to bring judgment upon him and the whole contaminated earth. This is why Peter says the whole prehistoric world of that time perished.

Do we have any global evidence of this Catastrophe? Indeed we do. The earth is full of telltale evidence. All geologists are aware of the mystery of the Ice Ages, which they cannot explain since they were so abnormal.

The evidence left by terrific water currents and ice formations together with volcanic action and earthquakes all at the same time, about 10,000 BC, is world-wide. Huge boulders were carried for hundreds of miles from their parent formations. Huge deposits of animal bones, mangled and rubbed free of flesh, are found in depressions and holes where an eddy occurred. These are found on every continent. There are valleys in Alaska filled with water-washed pebbles of feldspars, silicas, granites, and finely-ground silts from all over the world. There are islands off the coast of Siberia made up primarily of animal bones. Charles Darwin found huge deposits of animal skeletons in the mountains of Peru that baffled him. Had he known their cause, he never would have published his evolutionary theories for they require uniformity over long periods of time. The Catastrophe, in which all life perished, makes impossible any continuity of life between the prehistoric worlds and the present world. We learn by carbon-14 dating of material from mature trees with 150 or more growth rings that the last 40 to 50 years of that period were years of very uncertain conditions. The trees were then suddenly covered by debris about 9000 years ago. We KNOW that יְהוָה was dealing with Lucifer, but when the latter refused to change his ways, יְהוָה struck in judgment. The trees growth stopped suddenly and they were buried under the debris which followed. One such forest has been found in upper Michigan. The Patriarch Enoch, the Einstein of his day, wrote that Mars and Earth almost collided at this time because Earth was out of orbit. From metallic ores extruded by volcanic explosion and which froze into position as they cooled, we learn that the north pole fluctuated several times between Greenland and the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In fact it even appears from these that the world was once up side down and severely shaken as the Bible says. But the greatest change resulting from the Catastrophe was the earth's axial shift of 23 1/2 ' from its former vertical position at right angles to its circuit about the sun. This changed the earth from a tropical planet to a zoned planet with tropic, temperate and arctic zones. It was this sudden shift which caused the Ice Ages and their advances and recessions as the waters swirled back and forth until they came to rest after denuding many former crop lands of their soils. The high stratigraphical rock pillars in Wisconsin, Arizona, Africa, Australia, England, Russia, Europe and other parts of the globe are mute testimonies as to the violence of this world-wide Catastrophe Flood.  Even the ancient Chaldean Creation tablets mention these phenomena because the evidence of the Catastrophe Flood lay all about these first civilized sons and grandsons of Adam, the first living-soul man. So now we can understand WHY the Divine Author of the Bible left a break in Genesis 1:2 to call our attention to the origin of evil and sin, and the penalty which awaits evil-doers, these new age walk-ins, and the fallen angels with them who refuse to cooperate with Creator Plans for developing a paradisiacal Universe.

Now we also understand why Gen. 1:1 mentions Elohim as the Creator of atomic components and the prehistoric worlds which followed, but uses Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of יְהוָה as the Re-Creator to indicate a change in management. Now we also understand WHY the Spirit of יְהוָה moved upon the face of the waters after the Catastrophe. The word moved from the Hebrew marachephath means to hover over in protective custody like a mother hen protecting her baby chicks under her wings from a threatening hawk.

This brings us to the six days of Genesis which will be covered in another study. Perhaps we should explain that the six days are days of re-creation and by their wording show us that they are repair and restorative operations and have nothing to do with the original creation. As good Bible scholars we must let the Holy Spirit guide our search for truth and we must be careful not to confuse the truth with human deductions. Many have confused Catastrophe evidence with Noah's flood. This is a serious error. The Catastrophe was a very violent phenomenon, of nearly two thousand years duration. The restoration of the present world also required between 1,500 and 2,000 years to restore the Ecosphere to the point where it would support a global population of plants and animals that would support man. Noah's flood was a quiet flood of 40 days and nights with growing conditions restored on the ground within a year. The Ark of Noah without sail or rudder drifted less than 400 miles. The Catastrophe would have crushed it like an egg shell. So we must weigh both the Bible explanation and physical evidence carefully. Then we can understand as the Bible says, The invisible things of Him from the Creation of the world (this world) are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and G-dhead, so that they (men) are without excuse, Rom. 1: 20. Malki Tzedik Yahusha said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He must guide our research.

Weighing all the evidence in the Bible and the records of rock strata, we can only conclude that Creator investment in every living soul exceeds our comprehension of mathematics. This investment explains and accentuates the value which יְהוָה places on that soul as a potential shareholder cooperating with יְהוָה for the development of a paradisiacal Universe. The eternal future thus holds riches for the soul, of which men today know practically nothing. This is why Malki Tzedik Yahusha could say, what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul. It explains why יְהוָה sent His beloved Son to the Cross to die for our redemption from the penalties of our sins. Now we know why the Holy Spirit inspired John to write, For יְהוָה so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Malki Tzedik Yahusha died on the Cross not only to save us from the penalty of our sins but that He might buy the right to teach us and fit us for a place in the family of יְהוָה forever. He bore the crown of thorns to deliver us from the curse of evil, and spiritual darkness. He said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do suffering intense agony, while they drove the nails through his hands and feet, to purchase the right to open the doors of all knowledge to us. He sent the Holy Spirit to teach us all things and guide us into all Truth. He wants us to know His Plans. As the sons and daughters of יְהוָה we are obligated to seek the Truth, but there is also a point in our maturity where the TRUTH comes seeking us. This is Divine fulfillment in preparation for a position of responsibility in the Kingdom of יְהוָה .




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