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 First Edition 1995



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Hebrews 11:1-3
“Framed by the Word”
“Framing Your World by the Word of YHWH

The Word Created the image.

The Heart Prints the image.

The mouth Reflects the image.


739 - artios (ar’-tee-os)  complete, perfect, to improve

2596 - kata (kat-ah’) down

  1. Framed:  2675 - katartizo (kat-ar--tid’-zo)  to complete thoroughly: to construct; fabricate, to improve

  1. Mending (their nets):  Mattityahu (Matthew) 4:21

  2. Make (you perfect):  1 Kefa (I Peter) 5:10

  3. Prepared (a body thou):  Hebrews 10:5

  4. Perfectly joined together:  I Corinthians 1:10; Ephesians 4:16

  5. Restore (such as one):  Galatians 6:1

  1. something composed of parts then fitted together & united

  2. to take something already existing and make something else out of it

  3. to improve it, to perfect it, to complete it

  1. LINE UPON LINE - PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT:  Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 28:9,10;  Sh’mot (Exodus) 32:29,30

  1. The Blade - Ear - Full Corn:   Mark 4:26-29

  2. From Beginning to End:  Philippians 1:6

  1. Author & Finisher:  Hebrews 12:2; Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1:10

First:  tear down -- Second:  rebuild (reconstruct)

  1. The whole was leavened:  Luke 13:20,21

  1. NOT ABLE TO FINISH (Not Enough Material):  Luke 14:28-30

  1. Cast Not Away Your Confidence:  Hebrews 10:35

  2. Draw Back:  Hebrews 10:39

  3. Hand to the Plow - Look Back

  4. Continue in the Faith:  Colossians 1:23, 2:7

  1. BRING FORTH FRUIT:  Mark 4:28

  1. Wait for the Fruit:  Ya’akov (James) 5:7

  2. Fruit of Patience